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Warwick Hughes: ABC muddles reasons for electricity price rises

The ABC Business Editor Ian Verrender writes – quote – “Ever since the carbon tax was removed, power prices have only headed one way; upwards.” Not according to my Canberra power bills Ian which show clearly how retail prices fell after mid 2014 when the Carbon Tax was repealed. When I get time I can …

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Warwick Hughes: Dry winter across ditch puts up electricity prices as coal fires up

Thanks to reader on Mainland Aotearoa this story from Stuff – Power price surge too hot for some customers 20 June 2017 – New Zealand is blessed with a high proportion of hydro power but a dry winter so far has lead to higher output at the Huntly coal fired generator south of Auckland. Summary …

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Warwick Hughes: New BoM Adelaide West Terrace site warmer at night than Kent Town

I blogged over two years ago on the BoM moving their main Adelaide weather instruments site from Kent Town to West Terrace not far from where the site was from the 1800’s up to 1979. In April 2015 I said – Bureau of Meteorology delusions about the urban heat island revealed in news of relocation …

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Warwick Hughes: Why are Tasmanian electricity prices spiking to over $2,000 per MWhr?

Tasmanian electricity is supplied by their Govt owned mostly hydro and lesser wind & gas fired generation. Why is that Tasmanian wholesale AEMO prices spike to over $2000 per MW hour twice in recent days? There is only one supplier – Hydro-Electric Corporation owned by the Tasmanian Goverment. Nemwatch for current generation and AEMO for …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian electricity grid generation capacities by source

With Finkel being debated and loads of misinformation around – here are AEMO state by state generation capacities by source. The figures can be rubbery, on 10 Feb 2017 NSW initiated load shedding with demand not much over 14,000MW and imports at over 1,000MW. There were failures of coal, gas and hydro generation to match …

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Warwick Hughes: Some good news for a change

From Canada – Resolute Forest Products sues Greenpeace 31 May 2017 Resolute Forest Products Inc filed a racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace and some of its associates for its campaign criticizing the company’s forestry practices.

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Warwick Hughes: Global gas prices falling contrary to Australia

From BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017 – but not falling in Australia?? – what a truly bungled and mismanaged sucker country we have become. Australian gas prices from Finkel review

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Warwick Hughes: Govt should shelve the Finkel review

I see Labor claiming to support a leaked version of the Finkel Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market – sounds like a variety of Carbon Tax to me. On that basis electricity consumers would be better served by the Fed Govt shelving the Finkel report. Better that we muddle on with …

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Warwick Hughes: Dr Marcia Langton attacks Green opposition to Adani coal project

An uncommon juxtaposition – Indigenous people victims of ‘green’ fight against Adani mine, says Marcia Langton – Speaking at the Australian Mining Industry Annual Lecture.

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Warwick Hughes: Canberra enjoys coldest ever 6 consecutive frosts starting June

That is since 1939 against ever growing UHI – 1st to the 6th all frosts – data from CDO. 73rd Anniversay of the D Day Normandy landings in 1944.

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Warwick Hughes: ABC Four Corners “Power and Influence” stunning exposures of Chinese influence and corruption in Australia

A must see show for those interested in politics but too much for one show – many leads calling out for further investigations and we hope future episodes. This ABC online news article covers most but not all issues raised. ASIO investigation targets Communist Party links to Australian political system. I learnt a few things …

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Warwick Hughes: Petition to Sack the Defence Imam

A tiny little opportunity to make your view count thanks to Bernard Gaynor.

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Warwick Hughes: Insane offshore wind farm planned for eastern Victoria

Sayeth the ABC our GreenLeft media HQ. Offshore wind farm proposed for waters off Victoria’s Gippsland 2 June 2017 Words fail me that Australia could consider embarking on this hightened level of economic idiocy – at a time when existing renewables are already fueling rocketing electricity prices hastening the destruction of our industries. This proposal …

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Warwick Hughes: Trump Paris clexit heralds avalanche of fake news

Heads will explode as the GreenLeft media search for angles to abuse Trump. I noticed this classic climate scaremongering bulltish story of a type that has polluted our news for decades. Sea level rise may force coastal nesting birds to extinction, ANU researcher says 2 June 2017 So coastal nesting birds have survived tens of …

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Warwick Hughes: Indigenous Weather Knowledge

For years now the BoM have had this link to Indigenous Weather Knowledge in the far bottom right corner of their home page. I have not noticed the content change over time. Issues around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ATSIP) are much in the news lately with the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum, …

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Warwick Hughes: Media lets Qld Govt off hook over backflip on Adani royalty issue

We were all bemused when Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was reported recently to be offering Adani a multi-$Billion holiday on coal royalties. But we all know State Govts can offer companies inducements to attract projects they want. Then within a week Premier in waiting Jackie Trad of the left torpedoes the idea exactly in the …

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Warwick Hughes: President Trump displeases the G7 on climate

Good news for now from the G7 – but will Trump pull out of Paris climate agreement to any real extent? G7 summit ends with split between Donald Trump, other leaders on climate change

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Warwick Hughes: Peak rain over Brisbane urban region

Another of these cases where rain could have been enhanced by urban areas.

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Warwick Hughes: NSW Deputy Premier proposes debate around nuclear power

Just when you thought most politicians are way far GreenLeft – up pops an exception – The ABC says – Nuclear power on the agenda in NSW as Deputy Premier claims ‘we’ve been led by fear and mistruths’ – Surely he is misquoted re France – which has had a large fleet of nuclear power …

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Warwick Hughes: Lithgow coal mine water pipeline holdup threatens electricity grid

Coal supplies to the 1400MW Mount Piper Power Station are under threat according to this ABC report – Lithgow faces ‘mini depression’ if $100m mine water pipeline not approved, Mayor says – It seems approval is needed for a water pipeline but if anybody has more detailed info please pass on. Mount Piper generates about …

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Warwick Hughes: Huge week long wind drought South Eastern Australia

Renewable energy spruikers are always silent about how their future green carbon free grid could run under low wind conditions.

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Warwick Hughes: Adelaide International Kite Festival 2017

A kite enthusiast correspondent has told me about this. Pic from Google. ABC reports.

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Warwick Hughes: BoM April rain Outlook disaster

Main predicted dry core of Outlook exactly wrong – gotta love those Outlooks. Forecast rain at BoM – Real world rain at BoM. Maps kept for posterity – April 2017 Outlook – Actual rain percentage.

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Warwick Hughes: Amazing NZ Govt funding for hundreds of groups claiming the coast and seas

A Kiwi sent me these stunning details of funding available through NZ Dept of Justice to pay for High Court applications under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011. The 5 page pdf can be downloaded but the Table of dollars on tap to claim (larger vers) is worth posting. Clearly Govt payouts …

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Warwick Hughes: How can they spin “global warming” into this?

‘Dragon skin ice’ filmed off Antarctica as scientists study winter behaviour of region’s waters 6 May 2017

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Warwick Hughes: Microsoft want my credit card number to reactivate Skype

I only used Skype person to person text chat at odd times – have not used it for best part of a year I think – so I suppose I was a freeloading bludger. Near a decade ago I think I paid a small sum to make calls to phone numbers – then gave that …

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Warwick Hughes: Welter of legal claims on New Zealand coast and seas by Maori organizations

I got an email about the large number(~55) of these Public Notices in the NZ Herald relating to coastal land under the NZ Resource Management Act (RMA). My understanding is that if say a mineral explorer – Kiwi Coast Minerals (KCM) – wants to explore for say beach sands – in addition to complying with …

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO forecasts large cut in the electricity spot price on 1st May

Checkout AEMO Price and Demand charts. I kept screen shots – NSW, Qld, Vic, SA all showing a greater than halving of the spot price as the 1st of May starts. But Tasmania scores a price hike that more than doubles. We will see what AEMO spot prices do in May. For snapshot of all …

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Warwick Hughes: Why is AEMO electricity price for Tasmania rocketing?

I have been watching my 5 States chart and the rise in AEMO wholesale price for Tasmania since Feb puzzles me. I thought their relatively large hydro resource might have insulated Tassie from the more erratic prices interstate. Hydro Tasmania is State Govt owned and is swamped with debt. Generation by NemWatch – Price and …

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Warwick Hughes: Saga of lead in Perth Children’s Hospital water supply

The ABC reports – Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) lead contamination in water pipes supplying site – my Dec 2016 blog “Australian Government financial disasters” was discussing this issue early this month. How slow it is for truth to emerge. The WA Building Commission has reported on the lead contamination issue with an 83 page pdf …

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