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Warren Meyer: Thanks, Readers!

A couple of readers pointed out a major flaw in this article about solar and saved me a world of headaches. Thanks! I may still do the solar installation in our still near-zirp regime but if I do so I will be more informed. If ever you think I am making a mistake or making […]

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Warren Meyer: EASILY The Most Under-Reported Major Story of the Last 25 Years

The reduction in world poverty. The global population living in extreme poverty has fallen below 750 million for the first time since the World Bank began collecting global statistics in 1990, a decline of more than 1 billion people in the past 25 years. In a report released Wednesday, the World Bank said the extreme […]

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Warren Meyer: Why I Go Back and Forth On Issues of Forced Psychiatric Institutionalization

A few months ago I wrote: I was among those who has opposed forced institutionalization. The practice used to be rife with abuse, and when it was really being challenged in the 1970's it was with recent knowledge of how institutionalization for supposed mental health issues had been used in the Soviet Union as a […]

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Warren Meyer: Whether You Are "Allowed" To Discuss Genetic Variability Depends on Which Group You Are Studying

Quillette had an interesting article about a scientific paper, that was mostly a presentation of math and statistical tools, that was essentially suppressed, apparently because it does not fit with current social justice talking points. In the highly controversial area of human intelligence, the ‘Greater Male Variability Hypothesis’ (GMVH) asserts that there are more idiots […]

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Warren Meyer: Extrapolating Trends from A Single Data Point: The Once In A Lifetime Event

Most of you know I agree there is man-made global warming but am skeptical the extent will be anywhere near most forecasts you see in the media. For some reason, this earns me the title of "denier." However, I find that the climate discussion has become boring in the extreme, and I have mostly moved […]

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Warren Meyer: Things Guaranteed to Make Me Do the Opposite

When the first words of an incoming phone call are "Do not hang up..."

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Warren Meyer: Great Moments in Crazy Stock Bubbles -- Are These Investors On Drugs?

As of this moment, Canadian tulip bulb marijuana company Tilray is trading at $146 a share for a total market capitalization of $11.2 Billion. This is a company that had $10 million in revenues last quarter. It is trading at a 420x multiple of last year's revenues. It is up 20% today alone. The race […]

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Warren Meyer: Adding Solar to Our House -- Here Is Why

Our house has always been a good candidate for solar. It has a large flat roof, good sightlines to the south, and we live in just about the best solar location in the country (Phoenix). The problem has been two-fold: Even with large tax rebates and other subsidies (e.g. ability to sell power into the […]

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Warren Meyer: I Agree With the NY Post: It’s shameful what US Open did to Naomi Osaka

Via the New York Post". This is just disgusting: Naomi Osaka, 20 years old, just became the first player from Japan to win a Grand Slam. Yet rather than cheer Osaka, the crowd, the commentators and US Open officials all expressed shock and grief that Serena Williams lost. Osaka spent what should have been her […]

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Warren Meyer: How Do You Know When That Psychology Study Won't Replicate?

This is a very good, very readable article about why many psychology studies don't replicate, though most of it is applicable to most any other field of research. The author has four rules to keep in mind, and they are all good. He looks at a number of studies that do not replicate to demonstrate […]

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Warren Meyer: Libertarians Are Terrible At Persuasion in the Social Justice Language of Power and Privilege, and We Should Be Better At It. There is Definitely Common Ground to Be Explored

Why use the language of Power and Privilege at all? One of my favorite political books is Arnold Kling's Three Languages of Politics (free download here). It is a great reference for understanding why so much of politics devolves into talking past one another, and is a great guide for those who want to be […]

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Warren Meyer: Today's Lesson in Public Choice Theory and Unintended Consequences

"F.D.A. Cracks Down on Juul and E-Cigarette Retailers" today, via the NYT. As of this moment, cigarette-maker Phillip Morris stock is up nearly 4.5% on the news. This happens so many times in sloppy policy making that I can't even count them. Do-gooders assume that when they ban things, like e-cigarettes, that individuals will turn […]

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Warren Meyer: Trans-partisan Plan #1: Addressing Man-Made Global Warming With A Plan That Could Be Supported By Both Democrats and Republicans

While I am not deeply worried about man-made climate change, I am appalled at all the absolutely stupid, counter-productive things the government has implemented in the name of climate change, all of which have costly distorting effects on the economy while doing extremely little to affect man-made greenhouse gas production. For example: Corn ethanol mandates […]

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Warren Meyer: A New Series: Trans-partisan Policy Plans

For a while I have been thinking about a jumble of interrelated issues: problems with civil discourse, particularly the tribalization of politics and social media; a personal aspiration to be better at Caplan's ideological Turing test on a number of issues; and a skepticism that pleas for civility are really going to achieve more than […]

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Warren Meyer: Media Extrapolating a Trend From A Single Data Point: 2018 Heat Wave Edition

This article in something called Inside Climate News seems to be typical of many I have seen this year: Because we have had much attention in the media on heat waves this year, there must be an upward trend in heat waves and that is a warning signal that man-made global warming is destroying the […]

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Warren Meyer: YouTube Does Not Actually Understand The Skeptic Position: It Put A Warning On My Climate Video Saying Exactly What I Said

I have made this point in the past, but very few folks on the warming-panic side of the climate debate actually are familiar with even the most basic outlines of what skeptics argue. The climate debate is one of the worst examples I can think of where partisans gain their only knowledge of what the […]

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Warren Meyer: Softest T-Shirt

I post things like this NOT because I have any fashion or shopping sense but because I happen once in a while to stumble on something I really like. I personally hate shopping and just want someone to tell me "buy this one, it is the best", sort of like going to Toms Hardware and […]

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Warren Meyer: These Are The Folks We Let Criticize Us?

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: Upset and ashamed, my fellow graduate students and I speak with one another cautiously. We heal, or don’t, alone. People I know are afraid to make any public comment, even on Facebook, where they are friends with older, richer scholars who might one day control their fates. Even I, […]

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Warren Meyer: Update on the Phoenix Light Rail Fail

A few weeks ago I posted Valley Metro's own numbers that showed that the billions spent on light rail in the Phoenix area have done nothing but case the stagnation of transit ridership in Phoenix. Light rail ridership actually fell substantially despite an expensive extension of the line. Today, the Antiplanner has an update on […]

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Warren Meyer: I Am Tired of Being An Unpaid Laborer For My Own Destruction

For some reason my small business now has to fill out three incredibly time-consuming census reports every year. I don't know what we did to be punished in this way, but each of these (if one were truly diligent) can take more time than a tax return to fill out. Several of the reports ask […]

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Warren Meyer: You Won't Find the Words "Fired" or "Terminated" In This Article

NY City workers used project housing for orgies while being paid overtime. Update: As many of you know, my company privately operates public recreation areas. One of our sales points vs. public management is, honest to God, that when we have a bad employee we can just fire them.

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Warren Meyer: Life in the Trump Era: Conservatives Now Define Raising Taxes as "Progress"

John Hinderaker of Powerline writes approvingly of Trump's apparent trade deal with Mexico. First, he quotes the New York Times celebrating the higher taxes: Under the changes agreed to by Mexico and the United States, car companies would be required to manufacture at least 75 percent of an automobile’s value in North America under the […]

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Warren Meyer: Well, I Was Wrong about Super Delegates

A couple of years ago, in response to suggestions that the Democratic Party should get rid of super-delegates in their Presidential nominating process, I argued that the Trump election was going to lead to just the opposite response from party officials: not only would the Dems not eliminate the practice, but I thought the Republicans […]

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Warren Meyer: The Cycles of Government and the US Constitution

I was in a course this weekend on the rise and fall of the Roman Republic. One term that was new to me was Polybius's theory of government called Anacyclosis (Polybius was a contemporary of the Roman Republic and actually lived during the time when the seeds of the Republic's downfall were being planted). Others […]

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Warren Meyer: What I Am Wondering About Inflation

Tyler Cowen asks, "Why isn’t inflation higher?" I have wondered that for a while, but monetary policy and related topics in macro are one of the areas I admit that I simply do not understand so I don't write about it. So rather than offering any hypotheses to Cowen's question, I will ask my own: […]

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Warren Meyer: Fixing Tesla

I promised I would not post any more Tesla for a while, and to some extent I am keeping that promise -- no updates here on the SEC investigation or the 420 tweet. But since I have been critical of Tesla in the past, I thought I would acknowledge that there are good things in […]

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Warren Meyer: Here is a Fun Challenge: Be Skeptical of Statistics Even When They Support Your Point of View

I sometimes wonder if the media and the punditocracy have any ability any more to reality-check statistics. Two examples: One Trump supporters were running around in circles patting themselves on the back with this story: African American business owners are on the rise. According to the Minority 2018 Small Business Trends survey, the number of black-owned […]

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Warren Meyer: The Good Intentions Generation

This seems to be a generation in which good intentions are enough. Actually, I am not sure this is exactly right, let me try again. This seems to be a generation in which the signaling of good intentions is enough. I just can't understand how Elon still manages to love humanity. All I see is […]

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Warren Meyer: What Socialists (and Most Other People) Don't Understand About The Oil Industry

This same failure has happened over and over, at one time or another in Russia and Mexico and now in Venezuela. Some tried to make it happen in the 1970's in the US, and Elizabeth Warren would still like to try, I bet. Socialists take over the oil industry and revel in the first months […]

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Warren Meyer: I Spend a Lot Of Time Here Skewering Goofy Technologies, But... I Love This One

As a train enthusiast, I have to admit this sings to me. I give them double points for being honest that their technology is not yet economic The wind doesn't always blow, the sun doesn't always shine. So utilities are in search of ways to store surplus energy when they've got it, so they can […]

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