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NOAA: UPDATED: FY18 Federal Funding Opportunities for Climate and Societal Interactions

NOAA's Climate Program Office (CPO) supports competitive research through five major Programs: Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM); Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4); ..

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NOAA: NOAA, NASA to announce 2017 global temperature and climate conditions

Climate experts from NOAA and NASA will discuss the release of new data on 2017 global temperatures and the most important climate trends of the year during a media teleconference at 11:00 a.m.

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NOAA: Winter storm brings destructive mudslides to California in January 2018

Early estimates suggest precipitation in the past 7 days was up to 400% of normal in parts of southern California. In hilly terrain scorched by wildfires in December 2017, the heavy January rains led to deadly mudslides. 

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NOAA: January 2018 La Niña update: summiting the peak

La Nina conditions appear to have peaked in strength and will likely last through the upcoming winter.

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NOAA: Snow squall warnings to begin this winter

Imagine driving down a busy highway in winter: The weather is clear and you are going the speed limit.

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NOAA: Precision navigation: Next-generation solutions for mariners in our busy waterways

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NOAA: Seismic sensors record hurricane intensity, study finds

The earth is a noisy place.

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NOAA: 2017 was 3rd warmest year on record for U.S.

2017 will be remembered as a year of extremes for the U.S. as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, fires and freezes claimed hundreds of lives and visited economic hardship upon the nation.

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NOAA: 2017 U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters: a historic year in context

Counting the California wildfires as a single event, the U.S. experienced 16 weather or climate disasters costing at least $1 billion dollars, tying the year with 2011. Total estimated cost was a record-setting $306.2 billion.

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NOAA: Dry Southwest still waiting on winter in January 2017

Drought has deepened over the southwestern United States which has delayed the arrival of snow and start of winter for parts of Arizona.

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NOAA: Meet NOAA Education at the American Meteorological Society 2018 meeting

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) Annual Meeting is a major yearly gathering for atmospheric scientists.

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NOAA: NOAA to announce 2017 U.S. climate highlights and updates to billion-dollar weather disasters

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NOAA: A new NOAA tool is helping to predict U.S. droughts, global famine

Drought is about more than lack of rainfall.  A new tool keeps track of another major player: how thirsty the atmosphere is.

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NOAA: East Coast storm born from ‘bombogenesis’. It’s less scary than it sounds.

A big winter storm is hitting the East Coast this week, spanning from the Carolinas through New England and into Nova Scotia. Meteorologists have been talking about this weather system going throug

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NOAA: The best moments of 2017: NOAA Satellites

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NOAA: Science is kid's play: Online games for school breaks or anytime at all

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NOAA: A New Paradigm for Diagnosing Contributions to Model Aerosol Forcing Error

A.L. Jones, D.R. Feldman, S. Freidenreich, D.

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NOAA: Mapping U.S. climate trends

Our climate is changing . To help our users see how different times and places are warming at different rates, NCEI has created a new series of trend maps for the contiguous U.S.. In this blog, NCEI's Jake Crouch gives us a show and tell about the new maps. 

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NOAA: Water Resources Dashboard: November Webinar Recordings

Did you miss last month's learning sessions about tools and information available on the Water Resources Dashboard?

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NOAA: Shipwreck in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands makes history – again

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NOAA: NOAA’s GOES-16, now at GOES-East, ready to improve forecasts even more

Now in its new GOES-East position, the advanced GOES-16 satellite has officially joined NOAA’s operational observation network, providing forecasters with sharper, more defined images of severe sto

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NOAA: FY18 Federal Funding Opportunities for Climate and Societal Interactions

NOAA's Climate Program Office (CPO) supports competitive research through five major Programs: Climate Observations and Monitoring (COM); Atmospheric Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, and Climate (AC4); ..

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NOAA: December wildfires scorch southern California in 2017

Uncommonly large wildfires for so late in the season devastated parts of southern California, especially in areas around Los Angeles.

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NOAA: December 2017 La Niña update: Double, double

La Nina conditions are solidly in place, and are expected to affect global weather through the winter.

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NOAA: Human influence on climate led to several major weather extremes in 2016

Now in its sixth year, a NOAA-led report published by the American Meteorological Society provides the results of more than two dozen studies of various extreme weather and climate events in 2016 and the role global warming did or didn't play in them.  

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NOAA: What’s the criteria for identifying flash droughts? New study says rapid onset, not short duration

“Flash drought” has become a popular term in the media, but the debate of what a flash drought really is has caused confusion that affects scientists’ ability to detect their onset, monitor their

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NOAA: New research unlocks the door for better predictability up to 7 months ahead

In many parts of North America, a fluctuating air-pressure pattern that enhances or blocks the storm-steering jet stream, called the Arctic Oscillation (AO), explains more variability in the ...

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NOAA: Special report: 2016 extreme weather events and ties to climate change

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NOAA: 2017 Arctic Report Card: Visual Highlights

NOAA scientists have released the 2017 Arctic Report Card: the complete guide to climate conditions in the planet's Far North. 

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NOAA: Arctic saw 2nd warmest year, smallest winter sea ice coverage on record in 2017

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