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NOAA: Webinar: "Convergence: Addressing Climate-Health Vulnerabilities in the Carolinas"

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is hosting the Quarterly Webinar for Epidemiology Public Health Preparedness and Response on October 27 at 12 PM EDT .

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NOAA: The Climate Prediction Center's Mike Halpert explains NOAA's 2017-18 winter outlook

Forecasts say a La Niña climate event is likely to occur in the tropical Pacific during winter 2017-18. How will this "upstream" event affect U.S. temperature, precipitation, and drought? 

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NOAA: U.S. Winter Outlook: NOAA forecasters predict cooler, wetter North and warmer, drier South

Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released the U.S.

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NOAA: 2017 lining up to be among the three warmest years on record

The eastern tropical Pacific was cooler than average, but much of the rest of the globe experienced a warmer than usual September in 2017. The year to date has been the second warmest on record.  

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NOAA: Globe had 2nd warmest year to date, 4th warmest September on record

The equinox on September 22 marked a seasonal milestone for planet Earth.

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NOAA: NOAA and partners release database for research to bridge weather to climate forecast gap

Wouldn’t it be nice to know now what the weather is going to be like for the vacation you have planned next month?

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NOAA: NOAA, NASA team up again to investigate the atmosphere over Antarctica

Thirty years after NASA and NOAA launched a groundbreaking airborne campaign to study the Antarctic ozone hole, the two federal science agencies have once again joined forces over the world’s highe

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NOAA: Scientists uncover a centuries-old case of mistaken identity in the Chesapeake Bay

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NOAA: Precipitation patterns during every La Niña winter since 1950

What were precipitation amounts during winter like across the U.S. during every La Niña on record? We've got the answer right here.

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NOAA: October 2017 ENSO update: Still watching for La Niña

ENSO forecasters are maintaining the La Niña Watch, but not declaring La Niña, as we wait for the tropical Pacific to settle down.

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NOAA: NOAA to issue U.S. Winter Outlook

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center will host a media teleconference to announce the U.S.

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NOAA: Climate conditions behind deadly October 2017 wildfires in California

California's second-wettest winter and hottest summer primed the state for devastating wildfires in October 2017.

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NOAA: 30-day countdown to JPSS-1 launch

The Joint Polar Satellite System-1, the first in a new series of highly advanced NOAA polar-orbiting satellites, is scheduled to lift off Nov. 10, at 1:47 a.m.

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NOAA: Very wet 2017 water year ends in California

The very wet 2016-2017 water year came to an end in California on October 1.

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NOAA: Eutrophication: A big word for a big problem in our nation’s estuaries

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NOAA: Temperature patterns during every La Niña winter since 1950

How has La Niña affected U.S. winter temperatures during every episode on record? We've mapped them all. 

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NOAA: U.S. warmer and drier than average in September; 3rd warmest and wettest year to date

Though September was warmer and drier than average for the U.S, it will long be remembered for the devastating impacts from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as the remnants of Harvey, to southern

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NOAA: What's the big picture for U.S. drought in fall 2017?

Drought emerged quickly in the Northern Plains this past summer. How does that fit with the bigger picture of what we know about drought and climate?

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NOAA: Oct. 12: NOAA hosts Reddit AUA about the launch of newest polar-orbiting satellite

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NOAA: NOAA’s first advanced polar-orbiting satellite to be launched in November

On Wed., Oct.

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NOAA: SARP featured in webinar on stormwater systems and climate

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NOAA: Scientists say weak and wobbly polar vortex to blame for cold extremes

"Polar vortex" was the buzzword of 2014, as millions of people in the northeastern U.S., Europe, and Asia experienced first-hand its connection to record-cold winter temperatures. This ...

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NOAA: Another non-ENSO thing that affects seasonal forecasts

The forecast of ENSO is not the only thing scientists use when making seasonal forecasts. This post looks at another predictor that often is even better to use than ENSO.

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NOAA: NOAA awards $2.3 million to establish a long-term partnership with American Meteorological Society

NOAA’s Office of Education awarded approximately $2.3 million to support a long-term partnership with the American Meteorological Society (AMS).

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NOAA: NOAA Research leads to a new milestone in improving operational predictions from weeks to seasons

Participants at the NMME/SubX Science Meeting held September 13-15 at the National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction.     

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NOAA: Climate & Construction

 Can climate science help the construction industry save money and manage risk?  With a new app, a team of scientists and construction managers aims to find out. 

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NOAA: CPO Awards CLIMAS $3.75M to Bolster Resilience to Extreme Climate

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NOAA: Featured photo: South Pole sees first sunrise in 6 months with arrival of spring

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NOAA: In Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, 2017 has been anything but normal

Record high sea levels and rainfall extremes have buffeted Hawaii and other U.S. Pacific islands this year.  

2017-09-26 19:22   Click to comment

NOAA: New polar-orbiting satellite will aid in managing fisheries and protected resources

On Friday, Sept.

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