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Graham Readfearn: A response to “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a story for DeSmog reporting on self-described “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin’s views about climate change and how he thought it might not be caused by humans. There’s been quite a reaction to the story, mainly through Facebook discussions sparked by Salatin himself and by others who are …

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Graham Readfearn: Will Australia have ‘clean coal’ questions in a new citizenship test?

Is the Australian Government about to introduce a bunch of questions about “clean coal” and climate change into its citizenship test? If you’d read stories and reaction late last week, then you might have thought that it was. But it isn’t. High profile TV presenters, politicians and online media outlets were all sparked into indignation …

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Graham Readfearn: Andrew Bolt brings readers news from climate denialist echo chamber – three years late

“Wow,” proclaimed Andrew Bolt as he shared a clip on his blog a few days ago, “a brilliant smackdown of a CNN host by a climate sceptic and scientist, John Coleman. Great stuff.” “Wow,” proclaimed me just now, “that clip’s nearly three years old and John Coleman’s not even a scientist. Fake stuff.” That’s the …

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Graham Readfearn: How climate science denier Senator Malcolm Roberts turned warmer into colder

Sometimes watching YouTube videos is a lot like eating your favourite flavour of chip, fudge or whatever else it is that you think is moreish. You watch one video and then, on that panel on the right hand side, up pops a whole load of others that YouTube thinks you’ll like. No doubt because of …

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Graham Readfearn: Hey Andrew Bolt. The guy in that picture isn’t who you say it is, and Richard Lindzen is totally not a world leading climate scientist

Every now and again I drop over to News Corp climate science denialist Andrew Bolt’s blog just to check that he’s still doing the stuff he’s always done, like misrepresenting climate science and giving his readers and followers bum information. The answer is still yes, although Bolt’s post from a few days ago caught my …

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Graham Readfearn: Why has Andrew Bolt suddenly fallen out of love with Antarctica?

Andrew Bolt used to love writing about Antarctica [adopts sarcastic tone] bringing his laser-like scientific mind to the continent’s sea ice. In December 2013, News Corp Australia’s climate science mangler-in-chief was delighting in the predicament of Professor Chris Turney, who had led an exhibition to Antarctica but whose ship had become stuck in sea ice. Screaming …

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Graham Readfearn: Launching Positive Feedback – a podcast on climate science, denial and all that other stuff

I’ve launched a new podcast called Positive Feedback that will look at “climate science, denial, and all that stuff in between.” Right now, it’s an entirely independent operation. I’m drawing on the few radio skills I gained from a couple of years at BBC Radio more than a decade ago (mostly forgotten) to produce the …

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Graham Readfearn: Here’s Donald Trump’s “100 day action plan” for energy and climate change. He wants to pull out of the UN Paris agreement.

So Donald Trump won. I’m not going to add right now to the mountain of hastily-written “think” pieces about what went wrong, who’s to blame and how roughly half of America’s voting public thought he was an OK option. What’s important to remember, though, is that last bit. Roughly half of Americans who voted chose …

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Graham Readfearn: Great Barrier Beer – when three planets align

Sometimes you feel like all your planets have suddenly aligned — like the cogs of chaos have finally locked themselves into place to give you a bit of purchase on life’s unsealed road. This seems like an overly loquacious and ornate start to this post, but screw it. I’m having an attack of enthusiasm. Anyway, a few weeks back …

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Graham Readfearn: Introducing Alex Jones, the rage machine who thinks Hillary Clinton “Smells of Sulphur” and global warming is a total hoax

In case you didn’t know, there are people on Hillary Clinton’s security detail who think that she’s a “demon possessed” because she “smells like sulphur”. President Obama smells like sulphur too and, apparently, the internet is awash with photographs and images of the president in crowded rooms where he is the only person to have …

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Graham Readfearn: When Senator Malcolm Roberts thanked 9/11 truthers and New World Order conspiracists for their science guidance

  Unless you’ve either been living under a massive rock or in Mars-like isolation, you would have struggled to miss the recent exploits of Malcolm Roberts. But if you have, here’s a very brief summary. Roberts is a climate science denialist from Queensland who has been elected to the Australian Senate to represent the far-right …

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Graham Readfearn: Column in The Australian calls climate denialist Malcolm Roberts a “complete nutter”. A glitch in the matrix?

I’ve written plenty of stories over the years having a go at the way Rupert Murdoch’s loss-making newspaper The Australian covers climate science. So it would be a bit churlish if I didn’t point out when its coverage is, shall we say, a little more mainstream. But first, some context. The Australian can always be …

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Graham Readfearn: Media Watch challenges The Australian’s misreporting on coral science

The ABC’s Media Watch program ran a segment earlier this week lambasting The Australian’s environment editor Graham Lloyd for recent stories on coral science. Much of the segment covered the same ground, and raised the same questions, as I had done here a few weeks ago. For newcomers, a very quick catch-up.  Lloyd has a history of …

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Graham Readfearn: Spot the difference between climate policies of Pauline Hanson and denialist group the Galileo Movement?

So I wrote a piece on my Guardian blog yesterday pointing out how climate science denialist Malcolm Roberts could be in line for a seat in Australia’s Senate. Others have had a crack at the story too, with the likes of Fairfax and News Ltd also publishing pieces on Roberts’ “wacky” beliefs. Roberts is running …

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Graham Readfearn: More sophistry from The Australian on coral reef science in wake of Great Barrier Reef bleaching

If you’ve been reading The Australian recently, you might think that coral reef science is in some kind of crisis. The Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper has been attempting to spin the worst coral bleaching event in the reef’s recorded history as a beat-up by environmentalists and high-profile scientists. It isn’t. The latest instalment came earlier today …

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Graham Readfearn: Were historical pictures of reef degradation really misused, as The Australian newspaper claimed?

The Australian published a convoluted story this weekend about the Great Barrier Reef and the claims of a scientist over some old pictures. Remembering for a minute the reef has just gone through its worst bleaching event on record leading to the death of a quarter of the corals – a huge and historic deal that will …

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Graham Readfearn: How the 2016 coral bleaching unfolded on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

There’s some genuine anxiety and anger among coral scientists in Australia right now, as the Great Barrier Reef suffers probably its worst coral bleaching event in recorded history. I’ve written about that on my Planet Oz Guardian blog, where I tried to explain the clear link between fossil fuel burning, global warming and bleaching. The bleaching …

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Graham Readfearn: Searching for the truth on climate change can be hard if you’re a reptilian illuminati overlord

[View the story “Searching for the truth on climate change can be hard if you’re a reptilian illuminati overlord” on Storify]

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Graham Readfearn: A few notes about Mark Steyn – the climate science denier and ABC Q&A guest

Mark Steyn, the climate science denier and conservative commentator, has just arrived in Australia for a tour. Tonight he’s appearing on the ABC’s Q&A program, where his biography describes him as a “leading Canadian human rights activist” as well as other things. But the ABC doesn’t mention that Steyn’s presence in Australia is entirely down …

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Graham Readfearn: Remarkable chart shows how “carbon dioxide is good” if you take cash from Exxon or the Kochs

What difference does influential corporate cash make to the arguments that climate science denial groups make in public? This was a question that Yale University’s Dr Justin Farrell tried to answer in an exhaustive piece of research published late last year in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Farrell’s paper – Corporate funding …

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Graham Readfearn: What Exxon Knew About Climate Science

We’ve know for a long time that oil giant Exxon was a key funder of the climate science denial movement in the United States. Not as widely known was how, in the 1970s and early 80s, Exxon’s own scientists were warning of the dangers of burning fossil fuels.  They even carried out their own modeling …

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Graham Readfearn: The faulty science of the Climate Hustle documentary

One of the United States’ most visible climate science denialists, Marc Morano, has a new movie coming out that he claims will “rock the climate debate”.  It won’t. What it will do, though, is apparently rehash some old climate science denial talking points. Hiding away on the website of the documentary’s producers was a segment destined for …

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Graham Readfearn: Key Coal Mining Lobbyist Explains Why We Can Now Ignore Everything He Says

Michael Roche is the executive director of the Queensland Resources Council – the powerful peak lobby group for the state’s coal industry. Last night he went on the telly to explain a few things about why he thinks the federal government should remove the rights of environment groups in Australia to use the Federal court

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Graham Readfearn: The Australian misreports study on influence of sun on global warming

If you read The Australian newspaper the other day, you might be forgiven for thinking a new study into the amount of energy coming from the sun had found that the chances of the world experiencing another “little ice age” had gone up. You might think that because that’s what the newspaper’s environment editor wrote. Here

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Graham Readfearn: Is this what a Liberal party examination of #climate science might look like?

A climate science denialist rump within Australia’s Liberal Party is pushing for a parliamentary inquiry of some description on whether climate change might be caused by humans or not. The party’s Federal Rural and Regional Committee, chaired by West Australian farmer Brian Mayfield, is pushing for the move ahead of Australia signing a new global

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Graham Readfearn: Does climate science denialist Nick Cater know the difference between an ice sheet and sea ice?

Nick Cater has written another of those climate science denialist columns that The Australian likes to print whenever anyone sends one in. In his introduction, Cater writes: “Given our deference to experts in these technocratic times it’s troubling how often they get it wrong”. With a hubris-soaked introduction like that, you’d better be sure you’re

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Graham Readfearn: University of Western Australia Cancels $4 Million Federal Government Contract For Bjorn Lomborg’s Consensus Center

As you might know, I’ve written plenty about climate science contrarian Bjorn Lomborg. I’ve investigated the funding of his US think-tank on DeSmog and also analysed – twice – his methods on The Guardian. A $4 million federal government grant to bring his dubious methodology to the University of Western Australia kicked off a storm with protests

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Graham Readfearn: Vale Dr Michael Raupach

Just heard the very sad news of the death from cancer of climate change scientist Dr Michael Raupach. Mike was the director of the Climate Change Institute at Australian National University and something of a giant among climate change researchers. Over the years, I’ve called and emailed Mike many times to check this, that and

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Graham Readfearn: Coal is super awesome, says coal industry spokesman

THE Australian newspaper has run a free advertisement today for the coal industry in the form of an op-ed column by a leading industry figure that says that coal is one of the best things ever. And no I’m not exaggerating. New South Wales Minerals Council chief executive Stephen Galilee, a former advisor to several

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Graham Readfearn: What The Australian edited out of their report linking fossil fuel burning to climate extremes

Please see update below before you read the post below. The Associated Press is one of the world’s biggest and oldest news agency’s providing copy to papers and media websites all over the world. Earlier this week they filed a report about a special edition of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Association which carried

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