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The more I look at climate issues, the more I realise that we cannot always rely on what the climate establishment tell us.

I hope that, in my own small way, I can help to put that right.

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.

- J Robert Oppenheimer.

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Paul Homewood: Don’t Bank On Solar Power In Winter!

By Paul Homewood     Wait till the Health & Safety Stasi see this!   The renewable lobby would like you to believe that solar power is an important part of our future energy strategy. But they don’t tell you just how little power is produced during winter months, at the time when demand is

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Paul Homewood: Coal And Gas Working Flat Out To Keep UK Grid Going On Coldest Night Of Year

By Paul Homewood    It’s probably going to be the coldest night of the year, and the grid is working nearly flat out.   At 18.30, coal is providing 9.88 GW and is running at full capacity. CCGT is providing nearly half of our power, and is again at nearly full capacity. There

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Paul Homewood: Asian Banks Pour £600bn Into 1600 New Coal Power Plants

By Paul Homewood     Research by campaign groups including the Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack and Friends of the Earth has discovered that banks have financed new coal plant developments to the tune of $600bn in the last three years.   "Coal is dead" was the verdict in June this year from a senior executive

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Paul Homewood: David Viner’s Thing Of The Past Comes Back To Haunt Him (Again!)

By Paul Homewood   David Viner – March 2000 “Within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event"”. “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,"   Titley, Herefordshire – Dec 2017       Leadhills, South Lanarkshire – Jan 2017…

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Paul Homewood: Scientific peer review: an ineffective and unworthy institution

By Paul Homewood   h/t stewgreen   The Times Higher Education Supplement’s blog carries a damning indictment of peer review, which has very real relevance to the climate change debate:   Given the entirely appropriate degree of respect that science has for data, the ongoing discussion of peer review is often surprisingly data-free and underlain

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Paul Homewood: Latest Image Of “Starving Polar Bear”

By Paul Homewood     It looks like this is going to be the next iconic image to sell the global warming scam:   A group of filmmakers have shared images of the gut-wrenching moment they stumbled across a starving polar bear clinging to life in the wild as it scavenged for food. Photographer Paul

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Paul Homewood: NOAA Still Falsifying Icelandic Climate History

By Paul Homewood   You would be forgiven for thinking that the Iceland Met Office are probably the best people for understanding the history of their own climate. In 2008, their leading climatologist, Trausti Jonsson, wrote this article:     Temperature in Stykkishólmur Stykkishólmur is a village in western Iceland. The temperature (figure 1)…

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Paul Homewood: Eco-Ferry That Needs Fuel Shipped In From Middle East

By Paul Homewood   From the Scottish Daily Mail on Nov 27th: IT was announced with great fanfare as a new dawn in eco-friendly transport to and from Scotland’s islands. But it has emerged the ‘cleaner’ fuel which will power the passenger ferries will have to be shipped in from a refinery thousands of miles

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Paul Homewood: Arizona Supreme Court Orders Release Of Climategate-Related Emails

By Paul Homewood   h/t CheshireRed   Hot off the press:   Washington, D.C. – Late last week Arizona Superior Court Justice James Marner granted the Energy & Environment Legal Institute’s (E&E Legal’s) motion requesting release of ‘Climategate’ related emails withheld for years by the University of Arizona (UofA).   The Court’s ruling followed on

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Paul Homewood: New Govt Rules May Cripple New Battery Storage Projects

By Paul Homewood   It looks like the government has finally woken up to the inconvenient realities about energy storage. From PEI: The UK has announced changes to its capacity market auctions that could significantly reduce the number of new energy storage projects able to participate. The changes, announced today by the Department for Business,

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Paul Homewood: Industrial Fishing Of Sandeels Is To Blame For Seabird Declines, Not Climate Change

By Paul Homewood Back to that RSPB report: According to Yahoo: The report went on: “The UK’s kittiwake population has declined by 70% since 1986 because of falling breeding success and adult survival. “Climate change has reduced the availability of the sandeels they rely upon in the breeding season. “Other…

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Paul Homewood: Susan Crockford Demands Retraction Of “Shoddy and Malicious Paper”

By Paul Homewood     Dr Susan Crockford has responded forcefully to the false and malicious paper about her published in the supposedly reputable journal, Bioscience:   Today I sent a letter to the editors of the journal Bioscience requesting retraction of the shoddy and malicious paper by Harvey et al. (Internet blogs, polar bears,

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Paul Homewood: Mayors Go It Alone On Climate- But Ignore The Real Problems

By Paul Homewood     A dose of welcome reality from our friends at CFACT:   Mayors from 51 cities from across the U.S. and around the world are meeting in Chicago to hear from former President Obama and sign a document they are calling the "Chicago Climate Charter."  President Trump announced his intention to

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Paul Homewood: Fake Claims About Bird Extinctions

By Paul Homewood   This is another perennial scare:   Rare breeding birds are becoming increasingly vulnerable to extinction in the UK due to climate change, a new report reveals. Species such as dotterel, whimbrel, common scoter and Slavonian grebe are all said to be in danger, based on projections around the impact of global

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Paul Homewood: “We must step up to tackle climate change”–Lloyds of London CEO

By Paul Homewood     Yet another bit of virtue signalling, this time from the CEO of Lloyd’s of London, Inga Beale:     The Telegraph have been getting shirty about me copying their articles (particularly any that criticise Jillian Ambrose it seems!). So you will have to make do with my…

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Paul Homewood: ‘Adjustments’ To Create Spurious Sea Level Rise Have Now Infected The PSMSL Tide Gauge Data

By Paul Homewood   NoTricks brings news of a new scientific study which uncovers more skullduggery, this time with tidal gauge data:   In a new paper published in Earth Systems and Environment this month, Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier uncover evidence that Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) overseers

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Paul Homewood: Fears over future of ‘baby nuke’ power station development in the UK

By Paul Homewood   The Government is due to make an announcement on the future of small modular reactors (SMRs) this week, but, as the Telegraph reports, companies in the sector fear it might no go far enough: A push for new nuclear power was announced by George Osborne two years ago,…

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Paul Homewood: The Good Energy Con

By Paul Homewood     Good Energy are one of those annoying, virtue signalling companies that think they have a mission to transform our lives.   According to their website: All of the electricity Good Energy provides comes from over 1,000 different locations across the UK, harnessing local, natural sources like sunshine, wind,…

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Paul Homewood: Self–Driving Bus Crashes On Its First Day Out!

By Paul Homewood   Well, I suppose it could have been an accident!     A driverless shuttle bus has crashed less than two hours after it launched in Las Vegas, after it stopped to avoid a collision and was ‘grazed’ by a delivery truck. Police say no injuries were reported in the crash between

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Paul Homewood: Who Writes The Mail’s Green Crap?

By Paul Homewood   I posted about the above article yesterday. As somebody pointed out, the headline used the American spelling of skeptic. It turns that the author Cheyenne Macdonald is herself an American. As a “Science & Technology Reporter” for MailOnline, she frequently writes alarmist…

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Paul Homewood: Daily Mail Launches Dirty Attack To Smear John Christy

By Paul Homewood   A quite one-sided and scurrilous piece from the Daily Mail, which attempts to rubbish the latest paper from Christy and McNider.   John Christy’s paper, “Satellite Bulk Tropospheric Temperatures as a Metric for Climate Sensitivity”, is hardly controversial in itself. It claims…

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Paul Homewood: Global Warming Blamed for ‘Extremely Cold Temperatures’ in Vineyards

By Paul Homewood     Breitbart highlights yet another hysterical attempt to blame global warming for everything:     Although it may seem paradoxical, a series of harsh winters that “killed” vineyards in western New York are being blamed on global warming. Writing for WOSU, Angelica Morrison claims that grape growers in western New York

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Paul Homewood: Polar bears refused to die as predicted and this is how the propheseers respond

By Paul Homewood   When they can’t win with facts, they resort to smear tactics, as Susan Crockford has just found out. The polar bear experts who predicted tens of thousands of polar bears would be dead by now (given the ice conditions since 2007) have found my well-documented criticisms of their failed prophesies have

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Paul Homewood: MIT membrane produces fuel from CO2 emissions

By Paul Homewood   Will someone please wake me up and tell me I’m dreaming?   From New Atlas:   Researchers at MIT have developed a new membrane-based system that can convert carbon dioxide emissions into useful alternate fuels. The process has been effectively demonstrated on a small-scale and the researchers hope to ultimately adapt

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Paul Homewood: Global Temperature Trends Based On Non-Existent Data

By Paul Homewood   We are all too familiar with graphs showing how much global temperatures have risen since the 19thC. The HADCRUT version above is typical, and also very precise, with fairly tight error bars even in the early part of the record. One wonders where they got the data to

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Paul Homewood: North Atlantic variability and its links to European climate over the last 3000 years

By Paul Homewood   A newly published paper has linked changes in European climate to North Atlantic variability over the last 3000 years: ABSTRACT The subpolar North Atlantic is a key location for the Earth’s climate system. In the Labrador Sea, intense winter air–sea heat exchange drives the formation of deep waters and the surface

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Paul Homewood: Ireland faces €600m fine for missing EU energy targets

By Paul Homewood   What a crazy world we live in! Ireland’s failure to tackle climate change was laid bare yesterday in a report that showed greenhouse gas emissions had risen by 7 per cent since 2015 despite policies aimed at reducing them. The country is likely to face multimillion-euro fines for failing to meet

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Paul Homewood: STUDY: Before Warming A Bit, Antarctica Underwent 1,900 Years Of Cooling

By Paul Homewood   Michael Bastach brings news of a new paper which looks at temperature trends across Antarctica in the last two millennia.   Antarctica went through a 1,900-year cooling trend before warming up a bit in the last century, according to a study showing that the South Pole has been much warmer in

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Paul Homewood: Booker On The Rising Cost Of The Climate Act

By Paul Homewood   Booker highlights the latest OBR projections for the costs of climate policy:   For those of us who follow the make-believe of our crazy national energy policy, last week’s Budget did at least yield one welcome piece of news. This was Philip Hammond’s announcement that there are to be no new

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Paul Homewood: Australia Still Relies On Coal For Most Of Its Power

By Paul Homewood   I looked at the Australian Live Generation data yesterday, regarding the Tesla nonsense.   But it struck me just how much of the country’s electricity is still coming from coal. I have just checked out the current position, which shows coal contributing 73%, and gas another 14%. Wind power

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