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Warwick Hughes: Banks Royal Commission has Govt dead men walking

Watching Treasurer Scott Morrison on TV news trying to justify the Govt’s years of stonewalling against holding a Royal Commission into Banks by referring to their 2014 Financial System Inquiry run by David Murray AO. An Inquiry that found NOTHING I can recall. Compared to the Kenneth Hayne Banks Royal Commission that is uncovering sensational, …

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Warwick Hughes: BBC hyperventilates over New Zealanders

BBC reports “When New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wore a traditional Maori cloak to meet the Queen, it had …. most New Zealanders glowing with pride.” Most New Zealanders want their economy administered to grow national wealth fairly I think.

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Warwick Hughes: Desalination proposed for Sunshine Coast

So the Sunshine Coast Daily reports. In a zone where there is more than a metre of annual rainfall (some areas 1.5metres) how could the seawater desalination option for future water supply even get mentioned? There is so much more that could be added here – a 2014 summary of the eastern states desal disasters …

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Warwick Hughes: Syria air strikes 12 hours in

I noted OurABC 7pm news Saturday failed to note Turkey said the Western strikes were “appropriate”. A solid success for Trump to get Erdogan onside. Stunning GreenLeft bias for the ABC not to mention Turkey. It looks so far as though this very minor Western action went smoothly. I do not even see claims of …

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Warwick Hughes: Classic fake news

I think a true statement would be “many millions of Australians are wishing/hoping/some praying for improvements in indigenous lives”. ABC story

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Warwick Hughes: NZ bans offshore petroleum exploration – what other nation?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern bans oil exploration in New Zealand that is. Clearly whatever minute fraction of global petroleum exploration happens in NZ will seamlessly shift elsewhere on planet earth. Possibly to worse regulated resources. Causing economic harm to NZ is a certainty. Can anybody think of a single positive? Stunning example of virtue signalling.

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Warwick Hughes: BAS says big increase in Antarctic snowfall

BBC reports this complex news from the British Antarctic Survey. There had been reports years ago re snow increasing down there but surveys were not as comprehensive as this.

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Warwick Hughes: German raider Komet passage north Siberia 1940

Reading my attention grabbing new book “Storm of War” I got reminded of this historic voyage of the Komet (aka Raider B of the British Admiralty) from August 1940 which was with the help of Soviet icebreakers. It is noteworthy that despite decades of global warming and technology advances the northern passages are still little …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC glorifies mediocre mini TESLA battery

After 4 months operation the ABC says – How Elon Musk’s big Tesla battery is changing Australia’s power landscape – Note!! South Australia still has the highest prices in the NEM. – The reality about the midget battery from the source report from Energy Synapse is rather different. Four months in, SA Tesla battery is …

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Warwick Hughes: Monash Forum triggers Liddell lies & misinformation

It is positive for our electricity grid and power prices that a group of Govt MP’s has spoken the unspeakable and suggested building a new coal fired power station. However that seems premature right now. Closing Hazelwood has more than doubled the Vic AEMO wholesale price and has made Vic prices now the most expensive …

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Warwick Hughes: Ignored record cold morning in NSW 27 March 2018

If it had been a hot March day with similar records this proof of “global warming” would be trumpeted far and wide. Large map Braidwood 69132 read -0.6 breaking -0.4 from 1995. Goulburn AP 70330 read -0.8 breaking -0.1 from 1992. Orange AP 63303 read -0.5 breaking -0.01 from 1997. also breaking 1.0 at the …

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Warwick Hughes: IPCC meeting in Christchurch

120 overseas experts giving all sorts of advice to New Zealand. Apparently farm animals make too much methane, there is a need to plant a billion trees and Govt says oil exploration and petroleum use is being phased out. Exciting times for those who can not wait to vote GreenLabour again at the 2020 election.

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Warwick Hughes: Cyclone Nora magically avoids weather stations

Said to be a Cat 4 then Cat 3 yet no winds or gusts recorded over 100kmh at any weather station that I can find. Despite direct hit on Kowanyama. More BoM/ABC fake news peddled by wheeling out the Premier, uniformed and be-medalled Blimps and obligatory signer.

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Warwick Hughes: ARENA says concentrated solar thermal not viable

The ABC and GreenLeft media ignoring this news – The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) says concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology could be a commercially viable form of dispatchable renewable energy within a decade. English translation – not viable now. Which raises the question how do you generate renewable 24/7 dispatchable electricity? I thought there …

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Warwick Hughes: Tathra bush fires needs Royal Commission

I see now these claims firming up – Tathra bushfire: Union says more homes would be standing if not for ‘turf war’ between fire services – Early last summer I posted – Why not the RAAF to operate large air tankers? Aerial views show Tathra to be totally surrounded by bush to the north-west and …

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Warwick Hughes: Constant propaganda pushing expensive water

GreenLeft boilerplate pushing “toilet to tap” options for your water supply. For decades voters have taken for granted that public owned utilities will keep supplying water, power and gas to households basically at cost. We all can see what has happened to electricity prices and we should be aware that there is a group of …

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Warwick Hughes: 40% of inner Melbourne voted Green

Thoughts on the Batman by-election and the South Australian election. I see 39.7% of first preferences at Batman were for the Greens. Yet the Greens are – [1] against the dams which are the foundation of your water supply – [2] pushing for more expensive & unreliable electricity from non-viable sources – and [3] Are …

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Warwick Hughes: SW WA cyclic rain history 1889-2017

SW WA scenes snipped from the Qld Ag Dept Queensland extended wet/dry period poster (1889-2017) (PDF)

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Warwick Hughes: Queensland Govt Australian rain history 1889-2017

The data driven Qld approach highlighting climate cycles contrasts starkly with WA Govt mantras never contradicted by the Perth BoM. WA Govt “watercrats” see SW WA rain in terms of “our drying climate”, “declining rainfall”, “rain has stopped falling” etc. and I am not aware the Perth BoM has ever spoken against this doomster view. …

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Warwick Hughes: New Zealand has a Maori Biosecurity Network

Can anybody advise which invasive pests or diseases are deemed to be Maori and which are deemed Pakeha?

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Warwick Hughes: Argentine navy rescues US scientists from Antarctica

BBC says US icebreaker due to pick them up could not reach them because of thick sea-ice. Tip of Antarctic Peninsula north of the Antarctic circle.

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Warwick Hughes: BoM March rain Outlook fail and Senate Estimates contradictions

Recent rain through Queensland and the centre has so quickly ruined the BoM rain Outlook for March and probably longer. Real world rain below- In a priceless twist the Mar to May Outlook was referred to by the BoM in Senate Estimates on 26Feb18 when questioned by Senator Di Natale. Hansard 20268 26Feb18 bottom p14 …

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Warwick Hughes: “Darkest Hour” movie of Churchill for 3 weeks in 1940

The movie starts with the German invasion of the Low Countries 10May40 and ends with Dunkirk so could have been called 3 weeks in May. Well worth seeing a replay of these pivotal events in the saving of Western civilization. I thought they could have sketched the progress of WWII a little better and told …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM bungling a national laughing stock

Time to mine cryptos Police question Bureau of Meteorology staff over cryptocurrency operation – but the BoM can not measure rain at Mundaring Weir. Puts more perspective on their snivelling forelock tugging performances at Senate Estimates last week.

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Warwick Hughes: ABC Four Corners maybe worst show ever

My phone had been running hot saying I had to watch this Four Corners expose of “climate change” – what a pageant of old wives tales mixed with assorted lies and exaggerations. Starting with the “Braidwood drought” was a dud move due to rain and floods a week or so ago in the region – …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC classic cherry pick of Arctic temperatures

I noticed this ABC story – looked like the usual puff – you know “proving GW” – we have all read dozens of the genre. Then Dr Kerry Rogers emailed out of the blue to say he had a letter in the Timaru Herald – and it sounded like the same source quoting Australian oceanographer …

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Warwick Hughes: Greens vote crashes in Tasmania

Any glimmer of common sense is welcome.

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Warwick Hughes: Cloncurry Mt Isa in news as rain threatens drought

ABC reports. Intend to build a Cloncurry rain series from 1884 but there are gaps starting in the 1990’s. The Airport will fill most but some in the 1990’s will need patching from stations near 30km away. Sometimes you wonder if Australia is a wealthy first world country.

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Warwick Hughes: China’s influence in Australia

“Silent Invasion” new book by Dr Clive Hamilton. ABC reports – China cites Australian critics to trash Clive Hamilton’s controversial new book

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Warwick Hughes: BoM blind to Perth UHI reporting two cool summers for SW WA

The BoM is in contortions reporting the embarrassing news that Perth has had a second cool summer but the halt in warming can not be real says the ABC – so is it warming as usual? Not one word that the cool summers are in the face of the ever growing Perth urban heat island. …

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