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Warwick Hughes: Why is AEMO electricity price for Tasmania rocketing?

I have been watching my 5 States chart and the rise in AEMO wholesale price for Tasmania since Feb puzzles me. I thought their relatively large hydro resource might have insulated Tassie from the more erratic prices interstate. Hydro Tasmania is State Govt owned and is swamped with debt. Generation by NemWatch – Price and …

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Warwick Hughes: Saga of lead in Perth Children’s Hospital water supply

The ABC reports – Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) lead contamination in water pipes supplying site – my Dec 2016 blog “Australian Government financial disasters” was discussing this issue early this month. How slow it is for truth to emerge. The WA Building Commission has reported on the lead contamination issue with an 83 page pdf …

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Warwick Hughes: Most Ivanpah power comes from natural gas

I had not heard much about the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility for a while – no wonder – Recall we were told gas would be used to warm the boilers on cold Mohave Desert mornings. But when you convert the ever increasing natural gas usage to MWhrs – Ivanpah electricity production is mostly from natural …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC ignores rain history

This story from near Longford in Tasmania makes out rain for June 2016 was due to “climate change” – yet Longford data shows several years with higher June rain.

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Warwick Hughes: Not every day Australia is threatened with a nuclear strike

Here is what the NORK Foreign Ministry spokesman said. While checking headlines at KCNAWATCH I was drawn to this news of the heroic efforts of a mining team at the Komdok Pb, Zn, Ag mine. Perhaps these sort of prizes could help bring back our mining boom. This comparison of North & South Korea sets …

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Warwick Hughes: No global warming at Mawson – Antarctic

Just for curiosity – data from BoM CDO – 1955-2016 61 years. Excel says cooling at 0.00397° per year.

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Warwick Hughes: Pay the Financial Times to read fake news

We all saw these stories featuring aerial photos purporting to show coal spills from Abbott Point after Cyclone Debbie. Then in recent days the dark material in beach sands was shown to be magnetite. But the Financial Times is still spruiking the original Green lies.

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Warwick Hughes: Is there a plan to get housing out of flood zones

So many towns include areas built too near rivers – it seems amazing in 2017 we are distracted by these repeated flood dramas. Does anybody know if there are plans to encourage the worst affected to move to higher ground.

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Warwick Hughes: Media headlines show ignorance about cliffs

The NZ Herald today has a headline “An Auckland cliff is showing signs of collapsing.” In the context of rain from “Cyclone Debbie” – they must mean “remnants of Cyclone Debbie”. Anyway, back to the cliff. A rational statement would say “all cliffs anywhere on planet earth (including Auckland) are the sites of past, present …

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Warwick Hughes: The ABC has been attacking PHON as racist

We know the ABC has a team constantly puffing any obscure negative story about PHON and is now promoting the lie that PHON is racist. I have had an email listing a few reasons why people might vote PHON – and I have added some of my own – not in any order of merit. …

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Warwick Hughes: New icebreaker not value for money

Replacement vessel for AAD icebreaker Aurora Australis not value for money, says audit office. What would you expect – most everything Govt touches turns to crap.

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Warwick Hughes: BoM March rain Outlook triumph

The March Outlook March percent rain

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Warwick Hughes: First day post Hazelwood – Tassie Hydro props up Eastern electricity grid

Comments from the north and during an eastern wind drought. Generation by Nemwatch – Price and Demand from AEMO. For bigger Nemwatch chart QLD demand 6,042MW with generation 6,959MW running a modest surplus in view all grids need some spinning reserve. NSW demand 8,306MW with generation 7,686MW running a surprising deficit. Must be maxing imports …

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Warwick Hughes: Cyclone Debbie chat

TV news seems frustrated she is reluctant to arrive – good luck to all in the path. Lets hope the related rains might be worth $Millions to Qld rural sector.

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Warwick Hughes: Is allowing Hazelwood to close the most stupid act of any Australian Govt?

Sorry for inattention to blog – I have had a mad week – was pondering the Hazelwood thing – Tony Abbott chips in – Chris Uhlmann – reams are yet to be published. But I could not think of a clearly more stupid act by an Australian Govt. in all our history.

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Warwick Hughes: String of 13 spotless days and sunspots chart update

I last posted on sunspots progression July last year – SILSO report a string of 13 spotless days so far. As we grind on to a solar minimum around 2020.

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Warwick Hughes: South Australia turns back to fossil fuel

Faced with the need to strengthen their electricity grid the South Australian Labor Government proposes to build and own a $360million 250MW gas turbine generator. When disaster strikes – who do you call? The ABC quotes Premier Weatherill making conflicting statements in his confusion. Quote 1 – “We will supply the nation — coal-rich states …

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Warwick Hughes: NIWA 3 month Outlook destroyed inside two weeks

Just as useless as our BoM – the NIWA March to May Outlook issued 1st March wrecked by heavy rain they never saw coming. They said – Regional predictions for the March – May 2017 season Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty Rainfall totals are about equally likely to be in the near normal (35% …

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Warwick Hughes: Govt politicians discovers gas shortage this blog talked about 30 months ago

In August 2014 I blogged – “Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf” Two days ago I blogged – “Australia fails again as NT to Qld gas pipeline stymied” Now the ABC reports on the AEMO concerns – “Gas supply shortage will threaten …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian summer 1939 was hotter than 2017

These BoM maps show it clearly. 2017 vs 1939. Thanks Lance. 2017 has relatively much larger and more intense cool areas that must cancel out much of the 2017 heat compared to 1939. 2017 and 1939

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Warwick Hughes: Website for book “Mirrors and Mazes” by Dr Howard Brady

A year ago I blogged New climate book ‘Mirrors and Mazes: a guide to the climate debate’ by Dr Howard Brady – Now there is a useful website for “Mirrors and Mazes” – lots of information.

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Warwick Hughes: Australia fails again as NT to Qld gas pipeline stymied

Land dispute sends Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline back to negotiating table says ABC on 7 March 17 – we know without reading what sort of “land dispute”. In 2014 I wrote – Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf Then in 2015 – …

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Warwick Hughes: Wonthaggi seawater desalination plant using diesel generators

I saw this at Andrew Bolt. Last year the Vic Govt ordered 50GL water from Wonthaggi when there was no need for the water as dams look OK(despite the mad wasting of water on environmental flows). The sequence of news is – Damaged power cable shuts down start up of desalination plant 30 Dec 2016 …

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Warwick Hughes: Record cold February morning in Canberra

2.8° on the 21st – previous record 3° in 1985 – I looked for pre 1939 data but a lot of early daily data has not been digitised. Also broke record at Cootamundra Airport 2.9° vs 3.2 in 1998 – data from 1995. Smashed record at Cootamundra Post Office – the Airport 2.9° vs 5° …

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Warwick Hughes: Floods but no Feb 2017 rain recorded yet by BoM in Perth dam catchments

How bizarre is this – heavy rain and floods starting 9/10 Feb – but no Feb 2017 rain recorded yet – while rain is so easy to measure and record. [1] BoM station Mundaring Weir 9031 has no data later than March 2016 [2] BoM station Victoria Dam 9216 is missing March and Jun, Oct …

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Warwick Hughes: Labor abandons 50% by 2030 renewables target

There were signs from Perth a week ago – then the Illawarra Mercury had a crack at it – then on ABC TV The Drum Episode 15 last night host Ellen Fanning said “and Labor’s backdown on its renewable energy target”. If anybody sees more on this huge story in the MSM please pass on …

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Warwick Hughes: Keep Hazelwood open

Hazelwood 1,600MW of electricity generation is due to close at end of March. This must further stress our already strained power supplies and rack up prices further. People concerned that this would weaken our electricity grid should email politicians asking that Hazelwood be kept open. I will be emailing the PM, Treasurer and several other …

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Warwick Hughes: Cold day records smashed in Perth region

H.T. Chris Gillham – From Perth Region (Western Australia not Scotland) Feb has been moderate so far over there. PEARCE RAAF (009053) 17° on 9 Feb 2017 smashes the previous 18.8 – data from 1940 BICKLEY (009240) 14° on 9 Feb 2017 annihilated the previous 18 – data from 1994…

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Warwick Hughes: Watching our electricity grid trainwreck

South Australia grid shutdowns last night. SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government 8 Feb 2017. Large version my chart Can our politicians assure us that closing Hazelwood with generation capacity 1,600MW is in Australia’s interests? Remember Victoria has often been running a surplus of 2,000MW supplying power to three other

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Warwick Hughes: President Clinton 1995 speaks on borders

Brilliant 84 second clip from a very young looking President Bill Clinton talking about immigration in the 1995 State of the Union. Not to be missed.

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