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Science of Doom: Impacts – XIV – Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change 1

In recent articles we have looked at rainfall and there is still more to discuss. This article changes tack to look at tropical cyclones, prompted by the recent US landfall of Harvey and Irma along with questions from readers about attribution and the future. It might be surprising to find the following statement from leading

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Science of Doom: Impacts – XIII – Rainfall 3

In XII – Rainfall 2 we saw the results of many models on rainfall as GHGs increase. They project wetter tropics, drier subtropics and wetter higher latitude regions. We also saw an expectation that rainfall will increase globally, with something like 2-3% per ºC of warming. Here is a (too small) graph from Allen & Ingram (2002) showing the model

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Science of Doom: The Debate is Over – 99% of Scientists believe Gravity and the Heliocentric Solar System so therefore..

At least 99.9% of physicists believe the theory of gravity, and the heliocentric model of the solar system. The debate is over. There is no doubt that we can send a manned (and woman-ed) mission to Mars. Some “skeptics” say it can’t be done. They are denying basic science! Gravity is plainly true. So is

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Science of Doom: Renewables XIX – Behind the Executive Summary and Reality vs Dreams

In a few large companies I observed the same phenomenon – over here are corporate dreams and over there is reality. Team – your job is to move reality over to where corporate dreams are. It wasn’t worded like that. Anyway, reality won each time. Reality is pretty stubborn. Of course, refusal to accept “reality”

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Science of Doom: The Confirmation Bias – a Feature not a Bug

A long time ago I wrote The Confirmation Bias – Or Why None of Us are Really Skeptics, with a small insight from Nassim Taleb. Right now I’m rereading The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt. This is truly a great book if you want to understand more

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Science of Doom: Impacts – XII – Rainfall 2

I probably should have started a separate series on rainfall and then woven the results back into the Impacts series. It might take a few articles working through the underlying physics and how models and observations of current and past climate compare before being able to consider impacts. There are a number of different ways to look at rainfall

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Science of Doom: Impacts XI – Rainfall 1

If we want to assess forecasts of floods, droughts and crop yields then we will need to know rainfall. We will also need to know temperature of course. The forte of climate models is temperature. Rainfall is more problematic. Before we get to model predictions about the future we need to review observations and the ability of

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Science of Doom: Impacts – X – Sea Level Rise 5 – Bangladesh

FitzGerald et al 2008: Sea-level rise (SLR) poses a particularly ominous threat because 10% of the world’s population (634 million people) lives in low-lying coastal regions within 10 m elevation of sea level (McGranahan et al. 2007). Much of this population resides in portions of 17 of the world’s 30 largest cities, including Mumbai, India;

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Science of Doom: Impacts – IX – Sea Level 4 – Sinking Megacities

In Impacts – VIII – Sea level 3 – USA I suggested this conclusion: So the cost of sea level rise for 2100 in the US seems to be a close to zero cost problem. Probably the provocative way I wrote the conclusion confused some people. I should have said that it was a very expensive problem. But that

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Science of Doom: Models, On – and Off – the Catwalk – Part Five – More on Tuning & the Magic Behind the Scenes

[I started writing this some time ago and got side-tracked, initially because aerosol interaction in clouds and rainfall is quite fascinating with lots of current research and then because there are many papers on higher resolution simulations of convection that also looked interesting.. so decided to post it less than complete because it will be some time before

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Science of Doom: Impacts – VIII – Sea level 3 – USA

In Parts VI and VII we looked at past and projected sea level rise. It is clear that the sea level has risen over the last hundred years, and it’s clear that with more warming sea level will rise some more. The uncertainties (given a specific global temperature increase) are more around how much more ice

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