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Mark Lynas: 5 April 2018 – Seeds of Science published in the UK!

The wait is finally over… for more see my Books page.

2018-04-05 09:19   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Mark Lynas – Speech to the Oxford Farming Conference 2018

Five years ago, almost to this very day, I stood before you and offered an apology for my earlier anti-GMO activism. Today I want to do something different. Whereas my 2013 speech was something of a declaration of war against...

2018-01-05 14:11   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Oxitec expands production of GMO mosquito

Oxitec — a company that seeks to control pest insects through their genetics — has announced that it will invest $9.88 million to mass-produce one billion genetically modified mosquito eggs per week at a new state-of-the-art facility at its United Kingdom headquarters...

2017-10-26 17:09   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Is feedlot beef better for the environment?

If everyone in the world went vegan, it would solve both the greenhouse gas and biodiversity problems almost overnight. Evidence shows that if people adopted entirely plant-based diets, the planet could easily support a population of 7 billion while at...

2017-09-18 12:12   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Experts find climate-skeptic and anti-GMO studies are scientifically flawed

By Mark Lynas Although many papers have been published claiming that genetically engineered (GMO) foods are harmful and that humans aren’t changing the climate, not a single one of them stands up to rigorous scientific scrutiny. With the recent uptick...

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Mark Lynas: Now we have a moral duty to talk about climate change

(CNN)- This is what climate change looks like. Entire metropolitan areas — Houston in the United States and Mumbai in India — submerged in catastrophic floods. Record-breaking rainfall: Harvey’s 50-plus inches of torrential deluge set a new national tropical cyclone...

2017-08-31 11:41   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Trump’s stupidity on climate change will galvanize environmentalists

Withdrawing from the Paris climate accord is about the only predictable — even rational — move that President Trump has made since taking office. Following embarrassing reversals on the Mexican wall, the Muslim immigration ban and other signature policies, he sees rejecting accepted...

2017-06-02 09:00   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Shadows and mirrors: GMOs in China

Sometimes I hear scientists in the West — especially those who have had their lives made difficult by anti-GMO activists — say they wish things were as straightforward as they are in China, where political dissent is not tolerated and...

2017-05-17 10:00   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Launching a global pro-science movement

The date April 22, 2017 may go down in history as a world first. Not only was it the first time that scientists took to the streets to march in defense of the most basic values — evidence and truth...

2017-04-26 10:00   Click to comment

Mark Lynas: Tanzania is burning GM corn while people go hungry

Bad science costs lives It’s late afternoon in Makutupora and technicians wearing blue overalls pour sacks of maize onto a bonfire. They exchange a few wistful looks as the flames consume the grain. After all, this is good food, and...

2017-04-19 09:00   Click to comment

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