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This website is being used by Alan Carlin to present insights based on economics and science on current public policy issues, particularly climate change.

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Major Effects an Invalid Scientific Hypothesis Can Have

Scientific hypotheses can have an enormous effects even if they are invalid, especially if they are widely believed. Can you guess which one I am describing? Here are some clues: What scientific hypothesis has been shown to be invalid? [See here and here for specific problems; for more general discussion see here.] leads to policies

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Carlin Economics and Science: Shots Fired at Office Floor of Co-author of Research Report Showing Carbon Dioxide Has No Significant Effect on Global Warming

Over the weekend seven shots were fired at the office floor occupied by Dr. John Christy’s office on the campus of the University of Alabama at Huntsville. The “March for Science” went past the building on Saturday. Dr. Christy is Alabama State Climatologist, a prominent climate researcher, a climate skeptic, and co-author of a pathbreaking

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Carlin Economics and Science: Second Edition of Pathbreaking Research Report Shows the Orwellian Nature of the “March for Science”

Despite Saturday’s so-called “March for Science,” the almost simultaneous release of a Second Edition of a Research Report showing the exact opposite of what some of the marchers claim to be the conclusions of climate science has brought home the Orwellian reality that the marchers have gotten their claims concerning what the science says exactly

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the WSJ Gets It Wrong on Reconsideration of EPA’s GHG Endangerment Finding

On April 18, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial supporting EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s position against reconsidering the Endangerment Finding (EF) on Greenhouse Gases. The editorial makes six basic points: 1. WSJ: Finding has been upheld by the courts. My comment: The issue is not whether the current EF was upheld, the issue is

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why the Private Marketplace Is a Better Bet than Government Fiat on Climate Issues

What the climate alarmists are basically arguing is that decisions on energy use and production should be determined by government on the basis of their preferences. If they were being logical they would need to find that the long used decision making system on these issues consisting largely of private decisions in the economic marketplace

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Carlin Economics and Science: News Reports on Endangerment Finding Petitions to USEPA

On Sunday I added a post concerning one of two petitions I know of to the US Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its Endangerment Finding (EF) for Greenhouse Gases issued in December, 2009. The EF is the legal basis for EPA’s subsequent efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). If it should be rescinded

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council Calls on President Trump and EPA to Reconsider and Vacate the Scientifically Invalid CO2 Endangerment Finding

I have previously discussed how important it is for the US Environmental Protection Agency to revisit and revoke the EPA Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases issued in 2009. To date the USEPA has not decided to do so. I have suggested how anyone who pays electric bills can petition the USEPA to do this. What

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why “Environmental” Groups Have Gone Mad

I am sure that I have long since been ex-communicated by most “environmental” groups, but I still regard myself as an environmentalist in that I believe that the natural world should be preserved when it can be shown that such action will also be economically beneficial. My goal is to improve both human welfare and

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Carlin Economics and Science: Trump’s Energy Executive Order: A Good Beginning but Much More Is Needed

This week has been an important one in the battle over climate change. On March 28 Trump signed and released a new Executive Order (EO) on “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth.” On March 29 the House Science Committee held a hearing on “Climate Science: Assumptions, Policy Implications, and the Scientific Method.” Trump’s Executive Order

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Fundamental Issue in Climate Science Resolved

It has been a long time in coming, but we can now say with some confidence what the answer is to the most important question in climate science. As is all too well known, the climate alarmists have one fairly uniform answer, which they claim is part of their “consensus.” Climate skeptics, on the other

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Carlin Economics and Science: A Particularly Troublesome Aspect of Climate Alarmism

Last week EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt stated that: “I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do, and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” I can only

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Carlin Economics and Science: Government Intervention in the Energy Markets Is the Main Danger, Not CO2

The rumors concerning the Trump Administration’s climate policies are not all favorable. The Daily Caller says that the Trump Administration will issue an executive order to rescind or revise the Obama Administration’s so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP) next week. I count that as a plus and consistent with Trump’s campaign promises. But there is also

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why the Climate-industrial Complex Needs to Be Publicly Attacked and Deligitimized

The first indications of climate policy equivocation by the Trump Administration have appeared in the past week. It has also become clear that two members of the Trump family support the Climate-industrial Complex (CIC), as defined in my book, Environmentalism Gone Mad. I had hoped for better, but this is not exactly unexpected. The CIC

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Carlin Economics and Science: How Climate Alarmists’ “Solution” Ignores Readily Available Scientific Evidence

Suppose you believe that the Earth is about to experience a catastrophic increase in its ground-level temperatures because of minor (compared to natural sources) human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a very weak greenhouse gas. Additional effects are particularly minor at the higher atmospheric concentrations now being experienced. But you advocate reducing these emissions. This

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Time Has Come to Implement Trump’s Environmental Campaign Promises

The Trump campaign promises to rationalize Federal Government environmental policy may be about to face their first major test. Trump’s nominee to head the US Environmental Protection Agency was confirmed today by the US Senate. Trump’s strong stand against environmental extremism during the campaign may have been delayed in its implementation by the need to

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Carbon Tax Proposal that Never Dies Despite the Lack of Any Need for It

This week some Republican Party elders argued for a carbon tax as a replacement for the Obama Administration’s regulations mandating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reductions in the electric power generating industry, among others. I agree that if it were actually advantageous to reduce such emissions, a carbon tax approach offers advantages, including its greater efficiency

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Carlin Economics and Science: Climate Stability and Political Stability

The basic scare tactic spread by climate alarmists is that climate is so unstable that a slow increase in a very minor but vital constituent of the atmosphere will result in runaway increases in global temperatures. It turns out that the climate system is actually amazingly stable, however, so none of the alarmists’ predictions have

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Urgency of Revoking the USEPA’s GHG Endangerment Finding

The Trump Administration has been rolling out Executive orders on a daily basis to implement many of President Trump’s campaign promises. These include a number of orders related to environmental and energy policy. But possibly because Trump never made any promises related to revoking the USEPA Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Endangerment Finding (EF), there has been

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Carlin Economics and Science: An America First Energy Plan

As expected, the Trump Administration has lost no time in emphasizing its plans to develop US energy resources, particularly on Federal land. This appeared in the last few hours on the White House website: Energy is an essential part of American life and a staple of the world economy. The Trump Administration is committed to

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Carlin Economics and Science: A Major Gap in the Climate Alarmist Narrative

The UN and other climate alarmists claim that the climate will warm catastrophically unless immediate action is taken to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels. They claim that the very minor increases in heat generated by human-caused added CO2 will cause the alarming warming. This is highly unlikely because virtually all of the

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why the Green Climate Scare Defies 300 Million Years of Climate History

The UN IPCC reports on climate are truly unusual scientifically. Without any serious discussion or even an attempt to point out their unusual nature, they try to convince readers that the basic nature of Earth’s climate has been radically changed after more than 300 million years, all because one very minor constituent of the atmosphere

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Developed World Wastes $1.5 Trillion PER YEAR on the Basis of Useless Models

One estimate is that the world is spending about $1.5 trillion per year on “green energy.” Never in the history of the world has so much been spent on the basis of so little valid science. The general circulation (computer) models (GCMs) relied upon by the UN and EPA consistently substantially overestimate the actual temperatures

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Alarmists Have Missed the Big Picture

Climate alarmists are primarily concerned that man’s activities will result in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW). They appear to have missed the big picture. Global atmospheric temperatures as well as atmospheric CO2 have been gradually and erratically falling for most of Earth’s history, but not in unison. These temperatures have now reached such a low

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Carlin Economics and Science: After a Tumultuos Year, 2016 Appears to Hold Out Hope for the Demise of Climate Alarmism

As the end of the year approaches, perhaps it is time to make an accounting of 2016 from a climate viewpoint. The high points of the year were the stay by the Supreme Court on implementation of the EPA’s so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP) on February 9. This stay remained in effect for the rest

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Carlin Economics and Science: Fossil Fuel Energy Development: The Trump Administration’s Priority

It became ever clearer during the last week that the Trump Administration wants to emphasize low cost, reliable fossil fuel energy development and to deemphasize expensive and unreliable wind and solar development. Their latest nominations for Federal department heads in natural resource and environmental areas are uniformly climate skeptics and strong supporters of fossil fuel

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Carlin Economics and Science: How Trump’s Climate Skepticism Can Play a Crucial Role in Achieving His Larger Objectives

It is all too clear that the Climate-industrial Complex (CIC) has not abandoned its support for climate alarmism despite the shock of Donald Trump’s election. Instead, the last few weeks have witnessed their first counterattack–to try to persuade Trump of the virtues of their cause. The first effort was launched by the New York Times

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Carlin Economics and Science: Reducing Human CO2 Emissions: A Non-Solution to a Non-Problem

The climate alarmists maintain that continued burning of fossil fuels will bring about catastrophic global warming/climate change and the world should not only greatly decrease CO2 emissions but recently that the world should even keep fossil fuels in the ground. They claim that the fossil fuels can be replaced by wind and solar (but not

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate/Energy Will Be the Real Test of the Trump Administration

There is probably no policy area where the “progressive” left has gone further off the deep end than climate/energy, especially during the Obama Administration. The policies they advocate have simply been insane since they make no economic, scientific, Constitutional/legal or even environmental sense. They make no economic sense because they would seriously decrease US competitiveness,…

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Carlin Economics and Science: An Unanticipated Opportunity to Change Course on Climate before Even More Damage Is Done

My climate book emphasized the critical role that the 2016 Presidential election was likely to play in the ultimate outcome of the climate issue. This turned out to be the case even though climate was not a major issue in the campaign. Just when it appeared all too likely that the climate hoax/scam was about

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Carlin Economics and Science: A Proposed Early Priority for the Trump Administration: A Letter to USEPA to Reconsider and Withdraw Its GHG Endangerment Finding

In March, 2009 I prepared almost 100 pages of comments to EPA concerning the need to revise the draft Technical Support Document (TSD) for the EPA Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). The three main points in my comments were that the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) hypothesis is invalid from a scientific viewpoint because

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