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This website is being used by Alan Carlin to present insights based on economics and science on current public policy issues, particularly climate change.

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why CHECC Believes It is Essential to Repeal the EF, Not Replace the CPP

My February 16 post explains why it is crucial for the US Environmental Protection Agency to repeal but not replace the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and instead reconsider and repeal the EPA GHG Endangerment Finding (EF) as part of its proposal to repeal the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan. On February 26 the Concerned Household

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Enormous Costs of Remaking the US Electric Power System

The climate alarmists are not only trying to argue that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and human-caused emissions should be controlled and reduced rather than the miracle molecule that makes life on Earth possible. They are also trying to get others to pay the extremely high costs of rebuilding and replacing the non-“renewable” plus hydro

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Carlin Economics and Science: How the Climate Alarmists Managed to Get Everything Wrong

Several decades ago the “environmentalists” decided to push the alleged threat of global warming (before hedging it by renaming it climate change). This would appear to be opportunistic to say the least. When global warming was occurring, they used that as the threat to get public and governmental attention and campaign to “prevent” it from

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Alarmist “Environmetalists” Are the Enemies of Human Civilization and Plants

Humans can primarily thank two things for their current successful presence on Earth and the advanced civilization they live in in wealthy countries. One is the arrival of the current interglacial period (technically called the Holocene) a little more than about 10,000 years ago and the discovery and use of fossil fuels. The good and

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Carlin Economics and Science: Rebuttals to Ten Typical False Claims by Climate Alarmists

Climate alarmists are constantly trying to justify their misguided goal of decreasing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the basic molecules that makes possible life on Earth, by making various claims as to the alleged adverse effects of increasing emissions of CO2. To date these claims have either been shown to be false or

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Carlin Economics and Science: Repealing the Climate Endangerment Finding Is Crucial to Restoring EPA’s Integrity

USEPA is currently reviewing a number of Obama-era regulations with the apparent intention of repealing or revising some of them. They appear to have a plan as to how to do this, with what they view as the most egregious regulations to be revised or eliminated first and with an early deadline for completing the

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Carlin Economics and Science: Senate Spending Deal Includes Bolstered Tax Credits and Other Subsidies Advocated by Climate Alarmists and Their Allies

On Wednesday night, February 7, the Senate released 600 pages containing the language of the proposed budget deal to be voted on tonight. It extends a lot of tax cuts for individuals and businesses for 2017. Yes, you read that right. It’s a massive retroactive tax break. It includes several extensions of energy tax provisions

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Irrationality of the Democratic Party with Respect to Environmentalism

According to an internet report two of the nation’s leading pollsters released polling results with strategies to elevate conservation issues in the 2018 midterms while conceding policies like climate change and public lands were low priorities for voters in the 2016 presidential election. This is what they concluded: Both pollsters admitted that issues broadly defined

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Carlin Economics and Science: Climate Alarmism Is Based on GCMs and Thus on Nothing

There are many problems with the General Circulation Models (GCMs) used by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and climate alarmists as the basis for their doctrine that CO2 is a pollutant and that increases in CO2 emissions will result in catastrophic increases in atmospheric temperatures (the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming or CAGW

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Carlin Economics and Science: Why Climate Alarmism Is Mad

Climate change will occur whether humans try to influence it or not. None of the current alarmist proposals to affect climate change will have any measurable effect on temperatures. Greater efforts by the US or other developed nations to lower CO2 emissions will not result in lower world emissions relative to current levels since less

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Carlin Economics and Science: USEPA Shows What Can Happen When a Regulatory Agency Is Captured by Zealots

Any regulatory “good cause” can be carried too far. Eventually most of the more important changes needed have been accomplished or have proved too difficult to accomplish. At that point those favoring the “good cause” begin to find problems that do not exist, are not worth trying to regulate, or are so poorly understood that

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Carlin Economics and Science: US Deep Freeze Raises Serious Concerns about Climate Alarmist Policies

Most of the United States has been locked in a deep freeze for a number of weeks that almost everyone affected would dearly love to escape from. The deep freeze has posed immediate and potentially serious consequences for those living in the New England states of the US. They need to keep warm, but are

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Increasingly Bad Science and Economics Used by the Environmental Movement and EPA

In recent years my emphasis has been on the science and economics of climate change since climate is surely the poster child for the increasing madness of the environmental movement. The principal problem, I have argued, is the failure of USEPA as well as the environmental movement to use good science and economics in a

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Radical “Environmentalists” Are Too Often the Problem, Not the Answer

Modern “environmentalists” are increasingly not the answer to environmental problems; they are too often the primary problem. They are attempting to remake society, government, and the economy to solve what they claim are environmental problems. Their “cures” are often much worse than the problems, which are increasingly more minor or even non-problems. Some of the

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Carlin Economics and Science: What’s at Stake in US Adoption of Climate Alarmist Policies

It is all too easy to forget what is at stake in the attempts by the Obama Administration and climate alarmists to implement climate alarmist policies in the US. One of the primary issues is whether the US would be wise to greatly increase the cost of energy used in the US by making it

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Carlin Economics and Science: Trump Reportedly Supports Pruitt’s Plan To Set Up Formal Climate Science Assessment

It is reported that President Trump has privately said he supports a public debate to challenge mainstream climate science, according to administration officials. But there’s infighting about how it should occur — if at all. The President has reportedly told U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt during several conversations that he supports Pruitt’s plan for a

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Carlin Economics and Science: None of the Climate Alarmist Apocalypses Have Occurred or Are Even Possible

The climate alarmists have long tried to sell their apocalyptic scam by claiming that their policies will avoid catastrophic increases in global temperatures. The Daily Caller has recently inventoried some of the widely publicized such climate apocalypses predicted over the last 30 years by examining 12 of them. The alarmists’ 12 apocalyptic predictions have proved

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Carlin Economics and Science: Added Information on APS Red/Blue Workshop

Cfact today published a short blog post that provides added background concerning the red/blue team workshop sponsored by the American Physical Society in 2014. Those who wish to learn more about the workshop may find it useful to read the Cfact post before plunging into the 583 page APS transcript. See also my related previous

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Carlin Economics and Science: Red Team/Blue Team Review to Start Soon

Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, stated at a conference sponsored by the Texas Public Policy Foundations on November 30 in Washington that he had talked to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt last week. Pruitt, he said, told him that the red team/blue team review that Pruitt has been proposing to debate climate science for several

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Carlin Economics and Science: New Essay by Rupert Darwall Highlights a Previous Assessment of Climate Science

The Competitive Enterprise Institute yesterday made available an essay by Rupert Darwall that explores the expressions of public certainty and private uncertainty by climate scientists at a small workshop organized by the American Physical Society (APS) in 2014. The essay extensively references the workshop transcript, which can be downloaded from the APS. Scott Pruitt, the

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Carlin Economics and Science: Europe’s Increasing Opposition to Climate Alarmism May Prove to Be Important

Perhaps the most significant recent development in climate alarmism is the increasing internal polarization of two major European countries. In recent years Western Europe has been the primary home of climate alarmism. The negotiations to form a new German government have broken down on several issues, of which climate may be the most important. This

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Carlin Economics and Science: Green Energy Train to Energy Poverty: How Environmental Activists and Liberal Politicians Are ‘Grubering’ America on Climate and Energy

Guest essay by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, who was an advisor to Obama on the Obamacare Act mocked the “stupidity” of American voters and boasted of the Obama Administration’s ability to take advantage of it. They did that for Obamacare but also, in partnership with the environmental left for their regulatory siege,

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Carlin Economics and Science: White House Approval of the CSSR

As reported last week my understanding is that issuance of the Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) was approved by the White House. Approval reportedly came at a meeting chaired by Gary Cohn, the Director of the National Economic Council and chief economic adviser to President Trump. He previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Unfortunate Apparent Approval of the CSSR by the Trunp Administration

The Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) was released last week by the US Government. It was reported by some newspapers that the Report had received the approval of the White House for its release. If so, this would appear to rule out inattention by the Trump Administration as the reason for the approval, especially given

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Carlin Economics and Science: The Carbon Tax Option

Given the tax reform effort currently under way in Congress this would seem an appropriate time to consider the usefulness of a carbon tax to increase Federal revenue even though no such proposal (happily) is in the current tax bill. The first question, of course, is whether this perennial idea has any intrinsic merit. The

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Carlin Economics and Science: Scott Pruitt is Dead Right: EPA Never Seriously Considered the Science Used in Its 2009 GHG/CO2 Endangerment Finding

Last week I reported on a petition signed by over 60 climate experts (others can still do so) asking EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to reopen EPA’s GHG Endangerment Finding (EF). Late in the week it was reported that he had stated that: “This is the first time in history that this ever occurred. This Agency

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Carlin Economics and Science: Letter to EPA Administrator Pruitt Signed by Over 60 Climate Experts Urges Revocation of the GHG Endangerment Finding

As I argued in an August post, the most important thing that USEPA could accomplish is the revocation of their 2009 GHG Endangerment Finding (EF). Last week EPA proposed to accomplish some of what needs to be done by proposing the repeal of its “Clean” Power Plan (CPP), but this is just one of the

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Carlin Economics and Science: EPA’s CPP Repeal Gambit

The major climate news this week has been EPA’s decision to propose repealing its “Clean” Power Plan (CPP) regulation promulgated in 2015, primarily on the basis of the very bad law and economics used by the Obama Administration in its promulgation, as explained in some detail in my 2015 book. The one clear winner will

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Carlin Economics and Science: Climate Alarmism Is a Typical Scientific Scam but with Much More Serious Consequences

Climate alarmism is an all too typical scientific scam replete with failure to follow the scientific method and many of the common illogical fallacies going back to Aristotle. The difference is that its proponents have had almost infinite resources to sell their scam, especially taking into account the “free” media support supplied by the mainstream

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Carlin Economics and Science: No Post Last Week

Due to extensive travel this past week it has not proved possible to prepare a blog post. I plan to do so during this upcoming week.

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