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Warwick Hughes: Great cartoon trajectory NZ Govt at Whaleoil

SonovaMin often has great cartoons at the one and only Whaleoil. Just nails it. We need something to smile at.

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Warwick Hughes: Comparisons of various thermometer enclosures with Stevenson screens

I have just had a heads up from Silligy re this 2005 paper – MEASUREMENT OF AIR TEMPERATURE IN THE PRESENCE OF A LARGE RADIANT FLUX: AN ASSESSMENT OF PASSIVELY VENTILATED THERMOMETER SCREENS – pdf ~300KB – Fig 10 gives an idea of the magnitude of the differences. Commercial screen Type A naturally ventilated in …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian parliamentary citizenship crisis

I am curious what readers think is a possible way forward – and what they think will actually happen. The resignation of Benelong MP John Alexander wipes out the slender majority enjoyed by the Turnbull Govt. So how Turnbull will navigate the last two sitting weeks of 2017 without losing a key vote has been …

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Warwick Hughes: Hey Ross Garnaut SA power prices fell because gas prices fell

I checked gas and electricity wholesale prices data for 2017 and the claim in the AFR Monday – South Australia’s power now cheaper than coal-fired states – Ross Garnaut – Any notion that this is due to some triumph of wind power fails to examine the dominant driver of SA electricity which is gas. The …

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Warwick Hughes: Perth Water Corporation rainfall pages maths disaster

While checking end of October rainfall numbers at Perth water supply dams – I looked in at 2.55am on 31st Oct and I saved this table with data as at 30 Oct. Interesting that as at end October – Canning, Mundaring, Serpentine Pipehead, South Dandalup and Wungong Dams all recorded over their annual rainfall with …

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Warwick Hughes: Cape Bruny AWS reads warmer than Stevenson screen 18m away

There are two temperature series for Cape Bruny on the southern tip of Tasmania. CAPE BRUNY LIGHTHOUSE 94010 and it seems that an AWS was commenced in 2002 CAPE BRUNY 94198. The BoM site map shows the screen and AWS are ~18m apart. I downloaded the max and min monthly data from CDO online and …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM says Hobart October 2017 was the warmest ever

But the BoM fails to say that outside the Hobart urban heat island (UHI) record warmth is harder to find. I checked the following stations around the Hobart region – first the mean monthly max – only Tasman Island agreed with Hobart but the site has only operated from 2002. then the mean monthly min …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian BoM October rain Outlook disaster

Could have done better – miniscule areas with above average rain predicted but it looks as if about half of the misgoverned nation enjoyed over average rain. And they get Tasmania exactly wrong.

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Warwick Hughes: Imagine headlines if seals were from the tropics?

Seal found in Auckland suburban backyard – seal hitches a ride – South Australian lower lakes – Gold Coast

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Warwick Hughes: Release of JFK assassination papers

OT re climate. With this release of papers that might cast new light on some of the mysteries of our time – I thought a blog was worthwhile for readers to add comments around any new “facts” – claims – surprises – to emerge for them. For my part despite reading various books on the …

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Warwick Hughes: Win for PM as gas prices fall after he talks to suppliers

Credit where due – PM Turnbull is having a win with falling gas prices – Larger chart. Chart from 2012 but it seems a secret. I started warning of exploding energy prices on 6 June 2016 – did that pan out. Can update through Oct when data available. Top Link.

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Warwick Hughes: Why does New Zealand need both MetService and NIWA?

A very good “STUFF” Editorial I missed a year ago. I often comment on NZ weather and climate issues but getting hold of basic data and map presentations as can be easily found for Australia at the BoM www site – is time consuming and near impossible for NZ. As STUFF says “We believe public …

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Warwick Hughes: Blenheim monthly temperature trends show classic urban heat island (UHI) signal

Warming trends showing up strongest in the cooler months. Data is from a Govt fruit research institute the Marlborough Research Centre on the town outskirts. Charts by the MRC. Blenheim population growth. Small town temperature data – often classed as “rural” in global databases – can usually be shown to be riddled with UHI warming. …

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Warwick Hughes: Huge temperature data shambles at Hokitika Aerodrome

Instrument change a ~decade ago – amazing nobody at GHCN has noticed this complete failure to calibrate the new instrument with what it replaced – data from KNMI Climate Explorer. Minimum affected too. This has historic significance because Hokitika was one of the “rural” series in Jones original global dataset in the 1980’s that had …

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Warwick Hughes: What happened to NIWA “Near-record warmth” predicted for NZ South Island?

NIWA said only on Tuesday – Near-record warmth expected for parts of the South Island 17 Oct 17 – I have been checking places like Alexandra, Dunedin, Christchurch but can see little trace of this. Does anybody know what October hottest day records would be?

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Warwick Hughes: NZ election a coup for Helen Clark

The new PM is so inexperienced and has zero history of dealing with Winston Peters. But Clark and Peters got on OK 2005-2008. If new PM Taxinda Ardern stumbles too badly in the next 3 years then Aunty Hulun will be there in the background to plot her removal.

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Warwick Hughes: NORKS threaten Australia with nuke “disaster”

But our Govts since 2007 have done a great job of creating our home grown disasters vastly more costly than an outback nuke strike. In late 2016 we listed Australian Government financial disasters. Also four years ago.

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Warwick Hughes: Christchurch wettest year since 1975

Year of the flood in Christchurch -And Aotearoa main centres have all had over their average annual rain by 11 October. Are there any other news items I have missed? And of course NIWA never saw this coming. Data from MetService Towns & Cities pages.

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Warwick Hughes: BBC says Antarctic ice kills Penguins

Penguins die in ‘catastrophic’ Antarctic breeding season the Beeb reports about a colony of Adelie’s. Yet the AAD reports 2015 research – Adélie penguin populations in East Antarctica have almost doubled over the past 30 years.

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Warwick Hughes: Imagine how bad the reality must be

When such a senior DFAT boss speaks out so. DFAT boss warns international students to resist Chinese Communist Party’s ‘untoward’ influence I have blogged on the utter stupidity of leasing the Port of Darwin to the Chinese. First six blogs here.

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Warwick Hughes: Updated chart AEMO wholesale electricity daily prices

For what it is worth there has been a divergence last month with SA, VIC and Tas reducing in price. NSW reducing a little and Qld now more expensive than NSW. AEMO source data – AEMO NEM Dispatch Overview – NemWatch is useful as a snapshot of generation type and demand. There was more wind …

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Warwick Hughes: Progress Bali Mount Agung volcanic activity

When the news broke a while back I started following the ESDM site then there were the many evacuations – then the beast went quieter and I think the Govt said some could return to their homes. Prediction is very difficult. Anyway I thought I would share these links to graphics of seismic activity that …

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Warwick Hughes: Heat-wise – September was a pussy in Australia

Charts here of max t anomaly show you several previous Septembers were hotter than 2017 – starting with 1928. The UAH satellites Australia band has eleven hotter Septembers. You can make BoM max min and mean t anomaly maps – have fun. Going back to the charts if you make a mean t anomaly chart …

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Warwick Hughes: Publicity beating up Perth sea level rising fails to mention the land is sinking

The ABC reports – Perth’s Kwinana Freeway will be permanently flooded by 2100, oceanographer warns – In 2012 I blogged To understand Perth sea-levels is a complex issue – much of the Perth plain has subsided in recent decades

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Warwick Hughes: A rare mea culpa from an Australian politician

We all made a fracking mistake, says former premier Bob Carr – try googling the headline if you get paywalled. Ex Premier Bob Carr forgets to mention the Eddie Obeid coal licence scandals that gave so much oxygen to the anti-miners and Green protesters. But why the NSW Govt went so far in changing the …

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Warwick Hughes: How are Kiwis coping with predicted heatwave?

Last week the New Zealand MetService was pushing – New Zealand in for a warm Sunday and Monday as heatwave heads over from Australia – I have had a quick look at temperatures for a few towns around Aotearoa but do not see the predicted heatwave anywhere. Have any New Zealanders felt a heatwave on …

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Warwick Hughes: Jacinda Ardern answers simple tax questions

Hard to believe somebody this shallow could be a serious candidate for New Zealand Prime Minister. Only a minute 47secs. Here you have it New Zealand…. the very day before the election, even the Labour leader doesn't know her own tax policy. — Steve (@stevemcmillan5) 22 September 2017 Thanks to Steve McMillan – as …

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO schedules Liddell generation but AGL regards Liddell as worthless junk

There appears to be a huge disconnect here. AEMO schedules 1800MW from Liddell for the next five summers screenshot from AEMO NSW xlsx file. Yet if you Google “agl liddell” you see a plethora of AGL statements such as. Liddell power station is “Geriatric” says AGL – Liddell power station on ‘sliding scale to oblivion’, …

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Warwick Hughes: Listing worst BoM errors in Goulburn Airport or Taralga daily minimums

Data from CDO disk bought from BoM in 2007 plus from CDO online then compared to Minimum temperature daily contour maps. Ask me if you can not find daily t in CDO or the maps. Error A 5 Jan 1991 Goulburn Airport min = 9.7 – Taralga min = 19.2 – diff = -9.5 There …

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Warwick Hughes: WA Govt proudly wastes more money on water as Perth dams fill

No limit to water madness over decades in Western Australia. [1] Refusal to manage catchments – [2] Refusal to use desal Wellington Dam water for metro supply – [3] Refusal to use mega quantities of desal wheatbelt water constantly wasting to sea in rivers. A water org that can not even measure rainfall normally. There …

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