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The Next Grand Minimum: The Millennial Turning Point – Solar Activity and the Coming Cooling

Guest opinion by Dr. Norman Page at Watts Up With That When analyzing complex systems with multiple interacting variables it is useful to note the advice of Enrico Fermi who reportedly said “never make something more accurate than absolutely necessary”.…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Parker Solar Probe Becomes Fastest-Ever Spacecraft

At about 10:54 p.m. EDT, Parker Solar Probe surpassed 153,454 miles per hour — as calculated by the mission team — making it the fastest-ever human-made object relative to the Sun. This breaks the record set by the German-American Helios…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Scottish Sunspots

Willis Eschenbach In a recent post, Anthony published Leif Svalgaard’s new paper showing 9,000 years of reconstructed solar activity. What follows is an interesting discussion between Willis and others about sunspots and Grand Minimum cooling. Details HERE.

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The Next Grand Minimum: A New Space Weather Metric

This is an interesting post at The daily Thermosphere Climate Index (TCI) is now on TCI is a relatively new space weather metric that tells us how the top of Earth’s atmosphere (or “thermosphere”) is responding to solar…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Deploying 5G – It’s no Panacea

Originally posted on POTs and PANs: This was published last week as an article on WRAL Techwire, a Raleigh TV station. If you read many articles about 5G, you’d think that we’re on the cusp having wireless broadband brought to…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Atmospheric Radiation Increasing from Coast to Coast in the USA

Originally posted on Oct. 24, 2018: So you thought Solar Minimum was boring? Think again. High-altitude balloon flights conducted by and Earth to Sky Calculus show that atmospheric radiation is intensifying from coast to coast over the…

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Dark Side of Climate Change

Dr. Sally Baliunas discusses the history of people’s reactions to extreme weather.

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The Next Grand Minimum: Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field

Presentation by Professor Valentina Zharkova When: Wednesday 31st October, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Where: 55 Tufton Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QL Principal component analysis (PCA) of the solar background magnetic field observed from the Earth, revealed four pairs of…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Hunger Stones And Tree Ring Evidence Suggests Solar Cycle Influence On Climate

The Solar Cycle is responsible for extreme weather and Climate change According to Tree ring and Hunger Stone events by Francis Tucker Manns Ph.D., P.Geo (Ontario) Artesian Geological Research Conclusions Extreme weather events, mostly drought are considered, but floods as well, correspond to solar minima in more than 75% (18 out of 24 of the …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Mysterious Cosmic Rays Shooting from the Ground in Antarctica Could Break Physics

NASA went searching for micro black holes in Antarctica. Instead, it detected cosmic rays shooting from the ground and some physicists think it could be evidence of a supersymmetric particle. Details HERE. If Cosmic Rays from space can influence the amount of cloud cover, thus impacting the earth’s temperature, what is the impact of cosmic …

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Chill Of Solar Minimum

This is from the The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age. Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018, and the sun’s ultraviolet output has sharply dropped. New research shows that Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding. “We see a cooling trend,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley …

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The Next Grand Minimum: The Blue Sun: Solar Anomalies in the 1450s and 1460s

Willie Soon, PhD, Independent Scientist, on August 25, 2018, at the 36th annual meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Las Vegas gave a presentation on the Spore Minimum and in the presentation predicted the next Grand Minimum. Here is his graphic: Dr.Soon also presented some information on the connection between the sun and deep earthquakes. …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Measuring Solar Constant

Andy May has an excellent article at Watt’s Up With That. He asks the question and then examines the issue. Do we know the solar output, over the past 261 years, accurately enough to say the Sun could not have changed 9.2 W/m2 or some large portion that amount? In other words, is the IPCC …

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The Next Grand Minimum: New Study Confirms Monster Volcano Katla Is Charging Up For An Eruption

Katla, a giant volcano hidden beneath the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier, is busy filling its magma chambers, new research confirms. An eruption in Katla would dwarf the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, scientists have warned. The volcano is long “overdue” for an eruption, as it has historically erupted once every 40-80 years. The last known …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Scientists Detect Strange And Unexpected Phenomenon In the Sun

Devdiscourse News Desk 29 Aug 2018, 01:18 PM New research by US scientists has detected that the Sun is emitting a higher than expected amount of high-energy light consisting of gamma rays. But the most unusual thing is that the rays with the highest energy appear when the star is at its least active point, …

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The Next Grand Minimum: A Mystery In The Mesosphere

This summer, something strange has been happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of the atmosphere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air 83 km above Earth’s surface, summertime wisps of water vapor wrap themselves around specks of meteor smoke. The resulting swarms of ice crystals form noctilucent clouds …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Pre-Columbian America was plagued by decades-long megadroughts

Anthony Watts writes at Watts Up With That In the August issue of Physics Today, climate scientists Toby Ault and Scott St. George share a pair of startling research findings. Between roughly 800 and 1500 CE, the American West suffered a succession of decades-long droughts, much longer than anything we’ve endured in modern history. And …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Sunspot Update for July 2018: The Sun Flatlines!

From Behind the Black, by Robert Zimmerman Yesterday NOAA posted its monthly update of the solar cycle, covering sunspot activity for July 2018. As I do every month, I am posting it below, annotated to give it some context. This might be the most significant month of solar activity that has been observed since Galileo. …

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The Next Grand Minimum: A Solar Activity Update- By Stephanie Osborn

Originally posted on According To Hoyt: A Solar Activity Update- By Stephanie Osborn My experience I did my graduate work in spotted variable stars at Vanderbilt University, so in the astronomical community I would be considered a variable star astronomer. Based on our experience, many variable star astronomers consider the Sun to be at…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Atmospheric Radiation Update – 18% Cosmic Ray Increase!

As the sunspot cycle declines, we expect cosmic rays to increase. Is this actually happening? The answer is “yes.” and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been monitoring cosmic radiation in the atmosphere with frequent high-altitude balloon flights over California. Here are the latest results, current as of July 2018: The data …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Three Weeks Without Sunspots

As July 17th comes to a close, the sun has been blank for 21 straight days–a remarkable 3 weeks without sunspots. To find an equal stretch of spotless suns in the historical record, you have to go back to July-August 2009 when the sun was emerging from a century-class solar minimum. We are now entering …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Our Planet Is Being Roasted By Cosmic Rays From This Binary Star System Only 10,000 Light-Years Away

For years, Earth has been bombarded by cosmic rays emanating from a mysterious source astronomers couldn’t identify. Now, new research conducted with the help of NASA’s NuSTAR space telescope has finally tracked down the source of these rays: Eta Carinae, a binary star system just 10,000 light-years away. In an event called the Great Eruption …

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The Next Grand Minimum: David Archibald: June Solar Update

We have only 300 years-odd of detailed solar observations with telescopes, half that of magnetic records, half again in the radio spectrum and less than that for most modern instrument records (and 12 years of Watts Up With That to interpret it). So as the months pass our knowledge of solar activity is still growing …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Sun Approaching 100 Days Without Spots*

[* Not continuous days, an accumulation  of blank sunspot days ] 2 July 2018 – “The Belgian department of solar physics research (SIDC) says we are about to touch 100; that is, a hundred days in which we do not see spots on our sun,” says Italian meteorologist Dr Carlo Testa. During a time of …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Global Cooling and Volcanism

After viewing this chart the first time I always wondered what role vulcanism played in the Little Ice Age and other global cooling events. I have noodled the idea for years that sun spots, or lack of spots, have influenced the climate of the planet and that there was some connection between solar activity and …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Scientists Have Found The ‘Missing Link’ From Sunspot Activity To Cosmic Rays-Clouds To Climate Change

By Kenneth Richard on 21. May 2018 Hailed as ‘the last piece of the puzzle’ in codifying our understanding of the mechanism(s) that cause climate changes, scientists are increasingly turning to Sun-modulated cosmic ray flux and cloud cover variations as the explanation for decadal- and centennial-scale global warming and cooling. In other words, climate changes …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Are we headed for a deep solar minimum?

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Have you been keeping an eye on Sol lately? One of the top astronomy stories for 2018 may be what’s not happening, and how inactive our host star has become. The strange tale of Solar Cycle #24 is ending with an expected whimper: as of May 8th, the Earthward face of the…

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The Next Grand Minimum: The effect of volcanoes on climate and climate on volcanoes

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: by Javier The effect of volcanoes on climate The relationship between volcanoes and climate is a very complex one. From reading the media one gets the impression that they are some sort of climatic wild card. They are used to explain the cooling after the Pinatubo eruption, or…

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The Next Grand Minimum: Sunspots Vanishing Faster Than Expected

Dr.Tony Phillips, Sunspots are becoming scarce. Very scarce. So far in 2018 the sun has been blank almost 60% of the time, with whole weeks going by without sunspots. Today’s sun, shown here in an image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, is typical of the featureless solar disk: The fact that sunspots are vanishing …

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The Next Grand Minimum: Are we on the Cusp of the Next Minimum?

26 Apr 2018 – “Worldwide Wine Output Collapses To 60-Year Low, Sparks Fears Of Major Shortage,” says headline. The Director-General of the International Organization of Vine and Wine, Jean-Marie Aurand, warned that global wine production collapsed in 2017, with a contraction of 8.6 percent compared with 2016. In fact, global wine output dropped to its lowest levels …

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