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Graham Readfearn: The end of my Planet Oz blog on the Guardian – so what next?

After five and half years and about 160 posts, I’m more than a bit sad to announce that my Guardian blog – Planet Oz – has officially closed. The decision to shut down the Guardian’s global environment blog network was made back in July in London, with the pin being pulled at the end of …

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Graham Readfearn: JoNova Takes a Classic Climate Denial Myth on SkyNews Outsiders

Climate science denier, so-called “science communicator”, and blogger JoNova went on SkyNews’s Outsiders programme last weekend. Outsiders, in case you didn’t know, is hosted by Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean who together think human-caused climate change is a myth. SkyNews is a bit of a haven for climate science denialists, what with Alan Jones, Andrew …

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Graham Readfearn: How many things did Andrew Bolt get wrong about the sacking of climate contrarian Peter Ridd? Ready, set… go.

James Cook University has fired marine scientist and climate science contrarian Professor Peter Ridd and as predictably as night follows day, Andrew Bolt is all upset. As a very brief summary, Ridd has long been associated with groups that have misrepresented the state of climate science, he has been speaking openly for more than a decade …

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Graham Readfearn: Peter Ridd and the climate science deniers – group think, anyone?

In some ways, the way the climate science denial community and the conservative echo chamber has rallied around Professor Peter Ridd is impressive. In other ways, it is entirely predictable given the James Cook University academic is serving up two of their favourite dishes in one serving- a supposed fight for “freedom of speech” against …

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Graham Readfearn: All those OMICS linked companies in one place

So I’ve been spending a bit too much time in recent weeks knee deep in dodgy “open access” journals for some stories I hope to get up in the not too distant future Predatory “open access” journals are popping up all over the place – online-based publications that allow researchers to publish papers for a fee, …

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Graham Readfearn: One Nation’s website has fake quote from former UN chief

Sometimes, climate science denialists make stuff up.  Sometimes, their distinct lack of scepticism has them pushing around fake quotes. I’ve written about that for DeSmogBlog, where I tracked down the source of some of the most popular “quote mining” that goes on. Here’s one example.  On the website of One Nation, is a page that …

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Graham Readfearn: The Anthropocene – a special Brisbane Writers Festival podcast edition

Will it be the sudden emergence in rock strata of layers of chicken bones, the well dispersed deposits of plastic or the leftovers from nuclear bomb tests? It could be all of these things, and more, that scientists will use to mark the beginning of a new geological epoch made entirely by humans. Personally, I’d …

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Graham Readfearn: How a 1969 snorkelling trip was “cooler” than the moon landing

  It’s 1969 and NASA had put two men on the moon. About 500 million people huddled in front of TV sets around the world. But for a ten-year-old Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, the thing that really got him excited that year wasn’t Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man”. Instead, it was a snorkelling trip with his grandfather …

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Graham Readfearn: A response to “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a story for DeSmog reporting on self-described “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin’s views about climate change and how he thought it might not be caused by humans. There’s been quite a reaction to the story, mainly through Facebook discussions sparked by Salatin himself and by others who are …

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Graham Readfearn: Will Australia have ‘clean coal’ questions in a new citizenship test?

Is the Australian Government about to introduce a bunch of questions about “clean coal” and climate change into its citizenship test? If you’d read stories and reaction late last week, then you might have thought that it was. But it isn’t. High profile TV presenters, politicians and online media outlets were all sparked into indignation …

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Graham Readfearn: Andrew Bolt brings readers news from climate denialist echo chamber – three years late

“Wow,” proclaimed Andrew Bolt as he shared a clip on his blog a few days ago, “a brilliant smackdown of a CNN host by a climate sceptic and scientist, John Coleman. Great stuff.” “Wow,” proclaimed me just now, “that clip’s nearly three years old and John Coleman’s not even a scientist. Fake stuff.” That’s the …

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