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Warren Meyer: Looking At Causes of Recent Wildfires and Resultant Property Damage, It's Hard To Point The Finger Solely or Even Mostly at CO2

Today I want to talk a bit about trends in wildfires in the US. And as regular readers know, I have a real pet peeve about declaring a trend without actual, you know, trend data. The media may be willing to jump from "most devastating fire in California history" to a trend just based on […]

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Warren Meyer: Be Especially Careful When Media and Pundits "Teach" You the History of Nazi Germany

I once was taking a course on the history of the Roman Empire (Garrett Fagan via the Teaching Company) in which the lecturer at the end of the course engaged the ever-popular topic of "why did the Roman Empire fall?**" He made an interesting observation that could equally well be applied to many of the […]

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Warren Meyer: Your Government Outrage of the Week -- The Feds Try To Collect a Retroactive Rent Increase

Years ago the Forest Service wanted to eliminate car traffic in popular Sabino Canyon near Tucson, AZ, so they closed the road and asked companies for proposals to run a tram service to various stops in the canyon. While a bit unusual at the time this service started, this is now a very common response […]

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Warren Meyer: Does the Zero-Sum Nature of Academic Success Contribute to the Left-wards Bias of Academia?

For a while now, I have had a theory that the zero-sum nature of academic success (competition for a fixed and perhaps shrinking number of tenured positions) affects the larger world-view of academia. (This article that compares academia to a harmful cult demonstrates this zero-sum thinking pretty well.) It is pretty well-established that the American […]

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Warren Meyer: Incredible Evidence of P Hacking in Research Studies, Demonstrated with One Chart

Hat tip to Kevin Drum for finding this: I will let him explain the chart, it is worth understanding: The authors collected every significant clinical study of drugs and dietary supplements for the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular disease between 1974 and 2012. Then they displayed them on a scatterplot. Prior to 2000, researchers could […]

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Warren Meyer: I Think I Have Lost the Plot -- When Did AG Jeff Sessions Become a Liberal Icon?

I simply cannot believe that the same folks on the Left who loathed Jeff Sessions a few months ago are now protesting in the street because Trump has fired him. This is just bizarre beyond words. I celebrate his firing. Sessions has been as illiberal an AG as I can remember. He has been hostile […]

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Warren Meyer: Hotels: For the Love Of God, I Just Want to Turn the Lights On

Well, in a now familiar experience, I had to search around yet another darkened hotel room tonight with my cell phone in flashlight mode trying to just turn on the freaking lights. The Lutron sales folks have been busy again, selling yet another hotel on some sort of complex mood lighting control center with 7 […]

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Warren Meyer: Tesla Is A Finely Crafted Machine for Sucking Money Out of Taxpayers' Pockets

I have ranted about this before, but the numbers for Tesla subsidies in the third quarter were simply staggering: Tesla's Main Product Isn't Cars, It's Subsidies Tesla received $713 million in U.S. subsidies in Q3, compared to its $312 million profit. That's a pace of $2.8 billion a year. More than half of this starts […]

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Warren Meyer: Capitalism and Sexual Assault

Point (via the International Socialist Review) This article examines the phenomenon of sexual assault from a Marxist perspective—that is, analyzed in the context of capitalist social relations. Like imperialism and war, oppression is a necessary byproduct of the rule of capital. Exploitation is the method by which the ruling class robs workers of surplus value; […]

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Warren Meyer: How I Am Getting Driven Towards Being A Single Issue Voter

I confess that historically, I have always had a bit of disdain for folks who say they are single issue voters. "Really?" I would ask, "You are going to ignore everything else going on and only vote based on X?" I thought it was a narrow-minded and shallow way to vote. My apologies. I may […]

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Warren Meyer: When #metoo and #blacklivesmatter Collide

Readers will know I have been sympathetic with the animating goals, though not necessarily with the tactics and policy prescriptions, of Black Live Matter. I do believe there are problems with police accountability and violations of due process that disproportionately (though not exclusively) affect the black community. While we have come an extremely long way […]

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Warren Meyer: Have We Already Been Seeing Inflation, Just Concentrated in Financial Assets Rather than Consumer Products?

A while back I wrote: Is it possible that inflation exists but it shows up mainly in financial assets (stocks, bonds, perhaps real estate) that don't really factor into standard inflation metrics? Every step the Fed has taken, as well as other western central banks, appears to me to be crafted to pump money into […]

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Warren Meyer: Warmists and Skeptics Should Agree That This is The Real Scandal in Climate Science

Imagine that for some reason you desperately needed to be under a certain weight. I am old enough to think of the relatively obscure movie Vision Quest where a high school wrestler is trying to drop two weight classes. If you were in that situation, what is the first investment you would make? Exercise equipment? […]

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Warren Meyer: Yelp Has Surpassed Even Toner Sales People as My Most Persistent And Irritating Cold Callers

For some reason, Yelp has invested in a massive spamming infrastructure and has become easily my most frequent and persistent source of spam calls and emails. I went through my email trash (unfortunately it clears itself out every few months) but I still found a dozen different Yelp people contacting me. Each of them tends […]

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Warren Meyer: Some Thoughts About Income Growth and Mobility Part 2: Hours of Work Matter More Than Wage Rates

In part 1, we discussed different ways of measuring income mobility and income growth for the poor, and discovered that many traditional measurement approaches are overly pessimistic -- when one focuses on actual individuals, instead of income quintiles, income for the poor has improved substantially. Unlike some libertarians, I don't have a problem with intelligently […]

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Warren Meyer: Some Thoughts About Income Growth and Mobility Part 1: The Right Way To Measure It

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 2 is here. The typical way of talking about income mobility and inequality is to look at the relative income and growth rates of different income quartiles. Here is a chart used recently by Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones: As you can see, since […]

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Warren Meyer: A Request To Send Me Graphs of Negative Climate Trends

For years I have been mocking attempts to "prove" negative climate trends from a single data point. Too often a single event (e.g. strong hurricane landfall) is treated as "proof" of a trend, though how anyone who styles themself as "scientific" can claim a trend from a single data point is beyond me. Every time […]

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Warren Meyer: This is The Resistance's Real Failure (Assuming They Want to Make Progress on Their Issues, and Not Just Score Political Points)

From even before day 1 of the Trump Administration, the "resistance" has proclaimed that Trump is an illegitimate President and anyone who even has civil discourse with him will be othered and humiliated. Readers know that I find Trump and his style to be distasteful, and believe he is dead wrong on immigration and trade, […]

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Warren Meyer: If Feel Like I Called The Elon Musk - Popular Mechanics Love Fest

In my extended article the other day about Tesla I wrote of Elon Musk Elon Musk is not the smartest guy in the world. He is clearly a genius at marketing and brand building. He has a creative mind -- I have said before he would have been fabulous at coming up with each issue's […]

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Warren Meyer: Bleg: A Reliable LED Christmas Light String for All-Year Outdoor Wrapping of a Tree

The subject says it all. I have wrapped this damn ironwood tree twice and both times the lighting has not lasted. Since a lot of lighting is designed for holiday use of 3 weeks a year, even something designed for 5 years of life dies in 4 months of continuous use. For those who do […]

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Warren Meyer: More Entrepreneurship Would Help Progressive Causes, But Progressives Do Not Understand It At All

Last week I was walking through one of our area's large upscale resorts. The resort was hosting what looked like a huge conference of a large franchising organization. What struck me immediately in the lobby and everywhere on the grounds was how many people of color were there -- it might have been as many […]

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Warren Meyer: OMG: NYT Discovers President's Son-In-Law Using Tax Deductions That ... Every Single Entrepreneur I Know, Including Me, Uses

This New York Times article here could have been a perfectly reasonable thought piece on the (perhaps unintended) effects of several provisions in the tax code. But in an institutional desire to land a few more blows on Trump, they tried to morph it into a hit piece on Jared Kushner --"Jared Kushner Paid No […]

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Warren Meyer: Humans Saved Again By Our Opposable Thumbs

From a fascinating article on Amazon and its automation vision: After a customer places an order, a robot carrying the desired item scoots over to a worker, who reads on a screen what item to pick and what cubby it’s located in, scans a bar code and places the item in a bright-yellow bin that […]

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Warren Meyer: One of My Favorite Things To Do In New York

If you have a chance, walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I like taking the subway to the stop right under the bridge on the Brooklyn side (High Street on an A or C train) and walking back, seeing Manhattan and New York harbor stretched out in front of you. You walk on a level above the […]

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Warren Meyer: Doing Business In California

"Brown signed more than 1,000 bills this year. The governor Tweeted that he decided on nearly 20,000 bills in his 16 years." (source) This is 100% the reason we have been exiting most of our business in CA and will not accept any new business there. All of our training time with managers there goes to compliance […]

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Warren Meyer: The Making of a Cool Tracking Shot

I have a particular fondness for tracking shots (long sequences on film with a moving camera that are created in one shot without cuts). The opening scene in Orson Welle's Touch of Evil is perhaps the most famous, but there are many other examples such as in Goodfellas and in the opening credit roll of […]

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Warren Meyer: Reducing Hiring Information About Unskilled Workers Available to Employers Reduces Employment of Unskilled Workers

From the recently released study, "The Unintended Consequences of 'Ban the Box': Statistical Discrimination and Employment Outcomes When Criminal Histories Are Hidden" Jurisdictions across the United States have adopted “ban the box” (BTB) policies preventing employers from asking about job applicants’ criminal records until late in the hiring process. Their goal is to improve employment […]

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Warren Meyer: By A Super Weird Coincidence, Largest Supporters of Net Neutrality Restrictions on ISPs Are The Largest Free Riders of ISP Bandwidth

Want to know who the largest financial supporters of "net neutrality" regulations are? Find them here: (source) Think about the billions of dollars your ISP has spent to upgrade the bandwidth and speed of their network. 15% of that investment went to supporting Netflix's business, often without any compensation. Net neutrality supporters always pitch their […]

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Warren Meyer: What Seems To Be Going on At @Tesla, and The Risks Of Buying (and Shorting) $TSLA Stock


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Warren Meyer: This Illusion Went Around A Few Weeks Ago, But It Is So Good I Am Sharing It In Case You Missed It

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