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Warren Meyer: An Interesting Reason for Allowing More Immigration: Growing Labor Force Drives Economic Dynamism, Decreases Market Concentration

I thought this study was very interesting, as highlighted by Alex Tabarrok. I usually try not to publish highlights from research papers without actually reading them (the divergence between press releases on papers and the papers themselves is shocking and constitutes what may be one of the worst current academic practices). But in this case […]

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Warren Meyer: Cuban Sanctions Have Done Such a Good and Speedy Job at Removing the Castros We Are Going To Try The Same Thing in Venezuela

Another of the issues I have moved a lot on in life has been trade sanctions. Back in the day, I was all for sanctioning the cr*p out of any country run by bad people, which is a pretty long list. Now, I am convinced this approach is totally counter-productive. First, the story via WSJ: […]

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Warren Meyer: There is No Crisis at the Border -- What I Think is Really Broken in Immigration (and Both Parties are At Fault)

Kevin Drum has a good roundup of immigration statistics that really help to demonstrate that there is no new crisis at the border, and in fact with the exception in a rise of asylum requests, the border has been getting quieter for 10 years. I think there are clearly elements of immigration that are broken. […]

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Warren Meyer: More on the Government Shutdown and Keeping Parks Open

I discussed the shutdown and its effects on the parks my company operates here (spoiler: all are still open). Shawn Regan of PERC has a good article in the National Review on the same subject: ....under new shutdown guidelines established by the Trump administration, our parks have been rightfully spared from serving as pawns in […]

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Warren Meyer: The Proposed Emergency Decree to Build The Wall is An Awful Precedent

Dear Republicans: The last thing we need now is even more expansion of executive power. I remember when, gosh it was like only two or three years ago, you Republicans were (rightly) bemoaning Obama's executive actions as unconstitutional expansions of Presidential power. You argued, again rightly, that just because Congress did not pass the President's […]

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Warren Meyer: The Dumbest Tax -- Business Small Equipment Property Tax

There are a lot of reasons a tax can be dumb. It can be too damn high. It can create incentives for counter-productive behavior. But I want to propose another category of stupid taxes -- taxes that cost WAY more to do the paperwork than the tax actually collects. For this category I propose the […]

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Warren Meyer: Why First-Mover Advantage in a New Industry Isn't Always An Advantage

I have written in the context of both the new marijuana stocks (e.g. Tilray or Canopy) and Tesla in EV's that the market is putting a whole lot of value -- in some cases 90+% of their current market value -- on these companies being first movers in potentially large and lucrative new industries. It […]

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Warren Meyer: Silicon Valley Begged for Government Intervention in Their Industry, and They May Soon Get It Good and Hard

Readers of this blog know that I have always been skeptical of the value of net neutrality rules. I see the Internet just like any other vertical value chain with multiple players, which we might oversimplify as content providers who hand off to bandwidth providers to get in front of the customer. Nearly every industry […]

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Warren Meyer: Yes, The Federal Campgrounds We Operate Are Open During the Government Shutdown

Several readers have been nice enough to write me and ask how my business is doing during the government shutdown. As background, my company privately operates public recreation areas, mostly campgrounds, under concession contract. We manage public lands for many different government agencies, but many of the campgrounds we run are in the Forest Service. […]

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Warren Meyer: On The Continuing, Pervasive Hatred of Short-Sellers

@TeslaCharts @boriquagato @PlugInFUD @AlderLaneeggs

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Warren Meyer: San Diego Restaurant Recommendation

I am not a foodie you should normally trust, but if you are in San Diego you need to go to Breakfast Republic. Yes, I know it is breakfast and brunch only but skip your evening meal and just go. Most amazing breakfast I have had. Been there several times to their Pacific Beach location. […]

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Warren Meyer: Does Mounting Famous Heads over Society's Mantle Really Make Us More Ethical?

I thought this was a reasonable question to be asked about the mob action to remove Kevin Hart from hosting the Oscars: This brings us back to the question that’s been bothering me. What was accomplished by keeping him off the Oscars stage? Because Hart no longer stood by the jokes in question, the Academy’s […]

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Warren Meyer: Does the New Worpress Editor Suck as Much as It Seems, Or Am I Missing Something?

WordPress 5 changed to an entirely new editor where construction of a post that historically just involved typing now involves pasting together a series of blocks that have to be added, for example, just to have quoted text. Am I missing something? This seems ludicrously more awkward than the original editor, which I immediately switched […]

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Warren Meyer: DOS Attack of Some Sort

Having a variety of site issues. I turned off some of my cache and security to try to diagnose why some folks are not seeing newer posts, and then immediately got a DOS attack that shut down the site. Working on it but may be the weekend before entirely fixed.

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Warren Meyer: I Am Pretty Sure I Am Not Going to Like What's Going On In This Room

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Warren Meyer: Business Strategy, The Insource / Outsource Decision, And Tesla

I have a confession -- at Harvard Business School (HBS), I loved business strategy cases. This is a confession because most ex-HBS students have at best a love-hate relationship with cases in the same way that the Band of Brothers, or the 506th PIR, had with Curahee Mountain. The first 8, 10, 12 cases were […]

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Warren Meyer: Business Strategy, The Insource / Outsource Decision, And Tesla

I have a confession -- at Harvard Business School (HBS), I loved business strategy cases. This is a confession because most ex-HBS students have a love-hate relationship with cases in the same way that the Band of Brothers, or the 506th PIR, had with Curahee Mountain. The first 8, 10, 12 cases were fine and […]

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Warren Meyer: TV Recomendation -- Wolf Hall

I do truly think we are living in the Golden Age of TV. There are so many great shows -- Game of Thrones, the Crown, Counterpart, even a few guilty pleasures like Outlander. I wanted to recommend one I just watched and I have not heard a lot about before -- Wolf Hall, a retelling […]

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Warren Meyer: On Losing the Thread -- Update on What Actually Remains of the Russia Collusion Tale

I want to thank everyone for all the comments on my thread asking for someone to give me the current, most damning case for Russia collusion. I am going to try to pull together a best-of version to post here. However, I wanted to post a few excerpts from TA Frank at Vanity Fair, in […]

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Warren Meyer: New Scam Received Today -- Your Social Security Number is Being Cancelled Due To Suspicious Activity

This is a new one on me, but very similar to the IRS call scams of the last year or two (right down to the odd colloquial language which is entirely inconsistent with how the government speaks in official pronouncements). Apparently there is suspicious activity on my social security number and it has been suspended […]

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Warren Meyer: I Have Totally Lost the Thread Here -- Based on What We Know Now, Someone Please Make the Case for Me on Trump-Russia Election Collusion

Readers know that as far as the Trump-Russia collusion story goes, my position generally has been: I am skeptical there is anything there (aside from a really stupid Trump tweet in the campaign inviting Russia to send him Hillary's emails). At this point, I don't even know what "collusion"means in this context. Was it sourcing […]

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Warren Meyer: Knowledge and Certainty "Laundering" Via Computer Models

@anatadmati @StanfordGSB #PaulPfleiderer

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Warren Meyer: Coyote Makes Tentative Steps Onto Instagram

I have resisted Instagram for years because a) they only really allow photo uploads from your phone (not your pc) and b) none of my good photos are on my phone. It is just really difficult to take a photography platform seriously that only really supports the crappiest end of the camera spectrum (i.e. phones). […]

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Warren Meyer: Relocation Subsidies, Short-Term Thinking, And Why Bezos is Smarter than Musk

I will begin by saying that few things in government aggravate me more than corporate relocation subsidies. They are an entirely negative sum game. I believe that subsidies are misguided and lead to a misallocation of capital, but at least things like EV subsidies create an EV industry, even if it is uneconomic. But relocation […]

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Warren Meyer: Site Issues Fixed, I Hope

We had a problem with the website that folks going to were getting the correct content but folks going to without the www were getting dated and/or unformatted content. This seemed super odd to me. I checked all my DNS records, particularly the A and CNAME and they looked fine. I searched for […]

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Warren Meyer: The Rise and Fall of The ACLU -- Conservatives Start to Lament the Downfall of an Organization They Have Loved to Hate

David Bernstein has a great article on the abandonment by the ACLU of many of its traditional core principles. Readers know I grew up a traditional Texas Conservative through high school, and then migrated to the libertarian-ish camp through college and beyond. One of my early disconnects with the Conservatives was their demonization of the […]

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Warren Meyer: The 5 Worst Supreme Court Rulings of the Past 50 Years

I am not an expert, but each and every one of these seem pretty bad. For example: 1. Smith v. Maryland (1979) The Fourth Amendment guarantees "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures." But according to the Supreme Court's 1979 decision in […]

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Warren Meyer: Coyote on the Air -- Listen to Me (eek, a whole hour?) on The Soul of Enterprise Podcast

I really like the Soul of Enterprise podcast, and was thrilled that they had me on for a full hour last week. You can listen to the whole thing here. We covered a lot of ground, from private management of public recreation to climate to health care and even to Elon Musk a bit. Fair […]

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Warren Meyer: Kimbal Musk Imitates an NPC in a Broken Quest That You Frustratingly Can't Complete

Nutty interview on Fox Business. Stuart Varney is trying to complete a quest in which he must find information about Tesla's new board chairman. He seeks out and starts questioning NPC Kimbal Musk, but the quest is apparently broken and the NPC only gives him information on some unrelated quest about planting a seed. “Hi, […]

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Warren Meyer: Awesome NASA Space Living Concept Art from the 1970's

Via Atlas Oscura. Example:

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