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This is the blog of Mike Haseler who lives in Scotland and is a sceptic - not just of climate but his interests also include archaeology and politics.

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Scottish Sceptic: #MayMustGo

In retrospect the remoaner May’s plan was cunningly simple: lie to the people of Britain about fulfilling our instruction to leave the EU & leave the EU in nothing but name. Thus leaving us stuck with all the same extremely …

2018-07-12 08:35   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The plastics scare killed global warming

Quite a few years ago, we started getting articles about plastic being digested by marine creatures. Given that marine creatures swallow inert sand in the same way as they swallow inert plastic, and presumably in a similar way birds swallow …

2018-06-25 10:51   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The death of Global Warming

There’s a scene in 1million years BC when the hero caveman has thrown a spear into a dinosaur and it lies on its side and all that is heard is its breathing until it stops. Likewise, the search volumes for …

2018-06-22 17:02   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The bee gods

Last year I was a beekeeper, this year as my queen died over the winter and the population plummeted in the spring before I could get another queen, I was expecting to cease being a beekeeper. But never one to …

2018-06-07 09:05   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: James IV: King of Scotland, Alchemist and Social Experimenter

James IV was the King of Scotland from 1488 till his disastrous defeat at the Battle of Flodden, where he was supposedly killed: the last monarch from all of Great Britain, to be killed in battle. A man with an …

2018-04-03 08:06   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: My Twitter blocking policy

If you find yourself on the wrong side of my blocking policy – don’t take it as a personal offence. I apply the exact same policy to everyone. I don’t issue warning or threats – if you break my policy …

2018-03-28 08:21   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Gill 5: Smoke and Mirrors? Some comparisons between Earth and Venus

Collection of five Surrey Mirror Group Website Articles written by Peter F Gill and posted from about March 2015 to January 2016. They now no longer exist on the Internet unless archived by someone. Scientists and non-scientists often give Venus …

2018-03-18 13:00   Click to comment

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