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Critical Angle: Mitigation, adaptation and suffering

John Holdren, Barack Obama’ senior advisor on science and technology has been frequently quoted as saying: We basically have three choices: mitigation, adaptation and suffering. We’re going to do some of each. The question is what the mix is going to be. The more mitigation we do, the less adaptation will be required and the

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Critical Angle: Exit, Pursued by a Crab

Participating in social media creates a wide and diverse network of acquaintances. Often, these people become “friends”, even though direct personal contact may never made with them. It can be hard to establish traditional friendships without face-to-face encounters. Before the Internet, reading body language, voice inflections and facial expressions was as big a part of

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Critical Angle: July 2017 global temperature anomaly update

According to NASA,  July 2017 was the warmest July on record, just slightly higher than July 2016. The global average anomaly was 0.83° C. The year-to-date average anomaly is 0.94° C. (Oops, the x-axis label is wrong. It should read “Jan-July average anomaly for the year” I’ll fix the graph later.) Using a simple regression

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Critical Angle: May 2017 global temperature update (belated)

I update the GISTEMP records every month, but I missed writing up April’s monthly summary. Real-world events have set my priorities elsewhere and this May 2017 write-up is a couple of weeks overdue. Monthly updates are probably overkill anyway, especially when there are no dramatic changes taking place. Here is how May’s monthly global average

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Critical Angle: New publication: Does it matter if the consensus on anthropogenic global warming is 97% or 99.99%?

Cross-posted at Skeptical Science The 97% consensus on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) reported by Cook et al. (2013) (C13) is a robust estimate. Alternative methods, such as James Powell’s, that identify only explicit rejections of AGW and assume that all other instances are endorsements, miss many implicit rejections and overestimate the consensus. The C13 method

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Critical Angle: March 2017, global temperature update

This is a quick update to my temperature graphs based on the latest NASA GISTEMP numbers. First, the monthly anomalies. The March anomaly was 1.12C, the second-warmest March and the fourth-warmest month ever. In the absence of an El Niño, this is quite exceptional. I’ll leave it to the experts to explain why. I have

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Critical Angle: The Globe and Mail “clarifies” its misleading oil sands article

A bungled correction to a Globe and Mail article reveals that the intent was to publish a puff piece on the oil sands, not an objective analysis of the future of bitumen production in the face of serious climate change mitigation. Just over two weeks ago, I wrote a piece critical of an article in

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Critical Angle: Global temperature update: February 2017

NASA’s GISTEMP temperature estimates for February 2017 are now out.  February 2017 was the second-warmest February since records began (the first-warmest being in 2016) and was tied for the fourth-warmest monthly anomaly for any month. Here is a plot of all monthly anomalies since 1998. I have coloured the lines for the three recent record

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Critical Angle: Keeping oil sands in the ground is not a “charade”

If the world is successful in reducing emissions sufficiently to avoid dangerous climate change, there is a limited future for a prospering oil-sands sector in Canada. The conventional wisdom among the Canadian establishment is that growing the oil-sands business is compatible with meeting national and global emissions commitments. This is a myth that obscures government

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Critical Angle: 2016 was the warmest year ever measured

A graph that I included in my last monthly surface temperature blog post attracted a lot of attention thanks to a Tweet by Eric Holthaus. Nearly 4,000 retweets is a lot of attention for a blogger like me. The graph was also posted by Joe Romm at Climate Progress and tweeted by Bill McKibben. I

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Critical Angle: In the bleak midwinter

‘Tis the year’s midnight, and it is the day’s, Lucy’s, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks; The sun is spent, and now his flasks Send forth light squibs, no constant rays; The world’s whole sap is sunk; The general balm th’ hydroptic earth hath drunk, Whither, as to the bed’s feet, life is shrunk, Dead

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