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This is the blog of Mike Haseler who lives in Scotland and is a sceptic - not just of climate but his interests also include archaeology and politics.

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Scottish Sceptic: The physics of mud (it’s a load of *&%$!!)

From my previous experience examining the physics of falling over, I’ve realised that the simplest things are often the hardest to explain. This is an unfinished article – unfinished because I’m metaphorically “stuck in the mud”. I’ve been reading up …

2017-11-11 14:45   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The future of global warming

There’s no doubt that global warming is a load of unscientific nonsense, but it’s far from clear what that means in terms of the future, because although the climate is clearly not going to comply with this idiocy in the …

2017-11-08 09:16   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Understanding rivers

For an obscure reason I’m trying to understand rivers and particularly the changes in width, depth & velocity along a river. Introduction For anyone new to rivers, the important property of rivers is that water having once joined a river …

2017-10-31 13:56   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The real difference between black and white

For a long time I have totally rejected the idea that I’m white – for the simple reason that I’m not, nor am I black, nor in reality is anyone black or white. Instead these were terms invented to highlight …

2017-10-25 13:50   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Climate modelers are not scientists.

I’ve long known that climate modellers were charlatan “scientists” who only got called that term by gullible media, politicians and politically motivated academics and other campaign groups. However, I’ve never seen such a coherent condemnation of them as on WUWT. …

2017-10-24 12:19   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Can you spot the cause of “global” warming?

In a previous article I outlined the evidence showing that so called “global warming” that occurred after the global cooling scare in the 1970s and up to the pause around 2001 was far from global. This far from “global” warming …

2017-10-14 09:14   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: EU: two years of utter crap – and then we leave + new PM

Like the old Roman empire – that controlled trade by building walls, the EU has created its empire by denying free trade to small countries on its borders that then face a choice, between trying to scrape a living where …

2017-10-05 11:35   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The banning of Scottish dawn – What’s this about – a police state?

I can’t remember the reason … I think it was reading yet again about Google and others censuring the web. Which having fought to have the science heard on climate and had those morons push traffic to anti-science sites, I …

2017-09-28 15:58   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The hardest word in Science is “sorry”

Having spent over a decade trying to get the idiots in academia to admit what was blindingly obvious to anyone who looked at the data: that they vastly overstated the science and were frankly deluded in their predictions, it has …

2017-09-21 13:14   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: And it looks like it’s all over

Knowing the the alarmists are on the run – and having lost over a decade of income – I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things that have needed doing – such as (rebuilding) the house. However, I …

2017-09-20 18:24   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Is there really little fundamental difference between Smoke & steam?

For years I was led to believe that there was a fundamental difference between these three things: However, I recently read a report on the constituent of “smoke” and discovered that one of the main ingredients of what we call …

2017-09-10 11:42   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Is the internet Killing Scottish Teaching?

Without going too much into the details last term my daughter’s school unilaterally decided to prevent her doing German – due entirely to the school ordaining the children will no longer do as many Nat 5 (equivalent to English O …

2017-09-08 00:18   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: The future of marriage

With the divorce of marriage from child-producing hetero-sexual sex both from the pill and so called gay “marriage”, the author argues that marriage cannot be effectively denied on the basis of sex or sexual orientation thus permitting a host of …

2017-09-07 13:23   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Evolutionary Theory of Humour

Following the last post (“Social boundary theory of humour – predictions for psychiatry“) in which I explored whether some predictions that the social theory of humour regarding humour suggest with regard to certain mental conditions (and drugs), TinyCO2 & my …

2017-08-30 16:13   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Social boundary theory of humour – predictions for psychiatry

The Social boundary theory of humour (outlined here) says that the reason humour is an evolutionary advantage, is because it is part of a mechanism by which we convey messages about social (and technological) boundaries. In essence, statements that are …

2017-08-30 09:58   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Enerconics simplified

Enerconics is the use of energy as a gold standard of economics. The reason this works is because there is a very close relationship between (inflation adjusted) GDP and world energy consumption (including sources like wood). The easiest way to …

2017-08-26 10:10   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Pizzagate true or false? Verdict: likely both a real scandal AND fake news.

I’ve been hearing about “Pizzagate” for a while. Reading another tweet without hearing any media commentary I decided to try to have a look to find out how convincing, if at all, the “evidence” was. The first thing I notice …

2017-07-09 09:12   Click to comment

Scottish Sceptic: Do Braided Rivers exist?

According to all the hydrology textbooks there exist three types of river that can be defined according to the topology of their channels: straight meandering and braided: That sounds very clear and simple enough, But it all started going pear …

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Scottish Sceptic: What to do in a car in water

Have you heard the advice that if your car ends up in deep water that you should: “leave doors and windows shut – wait till the pressure equalises and” … well basically drown because that’s what will happen if you …

2017-06-29 15:39   Click to comment

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