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According to his website Stephen Goddard (a pseudoname) has the perfect qualifications to comment on climate & energy: “I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters In Electrical Engineering”.

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Real Science: Cold Arctic Summer Winding Down Fast

Temperatures near the pole have been record cold this summer, with nothing but cold in the forecast. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut 10-Day Temperature Outlook Reggie and Al are going to have get their blowtorches fired up, …

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Real Science: Worried About Arctic Ice

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Real Science: Afternoon Deep State Update

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Real Science: The SCOTUS Nominee Who Missed The Cut

h/t Marc Verdi

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Real Science: Place Your Bets

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “I’m ready to debate any time. When are we going to do it?… “

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Real Science: Declining July 16 Wisconsin Temperatures

Since the year 1900, July 16 maximum temperatures at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin have dropped nearly five degrees, with a sharp drop beginning about ten years ago. Today’s forecast is 83 degrees, which is about four degrees below the long …

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Real Science: Latest Drought Research


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Real Science: Declining July 16 Temperatures In The US

July 16 was a relatively cool day in 1936, averaging only 94 degrees, but US July 16 afternoon temperatures have been declining since the 19th century.   On this date in 1901, 100 degree temperatures spread from California to Maine, …

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Real Science: New Ice Free Arctic Date

Arctic sea ice volume melt is slightly faster than two days ago, and my new projection for an ice-free Arctic is August 23 at 11:58 am. Spreadsheet    Data Some people may question my methodology, but it is the standard methodology of …

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Real Science: Declining July 15 Temperatures In The US

On July 15, 1936 the average maximum temperature around the US was 96 degrees. It was 118 degrees in Missouri, 115 in Kansas, 114 in Oklahoma, 113 in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and South Dakota, and 111 in Minnesota and Kentucky,

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Real Science: 1974 : Unanimous Consensus Global Cooling Would Lead To Mass Starvation

A recent meeting of climate experts in Bonn, West Germany, produced the unanimous conclusion that the change in global weather patterns poses a severe threat to agriculture that could lead to major crop failures and mass starvation. Climate Changes Endanger …

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Real Science: The New Normal For France

It has been twenty years since France won the World Cup. Fifteen years ago, France was  just about to enter a heat wave which killed thousands of people.  I was freezing on the beach at Christchurch, England during early July …

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Real Science: What Earth Would Look Like Without Fake News

Early in life I had noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper. George Orwell Last year, all of our usual fake news sources were touting the Petermann glacier in Greenland as a poster child for climate …

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Real Science: Portraits Of Democrats

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Real Science: Tour de Boulder Photos

Just back from an evening ride to NCAR, and met a few friends along the way. I’m trying to figure out what to do with this guy, who seems to have gotten himself into a bind.

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Real Science: But No Reporters With A Brain ….

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Real Science: “Big Brother Is Watching You”


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Real Science: Half Way There .. Living On A Global Warming Prayer

Half way through the very short Arctic summer, temperatures are barely above freezing. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut But it should be no problem melting twelve trillion tons of sea ice in the next 35 days, with …

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Real Science: The Democratic Candidate For President

She was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. If I had the power to fire her, I …

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Real Science: Another Accident Of Chance

People on the left believe God’s creation is an accident of chance, caused by lightning hitting a rock, or something like that – though they are not quite sure where the lightning and rock came from.

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Real Science: CNN Explains Russian Election Hacking

Before they went 24/7 spouting Russian election hacking conspiracy theories, CNN explained why the election couldn’t be hacked. No, the 2016 presidential election can’t be hacked – CNNPolitics

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Real Science: Statistics For Leftists

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. Ronald Reagan A favorite pastime of people on the left is to make up fake statistics, and then angrily …

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Real Science: July 14, 1954 – Hottest Day On Record In Illinois and Missouri

On July 14, 1954 Missouri was 118 degrees, and Illinois was 115 degrees. The hottest day on record in both states.

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Real Science: July 14, 1936 – Average US Temperature 96 Degrees

On July 14, 1936 the average maximum temperature in the US was an incredible 96 degrees. It was the hottest day on record in Indiana, which reached 116 degrees. Illinois was 114 degrees, Minnesota was 110 degrees, Missouri 112 degrees, …

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Real Science: Greenland Meltdown Update

With the Greenland melt season almost over, it hasn’t really started yet. Surface mass gain has been near a record high and remains over 600 Billion tons of new snow and ice since last August. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass …

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Real Science: Understanding The Left’s View Of Grand Juries

People on the left normally consider grand juries and indictments to be worthless and politically motivated. A grand jury could ‘indict a ham sandwich’, but apparently not a white police officer | The Independent However, they have taken a break …

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Real Science: Arctic To Be Ice Free On August 27

Using the same linear extrapolation techniques¹ as our top government climate scientists, I have determined that the Arctic will be ice-free on August 27, 2018, at 3:14 PM, or perhaps as late as 4PM. This is somewhat of  a reprieve. …

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Real Science: Kestrels Have Returned

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Real Science: Please Support My Quest For The Nobel Prize

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Real Science: Deep State Indicts The Russians

Without ever getting access to Hillary’s server, and without ever talking to Julian Assange, the deep state has determined that Russia did it! Set Rich was not available for comment.

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