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The more I look at climate issues, the more I realise that we cannot always rely on what the climate establishment tell us.

I hope that, in my own small way, I can help to put that right.

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.

- J Robert Oppenheimer.

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Paul Homewood: Borenstein Tries The Daily Records Con

By Paul Homewood Another remarkably dishonest and deceitful piece, even by Seth Borenstein standards. That it should be aided and abetted by NOAA is shameful: Over the past 20 years, Americans have been twice as likely to sweat through record-breaking heat rather than shiver through record-setting cold, a new Associated Press data analysis […]

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Paul Homewood: If AOC Did Not Exist, You Would Have To Invent Her

By Paul Homewood There used to be rumours that Tony Benn/AKA Anthony Wedgewood Benn/AKA Viscount Stansgate was a Tory plant. After all surely nobody besides a few Trots would buy into his far left claptrap, which he was trying to convert the Labour Party to in the 1980s. It seems the US now have […]

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Paul Homewood: Dutch Govt To Start Turning Off Gas Supply To Households

By Paul Homewood Will Britain be next? For many, the decision taken by the government at the end of March to stop extracting natural gas at Groningen was monumental. After years of damage-causing earthquakes, the government said it was no longer socially responsible to keep drilling in the area. Though the decision came […]

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Paul Homewood: The Real Cost Of Decarbonisation Revealed By Sir David MacKay In 2011

By Paul Homewood The late Professor Sir David MacKay, formerly chief scientific adviser to DECC, was an ardent proponent of the need to decarbonise the UK economy. But he was also an honest man, not afraid to challenge government policy, such as frequently arguing that renewable energy was a waste of time. Back in […]

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Paul Homewood: The BBC & Cyclone Idai

By Paul Homewood BBC blames Cyclone Idai on climate change: Unless a rich benefactor steps in, the role of human-induced climate change in Cyclone Idai is unlikely to be clearly determined. The scientists with the expertise simply don’t have the resources to do the large amount of computer modelling required. However, there […]

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Paul Homewood: Record Snowfall Across Himalayas Blamed On … Global Warming

By Paul Homewood From GWPF No wonder the public is increasingly sceptical about these kind of knee-jerk claims and predictions. The unprecedented snowfall and prolonged cold weather in the Himalayan region this winter was caused by global warming, a weather scientist in Almora said Monday. The trend will continue in the coming […]

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Paul Homewood: Bill Giles Wants To Turn Weather Forecasts Into Climate Propaganda Half Hour

By Paul Homewood h/t Dennis Ambler From the Graiufaodd: The veteran weatherman Bill Giles is calling on the BBC and other major broadcasters to radically overhaul their forecasts to incorporate information about climate change. The former head of BBC weather presenters has said more needs to be done by broadcasters […]

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Paul Homewood: Mail Says Our Nice Weather Is Due To Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood The Mail really is getting awful these days! If winter seemed unseasonably warm this year, it’s not just a coincidence, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). In 2019, January through February was the globe’s fourth warmest two-month period in 140 years said the organization in a […]

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Paul Homewood: Water Shortage? Blame Climate Change!

By Paul Homewood Water shortage? Why not blame it on global warming! Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand, the head of the Environment Agency is warning. The impact of climate change, combined with population growth, means the country is facing an "existential threat", Sir James Bevan […]

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Paul Homewood: How The BBC Cheerleads For Kids Climate Strike

By Paul Homewood A lot of words have been written about the schools’ climate strikes, so I don’t intend to revisit them. But here’s a few of my observations: 1) There have been two strikes so far, Feb and March 15th. If they stick to Fridays, the next will be […]

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Paul Homewood: Dumb and Dumber – Rebecca Long-Bailey and Claire Perry

By Paul Homewood If you thought Claire Perry was bad enough, step forward Jeremy Corbyn’s hopeless Shadow Business & Energy Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey. From The Mirror: Britain will struggle to keep the lights on and could face power cuts after the government has cancelled crucial energy projects, Labour have warned. Labour’s Shadow […]

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Paul Homewood: Are Heat Pumps Cheaper To Run Than Conventional Gas Boilers?

By Paul Homewood The Mail has a useful supplement about alternatives to gas heating, which is relevant following the government’s decision to ban gas boilers in new build houses from 2025: Wonderfuel gas, crooned the 1980s British Gas advert. How times change. As we approach the 2020s, British households are now facing […]

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Paul Homewood: Gummer’s firm is paid £500,000 from energy companies set to profit from fossil fuel boiler ban HE helped push through

By Paul Homewood David Rose uncovers yet more of John Gummer’s dodgy dealings: As head of the Government’s climate change committee, Tory peer John Selwyn Gummer was a key figure behind last week’s controversial decision to ban fossil fuel central heating in new homes. But in pushing for the radical change, he failed […]

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Paul Homewood: BBC’s Age of Denial

By Paul Homewood I doubt if a day goes past now without a blast of global warming propaganda from the BBC. Isabel Hardman has a new five part series on Radio 4, called the Age of Denial. Although it covers all forms of denial, it is clearly aimed at climate sceptics, as this opening […]

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Paul Homewood: Delingpole: 1.5 Trillion Reasons Why the Kids’ Climate Strike Is Dishonest, Stupid, Pointless

By Paul Homewood Dellers’ take on the kiddies strike: Around the world, thousands of children have skipped school for the day on the feeble pretext that they are somehow doing something to help save the planet. This is, of course, nonsense. LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 15: Students take part in a student […]

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Paul Homewood: Star-studded smart meter adverts are raising YOUR energy bills by £50million a year as power firms pass on cost of campaigns featuring Twiggy and Maxine Peake to their customers

By Paul Homewood Not only are we all paying for the roll out of smart meters, we’ve even got to pay for TV stars to advertise them! A smart meter campaign that uses TV stars, actors and models to promote the gadget is adding about £50million a year to energy bills. Celebrities […]

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Paul Homewood: BBC’s Climate Lies Becoming A Habit

By Paul Homewood They say once is an accident, twice is a conspiracy. I wonder what eight times is? As I revealed yesterday, the BBC has formally upheld my complaint about their African penguin story. I am pleased to see then that The Times has now picked it up. This complaint […]

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Paul Homewood: Market failures could see Britain suffering five-day power cuts

By Paul Homewood A worrying analysis from David Watson, a chartered electrical engineer: Today’s electricity infrastructure, driven by commercial forces, will find it hard to cope when things go seriously wrong Even in industrialised nations in the 21st century, the sort of electricity-grid system failure that’s been seen in parts of Australia […]

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Paul Homewood: Derry’s “Climate Conference”

By Paul Homewood More news you can “trust” from the BBC! A Northern Ireland council has become the region’s first to look at ways of mitigating the effects of climate change. It is being run by Derry City and Strabane Council, which saw serious flooding in the summer of 2017. One hundred people had […]

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Paul Homewood: BBC Uphold My African Penguin Complaint

By Paul Homewood Following my complaint to the BBC on its news report claiming that African penguin populations were declining because of climate change, the BBC has now formally upheld the complaint, and logged it on the Complaints website: Advertisements

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Paul Homewood: Geologist Accuses Apple of Political Bias in Removing App Countering Climate Alarmism

By Paul Homewood Geologist Gregory Wrightstone has accused Apple of political censorship: Political figures who support the so-called Green New Deal and other proposals to restrict carbon dioxide emissions are up against some “inconvenient facts” that Americans may access immediately through a smartphone application, a geologist and author says. But there’s one […]

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Paul Homewood: Isle of Wight Refuses To Save The Planet

By Paul Homewood Shock news! Isle of Wight refuse to save the planet!! With Islanders preparing to march for climate change on Friday, the Isle of Wight Council has said it will not declare a climate emergency. So far, 39 councils — including nine Tory administrations — have declared a climate emergency, including the Greater […]

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Paul Homewood: Australia’s Hottest Summer? Maybe Not.

By Paul Homewood This made news a couple of weeks ago, but I have been waiting for full details from the BOM: Australia has experienced its hottest summer on record, according to the nation’s Bureau of Meteorology. Hundreds of individual heat records were shattered across the country over the past three months. The warm […]

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Paul Homewood: European lawsuit threatens Drax power plant

By Paul Homewood Whoops! From Plaintiffs from six countries filed a lawsuit last week with the European General Court in Luxembourg, which seeks to annul the forest biomass provisions of the EU’s 2018 Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II. The case is designed to disqualify forest wood from contributing to the directive’s […]

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Paul Homewood: Greenland’s Glaciers Expanding Again

By Paul Homewood Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance 2017/18 As I reported last September, Greenland’s ice sheet mass balance had grown at close to record levels for the second year running. To clarify again, the mass balance calculation accounts for: 1) Snowfall 2) Ice melt 3) Ablation In other […]

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Paul Homewood: Quizzing our Queen of Catastrophism

By Paul Homewood h/t Dennis Ambler KEVIN Rudd once insisted that climate scientists scrutinise and evaluate climate papers purely on the studies’ scientific merit and, therefore, must be considered impartial and above reproach. That’s only half-true at best, considering the IPCC was established to investigate “the risk of human-induced climate change”, […]

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Paul Homewood: Helicopters, hot air… and hypocrisy of Prince Harry

By Paul Homewood Finally somebody has had the courage to highlight the latest royal hypocrisy. Step forward, Amanda Platell: The bewildered boy who walked behind the coffin of his mother, Princess Diana, became a man in our eyes when we learned he had been secretly embedded in Helmand Province in 2008. Prince […]

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Paul Homewood: Solar Power Firms Target End Users In Post-Subsidy World

By Paul Homewood The solar power industry in the UK has been seen its business virtually dry up to nothing in the last year or two, following the ending of ROC and CfD subsidies. However, they are attempting to resurrect themselves by doing direct deals with end users. Lightsource BP, who […]

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Paul Homewood: New Study Claims Tornadoes Are Getting More Frequent In Southeast

By Paul Homewood Sometimes a story comes along which underlines just how corrupt climate science has become. At least 23 people have died after a tornado barrelled through Lee County, Alabama on Sunday, leaving behind damage that Sheriff Jay Jones described as "catastrophic," CBS reported. "I cannot recall, at least in the last […]

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Paul Homewood: Peter Ridd Update

By Paul Homewood You should all be familiar with the case of Dr Peter Ridd, who was sacked by James Cook University for daring to challenge “settled science” about the Great Barrier Reef. He has penned the letter below, to update his upcoming court case: Dear All, Just letting you know […]

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