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This blog aims to challenge alarmist claims, bringing to your attention the mass circulation of climate & environmental “catastrophe”, served up to you by eco-activists, green lobby groups, progressive politicians, rent-seeking corporatists, grant-driven scientists, fund-driven university departments and their compliant media minions.

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Climatism: BEAUTIFUL Example Of How Government Climate Agencies LIE To You About “Sea-Level Rise”

EXCELLENT example via Paul Homewood of how Government climate agencies blatantly lie to you about climate. Keep in mind, this is a “Government” document. And its a blatant alarmist lie. AND, yet another example why even Government institutions – sadly – cannot be trusted on telling you the truth on anything global warming climate change……

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Climatism: California is handling climate change all wrong – Bjorn Lomborg

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: ? While the L A Times is busy hyping Governor Brown’s success in extending its expensive and bureaucratically onerous cap and tax law from 2020 to 2030 Bjorn Lomborg director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center has an article in the Times showing how California’s climate alarmist schemes are…

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Climatism: Australian Politics – Why The Greens Are Dying

Originally posted on PA Pundits - International: By Andrew Bolt ~ The Greens Party Of Australia is on the way down, wounded by incompetence, the waning of the great scare they fostered and the growing evidence of the terrible cost of their policies. The result: A leaked internal analysis showing it is on track to…

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Climatism: Tourists shun Scottish regions hit by wind turbine ‘blight’ 

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop: Whitelee wind farm, Scotland [image credit: Bjmullan / Wikipedia] Wherever onshore wind turbines are built there will also be networks of electricity pylons to carry the power away. Tourism is big business in windy Scotland. A survey carried out on behalf of the John Muir Trust (JMT) found that…

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Climatism: Australia’s Great Shame: Renewable Energy Obsession Leaves Pensioners Freezing in the Dark

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS: 96 year old Donathan Roe Key: one of the 25% who can’t afford to heat their homes this winter. ? Australia’s maniacal obsession with attempting to power itself on sunshine and breezes has led to ‘The Great Shame’: a 140% increase in the number of homes disconnected from the…

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Climatism: THE “97%” Climate Consensus Lie Nailed

ALEX EPSTEIN, author of the New York Times best-selling book “The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels” brilliantly and succinctly lays out why the much touted “97% of climate scientists agree” meme, amounts to nothing more than clever PR and propaganda used by climate alarmists to promote the Left’s pet environmental/political cause – “man-made global warming

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Climatism: WHY Greenpeace Despises Its Co-Founder – Patrick Moore PhD

“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” – Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace “Climate Change will result in a catastrophic global sea level rise of seven meters. That’s bye-bye most of Bangladesh, Netherlands, Florida and would make London the new Atlantis.” – Greenpeace International What … No Biofuel? ••• Patrick…

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Climatism: 97% Of Climate “Experts” Promised You The Arctic Would Be Ice-Free By 2014

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Arctic summers ice-free ‘by 2013’ Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe – scientist | Environment | The Guardian ICE WILL VANISH IN 2013 – Why Arctic sea ice will vanish in 2013

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Climatism: The Conversation: Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: A memorial of the town of Hampstead, New Hampshire. Historic and genealogic sketches. By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons Guest essay by Eric Worrall Western Sydney University Researcher Louise Crabtree, writing for The Conversation, thinks in a world torn by climate disasters ownership of…

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Climatism: New York Times: World’s nations building huge numbers of new coal plants despite emissions growth

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: A recent article discussed at Watts Up With That? exposed that many of the world’s largest CO2 emitting nations are proceeding with energy policies involving the building of huge numbers of new coal plants without regard to increasing CO2 emissions completely contradicting the aims of the Paris Climate…

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Climatism: WIND TURBINES Are Neither Clean Nor Green And They Provide Zero Global Energy

SCIENCE WRITER and best-selling author Matt Ridley discusses Wind Power in a must read piece out of the Speccie… Matt Ridley 13 May 2017 9:00 AM The Global Wind Energy Council recently released its latest report, excitedly boasting that ‘the proliferation of wind energy into the global power market continues at a furious pace, after

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Climatism: Al Gore Praises “Climate Leader” South Australia

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Guest essay by Eric Worrall South Australia’s catastrophic renewables policies have been endorsed by former Vice-President Al Gore; Gore considers South Australia to be a climate world leader. Donald Trump ‘isolated’ on climate change: Al Gore says rest of world moving on without US President 7.30 By Callum…

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Climatism: Tangier Island

Originally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT: By Paul Homewood ? ? CBS have a report on rising sea levels at Tangier Island, in Chesapeake Bay here The video is worth watching. The CBS reporter makes the usual attempts to blame it on “climate change”, but the locals know too much to…

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Climatism: Hey @Algore ! Explain this! Bottom drops out of US hurricanes in past decade

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Inconvenient data for those who still insist climate change is making hurricanes more frequent is displayed in these two slides from Dr. Philip Klotzbach. As noted by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. The bottom dropped out of US hurricanes over the last 10 years. quoted Al Gore back…

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Climatism: Monckton: Green policy kills jobs and causes energy poverty

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop: Visit Excerpt from an open letter to the head of MIT: Professor Reif of MIT says, “In 2016 alone, solar industry employment grew by 25 percent, while wind jobs grew 32%.” These numbers are highly misleading. In fact, they underscore how deficient these energy sources are as job…

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Climatism: POLITICIANS Mad With Global Warming Theory Are Destroying The Economy And Hurting The Poor

via The Herald Sun Politicians mad with global warming theory are destroying our economy and hurting the poor. They have driven cheap coal-fired power out of business and made electricity a luxury the very poor cannot afford this winter – and all this sacrifice will make zero difference to the climate: Australia is entering the “realm of

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Climatism: MILO On Climate Change And “Post Truth” Politics

Originally posted on Green Jihad: Media personality Milo Yiannopolous took a question from an audience member during a visit to the University of New Mexico that took place late January of this year. This is the same event when some Muslim women in the audience yelled at Milo and then left the room when he…

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Climatism: CNN’s Fake News Machine

Originally posted on PA Pundits - International: By Daniel Greenfield ~ In April, media types were crowing that CNN had brought in Eric Lichtblau who had been, in the Washington Post’s words, at “the forefront of the New York Times’s reporting on the relationship between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.” It was “an investment…

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Climatism: Bombshell study: Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Government Climate Data

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Cartoon by Josh at Guest essay by Michael Bastasch A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.” “Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published…

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Climatism: Monumental, Unsustainable Environmental Impacts

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: A line of turbines on metal lattice legs catch the breeze at the Cowley Ridge wind farm in southern Alberta. The 23-year-old facility, Canada’s first commercial wind project, is being decommissioned. TED RHODES / CALGARY HERALD Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource…

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Climatism: China Met Office Confirms Global Warming Hiatus

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: From The GWPF Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has recently developed a new global monthly land-surface air temperature data set called CMA GLSAT. Using it researchers from the administration reanalysed the change in global annual mean land-surface air temperature during three time…

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Climatism: Record breaking cold weather hits Australia’s south east

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: NO WONDER it was difficult getting out of bed this morning. If you’re desperate for days to get warmer, we have some good news. Benedict Brook@BenedictBrook From: July 3, 20173:54pm Temperatures plummeted across Australia’s south east on the weekend. WAS it difficult getting out from under the…

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Climatism: Cooling: UAH reports the Lowest global temperature anomaly in last 2 years

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: UAH Global Temperature Update for June, 2017: +0.21 deg. C by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Lowest global temperature anomaly in last 2 years (since July, 2015) The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for June, 2017 was +0.21 deg. C, down from the May,…

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Climatism: Forget Paris: 1600 New Coal Power Plants Built Around The World

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: From the NYT 1,600 new coal-fired power plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries. When China halted plans for more than 100 new coal-fired power plants this year, even as President Trump vowed to “bring back coal” in America, the contrast seemed to confirm Beijing’s new…

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Climatism: EPA to launch Red Team/Blue Team program to evaluate climate science 

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop: Interesting times ahead for US climate science, as the GWPF reports. It would be great to see Scott Pruitt include Ned Nikolov in this initiative, since his and Karl’s theory is about the only properly quantified alternative to the unproven radiative greenhouse hypothesis. Their theory successfully predicts surface temperatures…

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Climatism: Life on Earth was nearly doomed by too little CO2

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: During the last ice age, too little atmospheric carbon dioxide almost eradicated mankind Guest Essay by Dennis T. Avery Aside from protests by Al Gore, Leonardo Di Caprio and friends, the public didn’t seem to raise its CO2 anguish much above the Russians-election frenzy when Trump exited the…

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Climatism: NASA: Global acreage burned by fire has dropped 24% since 1998

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: NASA detects drop in global fires Shifting livelihoods across the tropical forest frontiers of South America, the Eurasian Steppe, and the savannas of Africa are altering landscapes and leading to a significant decline in the amount of land burned by fire, a trend that NASA’s satellites have detected…

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Climatism: THE Twisted Irony of Deep-Green Energy Policy (RET)

The recycled plastic was to be turned into granules and then into new products. (   SOUTH Australia will this weekend overtake Denmark with the highest electricity prices in the world. The South Australian Labor government’s mad rush into renewable unreliable energy, particularly wind power … has helped generate a surge in South Australian electricity prices.

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Climatism: $14,000 per MWh – the price South Australia Pays for Renewables Madness

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?: Guest essay by Eric Worrall The South Australian Government been forced to beg fossil fuel operators to bring mothballed plants back online, to contain wild swings in electricity spot price caused by unstable renewable production, prices which last month peaked at $14,000 / MWh – up from more…

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Climatism: Bee “colony collapse” another environmental hoax

Originally posted on Green Jihad: Ezra Levant of has been following an eco-scam for a future years now: the idea that bees are dying at an alarming rate — and that somehow humans have something to do with it. Of course, David Suzuki has been fundraising to “fight” the calamity — except bee colony…

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