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Climate Deport is run by Marc Morano, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and senior aide, speechwriter, and climate researcher for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), is the executive editor and chief correspondent for, a pioneering climate and eco-news center. The news effort, begun in April 2009, is a special project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization that has been working since 1985 to infuse the environmental debate with a balanced perspective, and to promote market-based and safe technological solutions to various public-interest concerns.

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Climate Depot: Claim: Meat and dairy emissions ‘could surpass those from largest oil firms’ – ‘Livestock sector could consume 4/5ths of the global greenhouse gas budget each year by 2050’ By Jonny Bairstow Wednesday 18 July 2018 The largest meat and dairy producers could surpass major oil companies as the largest contributors to environmental pollution. That’s according to a new report from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and non-profit GRAIN,…

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Climate Depot: Flashback 1983: NBC News warns of ‘Possible catastrophic warming of the Earth by the 1990s’

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Climate Depot: Stossel: False claim of ‘500 million straws used daily’ came from a 10-year-old’s elementary school project – But media uncritically repeats

Excerpts: Stossel: “Paper products take more energy and effort to produce. And paper doesn’t degrade in a landfill, either. Everything (in landfills) is essentially mummified.” Taking away freedom for nothing in return is now a specialty of the environmental movement. Banning straws isn’t going to do anything for the environment. So what they’re trying to

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Climate Depot: Analysis: Climate & Doomsday: Notre Dame Prof. Ignores Goods of Progress – ‘Sympathizes with even suicide as a response’ By DAVID FRENCH July 16, 2018 3:10 PM (Wikimedia Commons) Progress is not the enemy of mankind.This morning, the New York Times published an essay by University of Notre Dame English professor Roy Scranton that began with this remarkable paragraph: I cried two times when my daughter was born. First for joy,…

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Climate Depot: Wacky Professor Declares: ‘I Wish I’d Never Had My Daughter Because Climate Change’ – Skeptic does point by point rebuttal   By JAMES DELINGPOLE  17 Jul 2018 Some would say the mistake was having a daughter in the first place. No, this isn’t the standfirst from an Onion parody of the kind of bleeding-heart, enviro-doom drivel they like to run every now and then…

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Climate Depot: Climate Science – Where “Fastest Warming” Means Cooling

Climate Science – Where “Fastest Warming” Means Cooling Climate scientists say the Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest warming place on Earth. Inside the Fastest Warming Place on Earth – The Leonard Lopate Show – WNYC It is actually the fastest cooling place on earth. RSS / MSU Data Images /…

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Climate Depot: Just like that: 48% of Australians happy to pull out of Paris

Just like that: 48% of Australians happy to pull out of Paris The idea of Pulling out of Paris is barely discussed in Australia. Tony Abbott made it a national discussion for five minutes last week, but apparently that’s all it takes, or even less. After 30 years of non-stop agitprop and years of

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Climate Depot: Planetary Treason!? Warmist claim: Trump & Putin are ‘colluding to destroy our planet’s climate system’ Trump and Putin are clearly in cahoots — over propping up fossil fuels By Eric Holthaus on Jul 16, 2018 Excerpt: By working together, they can keep the global economy swimming in oil and gas. And what’s the primary force working against the fossil fuel industry these days? Climate activists.…

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Climate Depot: Book review: Morano’s ‘Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change’ covers almost every climate topic imaginable, exposing the lies & hypocrisy behind the scare’ EXPOSING CLIMATE HYPOCRISY, SCIENTIFIC MALFEASANCE, AND DOUBLESPEAK JULY 17, 2018 By Jay Lehr Marc Morano’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change covers almost every climate change topic imaginable, exposing the lies and hypocrisy behind the scare along the way. Review of The…

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Climate Depot: ‘Global warming’ to end the Internet! Study: The Internet May Be Underwater in 15 Years – ‘Rising seas imperil the delicate web of cables that control the internet’ Rising seas imperil the delicate web of cables and power stations that control the internet. BY ALEJANDRA BORUNDA PUBLISHED JULY 16, 2018 WHEN THE INTERNET goes down, life as the modern American knows it grinds to a halt. Gone are the cute kitten photos and the Facebook status updates—but also gone…

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Climate Depot: AP: With ‘climate change,’ black sea bass numbers increase July 16, 2018 Updated: July 16, 2018 10:21 a.m. PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — It may be time for local eateries to explore black sea bass recipes. Warmer waters off Rhode Island have caused a spike for this species, and loosened regulations are reeling fisherman in. The Providence Journal reports the…

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Climate Depot: TRUMP: OUR BIGGEST THREAT IS ‘NUCLEAR WARMING,’ NOT GLOBAL WARMING President Donald Trump chastised his predecessor for thinking global warming was the biggest threat facing the U.S., arguing nuclear weapons were a bigger threat “by a factor of about five million.” “To me, the most important issue is the nuclear issue, because I know President Obama said global warming is our…

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Climate Depot: Former EPA whistle-blower laments the ‘Trump Administration’s Likely Unwillingness to End the Climate Scam’ The Trump Administration’s Likely Unwillingness to End the Climate Scam Alan Carlin | July 13, 2018 It has become evident that the Pruitt EPA did not want to challenge the scientific climate “consensus,” either because they did not think that they could win the ensuing battle or because they wanted to avoid angering voters

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Climate Depot: March on DC! Young ‘Climate Justice’ Advocates Say It’s Time for a Revolution – ‘Global warming’ to hit ‘marginalized communities…indigenous, homeless, queer & trans people’ On July 21, youth climate marchers will converge on Washington and around the country to demand a better future. By Yvette Cabrera CHERYL DIAZ MEYER FOR HUFFPOST Jamie Margolin of Seattle, Washington, left,…

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Climate Depot: Sea Level rise hijinks: How do you get from 7 inches per century to 11 feet per century? Computer models!

By Ken Haapala, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project – The Week That Was “TWTW”: Excerpt: Sea Level Hockey-Sticks? Last week’s TWTW discussed the lawsuit by Rhode Island against oil companies, and the claims that dire increases in sea level rise will occur this century. These claims are like those made by Oakland, San Francisco, and

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Climate Depot:

New Science Affirms Arctic Region Was 6°C Warmer Than Now 9000 Years Ago, When CO2 Levels Were ‘Safe’ By Kenneth Richard , No Tricks Zone Unearthed new evidence (Mangerud and Svendsen, 2018) reveals that during the Early Holocene, when CO2 concentrations hovered around 260 ppm, “warmth-demanding species” were living in locations 1,000 km farther north

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Climate Depot: Booker & Those Alleged ‘All-Time Heat Records’ By Paul Homewood   I’m pleased that Booker has followed up my story about the Washington Post scam:   For those who have not read it, my post on the story was here.   The Stevenson Screen at Strathclyde Park, Motherwell

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Climate Depot: Flashback 1974: Unanimous Consensus Global Cooling Would Lead To Mass Starvation by tonyheller A recent meeting of climate experts in Bonn, West Germany, produced the unanimous conclusion that the change in global weather patterns poses a severe threat to agriculture that could lead to major crop failures and mass starvation. Climate Changes Endanger World’s…

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Climate Depot: UK Protests President Trump the ‘Climate Vandal’

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Climate Depot: Trump Pulled Out Of UN Paris Climate Accords, But The U.S. Is Spending Billions To Implement It By Tim Pearce The World Bank is spending millions in government funding from various countries, including the U.S., to implement climate mitigation strategies in line with an international agreement to fight climate change — the Paris climate accords. The U.S. is the World…

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Climate Depot: Warmist anxiety: ‘How the New Supreme Court Could Halt Climate Action’ Is Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, the deciding vote to overturn a key ruling in the fight against global warming? By EMILY ATKIN July 12, 2018 President Donald Trump’s announcement on Monday that he’d nominated Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy prompted rampant…

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Climate Depot: ‘Lost Summer for Greenland’: ‘Record late snowpack—lingering into July’ – ‘A big shock’ – But the record cold & snow blamed on ‘climate change’

Greenland and Arctic record cold and snow are once again being blamed on “climate change,” according to an article in Scientific American. The July 13 article declares a “Lost Summer for Greenland” as “a record late snowpack—lingering into July” harms the shorebirds breeding season. Jeroen Reneerkens, an avian ecologist at the University of Groningen who has studied…

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Via: GLOBAL COOLING: GLOBAL TEMPS HAVE DROPPED BY 0.65 C SINCE 2016 By Francis Menton, Manhattan Contrarian The failure of the atmosphere to warm in accordance with alarmist predictions is making it harder and harder to come up with a bona fide story that can scare you. In a post a few days ago, I noted

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Climate Depot: Meet the new second in command at EPA — Henry Darwin By Kevin Bogardus, E&E News reporter A former Arizona state official brought to EPA by Scott Pruitt to streamline agency operations got a promotion yesterday in the wake of the embattled administrator’s departure. Henry Darwin is taking on the duties of deputy administrator at EPA. Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced…

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Climate Depot: Climate ‘worry’ ranks at bottom of New York Times survey – ‘Worry about climate change’ at 17th out of 18 reasons for not having kids

Via: By Claire Cain Miller July 5, 2018 Americans are having fewer babies. At first, researchers thought the declining fertility rate was because of the recession, but it kept falling even as the economy recovered. Now it has reached a record low for the second consecutive year. … In the Morning…

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Climate Depot: House Committee Probes NRDC on Relationship with China WASHINGTON, D.C., June 5, 2018 – Today, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) sent a letter to Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) President Rhea Suh seeking information on the nature of the…

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Climate Depot: House Committee Probes Center for Biological Diversity on Relationship with Foreign Entities WASHINGTON, D.C., June 20, 2018 – Today, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah) and Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) sent a letter to Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) Executive Director Kieran Suckling seeking information on CBD’s work…

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Climate Depot: Only Sacred peer-review takes a big hit: Only 1/3rd of 100 studies published in 3 top psychology journals could be successfully replicated

by CFACT Global warming alarmists suffered a big hit this week in their effort to deify shoddy “peer-reviewed” climate papers. Stanford University medical professor John Ioannidis, in an interview with Agence France Presse (AFP), blew the lid off the trustworthiness of the peer-review process. When the alarmist community seeks to push a new argument or

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Climate Depot: Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic in New Cup Lids RENDING TOPICS MENU HIT & RUN BLOG Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic A Reason investigation reveals that the coffee giant’s new cold drink lids use more plastic than the old straw/lid combo. Christian Britschgi|Jul. 12, 2018 12:40 pm Mario Anzuoni/REUTERS/Newscom 2018 will forever be remembered…

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Climate Depot: Delingpole: Trump Is Right – Germany’s Green Energy Suicide Is a Threat to the West By James Delingpole President Trump has warned at a NATO summit that German dependence on Russian gas poses a major security threat to the West. It’s about time somebody said it! This problem has been brewing for decades. In fact it goes right back to the communist era of the Soviet Union, when the

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