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C3 Headlines: Fact Check: China's Modern Climate Change Evidence

China is the 4th largest country in terms of geographical size and the largest in population size. Accordingly, human-induced climate change from greenhouse trace gases would be of major concern to China's leaders. So, what does a fact check reveal...

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C3 Headlines: Review: 2017 Empirical Evidence of Catastrophic Global Warming Per The Gold-Standard Science

Satellites, the advanced gold-standard technology that humanity has used to explore the moons, the planets, the solar system and beyond, are also widely deployed to explore Earth and its atmosphere. A key empirical satellite measurement that especially interests the scientific...

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C3 Headlines: Best Headline Collection: 2017 Politics & Culture

The headlines of 2017 were amazingly exceptional in terms of pure fringe political extremism and crazed cultural wackiness. Below are 50 favorites from the treasure trove collection of over 19,000 headlines during Trump's first year, which can be found here...

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C3 Headlines: December 2017: Warming/Climate Doomsdayer Alarmist Rhetoric Heats Up As Globe Freezes

A collection of climate change and global warming headlines from the past month. The list also includes a smattering of other science/research/political topics of interest. The entire list of 2017 science headlines - about 6,500 - can be found on...

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C3 Headlines: Global Warming Temperature Change: Today vs. Yesteryear

Early 20th century global warming climate change greater during a low atmospheric CO2 environment. The CO2-centric global warming "theory" has serious issues, including: ==> 1. it can't be proven in the real world, it's simply not verifiable ==> 2. climate...

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C3 Headlines: Al Gore's Apocalypse Mentor Stumbles, But Don't Fret ... End of World Just May Be Tomorrow, Maybe

Al Gore, and other shallow celebrity "intellects," have a penchant for doomsday and apocalypse predictions that today's less gullible public fall for. That's the probable reason Gore's latest documentary failed miserably at the box office versus his first 2006 climate...

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C3 Headlines: Trump Policies Begin To Lower Obama's Unprecedented Global Warming Acceleration

'Winning': Trump team goes to work to save the planet! The Trump administration inherited a climate change situation from the Obama presidency of an unprecedented 5-year global warming rate for the period since 1950. During the modern era, Democrat presidencies...

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C3 Headlines: Fact Check: Does Latest Empirical Evidence Indicate CO2 Warming Will Soon Turn Earth Into Venus?

The 'Venus' prediction - quackery or a valid climate science prediction? There are climate doomsday proponents and alleged "experts" who fear that Earth is warming so fast that it will soon reach hothouse Venus-like temperatures, primarily due to humans continuing...

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C3 Headlines: 'The Federalist' Embraces Doomsday Rhetoric: Proves That It's Not Only Greens & Lefties Pushing Global Alarmism

"Journalist" Julie Kelly of The Federalist must have been trained at Al Gore's alarmist knee by predicting that a ban of Monsato's Roundup® 'could lead to a global food crisis.' In her article, she provides zero empirical evidence for her...

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C3 Headlines: Journalism: The Embarrassing & Sad State of U.S. MSM Reporting & Focus - Will It Stoop Lower?

Nadir not in sight yet. Nothing to stop what the biased press does naturally. Major Political Stories That U.S. MSM Downplayed or Ignored Over Past Week Trump military initiatives wipes ISIS 'caliphate' from face of the earth Clintons & Obama...

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C3 Headlines: Study Debunks "97% Consensus" Scare: Corals Prosper In Conditions of Warming & Acidification

"Reef-building corals thrive within hot-acidified and deoxygenated waters". That is the title of a recently published peer-reviewed scientific study. And that title pretty much sums up the study findings that corals exposed to greater natural extremes prosper as well as...

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C3 Headlines: 2017 Hurricane Season: Empirical Evidence Confirms Activity Not Unprecedented - Overall, Close To Average

2017 saw the first major hurricanes strike the continental U.S in Texas and Florida in almost 12 years, with multiple Caribbean islands, including Puerto Rico, suffering major hurricane damage. Certainly hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria will be long remembered by...

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C3 Headlines: Climate Doomsday Science: Study Finds That Worm Farts Could Be The Tipping Point

Worm greenhouse emissions (primarily methane) from our global ocean sediment buddies could lead to that proverbial tipping point - initiating a runaway global warming and catastrophic climate change scenario. One wonders if this is the missing causal link that climate...

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C3 Headlines: Catalonia: New Study Confirms Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Events During Cold Weather

Yet another study confirms the increased heart risk due to cold weather spells. The study reviewed Catalonia emergency room admissions of those with cardiovascular events during both heat waves and cold waves. The total number of heart incidents was substantially...

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C3 Headlines: Failing Big-Time In Australia: Utter Idiocy (and Consequences) of Subsidized Renewable Energy Exposed

As this article explains, Australian government officials have pursued and implemented a politically correct embracement of subsidized renewable energy sources - primarily solar and wind. The consequences of unproven technologies, and the pouring of taxpayer and consumer monies into the...

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C3 Headlines: Updated: Collection of Climate/Energy 2017 Headlines

climate, energy, headlines, 2017

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C3 Headlines: Alt-Left Doomsday Alarmist: Who Is Sarah E. Myhre & Why Is She Again Spewing Anti-Science Climate Nonsense?

Every once in a while, an anti-science, climate doomsday-porn pimp will rouse me from my self-imposed, sabbatical blogging slumber. Indeed, this recent article by Ron Clutz regarding an alt-left, social justice warrior scientist - seemingly with a pimp’s penchant for...

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C3 Headlines: Over 6,000 Political & Other Headline Links From 1st 6 Months of 2017

As our last blog post indicated, 'C3' has saved bookmarks for interesting and pertinent articles over the first six months of 2017. Instead of climate/energy articles, this blog post lists over 6,600+ headlines associated with political, cultural, and other non-climate...

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C3 Headlines: Over 3,000 Climate & Energy Headline Links From First 6 Months of 2017

Although we are taking a very extended break from continuous blogging, that doesn't mean we have not been paying attention to the climate/energy issues during the transformation by Trump administration. The articles that caught our eye so far in 2017...

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C3 Headlines: 'Laughing My Ossoff': The "Experts" Are Proven Wrong Again

Yesterday morning brought news that the political experts and pundits were robustly wrong again. The Georgia special election "expert" polls persistently reported that Democrat Jon Ossoff was leading in the polls and would result in a win for the left-liberal...

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C3 Headlines: Fake Climate Science: Remember When Mainstream Media, Obama & Other "Experts" Claimed Severe Weather Was Increasing?

(click on chart to enlarge) A new focused effort by a team of researchers analyzed 26 decades of hurricane activity, covering the end of the Little Ice Age (LIA) through 2012 for the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico water regions....

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C3 Headlines: Per The Satellites: 2016 Global Warming & Past Temperature Spikes

global warming, those stubborn facts, satellite, pause, RSS, UAH

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C3 Headlines: 2016 Global Temperatures: Does The Climate Science Gold-Standard Indicate Future Warming or Cooling?

(click on chart to enlarge) The gold-standard for climate science temperature measurements is produced by the advanced, 24/7 monitoring accomplished by orbiting satellites. Unlike the deployed small number of geographically-sparse surface thermometers, satellites essentially cover the entire world on a...

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C3 Headlines: 'Fake Science' Conviction: U.S. Gov’t Physicist Gets 18 months In Prison For Data Fraud

A California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) scientist is going to be incarcerated for faking data (no, it's not the infamous Livermore climate modeler Ben Santer). It's been widely documented that just like today's mainstream news media, science has gone...

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C3 Headlines: Extreme Drought: British Columbia's Vancouver Island Climate Change Record

It is unequivocally true that climate change, both mild and extreme, is always happening - paleoclimatology research evidence establishes that. There is no debate that climate change existed prior to humans' impact on Earth, and will continue regardless of whether...

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C3 Headlines: Climate Models Versus Cyclones & Hurricanes: More Titanic-Like Climate/Weather Prediction Failures

Fortunately, the Titanic only sunk once because engineers and navigators did not continue to make the same mistakes over and over. But "experts" and climate models provide a never-ending loop of sinking and re-floating of a wide assortment of climate...

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C3 Headlines: A New Film About Climate Change: Snowmen Species Threatened

Based on this film, it would appear the anti-Trumpers have a serious case against the new administration's view of catastrophic climate change on snowmen genocide. Luckily, we can now share this new video with all of skeptical comrades in hopes...

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C3 Headlines: A Massive Sea Level Rise: Due to Human CO2 or Trump Tsunami?

Source -- (alternative election map)

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C3 Headlines: UK's Climate Centre Confirms Obvious: Global Warming Is Decelerating Despite Highest CO2 Levels Ever

UK's Daily Mail published article that discusses global warming collapse, based on latest empirical evidence being reported by the Met Office Hadley Centre.....the global temperatures have dropped hugely since the 2015-2016 El Nino peak... The global temperature chart image on...

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C3 Headlines: Skeptics Win! Trump/GOP Landslide Provides Firm Foundation for Empirical Science & Policies To Triumph

The 2016 Trump election landslide and Republican down ticket success indicate a strong possibility of a return to common sense and honesty in climate science, as well as a massive voter rejection of Democrats’ climate fear-mongering ... catastrophic global warming...

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