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NOAA: Snow during El Niños from 1950 to 2009

Forecasters think the tropical Pacific climate phenomenon known as El Niño will be visiting this winter. What might that mean for snow?

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NOAA: NOAA to update precipitation frequency estimates for Texas

2018-09-24 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA charts new hazards, helps ports recover following Hurricane Florence

2018-09-21 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: After landfall: 4 ways NOAA is helping your community recover from Florence

2018-09-20 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: It's not the heat; it's the humidity

We live in a warming world. And we often characterize that warming through metrics of temperature. But that’s only a sliver of the story. Another sliver, and perhaps a more consequential one, is Big Rain.

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NOAA: Conserving the cultural landscape of our coasts

2018-09-19 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA monthly climate call: September 20

2018-09-18 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Evaluating Florence damage from the air: NOAA begins aerial surveys

2018-09-16 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: How do rainfall totals predicted for Florence compare to an average September in the U.S. Southeast?

In the bull's-eye of heaviest rainfall predicted for Hurricane Florence, parts of North and South Carolina may see more than 4 times their average September rainfall in a single week.

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NOAA: Role of Ocean Model Formulation in Climate Response Uncertainty

J. P. Krasting, R. J. Stouffer, S. M. Griffies, R. W.

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NOAA: Counting belugas, cleaning beaches: NOAA’s aquarium partners engage the public in marine conservation

Throughout the month of September, NOAA Education’s partner aquariums will be holding events that engage the public in protecting coastal and marine ecosystems.

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NOAA: September 2018 ENSO Update: back to school

Forecasters are favoring the onset of El Niño conditions this fall. Our blogger gives you the details!

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NOAA: How is September climate changing in the U.S.?

Warming in the West outstrips cooling in the East for a slight overall U.S. warming trend in the first month of fall.

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NOAA: What is maritime heritage?

2018-09-11 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Marine debris: A problem you can get your arms around

2018-09-10 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Get the latest forecasts from NOAA's National Hurricane Center

2018-09-08 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: NOAA to host listening session in Madison, Wisconsin

2018-09-07 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: To help forecast air quality and issue timely warnings, NOAA aims to answer what fires emit and how

Wildfires are burning larger and more intensely than before, emitting smoke that poses a health risk to people. FIREX will provide information about what chemicals smoke emits in order to keep people healthy.

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NOAA: NOAA to host listening session in St. Petersburg, Florida

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NOAA: What’s the U.S. climate outlook for September 2018?

The September 2018 temperature and precipitation Outlooks for the United States predict warmer than average temperatures for much of the country and wetter than average conditions for the central Plains and eastern seaboard.

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NOAA: Ask the scientist: How can the weather spark and spread wildfires?

This year’s U.S. wildfire season has been extremely active: Twenty-five percent more acres have burned in 2018, beating the 10-year average.

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NOAA: Tropical Storm Gordon: Get the latest forecast from NOAA's National Hurricane Center [EXT]

2018-09-03 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Did global warming stop in 1998?

The 15 years from 1998–2012 were the warmest on record at that time, but the rate of global surface warming was slower than it had been in the 2-3 decades prior thanks to several natural influences. Meanwhile, the ocean's heating imbalance continued to climb.

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NOAA: NOAA declares 'unusual mortality events' for dolphins in Florida, seals in Northeast

Today, NOAA Fisheries is declaring two separate and unrelated Unusual Mortality Events for marine mammals.

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NOAA: A hot, dry summer has led to drought in Europe in 2018

Hot, dry conditions turned northern Europe brown during the summer of 2018.

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NOAA: Fact vs. fiction: 3 things you thought you knew about jellyfish

Jellyfish. Jellies. Sea nettles. Whatever you call them, the likelihood of running into these stinging tentacled creatures generally increases in the summer.

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NOAA: NOAA organizes first agency-wide event to advance its modeling enterprise

An upcoming agency-wide General Modeling Meeting and Fair serves as an important milestone in bringing together the modeling community to build on NOAA's recent efforts to improve its models of ou

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NOAA: All IOOS regional networks now NOAA-certified

2018-08-28 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: Heat-seeking citizen scientists zero-in on D.C., Baltimore for mapping mission

A corps of volunteers are setting out this week with an important task in front of them: Collect real-time data about the hottest places in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

2018-08-27 04:00   Click to comment

NOAA: A soggy summer for the Mid-Atlantic in 2018

While the western United States baked under high temperatures, the eastern United States has been getting increasingly soggy this summer.

2018-08-23 14:12   Click to comment

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