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This website is being used by Alan Carlin to present insights based on economics and science on current public policy issues, particularly climate change.

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Carlin Economics and Science: Did the Climate Scam Gain or Lose in the Mid-terms?

The most significant results of the Mid-term elections on the climate issue were at the state level, not the national level. And these changes were not very significant. The trends are similar to what has been happening since the 2016 election. Changes at the national level have been mainly based on the power of the […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: No New Blog Post This Week

Due to an unexpected change in the planned blog post for this week, I regret that there will be no new post until next week. Do come back late next week for a new post or read an earlier post that you have missed.

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Carlin Economics and Science: The IPCC’s Attempt to Move the Goalposts for Climate Change

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently issued a new report concerning the impacts of global warming of 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels, the goal of the Paris “Treaty.” In doing so, they changed the basic definition of how to measure climate by mixing existing and non-existing temperature data. This surely constitutes […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Environmental Idealism in Handling Plastic Waste Ignores Economics and Leads to Growing Ocean Pollution

Recycling of post-consumer plastic waste leads to problems despite the seeming virtuous goal of “recycling” so that plastic is never disposed of in landfills or incinerated. A recent report published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London explains how seeming virtuousness without attention to economics leads to disaster. Idealistic environmentalists want to create a […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Change Is Not an Exception that Justifies Government Intervention in Free Markets

Climate change is nothing more nor less than a faddish scam. Unfortunately, this is not unusual in environmental issues. One major problem is that there is no inexpensive way to “solve” it as climate alarmists claim. In fact, it could easily consume the entire national income of any nation that really tried to eliminate it. […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Richard Lindzen Verbally Demolishes the Climate Change Scam

On October 8, Dr. Richard Lindzen, a retired Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and one of if not the most distinguished academic meteorologist alive today, gave a brilliant speech on climate change sponsored by the Global Warming Policy Foundation in London. The full speech can be found here. James Delingpole’s summary […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Supreme Court Could Now End the Climate Wars

Many climate skeptics were hopeful that the election of Donald Trump would end the climate wars in the US on favorable terms. Many of us assumed that this would be done by persuading EPA to overturn the greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding (EF). But so far all that has happened is that a number of Obama […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: How Theoretical Possibilities Are Creating Problems in Other Areas Besides Climate Change

As everyone is all too aware, this has been the week of Kavanaugh versus his accuser. It now looks as if this farce will continue for at least one more week, and possibly more of bitter debate between the major US political parties. As a result it is much harder to learn about the “ordinary” […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Many Climate Scientists Have Unintentionally Aided and Abetted Climate Alarmists

One of the most curious aspects of the climate debate is that almost no one insists on mathematically rigorous tests of the major hypotheses that are involved. This is true among the warmists, of course, but is often true among the skeptics as well. Why the skeptics do not do so is beyond me. But […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Madness Intensifies

This week in climate has been somewhat crazier than most. Based on Florence, the usual suspects are claiming that hurricanes are becoming more intense, even though they are not. California has decided to go full “decarbonization.” Governor Brown invited all his climate friends to San Francisco to share their “insights” with each other. And Al […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Implications of Trump’s Choice of Science Adviser

For over a year outsiders seemed to expect that Professor William Happer, a physicist from Princeton, would be the Trump Administration’s Science Adviser. He had previously served as a (lower case) science adviser in the George H. W. Bush and Clinton Administrations, and could not be accused of being sympathetic to the Obama Administration on […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Inability to Write Post this Week

Due to an illness earlier this week it has not proved possible to write a post this week. I expect to resume writing them next week and regret the lapse this week.

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Carlin Economics and Science: Implications of EPA’s Proposed ACE Replacement for the CPP

This week EPA announced their proposed Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) replacement regulation for the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). The Obama Administration’s CPP regulation was intended to achieve much of the CO2 emissions reductions the US proposed under the Paris climate accord. The new ACE regulation is a substantially reduced version of the CPP, […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why the Climate Alarmists Are Winning at the State Level

I recently attended a public hearing sponsored by my state government on a state “energy plan” they are preparing. Now we all know that such plans often lead to government to interfere in the choice of energy sources. I was a little surprised that 70-80 people showed up since the state had already conducted similar […]

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Carlin Economics and Science: How Well Is EPA Actually Doing on Deregulation?

There is little doubt that the Trump Environmental Protection Agency is trying to roll back a number of Obama’s environmental regulations. And there is also little doubt that many deserve to be partially or fully withdrawn because they are not improving the environment or have so few economic benefits that they do not justify the

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Carlin Economics and Science: Time to Drain the Energy Swamp

By Viv Forbes Reproduced from: The Australian electricity market has become a stinking swamp covered with a tangled net of treaties, laws, rules, obligations, prohibitions, targets, taxes and subsidies. The swamp conceals the rubble of demolished coal generators; another plant destined for destruction (Liddell) is gradually…

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Carlin Economics and Science: Net Metering–Another “Renewable” Subsidy that Needs to Be Eliminated

In an efficient electrical generation system each source of electric power would compete against all other sources in terms of cost and reliability, and the result would be that only the most efficient sources would actually supply electricity. This would result in lower power costs and increased reliability of the system compared to the present

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Alarmists Are Not Really Interested in Humans or the Environment

Despite what you may have read from the Climate-Industrial Complex (CIC), especially their sympathizers in the mainstream press, burning fossil fuels helps everyone except the non-competitive renewable energy industry climate alarmists promote. Increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) have no significant effect on temperatures in the real world or on the frequency of extreme weather events.

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Trump Administration’s Likely Unwillingness to End the Climate Scam

It has become evident that the Pruitt EPA did not want to challenge the scientific climate “consensus,” either because they did not think that they could win the ensuing battle or because they wanted to avoid angering voters who accept the scientific “consensus” on climate. As pointed out repeatedly in my climate book and this

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Climate-Industrial Complex Finally Gets Their Man

After an unprecedented, even for Washington, attempt to smear Scott Pruitt for the purpose of forcing President Trump to ask for his resignation, the Climate-Industrial Complex (CIC) finally got President Trump today to accept the resignation of Pruitt, his Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency. The resources devoted to this effort by the CIC

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Carlin Economics and Science: The San Francisco Decision Has Scientific Errors but Uses Sound Legal Principles

The eco-left has long pursued legal strategies in support of their goals in addition to legislative and administrative ones. Their latest legal approach was to persuade various “blue” cities to file suits against major oil companies on the basis that the companies should be held liable for flooding and other hypothesized damages allegedly caused by

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Obama Administration Undermined Federal Benefit-Cost Analysis to Justify Its Climate-related Regulations

The Reagan Administration made a serious effort to require that benefit-cost analysis be used to determine whether all new major regulations were economically efficient. Such analyses had long been used for judging the efficiency of Federal water projects, but this was the first time that they were required for analyzing Federal regulations. The purpose was

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Carlin Economics and Science: What Will Be the Outcome of the Great Climate Scam?

An interesting question is what will be the outcome of the great climate scam? If Hillary Clinton had won in 2016 it is clear that all coal fossil fuel power plants would have been shut down and even some of the natural gas plants. By that time it would have become evident that all that

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Carlin Economics and Science: Two More Major Actions Are Needed before We Can Celebrate Victory over the CIC

A number of skeptic observers have recently marked the one year anniversary of President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris accord (for which the Senate never approved US participation) with favorable comments concerning how it was the right decision and how much progress has been made in the last year in decreasing the Climate-Industrial Complex‘s

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Short and Simple on Why Climate Alarmism Is Nonsense

One of the main arguments made by Al Gore for climate alarmism has been his claim that global temperatures will increase catastrophically with increases in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). He used a hokey correlation analysis to try to prove his case. There is indeed a relationship between temperatures and CO2 since CO2 levels

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Proposed Wind and Solar Power Projects Should Be Rejected Nationwide

While USEPA is trying to reduce the number of regulations it has, the climate industrial complex (CIC) is busy making use of Federal and other subsidies to promote their inefficient, unreliable, and expensive “renewable” sources of electric power. America, however, is more and more dependent on reliable and inexpensive electric power for almost everything it

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Carlin Economics and Science: Press Release on New Research Report Showing CO2 Has No Significant Effect on Temperatures

As discussed last week, several reports have shown in the last year or two that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not significantly affect global temperatures, contrary to endless repetitions to the contrary by climate alarmists and the mainstream press. Today some of the same authors of the reports discussed last week have released a new report

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Carlin Economics and Science: Both Sides Ignore the Major Finding of Recent Climate Research

The major development in climate science in the last year or two is something almost no one talks about–strong evidence that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have no significant effect on global temperatures in the real world over recent decades. The studies involved conclude that the minor increases in global temperatures during this period

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Carlin Economics and Science: “Environmental” Orthodoxy Can Be Deadly for Humans and Ecosystems

As discussed in my book on climate, one of the many problems with the CIC’s climate “consensus” is that it ends up delaying if not destroying the hopes of billions of people in less developed countries (LDCs) to reduce their exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) and reduce their endless efforts to scavenge for wood

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Pruitt’s Decision to End EPA “Secret Science” Is So Important

This week EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt banned the use of “secret science” in EPA regulatory decision making. The

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