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Warwick Hughes: Open NEM now has charts of grid generation from 2005

Credit where due to the people behind Open Nem. Now 15 years of electricity generation history by each state from the north. Most of my comments are from viewing with settings at “All” and “Month” but it is easy to checked other periods. Qld shows increasing demand over the entire period. At the end of …

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Warwick Hughes: Real life Canberra imitates clever TV series “Rake”

Canberra law courts news. Probably more entertaining TV/DVD legal drama “Rake”

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Warwick Hughes: Hawkes Bay beach erosion blamed on climate change in active earthquake zone

This NZ Herald story “One summer left: On Haumoana’s beachfront, the climate-change hourglass is ticking” clearly blaming “climate-change” for the loss of beach front houses. The article fails to mention the areas frequent earth tremors from seismic activity, 8 quakes moderate and stronger just to the south in the last 10 months, nearby mapped active …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian PM Morrison open to lifting nuclear power ban

PM Morrison would consider lifting nuclear power ban But his Govt is very much a lame duck – so there is little chance they could do anything before the inevitable Labor Govt. Just imagine if they decided to site a nuc power station on Commonwealth land at Jervis Bay. Cue NIMBY and Greens hysteria.

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Warwick Hughes: Much burgled NZ Professor – China building 5th Antarctic base

The 5th Chinese base is on Inexpressible Island near the western shore of the Ross Sea ~390km norwest of McMurdo(US) and Scott Base(NZ). Map of Chinese Antarctic bases which I can update more as time allows. University of Canterbury Professor Anne-Marie Brady has been in the news lately having been burgled at her home and …

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Warwick Hughes: Christmas New Year heatwaves forecasts for Australia

Forecasts on Guardian 21Dec18 – Christmas Eve ABC warnings – Let’s run some checks. BTW – The 30 day SOI is near +10 so we are not in an El Nino.

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Warwick Hughes: Reprising satellite images of urban heat islands UHI from USA

Geoff Sherrington has a long blog on UHI and Australian temperature data “The Climate Sciences Use Of The Urban Heat Island Effect Is Pathetic And Misleading” over at A late comment by Ron Long December 21, 2018 at 3:21 am mentions “…I am totally confidant a UHI signal can be identified from satellite data.” …

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Warwick Hughes: David Archibald on replying to Green Zealotry

Some ideas from David from attending AGM’s marred by Green Extremists.

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Warwick Hughes: JFK Warren Commission greatest evidence/witness tampering in US since WWII

With some holiday reading time coming up I dug out my copy of “Rush to Judgment” the 1966 book by Lawyer Mark Lane (RIP) recording his patient re-examination of JFK assassination witnesses encouraging them to truthfully tell what they witnessed and to pass on their experiences of the Warren process and being questioned by Govt …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC confirms Tuvalu is growing not sinking

Staggering admission by ABC FactCheck.

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Warwick Hughes: Failure @ Katowice UN COP24 to complete their warmista agenda

Even the GreenLeft ABC reports [To the frustration of environmental activists and some countries who were urging more ambitious climate goals, negotiators delayed decisions on two key issues until next year in an effort to get a deal on the table. That included a decision on the mechanics of an emissions trading system and the …

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Warwick Hughes: Southern Ocean clouds aerosols cooling global warming

ABC again reporting atmospheric research carried out on the Aurora Australis. Quote – [Dr Scholfield said they will measure aerosols in the atmosphere, which includes dust, gases, sea salt and pollution. “We’re doing that because aerosols go on to form clouds and clouds are important because they’re the cooling part of the story when our …

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Warwick Hughes: Greenpeace spruiks “Great Southern Reef” to oppose oil exploration

The ABC reports Great Australian Bight the site of nation’s other great reef, where oil companies want to drill. I am suggesting that there is no such feature as the “Great Southern Reef” which is simply a GreenLeft invention to boost the campaign against oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight. The ABC article starts …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM claim hottest December night for Darwin – forget 1890

Lance called to say he heard BoM lady on TV claim that the 30.0 degrees registered on Wed. 12 Dec at Darwin Airport was the hottest night evah (since 1941) beating 29.7 in 2014. The BoM has short memories when their own data shows Darwin Post Office registered a minimum of 30.2 degrees on 26th …

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Warwick Hughes: ScoMo about to throw $Bns @ Adelaide desalination so more fresh water can waste to sea

Is there no limit to Commonwealth $Bn’s that get thrown into South Australia? Water ministers on cusp of ‘momentous’ Murray-Darling Basin Plan decision

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Warwick Hughes: Govt & ABC spruiking the first F-35’s to arrive Australia

ABC TVNews thick with praise for the first two F-35A – claiming 20 to 1 kill rate in US trials over existing US fighters – where opposition was presumably the F-22 and modernized F-16 or F-15. David Archibald has written several articles on the F-35 shortcomings. Most recent and his book American Gripen: The Solution …

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Warwick Hughes: Adelaide – Melbourne hot days pressure power prices

Thanks to Siliggy for the heads up. AEMO has both South Australia and Victoria with “Scheduled Demand” prices for todays afternoon peak plus $10,000 MWh. Something to watch as the afternoon turns to evening – surely those sky-high prices will moderate as bids come in. OpenNem for SA and Vic shows clearly that yesterdays heat …

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Warwick Hughes: Stan Grant 7 minutes to marvel at on the ABC

Stan Grant on his ABC “Matter of Fact” Wednesday night 28 Nov 2018 – slide forward to ~35mins. I am trying to make an audio file – if anybody could make an MP3 or edit out a video clip and add it to Youtube – please let me know.

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Warwick Hughes: “Unprecedented weather” yet newspapers note Bundaberg bushfires in November 1876, 1936 & 1951

Trove newspapers finds November fires around Bundaberg. Ten million pounds damage in early Nov 1951 End October 1936 – Bushfires on an extensive front around the Bundaberg district have caused untold damage to many grazing properties From 1876 – To make matters worse, bush-fires are almost continually raging in different localities around us, destroying what …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM rain Outlook for November a monster fail

Remember back a month when the great and the good were all chanting the BoM mantra that the dry would continue. Here is an example from the NSW Rural Fire Service. Quote- “November, in particular, is likely to be drier than average in many areas.” Nov rain Outlook not one square centimetre of Australia was …

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Warwick Hughes: Senator Amanda Stoker future Prime Minister

Every time I hear her on media I am impressed. Wondering what readers think.

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Warwick Hughes: New article highlights magnitude of global volcanic CO2 emissions

Thanks to Kiwi reader and Climate Change Dispatch – Discovery Of Massive Volcanic CO2 Emissions Puts Damper On Global Warming Theory. Many links to follow. Surely the USGS did not claim there were only 20 active volcanoes global at any one time?

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Warwick Hughes: Rampant crime causes ACT bushfire – no large air-tankers

ABC reports – ACT bushfire burning out of control and approaching Canberra’s south-west – Burnt-out car sparked blaze – I have been advocating for the RAAF to have a unit of large multi-engined air tankers – we need a 747 plus. Amazing that after the 2003 Canberra fires we seem to be sleep-walking into increased …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM worthless rainfall Outlooks making news

Thanks to reader Bob – Farmers dismiss BoM rainfall outlooks as worthless – pity there seems to be no more Senate Estimates hearings this year Although they are mainly a GreenLeft Festival – and I am not aware of a Senator who will cross examine the BoM. I have Outlook critiques going back over a …

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Warwick Hughes: Sooner Labor takes over Fed. Govt. the better

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Warwick Hughes: Wentworth voters want action on climate – on ABC The Drum

I just heard this on The Drum – and nobody made the obvious point that Wentworth voters are in a central locality near the Sydney CBD and are free to buy a bicycle or use public transport.

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Warwick Hughes: Minister Littleproud loses plot attacking ALDI

Our Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has attacked ALDI for not saluting a scheme to add a “drought levy” to milk. Our highly paid logically challenged minister completely forgets that any farmers able to shop for their groceries at ALDI could have been saving hundreds of dollars a month already – way in excess of …

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Warwick Hughes: Reminder of Aussies wintering in Antarctica

ABC reports Antarctic base station experiences warmest August on record – when you read on the warmth was due to warm gales. The annual max and min to 2017 show no joy for the IPCC.

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Warwick Hughes: F-35 global grounding and update

I started mentioning the shortcomings of the F-35 about three years ago. David Archibald has done much research on the F-35 and updated on 10 Oct 2018. Then a day or so later came the news of the global grounding. Just another Australian Govt financial(and Security) disaster.

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Warwick Hughes: Dr Hewson campaigns in Wentworth byelection

It is a shame that when Dr Hewson campaigns in the Wentworth byelection he is not asked some hard questions about the viability of solar thermal electricity generation schemes has has promoted over the years. He should also be asked about ARENA who found that concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology could be a commercially viable …

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