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Presently my major muses are the behaviour of the stock markets, the mass hysteria that is the Global Warming panic, and metrology – or how we measure things both present and past. Astrophysics and Stonehenge sneak in from time to time as well; and they are both related to each other and to the earlier topics. (Stonehenge is a giant stellar / planetary observatory for measuring time and space, while the cycle of sunspots has an eerie correlation with stock market cycles). I’m also interested in food related things, good beers and fine Scotch, but who isn’t ;-) And in good Eagle Scout fashion, I have an interest in preparedness, but it’s a minor sidebar.

Recent Articles

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: W.O.O.D. – 22 June 2018

The Weekly Occasional Open Discussion (W.O.O.D.) for 22 June 2018

2018-06-22 16:25   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Of Solstices and Socks

Some personal observations on socks on the longest day of the N.H. year.

2018-06-21 21:54   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: What Happens When Sparky Car Sits In A Puddle?

Inside a Tesla motor after the car was underwater for a few days... I suggest avoiding deep puddles...

2018-06-21 02:47   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Leaving UN, One Blob At A Time

US leaving UN one commission at a time...

2018-06-20 17:29   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: My Magnificent Bastard System

I've Created A Monster... Well, a hybrid Devuan 2.0 system using arm64 kernel and armhf userland...

2018-06-17 04:13   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Dueling Foundations, Lawfare, Happy Birthday Mr. President, IG Report

New York sues the Trump Foundation (and all the little Trumps) as the IG issues their Report. Happy Birthday Mr. President...

2018-06-14 18:21   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Devuan 2.0 “ASCII” Release R. Pi Install Tale Of Woe

Some notes and tales of woe about my upgrade to Devuan 2.0 code name "ASCII" release on the Raspberry Pi.

2018-06-12 05:22   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Some Brief Opinions On FileSystems On Linux

My USB stick based home directory died. In the process of recovering it and restructuring my data storage pool, I contemplate file system choices.

2018-06-10 08:54   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Yet Another Wrong Way California Breakup

Yet Another Plan to chop of California that does not realize it isn't a problem of geography but one of urban centers.

2018-06-09 05:55   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: W.O.O.D. – 7 June 2018

Weekly Occasional Open Discussion page for 7 June 2018

2018-06-07 23:28   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Russia Insider – Roku, Web, and more

An interesting ROKU channel and web site that might give better understanding of Russia.

2018-06-07 22:55   Click to comment

The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Skeptics – Dennis Miller & Christopher Hitchens

The Dennis Miller show and interview with Christopher Hitchens - on Skepticism.

2018-06-06 22:43   Click to comment

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