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Junkscience: Milloy & Dunn testimony to EPA on science transparency

This afternoon, I delivered the following remarks on EPA’s proposed science transparency rule at the public hearing. I commented on behalf of myself and Dr. John Dunn. We are trying to open the black box. My name is Steve Milloy. I publish I am speaking on behalf of myself and Dr. John Dunn, an …

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Junkscience: House Science Committee asks EPA to investigate rigged glider truck testing exposed the rigged testing. Congress is taking action. Read read about the rigged glider truck emissions testing. The House Science Committee press release is below. Read the House Science Committee letter. Read the two other Congressional letters asking for the EPA IG to investigate. ### House Science Committee Investigates Integrity of Glider Emissions Research …

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Junkscience: FLASHBACK: Carbon taxes won’t save the planet

My Washington Times column from 2012 with the simple math that shows why a US carbon tax will have no effect on the climate — even if you do believe in catastrophic global warming. Carbon taxes won’t save the planet Global warming is excuse for economy grab By Steve Milloy November 16, 2012, Washington Times …

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Junkscience: JAMA Editor’s Double Standard

Truck emissions kill more people every year than actually die. The greens say so. And JAMA editor Howard Bauchner is okay with that. On June 18, I asked the Journal of the American Medical Association to retract an article claiming that emissions from glider trucks were killing people. The logical extension of the article was …

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Junkscience: Trump nominee Judge Kavanaugh: EPA must do cost-benefit analysis

This is the case about the EPA’s junk science-fueled Mercury Air Transport Standard (MATS) — the rule that broke the back of the coal industry. In his dissent, Kavanaugh wrote: Past the good news on his views of cost-benefit analysis, the Supreme Court adopted Kavanaugh’s view in later overturning the DC Circuit Court decision.

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Junkscience: Trump nominee Kavanaugh may not be a climate skeptic… but here’s why that’s okay!

Here is what Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has had to say about global warming in DC Circuit Court of Appeals decisions. In his dissent to the 2012 D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals refusal to rehear a challenge to EPA’s endangerment finding, Kavanaugh wrote: Read his full dissent here. In his opinion overturning an EPA …

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Junkscience: Study: Cancer risk from chemicals, radiation not additive to background risk

The great Ed Calabrese is sweeping another default assumption of regulatory risk assessment into the ash bin of history. Read Ed Calabrese’s new paper. For more on default assumptions in regulatory risk assessment, read “Choices in Risk Assessment.”

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Junkscience: Get rid of the LNT model for lose-dose radiation protection, says Public Health Service radiation safety expert

More than one thousand people died from low-dose radiation panic at Fukushima — thanks to the LNT hypothesis adopted via scientific misconduct. Read the article.

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Junkscience: Claim: Black lung returns to coal country

That’s NPR’s claim — but is it true? I asked a pulmonologist who has treated black lung. Here is the NPR report (audio). Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), also known as black lung disease or black lung can be simple or complicated. Simple CWP is not associated with any disability, though many thousands of miners have …

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Junkscience: WINNING!!! California climate lawsuit against Big Oil dismissed

Here’s the decision. Read it and weep climate bedwetters!

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Junkscience: Congress asks EPA IG to investigate conspiracy between Volvo Trucks and Obama EPA staff to destroy glider truck industry

You mean there’s problem with a (foreign) company conspiring with the U.S. government to rig emissions tests to kill a (domestic) competitor? SCOOP: CONGRESS DEMANDS EPA INVESTIGATE POTENTIAL COLLUSION WITH LOBBYISTS TO THWART TRUMP’S AGENDA By Michael Bastasch June 22, 2018, Daily Caller Republican lawmakers are demanding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspector general’s…

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Junkscience: Update: JunkScience struggles with NYTimes op-ed page — wins grudging correction, exposes flagrant hypocrisy

I went back and forth yesterday with NYTimes op-ed page staff over Swamp King Trent Lott’s failure to disclose his conflicts of interest in his NYTimes op-ed advocating for a carbon tax. What an experience. Read yesterday’s post for background. After I posted yesterday’s piece, I came across this PRNewswire media release about Lott’s new …

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Junkscience: Swamp king Trent Lott forgets to disclose clients in NYTimes op-ed advocating a CO2 tax

Will the New York Times fix Lott’s failure? Ex-Senastors Trent Lott and lobbying partner John Breaux wrote this op-ed in the NYTimes advocating for a CO2 tax. But Lott and Breaux forgot to disclose that many of their clients support a CO2 tax. Here is a list of their clients. The NYTimes seems to require …

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Junkscience: FLASHBACK: Fear of Margarine — The Trans Fat Myth

The FDA finally banned trans fats in processed foods yesterday. Here is my original 1999 takedown of the junk science behind the trans fat scare. Fear of Margarine — The Trans Fat Myth By Steve Milloy November 29, 1999, (Note: The many links in this article are no longer active but have been left …

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Junkscience: Congress investigating whether China is paying NRDC to harm America

‘… the apparent strong ties between the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Peoples Republic of China and the ruling Chinese Communist Party…” Read the letter. Read the report.

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Junkscience: Backfire: Harvard math shows that trucks kill 35% more Americans than actually die

The corruption of Harvard’s Francesca Dominici and Journal of the American Medical Association editor Howard Bauchner are gifts that keep giving. Last week I exposed Dominici’s claim in JAMA that glider truck emissions kill 41,000 people per decade to be the product of a radical environmental group’s black box-processing of secret science. So let’s have …

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Junkscience: Anti-glider truck fraud expands: JAMA allows Harvard’s Dominici to publish bogus activist death estimate as empirical fact

The criminal conspiracy to destroy the glider truck industry is expanding. I guess the Journal of the American Medical Association wants to be part of it. This week, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published this essay (JAMA web site | Archived PDF): Amid the usual science fraud about PM2.5 killing anyone and …

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Junkscience: CLAIM: Antarctica ramps up sea level rise. REALITY: Sea level rise NOT accelerating.

The claim is not supported by tide gauges. The media release is below. Further reading: Willis Eschenbachs “Sea Level Rise Accelerating? Not.“ Albert Parker’s “Disappeared: Tide gauges showing negative absolute sea level rise removed from data base.“ ### Antarctica ramps up sea level rise UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS Ice losses from Antarctica have increased global sea ……

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Junkscience: Climatewire profiles Steve Milloy

Afraid-to-be-identified green on Milloy: “Game respect game.” Steve Milloy doesn’t like ‘climate bedwetters’ By Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter Published: Climatewire, Tuesday, June 12, 2018 Climate change. Secondhand smoke. Air pollution. There’s a growing body of science showing that humans are threatened by all three. Policymakers have spent years crafting public health protections based…

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Junkscience: Hypocrisy of the Day: Former Sierra Club Chief Carl Pope

What green is not totally full of it? Here is the first paragraph of today’s mindless screed against supersonic flying by former Sierra Club chief Carl Pope in the New York Times: When I read that first sentence, I recalled that I had previously read something about Carl Pope’s flying habits. So I did a …

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Junkscience: NYTimes attacks Trump on science — and it turns out to be quite revealing

Keying off the upcoming summit with North Korea, the New York Times’ Coral Davenport attempts an extensive hatchet job on science under Trump. Nowhere in the article does she disclose that she is married to (as of last year, anyway) “an intelligence analyst at the Energy Department in Washington, where he focuses on foreign nuclear …

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Junkscience: EXPOSED: E-mails reveal Volvo Trucks, (Obama leftover) EPA staff rig agency test in effort to destroy glider truck industry

Emails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act confirm that China-owned Volvo Trucks conspired with Obama-holdover EPA career staff to destroy the glider truck industry. This should also be embarrassing news for reporters like the New York Times’ Eric Lipton and the Los Angeles Times’ Evan Halper who wittingly or unwittingly have been propagandizing for …

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Junkscience: More Winning: EPA Administrator Pruitt Proposes Cost-Benefit Analysis Reform

Thank you, Administrator Scott Pruitt — greatest EPA chief ever. Below is the EPA media release and cited Wall Street Journal editorial. ### Cost-Benefit Reform at the EPA Under Obama, the EPA juked the numbers to justify costly regulation. By The Editorial Board June 6, 2018, Wall Street Journal Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency jammed …

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Junkscience: Calabrese: Was Muller’s 1946 Nobel Prize research for radiation-induced gene mutations peer reviewed?

A new paper from the great Ed Calabrese. Hermann Muller’s scientific misconduct continues to plague us today via regulatory actions and rules based on the linear no-threshold model of carcinogenesis. Click here for the entire paper.

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Junkscience: Study: Ancient Greenland was much warmer than previously thought

More than 10F warmer. People might be surprised to see how today’s frigid Greenland looked during the last two interglacial periods. Today, northwest Greenland hovers in the 30s and low 40s Fahrenheit and weathers snowstorms in summer. But average summer temperatures in the early Holocene (8,000 to 11,000 years ago) and Last Interglacial (116,000 to …

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Junkscience: Negative studies and PM2.5

Courtesy of Stan Young, below is a (growing) list of published papers that report no association between PM2.5 and mortality. But first, a word on negative papers: Negative papers are important. You can get a positive paper in a number of ways. The reported effect is real. People usually think this is the most likely …

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Junkscience: On the need to restrain scientists

In his 1905 veto of what would have been the first and eugenics-aimed compulsory sterilization law in the U.S., Pennsylvania Gov. Samuel Pennypacker stated: Scientists, like all other men whose experiences have been limited to one pursuit, and whose minds have been developed in a particular direction, sometimes need to be restrained. Men of high …

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Junkscience: LATimes Evan Halper propagandizes for Big Trucking against the glider truck industry

Here is my line-by-line of Evan Halper’s error-filled report in the Los Angeles Times. The article is below. My in-line comments are in [bold brackets]. ### EPA used disavowed research to justify putting dirtier trucks on the road By EVAN HALPER MAY 29, 2018, Los Angeles Times At a time when acts of defiance against …

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Junkscience: ‘Resistance’ games EPA Science Advisory Board meeting

By design, the public comment period at today’s EPA Science Advisory Board meeting will feature only Trump EPA opponents. Click here for info on today’s meeting. Here is the list of ‘public commenters’: These activist commenters will be urging the EPA SAB to try to delay various Trump EPA initiatives including the rollbacks of the …

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Junkscience: Notice of Public Hearing for EPA Science Transparency Rule

If you’re going to be in Washington, DC on July 17, you can make oral comments on the EPA proposal. Click for the Federal Register notice.

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