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NOAA: Thomas Jefferson and the telegraph: highlights of the U.S. weather observer program

The U.S. climate record begins 125 years ago. Where do the data come from, and who had the foresight to begin collecting and preserving observations so many years ago?

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NOAA: April 2018 was 3rd warmest on record for the globe

While North America had its coldest April since 2013, the rest of the world was downright balmy.

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NOAA: Adaptable and driven by renewable energy, saildrones voyage into remote waters

With long ranges and adaptive capabilites, saildrones provide researchers with a new tool in their toolbox for collecting data in remote and hard to reach parts of the ocean.

2018-05-16 15:24   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA to announce findings from the 2017 Status of U.S. Fisheries Report: Thursday, May 17

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NOAA: NOAA monthly climate call: Thursday, May 17

2018-05-15 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA and partners track right whale mothers and calves to aid in conservation efforts

2018-05-14 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Adios, La Niña

This animated gif tracks the emergence and decay of La Niña in the tropical Pacific from August 2017-April 2018. 

2018-05-11 17:52   Click to comment

NOAA: Old sea ice continues disappearing from the Arctic Ocean

Old ice continues disappearing from the Arctic Ocean, continuing a decades-long pattern.

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NOAA: May 2018 ENSO update: Thar she goes

La Niña is in the rear-view mirror. What’s ahead?

2018-05-09 18:46   Click to comment

NOAA: Impact of Intraseasonal Oscillations on the Tropical Cyclone Activity over the Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean Sea in GFDL HiRAM

Kun Gao, Jan-Huey Chen, Lucas Harris, Shian-Jiann Lin,

2018-05-08 17:38   Click to comment

NOAA: U.S. had its coldest April in more than 20 years

Everyone seems to be wondering, "What happened to spring?" Last month, a persistent flow of Arctic air blanketed the eastern two-thirds of the nation.

2018-05-08 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: 2016 Arctic heat would have been virtually impossible without global warming

Models suggest 2016's extreme warmth may be the Arctic's new normal within a decade. 

2018-05-07 17:06   Click to comment

NOAA: Up, up and away! 6 benefits of automated weather balloon launches

2018-05-07 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Oklahoma tornado drought to start 2018

There were no reported tornados in Oklahoma during the first four months of the year, a new record.

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NOAA: NOAA’s public-private partnerships advance science and the economy

Media are invited to join a briefing from NOAA researchers on how the agency’s scientists are teaming up with private industry and other public partners to advance science to improve the economy.

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NOAA: NOAA hurricane experts available for interviews at Governor’s Hurricane Conference

2018-05-02 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: When average temperature misses the mark

Average temperature maps can wash out days or weeks of hot and cold extremes that are important for things like energy planning and crop risk assessment. Jake Crouch explains how degree-day maps can bring back the details.  

2018-04-30 14:26   Click to comment

NOAA: For much of the U.S, odds are tilted toward well above average warmth in May-July 2018

The chances that May-July temperatures will be well above normal are better than 50% across much of the southwestern United States and New England. 

2018-04-30 13:35   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA & Air Force Reserve ‘Hurricane Hunters’ to visit Gulf Coast on preparedness tour

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NOAA: Podcast: The motion of the ocean

2018-04-27 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: February and March madness: How winds miles above the Arctic may have brought wintry weather to mid-latitudes

Winter returned with a vengeance to many regions in February and March. Our guest blogger, Dr. Amy Butler, explains why winds in the stratosphere may have been a key player.

2018-04-26 23:23   Click to comment

NOAA: Wildfires break out in Oklahoma in April 2018

Extremely dry and windy conditions helped rapidly grow and spread wildfires across Oklahoma in April 2018.

2018-04-24 19:41   Click to comment

NOAA: Underestimated AMOC variability and implications for AMV and predictability in CMIP models

Xiaoqin Yan, Rong Zhang, and Thomas R. Knutson. Geophysical Research Letters, In Press.

2018-04-24 17:54   Click to comment

NOAA: Exceptional drought in parts of seven states in U.S. Southwest

A dry winter set the stage for widespread and severe drought across the Southwest and Southern Plains. 

2018-04-20 20:22   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA shares first new view of the North Pole for Earth Day

2018-04-20 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Latest snow on record for thousands of U.S. weather stations

Was last weekend's winter storm the latest snow of the season where you live? Our interactive map shows the latest date of measurable snow recorded at thousands of U.S. weather stations, based on data through April 11, 2018.  

2018-04-19 16:44   Click to comment

NOAA: For Earth Day, we celebrate education efforts that helped the planet

Earth Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate our blue planet and ask ourselves what we can do to conserve it for ourselves and future generations.

2018-04-19 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Globe had its 5th warmest March on record

Taken as a whole, the globe just had its fifth warmest March on record, but temperatures varied markedly across the continents.

2018-04-18 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA monthly climate call: Thursday, April 19

2018-04-17 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: RISA and NWS Present: Wildfire is a Joint Venture Enterprise (Recording available)

In this webinar, the National Weather Service and the RISA Program present stories about researchers, forecasters, and fire managers working together to improve public and wildland firefighter ...

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