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According to his website Stephen Goddard (a pseudoname) has the perfect qualifications to comment on climate & energy: “I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters In Electrical Engineering”.

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Real Science: Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

This week in 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida with 146 MPH winds. It was the last category 5 hurricane to hit the US. CO2 was just over 350 PPM at the time. If this happened now, experts would say they …

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Real Science: Fake Greenland News From Fake Newspaper About A Fake Skeptic

Last year, the fake news Washington Post reported that skeptic Andreas Munchow became convinced of global warming by studying the behavior of Greenland’s Petermann Glacier since 2012. In Greenland, a once doubtful scientist witnesses climate change’s troubling toll | The …

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Real Science: Bug In UNHIDING THE DECLINE : Please Update

When I released UNHIDING THE DECLINE three days ago, I mentioned that there were probably bugs in it. I found one which is causing it to report recent temperatures too cool. NOAA has lost a lot of station data since …

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Real Science: Winter Comes Early To The Arctic – Greenland Gains 33% Above Normal Ice

Winter has arrived  about 10 days early in the Arctic, and Greenland’s surface has gained 500 billion tons of ice – about 33% above normal. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI Temperatures at the North Pole have dropped below …

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Real Science: The Fake Brazilian Temperature Record

NOAA doesn’t have an daily temperature data from Brazil prior to 1944, and very little prior to 1960. The average station record length is only 30 years, and they average less than ten readings per month. Almost al of their …

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Real Science: The Global Temperature Record Is A Farce

NASA says  97% of scientists agree that their temperature graphs are accurate, and NASA, NOAA, CRU and JMA all independently agree very precisely about global temperature going back to 1880. Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Scientific Consensus This …

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Real Science: Science Says : Seth Is An Idiot

Seth Borenstein says  -20C is hot, and the ice is melting fast at that temperature. Science Says: Fast-melting Arctic sign of bad global warming – ABC News This is surprising, because he also believes the Arctic has been ice-free for …

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Real Science: Long Term Effects Of The Eruption Of Mt. Pinatubo

My new algorithm, which weights all stations equally every month regardless of the number of days recorded that month, has exposed an important climate fact. Since the eruption of Pinatubo in 1991, summer maximum temperatures dropped off sharply and never …

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Real Science: What Kind Of Moron Listens To Government Propaganda?

You really can’t make up the level of stupid at NPR. Sailing To The North Pole, Thanks To Global Warming : NPR

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Real Science: Just How How Was It?

During the two weeks from August 12-August 26, 1936  Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma afternoon temperatures averaged 105F, and 93 percent of days were over 100F. Nine percent of days were over 110F.

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Real Science: New Features In UNHIDING The Decline

I’ve added some important new command line options to UNHIDING The DECLINE The command line below will calculate temperatures from August 12-26 in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas and Indiana ghcn.exe US.txt range=0812:0826 states=MOILIAARIN On a linux or Mac system, the …

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Real Science: New Video : Summer Temperatures Plummet – As Climate Scientists Ramp Up Their Lies

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Real Science: The Incomprehensible Heat And Drought Of August, 1936

The heatwave of August, 1936 was beyond the comprehension of any American under the age of 80 years old. 20 Aug 1936, Page 32 – The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune The Kansas City area finished the year with 59 days over 100°F, …

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Real Science: Current Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

If current trends continue, the Arctic will be ice-free at 12;39 PM on December 14 – with temperatures of -30C. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Remember last week, when Arctic experts were certain that winter-like storms would …

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Real Science: The Incredible Heatwave Of August 12 To August 26, 1936

25 Aug 1936, Page 1 – The Republic The two weeks from August 12-26, 1936 brought an unbelievable heatwave to the US. The average maximum temperature across the US for that two week period was 91 degrees, compared to 83 …

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Real Science: 2017 – One Of The Least Hot Years On Record

Contrary to the endless lies from climate experts and the press, 2017 has been one of the least hot years on record in the US.

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Real Science: Global Temperature Record Is Complete Garbage

Argentina looks like it is warming – fast. No, Argentina looks like it is cooling fast. Oh wait, only one station in Argentina before 1960. In Buenos, Aires – a massive Urban Heat Island. Argentina is typical of the global …

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Real Science: US Climate Getting Less Extreme

The frequency of hot days and cold nights is decreasing, as is the average daily temperature range.  In other words, the climate is getting less extreme.

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Real Science: Extortion

I just moved the UNHIDING link over to Google Drive.

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Real Science: Quiet Sun

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Real Science: New Video : Getting Started With UNHIDING THE DECLINE

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Real Science: Understanding Climate Correlation

Climate experts have quite predictably been brushing off my frequency of hot days plots, saying that it ism’t a good indicator of temperature trends. The data says the exact opposite. The correlation is excellent. Experts prefer to correlate temperature trends …

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Real Science: Understanding Climate Math

There is more ice than the area of Texas and temperatures are below freezing, but it is all going to melt in the next two weeks. And if you don’t believe it, you are an evil fossil fuel funded denier …

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Real Science: Eclipse Of The Spotless Sun

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Real Science: The Incredible Heat Of August 14, 1936

August 14 temperatures peaked in the US in 1936, then plummeted to a record low in 2004. The heatwave of August 14, 1936 killed many people and brought temperatures up to 120 degrees. 14 Aug 1936, 3 – Salt Lake …

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Real Science: Found A Bug

Get your new here  (Mac/Linux users) and ghcn.exe here  (Windows users) The bug was causing successive plots to degrade. Please update to the new version and overwrite the old files.

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Real Science: Plummeting August 14 Temperatures In The US

Both maximum and minimum August 14 temperatures are declining in the US  

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Real Science: Windows Version Of UNHIDING THE DECLINE

Download to a directory where you have at least 400MB disk space. It contains the entire US temperature record. The python source code is here. Unzip it cd to the HIDING\release directory in a command prompt window. Run it …

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Real Science: The Trouble With Our Liberal Friends …

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. Ronald Reagan Every time I post a graph like this, some geniuses weigh in and say – of course …

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Real Science: Smoking Gun? Or Software Bug?

My new UNHIDING THE DECLINE software shows that US summer temperatures never recovered after the fall following the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. I’m using a new, fairer algorithm for calculating this which weights all stations equally, regardless of …

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