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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: The Faked Crisis: Polar Bear Expert’s Book Poised To Become Hot Seller, Expose Polar Alarmism Community

A newly released book is bad news for global warming alarmists who are desperately seeking bad news for fueling their fear-based, non-scientific movement. Polar bear expert and veteran zoologist Dr. Susan J. Crockford has just released her latest book titled: “The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened“. As the title says: there never was a […]

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No Tricks Zone: Fading Warming…More Cooling: Winters At Austria’s Ischgler Idalpe Have Become 1.3°C COLDER Over Past 30 Years!

Good news for skiers: winters at Austria’s Ischgler Idalpe have become colder over the past 30 years By Die kalte Sonne (Text translated by P Gosselin) New report shows Austrian winters have ignored global warming. Image cropped Zukunft Skisport. The Austrian Paznaun is a valley in the far west of North Tyrol with an altitude […]

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No Tricks Zone: French Doctor Calls “Instrumentalization” Of Greta Thunberg “Irresponsible”, “Moral Error” …Revealing “Neuropsychiatric State To Media Should Be A Crime”

Laurent Alexandre: “Greta Thunberg instrumentalized by militant extremists“ In a stinging commentary at Le Figaro here, Dr. Laurent Alexandre, surgeon-urologist, a graduate of Sciences Po, HEC and ENA, and co-founder of the Doctissimo website, asserts that the teenage Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg is being shamelessly exploited and “is playing into the hands of economic […]

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No Tricks Zone: 2018 Study Finds ‘Unsustainable’ Smartphone CO2 Emissions To Reach 125 Megatons Per Year By 2020

For those serious about taking concerted action to combat climate change, implications from a 2018 study suggest that the widespread abandonment of smartphone use — which is collectively on track to add 125 megatons of CO2 equivalent per year by 2020 — may be key to preventing the planet’s catastrophic demise. Image Source (adapted): Press-Herald […]

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No Tricks Zone: “Global Warming” Leaves Ireland In The Cold …Emerald Island Has Been Cooling Over Past 3 Decades!

By Kirye As today is St. Patricks Day, it’s a good time to look at Ireland’s annual mean temperatures over the recent decades. As we recall, global cooling was the scare of the 1970s before global warming became the scare in the 1980s. So since the 1980s, a fair amount of warming must have taken […]

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No Tricks Zone: Leading Swiss Publisher Calls Climate Movement A “Mass Trance” …Climate Hysteria Understood As “Absolute Truth”

The publisher of conservative Swiss weekly “Weltwoche” and SVP National Council member Roger Köppel commented in an interview with the Baseler Zeitung (BaZ) on children skipping school to demonstrate for climate, and the climate movement in general. Weltwoche publisher Roger Köppel. Image: In the interview Köppel called the climate movement a “political mass…

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No Tricks Zone: Tokyo Warming Due To Urbanization, Leading Japanese Biologist Tells National TV Audience…Almost No Rural Warming

By Kirye (in Tokyo) Japan’s Honmaddeka TV spoke about THE SANKEI NEWS, which reported there is a possibility that people will become less able to see cherry blossoms in full bloom in the near future. Biologist Dr. Kiyohiko Ikeda tells audience on Honmaddeka TV that warming in Tokyo is due to urban heat island effect, […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: North America Has Been Cooling Since 1998 – With No Significant Overall Warming Since 1982

The Post-1998 Hiatus Plods On…Regionally Image Source: Gan et al., 2019 North America (180-0°N, 15-60°N) has been characterized as a “major cooling center” by the authors of a new paper (Gan et al., 2019) published in Earth and Space Science. The continent warmed from 1982-1998, but a cooling trend since 1998 has nearly wiped out […]

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No Tricks Zone: Despite Mild Winter, Central Europe’s 30-Year Winter Temperature Trend Still Cooling

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here presents two charts which I’m featuring today. They show that the winter temperature trend for Germany over the past 32 years is not cooperating with “experts'” forecasts of rapid warming and snow and ice becoming a thing of the past. The first chart, using the data […]

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Regulatory Madness Ratchets Up: “German Greens Aiming To Limit Citizens To 2 Flights A Year

Recently we reported here how the German Greens are the biggest frequent fliers, and thus climate hypocrites. So it’s only ironic that they are now calling for flight restrictions to be imposed on all citizens. Of course, important people who do really “important things” — like flying to world-rescuing climate conferences — would be exempt […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Widespread Collapse Of Ice Sheets ~5000 Years Ago Added 3-4 Meters To Rising Seas

During the Mid-Holocene, when CO2 concentrations were stable and low (270 ppm), Antarctica’s massive Ross Ice Shelf naturally collapsed, adding the meltwater equivalent of 3-4 meters to sea levels. Because CO2 concentrations changed very modestly during the pre-industrial Holocene (approximately ~25 ppm in 10,000 years), climate models that are predicated on the assumption that CO2 […]

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No Tricks Zone: Hurricane Alarmists Take Blow As New Study Pours Cold Water On Human Impact

PIK takes a blow: stronger hurricanes cannot be explained by higher CO2 By Die kalte Sonne (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) Image: NASA (public domain) Whenever the hurricane season in the Caribbean begins, the whole world and the German Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) wait for a strong storm, as it presents […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Study Shows Sea Level Near In Western Pacific Was 0.4 Meters Higher 3600 Years Ago Than Today

Alarmists say that sea levels are rising rapidly, and unless we act now to take over the climate using the secret man-made CO2 reduction method, soon New York and even Cologne, Germany, will end up in water. At least that’s the alarmist scenario that the Truth Media like to tell us about. However, a number […]

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No Tricks Zone: German Flagship Daily FAZ: High Energy Prices Would Be ‘Death Sentence For Poor’

A commentary at flagship German online daily FAZ looked at a recent study by the German Umweltbundesamt – UBA – (Federal Environment Agency) which examined the per capita consumption of natural resources by different population groups. Not surprisingly, high income groups were found to own a large number of cars and live in large homes […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Study Reveals The Arctic Region Was 4.6°C Warmer Than Recent Decades During The 1930s

Yet another scientific paper presents evidence that the Arctic region was warmer than today during the 1930s. Image Source: Araźny et al., 2019 Araźny et al., 2019 A comparison of bioclimatic conditions on Franz Josef Land (the Arctic) between the turn of the 19th to 20th century and present day “Air temperature in 1899–1914 during […]

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No Tricks Zone: Message To Readers…

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No Tricks Zone: Unreliable Power Source…Adding Capacity Does Little To Solve Germany’s Green Energy Power Gaps

German wind park protest group MenschNatur posted here explaining how even adding more wind and solar capacity does not make Germany’s energy supply any more reliable, but in fact may even make it less so. Time and again the proponents of the Energiewende (transition to green energies) promote the idea that we must invest massively […]

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No Tricks Zone: The German Green New Deal: “The 12 Commandments To Stop Global Heating” Cornerstone For New Religion:

German journalist and climate activist Franz Alt delivers climate policy map that supposedly will bring salvation to humanity and the planet. German ultra-alarmist climate and energy site klimareporter here has posted a road map outline of what alarmists say has to be done in order to rescue the planet from the approaching climate Armageddon (the […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: Australians Were 600% More Likely To Die From Cold Than Heat During 2000-2009

According to a comprehensive (305 locations in 10 countries) 2018 study, deaths attributed to extreme heat have been stable to declining in recent decades (1985-2012). In contrast, deaths attributed to cold weather show “no clear patterns” – neither increasing or decreasing. Image Source: Vicedo-Cabrera et al., 2018 Across the globe, recent cold spells have become […]

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No Tricks Zone: While BBC Corrects Faulty Reports On Ocean Heat, German Media Happy To Leave Audience Misinformed

When a paper dealing with ocean heat absorption was found to have errors and in need of correction, the BBC reported it to the public. The German media, however, were perfectly content to leave its viewers and readers misinformed. Controversial paper was forced to be corrected. ==================================================== Dangerous Groupthink By Die kalte Sonne (German text […]

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No Tricks Zone: Warming Predictions Defied: Japan Winters Cool, Great Lakes Ice Grows And Cal Snow Pack Hits Record

By Kirye and Pierre Gosselin The Pacific island nation of Japan refuses to obey climate scientists’ forecasts of warming and ignore climate alarmists and their chorus of doomsday shrieks. Climate trends are moving the other way. Now that February has ended, the 2018/19 winter is now in the books. We’ve tabulated the winter temperature data […]

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No Tricks Zone: German WiWo Magazine Warns Of Green Madness… “Annihilating Landscape To Rescue Global Climate”

German WirtschaftsWoche (WiWo) journalist Ferdinand Knauss comments here how Germany’s energy policy amounts to “nature anihilation” through climate protection and warns of the environmental madness of green energy obsession. In his commentary, Knauss writes that if we wish to understand climate and environmental protection, we need to “look back into the history of the ecological […]

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No Tricks Zone: A New Paper Affirms That Storm Energy And Cyclone Intensities Have Rapidly Declined Since 1979

As a continuation of the IPCC’s observation (2013) that there has been no detectable trend in storm and cyclone intensification (or extreme weather in general) that can be clearly linked to rising anthropogenic CO2 emissions, a new paper documents the rapid decline in eddy kinetic (EKE) and mean available potential energy (MAPE) since the late […]

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No Tricks Zone: Biggest “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”…German Hypocrites: Greens Do More Air Travel Than Anyone Else!

We already know that the staunchest global warming activists do more than their share of indulging in fossil fuel profligacy. Think about Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Leonardo DiCaprio private jet-setting all over the globe. Carbon Bernie Or let’s look at Bernie Sanders, who likes to call “manmade climate change the greatest crisis humanity faces”, […]

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Scientist Prof. Horst Lüdecke Tells German ‘Bundestag Environment Committee’ CO2 Reduction Policy Is “Mad”

At the February 20th hearing of the Bundestag Environment Committee on CO2 reduction targets for heavy commercial vehicles, Prof. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, EIKE press spokesman (science), urged that reasonableness be maintained in climate policy. Six experts were asked to provide their assessment before the Committee. By EIKE editorial staff / Pierre Gosselin Source: Image cropped from […]

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists Present New Artifact Evidence From An Arctic Island That Was 5-6°C Warmer 9000 Years Ago

Zhokhov Island in the Siberian High Arctic today exhibits inhospitably severe climate conditions, desolate tundra, and year-round pack ice in the surrounding sea. During the Early Holocene this same island was warm enough to host waterfowl species, birch trees, and year-round human residents who hunted polar bear and reindeer. Image Source: Makeyev et al., 2003 […]

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No Tricks Zone: Expanding Arctic Ice…Greenland’s Bare Ice Area Rises 36% Since 2019

Just a short post today, following up on yesterday’s polar ice update, where the data show nothing unusual happening at the earth’s poles. The globe’s surface has warmed over the past 140 years by almost 1°C, but that too is well within the natural range of variability over the Holocene. Schneefan (Snowfan) here posted a […]

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No Tricks Zone: Data Showing Polar Sea Ice Stable 12 Years, Cause Global Warming Alarmists To Melt Down

By Kirye and P. Gosselin A look at the real observed data on polar sea ice shows that the situation has been surprisingly stable for more than one decade, now, despite the cult-like doomsday prophecies that much more ice would be gone by now. For the climate change cultists who have been banking on climate […]

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No Tricks Zone: Austria’s ZAMG Meteorology And Geodynamics Institute Concedes Climate Models Not Reliable

Austrian ZAMG Meteorology Institute Says Drivers In Climate Models Still Not Correctly Understood By Die kalte Sonne In climate science, as is generally known, there is a 97% consensus on all topics. The remaining 3% are just crazy. This is so because anyone who openly contradicts the “consensus” can forget about his career, and gets marginalized […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Papers Find Significant COOLING In W. Virginia, Appalachia, And The Yellow Sea Since The Early 1900s

Scientists identify more regions of the world that haven’t warmed up – and have, instead, cooled – since the early 1900s. Kutta and Hubbart, 2019 Observed climatic changes in West Virginia and opportunities for agriculture “Between 1900 and 2016, climatic trends were characterized by significant reductions in the maximum temperatures (−0.78°C/century; p = 0.001), significant increases […]

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