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This blog is not about fracking – a procedure used to harvest natural gas. Its name is, instead, an expression of exasperation. A website called came first. Its message is that there is a diversity of scientific and philosophical opinion regarding global warming. It’s alarming that this diversity is absent from most media accounts. While it’s perfectly OK to disagree with someone’s point-of-view, it is not OK to pretend that that point-of-view doesn’t exist. “Disappearing” unfashionable opinions is intolerant and anti-democratic.

Recent Articles

No Frakking Consensus: Obesity, Diet Pills & Death

Whether it's climate science or medical science, a fake crisis leads to bad decisions that harm real people.

2017-04-10 17:41   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Suddenly Sick: The Foibles of Medical Science

Climate science and medical science have things in common. Including suspect behaviour on the part of the United Nations.

2017-03-30 03:29   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Steven Chu’s Juvenile Score Keeping

When someone's won a Nobel Prize, who cares how long they served in Cabinet?

2017-03-13 21:15   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Science Funding Misinformation

A headline on a news story falsely claims that '9 countries outspend the US on science.' In fact, America spends more than all nine combined.

2017-03-06 00:46   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Bill Nye, Fake Facts & the New York Times

I’m aware of two occasions in which Bill Nye has misled the public. But the New York Times says he's saving the rest of us from misinformation.

2017-02-21 01:15   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Science and the Issue of Trust

Many messages emanating from the world of science are entirely bogus.

2017-02-16 02:58   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Trump, Stalin & Fake News

Australia's chief scientist falls for a fake news story, compares President Trump to Joseph Stalin.

2017-02-06 22:06   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: US Scientific Integrity Rules Repudiate the UN Climate Process

The US government says its a violation of scientific integrity for political officials to alter scientific findings. But political revision is central to how IPCC reports get produced.

2017-01-29 20:20   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Politicizing Science at the US Dept. of Energy

Liberating scientists to talk about their research is sensible. Inciting them to criticize government policy does nothing to enhance scientific integrity.

2017-01-27 22:43   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Obama’s War on the Media

After promising the most transparent government in history, President Obama sharply curtailed press access, aggressively prosecuted leaks, and spied on journalists.

2017-01-15 15:06   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Medical Researchers vs the UN Climate Panel

An organization representing medical researchers believes unpublished work is too shaky to be included in grant applications, yet the world's most important climate body has long relied on such research.

2017-01-10 20:03   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Wind Turbines: Lots of Problems, No Free Energy

In the dying days of 2016, three serious wind turbine malfunctions occurred in a small corner of Europe.

2017-01-03 19:11   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Our Ignorance is Breathtaking – We Should be Humble

We humans consistently miss the big picture. The world is improving dramatically, but our brains are addicted to worry and fear.

2016-12-20 16:46   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Fake News: Not New and Not Rare

The fairy tale about climate scientist Nobel laureates demonstrates that just because you hear it on the BBC, see it on the Australian Broadcasting Corp., or read it in The New York Times doesn't mean it's true.

2016-12-16 20:09   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Greens & Feminists: Equally Nasty

Preparing a 20th anniversary edition of my first book helped me realize that environmentalism and feminism both began as reasonable social movements that later turned extremist and dogmatic.

2016-12-12 21:02   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Left-wing Climate Reexamination

UK Labour Party veteran says climate policies that hurt the poor must be abandoned.

2016-12-08 20:31   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Empty Bellies and Carbon Taxed Food

Carbon taxes at the gas pump are just the beginning. Oxford University researchers think we should pay carbon taxes on food.

2016-12-07 01:36   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: How Peer Review is Used to Shut Down Debate

Peer review is not 'the foundation of the scientific process' as a NASA scientist claims. And climate scientists have no business telling the public where scientific arguments can and cannot be conducted.

2016-11-01 20:59   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Peer Review Is Bunk

A report I wrote for the Global Warming Policy Foundation was released today. It explains that peer-reviewed research is as likely to be wrong as right. Basing public policy on findings that haven't yet been reproduced is nuts.

2016-10-27 19:25   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Canada’s Carbon Tax Drama

A tax that will take an extra $1,250 from the pockets of struggling Canadian families is applauded by corporations.

2016-10-06 17:05   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Obama’s Electric Car Fail

Only 40% of Obama's electric cars are on the road. None meet the 150-mile-per gallon standard he promised.

2016-09-15 23:09   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Michael Mann’s Peer Review Dogma

Academics insist that peer-reviewed research is sound and that everything else is inferior. But scholarly journals are actually littered with muck.

2016-09-06 18:22   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Climate Hustle: Moi on the Big Screen

I'm on screen for a few seconds in a documentary film that will be shown in movie theatres across the US on May 2nd.

2016-05-01 22:09   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: The Climate Inquisition: Attorney Generals Go Rogue

No matter what voters say in the upcoming US election, a coalition of Attorney Generals intends to push for 'even more aggressive' climate action.

2016-04-20 17:49   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Is Science Really Self-Correcting?

Managers, journals, and colleagues are all averse to the possibility that scientific fraud is being committed.

2016-04-11 20:39   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Another Look at Science

Since the early 1980s, grave concerns have been raised about the process by which scientific evidence gets produced.

2016-04-01 20:32   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Pachauri Criminal Charges Total 1,400 pages

The former head of the world's most important climate body has been charged with a long list of sex offences.

2016-03-01 17:15   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: The WWF: Thugs & Guns Against Pygmies

The WWF may have a friendly panda for a logo, but amongst the poorest of the poor it's known for something else: violent thugs called ecoguards.

2016-02-16 13:50   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: David Suzuki: Enemy of Free Speech

For eight years, this environmental leader has called for the imprisonment of those who disagree. Why is he still welcome in polite society?

2016-02-08 19:21   Click to comment

No Frakking Consensus: Carbon Taxes: Real Misery, Imaginary Results

Carbon taxes aren't merely pointless, they're regressive. Politicians earn 'green' cred by making life worse for the poor.

2016-01-28 21:24   Click to comment

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