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The more I look at climate issues, the more I realise that we cannot always rely on what the climate establishment tell us.

I hope that, in my own small way, I can help to put that right.

“We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”.

- J Robert Oppenheimer.

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Paul Homewood: Ten Reasons Why We Don’t Believe You, Katharine

By Paul Homewood       Katharine Hayhoe thinks she knows why some of us don’t believe in global warming – apparently we don’t care! Well Katharine, here are another ten reasons you forgot:     1) We don’t trust climate scientists. The Climategate emails…

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Paul Homewood: Tornado Stats For 2016–Another Quiet Year

By Paul Homewood   NOAA have been very slow in releasing the final tornado data for 2016, but it is finally out now. As the provisional indicated at the time, last year was another very quiet year for tornadoes, and continued the pattern of a lower level compared to the 1970s. Perhaps

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Paul Homewood: Yes Minister Does Global Warming

By Paul Homewood   h/t Jo Nova     If only Yes Minister had done global warming. Well, it has now, in the new stage version. It’s hilarious, absolutely to the point, and a must watch.   Yes Prime Minister Global Warming etc Part 1 from Aris Motas on Vimeo.       Yes Prime

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Paul Homewood: The Heathrow Tarmac Strikes Again!

By Paul Homewood     As we know, the Met Office have informed us that Wednesday was the hottest June day since 1976, with a temperature of 34.5C recorded next to the runway at Heathrow. Apparently the previous hottest June day since 1976 was at Worcester in 1995, with 33.8C set.   This is…

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Paul Homewood: Norway To Carry On Drilling

By Paul Homewood     h/t Patsy Lacey    Apparently Norway don’t read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard! Norway on Wednesday proposed to open up a record number of blocks in the Barents Sea to oil exploration despite protests from environmentalists and others fearing possible damage to the Arctic region. The Norwegian oil and energy ministry offered oil

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Paul Homewood: Hottest Day? At Heathrow, Maybe–But Not In The Rest Of The Country

By Paul Homewood   It has certainly been uncommonly hot these past few days. Many outlets have talked about a “record breaking” heatwave, such as this report in the Telegraph. This is a grossly misleading claim, because it relates to a record temperature for a single day, in this case June 21st. There are,

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Paul Homewood: Gas Power To Diminish As It Increases!

By Paul Homewood     Those contrasting headlines again! All from PEI:  …

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Paul Homewood: AEP’s Weekly Electric Car Rant

By Paul Homewood   AEP is on his regular electric car rant today. Morgan Stanley is betting that electric cars will corner 70pc of the European vehicle market by the middle of century, leading to a drastic upheaval for the power sector and scramble for dominance of lucrative new technologies. Global banks in London and

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Paul Homewood: Small power plants clobbered by Ofgem subsidy change

By Paul Homewood h/t Patsy Lacey As expected, OFGEM has acted to close a loophole, which pays unjustifiably large subsidies to small peak loader power plants, such as diesel generators: Energy watchdog Ofgem has decided to slash generous subsidies paid to small power plant owners in a move it says will cut consumers’ energy bills.

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Paul Homewood: Why Did CPRE Commission Renewable Lobby Outfit, Regen?

By Paul Homewood I posted on the story of Philip Bratby’s report for the CPRE into renewable energy in the South West. It was covered by, who quoted critical comments from an outfit called Regen South West: Regen South West, an independent not-for-profit organisation set up to promote renewable energy in

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Paul Homewood: Is renewable energy in Devon ‘an unmitigated disaster’?

By Paul Homewood   Congrats to Philip Bratby, who has had a report published by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) into renewable energy in his local county, Devon. It has unsurprisingly generated a kickback from the renewable lobby: Countryside campaigners and renewable energy experts have clashed on how renewable energy has benefited the

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Paul Homewood: Decarbonization poses risks to Europe’s grid operators says Moody’s

By Paul Homewood I do like contrasting headlines! Bloomberg would of course like you to believe that “investment” is good. In fact much of it will be…

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Paul Homewood: History Channel’s Little Ice Age Documentary

By Paul Homewood         h/t Gallopingcamel               I have not seen this documentary about the Little Ice Age by the History Channel. It is well worth a look, even if just for the first 20 minutes or so. All the elements are there that most of

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Paul Homewood: Unintended Consequences

By Paul Homewood   Two news reports from the BBC in the last few days, which rather complement each other:   Leading researchers have condemned attempts to change the way carbon from trees will be counted in Europe. The scientists fear that millions of tonnes of CO2 from forests will disappear from the books if

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Paul Homewood: BP Energy Review 2017

By Paul Homewood More on the BP Energy Review. Despite a small drop in coal consumption, fossil fuels remain dominant, with a share of 85%. Wind and solar in contrast contribute only a tiny 2.2%.       Year on year, the increase in fossil fuel energy has been almost double…

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Paul Homewood: The Beginning Of The End For Coal?

By Paul Homewood   This year’s BP Energy Review came out while I was away last week. The general message seems to be little change. These are Spencer Dale’s highlights:   It has been pretty clear for a few years now, indeed arguably since 2008, that both the economic and energy…

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Paul Homewood: What Phillip Williamson Forgot To Tell You

By Paul Homewood   The Spectator has published an article by Dr Phillip Williamson, who works at the University of East Anglia as a science coordinator for the Natural Environment Research Council.   Readers of The Spectator will be familiar with the argument that climate change, like Britpop, ended in 1998. Raised on a diet

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Paul Homewood: Harrabin Confuses Weather With Climate

By Paul Homewood     Mr Harrabin confuses weather with climate!!   And, as the GWPF inconveniently pointed out, it was only four years ago that the UK had one of the coldest springs on record: Clive Best also reminds us that this spring only managed to beat out 1893 by 0.1C.

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Paul Homewood: New Study: Scientists Find Recent UK Flooding Is Not Unprecedented

By Paul Homewood GWPF has details of a new study in to UK flooding records. As I have often shown, there is nothing unprecedented about recent floods in Britain. What often makes it seem so is the “flood dry” period which occurred between 1970 and 2000. This new paper comes to similar conclusions, and also

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Paul Homewood: Tesla Powerwall Economics

By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public While Elon Musk has been throwing his toys out of the pram following Trump’s decision to exit Paris, let’s take a look at what his famous batteries have to offer. This is what their website offers:   If we assume an all-in cost of £8000, and a ten

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Paul Homewood: The Tale Of Two Malaria Studies

By Paul Homewood   In 2000, four researchers led by G D Shanks carried out a detailed study into the apparent rise in malaria admissions at the hospital which Brooke Bond run at their tea estates in Kenya. This was their Abstract:   The changing epidemiology of clinical malaria since 1965 among

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Paul Homewood: Grenfell Tower Inferno A Disaster Waiting To Happen

Very worrying news about the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in London. The Telegraph is reporting that the main factor in the fire spreading so quickly may have been the vertical cladding installed two years ago to meet green energy efficiency targets. The cladding acts as insulation, but fire experts believe it can create an

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Paul Homewood: “It is only fair to expect bill payers to support low carbon power” Says new Energy Minister

What planet do these cretins live on? “It is only fair to expect bill payers to support low carbon power” says Clare Perry And they wonder why they lost their majority

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Paul Homewood: Impact of Climate Change, Weather Extremes, and Price Risk on Global Food Supply

By Paul Homewood The latest junk science:     ABSTRACT We analyze the determinants of global crop production for maize, wheat, rice, and soybeans over the period 1961–2013. Using seasonal production data and price change and price volatility information at country level, as well as future climate data from 32 global circulation models, we project

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Paul Homewood: That Damnable Ice

Arctic stops play!

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Paul Homewood: Serious quality problems in the surface temperature data sets–Ross McKittrick

By Paul Homewood When people talk about the widely reported global surface temperature record, it is worth recalling Ross McKittrick’s damning assessment of it in 2010, “A Critical Review of Global Surface Temperature Data Products”. ABSTRACT There are three main global temperature histories: the combined CRU-Hadley record (HADCRU), the NASA-GISS (GISTEMP) record, and the NOAA

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Paul Homewood: Denmark is killing Tesla

Denmark is killing Tesla (translation – electric car sales plummet after Denmark cuts subsidies) Now who would have guessed it!

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Paul Homewood: PG Twits

By Paul Homewood   Back in 2011, scientists claimed that climate change would drastically reduce Kenya’s tea production:   Climate change will drastically reduce Kenya’s tea production over the next 40 years with suitable lands being pushed further up the altitude, denting earnings from one of the country’s top hard currency sources. Scientists from the

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Paul Homewood: How Much Is The CET Affected By UHI?

By Paul Homewood Reposted from WUWT, originally published in January. It’s old, but still relevant: The answer is blindingly obvious, from above: they are all subject to considerable modern local urbanisation immediately to the North, including heated greenhouses designed to replicate a Mediterranean climate. The Met Office relies upon just three weather stations to record

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Paul Homewood: Ocean Warming Dominates The Increase In Energy Stored In the Climate System

By Paul Homewood   It is often claimed that the seas are warming up because of GHGs. This analysis by CO2 is Life shows this to be unscientific nonsense:     Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for Policymakers Ocean warming dominates the increase in energy stored…

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