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The climate sceptic blogosphere is becoming crowded to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Several of us (all British or UK based so far), are getting weary of the effort of grinding out several articles a month simply in order to remain visible. It’s not that we haven’t got something to say – rather that we’d like to take the time to say it as audibly and as clearly as possible.

Our thinking in launching this new blog (called – very originally – Climate Scepticism) is that a joint site, with more frequent and more varied articles, would be more visible and possibly more useful. 
We don’t aim to compete with Bishop Hill or WattsUpWithThat on the news-gathering front, but to assemble a number of disparate voices in a joint venture. There’s no “party line” or rulebook, and certainly no 97% consensus about anything.

So far we are:
Geoff Chambers
Alex Cull –

Brad Keyes –
Paul Matthews
John Shade
Danny Weston
Ian Woolley –

You can follow us on twitter at @cliscep

Recent Articles

Climate Scepticism: Project Fear — Matt Cartoons (@MattCartoonist) January 15, 2019 A hundred years ago this evening, in Berlin, things weren’t going so well for Rosa Luxemburg. Captured by the Freikorps, who tortured her in a luxury hotel then killed her and dumped her body in a canal. All under the orders of her fellow-leftists, the SDP or …

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Climate Scepticism: Climate Change’s Ugly Sister Exposed: The ‘Air Pollution Crisis’ Scam

The government has published its Clean Air Strategy 2019 and the media yesterday was awash with the news of how Michael ‘Blue Planet 2’ Gove is going to ban the worst polluting log burning stoves in 2022, after his pioneering plastic straw and plastic bag bans have been so spectacularly successful in protecting the …

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Climate Scepticism: Hayhoe, Who Cares?

In a comment to Tom Fuller’s excellent article Paul Matthews (14 Jan 19 at 9.47am) mentions an article in Psychology Today which, as Paul says, is full of falsehoods and inventions, illustrating Tom’s point about the denial of mainstream science by those who claim to defend “the science” against “the deniers.” Psychology Todayis a popular magazine, so …

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Climate Scepticism: The Two Faces Of Denial

It is certainly true that there are some skeptics that deny aspects of climate science–we remember folks like Doug Cotton and Oliver Manuel. My rough guess is that they comprise about 1% or less of the contrarian community. Sadly, for climate activists, these outliers serve as poster children for their anti-communication efforts. But the activist …

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Climate Scepticism: Like Tears. In Rain

On the eighth day of the first month in the Year of Our Brexit 2019, Jack excised me from the internet. Seven years, 50,000 tweets. Gone. Instant Silicon Valley Death Syndrome. Twitter killed @balinteractive. All those Twitter moments lost. Forever. To what did I owe this sudden harsh bout of ignominy, deprived even of refreshing …

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Climate Scepticism: Pielke and Lomborg accused of “fact mongering”

Here’s a remarkable example of the post-truthiness of some elements of contemporary academia. A magazine called Issues in Science and Technology has published an article Fear Mongering & Fact Mongering, by Adam Briggle, a philosopher at a third-rate institution called University of North Texas. The article starts by dismissing the old-fashioned claptrap of Poincaré and Feynman, …

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Climate Scepticism: Macron’s Energy Transition

The Anglo Saxon media continue to give a strangely muted coverage to the French Yellow Vest protests. A burning barricade by night with the cathedral of Notre Dame in the background looks impressive for five seconds on the evening news, but – violent protests in France – so what? Last Saturday a retired champion boxer …

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Climate Scepticism: Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again…

I was doing a failure mode effects analysis on my past life the other day and I can tell you the results were not reassuring. They seemed to be suggesting that my curriculum vitae owed a lot to a faulty career choice in my formative years. Instead of plumping for the obvious attractions of an …

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Climate Scepticism: The Snowman from Hell

We’ve come to believe that climate science is a bit of an aberration, and that science journalism is likewise a rare perversion of what news reporting is supposed to be about. Elsewhere in the academic world, we imagine, scientists are still pursuing knowledge for its own sake, ever ready to admit their errors and own …

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Climate Scepticism: The Uncle At The Holiday Dinner Table–And A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The transition to cranky uncle-hood was rapid and startling. My family and friends at first seemed to accept my lukewarmer status–someone who accepts the science underpinning our understanding of climate change but is skeptical of the more alarmed pronouncements issuing forth from NGOs, politicians and their adherents in the press and blogosphere. But after the …

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Climate Scepticism: Kate’s Christmas Message of Climate Hope

The darkest hour is just before dawn so they say. The dark night of the soul precedes the awakening to everlasting light and eternal spiritual enlightenment. In the depths of Winter, at the mid winter solstice, Lady Luck pirouettes on a dime midway through her celestial sun-earth dance, the balance of the seasons tips north …

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Climate Scepticism: My Year As A Believer, Part 5

WHICH, like everything else, brings us ineluctably back to climate change. We’d decided early on to raise the baby in our beliefs. Later, if Hunter chose to abandon the science as an informed adult, we’d respect that mistake. We might not love him or her quite as much—can anything really restore the filial bond after …

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Climate Scepticism: Venerable CliScis Fire Off Shots in Rapid Response to GWPF ‘Contrarian Pseudo-Rebuttal’: Shoot Themselves in Feet

Eminent Meteorology Professor J. Ray Bates has written a paper for the GWPF about the discrepancies between the scientific case for climate change concern set out in AR5 WG1 and the more urgent, quite obviously politically motivated, less robustly evidenced climate alarmism in SR15. It’s a fairly long paper. I intend to concentrate …

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Climate Scepticism: The Pause Deniers Are Back – More Than 200 Peer Reviewed Studies Are Wrong

That’s basically how Roger Pielke Jr. describes the latest effort to erase the Pause, or Hiatus, or Slowdown. New study claims that more than 200 peer-reviewed climate science papers are fatally flawed & the result of “political pressure from climate contrarians” — Roger Pielke Jr. (@RogerPielkeJr) December 19, 2018 The New Left Wing …

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Climate Scepticism: Grayling Brain Dead as a Dodo

Letters to the Guardian telling us we’re doomed are a dime a dozen, but this one is signed by some big names like Noam Chomsky, Rowan Williams, and Professor Grayling, Master of the New College of the Humanities, London. OK, it’s also signed by Caroline Lucas, Naomi Klein, Jonathon Porritt, and Dr Rupert Read, the …

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Climate Scepticism: “You’re Committing a Crime”

Late in the evening, after a long day at work, I settled down in front of the computer and went on the internet to see if I could find the source of a quote by Christiana Figueres, the ex-head of the UNFCCC. Bjørn Lomborg had written that she said she wanted to see people who …

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Climate Scepticism: Hot is the New Warm

“Global Warming should be called Global Heating, says Key Scientist” is the headline to an article by Jonathan Watts in today’s Guardian. Watts is their science editor, the guy who used to be brought in with the mop and a cup of Horlicks when George Monbiot or one of the Graun’s other Environ-mentals had one …

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Climate Scepticism: Conspiracy: by the Cambridge Three

The theory that climate sceptics are conspiracy theorists has received confirmation from research conducted by an organisation called CRASSH, the Cambridge-based Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, as part of their five-year Leverhulme Trust-funded project Conspiracy and Democracy. Led by Professor Sir Richard Evans, Professor John Naughton, and Professor David…

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Climate Scepticism: Climate leader China plans 200 more airports

Here in the UK we’ve been debating whether to build another runway at Heathrow for about 20 years. But China is planning to build over 200 new airports by the year 2035, almost doubling its current number. The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) published a development report on Monday that aims to add 216 …

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Climate Scepticism: Technocrate, Moi?

My reasons for bringing up the current political unrest in France on this blog in articles here and here are simple: the tectonic plates of public opinion on climate change move slowly but inexorably. Identifying where the big quake will happen is of key importance. It might be in Australia or California or Germany. Suddenly, …

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Climate Scepticism: Excuses, excuses

I know, I know, I know, I promised to sorry let me catch my breath for a sec promised I’d write you a leng, a lengthy epistle days ago. And it’s not as. It’s. Not as if I’m unaware or anything like that, of my duty to blog. BEAT Rest assured: yes, with such a …

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Climate Scepticism: Mann Emails Released

A batch of Michael Mann’s emails have been released, following a request and legal action, see here for background. The emails are available at this link. There are 728 emails or they can be arranged in 361 threads, covering a period from 1999 to 2005. Quite a lot of them are already public knowledge thanks …

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Climate Scepticism: L’Appell du Vide

I’d Bash That: Geek goddess Naomi Oreskes [pictured] may be the hottest date on the climate scene right now, but mental mediocrity is her number 1 turnoff. Only superuser-level nerds need apply, she told Playdork Australia. Who can afford to wait in line for such a ripe pluck? Here’s your back door pass for unlimited …

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Climate Scepticism: Met Office report — leaked or Leaked?

The Met Office released another climate report yesterday, containing its latest set of projections, CP18. But the day before, an article about what the report would say was published in the Sunday Times, written by their environment editor Jonathan Leake. The Sunday Times article is quite clear and precise about what the report is going …

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Climate Scepticism: “I’ve just been made a baroness”

Ten years ago tomorrow (26 November, 2008) the Climate Change Bill gained royal assent and passed into law in the UK. Much has been written about the damage this ill-conceived piece of legislation has done and will do – Rupert Darwall pretty much covers it here. After sober consideration of the dire economic and societal …

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Climate Scepticism: Back when the world seemed brimming with limitless potential

Hands up if you remember what the universe felt like back in the heady days of Donald Trump’s (first) inauguration, when ordinary Americans allowed themselves to hope—as they do, for a brief but magical interlude, every four years—that This Time Isn’t Going To Suck As Much? The air was moving. Movement was in the air. …

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Climate Scepticism: The Confidence of Living in the Matrix

“Immaturity is the inability to use one’s own understanding without direction from another. This immaturity is self-incurred if its cause is not lack of understanding, but lack of resolve and courage to use it without another’s guidance.” — Immanuel Kant What do you believe gives you confidence in your confidence? For a lot of people, the …

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Climate Scepticism: THAT IS ALL

What was Willard thinking? He and I had spent the last couple of days spar-o-matically hyperfine sparring over evidence vs testimony vs opinion vs science vs What Is Science and other wurdz that if you’re already bored by, you needn’t bother reading on. This afternoon, for no patent reason, Willard decided to retweet what may …

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Climate Scepticism: Head of UN Environment Program resigns

Erik Solheim, Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), has resigned. See reports from the Guardian and the BBC. Despite standing on a platform calling for a pollution-free planet (see image above), climate hypocrite Solheim led a jet-setting lifestyle, spending almost half a million dollars on air travel and hotels in just two years. Full …

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Climate Scepticism: Carbon 1: Macron 0

Climate hysteria may be essentially a psychological phenomenon, but it has become central to politics in the Western world. Every political party has a climate policy, however vague, but fervently defended. As a political phenomenon, climate hysteria can only be defeated politically, and it becomes important to identify the country or countries where the first …

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