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My name is Tom Fuller. I’ve been writing on climate change for a few years and more recently have focused on energy and especially energy consumption. That has greatly increased my interest in climate change issues.

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The Lukewarmers Way: Reconciling Emissions Data With Concentrations and Energy Consumption

According to the US Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, in 2016 the world consumed 580.7 quadrillion British Thermal Units, lovingly known as ‘quads.’ In 2010 we consumed 512 quads,a growth rate of about 2%. Reported emissions of greenhouse gases …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Building For The Past, Remembering The Future

Okay, I’m back–at least for this post. Whereas in recent incarnations I have been focused on the fact I was convinced I had something worthwhile to write, I am now (for today at least) going to try and write something …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Last Post: The Lukewarmer’s Way

Well, the blog has that title, I wrote a book with that title–it’s only fitting that my last post for the foreseeable future should have it as well. I’d like to thank all my readers for their patronage, and especially …

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The Lukewarmers Way: A Winning Political Strategy Against The Konsensus

Yesterday I painted a rather gloomy picture of brownouts and forced rationing of CO2 emissions, the logical outcome of the Konsensus strategy to defeat global warming. (Repeated disclaimer: There is a broad consensus in science on a narrow interpretation of …

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The Lukewarmers Way: I Believe They Will Ration Your CO2 Emissions. I Believe They Will Cheat On The Numbers.

As a progressive liberal I found a lot to like in Richard Thaler and  Cass Sustein’s book ‘Nudge.’ Boiled down to an elevator pitch, it argues that if the school cafeteria places fruit at eye level and the chocolate brownie …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Start of the Next Hiatus

Well, I’m not referring to global average temperatures… I intend to put The Lukewarmer’s Way in mothballs for an undetermined period of time. My farewell post will probably be Sunday or Monday. I’ve stopped blogging several times in the past, …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Yep, That Sea Level Rise Will Get ‘Em

Apologies for the less than substantial nature of this and other recent posts. Lots going on and I’ll explain a bit more in a future post. In news that may surprise you, The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme has …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Funny, I Thought We’d Have More Choices

Bill Nye the Science Guy apparently wants to send me to prison because I don’t support his policies on climate change. Sarah Palin thinks climate change is not real and that Bill Nye is not a scientist. Are these the …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Three Cities That Actually Get It Regarding Climate Change

Although much of the coverage of climate change just depresses me (Sarah Palin talking about Bill Nye the Science Guy? Really?), I occasionally find an article that gives me hope. Today that article comes from Mail and Guardian Africa, titled …

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The Lukewarmers Way: Evaluating the Expertise of Climate Scientists

James Hansen took his degree in astrophysics, not normally a climate-related field. Nonetheless, few would argue that he is not an expert on climate change. On the other hand, Freeman Dyson is possibly the second smartest person on the planet, …

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