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Climate Deport is run by Marc Morano, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and senior aide, speechwriter, and climate researcher for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), is the executive editor and chief correspondent for, a pioneering climate and eco-news center. The news effort, begun in April 2009, is a special project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization that has been working since 1985 to infuse the environmental debate with a balanced perspective, and to promote market-based and safe technological solutions to various public-interest concerns.

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Climate Depot: Watch: Morano on Canada TV on his upcoming trek to UN Climate summit in Poland Broadcast December 6, 2018 On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Marc Morano of and I discussed the United Nation’s blackballing media outlets that don’t adhere to their globalist agenda on climate change and mass migration. The UN doesn’t want media outlets to report opinions…

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Climate Depot: Climate Depot’s Morano profiled in Sweden’s largest newspaper – ‘Morano is today an echo of his own president. It has made life much more fun’ or (Google autotranslated below) “For us conservatives, Trump is a better president than Reagan” Sweden’s largest…

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Climate Depot: Paris Is Burning Over Climate Taxes — Is America Next? By Chuck DeVore The City of Lights, Paris, has been illuminated in recent days by cars set alight by thousands of protesting “Yellow Vests”—largely middle class people who earn their living by driving or who commute to get to work. The cause of their ire is a scheduled…

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Climate Depot: Paris climate tax revolt spreads! Brussels police arrest hundreds in ‘yellow vest’ riot

Brussels police arrest hundreds in ‘yellow vest’ riot BRUSSELS – Belgian police detained more than 400 people on Saturday after “yellow vest” protesters inspired by riots in France threw rocks and firecrackers and damaged shops and cars as they tried to reach official buildings in Brussels. In the second violence of its kind in

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Climate Depot: Rioting engulfs Paris, climate tax anger grows – Paris has been virtually shut down amid violent rioting The rumble of armoured police trucks and the hiss of tear gas filled central Paris as French riot police fought to contain thousands of yellow-vested protesters venting their anger against the government in a movement that has grown more violent by the week. A ring of…

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Climate Depot: NOAA data: November average USA temp dropped 7.89F drop in two years

9.25F Drop in Two Years – NOAA USA November 2018 Max Temp 22nd Coldest by sunshinehours1 / Today, 04:01 A 9.25F Drop in Two Years – Max Temperature. Top 21 States in terms of negative anomaly. The average temperature had a 7.89F drop in two years. It was the 27th coldest November in terms…

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Climate Depot: North America Just Had Its Most Extensive November Snow Cover in at Least a Half-Century! – Plus ‘One of the coldest Novembers on record’ Jonathan Erdman North America’s November snow cover set a record for the month in the satellite era. A number of winter storms dumped snow in the northern half of the U.S. and southern Canada. One of the coldest Novembers on record helped keep snow on the ground longer. November 2018’s…

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Climate Depot: Climate ‘action’ makes leaders disappear! As protests rages in France, Macron remains invisible – ‘Nowhere to be seen’ PARIS (AP) — As anti-government protests rage through France and Paris locks down, fearing new riots, the man whose presidency has unleashed the anger is nowhere to be seen. French President Emmanuel Macron has stayed out of the public eye all week, leaving his unpopular government to try to calm the nation. In response,

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Climate Depot: As the UN Holds Global Climate Talks, Climate Consensus Is Crumbling

by Steve Goreham The 24th Conference of the Parties — COP24 — a United Nations-led effort to fight global climate change, began Monday in Katowice, Poland. More than 15,000 attendees from 190 nations are expected to participate. But as delegates arrive at Katowice 2018, the global climate consensus crumbles around them. The UN Framework Convention

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Climate Depot: CHUCK SCHUMER DEMANDS CLIMATE CONCESSIONS FROM TRUMP ON INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING By MICHAEL BASTASCH Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York is demanding climate concessions in any infrastructure package. Schumer sent a letter To President Donald Trump asking for green energy tax credits as part of the deal. Trump proposed more than $1 trillion in infrastructure spending earlier this year.…

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Climate Depot: Former UN Climate Chief: Meat eaters should be banished, treated ‘the same way that smokers are treated” Bjørn Lomborg 10:52 UTC+8, 2018-11-30 Christiana Figueres, the former United Nations official responsible for the 2015 Paris climate agreement, has a startling vision for restaurants of the future: Anyone who wants a steak should be banished. “How about restaurants in 10-15 years start treating carnivores the same…

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Climate Depot: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez: Fixing Climate Change Will End Racism While participating in a recent Bernie Sanders-hosted symposium on global warming, newly-elected Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared that a new form of global warming governance will usher in an era of “economic, social, and racial justice” in America, Grabien and others reported. “As a matter of fact, it’s not just…

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Climate Depot: Solidarity, Heartland Institute Sign Historic Climate Communique at UN climate summit in Poland

Solidarity, Heartland Institute Sign Historic Climate Communique at COP24 Polish labor union that stood up to the Soviet Bloc and changed the world joins Heartland on front lines of resistance to climate alarmism KATOWICE, POLAND (December 6, 2018) – The Heartland Institute and…

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Climate Depot: Researcher Questions Conflicts of Interest in Fed Climate Report – ‘Climate science should play by the same rules as every other area of science’ BY ELENA CONNOLLY Lax standards of conflict of interest disclosures among climate scientists create “unnecessary vulnerabilities” and should be avoided, according to University of Colorado, Boulder professor and political scientist Roger Pielke, Jr. “You certainly don’t want…

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Climate Depot: OCASIO-CORTEZ: ‘INEVITABLE’ CLIMATE GOVERNANCE WILL CREATE ‘ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, AND RACIAL JUSTICE’ ‘It’s inevitable that we can use the transition to 100% renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic, social, and racial justice in the United States of America’ Dec 6, 2018 6:34 AM By Tom Elliott New York City’s incoming socialist congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,…

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Climate Depot: Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on Bernie Sanders High-Flying hypocrisy – ‘Unwilling to make an ounce of change in their lives’

STEVE DOOCY: “It doesn’t sound as if you are letting Bernie off the hook regarding this.” (NOT SO GREEN: Bernie Sanders Spent $300,000 In One Month On Private Jet Travel MORANO: “No. In fact, Bernie comes from a long line. Just last month the U.N. environmental chief had to resign for being up in

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Climate Depot: Trump gets last laugh on Macron with Paris burning after Macron’s rebuke of ‘America First’ French President Emmanuel Macron rebuked US President Donald Trump last month for putting the interests of US citizens above demonstrating moral values. Three weeks later, Paris was set ablaze by thousands of working-class protesters who objected to Macron promoting an environmentally…

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Climate Depot: Bloomberg News gets it! ‘Trump has put his finger on the challenge facing Macron’ – Trump to Macron: ‘Ditch your green strategy & give the angry people what they want’ (Bloomberg) — Donald Trump has put his finger on the challenge facing Emmanuel Macron. As small town protesters in yellow vests wreak havoc in Paris, Macron is trying to work out how to take the heat out of the situation without compromising his long-term plans for the economy and the…

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Climate Depot: The French surrender: Carbon tax ‘is now abandoned’ – MACRON WAVES THE WHITE FLAG ON CARBON TAXES By MICHAEL BASTASCH French President Emmanuel Macron decided to scrap the planned carbon tax on fuels after weeks of protests rocked Paris and other major cities across the country. An Élysée Palace official told The Associated Press Wednesday that “the president decided to get rid of the tax.” Macron’s decision comes one day after the…

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Climate Depot: EPA to replace Obama coal-plant rule requiring costly technology capturing CO2 emissions By Amy Harder The Environmental Protection Agency is set to announce Thursday it is weakening an Obama-era rule that had required costly technology capturing carbon dioxide emissions on new coal plants, according to multiple people familiar with the news. Why it matters: This is the latest…

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Climate Depot: Flashback 1992: Former President GHW Bush Healed The Planet Long Before Obama Did by tonyheller 13 Jun 1992, Page 7 – Detroit Free Press at Clearly we just need a few more treaties – to stop ordinary weather from occurring.

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Climate Depot: Wash Post: France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate taxes

France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate change taxes By Steven Mufson and James McAuley, The Washington Post The single most effective weapon in the fight against climate change is the tax code – imposing costs on those who emit greenhouse gases, economists say. But as…

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Climate Depot: France’s Macron scraps carbon fuel tax after protests The Latest on mass protests in France (all times local): 8:55 p.m. French President Emmanuel Macron has scrapped a fuel tax rise amid fears of new violence, after weeks of nationwide protests and the worst rioting in Paris in decades. Watch Now 1.00 France suspends planned fuel tax increase…

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Climate Depot: Manila Times features Morano’s book: Carbon tax revolt, Book’s exposé on IPCC shatter UN climate agenda BY YEN MAKABENTA The latest developments are shattering or seismic for the climate issue. As the song says, the end is near — not the end of the world, but the end of the UN climate agenda. The climate alarmists will go the same way as the flat earthers. They will turn to social

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Climate Depot: Dr. Willie Soon versus the climate apocalypse

Dr. Willie Soon versus the climate apocalypse By Dr. Jeffrey Foss “What can I do to correct these crazy, super wrong errors?” Willie Soon asked plaintively in a recent e-chat. “What errors, Willie?” I asked. “Errors in Total Solar Irradiance,” he replied. “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change keeps using the wrong numbers! It’s making me

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Climate Depot: Coal to the rescue! Britain’s oldest coal plants called on to avoid running out of power as cold sets in By Jillian Ambrose 4 DECEMBER 2018 • 8:01PM Britain’s oldest coal-fired power plants prepared to fire up their hoppers for a price of almost £1,000 per megawatt-hour on Tuesday to avert a power shortfall as temperatures across the country plunge and wind power wanes. The cold snap…

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Climate Depot: UN COP 24: “Mankind to end,” women hardest hit

UN COP 24: “Mankind to end,” women hardest hit By Craig Rucker|December 3rd, 2018|Climate|1 Comment UN General Assembly president Maria Espinosa kicked off the big climate circus in Poland by proclaiming “mankind is in danger of disappearing” if we don’t double down on UN climate politics (and funding). The UN plans to save us all through

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Climate Depot: UN summit COP 24: The church of climate fear – ‘Dogmatic sense of urgency based on fear…great deal of preaching’ By David Wojick|December 4th, 2018|Climate|5 Comments The mainstream press coverage of the beginning of the Katowice climate summit is sad but fascinating. There is a uniformly dogmatic sense of urgency based on fear, with very little news and a great deal of preaching. Fear is the dominant theme. I truly pity the people who…

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Climate Depot: EPA Career Staffers Freaked When Pruitt Tried to Stage Climate Debate – Would ‘set back the cause of combating global warming by legitimizing politically motivated skeptics’ By Sam Stein, Tanya Basu Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency were privately aghast in early 2017 as their boss, former EPA chief Scott Pruitt, embraced hosting a public debate over the scientific premise of human-caused climate change. In private emails, top scientists and…

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Climate Depot: COP 24: UN Climate summit in Poland language reveals hidden agenda By David Wojick|December 4th, 2018|Climate|2 Comments People complain about UN jargon but the technical language of the Katowice climate summit is very revealing. It is all about changing the world order. Words exist because there is something important to talk about. Words also embody basic beliefs. In this…

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