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The climate sceptic blogosphere is becoming crowded to the point that it’s difficult to keep up. Several of us (all British or UK based so far), are getting weary of the effort of grinding out several articles a month simply in order to remain visible. It’s not that we haven’t got something to say – rather that we’d like to take the time to say it as audibly and as clearly as possible.

Our thinking in launching this new blog (called – very originally – Climate Scepticism) is that a joint site, with more frequent and more varied articles, would be more visible and possibly more useful. 
We don’t aim to compete with Bishop Hill or WattsUpWithThat on the news-gathering front, but to assemble a number of disparate voices in a joint venture. There’s no “party line” or rulebook, and certainly no 97% consensus about anything.

So far we are:
Geoff Chambers
Alex Cull –

Brad Keyes –
Paul Matthews
John Shade
Danny Weston
Ian Woolley –

You can follow us on twitter at @cliscep

Recent Articles

Climate Scepticism: BBC on Freedom of Speech

Paul Matthews,who is on holiday, draws our attention to this article on the BBC site. I could have added a link under my last article, but it seems important enough to quote in full, and to give it the maximum publicity. Commenters please note, there are now two different though overlapping subjects under discussion: the …

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Climate Scepticism: Censoring Lord Lawson

Paul Matthews’ article on the Gore/Stott/Lawson furore deals with the important question of whether a top climate scientist has been economical with the truth in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme. Mainstream media coverage has entirely ignored the contribution of Professor Stott and concentrated on the question of whether ex-minister Nigel Lawson should …

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Climate Scepticism: An Inconvenient Split?

In many ways, the climate debate has hardly changed since I got interested in it about ten years ago. Public opinion wobbles up and down with hardly any real change. The same tired arguments and claims come round again: every climate conference is the last chance to save the planet; the Arctic ice is always …

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Climate Scepticism: Peter Stott being economical with the truth

Why can't Peter Stott say the truth about hurricanes? — Bishop Hill (@aDissentient) August 11, 2017 Yesterday, Nigel Lawson was allowed onto the Today programme in response to an earlier interview with Al Gore promoting his new alarmist film. The audio is here, Gore at about 1:09:00, Lawson at 2:33:30.  Gore had made the …

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Climate Scepticism: Crushing the Consensus

A new article in Environmental Communication: “Beyond Counting Climate Consensus” by Warren Pearce, Reiner Grundmann, Mike Hulme, Sujatha Raman, Eleanor Hadley Kershaw & Judith Tsouvalis, is discussed in the Guardian, of all places. It is notable (among other reasons) for citing our own Ben Pile and our number one below the line fan AndthentheresPhysics, as …

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Climate Scepticism: Clive on Climate

Mass Death Dies Hard Clive James When you tell people once too often that the missing extra heat is hiding in the ocean, they will switch over to watch Game of Thrones, where the dialogue is less ridiculous and all the threats come true. The proponents of man-made climate catastrophe asked us for so many …

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Climate Scepticism: Bob Ward loses again

Ward 0, Lukewarmers 3 The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) has issued a ruling regarding a complaint by Mr Bob Ward, Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Institute on Climate Change, about an article by Matt Ridley in The Times. After 6 months investigation, @IpsoNews completely dismissed all eleven of Mr Ward's complaints against me. …

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Climate Scepticism: If God Exists… a Snap of a Post-Climate Change World

This post doesn’t matter in the way that Paul’s recent post on the insanity of the British Met Office matters. But I thought I’d put it up anyway to get it off my chest. And because there’s another chronology than that obeyed by Met Office press releases – that of creative artists. When I reviewed …

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Climate Scepticism: Met Office: Bin data, use models instead

The Met Office seems to be ramping up its cries of climate alarmism at the moment. Last week we were told that there was a “climate risk” to crops that “would bring global famine”. This was based, as usual, on computer models. Today the Met Office has issued a new alarmist press release, claiming that …

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Climate Scepticism: Pielke on “Manichean paranoia”

Roger Pielke Jr. gave a talk in London last night, on “Climate politics as Manichean Paranoia”. This phrase refers to the idea that “your opponent is considered to be malign and willfully ignorant, whereas your own side is noble and uniquely enlightened”, which Pielke says is one thing that unites the two sides of the climate …

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Climate Scepticism: France: Weak Link in the Climate Maginot Line?

Paul Matthews recently commented on the French govenment’s position on petrol-driven vehcles. They’re against. While 99.9% of French citizens are for. We’ll see how that plays out. I’ve finally updated the transcription of the French TV debate in which our French colleague climatosceptique Benoît Rittaud wiped the floor with one of France’s favourite environmentalists Yann ……

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Climate Scepticism: No Flooding in Manhattan, but Hansen Jumps the Shark Anyway.

There’s a new article at Earth System Dynamics entitled “Young people’s burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions” by Hansen, Marcott et al. (“al” being a number of unfamiliar names from Britain, the USA, France and China.) As the title hints, it’s more about how to control the world’s energy policy for the next hundred years …

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Climate Scepticism: We’re Dooooooomed! Dooooooooooomed!

When serious people try to gauge the probable effects of climate change, they have to make some assumptions. For example, when Nicholas Stern tried it on behalf of the UK government, one of his assumptions was that the population would rise to about 15 billion souls. That would imply higher emissions than those using lower …

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Climate Scepticism: Ranter Santer

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) appears to be a contagious disease spreading through academia and the media and becoming more virulent. Thus we have Stephen Hawking, a man I used to have a lot of respect for, saying “We are close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible. Trump’s action could push the Earth …

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Climate Scepticism: Monsieur Hulot’s Policy

I was going to write something about the new French government’s policies of banning petrol and diesel cars by 2040 and at the same time closing nuclear power stations. But these two tweets from David Rose and Chris Baker say it all. France announce this as they plan to reduce their nuclear capacity too, who …

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Climate Scepticism: Gove and The Blob

Today is a month exactly from the UK general election as well as the last day of the G20 summit in Hamburg. Michael Gove is a UK politician who was not expecting to return to the cabinet after his sacking last year. The Blob is a 1958 American science-fiction horror film, according to Wikipedia. And …

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Climate Scepticism: Is it Red Team/Blue Team or Red State/Blue State?

Now that the head of the EPA has announced an (please forgive the word) Audit of climate science, it is time for you skeptics (and we lukewarmers) to think clearly. The consensus brigade would love nothing more than to ‘investigate’ the basics of climate science that almost all of us readily accept–the existence and effect …

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Climate Scepticism: Monbiot’s Massacre and the Smiling Sheikh

Why have I never heard of the Munk debates? Held at regular intervals in Toronto, these public debates on significant social or political questions attract audiences of over three thousand. I knew there were some sympathetic, highly intelligent people in Toronto – but so many? A recent one pitched Matt Ridley and Steve Pinker against …

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Climate Scepticism: Lives of the Climate Bloggers (5) PeterS

This is a continuation of an occasional series I began at [First, this is not a Life. “Lives of..” is an in-joke, a reference to classic collections of “Lives” such as Vasari’s “Lives of the Artists”, Diogenes Laertius’s “Lives of the Philosophers”, Aubrey’s “Brief Lives” and Johnson’s “Lives of…

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Climate Scepticism: “Don’t call me an alarmist,” says alarmist

“Just don’t call me an alarmist,” says Sarah E. Myhre, a junior climate scientist from the University of Washington in Seattle, at the end of her article for Live Science. Yet earlier in the same article she writes of “the immense challenge of communicating the terrifying and heartbreaking (and I mean those words specifically) risks …

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Climate Scepticism: 100% renewables claim debunked

In 2015, PNAS published a paper by Jacobson et al claiming that all of the US energy requirements could be provided by renewables (wind, hydro and solar) by 2050, and that this could be done at low cost. Jacobson had published similar claims on previous occasions, and his nonsense been promoted by irresponsible unscientific organisations …

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Climate Scepticism: Grenfell and the Sustainability Agenda

  As fire service workers and trained dogs pick their way through the grim, charred remains of Grenfell Tower, we are left to contemplate what directly caused the tragedy, what circumstances might have made it more likely to happen and what we can do now and in the future to prevent such a catastrophe from …

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Climate Scepticism: Climate Feedback Rates Dellers’ Latest Effort – Not the Sceptics’ Messiah, Just a Very Naughty Boy

    Dellers is on the naughty step again as reported at Climate Feedback Apparently, Five scientists analyzed the article and estimated its overall scientific credibility to be ‘very low’. A majority of reviewers tagged the article as: Cherry-picking, Derogatory, Flawed reasoning, Inaccurate, Misleading. Ooh dear, Delingpole is not the messiah then, he’s just a …

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Climate Scepticism: French Climate Debate

I’ve referred a few times to our esteemed French colleague Benoît Rittaud, and even translated an entire philosophic conversation in which he was roundly insulted by some professorial ignoramus on France Culture. Tonight he was on French TV in a debate about the environment. It was originally entitled “What’s the Point of Nicolas Hulot?” (Hulot …

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Climate Scepticism: Election thread

People may wish to discuss the election result, so here’s a post for that. The Conservatives have 318 seats, and it looks like they will form a government with support from the DUP (10 seats) that will have a small overall majority. Yet again, the forecasts of the experts turned out to be completely wrong: …

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Climate Scepticism: Conversation in a Straitjacket

Success in life is about saying what you need to say in order to get what you want without actually lying. It’s called the Art of the Deal, and politicians, lawyers and property developers are particularly good at it, which is why they’re so detested. Academics don’t do that. They tell politicians and journalists what …

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Climate Scepticism: “It’s unfortunate that openness and transparency facilitate science”

This article in the Times Higher Education “calls for an open data adjudicator to combat ‘disinformation’” Stephan Lewandowsky warns that academics can ‘lose control’ of their data and see it used as ‘political propaganda’ By John Elmes 
Twitter: @JElmes_THE June 2, 2017 Independent national bodies should be set up to adjudicate on how much of …

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Climate Scepticism: ClimDown ’17: we pay you a penny per thought on the Americoparisian pullout

  In case you’ve been on a peyote bender in the Atacama, there’s been game-changing news in the climate “world.” Donald Trump officially reneg­ged on America’s warmth-guilt payments in gay Paris (the non-Texan one) this week. While most skeptics feel the US should probably have negged on the treaty from the get-go, more sobre voices …

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Climate Scepticism: #Clexile – Trump Exits Schroedinger’s Paris Climate Accord

  So, here we are a couple of days later and the toxic fallout dust is settling from Trump’s momentous, earth-shattering decision to drop the Mother of all Bombs on the Paris Climate Community, joining those two other well known ‘rogue climate states’, Nicaragua and Syria, in #Clexile World leaders literally queued around the block …

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Climate Scepticism: KRANK! Haben die SkSKidz über den Scharktank gejumpt?

  Bittersweet vindication today for those who’ve vainly tried to warn us, for years, that all was not quite right mit dem SkSjugend. Now I’m no climate neurologist, but if you put a gun to my brain and demanded a differential diagnosis, I’d wager the hive-mind of Skeptical Science has just had a subarachnoid phrenzal …

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