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The Air Vent: Easy Call

America is not allowed to elect a conservative president of any form.  The deep state, fourth branch of government has declared that they now have critical mass to enforce their will upon us independently from our elected officials.  Liberal feeders have infected every branch of government, media and education to the point where even without

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The Air Vent: Flameout!

[I’m self snipping this post – not because I disagree with it but because I can’t do anything about fake news so I might as well ignore it.]  I will say though, that I’m still pissed about it.    

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The Air Vent: Bye Bye Paris

I am absolutely thrilled to see a tiny bit of sanity in our government.   Every day the left gets loonier with one fake conspiracy after another dying when hit by fact, and every day Trump makes a little more sense from it.  Not sure why pulling out of the Paris agreement was so damned hard

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The Air Vent: Changing the Subject

I’m not sure how to reply to PSI.  They’ve written a post which I don’t seem to be allowed to comment on or there is some technical problem.  Read at your own risk, if you find yourself agreeing with it, I recommend you wash your mind with some kind of acidic cleaner to get the

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The Air Vent: Concerned Scientist Kenji knows — Unvetted

So, to the couple hundred readers who still stop by, Anthony Watts has a fun activity going on.  Kenji, the full fledged yet unvetted member of the union of concerned scientists, is going to Washington.  Kenji has been “concerned” for a half a decade at this point — 35ish dog years depending on which linear

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The Air Vent: Trump Immigration Executive Order “Full Text” — Bigot

Definition of bigot :  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially:  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance So that is what I was called by the Neuvo-climate bloggers of recent years.

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The Air Vent: Another Day

So the election went well for America.   For those who live outside of the  US, you won’t understand just how much regulation the largest government on the planet can inflict, nor will it be easily understood just how much tax is being paid by business.  There is a reason manufacturing has left the US in

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The Air Vent: FIB says Clinton Not Guilty — Id’s Predicted November Surprise Comes True!!

Just one post ago. Like Nostradamus. Hell, I was having fun because for a short time the other day I couldn’t find a different angle as to why Comey would have the FBI working in shifts.  It seemed real enough to be crazy but so is everything else.  Despite the fact that he only had

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The Air Vent: Bad Trump – Open Thread

So She is a crook, an absolutely guilty criminal with behaviors beyond treasonous.  She has collected money from foreign governments, spent the money on her own family, she went from “broke” to a quarter billion in cash since her husband retired.  Clinton will be beholden to these foreign investors 100%.  Imagine if she doesn’t listen

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The Air Vent: The November Surprise

So each election for president in the last several cycles has include revelations by the liberal media that the conservative has done something bad— in the last 3 days.  Romney apparently hates dogs, Bush had a DUI etc… You would think that they would bring this crap earlier but it isn’t as effective when a

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The Air Vent: Donna Brazile’s Lies Continue… Clinton Corruption Also Continues

It seems obvious that the data the FBI has from Weiner and Huma is absolutely damning.  Comey had to come out with it now or he would be culpable.  Otherwise he could just duck the issue until later.  It was already obvious and were WikiLeaks not releasing details behind the scenes, we wouldn’t have enough

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The Air Vent: Unraveling

So yeah…  I wrote in no uncertain terms that Hillary was a crook.  I wrote that Mann was a crook. I wrote that Lewandowski is a liar and crook.   I wrote that tree ring hockey sticks are nonsense. Yes I know it doesn’t make me Nostradamaus because — those of you born with common sense

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The Air Vent: Getting Away With It

My bold below.  Clintons folk could even figure out why she did it. — From Fox News today and the department of – you couldn’t make this stuff up:   Podesta also wrote to Tanden airing his concerns on March 2, the day the story about Clinton’s private email account broke. “Speaking of transparency, our friends

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The Air Vent: Donna Brazile on CheckSums

Since the beginning of digital transmission, something I call checksums have been used.  We used to get them with downloads to correct EXE files before they were run and unexpectedly crashed. Today we use them to write to hard drives because 1 in 10^15 bytes is wrong or some crap like that, even when the

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The Air Vent: Media Corruption Impacts Election

Update:  Reader Lynn Clark added this link to the comments– along with a fair critique of my post.   I rarely watch video to get information because it comes to slowly.   In this case, I watched the whole thing.  The title is stupid, the rest is not. ——- The…

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The Air Vent: Selection 2016

So the Air Vent has been radio silent for a long time.   This blog was born during the first Obama election.   My very first article was to point out the Russian reaction to missile defense in Poland had nothing to do with the actual missiles but rather the range of the insanely powerful

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The Air Vent: Tax Thought Inversion

So here is another example of wrongthink so actively promoted by the inappropriately self-titled ‘progressives’. Advocates cite health benefits in pushing the proposals. “The goal of taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages is to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, which science has proven to be directly correlated to detrimental health impacts such as diabetes, obesity and heart…

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The Air Vent: Obama Wins the Prize or Political Climate Change — Recession Baby!

Well folks, we have started a new recession.   It look pretty deep this time, rather like 2008.  Maybe not though as reductions in gas price will moderate the problem but it isn’t looking pretty.  Very fast decline in production across a wide variety of markets. What Id?  Have you lost your mind….   CNN

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The Air Vent: Climate Science Industry — Negotiation

I don’t have much time as the company continues to grow.  This article is about the fact that the field called Climate Science has changed in a manner which is not openly recognized by those who have not been immersed in the papers.  Global warming is real, but it is absolutely not dangerous.   It

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The Air Vent: Nearly Two Teams of Hockey Sticks used in Massive Wilson Super Reconstruction

So a Willis Eschenbach article at WUWT caught my attention this afternoon and cost me several hours. It is basically an average of 54 different tree ring reconstructions around the world. The sheer volume of data which went into each hockey stick and then was processed into the final hockeystick is huge.  Willis demonstrated the

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The Air Vent: Yet Another Blog Kerfuffle

Blogging is about connection to your readers.  In my heyday, this blog had 15000 views per day.   This was due in large part to climategate emails being discovered right here, despite some revisionist history still in process. This blog was in the middle of some fairly controversial climate blog issues at the time and became

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The Air Vent: Inequality

I haven’t been blogging much obviously.  Life is more than a little busy these days.  The boys are getting older and work is getting busier.  With the continuing climate mantra of ridiculous papers studying asinine things like kangaroo farts, calls for cow methane regulation, and the continued failure of the sea ice to melt, climate

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The Air Vent: Fox article on RICO

Fox news has a good opinion piece by Judith Curry on the recent call by 20 fake scientists for criminalization of activities by people and organizations who can still objectively read a graph which shows climate models are complete failures. See article here. Two of many graphs of climate model failures is here: Advocates like

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The Air Vent: Trenberth – You will shut up or be shot

Judith Curry called attention to a fairly important event in climate science.  A number of scientists are calling for the government to prosecute criminally, corporations and individuals who will not agree with the extrapolated gloom and doom conclusions by fake scientists who base their opinions on failed climate models.   These fake government funded scientists have

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The Air Vent: A Solution to Success

America is voluntarily shutting down its energy production after only a little more than a century since the industrial revolution.   In fear of a nearly undetectable amount of warming from CO2, in the face of massive and well known benefits of this particular gas in the atmosphere, we have decided that fear of the

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The Air Vent: True Green

If you ever wonder what the UN, IPCC and Climate Science ™ are truly about.  Naomi Klein has your answer.  While some falsely claim that 97% of climate scientist alarmists agree with global warming doom, the reality is that the most powerful of those people believe in ending capitalism and embracing socialism.   There has always

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The Air Vent: Ignored Heat Capacity

Something that has often bothered me about climate models and rain water is how the energy transfer to the rock is handled.   Each climate model I’ve read seems to address the problem in similar ways with bulk conductivity parameters that appear to ignore anything but conductive energy transfer to significant depths with basic flows of

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The Air Vent: NSIDC Polar Hole Correction

Data is dangerous as many a paleoclimatology paper can demonstrate. Big data is statistically more dangerous, and the satellite sea ice data record is a multi-gigabyte set. Some years ago, your not-so-terribly-humble correspondent made a small error which was published here, and at WUWT.   I downloaded the global satellite data for sea ice and did

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The Air Vent: Dead Ice

The Antarctic ice is melting and is well below average for the first time in 3 years.  Global sea ice is also below minimum. It looks like the death spiral has come to pass…. From Cryosphere Today Except that it is winter there and that means it is simply not freezing at a typical rate.  

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The Air Vent: Dual Title Day: Line up for your Brownouts. or Future America to Produce Energy by Harnessing Happiness.

The most anti-industry president we’ve ever seen continues his rampage against success with his inexplicable anti-scientific and draconian cuts to CO2 emissions.  Why anyone liberal or otherwise doesn’t have the common sense to see the error of this policy is beyond my understanding.   We are violently attacking the very thing which makes us successful —

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