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The climate sceptic blogosphere is becoming crowded to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Several of us (all British or UK based so far), are getting weary of the effort of grinding out several articles a month simply in order to remain visible. It’s not that we haven’t got something to say – rather that we’d like to take the time to say it as audibly and as clearly as possible.

Our thinking in launching this new blog (called – very originally – Climate Scepticism) is that a joint site, with more frequent and more varied articles, would be more visible and possibly more useful. 
We don’t aim to compete with Bishop Hill or WattsUpWithThat on the news-gathering front, but to assemble a number of disparate voices in a joint venture. There’s no “party line” or rulebook, and certainly no 97% consensus about anything.

So far we are:
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Paul Matthews
John Shade
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You can follow us on twitter at @cliscep

Recent Articles

Climate Scepticism: The Conversation’s Fact-Free Claim That Rich Countries Are To Blame For Idai

Even by Con standards, this fact-free article by ‘climate justice’ academics, Michael Mikulewicz and Tahseen Jafry, at Glasgow University, is outrageously bad. The title alone is enough to make you blanche: Cyclone Idai: rich countries are to blame for disasters like this – here’s how they can make amends Presumably, the making amends for causing poor …

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Climate Scepticism: Mann and Ward’s Kick in the Graun

…and now for the pièce de résistance of this three course feast of Guardian Newspeak: Michael Mann and Bob Ward claiming that Donald Trump is the new Stalin: … a group of hardcore climate change deniers and contrarians linked to the administration is organising a petition in support of a new panel being set up by the National Security Council to …

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Climate Scepticism: Catastrophe Corner

… meanwhile, in another part of the Graun our old friend Adam Corner – he who broke the story of Lew’s Moon Landing paper to an astonished world, and who now psychologises at Climate Outreach – wants weather forecasts to “tell it like it is” and bring climate change into the picture. As he says: … …

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Climate Scepticism: Invasion of the Transphobic Climate Deniers

We’ve discussed here the views of Jordan Peterson (on climate activism, among other things) and I’ve been developing a healthy paranoia about Cambridge University, where professors of history and computery stuff are involved in an international five year plan to get climate scepticism recognised as an official conspiracy theory, alongside invasions of aliens (the …

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Climate Scepticism: Tales of the Unexpected

Gather round boys and girls, because I want to tell you a story. It is a tale of two fearsome warriors engaged in a battle for your ecological soul. The first was an esteemed expert in all matters climatological and psychological. For the purposes of the tale, I will call him Stephan Lewandowsky. The second …

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Climate Scepticism: Opinions are like Prosthetic Anal Sphincters: Everyone can be fitted with One

Via, here’s an extract from this article from the American Institute for Economic Research: That Fake Poll on the Green New Deal Over 80 percent of American voters support the Green New Deal, or so claim its backers citing a recent survey by a group of academic pollsters. Furthermore, this public endorsement is supposedly bipartisan, with …

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Climate Scepticism: Time To Twirl Our Mustachios

Many thanks to Susan Anderson, climate hysteric. Over at And Then There’s Physics she points us all to a statement by Michael Mann: “Climategate, in hindsight, is very interesting, because it involved hacked emails, and Saudi Arabia and Russia were both involved. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange … You were really on the vanguard of that …

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Climate Scepticism: An Alternative to the Green New Deal–Fifty 2% Solutions

I like many of the new initiatives folded under the umbrella title of the Green New Deal. The ones I like concern the reshaping of our economy. As I have long advertised here that I am to the left of Groucho Marx, that should surprise no-one. It seems clear to me that someone rammed in …

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Climate Scepticism: Super El Ninos Are Like London Buses – You Wait 100 Years For One To Turn Up, Then Three Arrive

I am prompted to write this post following a long and somewhat fractious conversation at Ken Rice’s blog, ATTP, in response to a guest post by Geoff Price on coral reef bleaching. As the post referred to me personally and to a blog post I wrote on Cliscep over a year ago, I …

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Climate Scepticism: Educating Greta

Three weeks ago, on 15th February, Greta Thunberg burst onto the world scene with the Student Climate Strike. Next Friday she and her collaborators aim to do the same but bigger. Whatever else you think of the operation, and its many adult cheerleaders, this instance of Google My Maps showing the global extent is both colourful and …

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Climate Scepticism: The Great Climate Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory

I’m currently reading “Conspiracy Theories and the People who Believe Them” edited by Professor Joseph Uscinski. There are thirty one chapters in the book, six of which appear to mention climate change conspiracy (I can’t be sure of the exact number until I’ve read the whole book.) Professor Lewandowsky has a chapter to himself, recounting the …

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Climate Scepticism: Uncertainty – No one’s Friend and Everyone’s Bitch

Given that reliable calculations of risk and uncertainty are so central to the issue of climate change, I am struck by the diverse assessments of incertitude that climatologists, environmentalists, and climate activists are prepared to espouse under the broad aegis of climate alarmism. Firstly, we have the likes of Ben Santer. Here is someone …

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Climate Scepticism: Twat in the Hat Tweets Back

It’s difficult to write about George Marshall except in a tone of ridicule, so I won’t even try. He’s written a whole book – “Don’t Even Think about It” – about what it’s like to be a modern Ancient Mariner, mocked and ignored by family and friends, the unwelcome guest at the dinner party. from Paul Kingsnorth’s …

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Climate Scepticism: Prediction: Climate Change Will Be Blamed For Making February Heatwave ‘X Times More Likely’.

Carbon Brief summed up the media and scientific community’s response to the remarkable spell of summery weather the UK has just experienced when it was supposed to be winter (today is the first day of Spring and it’s much colder!). Reading between the lines, I would hazard to guess that within the next …

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Climate Scepticism: Genetically Modified Journalism

Ever wondered where grubby old Guardian environmental editors go to pupate? James Randerson was the Guardian’s science correspondent and then environment editor for 10 years He’s now news editor at Politico (Europe), a very attractive, well-presented, well-informed on-line news source committed to selling us the Euro-kool Aid. At the Guardian, Randerson was responsible for their …

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Climate Scepticism: Scott Adams on Climate Persuasion, and Tony Heller’s top 5

We’ve discussed Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, a few times here. It’s quite interesting to see the thinking of somebody who’s clearly quite intelligent, and thinks for himself, but is relatively new to the climate debate. One of his most recent videos is about Climate Persuasion, titled “Scott Adams solves the climate debate and saves …

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Climate Scepticism: Cambridge Three part 2: Professor Runciman’s Crusade

David Runciman is professor of politics at Cambridge University and the great nephew of Sir Steven Runciman, author of a magnificent three-volume History of the Crusades, to which T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom is little more than an appendix on the perils of camel riding and a description of the intimate habits of those fascinating …

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Climate Scepticism: Dead Rat Shock

From the BBC Climate change-ravaged rodent listed as extinct It was described in 2016 as the first mammalian extinction caused by human-induced climate change. Now the eradication of the Bramble Cay melomys has been officially recognised by Australia, its only known home. The rodent lived solely on a tiny sand island in the Torres …

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Climate Scepticism: Wally Broecker Dies Aged 87 – Warmists Immediately Claim Him As An Icon of Global Warming Theory

Wallace Broecker has died at the age of 87, on February 18th, 2019, in New York. He leaves behind a large body of pioneering scientific research into the climate and the oceans. Perhaps his most significant contribution was to introduce the idea of the global ocean thermohaline conveyor belt and the concept of …

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Climate Scepticism: BBC More or Less debunks IPPR

Last week I wrote about a new scaremongering report from the IPPR that was given an unquestioning blaze of publicity by the BBC and other media, despite containing numerous errors. Some of the false claims originated from an article by a man called Jeremy Grantham, who isn’t a scientist but just happens to provide a …

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Climate Scepticism: Panic Now, Or Die Horribly!

Climate alarmists are becoming desperate. We’re not concerned enough about climate change, so they are going full out to try and create blind panic in the forlorn hope that we will be herded like sheep into taking action and/or consent meekly to the taking of drastic action, because we have become fearful, fed as we …

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Climate Scepticism: Tag Along Climate Change–The One Percent Dissolution

Climate Change has ascended to the throne, Death, the Destroyer of Worlds. Does it deserve the title? If like me you have become sensitized to the appearance of climate change stories just about everywhere, you may have seen the phenomenon blamed for all manner of ills. If you’re as cynical as I am, you might …

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Climate Scepticism: The Children’s Crusade

It started as a quasi-religious movement, led by a few persuasive individuals who created an atmosphere of mass hysteria which infected the uneducated and intellectuals alike; then it became an intergovernmental affair, organised at the supranational level; but due to international rivalries and the failure to agree on objectives, it petered out. Its final manifestation …

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Climate Scepticism: IPPR lies promoted by BBC and Guardian

The self-styled “progressive” think tank IPPR has issued a ridiculously alarmist report today, This is a crisis: Facing up to the age of environmental breakdown. The report recycles various bogus scares, and contains obvious falsehoods such as • Since 2005, the number of floods across the world has increased by 15 times The IPCC says …

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Climate Scepticism: The Arrogance and Censoriousness of Hayhoe – Not Very Christian

So, after being banned from Twitter, I’m working up to a ban from Facebook. I’m getting there, slowly. Having comments wiped off is always a good start. Hayhoe posted this: I replied and she responded: The sheer arrogance and nauseating condescension of her statement, the assumption that because she is a scientist, anything posted …

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Climate Scepticism: Why we don’t need academics*…

(* – well, not quite so many of them, anyway). To the extent that academia is a place of prestige, Twitter is a great leveller. We can peer over the walls… And, oh my, what a sight… Let me add this to @eucopresident's words: Brexiteers have placed Britain on the #YellowBrickRoad. It's a long & …

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Climate Scepticism: Met Office try to hide forecast fail

The Met Office have today issued their latest piece of warmest propaganda, Forecast suggests Earth’s warmest period on record. It includes this graph, showing observations (black), forecast (blue) and previous forecasts (red). The climate scientists quoted seem to be in denial of the recent cooling shown in their own graph, claiming that the Earth’s average global …

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Climate Scepticism: Historical Perspectives on Climate – The Super El Nino of 1876-78

In March 2016, a climate emergency was declared by Stefan Rahmstorf. Gavin Schmidt also tweeted: Normally I don't comment on individual months (too much weather, not enough climate), but last month was special. — Gavin Schmidt (@ClimateOfGavin) March 12, 2016 The ’emergency’ related to the NASA GISS Feb temperature anomaly of 1.35C above 1951-80 …

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Climate Scepticism: John Selwyn Trougher

Lord Deben, formerly known as John Selwyn Gummer, is chair of the Committee on Climate Change, which claims to provide “Independent advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change”. On various occasions in the past, Andrew Montford, at the now-dormant Bishop Hill blog, raised concerns about this alleged independence, pointing …

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Climate Scepticism: Post-strewth politics

In the afternoon of 15th January, the day I put up some thoughts on Project Fear on Cliscep, and Theresa May lost by over two hundred votes in the House of Commons on her original Withdrawal Agreement, agreed with the EU, I read something truly shocking in the Daily Telegraph: Michael Gove Age: 51 Odds: 12/1 …

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