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The Cosmic Tusk: Tusk Thoughts on Hiawatha

What a week. The announcement of the Hiawatha Crater is hands down the most important development in the eight year history of the Tusk. Lest I remind you, when your blog’s tagline is “Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history”, and Science publishes a feature article titled: Ice Age Impact: […]

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The Cosmic Tusk:

Speaking of journals, this paper spent a long time gestating, passing through more than a dozen reviewers, I believe, who skimmed away the informed speculation. Was that partly due to the possible Younger Dryas tie? Probably. As a coauthor put it, they faced an unfairly high bar. — Paul Voosen (@voooos) November 15, 2018

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The Cosmic Tusk: First Younger Dryas Impact Crater Found: Greenland

Oh, happy day! The Tusk heard about this discovery confidentially in March but the following nine months were characterized by an uncertain confidence this day would come. We had published our claims for a decade, and knew a climate changing Younger Dryas Impact had occurred during human history, but whether an unrelated research team could […]

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The Cosmic Tusk: Czech Mate

Cosmic-Impact Event in Lake Sediments from Central Europe Postdates the Laacher See Eruption and Marks Onset of the Younger Dryas Gunther Kletetschka,1,2,3,* Daniel Vondrák,4 Jolana Hruba,2 Vaclav Prochazka,2 Ladislav Nabelek,1,2 Helena Svitavská-Svobodová,5 Premysl Bobek,5 Zuzana Horicka,6,7 Jaroslav Kadlec,8 Marian Takac,2 and Evzen Stuchlik7 Institute of Geology, Czech Academy of Sciences,…

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The Cosmic Tusk: Wally Broecker says a cosmic impact caused the Younger Dryas

What a significant and pleasing development. Wally Broecker has endorsed a cosmic impact as the cause of the Younger Dryas cold period.  Broecker is a father of modern climate science (and pictured above with the Tusk at my heaviest in 2009). This is more than just another log on the intellectual fire of the Younger Dryas Impact

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The Cosmic Tusk: Science News questions science

WaPo fails too I was about ten when my mom bought a Science News subscription for the Tusk. Week after week the thin, frequent, small format publication filled my desk, and ultimately the floor of my room. The rush of science coverage came so fast I sometimes felt guilty as a little guy for not

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The Cosmic Tusk: Chandra Wickramasinghe on the NASA Mars announcement

The Tusk is honored to maintain a digital acquaintance with distinguished Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who in the 1970’s with Sir Fred Hoyle established — and to my mind proved empirically — the theory of Panspermia. We had been corresponding concerning the jaw dropping recent genetic study, when NASA announced today’s press conference. I asked Dr.

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The Cosmic Tusk: BioBang

Panspermia 2013 The Tusk recieved an extraordinary paper recently and immediately pinged our digital acquaintance for commentary, world treasure: Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. “Chandra, I hope you are well. A friend of the Comet Research Group\YDB team just sent around an announcement of the following discovery: A…

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The Cosmic Tusk: Tusk on Seven Ages Podcast

I had a blast last week joining the hosts of my favorite new podcast: Seven Ages Audio Journal. Like the Tusk, veteran podcaster Micah Hanks and his science bros Jason Pentrail and James Waldo attempt the difficult balance between hard science, responsible speculation and perhaps some entertainment. I think they recognized me as a “fellow

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The Cosmic Tusk:

A friend sent me this paper from Dr. Martin Sweatman who gained international notoriety last year with a previous journal article linking the world’s most ancient temple, Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, with the Younger Dryas Impact. The Tusk enjoyed that paper and was pleased to see Sweatman make a second contribution to our field; this

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The Cosmic Tusk: An Astronomical Hypothesis for the Younger Dryas Impact Event

Paleolithic Extinctions and the Taurid Complex (2010) Centaurs as a Hazard to Civilization (2015) Excerpted from Wolbach et. al (2018)   Astronomical Hypothesis for the YDB Impact Event Regarding the probability of a swarm of cometary fragments hitting the Earth, Boslough et al. (2013) claimed that the YDB event is “statistically and physically impossible,” whereas Napier

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