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The Next Grand Minimum: Henrik Svensmark: FORCE MAJEURE The Sun’s Role in Climate Change

I am still studying this paper but wanted to share and get your feedback Executive Summary Over the last twenty years there has been good progress in understanding the solar influ- ence on climate. In particular, many scientific studies have shown…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Neutrons Detected on Commercial Airplane Flights

Shared Post by Dr. Tony Phillips from Another example of how little we know about the electronic soup that surrounds our planet. MARCH 12, 2019 / DR.TONY PHILLIPS March 13, 2019: Long lines. Narrow seats. Baggage fees. You recognize…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Auroral Evidence of Upcoming Mini or Little Ice Age?

In a guess post at Watts Up With That on the cooling signals embedded in the Aurora Borealis, Dr Tim Ball concludes: The current debate attracting more and more people is that we are cooling with the only question left…

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The Next Grand Minimum: WUWT: Declining Solar Activity

Declining Solar Activity BOB HOYE In the 1990s, solar physicists, Penn and Livingston, called for a long decline in solar activity. This is the case and it is nice to see such work confirmed by events. Solar Cycles # 23…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Dimmer Sun, Colder Weather?

Coldest February on record in many communities, the first time in 130 years Los Angles never broke the 70 degrees mark in February. Phoenix shatters a 122-year-cold record. Monthly snowfall records being broken across the country. The sun has…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Cosmic Rays Increasing for the 4th Year in a Row

FEBRUARY 21, 2019 / DR.TONY PHILLIPS Feb. 21, 2019: Cosmic rays in the stratosphere are intensifying for the 4th year in a row. This finding comes from a campaign of almost weekly high-altitude balloon launches conducted by the students of…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Solar Cycle 25 Stronger than Cycle 24?

Previously, scientists suggested that sunspot cycle 25 could be weaker than the current cycle, potentially meaning a period of global cooling could ensue. However, this has largely been ruled out, with a team of scientists in India recently predicting that…

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The Next Grand Minimum: On the Cusp of the Next Grand Minimum?

Definition — cusp: a point of transition between two different states The transition from the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age was punctuated by extreme climate events, intense storms, floods, and droughts according to Lynn Ingram and Francis…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Sun has Entered Grand Minimum Phase

Jeffrey Foss, PhD Everyone has heard the bad news. Imminent Climate Apocalypse (aka “global warming” and “climate change”) threatens humanity and planet with devastation, unless we abandon the use of fossil fuels. Far fewer people have heard the good news.…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Solar Cycle 24 has had the lowest solar activity since the Dalton Minimum around 1810.

Our sun was also very sub-normally active in December last year. We are writing the 121st month since the beginning of cycle number 24, in December 2008, and since 2012 (when we started the blog here) we could only reformulate…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Munich Conference: Leading Danish Astrophysicist Says Solar Activity Has Significant Impact On Global Climate

By P Gosselin Danish Professor Henrik Svensmark is a leading physicist of cosmic radiation. At the end of last year he made a presentation at the 12th International Climate Conference in Munich, where he demonstrated that the climate is indeed…

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Coming Climate Crisis

The Little Ice Age Could Offer a Glimpse of Our Tumultuous Future. BY AMITAV GHOSH Over the last couple of decades, as the impact of global warming has intensified, the discussion of climate change has spilled out of the scientific…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Solar Climate Connection and Cosmic Rays

The is a very interesting 40-minute video presentation by Nir Shaviv on the solar-climate connection and cosmic rays. Shaviv first presents the evidence that the sun affects climate before explaining the cosmic ray ideas.

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The Next Grand Minimum: Little Ice Age Still Cooling Pacific?

The ‘Little Ice Age’ hundreds of years ago is STILL cooling the bottom of Pacific, researchers find The Little Ice Age brought colder-than-average temps around the 17th century Researchers say temperatures in deep Pacific lag behind those at the surface…

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The Next Grand Minimum: 92 New Papers (2018) Link Solar Forcing To Climate . . . Some Predict Solar-Induced Global Cooling By 2030!

The Details are HERE at the No Trix Zone.

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The Next Grand Minimum: Merry Christmas

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Latest on the Double-Dynamo Solar Model, and Dr. Zharkova’s Predictions of a Grand Minimum

By Stephanie Osborn The Osborn post is a lengthy explanation of Dr. Zharkova’s model, model updates and predictions, with some additional example of how the ‘barycentric wobble’ influences the earth’s temperature. For readers who found Dr. Zharkova’s GWPF Presentation confusing,…

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The Next Grand Minimum: What Will the Sun Do Next?

Many have predicted a weak sunspot cycle in the years ahead, but new work from India suggests otherwise. The work dashes speculations of a sun-induced global cooling of Earth’s climate in the coming decade. It is thought that the current…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Prediction of the Strength and Timing of Sunspot Cycle 25 Reveal Decadal-scale Space Environmental Conditions

ABSTRACT The Sun’s activity cycle governs the radiation, particle and magnetic flux in the heliosphere creating hazardous space weather. Decadal-scale variations define space climate and force the Earth’s atmosphere. However, predicting the solar cycle is challenging. Current understanding indicates a…

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The Next Grand Minimum: More Meteorologists Say Sunspots Can Help Predict The Weather

From Bloomberg: If you want to know where natural gas prices are heading, maybe it’s time to check out the sun. Magnetic storms on its surface can generate dark-looking areas called sunspots, blemishes that wax and wane in roughly 11-year…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Professor Valentina Zharkova Confirms “Super” Grand Solar Minimum

Professor Valentina Zharkova gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. The information she unveiled should shake/wake you up. Zharkova was one of the few that correctly…

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The Next Grand Minimum: A Sunspot From The Next Solar Cycle?

Over the weekend, a small sunspot materialized in the sun’s northern hemisphere, then, hours later, vanished again. Such an occurrence is hardly unusual during solar minimum when sunspots are naturally small and short-lived. However, this ephemeral spot was noteworthy because…

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Millennial Turning Point – Solar Activity and the Coming Cooling

Guest opinion by Dr. Norman Page at Watts Up With That When analyzing complex systems with multiple interacting variables it is useful to note the advice of Enrico Fermi who reportedly said “never make something more accurate than absolutely necessary”.…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Parker Solar Probe Becomes Fastest-Ever Spacecraft

At about 10:54 p.m. EDT, Parker Solar Probe surpassed 153,454 miles per hour — as calculated by the mission team — making it the fastest-ever human-made object relative to the Sun. This breaks the record set by the German-American Helios…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Scottish Sunspots

Willis Eschenbach In a recent post, Anthony published Leif Svalgaard’s new paper showing 9,000 years of reconstructed solar activity. What follows is an interesting discussion between Willis and others about sunspots and Grand Minimum cooling. Details HERE.

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The Next Grand Minimum: A New Space Weather Metric

This is an interesting post at The daily Thermosphere Climate Index (TCI) is now on TCI is a relatively new space weather metric that tells us how the top of Earth’s atmosphere (or “thermosphere”) is responding to solar…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Deploying 5G – It’s no Panacea

Originally posted on POTs and PANs: This was published last week as an article on WRAL Techwire, a Raleigh TV station. If you read many articles about 5G, you’d think that we’re on the cusp having wireless broadband brought to…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Atmospheric Radiation Increasing from Coast to Coast in the USA

Originally posted on Oct. 24, 2018: So you thought Solar Minimum was boring? Think again. High-altitude balloon flights conducted by and Earth to Sky Calculus show that atmospheric radiation is intensifying from coast to coast over the…

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Dark Side of Climate Change

Dr. Sally Baliunas discusses the history of people’s reactions to extreme weather.

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The Next Grand Minimum: Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field

Presentation by Professor Valentina Zharkova When: Wednesday 31st October, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Where: 55 Tufton Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QL Principal component analysis (PCA) of the solar background magnetic field observed from the Earth, revealed four pairs of…

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