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Warwick Hughes: BoM rain map massive errors

Watching the meanderings inland of the boring cyclone Trevor I see this BoM contoured rain map omits the massive 85.8mm of rain at Jervois – a lone weather station east of Alice Springs. This map shows negligible rain at Jervois for 1st to 25th March yet Jervois had 85.8mm on the 25th. Large map. Statistics …

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Warwick Hughes: Waiting for Godot

2 articles from David Archibald – “Global Warming Fraud Is on Life Support” and “The F-35: Such a Complete and Utter Dog”. David is also speaking in Five Dock Sydney 4Apr2019 – Get there.

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Warwick Hughes: 1910 cyclone Mozambique “thousands killed”

I think the cyclone hit in April 1910 but our press reports are dated May and June. Can anybody find better confirmation of the death toll? The UN has been saying “Cyclone Idai ‘might be southern hemisphere’s worst such disaster’ “ Please report any other comparable severe cyclones recorded in our old newspaper files.

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Warwick Hughes: US & Japan war-gamed Pearl Harbor attack in 1930’s

I decided to read again “At Dawn We Slept” starting at page 1. The first few dozen pages surprised me with the extent to which both sides Navy staffs had kicked around the idea of an aerial attack on Oahu/Pearl Harbor/the US Fleet during 1930’s war games(bottom page 14 Japan and top page 33 US). …

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Warwick Hughes: President Erdogan forgets Ottoman history

His comments denigrating the ANZACS have stirred both Australia and New Zealand Govts. A year ago I posted Our ANZAC history could be put in perspective 22Apr2018 which just sets out the basic facts that the Ottoman Empire was a German ally in WWI and closing the Dardanelles was a legitimate war aim.

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Warwick Hughes: Young ladies thoughts re children’s climate strike

On a bad news weekend – a rare better news story. Larger image. I am surprised the curriculum mentions our resources industry at all.

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Warwick Hughes: Faulty BoM data adds to Australian hot summer

Amazing – the NNTHS (National Night-Time Hot Spot)at its original Walungurru Airport 15664 has snuck back into BoM temperature anomaly maps this much ballyhooed hot summer. In December there was no sign of the NNTHS but in Jan it was obvious and in February the NNTHS made Walungurru the Star.. Interesting to compare with the …

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Warwick Hughes: Vic Govt hits back at firefighting critics – ignores huge fuel reduction issue

I first saw this article commenting on the inadequacy of fuel reduction burns and the fact the areas of cool season burns have been reducing. Elephant in the room after Vic Govt fire dept people “returning fire” to critical comments from the residents re particular points they witnessed. Victorian authorities defend bushfire crews following criticisms …

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Warwick Hughes: Huge Govt failure as OMCG’s influence felt in Canberra schools

ABC reports Police targeting would-be bikie gang members as early as high school in bid to expose ‘false promises’. Last June I blogged Canberra is infested with warring OMCG bikie gangs

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Warwick Hughes: Trans-Arctic shipping has flopped

From an expert Norwegian. I wonder why? Of course this is all over our GreenLeft mainstream news. If the constant AGW/CC agitprop we are bombarded with was half true – Arctic shipping would be a boom industry. Dr Yun Sun also writes re The Northern Sea Route: “The Myth of Sino-Russian Cooperation”. China just not …

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Warwick Hughes: China chills Norks-Trump Hanoi affair

Seems so obvious that after agreeing with Trump to meet in Hanoi Kim visited China on his train and Xi cooled the affair. US now must deal with the organ-grinder and put the monkey on “ignore”. US should clamp down sanctions on Kim & NORKS ruling aristocrats while trying to ease stress on mass of …

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Warwick Hughes: Prime Minister speaks rubbish says hydro power is cheaper

What is it about Tasmania and the ever-ready pipeline of Commonwealth taxpayers money? Must be too many Fed. Pollies over there. Just heard our PM on ABC TVNews24 talking about a second Bass St power cable and Fed. financing for Tassie Hydro’s pumped hydro boondoggle “Battery of the Nation“. Many of the Snowy 2.0 shortcomings …

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Warwick Hughes: MDB was way drier pre 1950

How the Nation is badly served by the GreenLeft media, Green biased water bureaucrats and useless knee-jerk green politicians. Bleating on about rainfall in normally dry summer months – beating up normal events like fish kills – failing to drive home that major problems are the mad environmental flows politicians have agreed to – invoking …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC TV News24 milking “ground is burning” propaganda

ABC TV News24 particularly Joe O’Brien has been shamelessly milking this story from NT making a wink wink connection to “climate change”. Spontaneous combustion in haystacks is a well known phenomena as explained by the ABC’s own Dr Karl. There must be mass sackings in the GreenLeft AgitProp machine that is the ABC.

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Warwick Hughes: Power consumed by Villawood phone & www Nigerian scams adding to Climate Change

Amazing story of crimes under our Govt noses since 2013 and who knows when. Global drug trafficking operation run out of Villawood detention centre, phone taps reveal And polls suggest we will soon vote in GreenLabor who will be weaker on laws that the nation needs.

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Warwick Hughes: Queensland Premier claims 7 or 8 years of drought

I heard Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on ABC TV news 7th or 8th Feb claiming “after 7 or 8 years of drought” in the context of talking about cattle deaths in floods around the Mt Isa – Hughenden region. This got me to looking at BoM drought maps and maps of recent rain to see exactly …

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Warwick Hughes: Central planning for widdle Australia 2050

I downloaded their “Summary brochure (PDF, 354 KB)” – So they say – “By 2050, international demand for Australia’s natural resources may have fallen”. That sounds like a winner – anybody can see that nobody will want mineral resources anymore. And “..agricultural trade is likely to have fallen because of climate-related downturns in production.” Courageous …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM genius never saw Townsville floods coming

Hat-tip David Brewer – thanks Dave. Checkout the BoM rain Outlook for Jan issued 20th Dec. – Townsville region EXACTLY defined as v dry and Mt Isa-Winton region also dryer than average. The tropics too, predicted dryer than average – marvel at BoM incompetence. Jan actual rain Percentages – Larger Jan Outlook map Rain Outlook …

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Warwick Hughes: Australia might need a Govt owned bank again

Sorry OT re climate. On the eve of the release of the Banks Royal Commission reports I hear news that the banks are tightening loan requirements. Well if that happens to impair business’s and normal economic activity, the normal ability of people to raise loans. Then the Fed Govt could form a new Commonwealth owned …

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Warwick Hughes: Townsville floods & rainfall history

I see this morning that Ross River dam levels @ the spillway have reduced 0.25m overnight. The ABC had this map of flood levels tweeted from Townsville local govt.- first useful map I had seen in a week but I can not find the source. Tables rain history – Townsville Aero monthly rain from 1941 …

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Warwick Hughes: Record AEMO electricity prices in January 2019

We have been hearing through 2018 how the Fed. Govt. will do this or that to lower electricity prices. Well despite that blabber all states prices moved higher into summer. Yet the worst of Jan. heat spells were short in the worst affected states and despite everybody knowing exactly when summer was due – records …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM says January was hottest month on record for Australia

But checking various Jan Mean Max’s across Oz shows a lot of places missed out. FAIL Adelaide no record West Terrace 33 but 34.2 in 1908 FAIL Perth coolest for a decade – Kalgoorlie had an 11 day data gap in Jan. too unimportant to repair. FAIL Leonora Aero hit 39.3 but started life in …

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Warwick Hughes: The Weatherill Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission and Eddie Obeid

ABC reports today The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission is about to hand down its findings. Here’s how we got here. I am waiting to hear what content might emerge from this R.C. Fascinating too the connection to Eddie Obeid back in 2008 mentioned here on page 367 of the marvellous book “He Who Must be …

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Warwick Hughes: David Archibald sums up the stupidity of our climate & energy policies

Download his 75 page 4.6MB pdf On page 72 the “Dual Fluid Lead-cooled Reactor.” can utilise thorium.

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Warwick Hughes: Canberra heatwave a shadow of 1939

ABC TV News has said that the last 4 days over 40 make 2019 the record Canberra heatwave. My graphic shows that 1939 takes the cake for the most significant heat event. Notes re dates. The two days in 1968 +40 were on 31st Jan and 1st Feb. This month the dates +40 were 15th …

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Warwick Hughes: How fashionable to bad mouth Western civilisation

A UK academic Dr Julia Steinberger recently tweeted “Western culture, philosophy & science is basically crap” which was reported at the WhaleOil blog. The BBC has a series of informative graphics demonstrating the huge advances we all take for granted due to political developments paid for with blood in England over hundreds of years – …

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Warwick Hughes: Open NEM now has charts of grid generation from 2005

Credit where due to the people behind Open Nem. Now 15 years of electricity generation history by each state from the north. Most of my comments are from viewing with settings at “All” and “Month” but it is easy to checked other periods. Qld shows increasing demand over the entire period. At the end of …

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Warwick Hughes: Real life Canberra imitates clever TV series “Rake”

Canberra law courts news. Probably more entertaining TV/DVD legal drama “Rake”

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Warwick Hughes: Hawkes Bay beach erosion blamed on climate change in active earthquake zone

This NZ Herald story “One summer left: On Haumoana’s beachfront, the climate-change hourglass is ticking” clearly blaming “climate-change” for the loss of beach front houses. The article fails to mention the areas frequent earth tremors from seismic activity, 8 quakes moderate and stronger just to the south in the last 10 months, nearby mapped active …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian PM Morrison open to lifting nuclear power ban

PM Morrison would consider lifting nuclear power ban But his Govt is very much a lame duck – so there is little chance they could do anything before the inevitable Labor Govt. Just imagine if they decided to site a nuc power station on Commonwealth land at Jervis Bay. Cue NIMBY and Greens hysteria.

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