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The climate sceptic blogosphere is becoming crowded to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Several of us (all British or UK based so far), are getting weary of the effort of grinding out several articles a month simply in order to remain visible. It’s not that we haven’t got something to say – rather that we’d like to take the time to say it as audibly and as clearly as possible.

Our thinking in launching this new blog (called – very originally – Climate Scepticism) is that a joint site, with more frequent and more varied articles, would be more visible and possibly more useful. 
We don’t aim to compete with Bishop Hill or WattsUpWithThat on the news-gathering front, but to assemble a number of disparate voices in a joint venture. There’s no “party line” or rulebook, and certainly no 97% consensus about anything.

So far we are:
Geoff Chambers
Alex Cull –

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Paul Matthews
John Shade
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Ian Woolley –

You can follow us on twitter at @cliscep

Recent Articles

Climate Scepticism: Another bogus climate claim from the BBC

The BBC’s false reporting of climate issues appears to be reaching epidemic proportions. Paul Homewood has a post BBC’s Fake Climate Claims Now Becoming A Habit in which he discusses three examples – sea level rise in Florida, reindeer in Russia, and hurricanes. Then there were the fake news stories from Roger Harrabin on Jan 18th, …

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Climate Scepticism: Environmental Eichmann

Today is the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the state of Israel. Last week, on 12th April, Israel and other parts of the world marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. One Jewish writer in New York decided an appropriate way to remember was to invent a Twitter hashtag #EnvironmentalEichmann to denigrate and demonise Trump’s head of the …

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Climate Scepticism: Channel 4 on the “green” energy scam

Channel 4’s Dispatches had a half-hour programme last night on The True Cost of Green Energy.  You might be able to see it by following the link (though you have to register, and for me it doesn’t work, the video just hangs). The presenter Antony Barnett is of course fully signed up to climate alarm, and …

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Climate Scepticism: Confessions of a Merchant of Doubt

I hear that it is the height of arrogance for CAGW sceptics to criticise the climate scientists without themselves having any experience or expertise in the subject. Apparently, if they are not able or prepared to offer an alternative thesis resulting from the fruits of their own scientific studies, then they should just shut up, …

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Climate Scepticism: Bad Way to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

From today’s Independent: Leading LGBT+ rights lawyer David Buckel dies after setting himself on fire in protest in Brooklyn park ‘My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves’ A leading LGBT+ lawyer and environmental activist used fossil fuels to burn himself to death in New York in a drastic protest …

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Climate Scepticism: NYT journalist Erica Goode lies about Crockford, Watts and polar bears

Anthony Watts reports on another smear on Susan Crockford and himself: Climate Change Denialists Say Polar Bears Are Fine. Scientists Are Pushing Back, by Erica Goode of the New York Times. Anthony says I’m not allowed to give any of the details of it other than a link because I recently got a threat letter …

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Climate Scepticism: Brandon Shollenberger to Steve McIntyre

A number of us here at Cliscep and on other sites recently received this email: Heya. I’m sure this e-mail comes out of the blue, and I am sorry to bother you like this. Some of you may not like me. Some of you may not care about me, one way or another. Some of …

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Climate Scepticism: Climate Izzums and Schizzums

It has become not only easy, but almost de rigueur for climate alarmists to retreat to false classification–almost objectification–of their opponents, especially when they cannot respond satisfactorily to arguments made against them. But the classifications are getting more discrete, if not discreet. Where before the hate speech term ‘denier’ was almost enough to serve their ……

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Climate Scepticism: Safety in Numbers

When­ever I look back on the banality of my recent­ly defunct career, I can’t resist the urge to abstract my­self from the story. Who is this guy who wast­ed so much time on so much trivia? That can’t be me! It says here in the script that I was an intellectual behemoth who offered the …

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Climate Scepticism: Climate Debate begins: Sceptic v. Sceptic

Four days ago I posted an article publicising one by Christopher Monckton at WattsUpWithThat because the first salvo of comments at WUWT made me despair that the comment thread there would produce any enlightenment. I was wrong. Though Monckton very kindly came to my article at Cliscep to try and clear up my confusion, and …

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Climate Scepticism: BBC ignores complaint over fake news

As readers may recall from previous posts, the 6 O’clock news on BBC Radio 4 on 18 January started with the false claim that “The world’s leading climate agencies have said for the first time that global warming caused by humans now dwarfs natural temperature changes.” This was, to put it bluntly, a lie. None …

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Climate Scepticism: Groupthought for the Day 3: It’s Another WienerSchaft Miracle!

  Are you enjoying our ongoing series (see here and here) of sneak-peek leaks from this year’s high­ly-anticipated yet oddly hush-hush mega­conference, the Vienna Circle Institute’s 2018  Konferenz für die Kommunikation des Konsenses der Wissenschaft des Wissenschaftliches Konsenses, which is German for Vien­Circ­Sci­Con­Comm­Con­Con­2018, which is English for BiMonSciFiCon ’18,…

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Climate Scepticism: Lewandowsky will make you see the truth, or lie trying

  A certain Pope once said that “the proper study of man­­kind is man.” When I first heard this, in my late teens, it made more sense to me than all the other Papal bull com­bined into a mal­odorous pyramid. In an instant I knew what I had to enrol in at univers­ity: the science …

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Climate Scepticism: George and Clive

Three days ago George Monbiot announced in the Guardian that he had prostate cancer. He’s in surgery today. This is definitely not cheering news, even in an odd way, and I’m sure we all wish him a successful recovery. I’ve expressed before my admiration for Monbiot the political activist who risked (and nearly lost) his …

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Climate Scepticism: The Scientist and the Bluebottle—A Cautionary Tale

Imagine my excitement upon learning that in July, Ecopsychology UK will be holding their seventh ‘Edge of the Wild Gathering’ at the Green and Away campsite, Worcestershire. I’m hoping at least one of the workshops will explain how a man of logic could succumb to the wicked enchantment of climate science scepticism. I doubt that …

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Climate Scepticism: Monckton and the Engineer Judge

Christopher Monckton has a new post at WattsUpWithThat claiming that climate sensitivity is about 1.2°K, not the IPCC’s 3.3°K. So what? Monckton has many articles at WUWT, and lots of people have claimed a lower sensitivity of this order. I’m signalling the article here, and encouraging the scientifically literate to comment, for two reasons. (1) …

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Climate Scepticism: The IPCC congratulates itself

For four days this week, March 13 – 16, the IPCC has been congratulating itself on its 30th birthday, in a lavish celebration in Paris. Apparently the premises were beautiful and the hospitality generous. A number of deep scientific insights were provided at the meeting, such as “We must put climate solutions in the context …

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Climate Scepticism: Do Cook and Lewandowsky have blood on their hands?

It’s a question worth asking today, with the sad news of Stephen Hawking’s death. The celebrated cosmologist was only 76, giving rise to the reasonable guess that his life was shortened by complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS]. By all accounts, Hawking was a climate alarmist—which is hardly a crime, let alone if you’re too …

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Climate Scepticism: SkS debunks latest skeptic myth: “scientists in the ‘00s predicted global surface warming”

  Time to excavate your bookmark! An exciting new ‘guest debunk’ by the Harvard scholar Naomi Ores­kes exam­ines the popular mis­conception that “[s]cientists in the 1990s and 2000s said the global atmosphere would heat up.” Spoil­er alert: her anal­ysis concludes that the myth is not, in fact, true. On the contrary—it’s flawed. We caught up with Professor…

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Climate Scepticism: Another sceptic in the White House

Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and appointed Mike Pompeo, formerly the head of the CIA. Pompeo has a background in the army and in industry, and entered politics in 2010 as Congressman for Kansas. Apparently he is opposed to the Paris Agreement and to wind power.   He said that Obama’s suggestion …

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Climate Scepticism: Nina Marsh (M.Bus.) Wants to Give You a Sniff

Here at Cliscep we’re always pleased to signal a scientific paper even worse than the worst climate one, just to show that we’re not fighting on one front only. The lunatics have not only take over the asylum. They’re on the board of governors and running the care in the community programme, too. Katabasis has …

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Climate Scepticism: And they said the climate debate would never contribute one iota to scientific progress

I’m sure you’ve heard of Poe’s Law. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a little pedant inside you who waggles an index finger every time, like clockwork, and tuts: teeeeechnically, Brad, it’s more of a heuristic than a law… sure, it’s an attractive enough little aphorism but we just don’t have enough confirmatory …

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Climate Scepticism: When did warming change from good to bad?

Ed Hawkins raised an interesting question on twitter today that has interested me for some time: Interesting to note that warming was believed to be an 'improvement' to the climate back then. When did this start to change? Which negative impacts were first to be identified? — Ed Hawkins (@ed_hawkins) March 8, 2018 This led …

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Climate Scepticism: Gruppengedank des Tages: Zweiter Teil

Well, the market­ing jugger­naut that is DGGG is already gaining kinetic energy for the world’s premier sym­posium for group- and consensual sciences: VienCircSciConCommConSciCon2018. Or WienerSchaft ’18, for those in the know-who. The con­ference is still months away, but ordinary Austrians can barely turn on the TV without being grinned at by the prognathic, acromegalic head …

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Climate Scepticism: Josh’s latest

Here are a few recent cartoons from Josh that you may have missed, particularly if you don’t follow him on twitter. Cartoon notes on Christopher Booker's new report on Global Warming Groupthink PDF here — Josh (@Cartoonsbyjosh) February 21, 2018 New cartoon: Gender, Grouthink and @ret_ward Confusing? Worry not,…

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Climate Scepticism: Gruppengedank des Tages: dehumanising dissent (a how-to guide)

You know that guilty pleasure you get from reading an email that obviously wasn’t meant for you? One of my seemingly-plural female friends somehow copied me in on one today, and it’s quite interesting. The best thing is that, by an almost-suspicious miracle, it didn’t have the usual boilerplate at the bottom—the stuff that admonishes …

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Climate Scepticism: The Denier Who Came In From The Cold

One of the best ways of understanding the threat to Humanity represented by global warming is to pop down to your Oxfam bookshop tomorrow and browse through the Environment / Esoterica section for one of the thousands of titles that have come out in the past 15 years explaining climate change from every possible point …

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Climate Scepticism: Meteorological Spring

It began today. But never forget, the irony’s in the UK weather, not the climate. Let the Met Office make everything clear, thoughtfully updating six days ago: Astronomical seasons refer to the position of Earth’s orbit in relation to the sun taking into account equinoxes and solstices. Meteorological seasons are instead based on the annual temperature …

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Climate Scepticism: Well that was quick: SkS now offers same-day blognic cleansing

My friend Sady is not happy. Not one bit. She did everything right. She conformed—slavishly—to the house style. She made sure to throw in some inflammatory language directed at the Out-group, and only at the Out-group. She even had her comment peer-reviewed, like a real, live scientist: by asking three other mammals of the same …

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Climate Scepticism: Popcorn time! Liberal heads EXPLODE as Pres. Trump confirmed winner of 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

[Update: scroll down for The Sydney Morning Herald’s hilariously gritted-teeth-gnashing acknowledgement of the President’s achievement.] As you probably know, the leftoid media (but I repeat myself) have hit seething-point following last night’s early reveal of the next Nobel Peace laureate: President Donald Trump. Tobacco millionaire Al Gore—who got the 2007 Peace Prize for starting…

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