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The climate sceptic blogosphere is becoming crowded to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Several of us (all British or UK based so far), are getting weary of the effort of grinding out several articles a month simply in order to remain visible. It’s not that we haven’t got something to say – rather that we’d like to take the time to say it as audibly and as clearly as possible.

Our thinking in launching this new blog (called – very originally – Climate Scepticism) is that a joint site, with more frequent and more varied articles, would be more visible and possibly more useful. 
We don’t aim to compete with Bishop Hill or WattsUpWithThat on the news-gathering front, but to assemble a number of disparate voices in a joint venture. There’s no “party line” or rulebook, and certainly no 97% consensus about anything.

So far we are:
Geoff Chambers
Alex Cull –

Brad Keyes –
Paul Matthews
John Shade
Danny Weston
Ian Woolley –

You can follow us on twitter at @cliscep

Recent Articles

Climate Scepticism: Only half of Americans would pay $1 a month to fight climate change

Roger Pielke Jr has now moved on from the climate debate into sports policy, but he still issues occasional bulletins of climate stories that are well worth reading. The latest, Pielke on Climate #6, discusses emissions intensity, hurricanes, and ocean heat content, but starts off with a remarkable fact from a recent public opinion survey. …

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Climate Scepticism: Cook’s Dog’s Breakfast

This is ancient history, four years late in the writing, but never mind. History is long. I’d never really bothered much with Cook’s 97% paper, but a comment here by JonA led me to skepticalscience’s Consensus Project, where you can play with Cook’s data to your heart’s content. This leads to their data file where …

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Climate Scepticism: Tony Abbott: Daring to Doubt

Tony Abbott, former PM of Australia, gave the annual GWPF lecture last night. The full text is on their site and Josh’s cartoon can be found at Bishop Hill. He started with some general remarks about world politics and loss of trust in leaders before moving on to some climate-sceptic points. He acknowledged the role …

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Climate Scepticism: Building For The Past, Remembering The Future

Michael Tobis (aka Dr. Doom) is someone I have opposed frequently and vehemently across the climate blogosphere. Nonetheless, he has a post up now that is thought-worthy, if not noteworthy. Titled ‘The Seventieth Generation, he makes an impassioned plea for all of us to remember the effects of our actions and choices for generations far …

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Climate Scepticism: Winning! Not winning!

The internet making fun of mainstream media messaging – an example of winning? Ian: In an email shared amongst the Cliscep team recently I mentioned that I thought climate scepticism had passed a tipping point and that our side was now, finally, winning. Jaime agreed, but cautioned that the scales have only tipped very lightly …

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Climate Scepticism: Lewandowsky’s Favourite Conspiracy Theory

The Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Climate has a new article on Climate Change Conspiracy Theories by Joseph E. Uscinski, Karen Douglas, and Stephan Lewandowsky. I’ll be writing about it later in depth, but first a digression on its first author Joseph E. Uscinski, author of a standard textbook on conspiracy theories. He has 6 sources …

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Climate Scepticism: Big Brother Wants a Quiet Word With You

The Guardian’s scientific watchdogs on matters climatical, Stan Abrahams and Oliver Nuccitelli, have recruited a team of high fliers for their latest piece, including Yale’s Anthony Leiserowitz and Cambridge psychologist Sander van der Linden. When a team calling itself “the 97%” writes an article entitled “Why the 97% climate consensus is important” you know what …

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Climate Scepticism: My team didn’t win, therefore democracy is broken – Part 2

This post is the second in a series on academics who think that because they are not getting their way, this indicates that there is a problem with democracy that needs to be fixed. There’s no climate in this one, but the mindset is much the same as that of Al Gore and Mark Maslin …

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Climate Scepticism: German Sceptics are Racists: Official

Europe‘s march towards a carbon-free future will be on hold for a month or two while Germany makes up its mind in what direction it is going to lead the European Union. The likely coalition with the fervently anti-coal anti-nuclear Greens, and the Free Democrats, who argue for a “rational” pro-business energy policy, may bring …

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Climate Scepticism: More Sexist, Racist Filth from the Guardian

The Graun really is worse than you thought. This article by John Gibbons plumbs new heights. Under a fetching picture of Gigi Love’s fluorescent bottom, Gibbons drools bile over the Irish Climate Science Forum, Richard Lindzen, retired male engineers and meteorologists, deniers, aging contrarians, conservative white males, elderly white men, elderly engineers, and elderly white …

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Climate Scepticism: BBC reprimands Rutherford on impartiality

BBC rebukes Radio 4 presenter for Tweets about Manchester MP BBC reprimands Radio 4 science host as he launches rant against MP who is sceptical about climate change MP welcomes ‘swift’ BBC rebuke of presenter over climate sceptic tweet BBC presenter Adam Rutherford rebuked over tweet criticising climate change sceptic A few days ago, the …

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Climate Scepticism: The game may be changed

Climate sceptics, feast your eyes on two brilliant and rightly passionate articles in two best-selling UK tabloids this morning: Now that’s an inconvenient truth: Report shows the world isn’t as warm as the green doom-mongers warned. So will energy bills come down? Fat chance in the Daily Mail by Labour MP Graham Stringer How scientists …

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Climate Scepticism: Greg Laden loves the preservation of history, and he’ll delete any comment that says different

Greg Laden once wrote a long essay exhorting Americans to demolish more monuments with less hesitation. It climaxes with a stirring, Lutherian cri de coeur: Nobody loves historic preservation more than I do. Clearly. Here you stand, Greg Laden, on a rubble-pile of equestrian marble, trying to get it through our thick skulls: These Things …

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Climate Scepticism: The North Atlantic Drives Shifts in Global Climate

  The GWPF has a fascinating paper published recently which is attracting much attention. The author: Anastasios Tsonis is distinguished professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is also an adjunct research scientist with the Hydrologic Research Center in San Diego. It starts off talking about ENSO (El Nino/La Nina/Southern Oscillation) and …

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Climate Scepticism: Everything you know about climate comedy you learnt from me, and it was bollocks—Part I

  What a fool I’ve been. What a handsome, persuasive fool. Don’t feel too bad if I fooled you too, which I did. Heck, I’m so charismatic I even fooled myself. But first, some basic definitions. The Science is the mythical evidence for the urgent net dangerousness of man-caused climate change. If males continue emitting …

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Climate Scepticism: The Elderly White Leftwing Sceptical Man’s Burden

Being a leftwing sort of person in the world of climate scepticism is sometimes a bit of a bore, and I tend to avoid political discussion which doesn’t actually impinge on the question of climate change. As Paul Matthews established in an article-cum-survey at Bishop Hill a while ago, we lefties, while in a minority, …

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Climate Scepticism: Fake news, identity agendas and double standards

Yesterday, membership of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee was announced: Previously, there were 11 members of the committee, and apparently there will be three more appointments, so the announcement seems to have been somewhat botched. The identity politics brigade sprang into action following this announcement, see for example Cambridge physicist and Master …

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Climate Scepticism: Beware Greens Exploiting Hurricanes

Ben Pile has an article up at Spiked: When Hurricane Harvey landed on Texas, it marked the end of a 12-year lull in major hurricanes hitting the US. This period – which also featured a long ‘hiatus’ in global warming, the failure of ice-free Arctic predictions and the growth of polar-bear populations – had long …

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Climate Scepticism: How Many Irmas in 2100?

We get a lot of readers sent to us from European sceptic sites, for example which is in Dutch, and which I recommend strongly to anyone who thinks they’re not gifted for languages. Just read it aloud with a Norfolk accent, and you’ll get the gist. This article is from our French sister site …

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Climate Scepticism: Climate Changed Hurricane Indistinguishable From Normal Hurricane at Landfall

    Irma has made landfall on the Florida peninsula at Category 3 strength. This is not good news but it is a lot better news than (as forecast by some) it making landfall at Cat 5. Florida peninsula landfall of Hurricane #Irma officially will be Category 3 (not counting Keys) w/central pressure ~936 mb …

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Climate Scepticism: Honest climate scientist found

A few weeks ago, Al Gore made the untrue claim that “climate-related extreme weather events have grown far more numerous and far more destructive” in the time between his original film and the sequel. This claim was widely reported, by the BBC, the Guardian, News24, and in Gore’s Conversation with Mark Maslin. Since then, I’ve been …

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Climate Scepticism: ‘The Worst X Since Y’

From the Guardian: The last time Georgia was struck by a hurricane of force Category 3 or higher happened in 1898. The last Category 5 storm to hit Florida was Andrew in 1992. Its winds topped 165 mph (265 kph), killing 65 people and inflicting $26 billion in damage. It was at the time the …

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Climate Scepticism: Heat the Rich (0.1): My Millionaires

My first two articles in a series “Heat the Rich” were suddenly given relevance by Hurricane Irma. The first one, “Heat the Rich (0)” because it brought to light the thinking of an eccentric 19th century sociologist on the primitive habit of attributing sentience to impressive catastrophic phenomena, a habit which can be observed live …

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Climate Scepticism: The Worst Hurricane Since the Invention of Colour Satellite Photography

People have died from Hurricane Irma, one on Barbuda and eight on the French side of the French/Dutch island of St Martin, so it’s no joking matter. The physical damage is immense, but there are few images of the kind that would suggest massive casualties, like Tsunami-type waves or the collapse of large buildings, and …

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Climate Scepticism: My team didn’t win, therefore democracy is broken – Part 1

A common view expressed by the arrogant, opinionated elite is that when things don’t go their way, and they know that their opinion is the correct one, this indicates that our democratic system is in crisis and needs to be fixed. This post is the first in a series on academics who have tried to employ …

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Climate Scepticism: Oreskes’ Oracular Orifice

This new paper Assessing ExxonMobil’s Climate Change Communications (1977–2014) by Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes, published 23 August 2017 “..assesses whether ExxonMobil Corporation has in the past misled the general public about climate change, [presents] an empirical document-by-document textual content analysis and comparison of 187 climate change communications from ExxonMobil ……

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Climate Scepticism: The Strange Case of the ‘Hottest Ever’ Late August Bank Holiday

  Yesterday morning, in eager anticipation of perhaps breaking yet another ‘hottest ever’ record on the last really hot day of the UK summer 2017 (there haven’t been many), the Met Office tweeted the following: Standby for potentially the #hottest late August #BankHolidayMonday on record today – we've got to beat 28.3 ºC can we …

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Climate Scepticism: Mann goes Where No Man Dares to Go

.. and states in an article in the Guardian that Tropical Storm Harvey was “exacerbated” by manmade global warming “…in a way that greatly increased the risk of damage and loss of life.” Since loss of life is currently put at three, and Mann asserts that warming in the past few decades has…

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Climate Scepticism: A Sock Puppet’s Challenge

  OK, so, all the hoo-hah and nonsense is dying down now over Michael Tobis, an ‘actual’ climate scientist, calling me a sock puppet on Twitter. He probably still thinks I don’t exist and he’s probably still searching for my ‘dirty dozen’ nefarious aliases on line. He still wants me to post a picture so …

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Climate Scepticism: Knowing—really knowing—your enemy

Alan Kendall is one of the most thoughtful, humane and deeply-educated contributors to this site. So when he rebukes me, however gently, his criticism is not to be dismissed lightly. It takes a whole blog post. Alan recently said I should temper my Manichaean Weltanschauung by getting to know—really know—our enemies, a prescription he hopes …

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