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The Cosmogonic Grunt: Animals

The word 'animals' has a deeper meaning than most people think.

2018-05-18 16:56   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: The blood of children

17 people dead, mostly children. 18 school shootings in seven weeks. The first seven weeks. When you flood the street with weapons designed to kill people, a lot of people are going to be killed. This is not rocket science. …

2018-02-15 13:07   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: The NRA: A Rebuttal

The National Rifle Association of America recently decided to produce a message of hate directed against the liberal community. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of this country for all Americans, I have prepared a rebuttal. To the NRA: …

2017-07-03 14:50   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: The soul of a country

Some things are worth fighting for, Mr. President.

2017-05-05 17:00   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: Old Dog. New Tricks.

50 months. 106 blog posts. 89 followers. The rise of Donald Trump. It was February 28, 2013 at 12:05 PM that I officially kicked off this blog with a nod to Saint Thomas Aquinas, and yet another voice was added …

2017-04-26 17:27   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: Our pet companions and the cycle of life

An ode to one of my companions on his last days on earth.

2017-03-23 17:50   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: I don’t know what to do with Real Americans.

Editor’s note: the title and tone of this post were inspired by Brit Bennett’s essay “I Don’t Know What to Do With Good White People.” I seem to be surrounded by Real Americans these days. Real Americans determined to make …

2017-02-28 20:37   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: On Consciousness, part 3: The Robots

Note: for a discussion on the evolutionary basis for consciousness, please review part one of this series. For a discussion on the human condition with respect to consciousness, please review part two. Will a machine ever become conscious? In order …

2017-02-16 17:43   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: To Resist

Back in February of 2014 I wrote a post entitled To Dissent. I encourage you to go read it, but I want to quote the final paragraph of that post: The times are always tumultuous for dissent, now more than …

2016-11-14 14:39   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: Climbing out of the rabbit hole

As always in a democracy, there are issues where we can agree, and there are issues where we cannot agree. I can agree, for example, that the establishment has done a poor job of protecting the middle class. I can …

2016-11-10 17:02   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: Eden is gone. Get over it.

There was once a period of time on this planet that was perfect for growth and prosperity for the human race. For over ten thousand years, the earth’s temperature hovered around a relatively narrow band. The climate was relatively stable. …

2016-11-04 19:11   Click to comment

The Cosmogonic Grunt: A Veteran’s Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick

Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station has his usual eloquent take on the so-called Colin Kaepernick incident , in which he describes, in somewhat great length, his opinion on whether Kaepernick should stand (or not) during the playing of the …

2016-09-08 17:12   Click to comment

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