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Junkscience: New England Journal of Medicine editor chooses lying over science

New England Journal of Medicine editor Jeffrey Drazen has chosen an ominous course for his journal. ended the career of ex-Journal of the American Medical Association editor George Lundberg for dabbling in politicized junk science. We could use another scalp. Last week, the NEJM ran letters related to its June study/editorial on PM2.5. Yesterday, …

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Junkscience: Trump EPA to issue conflict of interest rules for EPA science advisors

Another big policy win for We helped launched this issue in 2011. Read my July 2017 Wall Street Journal column which is the definitive explanation of this controversy.

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Junkscience: DC Bar Bulletin interviews Milloy about overregulation

I set a new standard for level of discourse in the DC Bar Bulletin: “I’m not crapping on the general notion of regulations, but the problem is overregulation.” My interview is below. The interview with David Bilsky is below that. You can read them on the DC Bar website here and here, respectively. ### Steven …

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Junkscience: Milloy makes White House blog

You can read my column here (with extra detail/links) or at the Wall Street Journal web site.

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Junkscience: The Clean Power Plan’s Counterfeit Benefits

My op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. You can read the Wall Street Journal version here. My slightly more detailed version (with links) is below. ### Clean Power Plan: Real Costs, Fake Benefits By Steve Milloy The Trump Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed repeal of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan represents an amazing and long …

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Junkscience: Lie ’til you die: Harvard researchers, New England Journal of Medicine continue lying about ‘Air Pollution Still Kills’ study

The New England Journal of Medicine has printed letters commenting on its recent PM2.5 study (the accompanying editorial was entitled “Air Pollution Still Kills”), including a letter from our own Jim Enstrom and the Harvard authors’ response — the latter of whom apparently earned their PhDs in Mendacitology. Here is the study. Here is the …

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Junkscience: The Mistaken Birth And Adoption of the LNT: An Bridged Version

New from UMass-Amherst’s Ed Calabrese. Read the 2-page paper.

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Junkscience: Lyin’ Washington Post: Pretends EPA change on PM2.5 is arbitrary

Meet the Washington Post’s expert on PM2.5… New Republic writer Emily Atkin. The Lyin’ WaPo goes out of its way to ignore the work of Steve Milloy/Stan Young/Jim Enstrom/Congress on PM2.5 in order to make the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan look arbitrary. First, read how our work forms the economic basis for …

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Junkscience: PM2.5 efforts pay off: Form economic basis for repealing the Obama EPA Clean Power Plan

You’re welcome. Read my book for how we did it. Here’s one of the cost-benefit charts in the proposed Clean Power plan repeal. Note the significance of assuming the reality that PM2.5 kills no one. It reduced the Obama EPA’s estimated benefits by as much as $29 billion (i.e., $55.5 billion minus $26.5 billion). It’s …

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Junkscience: EPA-funded Harvard researcher, NRDC admit Obama EPA broke law with human experiments

Green zeal to condemn the Trump EPA backfires and condemns the Obama EPA. EPA-funded air quality researcher George Thurston was kind enough to make these comments this week about the Trump EPA repeal of the Obama EPA’s Clean Powder Plan: This sentiment, that there is no safe exposure to PM2.5, was then parroted by the …

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Junkscience: Winning!!! Clean Power Plan proposes view that PM2.5 kills no one

Since July 2011, has championed the view that PM2.5 in outdoor kills no one. Now that view has been adopted in the new EPA proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan. Here’s the footnote that acknowledges the assumption that PM2.5 kills no one. Since virtually the entire US complies with the existing PM2.5 standard, …

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Junkscience: Steve Milloy Statement on Repeal of Clean Power Plan

Just awesome. State from The Clean Power Plan was based on the Obama EPA’s illegal and scientifically bankrupt endangerment finding. The Obama EPA made up its mind to condemn CO2 before the endangerment rulemaking began, ignored the ongoing global warming pause and then finalized the finding despite the shocking Climategate emails confirming the scientific …

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Junkscience: Study: Most new cancer drugs of dubious therapeutic value

Not news but the implications are points to ponder. Points to ponder: Health care costs continue to skyrocket. These drugs are expensive and provide marginal if any benefit. Only Big Pharma, and the institutions and doctors that provide the treatments benefit for sure. To the extent the drugs do work, a couple months or so …

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Junkscience: NYTimes Rehashes Love Canal, Times Beach, Libby Montana in attack on Trump EPA

A Department of Justice alumnus dredges up bad examples for a New York Times attack on EPA chief Scott Pruitt. Here’s the basic claim: Past the bickering over bureaucratic bookkeeping, here’s what you ned to know about this attack. Love Canal. No one was hurt. The “disaster” was the local government’s decision to build a …

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Junkscience: Claim: Public health factors may have affected 2016 US presidential election results

There is no end to progressive idiocy. Areas where public health is poorer are typically worse off economically. So despite the headline, the actual result is that poor people voted in greater numbers for Donald Trump. But we already knew that. The media release is below. Public health factors may have affected 2016 US presidential …

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Junkscience: DHHS Acting Secretary Helped Cover Up Illegal EPA Human Experiments

Don Wright. Corruptocrat. Read pages 66-67 of “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA” for the story. Read’s May 31, 2012 request to Wright (erroneously referred to as “David”). If I have time, I’ll try to find and post Wright’s June 2012 response. Wright’s leadership of DHHS could be a problem as …

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Junkscience: Priceless video of Trump on EPA Clean Power Plan

“Did you see what I did to that? Boom. Gone.” (From Sep. 22, 2017 rally in Alabama for Luther Strange).

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Junkscience: Air pollution mafia tries to stop Enstrom from speaking to Utah legislators

Jim Enstrom’s air quality epidemiology terrifies the junk science-fueled greens. Last Tuesday, retired-but-still-active UCLA epidemiologist and air quality epidemiologist all-star Jim Enstrom addressed Utah’s Clean Air Caucus, a bipartisan group of Utah state legislators working on air quality issues. Before that, though, Enstrom had to survive an effort by Utah greens to intimidate the Clean…

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Junkscience: Claim: One e-cigarette may lead to adrenaline changes in nonsmokers’ hearts

Not much stupider than the effort to scare people about vaping. Uh… everyone knows nicotine stimulates the discharge of adrenaline. It’s one reason smokers smoke. Duh. But e-cigs expose smokers to less tar and so can be safer* * – Your results will depend on how much tobacco you smoke(d), your other relevant lifestyle and …

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Junkscience: Obama EPA holdover blames Trump EPA for lack of Superfund progress.

I can’t figure out whether Obama holdover EPA Inspector General Arthur Elkins is dishonest or just incompetent. Here’s the report. Here’s what you need to know: No one is harmed by Superfund sites — the report fails to cite any harm. My 1995 report, Science-Based Risk Assessment: A Piece of the Superfund Puzzle, showed that …

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Junkscience: Claim: 5,000 deaths annually from dieselgate in Europe

I’m defending the car industry because it is too stupid to defend itself. Here’s what you need to know. Dieselgate was about higher than allowed NOx emissions caused by car manufacturers rigging their engines to cheat emissions tests. NOx is a precursor to fine particulate matter (PM2.5). It is claimed that PM2.5 causes millions of …

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Junkscience: No New York Times, there are no ‘victims’ of Agent Orange

No victims. Forgotten, unforgotten or otherwise. Read the New York Times essay. What you need to know: There is no credible evidence that any US serviceman (airman or ground troop) was harmed by Agent Orange. Vietnam veterans were compensated for Agent Orange based on the politics of helping veterans, not scientific evidence. Birth defects and …

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Junkscience: Revealed: Obama EPA hid experimental data debunking 2015 ozone rule

Why let the Obama EPA’s own science get in the way of the most expensive EPA rule of all time? has obtained via the Freedom of Information Act the results of an Obama EPA-conducted human experiment that directly contradicts the Obama EPA’s 2015 decision to tighten the air quality standard for ozone from 75 …

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Junkscience: Study: Science spin prevalent, researchers warn

So like, JunkScience has been been saying this for 21+ years. But whatever… The media release is below. ### Science spin prevalent, researchers warn Extent of spin in biomedical scientific papers revealed UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY Researchers from the University’s multidisciplinary Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Pharmacy reviewed 35 published academic studies of so-called ‘spin’ ……

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Junkscience: Action Alert: Recommendations for EPA’s Science Advisory Board

EPA is seeking new members for its Science Advisory Board (SAB). Public comment is requested. Here is the list of who you should recommended to EPA and who you should advise EPA to skip. Read the Federal Register announcement with the SAB 2017 List of Candidates and their bios. Read my recent Wall Street Journal …

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Junkscience: Action Alert: Recommendations for EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee

EPA is seeking new members for its Clean Air Scientific Advisory Council (CASAC). Public comment is requested. Here is the list of who you should recommended to EPA and who you should advise EPA to skip. Read the Federal Register announcement with theCASAC 2017 List of Candidates and their bios. Read my recent Wall Street …

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Junkscience: JunkScience requests federal research misconduct investigation for air pollution study

A fraudulent study to advance political and research payola agendas deserves exposure and punishment. The letter sent to the Office of Research Integrity is below. A PDF copy is here. ### September 5, 2017 Dr. Kathy Partin Director Office of Research Integrity U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Research Integrity 1101 Wootton …

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Junkscience: FOX Business interviews Steve Milloy on Arkema explosions

My interview today on FOX Business’ Risk & Reward with Liz MacDonald.

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Junkscience: Claim: Global warming causes fatal traffic accidents

If anything, this “study” is just more proof that global warming makes researchers brain dead. A weak correlation (r2 = 0.18) based on selected data is evidence of nothing except dishonesty. The media release is below. ### Climate change may be linked to spike in US road deaths in 2015 Cell phone use behind the …

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Junkscience: Wall Street Journal interviews Steve Milloy on Hurricane Harvey

The Wall Street Journal‘s wonderful Mary Kissel and’s Steve Milloy talk Hurricane Harvey and climate hysteria.

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