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NOAA: Why does the start of summer mean a higher probability of severe weather?

April showers bring May flowers, but what does June bring? History says mid-to-late June brings a higher probability of severe weather across much of the contiguous United States.

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NOAA: Dearest TAO: A love letter to marine-based observations

How much do ENSO blog writers like marine-based observations? Enough for one of them to write a love letter to a buoy. 

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NOAA: U.S. summer extremes: coldest and warmest first days of summer

How do this year’s temperatures on the first day of summer compare to historical highs and lows?  Compare your local conditions to these maps showing the warmest and coldest first days of summer for more than 4,000 U.S. locations. 

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NOAA: Globe has third warmest May on record

The May temperature across global land and ocean surfaces was 1.49°F above the twentieth-century average of 58.6°F.  Since 1880, May temperatures have been rising by 0.13°F (0.07°C) per decade. 

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NOAA: As the North Slope of Alaska warms, greenhouse gases have nowhere to go but up

Thanks to warming winters and thawing permafrost, Arctic soil microbes are churning out carbon dioxide well after the end of the growing season ends. This extra source of atmospheric carbon may accelerate a regional warming trend that is already twice as fast as the global average. 

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NOAA: Torrential rains swamp southern Florida, make serious dent in drought

Heavy rain in the first part of June has put a significant dent in the recent drought conditions in Florida. 

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NOAA: Cyclone Mora hits vulnerable Bangladesh

In late May, cyclone Mora made landfall across Bangladesh, a country vulnerable to cyclones and sea level rise.

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NOAA: June 2017 ENSO update: pancake breakfast

Our blogger discusses the ENSO forecast, with a side of climate change.

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NOAA: A look at drought in Florida from a surveillance system that doesn’t need rainfall data

At the end of May 2017, central Florida was the only part of the contiguous United States experiencing extreme drought. These maps come from a new drought surveillance system that can detect vegetation stress without knowing anything about how much it has rained.      

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NOAA: Coupling between marine boundary layer clouds and summer-to-summer sea surface temperature variability over the North Atlantic and Pacific

A study published in Climate Dynamics suggests that deficient simulations of marine boundary layer clouds—which interact with it the ocean—lead to poor simulation of summer-to-summer sea surface .

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NOAA: A Climate Services Database for Western States

The Climate Services Database for the Western States provided by the Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS) is now available.The project was created as a result of a partnership between ...

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NOAA: Underwater gliders provide high-resolution observations in the Gulf Stream

A paper explaining CPO-supported research with underwater Spray gliders appeared in Geophysical Research Letters. Spray gliders provide high-resolution observations along the U.S.

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NOAA: Climate impacts of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

A study recently published in the Journal of Climate emphasizes the importance of the North Atlantic Ocean for Atlantic Multidecadal Variability (AMV), which can lead to improved rainfall ...

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NOAA: Bad news for Southeast peaches: Something freezing this way came

In mid-March, a cold air outbreak brought freezing temperatures to the Southeast devastating crops and causing over $1 billion in agricultural losses. For those of us who love fruit this is bad news. In this Beyond the Data post, we explain  why it was so devastating even though freezing temperatures in mid-March aren’t that unusual for the Southeast.

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NOAA: NOAA-funded researcher Libby Barnes talks about the special challenges of forecasting in the gap between weather and climate

Between the weekly forecast and a seasonal outlook—and often less accurate than both—sit “sub-seasonal” weather predictions. In this profile, atmospheric scientist Libby Barnes talks about her work leading a NOAA task force whose members are trying to overcome the special challenges of forecasting over the 2-week to 2-month horizon. 

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NOAA: NOAA releases 2017 hurricane outlook for the Atlantic Ocean

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center releases its 2017 Atlantic hurricane outlook, saying odds favor an above-normal hurricane season.

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NOAA: NOAA begins transition of powerful new tool to improve hurricane forecasts

NOAA will begin using its newest weather prediction tool -- the dynamic core,  Finite-Volume on a Cubed-Sphere   (FV3), to provide high quality guidance to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center

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NOAA: Low sea ice in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska

A mild winter and warm spring have led to a large patch of open water in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska, an extremely unusual—possibly unprecedented—occurrence for mid-May. 

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NOAA: ENSO forecasters in offices getting coffee

Our ENSO blogger sits down with Ken Takahashi, an ENSO forecaster from Peru, to gab about the recent coastal El Niño and what might be coming up next.  

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NOAA: Tropical Storm Adrian kicks off the 2017 eastern Pacific hurricane season

Tropical storm Adrian becomes the earliest named storm on record for the eastern Pacific Ocean. 

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NOAA: Significant groundwater loss in California's Central Valley during recent droughts

A new study from researchers at UCLA and the University of Houston reveals estimates of significant groundwater loss in California’s Central Valley during the recent drought and sparks questions o

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NOAA: Where are the highest chances for a hot summer in 2017?

According to NOAA's latest seasonal outlook, a hot summer is more likely than a cool one for most of the United States.  

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NOAA: May 2017 ENSO Update: Mayday

The chance El Niño will develop is about equal to the chance that the tropical Pacific will stay in neutral. What are forecasters looking at this month?

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NOAA: Cyclone Donna churns in the South Pacific

A rare May tropical cyclone in the South Pacific impacts Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

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NOAA: Research finds spike in dust storms in American Southwest driven by ocean changes

People living in the American Southwest have experienced a dramatic increase in windblown dust storms in the last two decades, likely driven by large-scale changes in sea surface temperature in th

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NOAA: Heavy rains in early May lead to flood emergency in Montréal

A massive low-pressure system that brought extreme weather to the U.S. Great Plains last week brought a flood emergency to Montréal, Canada, over the weekend. 

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NOAA: In the Northeast, just one cold day can keep the apples away

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NOAA: Tornados and blizzards. It's spring across the Great Plains!

A sprawling storm system brought severe weather, tornadoes, and flooding to parts of the United States and blizzard conditions to others.

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NOAA: Fifty years ago, a historic balloon launch that changed the way we see the ozone layer

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NOAA: ENSO and tornadoes

Can we blame this year’s active start to the severe weather season on the winter’s weak La Niña conditions?

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