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NOAA: No safe haven for coral from the combined impacts of warming and ocean acidification

Corals reefs face double threats from rising atmospheric carbon dioxide: severe heat stress and ocean acidification. NOAA researchers have produced maps of future changes in both threats to allow managers to identify the most vulnerable reefs.

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NOAA: November 2018 ENSO Update: (Just a little bit of ) history repeating

The east-central equatorial Pacific is warmer than average, but El Niño hasn’t arrived quite yet. What’s the ENSO latest?

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NOAA: NFWF, NOAA announce $28.9 million in grants for the 2018 National Coastal Resilience Fund

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NOAA and their partners today announced $28.9 million in new grants for the restoration or expansion of natural features such as coastal marshes and wetla

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NOAA: November 2018 ENSO Update: (Just a little bit of ) history repeating

The east-central equatorial Pacific is warmer than average, but El Niño hasn’t arrived quite yet. What’s the ENSO latest?

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NOAA: NOAA awards over $8.3 million to advance coral reef conservation science and management

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NOAA: October was 6th wettest on record for U.S., coolest since 2013

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NOAA: Talking with IPCC Vice-chair Ko Barrett: On climate change and consensus building

Ko Barrett, a Vice Chair of the IPCC, answers questions about the group's recent special report on what 1.5°C of global warming will mean for people, ecosystems, and economies.

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NOAA: Graduate students join research cruise on board NOAA Ship Nancy Foster

NOAA scientists and graduate students have returned from a sediment sampling research cruise, which took place in the Gulf of Maine aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster from October 2-10, 2018.

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NOAA: Ozone hole could've been a big one this year – but it wasn’t

The ozone hole that forms over the Antarctic each September is primarily driven by two factors: the amount of ozone-destroying chlorine in the polar stratosphere and the availability of ice crystal

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NOAA: Educators: Set sail with NOAA! Become a Teacher at Sea

We are pleased to announce that NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program will accept applications for 2019 starting on November 1, 2018.

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NOAA: What will average U.S. temperatures look like in future Octobers?

This animated gif shows how October average temperatures in the contiguous United States are projected to change in coming decades if global carbon dioxide emissions continue along a high-emissions pathway.

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NOAA: Behind the curtains of NOAA's monthly global climate report

Climatologists don’t make house calls, but they do provide answers about why keeping track of Earth’s vitals is so important. Here’s a quick Q&A.

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NOAA: Research cruises reveal global warming reaching the deep Southern Ocean

Earth's coldest waters are warming, an indication that global warming has reached one of the most remote corners of the ocean's circulatory system.

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NOAA: NOAA sets sail to the deep waters off Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

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NOAA: NOAA partners with NAAEE to build capacity for environmental literacy

NOAA's Office of Education and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) are beginning a five-year partnership to increase the capacity for environmental and science litera

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NOAA: Canary rockfish: A story of U.S. fisheries management

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NOAA: Fisheries management: A balancing act born from a desire to thrive

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NOAA: NOAA research vessel completes global science mission

NOAA’s largest oceanographic research vessel, NOAA Ship Ronald H.

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NOAA: Another mild winter? NOAA’s 2018-19 winter outlook

How might a developing El Niño influence conditions over the U.S. this winter? The Climate Prediction Center’s Mike Halpert gives us the details as he discusses NOAA’s 2018-19 winter outlook.

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NOAA: Educators: Apply for an environmental stewardship grant from NOAA Planet Stewards

Are you passionate about engaging your students in environmental stewardship?

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NOAA: NOAA's Mike Halpert explains the 2018-19 U.S. winter outlook

Climate Prediction Center meteorologist Mike Halpert explains the outlook for temperature, precipitation, and drought in the United States for December 2018-February 2019.

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NOAA: NOAA detects navigation hazards following Hurricane Michael

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NOAA: Video: Learn about the seafood you love

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NOAA: Aquaculture project could hold key to reviving ancient Hawaiian fishponds

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NOAA: Detailed maps of urban heat island effects in Washington, DC, and Baltimore

Use a slider to compare satellite images of Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD, with maps of afternoon temperatures to see the hottest and coolest parts of the city on a late summer day.

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NOAA: Alaska’s 2018 early fall extremes

Drought, warmth, and a towering ridge of high pressure make an unusual start to fall in Alaska.

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NOAA: NOAA to issue U.S. Winter Outlook on October 18

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NOAA: NOAA collecting and posting aerial images of damage from Michael

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NOAA: October 2018 ENSO update: Trick or treat!

We’re still in neutral, but El Niño conditions may be on the horizon. What’s happening in the tropical Pacific?

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NOAA: Connect with NOAA at the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science Conference

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students and professionals will gather at the Henry B.

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