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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: 12 New Papers Affirm A 21st Century Cessation Of Arctic Warming And A Rapid Cooling Across Antarctica

Where’s The Anthropogenic Signal? Since 2000s, An Arctic Warming & Sea Ice Pause … Cooling In Antarctica … Undermine AGW Claims It was 3 years ago when scientists first began documenting the pause in Arctic sea ice decline that began in 2007. While detailing the potential for “cherry-picking” such a short span of years to

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No Tricks Zone: Slew Of Recent Published Findings Show Man’s Share Of Arctic Ice Melt Grossly Exaggerated, And Uncertain!

Half a dozen recent papers show that man’s responsibility for Arctic ice melt has in reality been grossly exaggerated and that Arctic sea ice science is fraught with far greater uncertainty than we are often led to believe. One paper even notes that Arctic sea ice decline could be over. Alarmists often claim that almost

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No Tricks Zone: Green Failure: German Solar Industry Crashes And Burns…Solar Jobs See Blood Bath!

Michael Kruger at German skeptic site Science Skeptical here writes about how solar energy indutry in Germany has disintegrated spectacularly. What follows are 4 charts that show us some shocking trends, and how in reality the German solar industry has seen a bloodbath that can be rated as one of the worst in a long

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No Tricks Zone: Prominent Japanese Scientist Reiterates: “Sun Is Main Climate Driver”…Manmade “Global Warming A Hoax”!

Skeptic climate science news also from Japan I’ve been regularly bringing you climate and energy news from Germany, with Kenneth in USA posting on the latest science. Now NoTricksZone is happy to report we are also working with skeptic Japanese climate blogger Kirye, who runs KiryeNet. This means we’ll also be occasionally presenting skeptic news out

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No Tricks Zone: New ‘Consensus’ Science: HALF Of 1979-Present Arctic Warming & Ice Loss Is Natural

Climate Scientists Recant Only 50% Of Recent Arctic Warming & Sea Ice Loss Is Human-Caused Image Source: Climate4you The Arctic region was the largest contributor to the positive slope in global temperatures in recent decades. Consequently, the anomalously rapid warming in the Arctic region (that occurred prior to 2005) has been weighted more heavily in

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No Tricks Zone: Swiss Climate Institute Director: “Absurd” To Call CO2 “Pollutant…Main Culprit Behind Climate Change”

A new research institute in Switzerland set to rock the climate science boat…will investigate natural causes of climate change. Director calls claims CO2 the main driver and a pollutant “absurd”. Swiss institute director and climate scientist Hans-Joachim Dammschneider says natural factors in large part behind recent climate change. Photo credit: IFHGK The Swiss Basler Zeitung (BZ) reported…

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No Tricks Zone: Arctic Freezamageddon…Sea Ice Volume Surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters Since Early March!

Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye at KiryeNet reports that “the real Arctic sea ice volume is much higher than in 2008.” Source of images: DMI: Using images and data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Kirye put together and posted a comparator showing the immense early April volume increase the Arctic has seen since 2008. It

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No Tricks Zone: In 2015, Climate Scientists Wrecked Their Own CO2-Forced ‘Polar Amplification’ Narrative

CO2 Emissions Exert No Detectable Effect On Arctic, Antarctic Temperatures Graph Source: Mikkelsen et al., 2018 According to the IPCC, the Arctic and Antarctic regions warm more than the rest of the globe — a phenomenon branded as polar amplification. Further, it is conclusively stated (with “high confidence”) that this enhanced polar warming occurs largely in

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No Tricks Zone: EU Regulatory Madness …New Rules Enacted To Regulate Color Of Bread, French Fries!

…EU enacts law to regulate the color of potato and grain-based foods with the aim of protecting public from high cooking temperatures Too dark! EU now regulating bread color from baking at too high temperatures. Photo credit: Fritzs, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. The following should be a viewed as a shot across the bow

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No Tricks Zone: Journalism On Thin Ice…New York Times Misses Ton Of Recent, Positive Findings In Polar Bear Story

New York Times journalist Erica Goode misses a mountain of polar bear research, instead lets herself get swept up by alarmist polar bear activism. The New York Times recently published an article penned by Erica Goode on the controversial Harvey et al paper, where 14 scientists (sophomorically) attacked polar bear researcher Susan Crockford and climate

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No Tricks Zone: 70+ Papers: Holocene Sea Levels 2 Meters Higher – Today’s Sea Level Change Indistinguishable From Noise

There Is Absolutely Nothing Unusual About The Magnitude & Rapidity Of Today’s Sea Level Changes Image Source: Hansen et al., 2016 1. Are Modern ‘Anthropogenic’ Sea Levels Rising At An Unprecedented Rate?  No. Despite the surge in CO2 concentrations since 1900, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has concluded that global sea levels only rose

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No Tricks Zone: Get Ready For the Big Sea Level Alarm Letdown!

Kenneth set to show in just minutes what a sham all the sea level rise alarmism really is. (Now busy setting the troll filter on high!) NASA photo – public domain Stay tuned! ????

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No Tricks Zone: Array Of Data Shows Atmospheric Temperatures In Free Fall, Ocean Surfaces Cooling Off

Schneefan at German weather and climate analysis site here brings us the latest on atmospheric temperatures. First we note that the middle troposphere (7,500 meters) as measured by NASA has seen recently a sharp cooling off since the start of April: The chart shows the daily mean temperature at about 7,500 meters altitude, i.e. middle

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No Tricks Zone: If Stress Is A Killer, Then Why Do People In High Stress Countries Like Japan Live So Long?

It’s the food, stupid! Something off topic today, and intended as food for thought. It’s my infrequent post on nutrition. Yes, I also would like my readers to be healthy and happy. Stress, lifestyle, pollution are over-rated factors In western societies, when asked why so many people are getting sick with chronic diseases today, and

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Seismic Changes Signal 95% Probability Global Temps Will Hit 1990s Levels By 2019

Mid-Ocean Seismicity Portends Global Cooling Image Source: Viterito, 2016 Since the peak of the 2016 El Niño warming event, global temperatures have fallen by a little more than 0.3°C. Image Source: According to a new paper published in Environment Pollution and Climate Change by Dr. Arthur Viterito, changes in seismic activity from the Earth’s high

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No Tricks Zone: Climatic Cycles Globally…Spitzbergen Weather Records Show It Was Just As Warm 70 Years Ago!

Hey, we just saw something similar from Japan. =============================================== On Spitzbergen it was as warm 70 years ago as it is today By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated by P Gosselin) Newspapers like to write about heat and melt records in the Arctic, which supposedly had never happened before. That really

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No Tricks Zone: Hot Days Near Tokyo Today Not More Than 70 Years Ago…No Trend Since 1926!

First a note: If you haven’t already picked up a copy of the The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, please do get your hands on one. According to its author Marc Morano, people have been snatching them up and a third printing has started. The book even made the Amazon top 100 best selling

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No Tricks Zone: Top Climate Scientist: CO2 Model Assumptions “Invalid”…”Natural Climatic Variations Dominate”!

The addition of an esteemed Norwegian climate scientist to the London-based GWPF will help bring some sobriety back to a science that has all too often been immersed in alarmism. The London-based Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) recently announced Professor Ole Humlum of Norway was joining its Academic Advisory Council. This brings another persuasive voice

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No Tricks Zone: A Kind Request…

Dear Readers, Please let’s leave the name-calling aside. It really does not make any positive contribution at all. We all feel the frustration in the debate as we have two sides entrenched with only a few people daring to take a position between all the flying arrows. From now on Kenneth and I will be

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No Tricks Zone: Ex-NOAA Climate Scientist: ‘No Role Of CO2 In Any Significant Change Of The Earth’s Climate’

Solar Magnetic Field, Cosmic Rays/Clouds → Climate CO2 Has A ‘Zero Net Effect’ Dr. Rex J. Fleming, a former  NOAA climate scientist who earned both his Master’s and Ph.D in meteorology, has published a new paper in the Environmental Earth Sciences journal that details the lack of an identifiable causal relationship between CO2 concentration changes and Earth’s temperature changes.  He…

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No Tricks Zone: German Daily ‘Die Welt’ Announces: President Trump/USA “World’s Most Successful Climate Protector”

It turns out that the country that got attacked the most for backing out of the Paris Accord happens to be the one that reduced CO2 emissions the most last year, writes Die Welt’s energy journalist, Daniel Wetzel, who wrote: Now the results are in: No country in the world saved more CO2 in 2017

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No Tricks Zone: Antarctic Temperature Data Contradict Global Warming…”Much Warmer” 105 Years Ago!

Growing sea ice Despite all the alarmist claims of an Antarctic meltdown, it is well known that the trend for sea ice extent at the South Pole has been one of growing ice rather than shrinking ice over the past 4 decades. Naturally many factors influence polar sea ice extent, such as weather patterns, winds,

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No Tricks Zone: During The 800s-1300s AD, Wine Grapes Were Grown At Latitudes Where Polar Bears Now Roam

1-2°C Warmer Medieval Times Supported Wine   Vineyards In Russia, Norway, N England (55°N)   Image Source: Wikipedia Canada’s stable-to-increasing polar bear population extends its range slightly further south of the 55th parallel (York et al., 2016). Image Source: York et al., 2016 According to published geological evidence from the 1950s, remnants of wine grape vineyards

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Skepticism Storms Into Germany’s Bundestag As Parliamentarians More Concerned About Getting Out Of Town!

Happy Easter! Germany’s right-wing AfD party and (at times) the FDP Free Democrats, are the only parties across the German political landscape who are challenging climate change science and the country’s much maligned Energiewende. Of course the media in Germany, where man-made climate disaster is accepted as fact, tries to use this to portray skeptics as being

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No Tricks Zone: Central Europe’s Wintry Spring Start…March Mean Temp Almost 2°C Below Normal…2nd White Easter In A Row

Germany’s DWD national weather service has released the preliminary mean weather results for the country for March, 2018: “In summary a cold March, again snow in the north and east.” Wintry 2018 spring start in Germany. Photo by P Gosselin. The reason for the cold March, according to the DWD: “Germany was in a mostly dry,

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No Tricks Zone: Snow Cover, Ice Volume Growth Show Global Climate Is A Lot More Than Just “Surface Temperature”

Growing polar ice mass in a warm world? Although a number of scientists are hollering that 2017 was “among the warmest on record”, we are not seeing any manifestation of this, at least over the northern hemisphere, where ironically snow and ice have shown surprising extents. This year the northern hemisphere winter has been surprisingly

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No Tricks Zone: Another Bust: PAGES 2k ‘Global’ Reconstruction Fails To Confirm The ‘Hockey Stick’

A Deconstruction Of The PAGES 2k ‘Hockey Stick’ Image adapted from PAGES 2k, 2015 Five years ago, the release of the PAGES 2k Consortium (2013) “global” temperature data set was accompanied by a great deal of fanfare. Advocates deemed the conglomeration of proxy temperature data from 7 land regions as scientific confirmation of the notorious hockey-stick-shaped temperature…

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No Tricks Zone: Germany Proves That Burning Money On Green Energies Does Not Reduce CO2 Emissions…”Bitter Result”

German CO2 equivalent emissions refuse to budge 10 straight years running, despite hundreds of BILLIONS invested in green energies. As we have been hearing recently, global CO2 emissions continue their steady climb, despite the trillions of dollars committed to green energy sources worldwide and efforts to curb CO2 emissions. Source: International Energy Agency (IEA). Looking

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No Tricks Zone: As Karakorum Glacier Stability Puzzles Global Warming Experts, The Scientific Excuses Start To Fly

Awhile back a number of scientists hopped on the bandwagon claim that the Himalayan glaciers would be gone by the year 2030. That claim was quickly exposed as being preposterous and so the red-faced scientists backed off and said they had in fact meant the year 2300. Today that figure as well is also looking fake.

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No Tricks Zone: Groundbreaking New Paper Finds Global Warming, Ice Melt ‘Not Related To Sea Level Rise’

1 – 2 Meters Of Sea Level Rise By 2100 A ‘Highly Erroneous’ Claim Geophysicist and tectonics expert Dr. Aftab Khan has unearthed a massive fault in the current understanding of (1) rapid sea level rise and its fundamental relation to (2) global-scale warming/polar ice melt. Succinctly, Dr. Khan concludes the two have little to nothing to do with one

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