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The DeSmogBlog team is led by Jim Hoggan, founder of James Hoggan & Associates, one of Canada's leading public relations firms. By training a lawyer, by inclination a ski instructor and cyclist, Jim Hoggan believes that integrity and public relations should not be at odds – that a good public reputation generally flows from a record of responsible actions. His client list includes real estate development companies, high tech firms, pharmaceutical, forest industry giants, resorts and academic institutions. He is also a Board Member of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Recent Articles

DeSmogBlog: The Christian Vacation Camp Where Kids Are Taught by Notorious Climate Science Deniers

Read time: 4 mins

Each morning at Camp Constitution’s summer camp, the kids and parents go off to classes while staff members do a room inspection.

“What we look for is not just cleanliness, but a patriotic and Godly theme,” says camp director Hal Shurtleff in a video of the 2016 camp.

“We are looking for creativity — are they learning what we are teaching them?”

And what are they being…

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DeSmogBlog: Koch Industries Lobbies Against Electric Vehicle Tax Credit

Read time: 4 mins

Koch Industries is calling for the elimination of tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs), all while claiming that it does not oppose plug-in cars and inviting the elimination of oil and gas subsidies that the petroleum conglomerate and its industry peers receive.

Tags: koch industrieskochvscleanelectric vehicles

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DeSmogBlog: No, Wind Farms Don’t Kill 75% of Birds Nearby — Birds Just Don’t Hang Out Around Turbines

Read time: 3 mins

By ClimateDenierRoundup. Reposted with permission from DailyKos.

Deniers are crowing over a new study in Nature that’s supposedly claiming wind turbines are killing three-fourths of birds in the areas around them. Obviously that’s absurd, so what the flock is going on?

Tags: wind turbinesBirdsclean energyAnthony Watts (WUWT)Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)jonova

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DeSmogBlog: How a Game Can Move People From Climate Apathy to Action

Read time: 6 minsBy Juliette N. Rooney-Varga, University of Massachusetts Lowell

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been called a “deafening” alarm and an “ear-splitting wake-up call” about the need for sweeping climate action. But will one more scientific report move countries to dramatically cut emissions?

Evidence, so far, says no. Countless…

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DeSmogBlog: Dark Money Paid New Trump Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s Salary for 3 Years

Read time: 4 mins

Today, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Matthew G. Whitaker, who served as chief of staff for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would replace his boss. Sessions was forced from office a day after the midterm elections, which were rough for climate and anti-fracking measures around the country.

Whitaker was appointed as Session’s chief of staff on September 22,…

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DeSmogBlog: 2018 Was a Rough Election Year for Climate and Anti-fracking Measures

Read time: 6 mins

Around the U.S., many states and municipalities were voting in the U.S. midterms on races with implications for limiting the environmental and public health impacts of fossil fuels, particularly drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking). On cue, however, the oil and gas industry responded by spending massive amounts of money to defeat these initiatives and elect their…

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DeSmogBlog: New Findings on Ocean Warming: 5 Questions Answered

Read time: 5 minsBy Scott Denning, Colorado State University

Editor’s note: A new study by scientists in the United States, China, France and Germany estimates that the world’s oceans have absorbed much more excess heat from human-induced climate change than researchers had estimated up to now. This finding suggests that global warming may be even more advanced than previously thought.…

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DeSmogBlog: UN: Healing Ozone Layer Shows Why Environmental Treaties Matter

Read time: 3 mins

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch. Reposted with permission from EcoWatch.

After decades of thinning, Earth's ozone layer is slowing recovering, the United Nations (UN) said in a report released Monday, highlighting how international cooperation can help tackle major environmental issues.

Tags: united nationschlorofluorocarbonsMontreal Protocol1.5 degree climate change

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DeSmogBlog: Gas Companies Face Californian Wipe-out, Say S&P, Moody’s

Read time: 3 mins

By Natalie Sauer, Climate Home News. This article originally appeared on Climate Home News.

Gas companies in California face credit downgrades, ratings agencies say, after the state pledged to get all of its power from renewable sources by 2045.

On September 10, California governor Jerry Brown signed a bill which would require 100 percent of the state electricity’s to come…

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DeSmogBlog: Backed by Big Oil, Opponents of Washington’s Proposed Carbon Fee Claim Latino Businesses Support Them—Except They Don’t

Read time: 5 mins

With Washington State voters poised to put a price on carbon pollution, the oil and gas industry has made history to keep the ballot measure, Initiative 1631, from passing. The opposition campaign, funded with more than $30 million primarily from out-of-state oil and gas companies, also distributed bilingual flyers listing Latino businesses that recommended voting “no” on…

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DeSmogBlog: Coal Can’t Compete With Cheaper Alternatives and the Industry’s True Costs Are Higher Than They Appear

Read time: 6 minsBy Daniel Cohan, Rice University

There are costs associated with electricity beyond what shows up on your monthly bill.

When that energy comes from coal, residents who live downwind pay through poorer health and, as with all fossil fuels, the whole world pays for this combustion in the form of a warmer climate. Cleaning up or closing the nation’s dirtiest power plants could…

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DeSmogBlog: Zinke's Shrinking of National Monuments and Meetings With Halliburton Could Be Center of DOJ Investigation

Read time: 3 mins

By Olivia Rosane, EcoWatch. Reposted with permission from EcoWatch.

One of the Department of Interior's (DOI) internal watchdog investigations into Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's behavior while in office has been referred to the Justice Department, which only happens when investigators determine there might have been a criminal violation, The Washington Post reported…

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DeSmogBlog: Peak Shale: Is the US Fracking Industry Already in Decline?

Read time: 7 mins

In 2016, lower oil prices led to an overall drop in production for shale companies, which use horizontal drilling and fracking to extract oil and gas from shale formations such as the Marcellus and Permian. This was one of the few relatively positive financial periods for an industry plagued by high costs and low returns (although it still lost money in 2016).

But the…

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DeSmogBlog: A Field Guide to the Petrochemical and Plastics Industry

Read time: 13 mins

The shale gas industry has been trying to build demand for fossil fuels from its fracked oil and gas wells by promoting the construction of a new petrochemical corridor in America's Rust Belt and expanding the corridor on the Gulf Coast. To help demystify terms like “natural gas liquids” and “cracker plants,” DeSmog has begun building a guide to some of the equipment and…

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DeSmogBlog: Why Plans to Turn America’s Rust Belt into a New Plastics Belt Are Bad News for the Climate

Read time: 11 mins

The petrochemical industry anticipates spending a total of over $200 billion on factories, pipelines, and other infrastructure in the U.S. that will rely on shale gas, the American Chemistry Council announced in September. Construction is already underway at many sites.

This building spree would dramatically expand the Gulf Coast’s petrochemical corridor (known locally as

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DeSmogBlog: This 1980 Shell Chemical Company Publication Outlines Plans to Create 'Grassroots' Campaigns

Read time: 5 mins

Originally posted on Climate Files.

This 1980 edition of TREND, a bimonthly Shell Chemical Company (Shell) publication, featured a series of articles on issues concerning the company, including: “Emerging techniques for effective corporate response to public issues,” the Chemical Manufacturers Association “Communication Action Plan,” “Individualism,” “Gasohol,” “The U.S.…

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DeSmogBlog: TigerSwan, County Sheriff Sued Over Road Blockade During Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Read time: 6 mins

On October 18, two Standing Rock Sioux Tribe members and a pastor for an Episcopal Church on the reservation filed a class action civil lawsuit against state, county, and private law enforcement in the latest chapter of the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) saga.

The plaintiffs allege that these groups were involved in a prolonged effort to blockade North Dakota State Highway…

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DeSmogBlog: Why Canadian Tar Sands Oil May Be Doomed

Read time: 9 mins

At current prices, Canadian tar sands oil producers are losing money on every barrel of oil they dig out. Despite signs earlier this year the industry would “turn profitable in 2018,” a much more likely scenario at this point is a fourth straight year of losses.

Tags: tar sands oilCanadian oilcanadaKinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipelineSaudi Aramco

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DeSmogBlog: A Cautionary Tale for Oil-by-rail: the Lac-Mégantic Disaster Five Years Later

Read time: 7 mins

By James Wilt, The Narwhal. Originally posted on The Narwhal.

In this Q&A we speak with Bruce Campbell, author of a new book on the disaster that transformed a small Quebec town but left Canada’s neglected regulatory system largely unchanged

It’s now been half a decade since the catastrophic Lac-Mégantic rail disaster in southern Quebec. On the night of July 6, 2013, a…

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DeSmogBlog: Energy Transfer: New Name for Pipeline Company But Same Spills and Violence Against Protesters, Says Greenpeace Report

Read time: 5 mins

Battles over new shale gas pipelines involving Energy Transfer, formerly known as Energy Transfer Partners, have heated up in recent weeks — an escalation that carries a tilt, as one side stands accused of acts of violence.

Energy Transfer (ET) security contractors have been accused of physically assaulting pipeline opponents on multiple occasions, including incidents in…

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DeSmogBlog: The Environment Is on the November Ballot — Here’s Where and What’s at Stake

Read time: 8 mins

By Tara Lohan, The Revelator. Originally published on The Revelator.

Environmental issues such as polluted drinking water in Michigan and harmful algal blooms in Florida could influence which candidates voters will support in this November’s midterm election, says Holly Burke, communications coordinator of the League of Conservation Voters.

“Water issues really resonate with…

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DeSmogBlog: Climate Deniers on the Ballot in 2018

Read time: 8 mins

As the midterm elections approach, DeSmog is taking this opportunity to highlight some of the top climate science deniers currently running for office in the U.S.

Did we miss someone notable? Let us know.

Tags: climate denierselectionsClay HigginsMarco RubioDonald Trumpdana rohrabacherTed CruzCarlos Curbelo

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DeSmogBlog: Man Whose Mexico Beach House Was One of Last Standing After Hurricane Michael Calls out Climate Denier Politicians

Read time: 9 mins

In Mexico Beach, Florida, Russell King’s house is the only beachfront property that survived Hurricane Michael with little damage. But the fact it survived the latest record-breaking hurricane doesn’t give King peace of mind. Can it withstand the next storm that comes its way?

Climate scientists predict that storms will continue to intensify, and King takes this to heart,…

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DeSmogBlog: Is Climate Science Denial Leading to Human Rights Violations, Asks Philippines Commission

Read time: 3 mins

By Kert Davies, Climate Investigations Center. Originally posted on Climate Investigations Center.

As climate change liability — who is to blame — increasingly lands in courtrooms around the globe, the Philippines Commission on Human Rights is taking a different and unique approach, investigating climate change impacts as a human rights infringement. The commission has held a…

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DeSmogBlog: The Trump Administration’s 'Dishonest' Attack on Fuel-economy Standards

Read time: 7 mins

By John R. Platt, The Revelator. Originally posted on The Revelator.

A former EPA engineer calls it “the most spectacular regulatory flip-flop in history.” Other experts say the resulting emissions increase would bode ill for the planet.

The Trump administration’s plan to freeze fuel-economy standards is “the most spectacular regulatory flip-flop in history,” says a retired…

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DeSmogBlog: Congressman Asks Gas Industry to Join Him as ‘3 Percenters,’ Fails to Mention Movement's Ties to White Supremacists

Read time: 9 mins

Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana arrived at this year's Expanding Global Gas Infrastructure seminar with a message.

“Welcome to the war for the future of our planet,” Higgins said to the gathered officials from liquefied natural gas (LNG) firms and other fossil fuel companies.

“My role as your representative is to be not just your ally,” Higgins added, “but your warrior.…

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DeSmogBlog: Oil-by-Rail Rises Once Again as Safety Rules Disappear

Read time: 6 mins

While a second oil-by-rail boom is well underway in North America, both the U.S. and Canada are taking steps that ignore or undermine the lessons and regulatory measures to improve safety since the oil train explosions and spills of years past.

Tags: oil-by-railBomb TrainsregulationsTrump AdministrationPipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

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DeSmogBlog: On 60 Minutes Trump Says: 'I'm Not Denying Climate Change'

Read time: 3 mins

By Kert Davies, Climate Investigations Center. Originally posted on Climate Investigations Center.

Climate change is coming at Trump even as he tries like hell to avoid the subject. Record-setting hurricanes, Florence and Michael, have caused devastation across the southeast United States. Meanwhile, the grim UN IPCC “1.5 degree” report pushed climate scientists into the…

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DeSmogBlog: Big Oil Cheers Trump's 'New NAFTA' But Mexico Could Complicate Things

Read time: 5 mins

While the oil and gas industry has lauded the new trade deal that may soon replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a provision added by Mexico, along with its new president's plan to ban fracking, could complicate the industry's rising ambitions there.

Tags: APIAmerican Petroleum InstituteUSMCANAFTAMexicofrackinghydraulic fracturingLopez ObradorDonald Trump

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DeSmogBlog: Want to Fight Climate Denial? Tell a Story

Read time: 5 mins

By John R. Platt, The Revelator. Originally posted on The Revelator.

Scientists looking to communicate the truth about climate should explore the power of narrative and images.

Sometimes a polar bear is a living symbol of climate change.

Other times an image of a dying polar bear is basically raw meat for the people who want to deny the truth about global warming and demonize…

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