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This website is being used by Alan Carlin to present insights based on economics and science on current public policy issues, particularly climate change.

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Trump Administration’s Likely Unwillingness to End the Climate Scam

It has become evident that the Pruitt EPA did not want to challenge the scientific climate “consensus,” either because they did not think that they could win the ensuing battle or because they wanted to avoid angering voters who accept the scientific “consensus” on climate. As pointed out repeatedly in my climate book and this

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Climate-Industrial Complex Finally Gets Their Man

After an unprecedented, even for Washington, attempt to smear Scott Pruitt for the purpose of forcing President Trump to ask for his resignation, the Climate-Industrial Complex (CIC) finally got President Trump today to accept the resignation of Pruitt, his Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency. The resources devoted to this effort by the CIC

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Carlin Economics and Science: The San Francisco Decision Has Scientific Errors but Uses Sound Legal Principles

The eco-left has long pursued legal strategies in support of their goals in addition to legislative and administrative ones. Their latest legal approach was to persuade various “blue” cities to file suits against major oil companies on the basis that the companies should be held liable for flooding and other hypothesized damages allegedly caused by

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Obama Administration Undermined Federal Benefit-Cost Analysis to Justify Its Climate-related Regulations

The Reagan Administration made a serious effort to require that benefit-cost analysis be used to determine whether all new major regulations were economically efficient. Such analyses had long been used for judging the efficiency of Federal water projects, but this was the first time that they were required for analyzing Federal regulations. The purpose was

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Carlin Economics and Science: What Will Be the Outcome of the Great Climate Scam?

An interesting question is what will be the outcome of the great climate scam? If Hillary Clinton had won in 2016 it is clear that all coal fossil fuel power plants would have been shut down and even some of the natural gas plants. By that time it would have become evident that all that

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Carlin Economics and Science: Two More Major Actions Are Needed before We Can Celebrate Victory over the CIC

A number of skeptic observers have recently marked the one year anniversary of President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris accord (for which the Senate never approved US participation) with favorable comments concerning how it was the right decision and how much progress has been made in the last year in decreasing the Climate-Industrial Complex‘s

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Short and Simple on Why Climate Alarmism Is Nonsense

One of the main arguments made by Al Gore for climate alarmism has been his claim that global temperatures will increase catastrophically with increases in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). He used a hokey correlation analysis to try to prove his case. There is indeed a relationship between temperatures and CO2 since CO2 levels

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Proposed Wind and Solar Power Projects Should Be Rejected Nationwide

While USEPA is trying to reduce the number of regulations it has, the climate industrial complex (CIC) is busy making use of Federal and other subsidies to promote their inefficient, unreliable, and expensive “renewable” sources of electric power. America, however, is more and more dependent on reliable and inexpensive electric power for almost everything it

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Carlin Economics and Science: Press Release on New Research Report Showing CO2 Has No Significant Effect on Temperatures

As discussed last week, several reports have shown in the last year or two that carbon dioxide (CO2) does not significantly affect global temperatures, contrary to endless repetitions to the contrary by climate alarmists and the mainstream press. Today some of the same authors of the reports discussed last week have released a new report

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Carlin Economics and Science: Both Sides Ignore the Major Finding of Recent Climate Research

The major development in climate science in the last year or two is something almost no one talks about–strong evidence that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have no significant effect on global temperatures in the real world over recent decades. The studies involved conclude that the minor increases in global temperatures during this period

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Carlin Economics and Science: “Environmental” Orthodoxy Can Be Deadly for Humans and Ecosystems

As discussed in my book on climate, one of the many problems with the CIC’s climate “consensus” is that it ends up delaying if not destroying the hopes of billions of people in less developed countries (LDCs) to reduce their exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP) and reduce their endless efforts to scavenge for wood

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Pruitt’s Decision to End EPA “Secret Science” Is So Important

This week EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt banned the use of “secret science” in EPA regulatory decision making. The

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Carlin Economics and Science: The “Environmentalists” Have Indeed Gone Mad and Probably Will Continue to Do So

Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day 2018. It may be useful to recall the gross inaccuracy of the predictions made on the first Earth Day in 1970, and to wonder how the predictions of environmental doom in 2018 will stand up 48 years from now. In 1970 the primary emphasis was on the risks posed

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Carlin Economics and Science: President Trump Strongly Supports Pruitt Over CIC Allegations

President Trump sent the following Twitter message on April 7 with regard to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s performance: While Security spending was somewhat more than his predecessor, Scott Pruitt has received death threats because of his bold actions at EPA. Record clean Air & Water while saving USA Billions of Dollars. Rent was about market

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Carlin Economics and Science: It Is Time to Decrease the Influence of the CIC Swamp Dwellers, Not Scott Pruitt

The Climate Industrial Complex (CIC) has decided to play dirty. They obviously do not like Scott Pruitt and apparently decided that since they cannot win on the doubtful merits of their arguments or their standard media scare tactics, the best way to proceed was to attack any and all perceived ethical and excessive cost problems

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