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Friends of Science have spent a decade reviewing a broad spectrum of literature on climate change and have concluded the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2). The core group of the Friends of Science is made up of retired and semiretired earth and atmospheric scientists. Friends of Science have been engaged in climate science literature review since 2002. The core group has a cumulative body of some 300 years of training and field experience.

Recent Articles

Friends of Science Calgary: The Myth of “Green” British Columbia: The B.C. Energy Economy – by the Numbers

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017

British Columbia, like Quebec and Manitoba, is fortunate to have large natural resources that permit very high production of electricity from hydroelectric sources. In fact, about 94% of British Columbia’s electricity generation comes from …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Big Al’s Sequel: Flawed at its Core — Science Matters

Fortunately, box offices show few other than die-hard Gore fans are subjecting themselves to the Inconvenient Sequel. When people go to see cli-sci-fi (Climate Science Fiction) movies like Water World or Day After Tomorrow, they know in advance it will

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Friends of Science Calgary: Transportation of Oil & Natural Gas in North America – by the Numbers

Robert Lyman

Contributed by Robert Lyman © August 2017

Robert Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant with 27 years of experience as a public servant and prior to that, 10 years of experience as a diplomat.

Almost every day, …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Trump Style Vitriol? Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid? Or Join the Debate.

Contributed by Michelle Stirling and the Science Team at Friends of Science.

On July 27, 2007, the Edmonton Journal ran an op-ed by Jim Storrie wherein he called Friends of Science “climate denialists.” We have no record of Mr. Storrie …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Reflections on the Proposed Changes in Canadian Environmental Assessment

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017


On June 29 2017, the federal government released a discussion paper on the review of environmental and regulatory processes. The paper included several suggestions for reform of the current environmental assessment system, including …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Venezuela, the Missed Opportunity to Become Norway of Latin America

Samuel Furfari Ph.D.

Authored by Samuel Furfari.

Samuel Furfari is a lecturer at the ULB – Universite libre de Bruxelles – in geopolitics of energy.

The author speaks in his personal capacity; the following are his own opinions.

A French …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Objectifs de Reduction des Emissions – Le Cas du Quebec

Propos de Robert Lyman ©2017


Une grande partie de la controverse au Canada concernant les problèmes liés au changement climatique se déroule dans un cadre très général. Le public débat d’abord si l’on devrait croire les scientifiques et les …

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Friends of Science Calgary: In Defence of Science – A Commentary on the Use of Aboriginal “Traditional Knowledge” in Regulation

Contributed by Robert Lyman © July 2017


On June 29, 2017 the Canadian federal government issued a discussion paper on the review of environmental and regulatory processes, presenting a number of changes in the present regimes that the government …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Environmental and Regulatory Reviews

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017

A Summary of the Federal Government Discussion Paper

On June 29, 2017, the federal government announced the issuance of a discussion paper on the review of environmental and regulatory processes. Coming only a few …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Review of NASA book “SUN, WEATHER and CLIMATE”

Albert Jacobs

A review of the book “Sun, Weather and Climate” authored by John R. Herman and Richard A. Goldberg of NASA in 1978.

By Albert Jacobs, co-founder of Friends of Science.

The first amazing thing about this book is …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Blog is Moving!

Friends of Science subscribers and followers: Please note that within the next few days the blog will be moving to the new address If you are a subscriber, you don’t have to do anything! The migration process should bring you with us, and you’ll continue to receive email notifications of new posts just as before. …

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Friends of Science Calgary: ALICE IN ONTARIOLAND – The Great Ontario Electricity Sale

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, spellbound his readers by writing a story in which everything seemed topsy-turvy and counter to the ways people think things generally should be. Even Lewis Carroll, however, could not have imagined how the province of Ontario sells electrical energy to its export …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Grid-Level Electricity Storage – NOAA’s Critique of the WWS Vision

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 A new paper prepared by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Earth System Laboratory and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) is drawing attention in policy circles in the U.S. The paper critiques the claims of a study by Mark Jacobson et. al. …

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Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 Introduction Much of the controversy in Canada concerning climate change issues takes place at a very general level. People discuss first whether one should believe those scientists and modelers who predict catastrophic global warming, and second what are the implications of this for the emissions reductions measures, if any, we …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Reuters Misleads on Investor Support for AGW — Science Matters

Reuters published today 2017 tables listing sovereign investors in two categories: Leaders and Laggards. I noticed that the laggard table included the assets size of funds, while the leader table did not. So I went to the report itself by the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) which is leading the effort to blame and shame […] …

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Friends of Science Calgary: L’Utopie du tout renouvelable, par Jean-Pierre SCHAEKEN, Bruxelles, Académie royale de Belgique, 2017

Par Drieu Godefridi  Je recommande vivement la lecture de ce tout petit (80 pages) ouvrage de synthèse sur l’électricité européenne.   Après la sortie américaine de l’Accord de Paris, il se confirme que l’Europe s’engagera, seule, dans la voie d’une électricité tout intégralement générée par de…

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Friends of Science Calgary: Outcome of the Paris Accord: a re-founding act of American democracy?

Interview with Drieu Godefridi, Belgian philosopher, jurist, author of “Le GIEC etMort; Vive le Science” (The IPCC is Dead: Long Live Science) published in English under the title “The IPCC: A Scientific Body?” Godefridi discusses his view that the exit of the Trump Administration from the Paris Agreement is a sensible return to American democracy. …

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Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 In November 2016, the International Energy Agency issued its latest World Energy Outlook (WEO), its summary of econometric model projections of global energy supply and demand from 2015 to 2040. The full outlook sells for several hundred dollars, so most observers have had to make do with the Executive Summary …

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Friends of Science Calgary: THE COP21 AGREEMENT – JUST THE FACTS, PLEASE

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 In the classic television series Dragnet, broadcast in the 1950’s, the main character was a deadpan detective named Joe Friday. Friday would cut through the stories being told to him by any witness by insisting, “Just the facts, please”. Dragnet became a model for many different police dramas over the …

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Friends of Science Calgary: June Arctic Ice Still Strong — Science Matters

Thick Arctic ice pack traps boats, triggers rescue operation off Newfoundland Unusually heavy Arctic pack ice has trapped multiple vessels, stymied the fishing season and triggered a high-stakes rescue operation from a sinking ship off Newfoundland. Trevor Hodgson, the Canadian Coast Guard’s superintendent of ice operations for the Atlantic region, said the heavy ice is […] …

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Contributed by Robert Lyman @ June 4, 2017 Robert Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant, former public servant and former diplomat. Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Annex II Parties* (like Canada) are committed to give significant amounts of money to developing countries to help pay for actions that those …

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Contributed by Robert Lyman © June 1, 2017   If today’s headlines are to be believed, a newly-elected British Columbia provincial government composed of the New Democratic Party and a sliver group of Green Party MLA’s, is about to go to war against Canada. They oppose the construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion project, a proposal …

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Friends of Science Calgary: The Sky is Falling!

Contributed by Robert Lyman © May 2017   In a story published two days ago in the Independent, a U.K. newsmagazine, Seth Berenstein reported on the claims of a group of scientists, including Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University, about the possible effects of the United States withdrawing from the December 2015 Paris agreement on global warming. …

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Friends of Science Calgary: National Energy Board (NEB) – Implications of Proposed Changes: A Review

  Updated and with additional commentary May 05, 2017 4:36pm Many Canadians have been unaware of the work of the National Energy Board (NEB). Since its establishment in 1959, The National Energy Board has served as the federal government’s independent, expert, quasi-judicial regulatory body dealing with important energy matters. The Board itself operates at arms’ length from …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy?

Contributed by Robert Lyman © May 9, 2017 This is the prepared text of a presentation made at the Friends of Science Society’s 14th Annual CLIMATE DOGMA EXPOSED event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on May 9th, 2017. Robert Lyman is a Principal at the Ottawa-based ENTRANS Policy Research Group, Inc., a former public servant of 27  years, working …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Taking The Economist to Task for Unfounded Climate Catastrophe Fearmongering

Contributed by Dr. John D. Harper, FGSA,FGAC, PGeol., former director of the Geological Survey of Canada © May 2017 I have recently been asked to comment on three articles published in The Economist. My background for such a response is as a Professor of Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology (ret.), a former Director-Energy for the Geological Survey of …

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Friends of Science Calgary: Smart Prosperity Institute’s Cleantech for Climate Change Report is Flawed- Canada Must be Grounded in Reality

Cleantech and decarbonization are the Holy Grail of investment and government subsidy hype, but practically speaking there have been numerous catastrophic failures of cleantech in recent years, both as investments and as subsidized programs. Tried and true natural resources are required to produce all clean tech products and innovations. This document – “Grounded in Reality” ……

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Friends of Science Calgary: Due Diligence on Renewable Demands by David Suzuki Foundation

© April 26, 2017 The tax-payer subsidized charity David Suzuki Foundation is asking Canadians to participate in a “Power Up Renewable Energy” promotion campaign based on partisan demands that are not supported by evidence.  Due diligence reveals these claims and demands to be false and misleading to the public, and if implemented, would be a …

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Friends of Science Calgary: The Myth of the 97% Consensus. Hey! They’re fooling you.

On March 17, 2017, Michelle Stirling presented “The Myth of the 97% Consensus” to the Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta. In her talk, she deconstructs a number of the most cited consensus surveys and explains why there is no 97% consensus, why this figure is repeatedly used as ‘statisticulation’ and what the Asch Conformity …

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Friends of Science Calgary: ELECTRIC CARS ARE NO THREAT TO OIL

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017 Robert Lyman will be one of our special guest speakers at the May 9th, 2017 “Climate Dogma Exposed” event at the Red and White Club, McMahon Stadium, Calgary.  Information and Tickets at or EventBrite. At a recent conference in Calgary, Steve Kronin, a former under secretary in the U.S. …

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