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RealClimate was registered by the organisation: Environmental Media Services which appears to be funded by George Soros. The site describes itself as "a commentary site on climate by academics for the interested public and journalists and says it aims to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary."

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Real Climate: NOAA-thing burger officially confirmed

Back in February 2017, I wrote about the tediously predictable arc of criticisms of the paper, and in particular the comments of John Bates at Judith Curry’s blog. an initial claim of imperfection spiced up with insinuations of misconduct, coordination with a breathless hyping of the initial claim with ridiculous supposed implications, some sensible responses […]

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Real Climate: Unforced Variations: Jan 2019

This year’s first open thread on climate science topics. Usual rules apply – and let’s make a particular effort to stay substantive and not devolve into empty bickering (you still have Facebook for that). Any expectations or predictions for climate science in 2019?

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Real Climate: Let’s check your temperature

The underlying mission of my job is to safeguard lives and property through climate change adaptation based on science. In other words, to help society to prepare itself for risks connected with more extreme rainfall and temperatures. For many people, “climate” may seem to be an abstract concept. I have had many conversations about climate, […]

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Real Climate: Bending low with Bated breath

“Shall I bend low and in a bondman’s key, With bated breath and whisp’ring humbleness…?” Shylock (Merchant of Venice, Act 1, Scene 3) As dark nights draw in, the venerable contrarians at the GWPF are still up late commissioning silly pseudo-rebuttals to mainstream science. The latest, which no-one was awaiting with any kind of breath, […]

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Real Climate: Fall AGU Week 2018

Fall AGU is in Washington DC. Follow #AGU18 for twitter discussions and highlights, and live streaming of keynotes and selected sessions. Use this thread to discuss anything arising from the meeting – or it’s controversies.

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Real Climate: Scientists: Resolve to Protect Yourself from Harassment in 2019

Guest commentary by Lauren Kurtz The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) protects the scientific endeavor from anti-science attacks. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve assisted hundreds of scientists with issues ranging from invasive open records requests to death threats. As part of this work, our staff will be at the American Geophysical Union Fall […]

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Real Climate: Forced Responses: Dec 2018

A bimonthly thread for discussions on solutions and responses to climate change. For climate science topics, please comment on the Unforced Variations thread.

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Real Climate: Unforced variations: Dec 2018

This month’s open thread for climate science topics. Please use the Forced Responses thread for solutions and politics.

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Real Climate: 4th National Climate Assessment report

In possibly the biggest “Friday night news dump” in climate report history, the long awaited 4th National Climate Assessment (#NCA4) was released today (roughly two weeks earlier than everyone had been expecting). The summaries and FAQ (pdf) are good, and the ClimateNexus briefing is worth reading too. The basic picture is utterly unsurprising, but the […]

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Real Climate: The long story of constraining ocean heat content

Scientists predicted in the 1980s that a key fingerprint of anthropogenic climate change would be found in the ocean. If they were correct that increases in greenhouse gases were changing how much heat was coming into the system, then the component with the biggest heat capacity, the oceans, is where most of that heat would […]

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Real Climate: Resplandy et al. correction and response

Guest commentary from Ralph Keeling (UCSD) I, with the other co-authors of , want to address two problems that came to our attention since publication of our paper in Nature last week. These problems do not invalidate the methodology or the new insights into ocean biogeochemistry on which it is based, but they do influence […]

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Real Climate: Unforced variations: Nov 2018

This month’s open thread on climate science issues. A lot of interest in the new Resplandy et al paper (WaPo), with some exploration of the implications on twitter i.e. Interesting new paper “Quantification of ocean heat uptake from changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2 composition”But I’m not sure about their argument on the consequences on […]

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Real Climate: Climate Change and Extreme Summer Weather Events – The Future is still in Our Hands

Summer 2018 saw an unprecedented spate of extreme weather events, from the floods in Japan, to the record heat waves across North America, Europe and Asia, to wildfires that threatened Greece and even parts of the Arctic. The heat and drought in the western U.S. culminated in the worst California wildfire on record. This is […]

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Real Climate: Mercury, the other geologically persistent planetary poison

The thing that really gets me in the gut about global warming from fossil fuel combustion is how long it will last. Carbon mined from the deep Earth and injected into the “fast carbon cycle” of the atmosphere, ocean, and land surface will continue to affect atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and climate, for hundreds of thousands […]

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Real Climate: Cracking the Climate Change Case

I have an op-ed in the New York Times this week: How Scientists Cracked the Climate Change Case The biggest crime scene on the planet is the planet. We know the earth is warming, but who or what is causing it? Many of you will recognise the metaphor from previous Realclimate pieces (this is earliest […]

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Real Climate: Climate without Borders: putting changing climate into a new perspective

Guest post by Mike Favetta The goal of “Climate without Borders” (CwB) is to unite TV weather presenters from all over the world and bring scientific knowledge to a broader public. This, in turn, creates climate awareness and creates support for the urgent climate action needed. Although the name suggests a kind of connection with […]

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Real Climate: Pre-industrial anthropogenic CO2 emissions: How large?

Guest article by William Ruddiman Fifteen years after publication of Ruddiman (2003), the early anthropogenic hypothesis is still debated, with relevant evidence from many disciplines continuing to emerge. Recent findings summarized here lend support to the claim that greenhouse-gas emissions from early agriculture (before 1850) were large enough to alter atmospheric composition and global…

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Real Climate: IPCC Special Report on 1.5ºC

Responding to climate change is far more like a marathon than a sprint. The IPCC 1.5ºC Special report (#SR15) has been released: The press release Frequently Asked Questions The Summary For Policy Makers (SPM) The full report Thoughts It’s well worth reading the SPM and FAQs before confidently pronouncing on the utility or impact of […]

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Real Climate: Unforced variations: Oct 2018

This month’s open thread on climate science topics. Dominant theme this month will probably be the release of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5ºC. The final report will be released later this week, and when it does we’ll give a brief summary. The hastag to follow on Twitter is #SR15.

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Real Climate: European climate services take an important leap forward 

An important milestone was passed during the second general assembly of the Copernicus Climate Change Service, which took place in Berlin on Sept 24-28 (twitter hashtag '#C3SGA18'). The European climate service has become operational, hosted by the European Centre for Medium-Range Forecasts (ECMWF). This means a growing volume of open and free climate data will become […]

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Real Climate: A report from the European Meteorological Society’s annual meeting 2018

If you want to make a difference as a scientist, you need to make sure that people understand the importance of your work. Conferences give you one opportunity to explain what you’ve found out. I sometimes wonder if the value of attending conferences is sufficiently appreciated. You can save time getting an overview over your […]

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Real Climate: Forced responses: Sep 2018

This thread is the bimonthly open thread for discussion of climate solutions. A good starting point might be this clear description from Glen Peters on the feasibility of staying below 2ºC. Please stick to substantive points and refrain from attacking other commenters (as opposed to their ideas). The open thread for climate science issues is […]

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Real Climate: Unforced Variations: Sep 2018

This month’s open thread on climate science topics. We are well into Arctic melt season (so keep track of Neven’s Arctic Sea Ice blog for more info). Another link is the NY Times Daily podcast on the interesting-yet-flawed NYTimes Magazine “Losing Earth” piece (which is useful if you didn’t get around to finishing the written […]

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Real Climate: Are the heatwaves caused by climate change? 

I get a lot of questions about the connection between heatwaves and climate change these days. Particularly about the heatwave that has affected northern Europe this summer. If you live in Japan, South Korea, California, Spain, or Canada, you may have asked the same question. The raindrop analogy However, the question is inaccurate and I

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Real Climate: Musing about Losing Earth

The NY Times Magazine has a special issue this weekend on climate change. The main article is “Losing the Earth” by Nathaniel Rich, is premised on the idea that in the period 1979 to 1989 when we basically knew everything we needed to know that climate change was a risk, and the politics had not

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Real Climate: Unforced Variations: Aug 2018

This month’s open thread for climate science issues.

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Real Climate: Does a slow AMOC increase the rate of global warming?

Established understanding of the AMOC (sometimes popularly called Gulf Stream System) says that a weaker AMOC leads to a slightly cooler global mean surface temperature due to changes in ocean heat storage. But now, a new paper in Nature claims the opposite and even predicts a phase of rapid global warming. What’s the story? By

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Real Climate: Model Independence Day

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all models are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creators with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are a DOI, Runability and Inclusion in the CMIP ensemble mean. Well, not quite. But it is Independence Day in the US, and coincidentally there is a new

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Real Climate: Unforced Variations: July 2018

This month’s open thread for climate science related topics. The climate policy open thread is here.

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Real Climate: Forced Responses: Jul 2018

Open thread for climate policy and responses.

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