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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: Ph.D. Thermal Engineer Claims Supernova Theory Explains Global Warming, Extinction Events, Ice Ages

Do Supernova Events Cause Extreme Climate Changes? “Global warming will not be reduced by reducing man made CO2 emissions” — Dr. William Sokeland In recent years, mass die-offs of large animals – like the sudden deaths of 211,000 endangered antelopes within a matter of weeks – have been described as “mysterious” and remain largely unexplained. Determining…

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No Tricks Zone: Veteran Meteorologist Slams German Media For Poor Warnings As Storms Reveal Reporting Incompetence

First, at Twitter here Swiss high-profile meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann presented a video on how he thinks German public television failed to adequately warn the public before North Sea storm Xavier barreled through northern Germany on October 5. Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann says he believes German media (image above) inadequately informed the public of the danger

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No Tricks Zone: Surprise: Defying Models, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent 100 Years Ago Similar To Today

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt German text edited/translated by P Gosselin) Satellite measurements of Antarctic sea ice do not go back even 40 years. That’s not very much, especially when we consider that many natural climate cycles have periods of 60 years and more. Luckily we have the field of climate reconstruction. Using

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No Tricks Zone: Recent CO2 Climate Sensitivity Estimates Continue Trending Towards Zero

Updated: The Shrinking CO2 Climate Sensitivity A recently highlighted paper published by atmospheric scientists Scafetta et al., (2017) featured a graph (above) documenting post-2000 trends in the published estimates of the Earth’s climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 concentrations (from 280 parts per million to 560 ppm). The trajectory for the published estimates of transient climate…

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No Tricks Zone: Agung Volcano On The Verge Of Blowing…Major Eruption Would Have Impact On Earth’s Climate

Volcano Agung in Bali is showing worrisome signs of a major eruption, writes German climate blogger Schneefan here. The highest level of activity with multiple tremor episodes were just recorded. You can monitor Agung via live cam and live seismogram. The 3000-mter tall Agung has been at the highest warning level 4 since September 21. Schneefan

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No Tricks Zone: Industry Group Warns German “Electricity Prices To Rise Significantly”, Fueled By Green Energies!

One thing is clear: Germans were fooled and deceived by politicians and activists into thinking that the transition to renewable energies would not cost much, reduce pollutants, create a clean environment, improve the climate and create many jobs. None of these have come true. Electricity prices have skyrocketed, the landscape is being industrialized and Germany has

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Science Like “Jehovah Witness” Religion…Realists Slam Weather Alarmists On German Television!

In the wake of a fall storm ‘Xavier’ that struck Germany and claimed 7 lives, one of Germany’s most popular TV Talkshows, Maischberger 1 on ARD German public television, recently featured climate change in discussion round bearing the title: “Xavier and the weather extremes: has our climate reached the tipping point?” Cologne and Berlin under water! Backdrop

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No Tricks Zone: 2 New Papers: Models ‘Severely Flawed’, Temp Changes Largely Natural, CO2 Influence ‘Half’ Of IPCC Claims

Atmospheric Scientists Slam Fundamentals of the Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory Scafetta et al., 2017    Natural climate variability, part 1: Observations versus the modeled predictions [T]he AGWT [Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory] was globally advocated by the IPCC in 2001 because it appeared to be supported by the ‘infamous’ Hockey Stick temperature reconstructions by Mann et al.

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No Tricks Zone: Central Europe Mean September Temperature Shows No Significant Rise Over Past 70 Years!

Germany Temperatures Baffle: September Mean Shows Hardly Any Warming In 70 Years By Josef Kowatsch and Dr. Sebastian Lüning (Translated and edited by P Gosselin) Temperatures are rising and rising and rising. That’s what we read in any case in the daily newspaper, and that’s what some television professors, activists and climate scientists are telling us.

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No Tricks Zone: Media Baffled…”WHERE Have All The Cyclones Gone?”…Pacific Near “Quietest Season On Record”!

Dr. Ryan Maue here reports at Twitter that although the Atlantic hurricane season “is going gangbusters“, the Pacific is in fact seeing “one of quietest Typhoon seasons on record“. Last month in the media, amid the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, the public heard a long stream of hysterical reports claiming that the tropical storms were sure sure

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Temperature Increase From Doubling CO2 Is ‘Insignificant Compared to Natural Variability’

Engineering Prof. Questions Temperature Record, Models, CO2 Climate Sensitivity  Photo Source  Pontius, 2017   Sustainable Infrastructure: Climate Changes and Carbon Dioxide Temperatures Record ‘Unreliable’, ‘Arbitrarily Adjusted’, And Of ‘Poor Data Quality’ Temperature measurement stations have been installed at various locations across the globe. The number of temperature monitoring…

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No Tricks Zone: Potsdam Institute’s Stefan Rahmstorf Uses Tricks To Warn Against “Trickster Skeptics”

It’s safe to say that the only people who still believe the ultra-alarmist scenarios of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research are the leftist media and green activists. Even the government funders of this institute know they aren’t really true. After all Germany hasn’t cut CO2 emissions in close to 10 years. Dr. Sebastian

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No Tricks Zone: Now It’s “Global Stilling” …Researchers Amazed: Global Wind Speeds Have SLOWED DOWN Since 1960s!

German public radio DLF here  reports an astonishing finding by scientists: Global wind speeds globally are slowing down! A number of European scientist groups and a European science magazine of the EU Commission just reported on this. Global wind speeds are slowing down, European researchers believe. Image: anemometer, NOAA public domain photo. According to the

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No Tricks Zone: Storms Expose Just How Huge Model Uncertainty Can Be…Even With 6-Hour Forecasts!

Last Wednesday evening, Florida State University graduate student Levi Cowan showed at his Tropical Tidbits site his analysis of what was later to develop into tropical storm Nate in the Gulf of Mexico. His analysis exposed the great differences – thus huge uncertainty – between the US GFS and the European ECMWF models for the early projected

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists: Expansion Of Wind Turbines ‘Likely To Lead To Extinction’ For Endangered Vulture Species

Wind Energy Expansion: Endangering Wildlife Photo from Ferrão da Costa et al., 2017 When pondering the future of wind power and its ecological impacts, it is well worth re-considering this seminal analysis from Dr. Matt Ridley. [W]orld energy demand has been growing at about 2 per cent a year for nearly 40 years. Between 2013 and 2014,

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No Tricks Zone: Green Energy Debacle: Multi-Million-Euro Geothermal Power Plant Shuts Down After 8 Years Of Endless Troubles

Like so many (highly subsidized) green energy projects in Germany the Kalina geothermal power plant in Unterhaching, Germany, was put into operation with great fanfare some 8 years ago in 2009. Look at all the great things we’re doing, high ranking politicians seemed to say as the cut the opening ribbon. Today the online reports that the

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No Tricks Zone: Leading German Economics Professor Calls Germany’s Energiewende An Energy Policy Calamity

In a recently released video interview by journalist Jörg Rehmann, University of Magdeburg economics professor Joachim Weimann explains why renewable energies have been a terrible idea for Germany so far. Recently a high ranking expert commission set up by the German government even sharply criticized the German Energiewende (transition to renewable energies), saying it was leading the…

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No Tricks Zone: 28 New Papers: Solar, Ocean Cycles Modulate Rainfall Trends

A Human Influence On Precipitation ‘Has Yet To Be Detected’ “Climate model output suggests decreasing rainfall as a consequence of anthropogenic greenhouse gas radiative forcing.” “[I]f anthropogenic forcing has impacted the [regional rainfall pattern], the signal has yet to be detected above the level of natural climate variability.” – Lachniet et al., 2017 According to…

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No Tricks Zone: Coolest Central European September In Years…Heavy Snowfall Forecast For The Alps This Week!

Germany’s DWD national weather service has the preliminary September 2017 report out. According to the result of the data measured by the country’s 2000 weather stations, last month was cooler than normal. September 2017 in Germany saw a mean temperature of 12.7°C, which was 4.2°C cooler than last year’s record warm September (16.9°C). This means

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No Tricks Zone: Solar Activity Plays Key Role In North American Blizzard Frequency, Study Finds

Yet another study has been published showing that regional climate cycles are related to solar activity. The most recent suggest that blizzards in North America are related to solar activity cycles. Blizzard in Kansas. Photo: NOAA – public domain. ========================================== More Blizzards in North America During Solar Weak Phases By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof.

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No Tricks Zone: Germany’s Green Energy Project Close To Death: “EEG Feed-In Act Has Failed …Has To Go!”

Angela Merkel’s grand coalition government with the opposition SPD socialist party took a massive beating in last Sunday’s election, with both her CDU/CSU party and the coalition partner SPD socialist party coming in at post-war historic lows. Since then the SPD has announced it is no longer interested in continuing the grand coalition and instead

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No Tricks Zone: Update: The 2017 Explosion Of Non-Hockey Stick Graphs Continues

120 Graphs, 90 New Papers  It was four months ago that an article entitled  80 Graphs From 58 New (2017) Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Global-Scale Modern Warming appeared on this website.  The article received international attention and was “shared” tens of thousands of times. In the last 4 months,  40 more graphs taken from 30

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No Tricks Zone: 140-Year Data Show Correlation Between CO2 Emissions And Cyclone Energy “Essentially Near Zero”!

At Twitter physical scientist Ned Nikolov informs us of a 2015 paper that “finds NO trend in global Tropical Cyclone Activity between the decade 1965-1974 and the present. Hence, warming has NOT affected hurricane activity for the past 45 yrs! ” The paper’s abstract: The ACE index is used to compare tropical cyclone activity worldwide

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No Tricks Zone: Polar Bear Expert’s Book Goes Global As Demand Grows For Science De-Indoctrination

No doubt today there’s a huge demand for science de-indoctrination – especially among children – in a variety of fields, ranging from nutrition, climate science, economics and even eugenics (still!). Government corruption of the sciences is as old as civilization itself. It will never go away and so the best we can hope for is to

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No Tricks Zone: Another New Paper Dismantles The CO2 Greenhouse Effect ‘Thought Experiment’

3 Atmospheric Scientists: Greenhouse Effect Based On ‘Physically Irrelevant Assumptions’  Dr. Gerhard Kramm                                                    Dr. Nicole Mölders Yet another new scientific paper has been published that questions the current understanding of the

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No Tricks Zone: Germany Shifts To The Right – May Mean Significant Slowdown For Country’s “Green Energies”

The German election results are coming in, and one thing is clear: Angela Merkel’s coalition government lost big. The preliminary figures show: CDU/CSU center right – 33.0% SPD socialist – 20.8 Left – 8.7 FDP free democrats – 10.5 Greens – 9.1 AfD hard right – 13.3 Other – 4.6 Here we see that the German center-leftist parties

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No Tricks Zone: Germany Expected To Shift To The Right In Today’s National Elections, Green Energies To Take Back Seat

Later today I’ll be posting on the result of Germany’s national elections, once it starts coming in this evening. Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian CDU/CSU (Union) is expected to win easily. But what the new government will look like remains totally open. The latest opinion poll shows: Latest opinion polls show CDU/CSU (Union) in the lead.

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No Tricks Zone: Rapid ENSO Prediction Reversal: ´Now Global-Cooling La Niña Is Forecast Ahead!

Making forecasts concerning weather and climate is not an easy task. There is really much we do not understand, though some like to make you think everything is all understood and settled. This is why I get a kick out of people who claim they are able to predict decades into the future, yet have

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No Tricks Zone: German ARD Meteorologist: “Can’t Blame Climate Change” For This Year’s Hurricanes… “Many Factors”

Last Tuesday morning German flagship ARD public television meteorologist Donald Bäcker surprised some climate-realist viewers here with a very level-headed look at the factors behind hurricane development. I use the word “surprise” here because the massive German public media system are generally devout warmists and vigilant gatekeepers against skeptic views. Open discussion here means…

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: ‘Extremely High’ TSI, El Niño Episodes Since 1970s Exert ‘Robust Control Over Himalayan Glaciers’

Scientists Rebuke Claims Of Human Control Over Glacier Mass Balance “Natural climate variability still emerges as the key deciding element governing the Himalayan glacier mass balances.” – Shekhar et al., 2017 Yet another new paper has challenged to IPCC-endorsed conclusion that the Himalayan glaciers are melting rapidly due to anthropogenic climate change, and that these

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