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This website is being used by Alan Carlin to present insights based on economics and science on current public policy issues, particularly climate change.

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Democratic Party Has Incurred Major Electoral Losses by Its Mistaken Support for Climate Alarmism

For inexplicable reasons the Democratic Party has in many ways made itself the “Green Party,” and thereby has incurred major electoral losses. Each time it loses as a result of its increasingly green ideology, it has responded by doubling down on its green bet. The underlying miscalculation they have made is a result of the

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the CIC Is Working to Prevent EPA from Using Good Science

After several decades of pioneering work, the “environmental” movement was captured by environmental extremists during the last few decades of the last century; EPA, in turn, was effectively captured by the “environmental” movement starting during the Clinton Administration and in a very accelerated way during the Obama Administration. This capture of EPA was not limited

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Real Potential Climate Problem Is Caused by the Climate Alarmists Themselves

The climate alarmists would like you to believe that Planet Earth is in danger of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW). Their “evidence” are sophisticated global climate models that they claim can predict future temperatures. The models, of course, are built by the alarmists and, of course, yield the results they desire. They are basically worthless

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Carlin Economics and Science: Reducing CO2 Emissions Is Not a Useful Substitute for Effective Stormwater Management

Hurricane Harvey has undoubtedly caused great damage to Houston and surrounding areas on the Texas Coast. The climate alarmists have immediately tried to blame carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by humans, of course. My comment is that if the US had devoted the resources wasted on CO2-oriented climate research and building “renewable” sources of energy on

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Idea of Renewable Energy Is Reported to Have Originated with the Nazis; at Least They Were Wise Enough to Reject It

The renewable energy zealots have never publicized where their renewable energy idea originally came from. It has now been reported that it came from the Nazis. But in 1936 the Nazis had the good sense to reject it as one of their guiding principles for their energy supply. They realized that it would cost too

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Revoking the EPA GHG Endangerment Finding Is the Most Urgent Climate Action Needed

Last week I explained in general terms why the basic methodology used by the UN to justify its climate alarmism is hopeless for the purpose and proves nothing other than how gullible the Climate-industrial Complex (CIC) thinks the world is. This week Fox News has published an analysis showing how the Draft National Climate Assessment

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Alarmist Reports Should Be Ignored Where They Use Bad Methodology and Data

Like other liberal news outlets, the New York Times has been busy printing unapproved internal Trump Administration material this year. On August 8, 2017 they printed a Draft Report as part of a new National Climate Assessment. It was prepared primarily during the Obama Administration by a Federal inter-agency group and is still residing on

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Carlin Economics and Science: How Your Tax Dollars May Save Energy but End Up Penalizing Homeowners

Governments often intervene in markets. In a very few cases this can be justified because markets may provide important misleading signals because they do not take into account the effects of particular activities or products on those not involved in these activities or production or consumption of various products. This is the justification for many

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why the Fossil Fuel Revolution Is Good for Both Humans and the Environment

The fossil fuel revolution that started in the Eighteen and Nineteenth Centuries was not planned by governments. It occurred because humans found fossil fuels useful in their daily lives. In later years fossil fuels made possible even more useful forms of energy generated using fossil fuels, particularly electricity. With assistance from increasing human ingenuity, the

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Carlin Economics and Science: Electricity Consumers Group Adds New Study into Their Call for EPA to Reopen Its Endangerment Finding

Three weeks ago I posted information on a new research report authored by Drs. James Wallace III, Joseph d’Aleo, and Craig Idso which concluded that the surface temperature data used by most climate alarmists lack the credibility required for policy making or climate modeling. This includes the repeated claims made by climate alarmists that new

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Climate Alarmists’ Gross Perversion of the Word Clean

Climate alarmists have gone to endless efforts to gain public acceptance of their doomsday premise that the world must greatly reduce its use of fossil fuels to avoid catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. They have fudged the surface temperature data, used meaningless climate models, argued that human emissions of carbon dioxide will warm the planet despite

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Carlin Economics and Science: A Modest and Equitable Solution to the “Climate”/Energy “Problem”

I would not object if the so-called “environmentalists” swept away all the trappings of modern civilization in their own lives that involve use of fossil fuels, including cars, airplanes, washing machines, trucks and the rest and went to live as their ancestors did. In fact, all that they would need to do would be to

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Carlin Economics and Science: New Research Report on the Validity of Global Average Surface Temperature Data and EPA’s GHG Endangerment Finding

A new report finds that the three Global Average Surface Temperatures (GAST) data sets used by climate alarmists are not a valid representation of reality, including their repeated claims of highest recorded average temperatures. Authored by Drs. James P. Wallace III, Joseph S. d’Aleo, and Craig D. Idso, the new extensively peer reviewed research report

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Climate Doomsters Are the Problem, Not the Solution They Claim to Be

Climate alarmists are basically failed doomsday forecasters. For a few examples see here. They believe that the world as we know it will disappear, usually because of global warming, more recently renamed climate change, often in ten years or so. But they hold out one ray of hope. If the world greatly decreases emissions of

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