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Shub Niggurath: Paris covfefe

He’s done it. Donald Trump has taken the United States out of the Paris agreement. Trump’s administration, perhaps predictably, employed the unfairness of Paris to pull out of the accord. But the question remains: is a fair Paris-like agreement possible? Or, even more fundamentally – should a Paris-like agreement be allowed at all? Under Paris, if

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Shub Niggurath: Paris codpiece

Jim Stimson writes companies would like the US administration under Trump to support ‘the accord as a codpiece, to be worn for public-relations purposes.’ Public relations exercises usually cover for some unpalatable facet or action. What exactly would the Paris agreement provide cover for? According to Stimson it would be for the US ’embrace of coal

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Shub Niggurath: Lies about the pause

Scare Pollution is the story of Steve Milloy’s investigation of experiments the US Environmental Protection Agency conducted on human subjects with diesel exhaust. Milloy stumbled upon the EPA’s activities when it published a case report of a middle-aged woman who developed cardiac arrhythmias and needed to be taken to the hospital. It turned out she was one

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Shub Niggurath: Trump Climate – Part Two

What is the greatest barrier for victory for reason in the climate debate? The answer is quite obvious but many refuse to state it plainly. Stop talking the claims of climate alarmists seriously. Stop pretending to take climate alarmists seriously. Climate alarmism is a barely-coherent tissue of half-baked concoctions that ‘make sense’ only if you are

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Shub Niggurath: Letter to British PM from climate scientists authored by Bob Ward?

Climate scientists are fond of signing their name to activist letters. Usually, these letters end in some fiasco or the other. The latest, the Guardian has reported, is one written by ‘leading scientists’ to British PM Theresa May asking her to persuade Donald Trump away from climate skepticism. The letter  (alternate link: here) was ‘delivered to Downing

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Shub Niggurath: What are the barriers to climate skepticism higher up?

Climate change is a typical example of a ‘captured moral domain’ model. What this means is politicians, leaders, CEOs, basically anyone with a real job, would be afraid to voice their frank opinion on the matter. If you are skeptical you are likely to stick out like a sore thumb, even if others have the

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Shub Niggurath: Alt-science climate activists

The US House Science committee tweeted a link to a James Delingpole article on the drop in atmospheric temperatures of the Na Nina that is underway. .@BreitbartNews: Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists — Sci,Space,&Tech Cmte (@HouseScience) December 1, 2016 Look at the climate alarmist and intelligentsia response: Science writer Deborah Blum:…

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Shub Niggurath: The climate cat-and-mouse game and Trump

Climate diplomacy is just war by other means. In fact, climate as diplomacy took birth for this purpose though the pretense at the surface is anything but. The initial momentum of the climate movement was Malthusian – directed at overconsumption of ‘resources’ and ‘overpopulation’ of the earth by the wrong types of human beings in

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Shub Niggurath: Trump Climate

A climate skeptic in the White House? Yes, that’s what we have. While there are several ways in which the climate debate can move, as a skeptic, observer, and occasional participant, I wanted to outline some key points. Representation Who does the climate issue belong to? Here is one of the darkest, damnedest of secrets

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Shub Niggurath: Nauseous and jolted – Climateworld reacts to Trump

How has the climate blog world reacted to Donald Trump winning the US presidential election? Skeptics and regular people are probably walking around, celebrating, waving their mental middle finger at climate alarmists whose plans have been rudely interrupted. Here’s the Sou meltdown: My first reaction on hearing of Donald Trump’s probably (sic) victory was an

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Shub Niggurath: Astrophysics Alienpsychosis

Imagine a researcher studies the ideas of psychiatric ward patients suffering hallucinations. “It’s staggering, ” he concludes, ” the evidence points to aliens controlling the minds of these people via special radio waves.” Now picture a group of astronomers studying the brightness of a distant star (called KIC 8462852). “It is astounding, ” they conclude, “the evidence points to aliens…

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Shub Niggurath: The Fiske Fiskers

Susan Fiske, a professor of psychology at Princeton University recently wrote a longish rant about critics of research who operate out of social media platforms and blogs. This has people like Andrew Gelman and neuroskeptic quite excited (see their respective articles here and here) Why am I dinging these excellent bloggers, you ask? After all, their response to Fiske who

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Shub Niggurath: Climate Brexit in three tweets

Exhibit 1 is from Michael Mann drawing a connection between climate change and Brexit. That’s right, you guessed it: Brexit was caused by climate change In reality, ‘climate change’ is a news headline parasite. Whatever issue is making headlines is either a cause of climate change or is caused by it. The rule is far simpler, easily remembered, and probably true. Exhibit 2

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Shub Niggurath: The attack of the Watts parasito-clones

Anthony Watts has spawned numerous clones and reaction blogs over the years. The worst is probably ‘Sou Bundanga‘. Sou does not write original material. Instead, every post is a reaction to a WUWT post appended to color commentary and comments lifted wholesale from WUWT itself. Sou probably is consumed by intense hatred when writing her WUWT reaction blogs. How else

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Shub Niggurath: Gavin Schmidt: Brexit would lead to more than street killings of MPs

Yesterday British MP Jo Cox was killed by an attacker while going about meeting people in her constituency. The shocking incident set off a train of thoughts in Gavin Schmidt, who is from Britain. A sudden crisis nearly always brings out hidden currents, which may have otherwise never surfaced. In his string of tweets Schmidt appears to blame ‘Brexit’ for

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Shub Niggurath: A La Jolla RICO Junta true story

The football coaches, assistant coaches and game strategists were distraught. They had gathered in the most idyllic of resorts in La Jolla for brainstorming. ‘Look, we’ve been playing game after game, not a single win’. ‘Not a win in years’. Soccer coach Banton Pants stood up. ‘Guys, guys, relax’, he said. ‘In soccer, we used this trick. A player…

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Shub Niggurath: There are no parallels between the tobacco industry and the oil industry

One sells a product that causes many documented, scientifically provable harms but provides pleasure to its users. The other sells a product that causes harm that exists only in the minds of climate activists, but is otherwise essential for modern life, including those of activists. Nobody buys gas for their car because they are ‘addicted’ to it. Unlike cigarettes, if you give up

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Shub Niggurath: The New York Times: Wrong on the La Jolla RICO Junta

There is a puff piece for the Oreskes/UCS/CAI RICO racket written by John Schwartz who is ‘science writer for The New York Times.’ Schwartz says the Oreskes/UCS/CAI – labeled the La Jolla junta – have been accused of fomenting a conspiracy when their actions have been out in the open all along. They published their plans in a report. So,

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Shub Niggurath: The US Govt #Knew the dangers of global warming. Yet it funded John Christy?

The US government has known about the dangers of global warming since the first IPCC report. Yet it has funded the research of scientist John Christy. Christy is a notorious ‘pro-fossil fuel and anti-scientific consensus’ ‘climate misinformer’ . With continued support, Christy has performed science that casts doubt on global warming. He even maintains a satellite temperature record that shows…

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Shub Niggurath: Why does the ‘climate debate’ drag on?

Here’s why: there are a number of people applying a host of wrong techniques to attack. Take an example: Say your cousin Vinny developed an abscess (ouch). Nothing too big and it’s just starting off. But what if – instead of going to a doctor  who would probably lance the boil – you both decide to treat it with antibiotics?

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Shub Niggurath: Low CO2 is toxic?

Blair King of A Chemist in Langley made some claims about CO2 in a conversation I got into. Specifically, he said that 1000 ppm of CO2 can cause people to have complaints: @EcoSenseNow actually from OH&S testing I've found that 1000 ppm leads to air quality complaints @billyoffgrid @vivalavoices @Will_J_Bryan — Blair King (@BlairKing_ca) April 7, 2016 that an afternoon

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Shub Niggurath: Skeptics set to lose climate debate?

Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus writes on WUWT how skeptics could lose the climate debate in the US. The skeptics have already lost the climate debate. The thing is a disastrous mess waiting for the right alignment of stars to tumble into the ditch. The Obama administration’s attempts at pushing legislative (and extra-legislative) climate measures have been relentless. Cap-and-trade failed…

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Shub Niggurath: Slowdown Seepage Catfight

Slow? Slow compared to what? Reality is not slow, or fast or anything. Reality is what it is. Yes, it’s slow compared to the ’90s. So? That’s ‘slow’ only if you expected it would continue to warm at the same rate. It’s also slow compared to the models. That’s not ‘slow’, that’s the models being fast. The models are hotter. And the…

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Shub Niggurath: Twitter woes

I don’t know how many readers of this blog use Twitter but I certainly do. I have had a fairly long run of using the platform but I believe the fun has come to an end. Those of you who used the internet from the ‘early days’ would remember or relate to this easily. The web was static pages, email

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Shub Niggurath: CSIRO in tears

There has been a huge uproar in CSIRO which is set to shed scientist jobs following a restructuring by its boss Larry Marshall, who was brought in specifically to effect change. The scientists are upset because ‘they are passionate about what they do’ and some of them have ‘spent 20 or 30 years working in a particular area’ and ‘that’s what gets

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Shub Niggurath: RICO-teering: How climate activists ‘knew’ they were going to pin the blame on Exxon

Picture this. You are a scientist. You wake up one morning and go: “Why don’t I write a letter to the US Attorney General asking her to throw fossil fuel companies in jail under the RICO act? It would be my civic deed for the day”. Sounds plausible? No it doesn’t. Climate scientists have a penchant for signing activist letters.

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Shub Niggurath: Klinger and the RICO debacle

To get a grip on the Jagadish Shukla Barbara Streisand Own-goal Backfire Effect, you should start with Paul Matthews’ summary. Briefly, a bunch of scientists headed by Shukla decided to jump on the climate-tobacco bandwagon with a letter (to none less the American president) seeking persecution of ‘corporations and other organizations’ under the US RICO Act. The bunch then…

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Shub Niggurath: VW and Ecomodernism

In the battle against global warming it is tradition that popular media outlets tiptoe around the unintended consequences of the battle. But with the rolling Volkswagen debacle the storyline has been so irresistible journalists and copy-writers have not been able to help explaining. How global warming caused CO2 to be a pollutant, led VW and European car manufacturers to turn to

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Shub Niggurath: The Anderegg 97%

The nonsensical ‘97%’ number has became entrenched in climate propaganda. At one time, papers by William Anderegg and Peter Doran were employed to promote the figure. This may come as a surprise but neither paper can support it. What is incredible is that researchers like Bart Verheggen, who unlike John Cook and his associates, can reasonably be expected to be more

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Shub Niggurath: Backlash?

According to NYU journalism professor Charles Seife and Paul Thacker there is a ‘backlash’ against transparency in science. ‘Backlash’ implies reaction from a multitude of independent parties against an initial threat. However the basis for Seife and Thacker’s claims rests largely on one source: protests from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Their unfamiliarity with their subject…

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