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SPPI: Trump budget pulls back from ‘crazy’ climate stuff

Source:  Washington Examiner by John Siciliano President Trump’s budget gets away from the “crazy stuff” former President Barack Obama prioritized to fight climate change, such as climate change musicals, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said Tuesday. “We are simply trying to get things back in order to where we can look at

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SPPI: 120 Years Of Climate Scares – 70s Ice age scare

Source: 1845 – The whole of Sir John Franklin’s expedition to find the NW Passage died and their ships were crushed by the ice near Baffin Island 1909-1910 – Amundsen sailed an ice free NW Passage 1922 – The Arctic is warming and fishermen are catching species that have never been seen…

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SPPI: Greenland and Arctic ice cover update

Source: NoTricksZone by P Gosselin Polar snow and ice cover rarely cooperates, no matter what side of the warming issue you may be on. It changes so fast. When ice cover climbs, skeptics like to claim that it shows global warming isn’t what it is often hyped up to be. And when ice cover drops

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SPPI: Escaping the Paris climate agreement

Source:  Detroit News by H. Sterling Burnett As a candidate for president, Donald Trump said he would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement and called it a bad deal for America. In an April speech in Harrisburg, Penn., Trump reiterated this claim, saying the Paris climate agreement in its current form hurts

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SPPI: The case for nixing the Paris Agreement

Source: Washington Times By Dr. Will Happer The United States should withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. For too long, well-meaning policymakers have been misled by propaganda, masquerading as science, that more atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will harm the planet. Paris represents the culmination of this campaign. The pact extends into perpetuity, its very terms

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SPPI: Dr. Lindzen on climate change “magic”

Source: Merion West by Dr. Richard Lindzen Introduction: For over 30 years, I have been giving talks on the science of climate change. When, however, I speak to a non-expert audience, and attempt to explain such matters as climate sensitivity, the relation of global mean temperature anomaly to extreme weather, that warming has decreased profoundly

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SPPI: 15 New Papers: Scientists Abandoning Claims Of Dominant Man-Made Influence On Arctic Climate

Source: Three years ago a cogent paper was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature that was surprisingly candid in its rejection of the position that the substantial warming and sea ice reduction in the Arctic occurring since the…

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SPPI: April 2017 Archive of CO2 Science Postings

Source: CO2 Science Reviews by Dr. Craig Idso Elevated CO2 Enhances the Removal of Cadmium and Lead Contamination from Toxic Soils (28 April 2017) According to the authors of this study, “elevated CO2 benefited the microenvironment in the rhizosphere of R. pseudoacacia seedlings under Cd and Pb stress by increasing the concentration of dissolved organic

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SPPI: Real World energy and climate

Source: SPPI “The sky is falling” scare stories have no place in public interest science or policy by John Coleman Earth Day 2016 brought extensive consternation about how our Earth will soon become uninhabitable, as mankind’s activities of civilization trigger unstoppable global warming and climate change. President Obama used the occasion to sign the Paris

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SPPI: Are we headed for a new solar minimum?

Source: by Judith Curry We can conclude that the evidence provided is sufficient to justify a complete updating and reviewing of present climate models to better consider these detected natural recurrences and lags in solar processes. – Jorge Sánchez-Sesma In pondering how the climate of the 21st century will play…

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SPPI: As Polar Bear Numbers Increase, GWPF Calls For Re-assessment Of Endangered Species Status

Source: Global Warming Policy Foundation On the occasion of International Polar Bear Day, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) is calling on the U.S. Administration to re-assess the ‘endangered species’ status of polar bears.  On May 15, 2008, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service listed the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

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SPPI: A Global Warming Surprise

Source: American thinker by Fred Singer Exploring some of the intricacies of GW [Global Warming] science can lead to surprising results that have major consequences.  In a recent invited talk at the Heartland Institute’s ICCC-12 [Twelfth International Conference on Climate Change], I investigated three important topics: 1. Inconsistencies in the surface temperature record. 2. Their

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SPPI: Ignorance, intolerance, violence

Source: SPPI Using junk science marches, ignorant professors, resistance and violence to drive public policy by Paul Driessen Recent science and climate marches demonstrated how misinformed, indoctrinated, politicized and anti-Trump these activists are – and how indifferent about condemning millions in industrialized nations and billions in developing countries to green energy poverty. Amid…

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SPPI: Land, energy and mineral lockdowns

Source:  SPPI Too many oil, gas, coal, rare earth and other vital resources are still off limits by Paul Driessen President Trump has directed Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review recent land withdrawals under the 1906 Antiquities Act, to determine whether some should be reversed or reduced in size. The review is long

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SPPI: NYT Warms to Climate Change Skepticism

Source: Never imagining ever having an occasion to reference anything posted in The New York Times as evidence of climate sanity, an April 28 article brings gleeful tears of hope to these jaded eyes. Titled “Climate of Complete Certainty,” the gray lady’s new op-ed writer Bret Stephens observes in his…

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SPPI: Homogenization of Temperature Data By the Bureau of Meteorology

Source: What’s Up With That? by Brendan Godwin Background I worked for Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology – BOM for 2 years from 1973 to 1975. I was trained in weather observation and general meteorology. I spent 1 year observing Australia’s weather and 1 year observing the weather at Australia’s Antarctic station at Mawson. As part

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SPPI: How To Tell Who’s Lying To You: Climate Science Edition

Source: Manhattan Contrarian by Francis Menton Scott Adams — known, among other things, as the cartoonist behind the Dilbert series — has an excellent blog on which he posts something thoughtful nearly every day.  His particular interest is in the arts of persuasion.  Recently he has dipped his toe into the subject of “climate science,”

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SPPI: Social Cost of Carbon

Source:  Climate etc. by David Wojick The monster of all climate modeling efforts is the so-called Social Cost of Carbon (SCC). This involves what are called Integrated Assessment Models or IAMs. These models reflect the fact that, from a policy standpoint, the issue of climate change is simply an enormous environmental impact assessment. An IAM

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SPPI: Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming In From the Cold

Source: Real Clear Investigations By James Varney In the world of climate science, the skeptics are coming in from the cold. Researchers who see global warming as something less than a planet-ending calamity believe the incoming Trump administration may allow their views to be developed and heard. This didn’t happen under the Obama administration, which

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SPPI: Response for Letter to Trump

Source: By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, William M. Briggs, David R. Legates, Anthony Lupo, Istvan Marko, Dennis Mitchell, & Willie Soon 25 Sep 2016 Some 375 political activists attached to the National Academy of Sciences, supporting the totalitarian view on the…

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SPPI: Swamp Draining Will Expose Corrupt Climate Crocodiles

Source: Newsmax Massively wealthy climate fear prophet and green government subsidy profiteer Al Gore finally has something real to be alarmed about. And yes, it’s quite the opposite of rising sea levels. Responding to President-elect Trump’s pledge to drain the Washington, D.C. swamp of corruption, their Dec. 5 meeting must have tracked lots of muddy

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SPPI: Trump’s EPA pick will make Obama regret his environmental overreach

Source: The Hill By Patrick J. Michaels Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s nomination for administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is as clear a signal as the incoming administration can send with regard to its environmental policies. It is also a sign that the administration is far more meticulous, internally consistent and thorough than its

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SPPI: Sea level rise – or land subsidence?

Source:  SPPI Alarmist claims about rising seas inundating coastal areas blame the wrong culprit Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek In his 2006 Inconvenient Truth mockumentary, Al Gore infamously predicted melting ice caps would cause oceans to rise “up to 20 feet” (6.1 meters) “in the near future.” Kevin Costner’s 1995 “action thriller” Water World presumed

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SPPI: Conservatives must strongly support Trump on climate change

Source:  SPPI And on his EPA, Interior and other environmental nominations – and their policy decisions by Tom Harris President-elect Donald Trump’s opposition to the global warming alarm is a refreshing change from the Obama administration’s naïve and hugely expensive crusade to lead the world to ‘save the climate.” Not only has Trump been right

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SPPI: Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary Doesn’t Want to Combat Climate Change

Source: Mother Jones On Friday the Wall Street Journal reported that Donald Trump has chosen Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, chair of the House Republican Conference, to be his Secretary of Interior. The Interior Department is responsible for three quarters of the nation’s public…

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SPPI: Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

Source: Fraud: While the global warming alarmists have done a good job of spreading fright, they haven?t been so good at hiding their real motivation. Yet another one has slipped up and revealed the catalyst driving the climate scare. We have been told now for almost three decades…

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SPPI: A Few Facts For Climate Alarmists Waging War Against Astrophysicist Willie Soon

Source: Dr. Willie Soon is an astrophysicist in the Solar, Stellar and Planetary Sciences Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He began as a post-doctoral fellow in 1991 and took his scientist position in 1997. His subsequent…

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SPPI: Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness

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