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The Blackboard: The college cheating scandal!

‘Continued has too many comments. So we are starting fresh. The controversy of the day is “The college cheating scandal”. Oh. Boy. I read one set of parents paid Singer in excess of $1,000,000 to get their kid in… somewhere. (Yale?) All I can think is the motivation was the parents bragging rights rather than […]

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The Blackboard: Continued…

Merry Christmas comments auto-closed while we were still discussing new events like The Convington Boys vs Washington Post, Hewbrew Nation, Native American drummer and so on. Smollett’s antics and probable fate Racism in America So on… WordPress updated and, and as so often occurs they did something to the post editing interface for posts. It […]

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The Blackboard: Merry Christmas!

Jim and I had a nice Christmas Eve with his brothers. Now on to Christmas dinner with my Mom. Hope you all have happy, healthy holidays. Well…. not too healthy. Holidays without cake, cookies and butter would not be worth living. Open thread.

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The Blackboard: Happy Thanksgiving

Jim and I have decided to not cook and we are going out to eat. Other than that, we are raking leaves (because the snow melted in the backyard.) Nothing else planned! Hope you all have a fund day (whether you are celebrating Turkey Day or not.) Open Thread

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The Blackboard: Go Vote!

I voted. This is the first time there's ever been a line at my polling place. It took 15 minutes. I also noticed I spoiled my ballot and got a new one, thereby making the line longer. My husband did the same damn thing. ( We both were hasty on the first ballot measure and […]

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The Blackboard: Oct 6 thread…. ongoing.

Open thread. It’s been mostly politicis. I’m going to move the last days comments here.

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The Blackboard: You wore a gown of gold….

Open thread. Yes. This is politics.

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The Blackboard: Twitter has lots of uses….

We need a new thread. For your enjoyment, I’ve put up conversation initiated by a complete stranger on twitter. Read from the bottom up. Either someone is an idiot or someone hacked someone’s Twitter and is setting her up. But…oy. FWIW: I’m curious to wonder just how much she would pay for this service but […]

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The Blackboard: Aug 31 Thread

The old thread is too long. I’ll move todays comments here. 🙂

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The Blackboard: Calculus II tutor? (Bleg)

I have a friend who is looking for a calculus II tutor for their engineering major off spring. I pretty much stick to physics. If anyone knows someone good who can help, let me know. Online is good. The other thread was over 200, so I wanted a new one anyway. Open thread. ????

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The Blackboard: New Thread

The old thread is too long… ???? Open thread.

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The Blackboard: Happy 4th of July

Everyone, have a happy 4th! One of my students has a midterm tomorrow. Boy, I feel sorry for him. Summer session is 10 weeks, so it doesn’t give much flexibility for the test schedule. I have to admit, if I were the prof, I’d have done my best to give the test on the 2nd

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The Blackboard: SCOTUS RULES!

I first saw the news on Twitter! The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Tuesday that non-union public-sector workers who are nevertheless represented by a union for bargaining purposes cannot be required to pay union fees. Janus v. AFSCME hinged on the case of Mark Janus, a child-support specialist in Illinois who argued that he should not

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The Blackboard: Fuego Erupted: It’s a doozy!

As may know, temperature dips are often attributed to volcanic eruptions. Fuego just erupted. The BBC reports ash flew up as high as 6 km. This is evidently larger than the mid-70s eruption that caused the dip I discussed a while back, see below. The figure only shows forcings, but temperature are known to be

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The Blackboard: Cha Cha Cha… (Open Thread)

We need a new thread. So I thought I would post pictures of me participating in a dance test at De Sarge Dance World in Naperville where Jim and I have been taking lessons. We discovered this studio last July and they are great. Below are (a) Devin and me dancing Cha Cha Cha and

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The Blackboard: Is Breaking the Fourth Wall Bad? (Yes, this is rhetorical!)

On the previous thread, Tom’s comment caught my eye. In it, he links Tom Scharf (Comment #167715) White working class comedy gets a huge audience and success, NYT predictably pees their pants. . ‘Roseanne’: When a Punch Line Feels Like a Gut Punch . Everything wrong with political correctness…

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The Blackboard: Was Michael Mann Exonerated by the Post-Climategate Investigations as Was Decided by the DC Court of Appeals?

Analysis of Court of Appeals’ Defamation Opinion Holding That Climategate Inquiries Exonerated Michael Mann Foreword I have followed climate matters for a long time and have been aware of the inquiries that followed Climategate. So, instinctively, when Michael Mann claimed that Climategate inquiries exonerated him, I believed the claim was incorrect. There were four inquiries

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The Blackboard: FOIA Question & AP exams.

I have a FOIA question. As many of you know I’m tutoring high school physics. I have students from several different schools. Each school uses a somewhat different method of teaching physics, goes at different paces and so on. Naturally, I am curious to know the distribution of outcomes on the final AP Physics exams

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The Blackboard: Happy Groundhog’s (and memo release) Day!

It looks like the memo is declassified. Fox is starting to report…. I’m sure others will too. I’m waiting for a link to the memo itself which should be soon. Admittedly, Fox tends to lean one way. Still, it’s the first discussion I saw today on Twitter. I haven’t seen others so I can’t “balance”.

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The Blackboard: God jul

Merry X-mas! We had our Jul-board last night. We always eat late at night! Limpa Bread & Crisp bread, (Made by me.) Potato Sausage. (Mostly meat. Made by Robert.) Jansens’ Temptation. (Potato dish, made by Robert.) Cucumbers in dill sauce. (Made by Jim.) Gravlaks (Made by Jim.) Bond ost. Ham (Heated by me.) Demi-tasse. Aqua

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The Blackboard: Does this question suck?

I’m trying to create multiple choice questions using the “formulas type” question in moodle. I’m force to make a compromise and I’m trying to decide if the compromise is sufficiently bad to make the question “suck”. So, my question is: Does this question suck? If yes, tell me what sucks about it. I’d be more

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The Blackboard: Test Grading: How long is reasonable?

I was asking some of my tutees about their grades, and whether they knew which topics they might need to review for comprehensive finals and so on. Two of my students in AP Physics at their schools said none of the tests they have taken this year have been graded yet. That is to say:

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The Blackboard: R advice: Tutoring related.

Preface: A subset of my students like extra practice problems. Those taking AP tests especially would like some that have a “similar flavor” to the ones that actually appear on the AP Physics tests. (Make no mistake: certain “types” do appear on tests because none tests “all possible physics knowledge and skillzzzz” but rather emphasize

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The Blackboard: Puzzled over physics homework…

New threads are useful. Since I’m still not doing climate analyses, I might as well comment on a homework-grammar thingie that’s been puzzling me. I’ve noticed that tons and tons of physics homeword problems use this sort of construction: “Would would be the ‘x’ of ….” Here’s a few examples I got by googling [“what

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The Blackboard: Hillary: Giving Weinstein money back? Uhmmm not really.

We need a new thread. Might as well comment on the topic du jour: Weinstein. Lots of things could be said. I’m going to comment on Hillary’s response when asked if she’s giving his money back. “What other people are saying, what my former colleagues are saying, is they’re going to donate it to charity,

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The Blackboard: New Thread!!

The commments on the old thread are too long. Open thread.

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The Blackboard: Vacation week 2.5

New thread opportunity. Be back the 29th! Open thread: Behave!

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The Blackboard: Vacation Week 1:

I’m on a three week vacation in Norway. I’m programming to open another post in 10 days– so that long comments don’t get too long. Also so people who don’t want to discuss whatever is on a particular thread can switch to the other one. Open thread: Behave!

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The Blackboard: AP: Chances of Passing

Previously, a reader asked if he should advise his son to take or avoid AP Physics 1. There are a lot of things to consider when making the decision. Among them, I think all kids and parents should be aware of when deciding on whether a kid takes a particular AP test. The College Board

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The Blackboard: Making lemonade out of lemons.

Mom told me a friend is having a wedding at a swank location in El Salvador. She sent an youtube and wrote This is where the daughter of Clara Maria Salazar Lemus despite Marshall will have her reception in El Salvador. It is glorious. I recall visiting a Turkish American civil engineer and his family

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