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Warwick Hughes: Broome Airport will smash the all-time annual rain record

I have just checked the stunning Broome rain data for this year – so far within 30mm of the all time highest annual rain total by the 18th of February. Broome PO 3002 has data from 1890 to 1952 and 1896 saw the record ann max rain of 1,094mm. Broome Airport 3003 has data from …

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Warwick Hughes: “Huge” Sydney storm misses rain gauges

This ABC report on an AFL match at Drummoyne Fri evening 9 Feb mentions it was interrupted by a “huge” storm with heavy rain. Odd that a storm such as reported slips through the Sydney rain gauge network. If anybody has other rain data or observations please pass on. Imagine what rain must be missed …

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Warwick Hughes: Another African shithole improves slightly

ABC reports Zuma resigns – long overdue but after the Zimbabwe leadership changes the poor downtrodden people in these countries might have an extra sliver of hope. For 50 years western aid has poured into Africa – to what effect?

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Warwick Hughes: Wild claims made relating GCM’s to Perth rain and water issues

This ABC article trying to justify seawater desalination sums up how so much damage has been done to Australian water policy over two decades. From the very first sentence “Perth’s desalination plant has been a lifesaver..”. What utter rubbish – Perth dam catchments bush could be managed to release more dam inflows – the SW …

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Warwick Hughes: An audio reminder of WA Inc from the 1980’s

In recent years the stellar career of NSW Labor “Main Man” Eddie Obeid over three decades has tended to dazzle aficionados of Govt. corruption in Australia. However we must not forget that at about the same time in the 1980’s that Eddie Obeid was an up and coming Labor figure; Perth enjoyed a flowering of …

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Warwick Hughes: Must read Fairfax story on NSW resources industry

The minister the money and the mine. How a rotten deal was hatched – If journalists know of any unlawful acts by anybody then they should report those to the police. I see that half way down the article switches to the buying of a SA winery by Chinese interests and touches on the leasing …

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Warwick Hughes: It’s official Perth Dams are being decommissioned

Just saw this on WaterCorporation www. click on Sources then Future Last month I updated my Perth dams catchment rainfall and it is plain that Perth catchments rain is similar to levels of 40 odd years ago (May to Oct av now ~850mm). Will add more later on the 20+ years history of the WA …

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Warwick Hughes: Electricity and gas prices booming in summer

My chart shows the damage caused to electricity wholesale prices by a few days of normal summer peak heat – which luckily were mainly on weekends and holidays. I notice that Sydney gas prices right now at 9.5 are way over December at 7.4 and I trust the PM is speaking to gas company bosses. …

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Warwick Hughes: Can readers & Kiwis report in on New Zealand heatwave

I see this headline – Warnings as NZ bakes in 40C weather – I am worried if Kiwis are going to be safe over there. You can check NZ Towns & Cities link. First to find a 40 degrees wins a bottle of cleanskin ALDI dry red or white.

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Warwick Hughes: Are tourists so stupid in Australia?

Could be a need for Geology 101 in schools. Beachy Head cliff visitors ‘shocked’ by rock fall photos

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Warwick Hughes: Australian thermal coal price at 5 year high

You heard it first here. Prices from IndexMundi. And yes I know the US$ is weak.

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO has a Grand Plan to further destroy our electricity grid

Shades of Baldrick. In a nutshell they propose arm waving swaths of renewable energy zones REZ’s. In Vic and NSW I counted 11 new hydro generation sites – do these require dams? Mad. Even turning to geothermal – which has seen hundreds millions wasted $’s. Imagine the NIMBY’s that will be stirred up by these …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC report Braidwood drought but it is one dry year

Braidwood farmers struggle with drought as dams dry up – Checking drought areas at these BoM maps you can make a map for various periods out to 4 years and there is very little drought around NSW over 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. The 9 months map shows Braidwood is either near or inside …

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Warwick Hughes: Media as usual show no understanding of resources industry

I see the resources industry is as usual under attack by the MSM and left biased think tanks which has been going on for decades. This article claims royalties are not a tax and resource companies should not group tax + royalties when showing what they pay Govts. Some say royalties are just a cost …

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Warwick Hughes: Qld Tourism Industry Council wants less rain in BoM forecasts

Queensland Tourism Industry Council asks Bureau of Meteorology for ‘sunnier disposition’ – I know the feeling – rain is mentioned almost every day in Canberra forecasts but rain is seldom seen. But there might be a spit somewhere in the district. Readers might have examples and I will pony up data from Canberra. I kept …

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Warwick Hughes: Evidence that cloud seeding does work after all

Cloud seeding to enhance rainfall has had a chequered career in Australia. Starting here with all the surplus aircraft and crews after WWII many missions were flown over various catchments. I get an impression there was a turf war between the BoM and CSIRO and the statistics of rainfall make cloud seeding results often hard …

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Warwick Hughes: Record daily wholesale electricity price for Victoria in Adelaide-Melbourne heat

The AEMO daily price for 18Jan18 for South Australia was $1,074 per MWhr which was the highest since $1,492.16 on 8Feb17 no surprise there. But Victoria yesterday recorded a stunning $905.22 which is 4.6 times the previous highest of $195.67 on 10Feb17. You can toggle between SA & Vic at this AEMO page and also …

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Warwick Hughes: Why is Tasmanian wholesale electricity price the highest in the NEM?

My chart of 10 day smoothed daily AEMO prices shows that Tasmania has been the NEM price pusher for over a month now and was also near the top of the price skein through much of 2017. My attention was guided to Tasmania by seeing our PM on TV news offering Commonwealth largesse in Hobart …

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Warwick Hughes: Our short memories Chinese political interference here

The ABC reports – Top Chinese diplomat denies Beijing bullies foreign students in Australia – reporting cozy chat with Labor MP’s last October. Someone from Mars might think – “What a silly idea – China flexing its muscles in Australia”. Just remember the thousands of thugs bussed to the Olympics torch relay Canberra April 2008. …

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Warwick Hughes: Update Perth dams catchment rainfall and water waste

My Catchment Rain Index updated. Large vers. Plus my chart of catchment efficiency 1980-2017 – large vers. And BTW calcs show from 2001-2017 1646GL of water could have been saved if catchments had been managed so that efficiency could have been maintained at ~5.6%. That = 96.8GL PA wasted. A whisker more than inflows this …

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Warwick Hughes: 8 Disasters to Prepare For In 2018

Mikes Infographic summarises what might happen and steps we can take – see what you think. In Australia I think Govts. wasting our childrens money starting 2008 is a certainty of a rolling multi-$Bill disaster.

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Warwick Hughes: ABC TV staff vetting is ironclad 100% efficient

Over the Christmas-New Year period I have noticed several “new faces” presenting on the ABC News24 TV Channel and I stupidly think “Oh a new face maybe a new viewpoint” and I pay attention to the “political tone” of their questions to interviewees. I have been impressed that whether the subject be Sydney hottest day …

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Warwick Hughes: 50°C in Sydney region 1939 – perspective on recent heat

Last Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Our ABC reports the BoM – Sydney hits its highest temperature recorded since 1939 with Penrith reaching 47.3C. The BoM had just belatedly found that RICHMOND RAAF 067033 hit 47.8 on 14 Jan 1939. But there is much more to the history of hottest days in Sydney. There was another …

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Warwick Hughes: Electricity AEMO wholesale prices good news

This Christmas-New Year there has not been a huge synchronised price hike across the eastern States like there was last year – that is the good news. With a hot weekend on us gas prices have spiked – PM should pick up the phone again. The general decline in prices after summer demand passed has …

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Warwick Hughes: ANAO torpedoes Kevin Rudd’s Clean Coal & CCS after $450Mill spent

We canned “CCS” years ago when it was deserved. Video memories and Puzzle of the missing cap rock But it is interesting that near a decade after Kev747 kicked off his Global CCS Institute – CO2 from Vic coal fired electricity (CarbonNet Project) apparently can not be pumped into nearby empty oil and gas reservoirs …

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Warwick Hughes: Trigger warning Snowy 2.0 is a dog

Judith Sloan writes in The Australian – Turnbull should dump Snowy 2.0 for clean coal – I have a list of 8 points about pumped hydro and Snowy 2.0 Can I just state a few relevant facts re Snowy 2.0. Please correct me if wrong. [1] Despite the explosion in wholesale and retail electricity prices …

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Warwick Hughes: Celebrations in Riyadh as Saudi oil pumping pays off

Three years ago I posted – Saudis oil pumping crashes oil price kneecapping the Iranian economy – how do the Teheran Mullahs pay to build those nukes now? – Patience and resolve pays off the BBC reports – Iran cities hit by anti-government protests – A BBC Persian investigation has found that Iranians, on average, …

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Warwick Hughes: Night-shift hiring ship to ship oil transfers: Contact Shanghai Docks

No ticket no start North Korea: South seizes ship amid row over illegal oil transfer – Donald Trump says China has been ‘caught red handed’ shipping oil to North Korea

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Warwick Hughes: Our disgusting ABC sweet talks Russian invasion of Ukraine

Amazing quotes Lavarov as a source in their pro-Russian Christmas story. A visitor from Mars might think that eastern Ukraine is all sweetness and light right now but the evil Trump/US are supplying a weapon that will “fuel conflict” by threatening peace-loving Russian tanks. And I suppose some in the ABC think the Ukraine Airforce …

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Warwick Hughes: Chart history global Islamic terrorist attacks

Data from Wiki – numbers for injured often absent. Surprised I did not quickly find charts online. So Operation Desert Storm did not trigger much. Why the drop in 2009? Then the Arab Spring did not start until December 2010 so what was firing up in 2010? The initial invasions of IS were late 2014 …

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