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Warwick Hughes: AEMO schedules Liddell generation but AGL regards Liddell as worthless junk

There appears to be a huge disconnect here. AEMO schedules 1800MW from Liddell for the next five summers screenshot from AEMO NSW xlsx file. Yet if you Google “agl liddell” you see a plethora of AGL statements such as. Liddell power station is “Geriatric” says AGL – Liddell power station on ‘sliding scale to oblivion’, …

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Warwick Hughes: Listing worst BoM errors in Goulburn Airport or Taralga daily minimums

Data from CDO disk bought from BoM in 2007 plus from CDO online then compared to Minimum temperature daily contour maps. Ask me if you can not find daily t in CDO or the maps. Error A 5 Jan 1991 Goulburn Airport min = 9.7 – Taralga min = 19.2 – diff = -9.5 There …

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Warwick Hughes: WA Govt proudly wastes more money on water as Perth dams fill

No limit to water madness over decades in Western Australia. [1] Refusal to manage catchments – [2] Refusal to use desal Wellington Dam water for metro supply – [3] Refusal to use mega quantities of desal wheatbelt water constantly wasting to sea in rivers. A water org that can not even measure rainfall normally. There …

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Warwick Hughes: “Species botherers” waste taxpayers money in Antarctica

So they put heated panels in the sea and were surprised when marine growth was different to unheated panels – WOW – who could not have forseen that?? Then the classic conclusion – “Beyond that(1-2 degrees C), we’re not really sure what would happen. You could see some catastrophic differences.” Yair, catastrophe will get more …

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Warwick Hughes: Adelaide Govt reverse RET blocked by wind/solar/storage lobby

To improve South Australian grid security AEMO made recommendations to keep more “real” generation online. Real = “fossil fuel” which for SA means only gas or diesel. The SA Govt created its Energy Security Target (EST), a key plank of its $550 million energy plan. The EST is in fact a reverse or counter RET …

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Warwick Hughes: BoM Carnegie station in outback WA – obvious errors for days

Carnegie is used in ACORN to adjust Giles!!!

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Warwick Hughes: ABC GreenLeft propaganda can not mention Hazelwood

Reading down the ABC page time and again I am thinking – “mention the Hazelwood minus 1600MW that Vic has next summer compared to last” – But no – Hazelwood is never mentioned. The author also never makes the link to NSW that just survived a blackout on 10 Feb this year. So next summer …

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Warwick Hughes: More sloppy BoM errors

So obvious that a rain instrument has gone troppo. Did not like the switch to Spring.

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Warwick Hughes: Latest BoM delusions reported by the ABC

BOM: Australia’s hottest winter on record, maximum temperatures up nearly 2C on the long-term average. I am too busy to do more on this heap of exaggerations but will do so next week. In meantime readers please have a go.

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO intervenes in South Australian electricity market

Read the notices for yourself – Here is the reason – five or six hours of forecast prices at negative$1000 As I have said before – Loony-toon. Facts are over decades our elected representatives have destroyed our once well run and cheap electricity system.

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Warwick Hughes: AEMO wholesale electricity doubles in price in a year

Latest daily data to end August. Large chart

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Warwick Hughes: Elementary BoM temperature data errors go international

You have to pinch yourself – during 1990 the Goulburn Airport AWS 70330 daily minimums record way to many “zero’s” particularly in November & December. Such an elementary string of errors that should have been edited out. But we see the great USA climate group NOAA through their GHCN data imported Goulburn Airport AWS errors …

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Warwick Hughes: NSW electricity load shedding near blackout 10th Feb 2017

Just wanted to get these charts of generation and demand out re the near blackout event last Feb. Full month large chart. Remember Liddell is slated to close early 2022. 3 days large chart. Intro from AEMO report – Keystone cops would have been right at home. More From AEMO – SYSTEM EVENT REPORT NEW …

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Warwick Hughes: Snow in Canberra today

ABC says Canberra experiences freezing day. Good videos.

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Warwick Hughes: 178 years of Adelaide rainfall

A reader mentioned to me that Sir George Kingston had kept rainfall data at Grote Street Adelaide from 1839-1878 and that data was in the South Australian library. The BoM has added the first 22 years of the Kingston data to West Terrace making West Terrace start in 1839 – I have added Kent Town …

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Warwick Hughes: The Australian jumps on errors in Taralga (NSW) temperature recording

So sweet to see the BoM getting publicity – buy the paper. Try googling – Wrong end of the stick on temperatures. Or try this Fresh doubts over BoM records after thermometer read at wrong end For large image.

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Warwick Hughes: Several NZ election cartoons at Whaleoil

Succinct and exactly on mark at the inimitable Whaleoil.

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Warwick Hughes: Perth region gets average August rain by the 15th

No doubt a headline event for the WA Watercorporation. There seems to be errors in the BoM map for example the 100% line should go west from Perth to the coast on basis Swanbourne and Rottnest – see data at AWN map. The brown area NNE of Wagin seems to lack data justification too in …

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Warwick Hughes: Perth dam catchments have magical water repellent properties

Last February there was widespread heavy rain over SW Western Australia causing much flooding across many districts – Engineers Australia. Yet I can not see evidence that water was measured flowing into Perth dams. The rain for Perth catchments was mostly on the 10th Feb. I have kept screen shots of the “Rainfall at Perth …

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Warwick Hughes: Christchurch floods again – how useful are NIWA Outlooks?

Web footed Kiwis are emailing me as Christchurch and regions floods again. Whenever I have read NIWA Outlooks they seem utterly useless – does anybody get value for all the $Millions of Kiwi taxpayer dollars? Can anybody report where NIWA Outlooks have been accurate? Must get it right sometime.

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Warwick Hughes: Aluminium price jumps 7%

I have kept a weekly check on metal prices for some years now – for a year Aluminium has been pretty much boring but has just jumped ~7% on the back of falling stocks. Interesting because of our aluminium smelters that will be a bit more able to cope with electricity prices now.

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Warwick Hughes: BoM July rain Outlook region by region so often exactly wrong

Starting with SW WA the iconic poster-child of the lavishly State-funded climate scaremongers – exactly wrong. SE WA and West SA big fail. Central WA 2 wet predictions – huge fail. Far north wet prediction mostly an utter fail. Central NT huge wet was predicted dry – fail again. Cooktown region wet not predicted – …

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