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Junkscience: Japanese atomic bomb survivors live longer, have less cancer

LNT debunked (again) in this new, landmark paper. Read the study.

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Junkscience: Nature: Milloy ‘perhaps the nation’s most influential climate science contrarian’

Boom. The rest of the Nature Climate Change commentary is largely nonsense. Source: Nature Climate Change: Web | PDF

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Junkscience: An ocean of inconvenient truth

The estimated increase in ocean heat content during 1990-2015 is the same as that between 1921–1946, according to a study in the PNAS. Change in atmospheric CO2 was ~70 ppm (1990-2015) vs. ~10 ppm (1921-1946).

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Junkscience: The Low IQ of the Obama EPA Mercury Rule

Just how stupid was the Obama EPA mercury rule for coal-fired power plants? You won’t believe it. The Trump EPA is proposing to repair some of the junk science used to justify the Obama EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS), a 2012 rule that imposed stringent mercury emissions standards on coal-fired power plants and …

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Junkscience: The Never-ending Case of Michael Mann v. Free Speech: Good News, Bad News

A new ruling from the DC Court of Appeals in today. What you need to know. To cut to the chase, two points the Court decided: The bogus Climategate investigations by Penn State et al. are enough to get Mann to a jury trial on whether he was defamed by National Review et al. Mann …

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Junkscience: Double-standard in fake news attack on EPA CASAC chair Tony Cox

Below is this morning’s attack on EPA CASAC chair Tony Cox for allowing the American Petroleum Institute the opportunity for input on some of his research. But Cox has been open and honest about this and the affair is a nothing-burger — quite the opposite of some EPA-funded Harvard and Syracuse researchers exposed in …

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Junkscience: Wow… pro-coal healthcare system divests from anti-coal Wells Fargo

Awesome. Full story at

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Junkscience: Introducing… BURN MORE COAL… state-of-the-art pro-humanity advocacy

From “Welcome. We love coal. Beautiful clean coal. We want electric utilities to drop their foolhardy anti-coal political correctness so they can burn more coal to power our economy, raise our standard of living, secure our nation and set an example for the rest of the world. We own stock in electric utilities — …

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Junkscience: WINNING: Milloy one of a ‘small but influential set’ Trump has been listening to

Axios reports that President Trump’s views on climate have been shaped over the years by a “small but influential set or organizations and people,” including publisher Steve Milloy, CEI’s Myron Ebell, Murray Energy’s Bob Murray, the Heartland Institute and Sen. Jim Inhofe. Axios, of course, means this as a slam. Not only is Axios …

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Junkscience: MUST READ: Saving Africa From Lies That Kill

Buy. Read. Learn. Defeat people-hating greens. Win.

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Junkscience: Fossil algae reveals past CO2 levels at 1,000 ppm

Proof that the planet is not in jeopardy from present day CO2 emissions. The media release is below. ### Fossil algae reveal 500 million years of climate change ROYAL NETHERLANDS INSTITUTE FOR SEA RESEARCH Earth scientists are able to travel far back in time to reconstruct the geological past and paleoclimate to make better predictions …

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Junkscience: Milloy NYTimes comment on National Climate Assessment

I make three points in today’s New York Times: 1) The National Climate Assessment is irrelevant; 2) It is a product of the Deep State (not the Trump admin); and 3) Releasing it untouched but on Black Friday was an expediency.

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Junkscience: Appalling: EPA junk science helps elect Illinois Congressman Sean Casten

EPA admitted the ‘error’ that now Congressman-elect Sean Casten campaigned on. Sad! EPA: Willowbrook all-clear, bad reading caused cancer scare by LGIS News Service | Nov 22, 2018 An Aug. 29 EPA town hall in Willowbrook over its claim that unsafe levels of a chemical were in the community’s air. The EPA announced Wednesday that …

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Junkscience: No, breathing San Francisco air is not like smoking 11 cigarettes

And the guys at Berkeley Earth ought to put out whatever they’ve been smoking and come down to Earth. So (above) that’s the claim. It’s based on an error from Richard Muller (you’ll remember him as the fake climate skeptic-turned-believer from a few years ago) that smoking a cigarette is equivalent to inhaling air with …

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Junkscience: Warming helping US corn production

Because this is bad news for climate bedwetters, the media release actually says that this means crop yield is “more vulnerable to climate change than previously thought” Yeesh. The media release is below. ### Changing temperatures are helping corn production in US — for now Research links warming temperatures and localized cooling to increased maize …

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Junkscience: New smoking cessation study debunks EPA’s PM2.5-death claims

I pointed this out in my best seller, “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA.” So you can smoke (each cigarette is a massive PM2.5 exposure) until you are age 35, quit, and then by age 50 have normal life expectancy (i.e., have the CV disease risk of a never-smoker) — despite …

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Junkscience: Trzupek: ‘It was a subtle but brilliant maneuver designed to kill coal forevermore’

The Center for Biological Diversity is trying to shut down the coal plant at the University of North Carolina-Durham with a bogus emissions dispersion modeling study and a leftover Obama war-on-coal rule. friend Rich Trzupek breaks it down. Must read. Read Trzupek’s article at TheEpochTimes: Web | PDF

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Junkscience: Glider truck study vindicated by Tennessee Tech: Emissions from gliders and new trucks are about the same

That’s what the letter says. But it probably won’t be what you read in Fake News media accounts (ahem… Eric Lipton, I can’t wait for your report). It’s official. The Tennessee Tech University study comparing emissions from glider trucks and news trucks is good. That’s what is concluded in this new letter from the TTU …

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Junkscience: Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions Are SAFE

Enviros are trying to derail the Trump rollback of the Obama fuel economy standards by claiming that increased tailpipe emissions will kill people. As readers know, this claims is total BS. Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions Are SAFE By Steve Milloy October 24, 2018, The Trump administration has proposed to freeze Obama-era fuel economy standards …

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Junkscience: Claim: Air pollution leads to millions of ER visits for asthma attacks worldwide

EPA human testing has already debunked this BS. Here’s what you need to know: EPA’s own human testing — conducted on more than 6,000 patients, including asthmatics — is experimental proof that tailpipe and smokestack emissions do not cause, exacerbate or trigger asthma attacks. This experimental proof is backed up by the fact that asthma …

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Junkscience: Communist China-funded US enviro groups working to stop US military base on Okinawa

China is funding us green groups to harm our national security. Environmental Group Condemns GOP Panel’s Foreign Agent Probe By The Associated Press Oct. 19, 2018 WASHINGTON — An environmental group has denounced a House oversight committee for suggesting the organization’s efforts to block construction of a U.S. military base on the southern Japanese island …

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Junkscience: WINNING!!! Science transparency moves to Department of Interior

The Department of Interior has just issued a science transparency directive to its staff (see below). DoI’s intention is to enshrine science transparency via rulemaking. Another YUGE win for us.

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Junkscience: Will the Trump Fuel Economy Reform Proposal Create Deadly Air Pollution?

Enviros are claiming the Trump rollback of the Obama fuel economy standards will kill people via increased tailpipe emissions. Is this true? Click here to read the paper at Click here for a PDF copy.

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Junkscience: Volvo Trucks emissions scam collapsing

No wonder Chinese-owned Volvo trucks is trying to kill off the American glider truck industry. Here’s the regulatory scam in a nutshell as reported by Bloomberg: “Volvo has sold about 700,000 trucks in North America and Europe since 2014, when stricter emissions rules were implemented.” Volvo and the rest of the new truck industry supported …

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Junkscience: Milloy on EPA science win: ‘I couldn’t be more pleased’

“This is something that I’ve been pushing for since the transition team.”

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Junkscience: EPA disbands PM panel… another YUGE win!

EPA is disbanding the CASAC PM panel that exposed as being corrupt. From today’s New York Times: Below is the email sent to CASAC PM panel members: Read about the CASAC PM panel corruption in my July 17, 2017 Wall Street Journal op-ed.

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Junkscience: Children are NOT more sensitive /vulnerable to chemicals in the environment

Let’s review the nonsense in today’s New York Times op-ed by notorious junk scientist goofballs Phil Landrigan (Mt. Sinai) and Lynn Goldman (George Washington University). The NYTimes op-ed is here. Let’s take the most egregious BS, paragraph by paragraph: 1. Kids more sensitive to chemicals? Landrigan/Goldman write: First, let’s address the stolen valor. The ‘National …

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Junkscience: It’s time to make cars great again, and Trump plan does just that

My op-ed in the Fresno Bee ahead of Monday’s public hearing on the Trump plan to rollback Obama’s pointless fuel economy standards. The Trump administration wants to put you in a newer, better, safer and cleaner car sooner and for less money. In contrast, the state of California and its allies in the radical environmental …

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Junkscience: Here’s why Volvo Trucks is trying to kill American-made glider trucks does better investigative reporting than New York Times‘ self-proclaimed ‘investigative reporter’ Eric Lipton. Fitzgerald Glider Kits founder and CEO Tommy Fitzgerald, Sr. is trying to do his part to MAGA by remanufacturing engines to make glider trucks. Foreign-owned Volvo Trucks, though, is doing its best to destroy Fitzgerald’s business by conspiring with Obama EPA …

2018-09-14 20:28   Click to comment

Junkscience: Glider Trucks Caught in Deep State Double Standard

When the Obama EPA issued its rule to kill the glider truck industry in 2016, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved the rule even though the Obama EPA failed to do the required benefit-cost analysis required by Executive Order No. 12866. But when the Trump EPA sent the final rollback of …

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