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According to his website Stephen Goddard (a pseudoname) has the perfect qualifications to comment on climate & energy: “I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Masters In Electrical Engineering”.

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Real Science: Learn To Be A Climate Scientist Right Here!

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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Real Science: Carbon Dioxide Dissolves Progressive Brains

Having failed at all of their predictions of the demise of snow in Scotland due to CO2, Scottish scientists are now saying CO2 causes Starfish to dissolve. Carbon dioxide ‘dissolves starfish’, study finds – BBC News I was snorkeling with …

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Real Science: Bit Off More Than She Could Chew

This Osprey pulled a very large stick (seven or eight feet long) out of a tree and tried to fly with it. It dragged her to the ground, and she made several attempts to fly away with it again before …

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Real Science: Science : UHI And El Nino Caused by CO2

Our top climate experts have determined that the recent El Nino and Urban Heat Island effects in large cities over the past 30 years were caused by CO2 emissions. Global Warming Is Getting Worse, Fast Besides their baseless flawed logic, …

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Real Science: Credibility Of Climate Scientists Effectively Gone

Nine years ago, climate experts announced there was no more multi-year ice in the Arctic. Multiyear Arctic ice is effectively gone: expert | Reuters Now there is lots of multi-year sea ice in the Arctic. ice_type_nh_polstere-100_multi_201802171200.png (676×798) Climate experts also …

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Real Science: The “Mysterious Global Warming Hole”

Scientists are baffled by the fact that their data tampering doesn’t match reality. Climate change warm hole does not point to global warming hoax, scientists say | McClatchy Washington Bureau If they would stop tampering with data, they would understand …

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Real Science: Climate Experts Vs. Science

This week in 1968, Jean Claude Killy won the Olympic slalom, giant slalom and downhill, and Peggy Fleming took the gold medal in figure skating – in an Olympics which was so warm they had to do the bobsled racing …

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Real Science: More Mexico Golf Pictures


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Real Science: Jungle Golf

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Real Science: Very Tough Chip Shot!

This is the 6th green at the Riviera Maya golf course. Yesterday the pin was placed 25 feet from the cenote. If you land to right of the green, as many people would choose to do, this is your approach. …

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Real Science: Another Global Warming Canary Flies The Coop …

One year ago, climate experts predicted Venice would drown due to global warming.  Water levels at Venice have since sunk to a record low, and the canals are dry. Where’s the water GON-DOLA? Venice’s iconic canals run DRY after weeks …

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Real Science: Alarmists Right On Schedule ….

As predicted, climate experts have jumped into their next phase of nonsensical climate propaganda. There’s likely never been this little sea ice on the planet since human civilization began. Eric Holthaus Never mind the large increase in Arctic sea ice …

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Real Science: Plummeting Valentines Day Warmth In The US

Valentines Day used to be a warm day in the US, but temperatures have declined and the frequency of warm weather has dropped off sharply over the past century. The two warmest Valentines Days were 1921 and 1954, with temperatures …

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Real Science: Learning To Think Like A Progressive

You know you are progressive if you believe the record cold Olympics are threatened by too much heat. Winter Olympics Threatened by Global Warming, but NBC Won’t Acknowledge It | Alternet Bitter Cold Makes PyeongChang Olympics a Little Too Wintry …

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Real Science: Sights You Might Not See On Your Local Golf Course

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Real Science: One Tough Water Hazard

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Real Science: Little Mexicans

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Real Science: My Mexican Assistants

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Real Science: Reverse Hole In One

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Real Science: Blame For The Corals

The coral reefs along the Yucatan are in bad shape, and have degraded significantly over the past decade.  I have spoken with lots of local people (including naturalists) about this, and none of them mentioned anything about climate. They blame …

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Real Science: More Mexico Pictures

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Real Science: Plummeting February 12 Temperatures In The US

February 12 afternoon temperatures have been declining for a century. The areal coverage of February 12th warmth peaked in 1938, and was at a low in 2010. On February 12, 1938 Texas was 86F, Florida was 83F, Georgia was 81F, …

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Real Science: What The Ball Sees

The golfing is better here today than at the Greenland Country Club. summit:status:webcam

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Real Science: ¡Mexico!


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Real Science: New Video : Sunrise Over Akumal

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Real Science: Declining February 10 Temperatures In The US

February 10 temperatures have generally been declining in the US over the past century, and the frequency of warm February 10 days has declined. The larger pattern is a 50 year cycle which shows swings of about 15 degrees, Temperatures …

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Real Science: Shocking Imagery Of Damage Done By Greenhouse Gases H2O and CO2


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Real Science: Sunrise Over Akumal Bay

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Real Science: Greenland Meltdown Update

Experts tell us Greenland is melting down, and it is a calamity. Apparently they believe ice melts at -54 degrees. summit:status:webcam Temperatures have been averaging colder than -30C at the center of the ice sheet this year. summit:status:weather There is …

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Real Science: Save Our Snow!

Nine years ago this week, the UK government’s top scientist announced the end of Scottish skiing, due to a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in an essential and harmless trace gas over the prior century. Scottish ski industry could disappear due …

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