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According to his website Stephen Goddard (a pseudoname) has the perfect qualifications to comment on climate & energy: “I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters In Electrical Engineering”.

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Real Science: Eclipse Pictures

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Real Science: New York Times Blames The Polar Vortex On Global Warming And Melting Arctic Ice

In 2006, the New York Times announced the “endless summer.” With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New York Times That didn’t work out very well for them, so now they are blaming the cold and snow on …

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Real Science: Comparison Of The January 1896 Heatwave At Bourke, NSW With This Year

January 1-19, 1896 averaged 2C hotter than this year at Bourke, NSW. Spreadsheet The number of 100F (38C) days at Bourke plummeted from 1880 until the station shut down in 1996.

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Real Science: Boulder Global Warming Update

Pronghorn off I-25 in Cheyenne

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Real Science: New Video : Potholer Vs. Real Science

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Real Science: Twelve Years Of Endless Summer At The New York Times

Twelve years ago, the New York Times announced the “Endless Summer” and said “It goes hand in hand with polar bears dying in the Arctic as the sea ice shrinks.” With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New …

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Real Science: The WORST Data Set

Berkeley Earth’s US temperature graph shows an impressive hockey stick. Berkeley Earth In 1989, NOAA said the US had not warmed over the past century. Berkeley Earth showed nearly 1C warming during that same period. U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail …

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Real Science: 500X Zoom From 3.5 Miles

Downslope winds today, so very little atmospheric distortion.

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Real Science: Over The Target

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Real Science: More Kestrel Pictures

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Real Science: Toto’s Global Warming Report

Toto was researching the permanent drought and end of snow in New Mexico yesterday. Los Alamos has had nearly four feet of snow in the past month, and are expecting more later this week. Saw this beauty in Boulder this …

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Real Science: Scott’s Nature Trick

Check out this bizarre tweet from Scott Adams, in defense of “Mike’s nature trick.” Scott Adams on Twitter

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Real Science: Last Day In The Desert

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Real Science: Peer Reviewed Sexual Harassment

At the 45 minute mark of my Washington State Senate testimony two years ago, (former) Senator Ranker slaps down a pile of peer-reviewed junk science on the table.

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Real Science: Saving New Mexico From Global Warming

I was planning on driving to Los Alamos yesterday, but global warming forced me to postpone my travel. They have had nearly three feet of snow in the past month and are expecting another 6-12 inches today. Los Alamos, NM …

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Real Science: Today’s Bird Pictures

Phoenix has wild parrots, which are believed to have escaped from a commercial facility decades ago. I went to a talk at an Audubon bird rescue facility today, and pressed them about wind farms killing thousands of eagles. They acknowledged …

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Real Science: No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Extent For 13 Years

Arctic sea ice extent is essentially unchanged since January 2006. Spreadsheet Data However, experts fear London may become ice-free during summer within a generation. Blocks of Arctic ice are melting in the heart of London | LifeGate

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Real Science: New Video : Debunking The Debunker

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Real Science: Sunset On The Desert

Last weekend in Arizona. I was planning on driving tomorrow, but snow in New Mexico will give me two extra days hiking in the desert.

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Real Science: CNN Declares Innocence By Incompetence

Steve Goddard on Twitter: you are defending yourself with incompetence

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Real Science: Watching The Arctic Sea Ice Scam Unravel

The Arctic sea ice scam began to rapidly unravel last March, when all records for Arctic sea ice volume gain were blown away. Spreadsheet Data So far this month, ice volume gain has also been a record high. And …

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Real Science: Temperatures Following Hansen’s Zero Emissions Scenario C

“It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong. – Richard P. Feynman In 1988, NASA’s James Hansen made temperature forecasts for three emissions scenarios. Scenario …

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Real Science: All Fake News, All The Time

CNN requests KUSI for local view on the border, declines our reporter after finding out wall works –

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Real Science: CNN Doublespeak

2014 border crisis. 2018 no crisis. 2014 Humanitarian crisis. Shocking Photos Of Humanitarian Crisis On U.S. Border Emerge | HuffPost New U.S. Effort to Aid Unaccompanied Child Migrants – The New York Times Progressives have no integrity, no core beliefs, …

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Real Science: Another Awesome Desert Day

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Real Science: Tebow Wins

The @Broncos also got on one knee, and lost almost every game since

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Real Science: Texas Sized Climate Lies

Texas climate experts say they want to “school” Governor Abbott about how global warming causes heavy rain in Texas. Texas scientists want to school Governor Greg Abbott on climate | Grist Seven years ago during a drought, the same group …

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Real Science: Yesterday’s Desert Pictures

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Real Science: New Video : The Imaginary Global Warming Consensus

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Real Science: Why Does The Left Hate Americans?

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