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Warwick Hughes: Closure of 2,000MW Liddell coal fired power station early 2022 is the big issue facing our grid now

AEMO publish a Generation information page with xlsx downloads for each State. The file for NSW reveals that Liddell near Muswellbrook is open for summer 2022 but closed for winter. What will replace that year round 24/7 generation capacity?

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Warwick Hughes: Taxpayer funded dam water used legally by taxpayers – disgusting

Here we have one of the results of the GreenLabor Gillard Govt concocted Murray-Darling Basin scheme to waste 3,000GL of dam water in increased environmental flows and out to sea at Murray mouth. Murray-Darling Basin Plan: Taxpayer-purchased water intended for rivers harvested by irrigators – good on the irrigators.

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Warwick Hughes: Negative electricity prices support case AEMO must be reformed

While wind was strong South Australia had a ~quarter of the day on the 22 July 2017 at an AEMO wholesale (RRP) price of minus $60 per MW hour(check SA & 5 Min). In a year of watching AEMO data I have not seen such an extended period of negative RRP price. Now we all …

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Warwick Hughes: NIWA “dryer than average” New Zealand rain Outlook looks under threat – again

The NZ climate prediction maestros look to have dropped another dodgy one – to my untrained eye anyway. Stuff says – Live: Christchurch declares state of emergency, orders evacuation as floods rise – and the NZ Herald with hopeless front page – Winter storm chaos: What you need to know If I read the COLA …

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Warwick Hughes: No Australian weather site has recorded a daily max of 50° this century

I had Lance staying overnight and this subject came up – me opining after watching too much ABC TV news for years – that some site must have hit the 50° in the last several years. When Lance pointed out on BoM pages that the last 50° plus was in 1998 – I felt somewhat …

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO too careless to publish their most basic statistics correctly

AEMO “Average Daily Prices – Current Month” littered with dogs-balls errors – marked by pink “E”. Large vers screenshot Is anybody else sick to the teeth of high paid Govt orgs harming Australia?

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Warwick Hughes: Loony-toon negative wholesale electricity prices appear in AEMO Queensland data

First time I have noticed negative price from Qld – minus $1,000 MW 3.20am 13 July 2017 – tick “QLD” on left and “5 Min” on right. Who knows why? Just more Govt madness. Not uncommon lately to get negative price periods in Tasmanian data. NEM Dispatch Overview always worth checking – see how Qld …

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Warwick Hughes: Minister Frydenberg oddly misleading about Queensland wholesale power prices

Australian Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg states “In Queensland, over the first five months of this year, electricity consumers paid the highest wholesale prices in the NEM, 30 per cent above the average.” That statement may be technically true but the chart of AEMO daily prices shows it to be misleading. In fact Qld prices were …

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Warwick Hughes: Questions about the Tesla grid scale battery proposed at Jamestown South Australia

We have all seen the news blitz – SA Government announces Tesla will build 100MW giant battery as part of its energy security plan 7 Jul 2017 – Elon Musk says the battery has a capacity of 129MWhrs – I am hoping for answers to the following questions – and there may well be others. …

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Warwick Hughes: Western Australia needs long-term vision for agriculture

A reader in Bunbury put me on to this article by John Barrington “State needs long-term vision for agriculture” published in The West Australian (but apparently not on the www). If anybody can find a link please pass on. The chart of WA wheat production history is mine – I thought I had better point …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM fiddling Goulburn minimum temperature 2nd July 2017 reveals extent of errors in BoM AWAP temperature maps

Minus 10.4 degrees C was recorded originally at GOULBURN AIRPORT AWS (070330) which was filed by blogger Lance who noticed the BoM rapidly altered this to -10. Jennifer Marohasy blogged on the issue 4 July and passed the info on to a journalist who asked the BoM if they could explain. BoM said they have …

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO power prices going mad today

Wholesale prices high for this time of day between the peaks – does anybody know why? Plenty of wind in SA – Vic coal fired is missing some generation – often ~4600MW.

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Warwick Hughes: World wheat futures take off

Still way down compared 2012 peaks in 800’s.

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Warwick Hughes: Fire at block of £1million flats in East London as ‘solar panels catch fire’

We hope all residents are safe. Blaze rips through roof of million-pound London flats as picture shows solar panels on fire

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Warwick Hughes: -8.7° coldest 1st July minimum Canberra since 1939

Previous was -5.9 in 1968 – have not yet tried other early Canberra sites.

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Warwick Hughes: Perth Children’s Hospital water contamination scandal continues

ABC reports – Perth Children’s Hospital: More delays as treatment fails to solve drinking water lead problem 30 Jun 2017 – I have blogged earlier this year. How have our Govts unlearned such a simple thing as a safe water supply?

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Warwick Hughes: Will the NSW Govt ever approve the Shenhua Watermark coal mine?

I think it is a few months off 9 years ago in 2008 that the NSW Govt agreed to sell big Chinese coalminer Shenhua the Watermark orebody near Gunnedah for $300 million. Shenhua was hit with other payments over $350 million then bought land and would have spent over a $Billion by now see blog …

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Warwick Hughes: Sign online petition at Parliament – Australia to withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement

Sign petition EN0264 by John McLean – Australia to follow the lead of the USA and immediately withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement – come on it is easy to do takes a minute or two only requires your name & email – have your say – be counted.

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Warwick Hughes: New Zealand High Court case over climate

Just saw this on Stuff – First-of-its-kind case as student takes Government to court over climate change 23 Jun 2017 – can any Kiwis translate? BP says NZ emissions are 35.2 million t CO2 compared to World 33,432 million t – which I make 0.1053% I doubt if anything the NZ Govt. could do would …

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Warwick Hughes: Global nuclear power numbers from BP

Curious about global nuclear power trends and implications for the uranium market – I extracted the latest from the latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy that now includes 2016. Global electricity generation by fuel type. I had to calculate the fossil fuel column by subtraction. Click for chart of main global nuclear generating nations. …

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Warwick Hughes: ABC muddles reasons for electricity price rises

The ABC Business Editor Ian Verrender writes – quote – “Ever since the carbon tax was removed, power prices have only headed one way; upwards.” Not according to my Canberra power bills Ian which show clearly how retail prices fell after mid 2014 when the Carbon Tax was repealed. When I get time I can …

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Warwick Hughes: Dry winter across ditch puts up electricity prices as coal fires up

Thanks to reader on Mainland Aotearoa this story from Stuff – Power price surge too hot for some customers 20 June 2017 – New Zealand is blessed with a high proportion of hydro power but a dry winter so far has lead to higher output at the Huntly coal fired generator south of Auckland. Summary …

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Warwick Hughes: New BoM Adelaide West Terrace site warmer at night than Kent Town

I blogged over two years ago on the BoM moving their main Adelaide weather instruments site from Kent Town to West Terrace not far from where the site was from the 1800’s up to 1979. In April 2015 I said – Bureau of Meteorology delusions about the urban heat island revealed in news of relocation …

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Warwick Hughes: Why are Tasmanian electricity prices spiking to over $2,000 per MWhr?

Tasmanian electricity is supplied by their Govt owned mostly hydro and lesser wind & gas fired generation. Why is that Tasmanian wholesale AEMO prices spike to over $2000 per MW hour twice in recent days? There is only one supplier – Hydro-Electric Corporation owned by the Tasmanian Goverment. Nemwatch for current generation and AEMO for …

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Warwick Hughes: Australian electricity grid generation capacities by source

With Finkel being debated and loads of misinformation around – here are AEMO state by state generation capacities by source. The figures can be rubbery, on 10 Feb 2017 NSW initiated load shedding with demand not much over 14,000MW and imports at over 1,000MW. There were failures of coal, gas and hydro generation to match …

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Warwick Hughes: Some good news for a change

From Canada – Resolute Forest Products sues Greenpeace 31 May 2017 Resolute Forest Products Inc filed a racketeering lawsuit against Greenpeace and some of its associates for its campaign criticizing the company’s forestry practices.

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Warwick Hughes: Global gas prices falling contrary to Australia

From BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2017 – but not falling in Australia?? – what a truly bungled and mismanaged sucker country we have become. Australian gas prices from Finkel review

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Warwick Hughes: Govt should shelve the Finkel review

I see Labor claiming to support a leaked version of the Finkel Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market – sounds like a variety of Carbon Tax to me. On that basis electricity consumers would be better served by the Fed Govt shelving the Finkel report. Better that we muddle on with …

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Warwick Hughes: Dr Marcia Langton attacks Green opposition to Adani coal project

An uncommon juxtaposition – Indigenous people victims of ‘green’ fight against Adani mine, says Marcia Langton – Speaking at the Australian Mining Industry Annual Lecture.

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Warwick Hughes: Canberra enjoys coldest ever 6 consecutive frosts starting June

That is since 1939 against ever growing UHI – 1st to the 6th all frosts – data from CDO. 73rd Anniversay of the D Day Normandy landings in 1944.

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