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Warwick Hughes: BoM June 2018 Outlooks all failures

First checking daytime max temperature and we see a huge part of SE Australia with an 80% chance of seeing hotter than average days. The real world anomalies showed exactly the opposite with the SE cool. The minimum – night-time temperature prediction had an east-west band of heat across the continent. And warmer nights in …

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Warwick Hughes: Amazing – BoM adopts rational view Perth rain history

News today from Perth hat tip to Chris Gillham – Perth weather: Why the Bureau of Meteorology dropped more than a century of rainfall figures 3Jul18 Facts are Perth region rain changed to a lower rain regime about 1975 – over 40 years ago. Of course it makes sense to view Perth region rain against …

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Warwick Hughes: Canberra is infested with warring OMCG bikie gangs

Been going on for years – does anybody care? Just Google canberra bikie wars – try other words. Labor has ruled the ACT for so long you have to suspect Unions-OMCG links are a root cause of soft laws.

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Warwick Hughes: Record cold possible for Auckland

Never mention the ever growing and expanding urban heat island UHI – Record low temperatures possible in Auckland, Northland. Remembering walking to school in Glen Eden barefoot ~1950 through hard white frosts I would be amazed if readings would not have been below -1.5.

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Warwick Hughes: Labor asks coal fired generation question today

The PM was asked in question time by Labor re a statement by Paul Broad of Snowy Hydro throwing cold water on coal fired generation. I thought the PM shafted the stupidity implied in the question by pointing out that when Snowy Hydro 2.0 went ahead (great Dog of a thing) then Snowy Hydro would …

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Warwick Hughes: Our Resources Exports Volumes in AU$ are going backwards

The RBA publishes this chart which they update frequently and below I compare the July 2014 edition with May 2018. Resources were way over $40Bn a Quarter in 2014 – now just $40Bn and checking the wiggles confirms the backward slide. Rural, Services and Manufacturing have all increased since 2014. I am assuming the Chinese …

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Warwick Hughes: Antifa was born in the USSR

Since the election of Trump it seems far left street protest mobs worldwide including Communists, Trots, militant Greens and the alphabet soup of Socialists have tried to cloak their violence by using the term Antifa. The aim here being to imply that the current Australian Govt and everybody to the right of Turnbull are fascists, …

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Warwick Hughes: NSW coal electricity generation strike ends

OpenNem charts shows clearly how after the coal strike from Tuesday 5Jun18 to Saturday 9Jun18 when coal fired generation was restricted to below ~5,500MW and imports & prices were up – coal is now generating up to ~7,500MW as required and imports & prices are down. Large Chart Did somebody kick some butt? NemWatch has …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC and BoM dodgy drought beatup

Following months of ABC articles beating up drought – this ABC/BoM inspired article claims worst drought for over a century in “Southern Australia” which is an academic geographic region that nobody would identify with. Farmers identify with their district and State. But lets play their game and check the “Lowest on Record” dark red area …

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Warwick Hughes: NZ Labour Govt close gap in Northcote AKL byelection

Northcote was held by National with a comfortable majority at the last general election 23Sep17. The voter turnout was 77.57%. Yesterday 41.37% turned out to vote – this will increase a bit when final numbers are all addded but it is a pathetic result although National should hold the seat. National could only rustle up …

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Warwick Hughes: China has comprehensively gamed the West

Relationships with China are the subject of many news items lately. China’s “rightful place in the world” is a phrase we often hear and now “sinophobia” is being bandied around. Anybody reading this blog is likely well aware of all the above so I will cut to the chase and summarize recent history how I …

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Warwick Hughes: Frydenberg yakks micro power price cuts exactly as wholesale prices boom

Yesterday Minister Frydenberg was on ABC news24 TV and 2GB radio spruiking minor power bill reductions but he seems to be unaware that AEMO wholesale prices have been booming for a few weeks – and in the big coal burning States. These were the wholesale prices over the week around the 5th when he was …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM May temperature Outlooks complete & total failure

In all the GreenLeft media puffing about a hot April no MSM will report this monster failure issued 26 April. First the Max t Outlook for May 2018 I think not 1 square cm of Australia predicted to be cooler than average. Second the May actual real world max t anomaly shows many areas of …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM forecasting storm floods battering for Perth & SW WA

Talking about a “week of wet weather” including other parts of WA. Can add news as it comes in.

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Warwick Hughes: Audio of Jo Nova – Latest from Professor Peter Ridd

Two in one post – hear Jo Nova interviewed by Rowan Dean. Start Outsiders Podcast, Sunday 27th May audio at about 56 minutes. Jo talks about a wide range of climate science and energy issues of interest to sceptics. Text of article from The Australian re Professor Peter Ridd.

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Warwick Hughes: Albany fires reason for RAAF large tankers

Sooner or later this standout obvious minor policy tweak for Defence might be implemented.

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Warwick Hughes: Perth Water Corp. stops publishing dams rainfall online

Just another stage in the strange WA Govt. war on rain – Larger graphic for screen saved below from 2nd May 2018. As I have noted – two pages have now been deleted by WaterCorp. what you get is Perth rainfall now – which is much less than dam catchments rainfall.

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Warwick Hughes: Super Saturday 5 by-elections 28 July 2018

By-election 28 July for five House of Reps. seats vacant – four due to citizenship issues causing resignations. 2016 Fed. election results seat by seat. Braddon ALP 2.2% Fremantle ALP 7.5% Liberals not standing Longman ALP 0.8% Mayo NXT 5% Perth ALP 3.3% – member resigned family reasons. Liberals not standing Plus the the ACT …

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Warwick Hughes: Reason for Battery of the Nation is Tas electricity system riddled with debt

The Tassie electricity debt between hydro and network is ~$2.4Bn for population of 515,000 so for a family of four paying say $2,880 annual power bill the share of debt is $18,640. A major industry for Tasmania is extracting more money out of the Commonwealth – a task made easier by the infestation with Tas …

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