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Warwick Hughes: Senator Amanda Stoker future Prime Minister

Every time I hear her on media I am impressed. Wondering what readers think.

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Warwick Hughes: New article highlights magnitude of global volcanic CO2 emissions

Thanks to Kiwi reader and Climate Change Dispatch – Discovery Of Massive Volcanic CO2 Emissions Puts Damper On Global Warming Theory. Many links to follow. Surely the USGS did not claim there were only 20 active volcanoes global at any one time?

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Warwick Hughes: Rampant crime causes ACT bushfire – no large air-tankers

ABC reports – ACT bushfire burning out of control and approaching Canberra’s south-west – Burnt-out car sparked blaze – I have been advocating for the RAAF to have a unit of large multi-engined air tankers – we need a 747 plus. Amazing that after the 2003 Canberra fires we seem to be sleep-walking into increased …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM worthless rainfall Outlooks making news

Thanks to reader Bob – Farmers dismiss BoM rainfall outlooks as worthless – pity there seems to be no more Senate Estimates hearings this year Although they are mainly a GreenLeft Festival – and I am not aware of a Senator who will cross examine the BoM. I have Outlook critiques going back over a …

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Warwick Hughes: Sooner Labor takes over Fed. Govt. the better

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Warwick Hughes: Wentworth voters want action on climate – on ABC The Drum

I just heard this on The Drum – and nobody made the obvious point that Wentworth voters are in a central locality near the Sydney CBD and are free to buy a bicycle or use public transport.

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Warwick Hughes: Minister Littleproud loses plot attacking ALDI

Our Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has attacked ALDI for not saluting a scheme to add a “drought levy” to milk. Our highly paid logically challenged minister completely forgets that any farmers able to shop for their groceries at ALDI could have been saving hundreds of dollars a month already – way in excess of …

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Warwick Hughes: Reminder of Aussies wintering in Antarctica

ABC reports Antarctic base station experiences warmest August on record – when you read on the warmth was due to warm gales. The annual max and min to 2017 show no joy for the IPCC.

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Warwick Hughes: F-35 global grounding and update

I started mentioning the shortcomings of the F-35 about three years ago. David Archibald has done much research on the F-35 and updated on 10 Oct 2018. Then a day or so later came the news of the global grounding. Just another Australian Govt financial(and Security) disaster.

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Warwick Hughes: Dr Hewson campaigns in Wentworth byelection

It is a shame that when Dr Hewson campaigns in the Wentworth byelection he is not asked some hard questions about the viability of solar thermal electricity generation schemes has has promoted over the years. He should also be asked about ARENA who found that concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology could be a commercially viable …

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Warwick Hughes: Sensible article from NZ re greenhouse gases

At a time when NZ (and Australian) farmers should be on their guard against further harmful Govt regulations & restrictions in the name of saving the planet – this from the NZ Herald is well worth reading. Dr Geoff Duffy: Methane stance way off track 2nd Oct 2018

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Warwick Hughes: Obvious points constant in ABC turmoil

Latest ABC news – my annotated headlines are from 27Sep18

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Warwick Hughes: What is causing Tassie electricity spot prices spiking +$10,000 MWh ?

Just saw this at AEMO – large vers chart

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Warwick Hughes: Wave Energy darling hit by relentless engineering realities

Bells ringing on decades of renewables exaggerations and over-optimistic spruiking. ABC says – Renewable power darling Carnegie Clean Energy hit by a wave of shareholder discontent 22Sep18 comments on other renewables too – ASX info and chart

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Warwick Hughes: Daily climate & politics

A reader drew my attention to this extension of Chinese ownership of Australian strategic assets. Here is some more perspective on the deal. Port of Darwin all over again.

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Warwick Hughes: ABC exposes wasteful WA Govt. water policies

A rare event for the ABC as Manjimup farmers make the news. Anybody who has been following the issues knows that “our drying climate” and other related slogans have been WA Govt mantra since the introduction of seawater desalination ~2004.

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Warwick Hughes: Greens Labor vote crashes too in Wagga Wagga byelection

Alongside the halving of the Liberals vote – both Green and Labor 1st Prefs are well down on their results in the 2015 NSW Election. I make the Greens vote falling 42% and Labor fell 15.3%. Amazing!!

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Warwick Hughes: Report on Maldives from 1837 waxing & waning

Thanks to Siliggy – Has a modern ring to it.

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Warwick Hughes: BoM Victoria rain anomalies map downplays rain

Hawkeyed reader Bob has sent in this example of the BoM August rainfall anomaly map for Victoria failing to reflect above average rain at BENDIGO AIRPORT (081123) 51.5 Norm, 56.4 in August , CASTLEMAINE PRISON (088110) 66.4 Norm, 66.6 in August. And then a little further south the anomalies contours make no sense either – …

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Warwick Hughes: Restricted NSW coal generation & electricity spot price boom

Something for our new Energy Minister to get his brains trust working on. Large version chart Daily prices from AEMO – In mid June I posted – NSW coal electricity generation strike ends OpenNem NSW has over 10,000MW installed coal generation yet for example on Friday 31Aug18 peak hour coal gen. barely made 6,000MW while …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM August Outlooks turned out monster fails

The BoM maps tell the story Max t Outlook entire continent predicted hotter than average (large version) Real world vast areas cooler than average (large version) Min t Outlook almost entire continent predicted hotter than average (large version) Real world way more than half of Oz cooler than average (large version) ABC coverage glorifying Outlooks …

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Warwick Hughes: Prime Minister fails to talk Quilpie rain history with clarity

A pathetic weak performance considering the staff and hangers on pollies have. The question about “climate change” should have been ridiculed. It took the station owner to push himself to the mic and state with clarity – “We’ve got 100 years of [rainfall] records,” Mr Tully says. “What’s happened here, so far, still sits within …

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Warwick Hughes: PM Morrison brought a lump of coal into Canberra Parliament in Feb 2017

People seem puzzled as to whether PM Scott Morrison is enough of a climate sceptic to enact meaningful electricity reforms. I think his little stunt from 18 months ago shows what his inner thoughts might be. GreenLeft media 1 – GreenLeft media 2

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Warwick Hughes: ANU studies Canberra street trees no mention UHI

ABC article – Our taxes at work.

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Warwick Hughes: Is Australia under cyber attack?

Recent news re Coles, NSW Railways, Woolworths, BoM computing used to mine cryptos, BoM hacked by foreign spies, China blamed for cyber attack on BoM

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Warwick Hughes: NSW winter bush fires mostly free hazard reduction

Our thoughts go out to people who have lost property or been affected. The point has been made at this blog that we need large multi-engined air tankers based here year round and having them operated by the RAAF is the best way to use those aircraft efficiently. Just now there are 89 fires listed …

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Warwick Hughes: Few facts in a sea of lies re NEG debate

This chart from a year ago demonstrates the realities of Australian electricity prices, higher than nations that have the greatest renewables component to their generation. Keep those facts in mind when GreenLabor politicians rave on about “renewables reducing prices”. Chart is from the AFR. Another fact is AGL full year profit almost trebles on higher …

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Warwick Hughes: Oakey(Queensland) rain history ABC take note

Joe O’Brien(ABC News24 TV) with the help of an Oakey local has been spruiking how dire the drought is at Oakey. Joe gave a long time to a local guy who believed climate change was diminishing his rain but although Joe briefly said there were alternative views they got no air-time. Here is a chart …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian BoM temperature Outlooks for July miss the mark

The maximum (day-time) temperature Outlook for July 2018 predicted heat to be concentrated in the south east and Tasmania. But the real world July saw its peak heat in outback WA, NT and SA. The minimum (night-time) temperature Outlook for July 2018 predicted heat to be concentrated along the south east seaboard and Tasmania. But …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM chooses not to explain Perth dams faulty rainfall data

It is months since this complaint went into the BoM and all I have had back is a couple of URL’s that will not open. Dear BoM, How is this complaint going? Your reference number in relation to your email is REF2018-158-6. Major rainfall data gaps Perth dam catchments Dear BoM, Can you please explain …

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