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Wibble: Majestic sunrise

It’s sad but true that one can be Adept at counting numbers, Yet at the same time fail to see Which ones make up the wonders. All things in life may be defined As strings of ones and zeroes. Discernment …

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Wibble: ‘Social’ media doesn’t recognise death

When I go on ‘Linked In’, I’m often reminded to congratulate an old friend of mine for having been in business for x years. The problem is, this old friend passed on some time ago… Today I was reminded by …

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Wibble: Have I been pwned?

‘Pwned‘, in case you’re not aware, is a ‘leetspeak’ slang term derived from the verb ‘own’, as meaning to appropriate or to conquer to gain ownership. The term implies domination or humiliation of a rival, and is used primarily in …

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Wibble: I should have known better…

… than to believe that what was once free would stay free, without a contract signed in blood. I’ve been away a while now, and what do I find when I drop by? Most of the imagery on my blog …

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Wibble: Here’s a question that really matters…

The guys from Positive Money went to ask young people a few questions about money. The first questions they asked were no-brainers. “Duh, everyone knows that.” But then they asked: Do you know where money comes from? Our money system …

2016-06-18 18:00   Click to comment

Wibble: Not with a whimper, but with a bang

2016-05-25 16:46   Click to comment

Wibble: Support the Dark Snow 2016 Field Campaign

The Dark Snow Project 2016 Field Campaign Needs You!

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Wibble: Bill Maher on new rules for old fools

… and, finally, new rule: Before Americans can laugh at how pathetic Cubans are for driving those old patched-up cars instead of getting new ones, we have to explain why that’s what we’re doing with our healthcare system, our voting …

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Wibble: How to make your own Dvorak keyboard from a QWERTY one

Those of you who have been following my puerile witterings here from the early days of ‘Wibble’ may recall that, back in 2007, I underwent the throes of converting my fingers from <spit> QWERTY to the vastly superior keyboard layout …

2016-04-16 22:21   Click to comment

Wibble: JourneyQuest 3: Return of the Lactomancer

Yes, it makes no sense. If everything we know and love will come crashing down around us, what’s the point? Nevertheless, it has to be… 3,252 backers $254,717 pledged of $420,000 goal 3 days to go JourneyQuest 3: go back …

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Wibble: So: you think your email is private? Think again…

We the people are walking blindfold into a future in which unaccountable anyones can access our private thoughts.

2016-02-08 20:58   Click to comment

Wibble: The awakening of homo fatuus brutus

The idea of gaining acceptance for a change of species name for humanity is all but impossible -- and yet, at the same time, totally necessary.

2016-02-03 14:06   Click to comment

Wibble: What happens when a climate skeptic discerns reality

Partial transcript: Richard Muller, Phd: I didn’t know whether global warming was real, whether it was completely bogus or maybe it was twice as bad as people said. So my daughter and I … decided we would set up a …

2016-01-16 17:53   Click to comment

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