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C3 Headlines: Latest Peer-Reviewed Research: "North America (180-0°N, 15-60°N) has been characterized as a “major cooling center”"

From this recent article, the main takeaways from 2019 study are: North America (180-0°N, 15-60°N) has been characterized as a “major cooling center” by the authors of a new paper (Gan et al., 2019) published in Earth and Space Science...The...

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C3 Headlines: Amazingly, Another Country With A Winter Cooling Trend, Despite The 'Warming' Prediction Due To CO2

A few days ago, we discussed Japan's cooling winter temperature trend and now it's Germany's turn. If Italy also develops a similar cooling trend, it will be the new #ClimateChange Axis, so to speak. As usual, we are beating a...

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C3 Headlines: Climate Science Truth-Crisis: The Climate Change Fear-Mongering Is No Crisis

The Democrats are now pursuing a media propaganda strategy that purposefully misleads the American public with #hysterical claims about climate change. The propaganda represents a 'truth-crisis' that has no basis in reference to empirical evidence. Joe Bastardi, who has some...

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C3 Headlines: Why The Democrats Socialist Dream of A 'Green New Deal' Will Ultimately Fail

Essentially, we rely on accessible and affordable fossil fuels for almost everything we use and consume. The progressive elites and green leftists demanding we forsake fossil fuels are completely oblivious to to how intertwined they are in everyday modern existence....

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C3 Headlines: The Forever Stream of Failed Climate Predictions Continues To Cause Never-Ending Embarrassment For Experts, Politicos & Pundits

The failure of the climate "experts" to accurately predict short or long-term has been well documented in the past. And this article points to the latest examples of such failure, which the #Dems and #Green #Socialists will again deny, despite...

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C3 Headlines: Rest Assured, AOC Isn't The Only One Making Those Bogus Climate Change End-of-World Predictions

It is absolutely laughable that anyone at this point would believe the climate catastrophe hoaxes from "experts" and know-it-alls since each and every prediction has been wrong. Human caused climate apocalypse is not in the cards (unless your one of...

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C3 Headlines: U.S. Drought Before SUVs Vs. Drought After SUVs

#GreenNewDeal @marcorubio @joniernst Ad nauseam, the global warming and climate change alarmists tell the masses that the world will soon end - maybe in 12 years - due to such things as a global starvation event caused by droughts from...

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C3 Headlines: Custer's Last Stand?

From 'C3' Twitter Account: #Establishment #Elites DO NOT want to be challenged by #Empirical evidence: Former Defence Chiefs Demand President Trump Desist From Reviewing Climate Change Advice …

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C3 Headlines: The Washington Post: Where Climate Science Dies In Darkness

As most are aware, the Washington Post (WaPo) has become known as a major purveyor of climate fear mongering propaganda. And this recent article is a perfect example of their predilection to do so, especially in regards to human CO2...

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C3 Headlines: Global Warming + World Ending: It's A '5-AOC' Event

The Washington Post is infamous famous for assigning multiple 'Pinocchios' to a variety of claims that challenge their liberal-lefty-Democrat-progressive standard of "truth". It's A '5-AOC' Rating But a new standard of incredulity may need to be established beyond the simple...

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C3 Headlines: Whether It Is A U.S. Politician or An EU Politician, Forcing Carbon Taxes On The Masses To Fight Climate Change Is Dumb

Politicians across the political spectrum and across the globe are discovering how dumb it is to demand the average citizen pay a carbon tax. Dumb because a carbon tax will not have a single impact on climate change, be it...

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C3 Headlines: Drip...Drip...Drip, Climate Change Alarmism Suffers Torturous Death By Facts

Research studies and actual climate change observations continue to confirm Trump's decision to pooh-pooh the alarmism and doomsday fears of both Democrats and the GOP-elites' never-Trumpers. Adding to their joint misery is fact that Trump's energy policies are reducing U.S....

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C3 Headlines: Surprised? Global Warming Doomsday Canceled, Again: Another Bogus Climate Model Prediction Fails

Maybe politicians and establishment types should quit believing computer models that are poor replicates of reality and often riddled with forecasting methodology errors.

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C3 Headlines: Heaven Help Us: Only 1 Week After The 2018 Election & 103 Weeks of Crazy To Go Before 2020 Election

The first week's headlines after the November 2018 election do not provide a lot of comfort for moving forward; the next 2 years (103 weeks) are going to be brutal if below headlines are an indication. Democrats Mulling 85 Investigations,...

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C3 Headlines: Fiji: Scientists Establish The Relationship Between Modern CO2 Emissions & Severe Flooding

Scientists investigated whether the expert climate change prediction that growing CO2 emissions, and the subsequent atmospheric increase of CO2, would cause an increase in the frequency and severity of large flooding. The island nation of Fiji was chosen to validate...

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C3 Headlines: Does Empirical Evidence Debunk The Runaway Global Warming Consensus?

The consensus regarding the catastrophic global warming hypothesis is completely reliant on a proposed positive feedback producing runaway global warming that will destroy human civilization. Simply, is it happening? (click on to enlarge) To answer that question, one can examine...

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C3 Headlines: Facts Don't Lie: Unexceptional Global Climate Warming In The U.S.

Is there dangerous, human-caused global warming affecting the climate of the continental U.S.? In a word: No. As reported by NOAA, the adjacent plot of monthly 1,419 months) maximum temperatures experienced in the U.S. corn belt, a major agricultural breadbasket...

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C3 Headlines: Peer-Reviewed Confirmation: Growth of Human CO2 Does Not Result In Unusual Climate Warming

There is the following science consensus: the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis has never been empirically validated outside the confines of a computer simulation. Essentially, across many parts of the world, the lack of warming and the lack of unusual warming...

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C3 Headlines: Hot Climate Change In Japan? Evidence Refutes

(click on to enlarge) One of the major tenets of the anthropogenic hypothesis of global warming is that the number of extremely hot days would increase, potentially causing catastrophic loss of life. Such occurrences are the expected climate change manifestations...

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C3 Headlines: Peer Research Analysis: What Is Likelihood of 3 Meter Rise For California Coast Sea Levels By Year 2100?

Simply stated: Slim to none. Experts in sea level research did a focused analysis on the predicted sea level projections for California by activist groups. These groups are suggesting that sea level rise could be as much as 3 meters...

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C3 Headlines: Science Fact: Per NOAA, "Global Warming" Pause For U.S. Now Exceeds 22 Years (Wrong?)

Connect-The-Dots: The NOAA temperature dataset for the U.S. reveals that for the last 22 years and 3 months, the U.S. continental temperature change has been cooling at a minus -0.02°F per decade. The chart above was produced by NOAA at...

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C3 Headlines: Science Consensus Versus Climate Models: Southern Ocean Sea Ice Is Growing

Climate simulation models have proven to be unreliable when their predictions, scenarios, projections, etc. are compared to the observed climate realities. A recent example is in regards to the waters surrounding Antarctica. The Southern Ocean is comprised of 5 sub-regions....

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C3 Headlines: Climate Apocalypse: Is The Current Climate Warming Unprecedented In Modern Records?

Empirical evidence review: It has now been 30 years since the former chief NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, unleashed his climate apocalypse scenarios on the public in 1988 ... looking back, does the empirical evidence support the fears of "unprecedented"...

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C3 Headlines: An Empirical Reexamination: How Two Recent Major El Niño Periods Compare

The 1997-1998 El Niño versus the 2015-2016 event. How do they differ? How are they similar? The takeaway? Now that the global HadCRUT4.6 dataset is available for February 2018, it is possible to examine a 4-year period for both El...

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C3 Headlines: Prediction FactCheck: Consensus Experts & Climate Models Predicted Higher CO2 Levels Would Result In More Forest Fires

Does the empirical evidence support the belief that human CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere will directly cause an increase in forest fires from global warming? As the above plots show, whether it's the U.S. national forests or the state...

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C3 Headlines: The Empirical Evidence Answers: What Is The Correlation Between CO2 & Climate-Related Deaths?

The empirical evidence strongly indicates an inverse correlation between CO2 levels and deaths from climate. The adjacent chart superimposes annual atmospheric CO2 levels onto a chart that Bjorn Lomborg produced on his Facebook page. H/T Since 1920, while climate-related deaths...

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C3 Headlines: ScienceFactCheck: Does Ocean Acidification Dissolve Starfish?

The case of the dissolving starfish: Often, the actual science regarding research studies is misreported by the institutions - i.e. academia - that publish press releases on studies they have sponsored, which then the journalists spread and propagandize for their...

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C3 Headlines: The Climate "Tipping Point" Revisited: A Further Analysis

(click on to enlarge) Per our prior article, an examination of the empirical evidence for atmospheric warming was done to determine if Earth had crossed the 'tipping point' red line. This article drills down further to look at specific data...

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C3 Headlines: Tipping Point Revisited: Are Global Warming Temps Accelerating To The Point of No-Return?

Every time there is a "hottest" day, a "warmest-than-ever" month, or an extended period of quickly rising global temps, there are many who instantly claim that the world has reached a runaway climate change condition, or a global warming tipping...

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C3 Headlines: 'Scientific American' Goes The High Road & Arnold Schwarzenegger Sticks With The Low Road

Read here and here. The hypocrisy of Hollywood celebrities never ceases to amaze with their constant need of the limelight that drives them to absolutely ludicrous positions.

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