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Junkscience: Letting Oil Haters Run Big Oil

My report on the tragicomedy that was the May 31, 2017 ExxonMobil shareholder meeting, as it appears in Investor’s Business Daily. Letting Oil Haters Run Big Oil By Steve Milloy June 21, 2017, Investor’s Business Daily It’s unprecedented in the history of business — the largest U.S. oil company has been officially captured by anti-oil …

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Junkscience: Junk Science Week: Behind the scientific fraud that claims air pollution is killing people

My column for the Financial Post‘s “Junk Science Week.” Junk Science Week: Behind the scientific fraud that claims air pollution is killing people: Studies about people dying from air pollution are all funded by regulation-happy EPA, based on secret data, rubberstamped by EPA grantees By Steve Milloy, June 20, 2017, Financial Post What’s the biggest …

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Junkscience: Chemical Scaremongering: It’s time to dismantle the alarmism industry

My latest in the Washington Times. Chemical Scaremongering: It’s time to dismantle the alarmism industry By Steve Milloy June 19, 2017 (June 20, 2017 print ed.), Washington Times It’s great news the Trump administration is starting to dismantle the junk science life-support system for government overregulation. Budget cuts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and …

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Junkscience: BOOK REVIEW: ‘Scare Pollution’ a Pulitzer Prize-worthy Piece of Investigative Journalism

From environmental expert and EPA pioneer Jay Lehr. Buy “Scare Pollution” at BOOK REVIEW: ‘Scare Pollution’ a Pulitzer Prize-worthy Piece of Investigative Journalism By Jay Lehr June 16, 2017, Originally published at In Scare Pollution, scientist and lawyer Steve Milloy, famous for his 20-year-old website Junk Science, has produced a most compelling, Pulitzer ……

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Junkscience: Major study finds NO association between PM2.5 and death

My California study is finally published. Includes all 2+ million deaths in California from 2000-2012. Debunks all $600 million of EPA PM2.5 junk science. The newly pubbed Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology version is here. You can read the original version for free here. For the inside story behind the study, read “Scare Pollution: Why and …

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Junkscience: Political Junk Science: Stress from Trump election to kill minorities, reports New England Journal of Medicine

I got the the editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association fired in January 1999 for this kind of political junk science. I want another hide for my office. The media release for the new NEJM study is below. Click for the doings that got former JAMA editor George Lundberg fired on …

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Junkscience: June 1, 2017 — Our Second Independence Day

Kudos to all climate skeptics everywhere for all their hard work over the decades.

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Junkscience: Art of the Climate Deal: How Trump Should Renegotiate Paris

If he’s really going to renegotiate, here’s the only deal that makes sense. Art of the Climate Deal: How Trump Should Renegotiate Paris By Steve Milloy June 2, 2017, While a coalition of leftists, globalists, and rent-seekers rage about President Trump’s awesome decision to withdraw America from the Paris climate hoax, a key aspect …

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Junkscience: Milloy rips at ExxonMobil management for supporting climate alarmism

Audio of Steve Milloy from yesterday’s annual meeting of ExxonMobil shareholders. Write-up of shocking meeting coming soon. Text of remarks and related materials below. Steve Milloy address at ExxonMobil annual meeting May 31, 2017 My fellow shareholders, we are being squeezed out of Exxon. On one side are anti-capitalist climate activists ⎯some are here pretending …

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Junkscience: Milloy talks Paris climate deal on FOX & Friends

.@JunkScience: The Paris climate accord will do nothing for the planet and only make us poor. — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) June 1, 2017

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Junkscience: Milloy rips ExxonMobil management at shareholder meeting for supporting climate hysteria

Here is my address this morning to ExxonMobil management and shareholders at the annual meeting in support of my shareholder proposal to end all political activist shareholder proposals. The text of my 2017 address is below. Related materials follow the address. ### Steve Milloy address at ExxonMobil annual meeting May 31, 2017 My fellow shareholders, …

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Junkscience: NYTimes: Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park

Glaciers receding… but local temperatures not rising. Read the NYTimes report. Glaciers in Glacier National Park may be receding, but they have been doing so since the end of the Little Ice Age. Moreover, there is no local warming trend: Whatever is happening to GNP’s glaciers, it doesn’t appear to be related to greenhouse gas …

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Junkscience: Warmists fiddle historic sea level change data

Past sea-level change is imagined downward. Therefore, sea level change is accelerating. As with NOAA’s fiddling with historic temperature data, the past cannot be scientifically adjusted since the results cannot be confirmed. The PNAS study is here.

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Junkscience: LNT-driven radiation scare kicked in teeth again

Space preserved mouse sperm (exposed to radiation 100 times stronger than on Earth) produced healthy offspring, reports a new study in PNAS. The PNAS study is here.

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Junkscience: Claim: Air pollution may disrupt sleep

If true, this could never happen. A single cigarette provides a smoker with about 80+ days of the worst air California has to offer. The media release is below. ### Air pollution may disrupt sleep AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY ATS 2017, WASHINGTON, DC–High levels of air pollution over time may get in the way of a …

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Junkscience: Oil And Climate Alarmism Don’t Mix For Shareholders

My Investor’s Business Daily op-ed about my ExxonMobil shareholder proposal to send all climate activist shareholders. Oil And Climate Alarmism Don’t Mix For Shareholders By Steve Milloy May 18, 2017, Investor’s Business Daily Which is the greater threat to oil and gas industry shareholders — anti-fossil fuel activists dressed in shareholders’ clothing or oil and …

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Junkscience: Political science: EPA employees try to sabotage GOP efforts to cut EPA funding?

Does a new study link “pollution” with cancer — or the just junkiest of statistics with opponents of EPA budget cuts? The study (see below) purports to statistically (not scientifically) associate urbanized environments with slightly higher incidence of cancer. No specific cancer is linked with any specific substance or condition in the environment. There are …

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Junkscience: Claim: Controlling ‘short-lived climate pollutants’ (like soot) would save millions of lives

No… controlling soot (i.e., PM2.5) won’t “keep millions of people from dying.” PM2.5 kills no one. Read ‘Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA’ for the proof. The media release is below. ### Policies to curb short-lived climate pollutants could yield major health benefits Controlling soot, methane, hydrofluorocarbons would yield immediate effects DUKE ……

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Junkscience: Claim: Global warming pause ‘does not change our understanding of the influence of human activity on long-term warming’

Of course… it means nothing that even the manipulated temperature data declined while greenhouse gas levels increased substantially — and that it took an El Nino to reverse the downward trend. Why learn from observations? At least they admit there was a pause. The media release and abstract are below. ### Climate sciences: Explaining discrepancies …

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Junkscience: EPA petitioned to reconsider greenhouse gas endangerment finding

Just filed by the Texas Public Policy Foundation on behalf of California trucking, construction and oil groups. Here’s the petition filed May 1 by trucking and construction companies. Read an overview of why EPA should reconsider the endangerment funding.

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Junkscience: Leaked: State Department memo on withdrawing from Paris climate agreement

The State Department wants to stay in Paris. Read the memo.

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Junkscience: No NYTimes, Arctic ice is not ‘vanishing’

Here’s the fake news headline: Here’s the reality: According to NOAA, Northern Hemisphere sea ice has declined somewhat since 1980, but it certainly is not “vanishing”: And when you consider that NOAA has a pre-1980 sea ice record, you might reasonably wonder what all the fuss us about. That’s why the NYTimes is called “fake …

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Junkscience: Claim: Keeping cool in the summer leads to increased air pollution

The war on air conditioning continues. A new study “reports” that hot weather leads to more air conditioning use which requires more electricity generation which leads to more power plant emissions which leads to more “air pollution.” While greater electricity generation necessarily leads to incremental increases in power plant emissions, those emissions cause no harm ……

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Junkscience: Oops… Antarctic Peninsula ice more stable than thought

“The new Leeds led research calls into question a recent study from the University of Bristol that reported 45 cubic kilometres per year increase in ice loss from the sector.” For your settled science file, the media release is below. ### Antarctic Peninsula ice more stable than thought University of Leeds press release UNIVERSITY OF …

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Junkscience: Maybe It’s Time to Review the EPA’s Endangerment Finding

My letter in today’s Wall Street Journal responding to the recent misguided WSJ editorial calling for the Trump administration to ignore the Obama EPA’s finding that CO2 endangers the public welfare. Here’s my letter in today’s WSJ: Below is the original WSJ editorial: Highway From the Endangerment Zone Scott Pruitt is right to avoid a …

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Junkscience: Claim: Extreme weather can be blamed on climate via statistics

Here is a photo of statisticians attributing weather events to CO2 and/or climate change. If you need more of an explanation of the problem of using statistics for causality attribution, Statistician to the Stars Matt Briggs has addressed this issue in detail here. The media release is below. ### Was that climate change? Linking extreme …

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Junkscience: Report: Shots fired at University of Alabama laboratory of climate skeptics

As reported by University of Alabama-Huntsville scientist, Roy Spencer: FYI, apparently sometime after a March for Science went past our building at UAH, 7 shots were fired and hit the floor John Christy is on. (I’m in a different part of the same building). No witnesses. I’m assuming late night Saturday or Sunday. It seems …

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Junkscience: EPA sabotaging Trump effort to save coal?

No doubt it’s the Obama holdovers who still run the agency on a day-to-day basis. This clip is from a brief filed in March 22, 2017 by the (supposedly) Trump EPA in litigation over the major war-on-coal EPA rule known as the Mercury Air Transport Standard (MATS). As you can see, the Obama holdovers in …

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Junkscience: Claim: Drinking soda, fruit juice hurts memory

The junk science-fueled war against soda continues. If soda and fruit juice harm memory, how can you rely on self-reported data from people who have consumed soad and fruit juice? Just askin’. ### The media release and abstract are below. ### Daily consumption of sodas, fruit juices and artificially sweetened sodas affect brain BOSTON UNIVERSITY …

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Junkscience: Claim: Diet soda causes dementia

This is crazy. Really. This study is just more of the junk epidemiology that we have debunked for the past 21 years. It has all the usual pitfalls (i.e., poor quality data, statistical malpractice, no biological plausibility, etc.) but I spotlight it because of this: The soda intake data is derived from patient recall (self-report) …

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