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The more I look at climate issues, the more I realise that we cannot always rely on what the climate establishment tell us.

I hope that, in my own small way, I can help to put that right.

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.

- J Robert Oppenheimer.

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Paul Homewood: Fresh doubt over Moorside power project as Toshiba’s nuclear unit Westinghouse files for bankruptcy

By Paul Homewood  From the Telegraph:   Toshiba’s nuclear unit Westinghouse has filed for bankruptcy protection, throwing fresh doubt on the UK’s plans to build Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. The move, which had been expected, follows a series of heavy losses that have…

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Paul Homewood: Caroline Lucas’ Carbon Spewing Trip

By Paul Homewood   Guido exposes the latest green hypocrisy:   Green Party leader Caroline Lucas flew in business class to Washington yesterday on a gasoline guzzling, CO2 spurting aeroplane which dumped almost a tonne of carbon into the atmosphere. A spokesman for Lucas confirmed to Guido that she flew on…

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Paul Homewood: Follow The EPA Money

By Paul Homewood   From the Daily Caller:   Six nonprofit groups that criticized President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts failed to mention the nearly $179 million in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants they’ve received since 2009, according to a Daily…

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Paul Homewood: New Power Capacity For Iran & Pakistan

By Paul Homewood     Two reports from PEI this week in juxtaposition:     Iran’s installed renewable power capacity is set to reach 700-850 MW within the country’s calendar year (which began on 21 March), the energy ministry announced this week. The increase would more than double Iran’s current installed renewable capacity, which deputy

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Paul Homewood: GWPF Calls On Government To Come Clean On Cost Of Renewable Energy

By Paul Homewood   The GWPF have issued this press release:     The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) is calling on the Government to release the uncensored report on the total system costs of renewable energy which was published last Friday in a version that deleted all quantitive cost…

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Paul Homewood: Miami Beach Turning Into Modern Day Atlantis–Fake News BBC

By Paul Homewood   h/t QV   The fake news BBC World at One today took the chance to add a bit of Project Climate Fear to their unashamedly anti Trump agenda, with a a piece on how rising seas are turning Miami Beach into a modern day Atlantis.   It

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Paul Homewood: Droughts, Famines and Floods In The 1870s

By Paul Homewood   Those who know much better than us would like to return the world’s climate to pre-industrial conditions. They seem to think the climate was perfect then. Perhaps they should study a bit of history, such as this snippet from HH Lamb’s Climate, History and the Modern World:     And it

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Paul Homewood: CET Trends In February

By Paul Homewood    According to the Met Office, last month much milder than average, although it only ranked 34th warmest since 1772. The warmest February was actually way back in 1779. Looking at the figures for England as a whole, average temperatures for February do seem to have been on the rise

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Paul Homewood: Don’t Breathe In CO2 Says Lancet

By Paul Homewood   I’m not quite sure what the supposedly objective, scientific Lancet is doing publishing a scurrilously partisan report on Trump’s EPA budget cuts, that could just as just as easily have been written by the Democratic party. This gives a flavour: The Trump administration’s proposed…

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Paul Homewood: Businesses paid to cut energy at peak times

By Paul Homewood   h/t stewgreen   Emily Gosden seems to be listening to a wider range of views since she joined The Times. This latest article poses some interesting questions:   Businesses that agree to cut energy use when national supplies are running low will receive subsidies six times…

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Paul Homewood: A Post-Brexit Framework For Electricity Markets From The IEA

By Paul Homewood   h/t Joe Public:   The Institute of Economic Affairs has just published a damning indictment of UK energy policy:   The con merchants at the Committee on Climate Change, along with successive govt ministers, have consistently argued that electricity bills have been coming down as a result of…

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Paul Homewood: False claims on low-carbon energy are damaging UK

By Paul Homewood   From the Telegraph: The Committee on Climate Change was established by the 2008 Climate Change Act to act as the climate policy equivalent of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee. Ministers and Parliament are required by law to rely on its advice. Arguably this role…

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Paul Homewood: Fake News BBC Claim Record Temperatures

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward     According to the fake news BBC, large parts of the world had record warmth last year. (Note, although the BBC caption reads “in January this year”, fake news correspondent Matt McGrath has not realised that this is NOAA’s map for the whole of 2015

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Paul Homewood: When will the Science Minister ask some hard questions about the global warming cabal that’s got him in their pocket?

By Paul Homewood   Another hard hitting piece from the Bolt Report!

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Paul Homewood: Ex-climate minister on board of THREE oil firms (and he’s also got an energy guzzling Scottish castle with 16 bathrooms)

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward   Snouts and troughs! From the Mail:     A former climate minister who has plugged green schemes and owns a Scottish castle has three jobs with oil companies. Ex-Tory MP Charles Hendry has joined the boards of Independent Oil and Gas and its major…

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Paul Homewood: The World’s First State Of The Climate Survey Based on Observations Only

By Paul Homewood     London, 22 March: A report on the State of the Climate in 2016 which is based exclusively on observations rather than climate models is published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF).   Compiled by Dr Ole Humlum, Professor of Physical Geography at the University Centre in Svalbard…

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Paul Homewood: Bad Weather Proves Climate Change, Says WMO

By Paul Homewood   From the “A bit of bad weather proves climate change “ Dept. An unbelievably crass piece from the failed Independent (and doubtlessly the BBC and the rest of the dismal MSM):   There is “no room for doubt”. The astonishing…

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Paul Homewood: My smart meter’s so ‘dumb’ I have to press seven buttons to get a reading

By Paul Homewood   Whoops!!   From the Telegraph:   Hundreds of thousands of households seeking to switch energy suppliers in the face of rising prices are discovering that their “smart meters” – which in many cases have only just been installed – will cease to…

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Paul Homewood: Divers say less than 5% of Great Barrier Reef is dead, not half

By Paul Homewood   From Blasting News:   A team of divers is pushing back on a so-called second mass bleaching event occurring on the #Great Barrier Reef, which media reports said affected 50 to 60 percent of Cape York region. Scientists from the government-funded ARC center…

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Paul Homewood: US Shale Boom Is Back

By Paul Homewood   The Times reports:   Among many bold promises made on the presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump pledged to unleash an “energy revolution” that would release vast riches from America’s shale oil reserves. It is doubtful that he expected Saudi Arabia to do the job for him. Yet,…

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Paul Homewood: The Cost Of Going Green

By Paul Homewood   Booker’s column today highlights the bit that most of the Press forgot to tell us about the Budget:

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Paul Homewood: Does Government Really Expect 24% of UK Electricity to be Imported in 2025?

By Paul Homewood   From the GWPF:   New UK government projections of capacity and supply suggest that interconnection and electricity imports must grow by over 300% by 2025 if demand is to be met. While imports are not in themselves to be feared, it is worrying that government appears to be…

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Paul Homewood: Talk Of Flexible, Smart Energy Systems Misses The Point

By Paul Homewood     “Flexible” and “smart” are the new buzzwords when discussing energy. “We need electricity to be our flexible friend”, says Richard Black. “We want to move from a 20th Century energy system to a smart, clean system fit for the 21st Century”, says Greg Clark. Smart meters, battery storage, demand side

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Paul Homewood: “Green” Germany’s Emissions Keep Rising

By Paul Homewood     From The American Interest:   Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions rose last year, according to a new report. CO2 levels rose by 4 million tons in 2016 (0.7 percent), which means Berlin will have to reduce those levels by 40 million tons over the next three years in order to meet

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Paul Homewood: The Summer of 1826

By Paul Homewood   It is widely known that the summer of 1976 was by far the warmest in the Central England Temperature series. What is much less known is that the next hottest was in 1826.   Curiously however, in 1982, when he wrote Climate, History and the…

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Paul Homewood: Green Energy Costs to Double, Committee on Climate Change Reveals

By Paul Homewood   From GWPF:   They announced, just as five of the big six energy providers raised prices by between 7-10%, that ‘Britain’s low carbon energy revolution is actually saving money for households’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tucked away at the bottom of a technical annex…

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Paul Homewood: Climate change financing dropped from G20 draft statement

By Paul Homewood   There have been suggestions of this coming this week. From Reuters:   Opposition from the United States, Saudi Arabia and others has forced Germany to drop a reference to financing programs to combat climate change from the draft communique at a G20 finance and central bankers meeting. A G20…

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Paul Homewood: Arctic Ice Loss and The AMO

By Paul Homewood   Shock news! Scientists discover natural climate cycles. From the Mail:   The Arctic icecap is shrinking – but it’s not all our fault, a major study of the polar region has found. At least half of the disappearance is down to natural processes, and not the fault of man…

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Paul Homewood: Ofgem mulls how to regulate internet of things, what to do if people don’t engage with smart meters

By Paul Homewood   From The Energyst:     What if consumers don’t want to engage in smart energy system?   Ofgem has outlined the exponential challenge of regulating a smart energy market over which it would currently have limited jurisdiction. In a new position paper,…

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Paul Homewood: The Bolt Report

By Paul Homewood       The admirable Andrew Bolt has the latest on South Australia’s energy crisis. Well worth watching for 5 minutes:

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