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Hot Topic: The final cut: crank paper on NZ temperature record gets its rebuttal – warming continues unabated

At last: the curtain falls on the final act in the case of NIWA versus the NZ climate cranks. de Freitas et al (2015) - which purported to show warming in NZ was much lower than previously calculated - is shown to be comprehensively wrong in a new paper by NZ's top temp experts.

2018-05-02 07:18   Click to comment

Hot Topic: Anthropogenic climate change is real: pithy post-punk anthem for the Trump generation

A catchy little number, but certainly NSFW when played loud or if singing along in public...

2017-12-09 21:25   Click to comment

Hot Topic: Why (and how) cheaper solar power, batteries, electric and autonomous vehicles are going to change our world over the next 5 years

This will be the best hour you’ll spend in front of a screen this week, I promise. Tony Seba explains how the plunging costs of battery storage and solar power generation, coupled with the rise of electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies are going to first disrupt and then transform both the transport and power …

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Hot Topic: At last it can be revealed: climate change researcher describes challenge of pulling off worldwide global warming conspiracy

Courtesy of those fine satirists at The Onion, a climate researcher explains the reality of the global climate conspiracy. Meanwhile, in denialdom, Irma threatens worldviews, The Onion reports: Taking all necessary measures to reinforce his cherished beliefs ahead of the impending storm, local climate change denier Michael Dunn reportedly spent Friday battening down his worldview …

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Hot Topic: King Tide is a-coming – Billy Bragg’s excellent new single takes on the rising seas

The excellent new single from Sir William of Bragg. Always right on, our Bill, and often right. See also: Between The Wars. Now talk amongst yourselves…

2017-08-06 21:44   Click to comment

Hot Topic: Hiatus to end soon

Not that hiatus. That never happened in the first place. No, the hiatus in posts here at Hot Topic.

2017-03-19 22:15   Click to comment

Hot Topic: Guy McPherson and the end of humanity (not)

Is climate change going to wipe out humanity over the next 10 years? Prof Jim Renwick doesn't think so...

2016-12-10 20:33   Click to comment

Hot Topic: Global sea ice in uncharted territory

The big heat of 2016 is taking its toll on sea ice at both poles

2016-11-30 21:19   Click to comment

Hot Topic: This year can’t end fast enough

I sat down to write a piece looking at recent depressing climate news, and the diminished prospects of significant  US climate action now that Trump is on his way to the White House. I may still: but then I heard the news that Leonard Cohen had died and the will to wax analytical left me. This has …

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