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Who knew thousands of unpaid scientists are rising in protest against name-calling bullies and rent-seekers?

Jo Nova is one. She’s a prize-winning science grad and author, and her site gets over 2 million hits a year. A long time ago she was a Green, and still wants to save the world, but with the scientific method (…a perfectly good civilization is going to waste.)

Andrew Bolt described her writing as “outstanding”, and called one piece “a magnificant polemic.” She’s been quoted by James Delingpole, Christopher Booker, and Mark Steyn. She’s been blamed for the collapse of the ETS and named in the Australian Parliament. The Oxfam report on ClimateGate news improbably listed her blog influence as being equal to NASA in the Climategate email saga. The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne listed Jo Nova as the balancing counterpoint to the combined scientific weight of The UN and government departments. She must be doing something right.

Recent Articles

Jo Nova: Climate skeptics, anti EU party surges from nowhere to power in Dutch Elections

The Forum for Democracy (FDV) Party only launched in 2016, but has rocketed to 12 seats in the Dutch provincial elections which determine the make up of the Senate. The FDV campaigned against “climate change hysteria” and against immigration and for more direct democracy. The Financial Times calls them Eurosceptics.

Like Trump, and like Brexit, journalists did not see this coming.


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Jo Nova: So much snow in the Northern Winter ski resorts staying open til summer

Remember when Dr David Viner famously said “Children wont know what snow is?”

To paraphrase Tony Heller: “Soon Children Wont Know What Science Is”.

Two weeks ago snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere hit “exceptional”. This graph below is from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and unlike other datasets includes both snow and ice. They don’t say if this is an all-time record (since 1982).

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Jo Nova: How to hide 30,000 Polar Bears

A new book from Susan Crockford and published by GWPF looks interesting. It’s called The Polar Bear Catastophe That Never Happened but maybe it could have been called “How to hide 30,000 Polar Bears” which the Green-Scare Machine has apparently done under a mountain of smear and indignation. This is a story of the concealment and the backlash — the failure of science.

“Polar bear numbers…

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Jo Nova: Brexit: last week in the UK the elites rose up and overthrew the masses

How not to negotiate

Mark Steyn on Brexit the day after the last vote:

Last night, sixteen days before Britain supposedly leaves the European Union in accord with the people’s vote of three years ago, their elected representatives voted by 312 to 308 to rule out a “no-deal” Brexit – ie, a straightforward walkaway - ever.

So the EU now has no incentive ever to reach a deal with Britain. The…

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Jo Nova: “Market Bloodbath”: Too many new remote renewables projects means high losses

As Australia push-pumps “renewables” into remote locations some of their incomes are suddenly being cut because the losses (as they transmit across long lines) are higher than they expected. On March 8th the AEMO rerated many generators and this year it’s being called a bloodbath for wind and solar. Some of them, like AGL’s Silverton wind farm face losses of 20%.

It all revolves around…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded

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Jo Nova: Greenpeace lies to save the planet — erasing Patrick Moore again

Donald Trump quoted Patrick Moore this week — the skeptic with an ecology PhD who was once a Founder of Greenpeace. So Greenpeace leapt to do some damage control on their brandname and created more damage instead. They promptly tweeted that he was never a founder and is a paid lobbyist. (And what is Greenpeace anyway if not paid lobbyists?)

If they’ll lie about their own history, what won’t…

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Jo Nova: Hands up who wants to be a serf?

Good people could use classes to stand up to absurdly hypocritical accusations

It doesn’t matter what narcissistic hypocrites say, good team-player-type folk seem to apologize so fast, it’s like a reflex.

Australia needs a Fox. When SkyNews was tested with Ross Cameron’s four word breach of “permitted” lines, they failed. How big would their ratings be if they stood for something that…

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Jo Nova: Venezuela’s melt down: Blackout day six and the grid struggles to reboot

Venezuela has 31 million people and has had almost no electricity for six days. There are estimates on Twitter (#sinluz) suggesting that about half is back up as I write, but the stories of chaos, death and disaster are surely just starting to come out as communication lines open. The water coming out of taps is black, possibly contaminated with oil (are those shots real?), the Pepsi plant…

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Jo Nova: Birthstrikers – cancelling their future kids to advertise climate change?

Two hundred years from now anthropologists will marvel at a bizarre cult at the start of the third millennium that were so terrified of climate change that they vowed not to have children until the weather got perfect, or climate change “ended” or the Yeti appeared at their press conference.

This is the logical end point of where the self-hate civilization gets us.

BirthStrikers: meet the…

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Jo Nova: Peter Ridd versus James Cook Uni — Free Speech on trial in two weeks

Peter Ridd in Brisbane getting ready for the trial.

Peter Ridd’s court case is set for 26 to 28th March in Brisbane. He invites you to watch the proceedings (Jennifer Marohasy says she’ll be there, all three days!). Go on…

If James Cook Uni (JCU) wins, they lose. Whatever happens, the taxpayer lost a long time ago.

On a philosophical note, in my opinion JCU will lose the ethical argument even…

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Jo Nova: The cost of one days electricity on the Australian grid is three times (or 50 times) more than it was in 2012

There were no headlines but $300 million dollars was burned at the stake of renewables

Just another day on the exciting Australian NEM.

Friday week ago we had another price spike hitting the $14,500 mandated price cap. On that day South Australians and Victorians paid a blistering $61 million and $210 million respectively. That’s the cost of a single day’s electricity on what was a hot day…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded

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Jo Nova: Ode to the Welfare State

Just when you think it hasn’t all been done before…

Nov 4, 1949

h/t Ian B via RedPower

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Jo Nova: First they came for the coal industry, now for oil and gas: West Australian EPA decides state must meet “Paris” alone

Who’d want to invest here? Image Catmoz

Suddenly, with five minutes warning, Western Australia may be going it alone to meet Paris on behalf of Australia. Not because an elected government decided that, but because of five people chosen by a state Minister. Who is in charge here? The West Australian EPA is a QUAGO (quasi-autonomous-and-governmental organisation) – paid by the government, but…

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Jo Nova: Blame Climate Change for stupid British Voters choosing Brexit says ABC

If only we had built more windmills, and changed more light-globes we could have prevented the British voting to control their own nation. It all makes sense — if you are insane, or a broadcaster paid one billion a year to promote Big Government.

What a disaster — the fifth largest economy choose to trade more with the rest of the world and be less under the thumb of Germany and Brussels.…

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Jo Nova: Too much fuel causes extreme bush fires, not climate change

What was Australia’s Environment Minister thinking?

“Brave” sciencey declaration here from Melissa Price:

“There’s no doubt that there’s many people who have suffered over this summer. We talk about the Victorian bushfires; (in) my home state of Western Australia we’ve also got fires there,” [Melissa Price] told Sky News this morning. “There’s no doubt that climate change is having an impact…

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Jo Nova: Can you spare a few dollars to help with site maintenance?

UPDATED: Good news. Today’s comments issue has been resolved. Apologies for those who tried and couldn’t. Thanks especially to Andrew B for his brilliant IT help! The site needs more work to be future-proofed so we can avoid these glitches. Any dollar support you can help out with will go toward that. Thank you to those who have already chipped in today. : -) Much appreciated. — Jo

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Jo Nova: Trump tells Universities – No free speech means no federal grants OK?

Trump tells Universities – No free speech means no federal grants OK?

Universities depend on Big Government, so it’s practically a law of physics that they will evolve into Big-Gov promoters unless some force stops them.

What is surprising is that most conservative governments let it happen.

Trump does the obvious but unheard of:

The Hill: Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech…

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Jo Nova: Trump tells Universities – No free speech means no federal grants OK?

Universities depend on Big Government, so it’s practically a law of physics that they will evolve into Big-Gov promoters unless some force stops them.

What is surprising is that most conservative governments let it happen.

Trump does the obvious but unheard of:

The Hill: Trump says he’ll sign executive order for free speech on college campuses by Tal Axelrod

“We reject oppressive speech…

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Jo Nova: Can you spare a few dollars to help with site maintenance?

There’s an issue with comments this morning. Apologies! Thanks to everyone emailing in to let me know. I’m working on it. I will keep posting and hope to restore new comments as soon as possible.

It is time for me to pay an expert to solve a few issues, so any help you can give means I can do more writing and commenters can do more commenting. Thank you. : -)

Paypal buttons below, and other…

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Jo Nova: Huge week in Perth: Plimer, Archibald, Abbott, Nova — Libertyfest is on!

Hope to see as many sharp minds and good souls as possible.

This week in Perth day by day:

Tuesday 5th March, David Archibald — Stop The Climate Stupidity, The Irish Club, 61 Townshend St Subiaco

Brazil’s New foreign minister has said that climate change is a Marxist plot and he is right. Hear the whole story of Global Warming Hysteria including its dark Nazi origins. Australia is destroying…

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Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded


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Jo Nova: States with low cost solar and wind paying 1300% more at the moment

Any more free electricity and SA and Victoria will go broke.

In other news a few days ago, the retail price of electricity rose 16% in Victoria and the number of disconnections rose 21%.

In a highly critical report to be released on Tuesday, the Essential Services Commission accused energy retailers of running ineffectual hardship programs that saw customers cut off anyway in most cases. The…

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Jo Nova: EU hides their Toaster and Kettle bans so they don’t “galvanize” Brexit

The last think the EU want is for the British to be reminded of the EU’s intrusive, pointless plans to control them from afar:

Dave Keating,

EU’s ban on inefficient toasters delayed to avoid pro-Brexit press attack

The EU has put plans to regulate inefficient kettles and toasters into cold storage amid fears in Brussels that they could galvanise support for the leave campaign in…

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Jo Nova: Midweek Unthreaded

Oops. Forgot yesterday…

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Jo Nova: Quick! Tell the PM: Pumped Hydro is not a “generator”. It’s a $2 – $4b energy chewing “renewables” bandaid.

No more excuses for sloppy, inaccurate language. How can you run a country with falsehoods?

Hydropower is a generator. Pumped Hydro is giant appliance that sucks electricity and gives you back some later. In a system with reliable baseload generators it is superfluous, redundant, and entirely unnecessary. It is an expense we don’t have to have, didn’t need, and don’t want to pay for. It can…

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Jo Nova: Europe’s popular right on the rise — replacing fake conservatives — threaten Climate Gravy-train

Europe was always the leader and main driver of the climate-scare-machine. Those days are over.

Bloomberg calls non-left parties “populist” which is code for popular-but-we-don’t-like-them (and-nor-should-you).

They say this trend is the rise of “right wing” but as the jellyfish conservatives became the center left, the voters looked for politicians with a spine instead. And the push back…

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Jo Nova: At the turn of last century people didn’t know what a radio was

Predicting 2100?

Doug McKelway — Fox News

Novelist Michael Crichton, in the Caltech Michelin lecture in 1993, offered what some might see as a calming reassurance about the future of the earths’ climate. He looked back to the turn of the last century when people, “didn’t know what radio was, or an airport, or a movie, or a television, or a computer, or a cell phone, or a jet, an antibiotic,…

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Jo Nova: Millennials haven’t forgotten Mao, Stalin or Lenin. They never knew them.

Millenials are aged 25 – 39. In Australia four out of five are not even “familiar” with Mao. Half have never heard of him, even though he cause the deaths of twice as many people as Adolf Hitler.

Political ideologues control our education system. We teach kids identity politics, and how to control the weather with light globes, but not the most important political lesson of the 20th Century.

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