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Stoat - Connolley: Economic denialism?

Well, the conversation over at Kevin Anderson: how numbers reveal another reality got rather silly and bad tempered, but more than that it also became totally, obviously pointless1. Remarkably, my attempt to enlighten people by pointing out that their attitude to and discussion of economics bore a powerful resemblance to discussions of science at WUWT…

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Stoat - Connolley: Ze Robots are comink

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Stoat - Connolley: Manichean paranoia?

Ha. While I’m wasting my time on heat waves, ATTP is reaping the clicks with Manichean paranoia, a far more amusing topic. After all, everyone loves RP Jr [content advisory: talk given at the GWPF: may pollute your brain]. I’m not terribly interested in most of it, but I’ll talk to “Engage with those with…

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Stoat - Connolley: Extreme weather ‘could kill up to 152,000 a year’ in Europe by 2100?

It is summer. Normally the time for relaxation, but even though the rowing is over (alas) there’s a T/O coming up and little freizeit; and after that I’m off on holiday; so I should squeeze off a quick cheap post to keep those clicks coming in. And on a summer’s day when it is rather…

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Stoat - Connolley: Why don’t people pay attention to the future of their own world?

More politics, but since it is cunningly disguised as a reply to mt’s Twitter rant, I think I may get away with it. You should go off and read mt’s post, for context. But not for content; much as I like his take on the science I can never agree with his take on the…

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Stoat - Connolley: The rule of law

Is a familiar concept but also a page-turning pot-boiler by Thomas “just call me Tom” Bingham, which I’m in the middle of reading1. And there is much to be said upon the subject, including the need for clarity; but my attention was drawn to two clauses in his “history of” section, where he includes the…

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Stoat - Connolley: The management apologise for more inconvenience

I’m not having the problems this time, but you are. Or so I’m told. If you can see this, then you’re not having problems, I suppose, but they are said to look like: Your access to this site has been limited Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a…

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Stoat - Connolley: Is It Time to Start Dismissing ‘Economics Deniers’?

Asks Good heavens no, answer all the nice lefties. Of course not.

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Stoat - Connolley: Oh Larsen C

As sung by British Sea Power. Sou has some nice stuff, as does everyone else. Although the “news” is that the last thread of ice has broken, it’s an enormous berg so it isn’t about to float off in a hurry, and indeed the last tiny next was probably only a formality. What does it…

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Stoat - Connolley: One team two team red team blue team

No, wait. This isn’t yet another tedious post bashing Pruitt’s dumb ideas. It’s a post bashing mt2, which is far more interesting. I have two3 wildly exciting points to make about mt’s post at ATTP. You people do need a red team If you stick to science, you generally get it right1. Oddly enough; you…

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Stoat - Connolley: Hawking radiation

I must admit I only wrote this post because I thought the title would be amusing. Was I right? Time will tell. Via a variety of sources some of whom I ignored, I find the great physicst saying President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change accord could lead humanity to a…

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Stoat - Connolley: New RSS TLT V4

Since I’m able to post, and listening with half an ear to a rather boring meeting, I’ll briefly post this. Mostly I think I’ll refer you to Moyhu who tells you what you need to know; this is largely for my own reference. The take-home message, errm, apart from “the new trend is higher than…

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Stoat - Connolley: The management apologise for any inconvenience

Some flaw in the over-eager Sb security, or more likely an intermediate layer, locked me out over the weekend, so my apologies for any delayed approvals and so on. One of which was to a reference to Estimating economic damage from climate change in the United States by Solomon Hsiang et al., Science 30 Jun…

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Stoat - Connolley: The return of KK!

KK tweets My latest @ISSUESinST feature just went online. It covers some sensitive issues in ecology & climate spheres. It’s kinda standard fodder, headlined “The Science Police” in order to wind you up, like The Fail, bylined On highly charged issues, such as climate change and endangered species, peer review literature and public discourse are…

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Stoat - Connolley: Welcome to the Wikipedia of the alt-right?

Meh; not to spoil the tension but it is, as you’ve already guessed, just another dull clone of wiki a-la Conservapedia. I found it via Wired via fb; you certainly won’t find it via people referring to it2. Other than me; sorry about that. This one is called “Infogalactic” which seems to hint that it…

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Stoat - Connolley: This year’s ice

On hot days like these an old man’s thoughts turn to the eternal mysteries of sea ice. Someone – it might have been CR – drew my attention to PIOMAS a week or two back; but I can’t find whatever was said now, so I’ll look for myself. Before looking at the sea ice, I…

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Stoat - Connolley: Mays: Maggie and Jesus

2016 saw the dawn of a new era, and unsurprisingly on the men’s side it continued; Maggie were very fast. Clare bumped up two (Pembroke; Caius, still looking nice but under powered) but couldn’t touch Maggie despite having two attempts. Saturday saw LMBC two cementing their place in div 1 just opposite the John’s beer…

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Stoat - Connolley: Risk perceptions

Not directly climate, and risks being somewhat tasteless, but I’ll have a go anyway. Two things come past: Light Blue Touchpaper (which is a lovely pun) discusses Camouflage or scary monsters: deceiving others about risk and ends with1 it might be time for a more careful cross-disciplinary study of how we can change people’s minds…

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Stoat - Connolley: Truffles

And now for something completely different: a man with a stoat through his head. Nonono, not that. Instead, a thing from the garden: It is, or so I understand, a truffle. Or rather two. I found them while mowing the front lawn on Sunday. This was somewhat unexpected. And indeed, I might not even have…

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Stoat - Connolley: The politics edition, post-election special

In the pre-election special I said1: The most likely result is a Tory victory with a (perhaps marginally) increased majority. But that would be dull, so why not speculate? A possible result is a hung parliament with – if my fellow electorate are not too foolish – the possibility of a Tory-LibDem coalition having a…

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Stoat - Connolley: Scott Adams is a tosser, part 2

Scott Adams is suddenly interested in global warming. Why? It isn’t a new issue and he doesn’t really have anything new to say about it. I think the answer is that he has become a Trump fanboi and is running cover for Trump; or is still over-obsessed by his own perspicacity; or perhaps it is…

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Stoat - Connolley: The politics edition, pre-election special

In the politics edition I made some amazingly prescient comments that now appear somewhat dated. Not quite definitively wrong4 – next week will seal that – but before the election itself it will be fun to write down what I think to see how it stacks up against what happens. Less than two months ago…

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Stoat - Connolley: An Interesting Error In Timmy’s analysis of Equilar’s Calculations Of CEO Pay

Well, interesting to me anyway. As to whether it is an error or not, I’ll let you judge. Please do attempt to judge. Comments saying “I hate Timmy” are about as much use as “Al Gore is fat”. The story so far: Timmy says Contrary To AP/Equilar’s Research The Top US CEOs Did Not Average…

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Stoat - Connolley: Photogenic teens sue US government, part 2

Another in the long disappearing-up-my-own-arse series. Photogenic teens sue US government refers, of course, but so does U.S. fossil fuel groups pull out of climate change court case (via, and I’m sure you wanted to know this, C on Twitter). To whom I’m indebted for The money quote: “But discord arose among them after a…

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Stoat - Connolley: Analysis* of Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si?

I like the “Analysis*”; it reminds me of Tesco’s “Finest*”, where I think they intend the “*” to mean “star” as in quality; but I always read it as “*” as in “footnote: may not actual contain fine quality ingredients”. But I digress. In this case, the “*” really is a footnote: Note that scientists…

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Stoat - Connolley: The polar amplification asymmetry: role of Antarctic surface height

I apologise for breaking into the stream of politics for some science: Temperatures in the Arctic are increasing around three times as fast as the global average, yet the pace of warming has been much slower at Earth’s other pole. A new study, just published in Earth System Dynamics, suggests the difference might – in…

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Stoat - Connolley: FT: The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable

A happy story for once. Isn’t that nice? The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable (archive) from those commie pinkos at the FT: …the disruptive impact of green energy on companies — and entire industries — around the world. After years of hype and false starts, the shift to clean power has begun…

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Stoat - Connolley: Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts?

A bit weird, this. The Graun reports No seeds were lost but the ability of the rock vault to provide failsafe protection against all disasters is now threatened by climate change… the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced extraordinary temperatures over the…

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Stoat - Connolley: Moon Jae-in orders shutdown of old coal-fired power plants

A minor note; President (Moon Jae-in)’s decision to halt operating aged coal-fired plants shows his strong will to provide a fundamental solution to the current fine dust problem,” said Yoon Young-chan, the chief press secretary. Yoon also said Moon has ordered the senior social affairs secretary to create a special task force to deal with…

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Stoat - Connolley: Straight outta the lab, down the stairs and into the bucket of jellied eels

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the memory. This is about Out of the lab and into the field? by ATTP, who as usual is far too polite about Out of the lab and into the field by Dan M. Kahan & Katherine Carpenter, Nature Climate Change 7, 309–311 (2017) doi:10.1038/nclimate3283. I convincingly demolished this as a…

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