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Ecologically Orientated: Everything is broken

Broken bottles, broken plates Broken switches, broken gates Broken dishes, broken parts Streets are filled with broken hearts Broken words never meant to be spoken Everything is broken Broken cutters, broken saws Broken buckles, broken laws Broken bodies, broken bones …

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Ecologically Orientated: What was it, roughly, that we were thinking there, if anything? Part two.

So, there was a high school class reunion a few months back, and it’s World Series time again, so now seems a good time for an overdue, second episode of our series of the above title. In episode one, I …

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Ecologically Orientated: Don’t wanna be treated this a way…

Fewer prescribed medications and more of this instead would be my prescription. Absolute classic guitar work by Bobby and Jerry in the song transition starting at about 2:00, IMO. WTF would I do without these guys? This here one ain’t …

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Ecologically Orientated: Our Lady of Tectonic Process

The following excerpt is a description of what is now the Los Angeles CA area. Note the title of the work, at bottom. The Portola/Crespi expedition is considered the first land-based, Caucasian exploration of what is now the State of …

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Ecologically Orientated: On a mission on Independence Day

Independence Day, anniversary no. 241 is upon us, a holiday surely on the short list of important ones in the United States. There’s no end to the philosophical and political ideas that can be, and have been, expounded upon. But …

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Ecologically Orientated: I will knock–just like before

I’m the latest apparition Cutting slices in the night I come through without permission Moving in and out of human sight I’m the tapping on your shoulder I’m the raven in the storm I’ll take shelter in your rafters I’ll …

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Ecologically Orientated: I’m on the pavement, thinking ’bout the government

I don’t know, just because they don’t make ’em like this anymore I guess.Filed under: Music, Poetry

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Ecologically Orientated: The Shawnee

He [Tecumseh] came of one of the most energetic and warlike of the Indian tribes. The Shawnees have always been a restless people, more adventurous than any other Indians. They belong to that family of Indian nations known as the …

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Ecologically Orientated: Threaded between tragedies

August 24…just as we were commencing the ascent of the mountain, several Indians made their appearance, about fifty yards from the trail. The leader and chief was an old man, with a deeply-furrowed face. I rode towards him, holding out …

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Ecologically Orientated: Rough and Ready

In the fall of 1849, the “Rough and Ready Company” of emigrants, under Captain Townsend, composed of some dozen men, from Shellsburg, Wisconsin, arrived by the Truckee route at a point on Deer Creek near the mouth of Slate Creek; …

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Ecologically Orientated: Flo

Filed under: Awesome

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Ecologically Orientated: I must go where it’s quiet

Great version of this classic, by Marco van den Berg: Farewell Angelina, Bob DylanFiled under: Music, Poetry

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Ecologically Orientated: Behind the face of need

A man conceived a moment’s answers to the dream Staying the flowers, daily sensing all the themes As a foundation left to create the spiral aim All movement regained and regarded both the same All complete in the sight of …

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Ecologically Orientated: When it happens to you

Well she was old enough, to know better And she was strong enough, to be true And she was hard enough, to know whether He was smart enough, to know what to do And you can’t resist it When it …

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Ecologically Orientated: Bells, via guitar

Merry Christmas everyone. Filed under: Music

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Ecologically Orientated: Find it on your own

Say goodbye, you know it’s true I know you’re leavin’ me–I’m leavin’ too You won’t forget me, or the sound of my name Please believe, I feel the same It seems so empty now–you’ve closed the door Ain’t it hard …

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Ecologically Orientated: I am the ride

I awoke and someone spoke–they asked me in a whisper If all my dreams and visions had been answered I don’t know what to say–I never even pray I just feel the pulse of universal dancers They’ll waltz me till …

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Ecologically Orientated: Nobody knows

Nobody knows about what’s going on With the wood and the steel, the flesh and the bone The river keeps flowing and the grass still grows And the spirit keeps going, but nobody knows Poets they come and the poets …

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Ecologically Orientated: What’s his name again?

Yeah, it happens when the money comes: The wild and poor get pushed aside It happens when the money comes Buyers come from out of state They raise the rent and you can’t buy Buyers come from out of state …

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Ecologically Orientated: SABR-toothed

Well they’ve been running around on the flat expanses of the early Holocene lake bed with impressively large machines, whacking down and gathering the soybeans and corn. This puts dirt clods on the roads that cause one on a road …

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Ecologically Orientated: The same thing that I want today…

Well I’m sailing away my own true love I’m sailing away in the morning Is there somethin’ I can send you from across the sea From the place that I’ll be landin’ No there’s nothin’ you can send me, my …

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Ecologically Orientated: Natural selection, genetic fitness and the role of math–part two

I’ve been thinking some more about this issue–the idea that selection should tend to favor those genotypes with the smallest temporal variations in fitness, for a given mean fitness value (above 1.00). It’s taken some time to work through this …

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Ecologically Orientated: On natural selection, genetic fitness and the role of math

I really am not quite sure what to make of this one. Last week at the blog Dynamic Ecology it was argued that natural selection behaves like a “risk-averse” money investor. That is, assuming that fitness varies over time (due …

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Ecologically Orientated: The memo from above

Late last week a useful memo came down from the powers that be here at The Institute that I thought might prove informative regarding the inner workings of a powerful think tank, which The Institute most certainly is, in spades. …

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Ecologically Orientated: Recognition For Review

I just found out that the second annual Peer Review Week is well underway. There are several online articles on the topic, perhaps best found via Twitter searches using #RecognizeReview or #PeerRevWk16, or via links at the link above. This …

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Ecologically Orientated: Too many memories

I remember this town, with a girl by my side And a love seldom found, in this day and time And it gets melancholy, every now and again When you let your mind go, and it drifts way back when …

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Ecologically Orientated: In my back door someday

The Seldom Scene’s rippin’ versions of this traditional classic, and I do mean rippin‘. Not sure of the exact vintage of the first but it’s early Scene. Great band, great song…Filed under: American History, Music

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Ecologically Orientated: “Why the Americans Are More Addicted to Practical Than to Theoretical Science”

Those who cultivate the sciences among a democratic people are always afraid of losing their way in visionary speculation. They mistrust systems; they adhere closely to facts and the study of facts with their own senses. As they do not …

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Ecologically Orientated: Does the Poisson scale up?

I often get obsessed with certain topics, especially statistical and mathematical ones. Lately I’ve been thinking about the Poisson distribution a lot, as it figures heavily in analyses of random populations, and thus also in assessing deviations therefrom, a topic …

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Ecologically Orientated: Twitter science

Discussing science on the internet can be interesting at times, even on Twitter, which seems to have been designed specifically to foster misunderstanding by way of brevity. Here are two examples from my week. Early in the week, Brian Brettschneider, …

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