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Climate Deport is run by Marc Morano, former Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee and senior aide, speechwriter, and climate researcher for Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), is the executive editor and chief correspondent for, a pioneering climate and eco-news center. The news effort, begun in April 2009, is a special project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), a Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization that has been working since 1985 to infuse the environmental debate with a balanced perspective, and to promote market-based and safe technological solutions to various public-interest concerns.

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Climate Depot: Justice Department asks Supreme Court to toss kids’ climate change lawsuit The suit was filed in 2015 by a group of young people who said the government violated their right to “a climate system capable of sustaining human life.” by Pete Williams and Anne Thompson / Oct. 18, 2018 / 3:01 PM EDT WASHINGTON — The Justice Department asked the…

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Climate Depot: Watch contentious TV Debate: Morano v. former UN env. director about UN IPCC Report

The Newsmakers – TRT Television International TV – Oct 17, 2018 – The UN warns that unless drastic action is taken in the next twelve years,…Should countries be forced into better environmental practices? Guests: Marc Morano – Executive director and chief correspondent of Climate Depot & Author, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. vs. Svein Tveitdal – Chairman and

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Climate Depot: Three out of four living astronauts who walked on moon are climate skeptics By Jo Nova There are only 12 men who have walked on the moon, and only 4 are still living. Selected from the best of the best at the time, with impeccable reputations, why would any of them speak out and risk being called names like deniers of “basic physics”. Yet…

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Climate Depot: ‘TRUMP IS RIGHT TO QUESTION CLIMATE CHANGE CAUSES’ By Tom Harris and Jay Lehr | Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition; Science Director, The Heartland Institute President Donald Trump was right to express skepticism about human-caused (anthropogenic) climate change in his October 14th interview on CBS television’s “60 Minutes.” Contrary to Al Gore’s…

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Climate Depot: CNN’s Brian Stelter’s reliable source on climate change is no climate scientist – Has Ph.D. is in ‘Renaissance literature’ by Brett T. We missed this Sunday, but we also miss writing about CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter, so here you go. The funny thing about Stelter’s Sunday show is its name: “Reliable Sources.” And this week, his reliable source on why we don’t hear more about climate…

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Climate Depot: Lomborg: ‘For the most important environmental issues, economic growth has solved problems, not created them’ The “No-Growth” Prescription for Misery By BJØRN LOMBORG A growing number of academics are claiming that economic growth must stop because the planet is crossing environmental boundaries, and inequality between humans is increasing. They are wrong on both counts, and their agenda is a…

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Climate Depot: Study: Climate Change Could Cause Price of Beer to Double, Decrease Consumption 16% By Craig Bannister | October 18, 2018 | 9:43 AM EDT (Getty Images, N.A.) Climate change may cause the global price of beer to double and consumption to plummet, a new study involving the University of East Anglia concludes. The study, billed as the first of its kind,…

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Climate Depot: ‘We should all be dead by now’ – ‘Apocalypse Delayed’ – ‘The UN IPCC report does not justify climate scaremongering’ By Ben Pile We should all be dead by now, thanks to overpopulation and resource depletion. The few of us remaining should be scavenging a landscape denuded of life by acid rains and UV rays. Thankfully, we are not. Also still standing are the scientific institutions and the global bureaucracies that predicted our premature

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Climate Depot: UPDATE: Beer brewers shrug off ‘global warming’ claims: ‘I saw the headlines, but I didn’t take the clickbait’ – NPR Bye, Bye, Beer? Brewers Say They’ve Got A Plan On Climate Change By ALASTAIR BLAND The barley used to make beer as we know it may take a hit under climate change, but growers say they are already preparing by planting it further north in…

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Climate Depot: Apollo 17 moonwalker Dr. Harrison Schmitt rejects UN climate report: ‘The observations that we make as geologists…do not show any evidence that human beings are causing this’ Apollo 17 moonwalker Harrison Schmitt stirs up a buzz with climate change views By Alan Boyle on October 15, 2018 WASHINGTON, D.C. — I didn’t invite Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt to get his views on climate change, but that’s the topic that created the most fireworks

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Climate Depot: Carbon Dioxide Emissions Dip Slightly in Trump’s First Year, EPA Says

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Dip Slightly in Trump’s First Year, EPA Says Greenhouse gas emissions have declined across multiple sectors since President Donald Trump has been in office, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday. The EPA collects emissions data from industrial…

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Climate Depot: Analysis: Global Warming ‘Pause’ Extends…Becoming Clear UN IPCC Grossly Overstated Projected Warming

Global Warming Pause Extends…Becoming Clear IPCC Grossly Overstated Projected Warming by P Gosselin / Today, 08:28 Impressive Cold Grips As Planet Continues Its Warming Pause By SnowFan (Translated/summarized by P Gosselin) The continuing global cooling and the start of…

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Climate Depot: Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: ‘Why U.N. climate report cannot be trusted’ – IPCC claims ‘were wrong from their earliest reports in 1990’ By Tim Ball and Tom Harris – – Monday, October 15, 2018 ANALYSIS/OPINION: The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released “Global Warming of 1.5 C,” dubbed SR15, an IPCC special report last week, claiming that, unless governments virtually eliminate human production of carbon dioxide…

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Climate Depot: The Return Of Fracking Is A Victory For Common Sense

The Return Of Fracking Is A Victory For Common Sense in UK Now that fracking has resumed in Lancashire after a seven year hiatus, the green lobby which sought to frustrate it and delay it at every turn can reflect on what they have achieved: keeping the UK’s carbon emissions rather higher than they

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Climate Depot: Analysis: Electric Cars Are A Green Con

Electric Cars Are A Green Con by bennypeiser / New research shows some drivers might spew out less CO2 with a diesel engine than an electric car Beneath the hoods of millions of the clean electric cars rolling onto the world’s roads in the next few years will be a dirty battery. Every major

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Climate Depot: Study: Another failure of climate models – they can’t handle barometric pressure change

Study: Another failure of climate models – they can’t handle barometric pressure change One of the most basic meteorological factors isn’t handled by climate models – and they run off in a “hockey stick” style. From the UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN Climate models fail to…

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Climate Depot: STUDY: Trump’s Rollback Of Vehicle Fuel Mandates Will Save Lives

STUDY: Trump’s Rollback Of Vehicle Standards Will Save Lives ‘The available evidence fails to link’ –

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Climate Depot: ‘There Is No Middle Ground for Disagreements About Facts’… Except When It’s a Straw Man

‘There Is No Middle Ground for Disagreements About Facts’… Except When It’s a Straw Man Guest logic by David Middleton From Real Clear Science… There Is No Middle Ground for Disagreements About Facts By Klemens Kappel Consider how one should respond to a simple case of…

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Climate Depot: Bravo! Trump Spars With AP Reporters On ‘Global Warming’ – ‘You have scientists on both sides of the picture’ – ‘I agree the climate changes, but it goes back and forth, back and… By Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor Trump pushed back on reporters’ questions on global warming. “I have a natural instinct for science,” Trump said. Trump also took a shot at the Paris climate accord, which he pledged to leave. President Donald Trump again found himself sparring with journalists over global warming,…

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Climate Depot: Analysis: ‘Mysterious UN IPCC Expertise’ – UN reveals gender of authors but not scientific expertise – ‘Checking diversity boxes’

Mysterious IPCC Expertise Mysterious IPCC Expertise The IPCC publishes the citizenship and gender of its authors – but says nothing about their scientific expertise. By Donna LaFramboise The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims to be a scientific organization. But it’s really a political one. An obvious tell is how it describes its personnel.

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Climate Depot: Bill Gates launches effort to help the world adapt to climate change To spur action, a coalition led by billionaire Bill Gates, former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva on Tuesday launched the Global Commission on Adaptation to lessen the damage. TODAY’SPOPULAR STORIES CULTURE & EXPLORATION…

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Climate Depot: MIKE PENCE GOES TOE TO TOE WITH THE MEDIA OVER ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ By MICHAEL BASTASCH Vice President Mike Pence pushed back against suggestions man-made global warming played a role in making Hurricane Michael more intense. “As the president has said, the climate is changing, but what the causes of that are, are yet to be seen,” Pence told reporters while in Moultrie, Georgia,…

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Climate Depot: THE UN’S DOOMSDAY CLIMATE CLOCK: ‘Have we reached peak alarmism on climate change?’ Editorial, The Wall Street Journal Have we reached peak alarmism on climate change? The question occurs after the muted reaction last week to the latest forecast from the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In case you hadn’t heard we’re all doomed, yet the world mostly yawned. This is less complacency than…

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Climate Depot: Kids’ climate lawsuit against fed govt can proceed without naming Trump, judge rules by Tim Stelloh and Reuters / Oct. 15, 2018 / 8:06 PM EDT A lawyer for a group of young Americans suing the federal government over climate change said a judge’s decision Monday to allow the suit to move forward should clear the way for a trial to begin on Oct. 29. The suit,

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Climate Depot: ENVIRONMENTALIST: WE NEED MORE HURRICANE MICHAELS – TO ‘WAKE UP’ VOTERS TO DEFEAT GOP Wants Florida voters to ‘wake up’ over global warming Published: 2 days ago At least 11 people have died, according to NPR, from Hurricane Michael’s devastating storm strength. More than a million people remain without power, and multiple counties in Florida remain under curfews as work crews try to push debris off…

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Climate Depot: Watch: Morano on TV – Warmists obsess over silly UN ‘global warming’ report while Trump cleans up our oceans On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, founder, Marc Morano, joined me to discuss President Donald Trump’s skepticism towards the UN’s latest report on global warming. The President has ruffled the feathers of virtue-signalling politicians and media alike with his…

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Climate Depot: Chuck Schumer Spews Climate Falsehoods On The Senate Floor by Jeff Dunetz | Oct 12, 2018 | Climate, Politics After spending the last month making up stories about Republican support of Judge Justice Kavanaugh, last week’s confirmation of Kavanaugh left Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) looking for something new to lie about. Hurricane Michael gave him the opportunity. Exploiting a far left falsehood,…

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Climate Depot: PROFESSOR SAYS HURRICANE VICTIMS ARE ‘REAPING’ THEIR DECISION TO ELECT ‘CLIMATE DENIERS’ By Michael Bastasch Does University of St. Thomas thermal sciences professor John Abraham actually believe Florida Panhandle residents deserved to get hit by a catastrophic hurricane for electing “climate deniers?” “Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers,” reads the headline an article by…

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Climate Depot: Bette Midler: ‘Trump Doesn’t Give a Sh*t’ That ‘You’ll Burn, Drown or Starve’ from ‘Climate Change’ By Craig Bannister | October 9, 2018 | 3:08 PM EDT Bette Midler (Screenshot) “Science” isn’t the strength of President Donald Trump and “the bums he surrounds himself with,” entertainer Bette Midler opined on Tuesday. In a tweet apparently comparing Pres. Trump to infamous…

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Climate Depot: Sea Level Shock…Satellite Imagery Shows Coral Islands Expanding! …’Results Challenge Existing Narratives Of Island Loss’ Despite sea level rise, Tuvalu Islands surface area have grown 3% over the past decades By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) The South Sea islands are sinking. Send us money and…

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