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Junkscience: JAMA editor reneges on commitment to review Harvard PM2.5 study for misconduct

Dr. Howard Bauchner, you lied to me. No worries. though. You just confirmed that I am correct about PM2.5 and that the EPA-Harvard-NEJM-JAMA PM2.5 cabal is engaged in major science fraud. Readers of know that Harvard’s science fraud-fueled researchers published yet another PM2.5 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on …

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Junkscience: Study: Researchers challenge claims that sugar industry shifted blame to fat

There was no ‘sugar conspiracy.’ The media release is below. ### Researchers challenge claims that sugar industry shifted blame to fat Did research funded by the sugar industry unfairly tilt science and policy away from the health risks of sugar in the 1960s? Not so, write historians from Columbia and the City University of New …

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Junkscience: NYTimes attacks Trump EPA proposed repeal of Obama EPA glider truck rule

New York Times hack Eric Lipton tries to save the rentseekers and rogue EPA staffers on the losing end of the glider truck controversy. But my Wall Street Journal column already revealed the inconvenient truth about the conspiracy against gliders. Here is Lipton’s hatchet job. My op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (print edition for …

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Junkscience: Dunn in Dose-Response: Enstrom’s Expose of Air Pollution Epidemiology Problems

“If big government money was taken out of this toxic mix producing bad research, there would be no small association results used to project hundreds of thousands of deaths in America.” Dr. John Dunn’s just-published letter in Dose Response is below. Click here for a PDF version. ### Enstrom’s Expose of Air Pollution Epidemiology Problems …

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Junkscience: Claim: 25 years of satellite data confirm rising sea levels

Because satellites can really detect a 1 millimeter per decade increase in global sea-level. The media release is below. Don’t forget to read: The fantasy of accelerating sea level rise just got hosed ### Twenty-five years of satellite data confirm rising sea levels UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (USF HEALTH) Tampa, Fla. (February 12, 2018) -Twenty-five …

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Junkscience: 50 years ago… the US Public Health Service says particulate matter (PM) is a problem… for your clothes!

From February 6, 1968, note the New York Times article does not even allude to health effects.

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Junkscience: Dr. John Dunn blasts JAMA over Harvard PM2.5 fraud

And the DHHS Office of Research Integrity gets a referral as well. Read Dunn;’s letters to JAMA and ORI.

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Junkscience: Read the House Intel memo

Here it is.

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Junkscience: Resistance Exposed: EPA scientist too busy ‘fighting’ EPA budget cuts to review NEJM PM2.5 paper

Should EPA employees really be employed to “fight” budget cuts ordered by the President? The e-mail is below. The NEJM paper in question is the subject of a scientific misconduct complaint lodged by

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Junkscience: Exposed: Harvard prof offers US EPA employees ‘royal hospitality’ to help get $10 million contract from Kuwait EPA

Does an e-mail obtained by reveal a bribe (is there another word?) to EPA employees for helping Harvard get a lucrative Kuwaiti contract? The e-mail is below. For background: Petros Koutrakis is a co-author of the infamous June 2017 New England Journal of Medicine study that we asked the Office of Research Integrity to …

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Junkscience: German carmaker group sponsored emissions experiments on people

So testing diesel exhaust on humans is only a problem for carmakers but not US EPA? uncovered EPA’s illegal human experiments with diesel exhaust and other substances. The full story is told in “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fox the EPA.” The Reuters report is below. German carmaker group sponsored emissions experiments on …

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Junkscience: Wow… awesome EPA web page exposes Columbia University effort to conceal scientific data on pesticide chlorpyrifos

The Scott Pruitt-run EPA kicks butt! Anti-pesticide extremists are pressing the EPA to ban the insecticide chlorpyrifos based on a bogus epidemiology study by Columbia University researchers who have been hiding their data from public scrutiny. The Pruitt EPA is fighting back with this web page (EPA web site | PDF version) exposing Columbia’s efforts …

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Junkscience: Claim: Sandwiches cause global warming

Your Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich has the carbon footprint of driving a car 12 miles. Self-debunking. No comment required. The media release is below. ### Is your sandwich bad for the environment? UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER Do you take a packed lunch to work or buy a sandwich from the shop? The carbon footprint of …

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Junkscience: Claim: Better data needed to monitor the impact of air pollution on health and climate

False. All that’s needed is more honesty and its corollary, transparency. No one dies from air quality. No one. The only reason the myth of killer air pollution survives is because dishonest researchers like Harvard’s Doug Dockery and Brigham Young’s Arden Pope have been allowed by the scientific establishment and EPA to hide their data …

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Junkscience: Claim: Smoking one cigarette per day as risky as smoking 10 cigarettes per day

More absurdity from the anti-tobacco junk science mob. Some thoughts: As famed epidemiologist Sir Austin Bradford Hill observed in the mid-1960s, the weak association epidemiology associating smoking with heart disease/stroke is dubious. So this claim is a fail just on that point. This is yet another effort by anti-smoking zealots to undermine the tried-and-true concept …

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Junkscience: Claim: Racism causes smoking

So stupid. Some thoughts: Smoking (or rather then nicotine delivered via smoking) does relieve stress. But this is far different than racism causes smoking. Racism can obviously be stressful. But so as to cause smoking? Surveys of children are stupid. The kids tend to lie and joke around with answers. Teens start smoking because they …

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Junkscience: 75 years ago in NYTimes: Harvard physicist frets socialism destroying science

“Scientists are curiously obtuse as to the social conditions that make possible their existence as a class.”

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Junkscience: NIEHS chief Birnbaum accused of violating lobbying law by House Science Committee

Linda Birnbaum is an Obama holdover who should be replaced by President Trump. Click to read the letter. More on Birnbaum: Chemical Scaremongering: It’s time to dismantle the alarmism industry Federal toxic chief defends EPA by trying to shoot the messenger

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Junkscience: Inconvenient Study: Heat loss from the Earth triggers ice sheet slide towards the sea

But… “settled science”…. “debate is over”… blah-blah-blah… The media release is below. Also check out ### Heat loss from the Earth triggers ice sheet slide towards the sea In northeast Greenland, researchers have measured the loss of heat that comes up from the interior of the Earth; this enormous area is a geothermal ‘hot ……

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Junkscience: Did New York City just admit to committing securities fraud over climate?

We report you decide. New York City recently filed a lawsuit against Big Oil alleging among other things that Big Oil knew about climate change and downplayed the threat. Interestingly last September, New York City sold $200 million worth of bonds in this offering. Keeping in mind that New York City is suing Big Oil …

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Junkscience: New York City climate lawsuit against Big Oil claims city is 20,000 years old

And was buried under ice! Here’s the excerpt from the NYC complaint against Big Oil. Wow…

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Junkscience: Milloy in WSJ: EPA Bureaucrats Go Rogue on ‘Glider Truck’ Emissions

My op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (print edition for January 13, 2018). The story of how the Obama EPA was persuaded by the new truck industry to destroy the tiny “glider truck” industry and how the Trump EPA rode to the rescue. The Wall Street Journal edition is online here (subscription required). The unedited, …

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Junkscience: CARB robs $2.5 million from port terminal operator SSA Containers; Money given to promote air quality-childhood asthma propaganda

If CARB is so worried about the impact of diesel exhaust on children, why aren’t USC and UCLA researchers in jail? As described below, CARB just robbed SSA Containers of $2.5 million for some technical and nonsense violations of CARB rules. The ill-gotten booty goes to advance promote the enviro propaganda that air quality is …

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Junkscience: American Public Health Association provides talking points to puppets for Clean Power Plan public meetings

Check out the American Public Health Association effort to recruit puppets and provide them with talking points for the EPA’s public hearings concerning the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan. The talking points are false claims about air quality health effects. If you can’t read the image, the text is below. ### From: “Jyotsna …

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Junkscience: Pope admits no physical evidence supports claim that PM2.5 causes death

Here is Arden Pope’s response to Jim Enstrom’s March 2017 study in Dose Response. Past Pope’s lengthy arm-waving about dubious-if-not-fraudulent statistics, in the end he cannot cite a single bit of physical evidence that PM2.5 kills anyone — even though he claims 4.2 million people were killed by PM2.5 in 2015. Here’s the key passage: …

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Junkscience: American Cancer Society basically confirms Jim Enstrom destroyed original 1995 Pope PM2.5 study

The worst the American Cancer Society can say about Jim Enstrom’s total debunking and destruction of Arden Pope’s 1995 PM2.5 analysis (one of the two main lines relied upon by EPA in its war on coal rules) is “we have no knowledge of how nor from what source he obtained the data used in the …

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Junkscience: Stan Young letter Enstrom redo of Pope PM2.5 study

Jim Enstrom recently redid Arden Pope’s 1995 secret science paper claiming that PM2.5 killed. Enstrom reported no association between PM2.5 and death. Below is Stan Young’s letter on Enstrom’s re-analysis of Pope.

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Junkscience: Lord Monckton comments on EPA’s proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan

The brilliant polymath, climate hysteria slayer and friend Lord Christopher Monckton has graciously allowed us to publish his comments on the proposed Clean Power Plan repreal as submitted to EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

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Junkscience: WINNING: Interior Department rescinds all Obama-era climate policies

So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Goodbye. Here’s the recission: Here’s the Obama policy:

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Junkscience: requests JAMA retract new Harvard PM2.5 study on basis of scientific misconduct

A moment of truth for JAMA. January 4, 2017 Dr. Howard Bauchner Editor-in-Chief Journal of the American Medical Association American Medical Association 330 N. Wabash Ave, Suite 39300 Chicago, IL 60611-5885 Re: Request for retraction/amendment recent article and editorial Dear Dr. Bauchner, I am writing to request that the Journal of the American Medical Association …

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