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Simple Climate: How does carbon dioxide cause global warming?

Originally posted on A tang of science: Every sixth grader today knows that carbon dioxide causes global warming. Or at least every sixth grader outside the United States knows this. But why is carbon dioxide a green house gas? I tried to answer this question with the help of an infographic (see above). From a…

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Simple Climate: Australian rodent first mammalian victim of climate change

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: Tucked away on a small island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the rat-like animal would have stared up at you with dark, beady eyes from the safety of some scattered shrubs.  No more than 15 centimeters long, the rodent would have been covered with light red fur, its tiny ears…

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Simple Climate: Modern mussel shells much thinner than 50 years ago

The increasing vulnerabilities is another striking impact of our CO2 emissions. Anyone who likes moules frites would be well advised to push for action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels to keep them on the menu. Science Life Cross section of a mussel shell showing thickness. The holes show were samples were drilled to

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Simple Climate: A very beautiful and unusual animal in danger

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: “We are tied to the ocean.  And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.” — John F. Kennedy Coral reefs across the world could vanish within this century.  This is a warning…

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Simple Climate: Eyes on Environment: the many stories of climate change

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: Over 40,000 delegates from 195 countries meet in Paris this week to legally commit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global temperature increases above 2 degrees Celsius. Although the prevention of 2 degree warming may not be possible, such emissions reduction agreements are a crucial step to stop…

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Simple Climate: Equity or inertia: how emissions sharing philosophies shape climate policy success

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: What is the best way for the global community to set greenhouse gas emission goals to stave off global temperature increases over the dreaded 2 degrees Celsius? This question framed the heart of negotiations between 190 countries during a UN-sponsored meeting in Lima earlier this year.1 As a result,…

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Simple Climate: Nature’s Eyes on Environment Blog: the story of a cave and climate change

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: Courtesy of Reference 1 The following was originally published on Nature’s Eyes on Environment blog! ————– Among the foothills of a vast mountain range, a mayor guides his nervous citizens into the dank darkness of a nearby cave. The two hundred people huddle together, scared by the thought of…

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Simple Climate: Carbon Budget

Originally posted on Azimuth: On Quora someone asked: What is the most agreed-on figure for our future carbon budget? My answer: Asking “what is our future carbon budget?” is a bit like asking how many calories a day you can eat. There’s really no limit on how much you can eat if you don’t care…

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Simple Climate: The global warming hiatus could last another five years. Its aftermath is the real problem.

You may or may not know or care that the rate of increase in Earth’s average surface temperature has apparently eased off in recent years. A paper this week found that this ‘hiatus’ could go on for some years yet, but that it’s not that surprising, and definitely doesn’t mean we can stop worrying about

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Simple Climate: Of tree rings and rain: droughts predicted to worsen in southwestern United States

Originally posted on Good Night Earth: Figure courtesy of Droughts have intensified in already dry regions around the world, including in the Southwest United States and in Australia throughout the first decade of this century.  The severity of these droughts has been attributed to global warming and climate change, which climate models predict should make…

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