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Warren Meyer: An Incredible Crony Mess in Maryland

If you want to see your socialist future, look no further than this mess in Maryland, hat tip to Overlawyered. Absolutely nothing in this looks like free market capitalism, from the dueling subsidies to the threat by Baltimore to actually seize a business for the crime of trying to move out of their dysfunctional city. […]

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Warren Meyer: My Best Princeton Alumni Benefit -- Thanks @HenryEPayne

Henry Payne, a cartoonist featured on many of the libertarian sites I read and a writer for the Detroit News, was a classmate of mine at Princeton. Every year he creates a new birthday card that my class sends out to all of us on our birthdays. I kick myself for not saving them all, […]

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Warren Meyer: Absurd Click Bait

The Daily Mail claimed that this grammar test is so hard no one will get more than 10 or 20 right. That is absurd, I nailed them all (yes, I have lots of grammatical mistakes in this blog because I am a sucky and indifferent proof-reader, not because I don't know what's correct). That has […]

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Warren Meyer: Largest Cities in the World, By Year

I encourage you to click through to an animated visualization of the largest cities in the world, by year. A few surprises, but the biggest one to me was how long Naples hung around on the list. The fall and rise of the Chinese cities is also interesting. People seem to get freaked out by […]

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Warren Meyer: The "Shrinking Middle Class" In One Chart

It's shrinking, but only because folks are getting wealthier. via the always terrific Mark Perry

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Warren Meyer: Please, Please. Please Do Not Rely on Your Tesla Autopilot

You folks can disagree with me about the prospects for the Tesla stock price. You may hero worship Elon Musk and think he's a genius where I think he is a charlatan with PT Barnum promotion skills. You may really, really love our Tesla car (I thought the Model S was a fine car when […]

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Warren Meyer: Brief Reviews: Theranos and Michael Jackson Documentaries on HBO

Last weekend I watched both the Leaving Neverland documentary about Michael Jackson and the Out for Blood documentary on Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. The Theranos documentary was fine -- Theranos is an amazing story and any documentary on it is naturally going to be engaging. My only issue with it was that it was very […]

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Warren Meyer: LAST CHANCE -- Coyoteblog / TSLAQ Bracket Challenge Closes Tomorrow Morning

In a tradition that goes back well over a decade on this blog, it's time for our 2019 just-for-fun bracket challenge. You know how it works -- fill out your bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament before noon Eastern this Thursday. First prize is lots of adulation and a 1 year free subscription to […]

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Warren Meyer: A Few Tequila Recommendations

I do not consider myself a tequila expert, but I do live in Phoenix where the tequila aisle at the liquor store is longer than the beer aisle in most other places. Of late, I have discovered that while I am may not be the world's expert, a lot of my friends and family in […]

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Warren Meyer: Congress Needs to Act on Internet Sales Taxes

Yes, I know, the "Congress needs to act" subject line is an unusual one for this blog. But great damage is being done on the tax front to businesses and only Congress can mitigate some of the harm. The taxes in question are sales taxes, and the problem results from a Supreme Court decision that […]

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Warren Meyer: The One Video That Shows Exactly What We Have Lost With Our Political Tribalism

Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf (looking suspiciously the same as Wile E Coyote) pound each other from 9 to 5 but can still be good friends in their personal lives. Its just 2 minutes long but watch it and think about the polls showing a shrinking number of people are willing to be friends with […]

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Warren Meyer: 2019 Coyoteblog - Fintwit Bracket Challenge

In a tradition that goes back well over a decade on this blog, it's time for our 2019 just-for-fun bracket challenge. You know how it works -- fill out your bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament before noon Eastern this Thursday. First prize is lots of adulation and a 1 year free subscription to […]

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Warren Meyer: Hollywood Nepotism Helped Beget the Admissions Bribery Scandal

It should not surprise us that the folks in Hollywood are disproportionately represented in those arrested in the academic bribery scandal. The first reason for this is related to law enforcement -- if given a choice of investigating and arresting Joe Schmoe and investigating and arresting, say, Martha Stewart, the FBI is going to invest […]

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Warren Meyer: I Thought the Media's Horserace Approach of Covering Elections Couldn't Get Any Worse Until...

... we somehow decided that the first 24 hour fundraising amounts had any meaning whatsoever. All this means now will be that campaigns now will queue up a slew of "pre-commitments" for donations ahead of the official announcement date. Bundlers will be operating months ahead of time like advanced scouts, further making a mockery of, […]

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Warren Meyer: Boeing 737MAX Failure Analysis

This failure analysis from tweets by Trevor Sumner as picked up at Zero Hedge seem to fit the available facts -- Boeing called the problem as the wrong software response to an erroneous instrumentation input, clearly the angle of attack sensor. It also fits my experience from my 3 years doing failure analysis in a […]

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Warren Meyer: Thinking About the College Admissions Bribery Scandal as Bootlegging Around A Cartel

In the college admissions bribery scandal that is unfolding (with almost certainly more to come), parents were willing to spend up to $500,000 for something whose list price is like $50 (ie the application fee). When I see this happen, I immediately think that there must be some sort of artificial shortage. After all, why […]

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Warren Meyer: Subtitles for One's Own Language? I Turn Them On All Them Time

The Wapo had a story about Danish theaters showing movies with subtitles, even for movies in Danish In recent weeks, many Danish have finally been able to understand their country's actors again — thanks to subtitles. According to European news site The Local, Danish actors were criticized for mumbling to such an extent that many moviegoers had a hard time following the story […]

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Warren Meyer: I Love the DisneyWorld Monorail. Here is Why It is A Terrible Public Transit Technology

The other day I got stuck in Orlando for a day and took the opportunity to sit it out at DisneyWorld. Despite being essentially a walk-up guest, the hotel upgraded me to a beautiful room looking out at the Magic Kingdom and the lake in front of it. The Magic Kingdom is an interesting public […]

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Warren Meyer: The Apparent Cash Crisis At Tesla -- Is The $TSLA Thursday Model Y Reveal Really Just a Stealth Emergency Financing Gambit?

@teslacharts @elonbachman

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Warren Meyer: I Don't Know How Technical Support People At Places Like Amazon Maintain Their Sanity

For years our company was forced by our partners to use their reservation systems to take bookings for campgrounds we operate. But several years ago we had the opportunity to run a number of campgrounds where we have the ability to choose the reservation system. After a lot of false starts, we developed it ourselves, […]

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Warren Meyer: Forget Net Neutrality, If the @FCC Wants to Improve My Life, Focus on Fixing the Telephone Caller ID System

I have written before that the caller ID system in the US is totally broken. It is bad enough at home, but there are legal protections against spamming home numbers that mitigate some of the issues. I will tell those of you who complain about spam on your cell phone or home phone that you […]

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Warren Meyer: Lessons from Our Family's Recent Identity Theft Mess, Part 2

As this miserable situation has evolved, we have learned more since my original post and I wanted to add some more lessons and observations to help the rest of you avoid our predicament. The root cause failure analysis points to the key failure being our not locking our mailbox. The mailbox design had a slot […]

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Warren Meyer: A Quick Note: Trafficking and Prostitution are Not the Same Thing

Prostitution is a person selling sexual services of their own free will. Trafficking is a form of kidnapping and slavery, when someone is forced to provide sexual services by someone with power over them. All or even most prostitution is not trafficking, but many in the media and political sphere use these two a synonyms. […]

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Warren Meyer: The Crappy State of Service Businesses

Perhaps it was always this way, but I am just at the end of my rope dealing with service businesses. Whether it be my roofing contractor or my bank or my background check provider -- really almost everyone -- absolutely no one seems to be able to follow through on service promises. Increasingly I have […]

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Warren Meyer: LIfe in the Campground Management Business

One of the mistakes I made early on in the business of operating campgrounds was in calculating return on investment based on expected annual averages. The normal annual figures were fine, but failed to take into account that somewhere in our portfolio every year we were going to have major problems caused my mother nature. […]

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Warren Meyer: Lessons from Our Family's Recent Identity Theft Mess

My wife has been victim of identity theft, and we have been trying to deal with the consequences over the last week or two. The situation began with a notification from Lifelock (more on that later) that someone had tried to open a Macy's charge account with her name, address and social security number. The […]

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Warren Meyer: RIP Snuggles

She was the first dog either my wife and I ever owned, and probably the last (given all of our travel). But she was awesome. In the picture above, she is in her favorite spot, able to interact with the family at near-eye-level. She lived nearly 13 years and survived two previous bouts with death […]

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Warren Meyer: Wow, I Thought Our State Government Was Messed Up

Via Overlawyered, check out this story unfolding in West Virginia: Last year’s attempt by the West Virginia legislature to impeach and remove from office several members of the state’s supreme court effectively ended when the state supreme court ruled the impeachment proceedings were unconstitutional. (State ex. rel. Workman v. Carmichael) Now members of the legislature […]

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Warren Meyer: The Reversal of Left and Right Continues

As the Left works hard to become the new Victorians, the reversal of Left and Right continues. The most recent story: Harvard students call on the University to remove a Harvard dean because, as an attorney, he has the temerity to represent an unappealing client. When I grew up it was Conservatives that would try […]

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Warren Meyer: Whoever Did this Cereal Story Is A Lot Younger Than I

14 Cereals that Defined Our Childhood. Hmm. Quisp and Quake anyone? I think as a kid I even voted in the national contest of which cereal they were going to kill. A big bowl of Quisp and a glass of Tang. Now that was breakfast.

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