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The more I look at climate issues, the more I realise that we cannot always rely on what the climate establishment tell us.

I hope that, in my own small way, I can help to put that right.

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.

- J Robert Oppenheimer.

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Paul Homewood: BBC Mislead Public With Fake Heat Record Scares

By Paul Homewood     Now the BBC has jumped on the “record temperature” scam, set off in the Washington Post last week:   Parts of the world are sweltering in record temperatures – and it’s not a problem confined only to summer in the northern hemisphere. Records are being broken across the globe –

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Paul Homewood: Elon Musk calls British diver in Thai cave rescue ‘pedo’ in baseless attack

By Paul Homewood    From the Guardian:   Elon Musk came under fire on Sunday after launching an extraordinary attack on a British diver who helped rescue the boys trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand, baselessly calling him a “pedo” on Twitter and then doubling down. Twelve boys and their football coach were rescued

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Paul Homewood: OFWAT Blames Water Shortage On Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood Some day, one of our hopeless quangocrats will resist the temptation to blame their failings on climate change. But I suspect we will be waiting a long time! The latest to join the posse is the useless Rachel Fletcher of OFWAT. From the Mail: The days of using tap water for gardening

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Paul Homewood: Hybrids–The Real Running Cost

By Paul Homewood   There has been some debate about fuel efficiency in hybrids, so I am reposting this road test in the Express last year about the new Volvo XC60 Hybrid    It contained the usual glowing comments that most expensive cars get, but it did contain this criticism:      Given that the

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Paul Homewood: Chris Grayling Expects!

By Paul Homewood   Do politicians live on another planet? The Mail reports on Chris Grayling’s latest piece of advice:   Diesel cars may still be the most sensible option for many families who drive long distances, the transport secretary Chris Grayling said yesterday. Despite a pledge to see the end of petrol and diesel

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Paul Homewood: Booker & Those “All-Time Heat Records”

By Paul Homewood   I’m pleased that Booker has followed up my story about the Washington Post scam:   For those who have not read it, my post on the story was here.     The Stevenson Screen at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell

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Paul Homewood: Future Energy Scenarios – 2018

By Paul Homewood The National Grid has just published this year’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES). It is the usual mish mash of wishful thinking and make believe.   As usual there are four scenarios:     In terms of meeting 2050 targets, the “Two Degrees” option is probably most realistic (albeit totally unachievable!):…

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Paul Homewood: Greenland’s Lost Summer

By Paul Homewood   Greenland meltdown latest:   Millions of shorebirds descend on the Arctic each year to mate and raise chicks during the tundra’s brief burst of summer. But that burst, which usually begins in mid-June, never arrived this year for eastern Greenland’s shorebirds, a set of ground-nesting species. Instead, a record late snowpack—lingering

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Paul Homewood: Church of England to withdraw funds from polluting firms that fail to tackle climate change

By Paul Homewood   The increasingly irrelevant Church of England has jumped on the virtue signalling bandwagon, and decided to withdraw funds from polluting firms that “fail to tackle climate change.” From the Telegraph:   The Church of England is to withdraw funds from polluting firms that fail to tackle climate change. Companies including Shell

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Paul Homewood: Capital Weather Gang Don’t Know What A Real Heatwave Is

By Paul Homewood       Greg Porter, one of the Capital Weather Gang at the Washington Post reported last week on the Northeast’s intense heatwave:     Since the past weekend, the first intense heat wave has kept a tight, sweaty grip on the eastern United States. As of Tuesday morning, about 80 million

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Paul Homewood: Will Heatwave End Next Week?

By Paul Homewood   I mentioned last week that the heatwave/drought might be coming to an end next week, and the latest jetstream forecasts seem to bear this out now.   Temperatures have already started to dip, and are forecast to drop further next week, with the north west expecting some rain. By

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Paul Homewood: Tornado Stats For 2017

By Paul Homewood   2017 was a relatively busy year for tornadoes in the US, ranking third since 2005 on preliminary data. This was mainly due to a spurt in numbers in January to March, most of which were weak EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes. There were though three EF-3s in an outbreak in

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Paul Homewood: The Road to Zero Plan Leads Nowhere

By Paul Homewood From the Mail: After months of speculation, the Government has finally unveiled its plans to force motorists to ditch petrol and diesel cars and only drive electric models. Called the Road to Zero strategy, it sets out the policies ministers hope will drive the nation’s 45 million motorists into zero-emissions vehicles over

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Paul Homewood: NIC’s Review Ignores The Real Energy Problems

By Paul Homewood     Britain’s first independent infrastructure review has poured cold water on plans to invest billions of pounds in a string of new nuclear power stations, in favour of cheaper wind and solar power. The National Infrastructure Commission dealt a blow to the Government’s nuclear ambitions by warning ministers against striking a

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Paul Homewood: Summer Causes Climate Change Hysteria–Roy Spencer

By Paul Homewood       A pertinent piece from Roy Spencer:       Summers in the U.S. are hot. They always have been. Some are hotter than others. Speaking as a PhD meteorologist with 40 years experience, this week’s heat wave is nothing special. But judging from the memo released on June 22

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Paul Homewood: Shorrock’s Pot Of Gold

By Paul Homewood     Don’t Cry For Me Argentina Swansea Bay     Mark Shorrock   Anybody who might be tempted to feel sorry for Mark Shorrock for losing pots of money now that the government has rejected his lagoon project might like to think again. The Annual Accounts for Tidal Lagoon (Swansea Bay)

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Paul Homewood: Jason Samenow’s Fake Record Temperature At Montreal

By Paul Homewood   h/t MarcT77 Washington Post’s weather man, Jason Samenow can’t even get his facts right, it seems: He claims: Montreal recorded its highest temperature in recorded history, dating back 147 years, of 36.6C on Monday. The city also posted its most extreme midnight combination of heat and humidity.  …

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Paul Homewood: Roads Melt In Oz “Winter Heatwave”!!

By Paul Homewood   h/t quasoveritas/mary stewart   This is typical of the garbage we get so often from so called newspapers:     BRITAIN is not alone in experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, with soaring temperatures across the world being blamed for multiple deaths. Roads have melted in Australia….. Up to 50 motorists were left

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Paul Homewood: Met weather claims sound like hot air

By Paul Homewood     Booker has fun with the Met Office today:   Met weather claims sound like hot air There have been serious question marks over the eagerness of the Met Office (invariably echoed by the BBC) to claim that some day, month or year has been the “hottest ever recorded”. And no

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Paul Homewood: UHI Proves Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood   It’s summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s hot in places, but according to  Jason Samenow of the Washington Post, you must blame it global warming! Reposted from the NZ Herald: From the normally mild summer climes of Ireland, Scotland and Canada to the scorching Middle East, numerous locations in

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Paul Homewood: Thermometer At Strathclyde Park Located

By Paul Homewood   The Stevenson Screen at Strathclyde Park     Many thanks to Duncan McNeil and Steve Brown, who have called in at Strathclyde Park to locate the Stevenson screen there, which registered the “record” temperature in Scotland last week. As you can see, the screen is, as I suspected, within the car

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Paul Homewood: Scottish Temperature “Record” Rejected By Met Office

By Paul Homewood   As I suggested earlier, there was distinctly something very fishy about the Met Office’s original claim that the Scottish temperature record had been broken:   Scotland’s highest ever temperature reading has been rejected by the Met Office over fears it could have been affected by a parked vehicle. On Thursday 28

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Paul Homewood: Scotland Sets New Temperature Record–In Middle Of Car Park!

By Paul Homewood   Must be global warming!!   Scotland has recorded its hottest ever temperature, according to provisional figures from the Met Office. On Thursday 28 June, a temperature of 33.2C degrees was measured in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. It exceeds the 32.9C recorded in August 2003, at Greycrook in the Borders.   On

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Paul Homewood: June NOT The Driest On Record

By Paul Homewood   It has been wrongly reported that June was the driest on record in the UK. For instance, the Sun:   JUNE has been the driest ever on record thanks to the scorching heatwave blasting Brits – and it may last until AUGUST. The mercury nudged 33C in North Wales last week

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Paul Homewood: Jevrejeva Projections

By Paul Homewood     As requested, I have spliced Svetlana Jevrejeva’s projections of a 1.8m sea level rise up to 2100 onto her own actual figures to 2010:   No comment!!!!!! Advertisements

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Paul Homewood: Latest Sea Level Junk Science

By Paul Homewood   h/t Oldbrew Latest sea level scare from Phys.Org:   Failure to meet the United Nations’ 2ºC warming limits will lead to sea level rise and dire global economic consequences, new research has warned. Published today in Environmental Research Letters, a study led by the UK National Oceanographic Centre (NOC) found flooding

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Paul Homewood: Activist group hopes to sue the UK government over climate change

By Paul Homewood   h/t Philip Bratby   More nonsense from Harrabin:   An activist group hopes to sue the UK government over climate change, arguing that it is discriminating against the young by failing to cut emissions fast enough. The campaigners – known collectively as Plan B – argue that if the UK postpones

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Paul Homewood: Strange Happenings At CET!

By Paul Homewood   Yesterday I reported on the CET figures for June, which showed a mean temperature of 16.5C, making it the 10th warmest on record.   It has been pointed out today that the Met Office are now reporting a figure of 16.1C, which puts it into a tie for 18th place.  

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Paul Homewood: Sweltering June? It Was Much Hotter In 1846!

By Paul Homewood   It’s certainly been flamin’ June, but how hot has it really been?     According to the Central England Temperature series, it only ranks 10th warmest since 1659. The hottest June was in 1846:   The last really hot June was in 1976, which averaged 17.0C, compared to 16.5C

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Paul Homewood: Global Warming Smackdown: Tankers Trapped In Midsummer Arctic Sea Ice

By Paul Homewood   From GWPF:   Shipping in the Gulf of Ob is paralysed and the situation complicated, icebreaker company Rosatomflot says. | The Independent Barents Observer   Via The Barents Observer : It is late June, but the winter has not abandoned the Gulf of Ob. The shallow bay, which houses two of

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