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NOAA: Wildfire season in Southern Plains off to a strong start after a dry winter

2018-03-16 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Spring Outlook: U.S. to see moderate flooding, warmer-than-normal temperatures

2018-03-15 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA's Mike Halpert explains the agency's 2018 spring climate outlook

The Climate Prediction Center's Mike Halpert runs down the 2018 spring forecast for flooding, temperature, precipitation, and drought. 

2018-03-14 19:27   Click to comment

NOAA: Nor’easters pummel the U.S. Northeast in late winter 2018

Several nor'easters slammed parts of the east coast during the end of winter 2018, is this a sign of things to come?

2018-03-14 13:22   Click to comment

NOAA: Forum will showcase student research and partnerships with minority-serving institutions

2018-03-13 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Springing Back: a Beyond the Data rebellion

You wouldn't know it to look at the snow falling in the Mid-Atlantic, but according to meteorological convention, winter ended in February. In today’s "Beyond the Data" post,  we’ll pull some fun regional trivia out of the national climate summary for February/winter.  Bonus: there’s at least one lesson about the climate system in each nugget.

2018-03-12 04:16   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA and UN Environment co-host the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference in San Diego, California

2018-03-12 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA Science Report highlights 2017 research accomplishments

2018-03-09 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: March 2018 ENSO update: come on in, the water’s fine

La Niña’s imprint on the tropical Pacific is waning. What are ENSO forecasters looking at this month?

2018-03-08 14:42   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA to issue Spring Outlook

NOAA will announce the U.S. Spring Outlook on Thu., Mar. 15, comprised of nationwide flood and drought risk, and temperature and precipitation predictions for April through June.

2018-03-08 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Sorry, Groundhog: February and Winter 2018 were warmer than average for the U.S.

2018-03-07 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Leveling the Field – Tips for Inclusive Arctic Field Work

“If we can teach statistics, we can teach our researchers how to avoid becoming statistics in the field.” S. Starkweather

2018-03-06 21:02   Click to comment

NOAA: Record warmth in February 2018

Thanks to a wavy jet stream and an extremely abnormal air mass, record-breaking warm temperatures were felt across the eastern United States.

2018-03-06 16:36   Click to comment

NOAA: Strong winds, heavy snow for the Plains as another coastal storm brews in the East

2018-03-06 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: These veterans have a mission: This time, it’s fighting for coral

A team of military veterans is putting their hard-earned skills toward a different challenge: Restoring damaged corals in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

2018-03-05 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Seismic records may help answer if hurricanes have gotten stronger or more frequent

NOAA-funded researchers have developed a way to estimate hurricane strength using nothing but seismic data used to track earthquakes and volcanoes. The technique may help expand the pre-satellite record of tropical cyclone activity. 

2018-03-01 20:16   Click to comment

NOAA: Powerful storms to impact both U.S. coasts through Friday. Get the latest watches, warnings

2018-03-01 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Learn how to prepare for spring weather

2018-02-28 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: GOES-S satellite to map lightning in real time for U.S. West

2018-02-27 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Countdown to launch: GOES-S satellite readies for liftoff from Kennedy Space Center

2018-02-26 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Podcast: Dealing with hypoxic "dead zones" in the ocean

2018-02-23 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: The Madden Julian Oscillation has been active so far this winter. Here is why it matters.

How this winter's temperature swings may have been partially driven by the Madden Julian Oscillation or MJO.  

2018-02-22 16:03   Click to comment

NOAA: Teachers: Highlight corals in your classroom during this International Year of the Reef

The International Coral Reef Initiative declared 2018 the third International Year of the Reef.

2018-02-22 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Drought worsens across southern Plains and southwestern United States

A lack of precipitation across the southern and western United States has led to growing drought this winter.

2018-02-21 20:01   Click to comment

NOAA: New research offers potential to predict atmospheric river activity up to 5 weeks ahead

Atmospheric river Atmospheric river off California, February 2014.

2018-02-20 19:26   Click to comment

NOAA: St. Paul Island students reveal impressive negotiation skills during Arctic Council simulation

Last October, about nine months into my Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship, I found myself on a remote island, several hundred miles off the coast of Alaska, talking passionately about runni

2018-02-20 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: In a warming Arctic, rising ship traffic demands better sea ice forecasts

2018-02-16 05:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Feb. 26 Webinar: SARP/RISA Project Supports Colorado Water Managers

Please join us on February 26 for a webinar featuring work funded by the Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP) and conducted by the Western Water Assessment (WWA, a NOAA-funded ...

2018-02-15 22:02   Click to comment

NOAA: Winter so far has people out west asking, Where’s the snow?

Much of the southwestern United States has seen below-average amounts of snow fall so far during Winter. While currently impacting ski resorts across the region, the lack of snow could bring even greater problems to water resources later this year.

2018-02-15 17:04   Click to comment

NOAA: New NOAA forecast product guides 3- to 4-week temperature and precipitation outlooks

Example week 3-4 temperature outlook The Climate Prediction Center's week 3-4 temperature outlook for February 24-March 9, 2018.

2018-02-15 15:47   Click to comment

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