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Who knew thousands of unpaid scientists are rising in protest against name-calling bullies and rent-seekers?

Jo Nova is one. She’s a prize-winning science grad and author, and her site gets over 2 million hits a year. A long time ago she was a Green, and still wants to save the world, but with the scientific method (…a perfectly good civilization is going to waste.)

Andrew Bolt described her writing as “outstanding”, and called one piece “a magnificant polemic.” She’s been quoted by James Delingpole, Christopher Booker, and Mark Steyn. She’s been blamed for the collapse of the ETS and named in the Australian Parliament. The Oxfam report on ClimateGate news improbably listed her blog influence as being equal to NASA in the Climategate email saga. The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne listed Jo Nova as the balancing counterpoint to the combined scientific weight of The UN and government departments. She must be doing something right.

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Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded


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Jo Nova: What the hell was he thinking?

Looking for a great Christmas present idea? I’ve been enjoying the new glorious full-colour book covering the work and “why’s” of a great Australian cartoonist. There is still time to buy it for a friend, or put it on your list. Cartoonists have leeway to say what no one else will, and of cartoonists, there are few like John Spooner.

John Spooner’s Guide to the 21st Century: What The Hell…

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Jo Nova: Trump trolls the UN

The UN collective junket for 25,000 people is over. In COP PR Bingo, all the usual phrases were there. As usual, “it’s progress”, but “nowhere near enough”. “Weary” climate negotiators “worked through the night”, in a “marathon” and but “but the agreement fell well short…”

‘1,000 little steps’: Global climate talks end in progress but fail to address the galloping pace of climate change By…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded

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Jo Nova: Carols against coal

Oh yes, please! These are really going to catch on. The grippy totalitarian, gimme dat culture strikes again with hot lyrics like “We Wish You a Steady Climate”, “We all Yearn for Solar Panels”, and “Away in The Arctic”. They sound for all the world like they were written by a climate model. If we can’t outdo this, making them funnier and more in the spirit of Christmas, I’ll eat my keyboard.

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Jo Nova: Climate change causes time travel? Humans turning clock back 50 million years

The Pliocene is coming to get you.

The shocking news is that the world cooled for 50 million years, then, just like that, two hundred years ago, humans stopped the cooling, and turned the global clock, or thermometer, whateveryoucallit, around. Now, unleash the disaster — by 2030 Earth is going to resemble the mid-Pliocene. So in just 11 years time, it will be like 3 million years ago.…

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Jo Nova: Far Southern Ocean cools. Kiss Goodbye to polar amplication around Antarctica

A map of the sea surface zone that has cooled since 1979 — from 56S – 72S . It’s a pretty big area. Click to enlarge.

For years the IPCC have said that warming would be amplified at the poles. They warned us things would heat up twice as fast, which would melt sea ice. The oceans surface in turn would switch from being reflective white to a dark absorbing deep blue. Enormous amounts of energy…

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Jo Nova: Winning: Huge UN Climate junket only attracts four leaders

2018, Poland: When it comes to national leaders, nobody turned up

The second week of the UNFCCC conferences was always the one where the politicians swarm. But this time the only leaders are the ones from tiny pacific atolls who come in hope of increasing their GDP, one grant at a time.

Ministers – but few leaders – arrive for crucial part of climate talks Nina Chestney, Agnieszka…

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Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

PS: I’ve just got news that the brilliant ROM is facing significant health challenges right now which is why he is sadly missing from comments. He and his family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I will pass on any messages sent to me or left in comments… We miss you ROM!

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Jo Nova: Santa says renewables “push down prices”. Sydney Morning Herald believes him.

It’s Santa’s happy hour in electricity land

Finally, No really, renewables are so cheap we can switch to them and change the global climate for free.

This is new study by the kind of “independent” group that is totally dependent on Big Gov handouts. It compares Australian prices to other obscenely expensive countries and finds that “renewables push down prices”. Compared to what? Not compared…

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Jo Nova: France: the streets belong to the Butchers and Bakers while the UN argues over a meanginless word

The timing is a disaster for the UN annual junket. The Yellow Vest protest has also spread to the UK now. Politicians must be tip toeing in Katowice, Poland. The Western leaders can hardly offer prime symbolic gifts for carbon action for fear of triggering similar protests at home.

As the protests grew week after week, the “crumbs” thrown to appease the crowd only made them more resolute. The…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded


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Jo Nova: Dr Shearman diagnoses men who walked on moon, Nobel Prize winners, as “Delusional”

Feel the hate

Climate deniers are the delusional lizard-brain unworthy people who can’t see what preschoolers can. They threaten human survival. So sayth Dr David Shearman, founder of Doctors for the Environment Australia, a place where the scientific method and good manners go to die.

This is an Opinion piece the 3 million dollars a day ABC thought was “useful”.

Dr Shearman from Adelaide has…

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Jo Nova: The vast social and political earthquake that started in France — first mass uprising against eco-elitism

The leaderless Yellow Vest — #GiletJaunes protest against living costs is escalating in France and spreading around the world to Belgium, The Netherlands, Serbia, even Basra and Bagdad in Iraq. A Yellow Vest protest is planned for Saturday in Vancouver. The workers are fed-up with being ignored and milked for causes they don’t support, fed up with being shamed for driving cars or for voicing…

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Jo Nova: Now even Green IEA warns Australia of the threat of “avalache” of renewables

Even heads of green institutes are telling Australians not to go too green too fast

The IEA is the kind of organization that runs global summits selling carbon capture. That’s a process so fantastically inefficient it wastes 40% of the electricity a coal plant makes while it stuffs a useful fertilizer in a hole in the ground. With that context, I note that even the IEA is warning Australia…

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Jo Nova: Paul Krugman sticks pins into the Climate Denier VooDoo Doll

Excuse #101: Denying Climate Change is an Evil Depraved Sin (so we don’t need to bother coming up with reasons anymore

Why is Krugman sticking pins into Denier Dolls? It makes him feel better.

He said it himself — if people disagree about climate change in good faith, it means climate believers need to be more persuasive. But if they are just evil, there’s nothing you can do. This is the…

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Jo Nova: Rampant solar, wind growth: Australia increases unreliable energy by 50% in 2018. Wow.

The Crash Test Dummy accelerates. Australia is steaming ahead in the forced transition to unreliable energy

A lot of the reason for the growth in renewables is the Renewable Energy Target (the RET). Renewables must supply 16% of our electricity in 2018, and even more in 2019.

Strap yourself in. Buried in the AEMO summer readiness plan was the news that our intermittent renewables capacity is…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded

….Late. :- )

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Jo Nova: Pied Piper 2018: Australian students skip school for mass protest

By David Evans

The BBC in Sydney reports:

Thousands of Australian school students have urged greater action on climate change in protests across the country.

The students skipped school on Friday to highlight what they say are inadequate climate policies by the Australian government.

On Monday, Australian PM Scott Morrison rebuked their plans for “activism” during school hours and insisted…

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Jo Nova: Jo talks destruction at the GWPF

Having as much fun as possible with the Australian Grid story. Josh, the trooper, was there last night busy unleashing his pen!

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Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

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Jo Nova: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We’re All Going To Die From Climate Change

By David Evans

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an up and coming young politician in the Democratic Party in the United States:

On June 26, 2018, Ocasio-Cortez won the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th congressional district covering parts of the Bronx and Queens in New York City, defeating the incumbent Congressman, Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley, in what was described as the biggest…

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Jo Nova:

By David Evans

Joanne’s talk at the European Institute for Climate and Energy’s (German acronym EIKE) 12th International Climate and Energy Conference in Munich was well-received, she reports. It was live streamed, but I cannot find it on YouTube yet (if anyone finds it, or something else interesting at the conference, email me and I’ll post it.)

She met with lots of the organizers and…

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Jo Nova: EIKE climate and energy conference. Live

Watch it live.

The 12th EIKE Climate and Energy Conference


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Jo Nova: Bill Shorten wasting your money on batteries

By David Evans

Joanne called today from Doha, on her way to give a speech in Germany. I mentioned that Bill Shorten was promising to a rebate of up to $2,000 per household to install residential batteries … and a quarter of a second I heard “what a brilliant way to waste a lot of money!”

Batteries schmatteries:

Bill Shorten unveils $15bn energy plan to help tackle climate ‘disaster’, by…

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Jo Nova: Travelling

Just a note to apologize in advance that I can’t read or reply to emails while I’m away from now to Dec 3 (at these events).

If you need to reach me urgently, please email the moderators at support AT (And thank them for their help!).

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Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

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Jo Nova: Greens want to put you in jail for seven years for burning coal after 2030

Let’s lock up the whole country

You can’t make this stuff up.

Greens want to make burning coal a crime

The Greens want Australians to start treating coal like asbestos, with the minor party announcing its policy to make the energy resource illegal.

Yes, because asbestos kills people, which is a lot like coal which saves lives, feeds plants, keeps us warm and earns us $23 billion dollars a…

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Jo Nova: What role do the Classics play in the future of The West – Perth event Nov 24

I’m travelling this week, so can’t get to this event, but promised I’d give it a free advert. For people interested in the history of Western Civilization and the role of the Classics and Education in the future of The West. These events are always thought provoking. Stephen Hurworth’s knowledge of the to’s and fro’s and strategic cycles of history is par excellence…

A Classical Revival night…

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Jo Nova: Jo nova explaining how to Destroy Electricity Grids in Munich — Oslo — London

Laugh at madness of the Climate Follies Downunder

I’m delighted to be speaking in Europe and the UK

Friday 23rd November at EIKE 12th International Conference on Climate and Energy, Munich 6pm Monday 26th November in Oslo, with Klimaterealistene, Norway 20.00 Weds 28th November in London at the Headquarters of GWPF 6pm 55 Tufton Street, London, How to Destroy a Perfectly Good…

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