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Junkscience: Who was LNT inventor Herman Muller? A lunatic eugenicist-communist.

The guy who saddled the world with the junk science-fueled linear no-threshold model of carcinogenesis was a fraudster — as Ed Calabrese has well documented and has spotlighted. But science fraud is really only part of Muller’s story. Before science fraud, there was Muller’s idea of eugenics-for-communism. Muller wrote “Out of the Night” (pictured …

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Junkscience: Duke University pays feds $112.5 million in science fraud case

Duke University will pay $112.5 million to the United States Government to settle Thomas v. Duke, a lawsuit alleging that a research technician improperly falsified and fabricated data from 2006 to 2013 to obtain research funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies, the university announced Monday. This case includes air …

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Junkscience: Calabrese: The Troubled History of Cancer Risk Assessment

The Nobel-winning inventor of the LNT model, Hermann Muller, also thought it would be a great idea to have a sperm bank stocked with the sperm of great men like Karl Marx and Lenin. It is no surprise that the LNT turned out to be entirely bogus. Ed Calabrese explains in his latest article.

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Junkscience: The Air Quality Science Fraud Empire strikes back

Thanks to EPA Administrator Wheeler, CASAC chair Tony Cox and other Trump administration appointees, EPA is moving away from the air quality science fraud spotlighted in my 2016 book “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA.” This week the Air Quality Science Fraud Empire strikes back with a one-lie-after-another commentary in Science magazine. …

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Junkscience: No… glyphosate, chlorpyrifos and other pesticides NOT linked with autism

More crappy epidemiology. Weak (non)-associations based on totally guesstimated exposures to God knows what and when projected on to a vague spectrum developmental disorder. I’m only posting this because I wasted part of my life scanning the study. Remember: Pesticides work. Crappy epidemiology doesn’t. The media release and abstract are below. Study is here. Editorial …

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Junkscience: Normal, honest and pro-America scientists and experts express strong support for President Trump’s Commission on Climate Security

Read the letter.

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Junkscience: No… soda doesn’t kill… but the corruption will

A new study claims that drinking soda increases the risk of death. This is only true if you rip a soda can in half and slash your throat with it. So no, soda doesn’t kill… but the corruption will kill you. What you need to know: The study data are unreliable self-reported memories from the …

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Junkscience: State AGs Undermine Themselves on Climate

My column at State AGs Undermine Themselves on Climate By Steve Milloy, March 11, 2019 NEW YORK, NY – JULY 26: New York Attorney General Letitia James spoke to protesters in Times Square near a military recruitment center as they show their anger at President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate a ban on …

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Junkscience: WINNING: EPA science advisory panel trashes draft EPA PM2.5 assessment as non-scientific, incomplete

The days of EPA science advisers rubber-stamping EPA staff’s regurgitation of the EPA-paid advisors own junk science have come to an end. Read the draft letter. For historical background on the PM2.5 saga and PM2.5 science reality, read “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA.”

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Junkscience: New Calabrese: A comprehensive assessment of the LNT’s historical and scientific foundations

If you’ve missed Calabrese’s work so far… catch up on the LNT controversy with his latest paper: “The LNT single-hit dose-response model for cancer risk assessment was conceived, formulated, and applied in a manner which is now known to have been scientifically invalid.”

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Junkscience: Obama EPA science advisor trying to stop Trump EPA science adviser from reviewing PM2.5 science

Obama EPA CASAC Chair Chris Frey is trying to stop Trump EPA CASAC Chair Tony Cox from asking questions about PM2.5 of EPA staff and the Health Effects Institute. Here are the questions Cox asked EPA staff. Here is Frey’s complaint. Below is an excerpt from today’s E&E News report on Frey’s bid to keep …

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Junkscience: Busted: No climate impact from Trump policies

A new report from anti-Trump state AGs projects that Trump climate policies will increase emissions by 200 million tons per year by 2025. But as the UN just reported, manmade emissions are now at about 53.5 BILLION tons per year (and rising). If you do the (simple) math, Trump policies are project to increase global …

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Junkscience: Fake News from the American Academy of Neurology

Check out the media release headline below: But if you read past the headline you’ll find: That’s right. The quoted lead researcher of the study entirely contradicts the headline of the drive-by-media release. Can’t wait to see the fake news media’s take. Don’t MS sufferers have enough to worry about without junk science on soda …

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Junkscience: Steve Milloy dismantles kids’ climate lawsuit on Fox & Friends

Source: |

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Junkscience: Exposed & Debunked: The Endocrine Disrupter Scare

JunkScience has been on top of the always-bogus endocrine disrupter scare since its beginning in March 1996. Here is our first post on it. In 2000, JunkScience followed up with “Our Swollen Future: The 60 Minuts Interview“. Twenty-three years later the scare has finally been debunked with the final coup de grace being delivered by …

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Junkscience: Stan Young backs Milloy Wall Street Journal op-ed on endocrine disruptors friend, the great Stan Young scores a letter in the Wall Street Journal in support go Steve Milloy’s op-ed from earlier this week.

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Junkscience: Bad Science May Banish Paper Receipts

My op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal about the debunking of the BPA scare. Having vanquished plastic straws, the California Legislature is now considering a bill to ban paper cash-register receipts. One reason offered for the ban is to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. The other is to reduce public exposure to bisphenol A, or BPA, a …

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Junkscience: FOX News report on Green New Deal (Part 4) features Steve Milloy

In Part 4 of the Fox News series on the Green New Deal, I reveal what we’ve always known about the global warming scam.

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Junkscience: FOX News report on Green New Deal features Steve Milloy

From Fox News’ Special Report last night, laugh along with Steve Milloy at the Green New Deal.

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Junkscience: Curry Report: Sea-level rise within natural variation of past several thousand years

“There is not yet convincing evidence of a fingerprint on sea level rise associated with human-caused global warming.” Read the report Web | PDF.

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Junkscience: Dr. Dunn comments on the NYTimes claim that London air quality killed a child

Dr. John Dunn comments on the claim that poor air quality in London caused the tragic death of this child. The op-ed was in yesterday’s New York Times. Dr. Dunn’s comment is below. ### Start with the fact that EPA researchers were unable to kill animals even with extreme exposures to small particles. Then they …

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Junkscience: WINNING!!! DC Circuit upholds Trump EPA ban of conflicted science advisors

A huge win for all of us… thanks to eight years of advocacy by Read the entire court opinion. Read Steve Milloy’s Wall Street Journal op-ed summarizing the problem.

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Junkscience: EPA smacks POLITICO for fake news

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Junkscience: Claim: Global warming to cause congenital heart defects

It will be the extreme heat… or so they claim. But… … where are these events in really hot places like India and Pakistan? Also, this recent study (abstract below) contradicts the purported link between extreme heat and congenital heart defects: The media release is below. ### Climate change may increase congenital heart defects Journal …

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Junkscience: Where particle physics intersects with ‘climate science’

While particle physicists aren’t trying to destroy our standard of living (as are “climate scientists”), this New York Times op-ed inadvertently points out the commonality between particle physics and “climate science”. Here you go: Read the NYTimes op-ed.

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Junkscience: AAAS chief admits scientists have destroyed the credibility of science

Below is a fundraising email just received from Rush Holt, president of the Americans Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). As Holt notes (see highlighted section), scientists are so untrustworthy that, well, no one trusts them. has been pointing out this untrustworthiness for 23 years. Unfortunately, Holt believes the way to repair the …

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Junkscience: Japanese atomic bomb survivors live longer, have less cancer

LNT debunked (again) in this new, landmark paper. Read the study.

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Junkscience: Nature: Milloy ‘perhaps the nation’s most influential climate science contrarian’

Boom. The rest of the Nature Climate Change commentary is largely nonsense. Source: Nature Climate Change: Web | PDF

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Junkscience: An ocean of inconvenient truth

The estimated increase in ocean heat content during 1990-2015 is the same as that between 1921–1946, according to a study in the PNAS. Change in atmospheric CO2 was ~70 ppm (1990-2015) vs. ~10 ppm (1921-1946).

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Junkscience: The Low IQ of the Obama EPA Mercury Rule

Just how stupid was the Obama EPA mercury rule for coal-fired power plants? You won’t believe it. The Trump EPA is proposing to repair some of the junk science used to justify the Obama EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS), a 2012 rule that imposed stringent mercury emissions standards on coal-fired power plants and …

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