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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: Hamburg Meteorologists Find New Method For Better European Winter Forecasts…80% Certainty

People familiar with the chaos that is weather will agree that seasonal forecasts based merely on computer simulations are highly speculative and involve much guesswork. The quality of their output leaves little to be desired. As much as some of these forecasts may be presented with authoritative tones, in the end they all come with a […]

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No Tricks Zone: Termites Emit 2Xs More CO2 Than Humans. Soil Emits 9Xs More. Termite Numbers, Soil Area Are Growing.

• CO2 emissions from termites are more than double human emissions from fossil fuels. Image sources: New York Times, 1982, Zimmerman et al., 1982 • Termite populations have been observed expanding rapidly in recent decades. Image Source: Grace, 2006 Image Source: Buczkowski and Bertelsmeier, 2017 • CO2 emissions from soil is 9 times greater than human CO2 […]

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No Tricks Zone: Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Accused Of Issuing Fake Weather News, Alarmism

German climate skeptic Snowfan here reports that Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has been caught deliberately spreading climate alarmism ahead of the COP24 using “fake news” in its press release of December 3, 2018, where it announced: 2018 could be the warmest and driest year since 1881.“ Snowfan replied on December 9th that 2018could not […]

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Of Confusion: NASA, PIK Scientist Confirm Global Temperature Has Fallen 0.2°C Since 1850!

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here posted a video of excerpts of a German Parliamentary debate on climate change in the German Federal Parliament featuring Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) scientist Anders Levermann and atmospheric physicist Prof. Nir Shaviv of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The debate was to look into […]

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No Tricks Zone: Breaking The Rules Of Science: Potsdam Researchers Concoct, Blame Extreme Cold On Global Warming!

The non-falsifiable climate catastrophe: No matter if it’s hot or cold – it always has got to be global warming By Die kalte Sonne (Text translated by P Gosselin) The Central European heat summer of 2018 was a feeding frenzy for the followers of the climate disaster. The media turned it into sensational news and clearly […]

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No Tricks Zone: A Fabricated ‘Uptick’? Marcott’s 2013 Hockey Stick Graph Debunked By Marcott’s Own 2011 Ph.D Thesis

Unmasking Marcott’s “Uptick” 20th century “uptick” from Marcott et al., 2013, Almost immediately after it was introduced to the public, the lead author of Marcott et al. (2013) squelched the narrative that said the hockey-stick-shaped reconstruction he and his colleagues produced is a robust representation of modern global-scale temperature changes. In an interview with…

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No Tricks Zone: Late Summer Arctic Ice Volume Has Been Growing Since 2007…Contradicts Earlier Climate Predictions

By Kirye The media, alarmist scientists and many leading policymakers often tell the public “the Arctic is rapidly melting”. And if a poll were done today, a vast majority of the people in Japan and elsewhere would say this is true. Unfortunately they have become the victims of “fake news”. Luckily we have some hard […]

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No Tricks Zone: COP24 In Large Part An Expensive Taxpayer Funded Junket For Third World Delegates

406 Guinea Delegates Make Junket To Katowice Climate Conference By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning(German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) The climate conference in Katowice is in full swing and a variety of carbon-saving initiatives are being discussed: eating less meat, less heating and less air travel. In the latter case, of course, the conference […]

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No Tricks Zone: The List Grows – Now 85 Scientific Papers Assert CO2 Has A Minuscule Effect On The Climate

Within the last few years, over 30 papers have been added to our compilation of scientific papers that find the climate’s sensitivity to CO2 concentration changes is low to negligible. Link: 85 Scientific Papers – Low CO2 Climate Sensitivity A few of the papers published in 2018 that were added to the list are provided […]

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No Tricks Zone: Global Warming Activists Speechless In Katowice As Yellow Vest Protests Spread Europe-Wide With Unexpected Intensity

The Swiss online Basel BAZ news site reported yesterday how the Yellow Vest fossil fuel tax protests have spread across Belgium and into the Netherlands, and so threaten to become a European phenomenon. Previously it was thought that a move away from fossil fuels and higher taxes on them were the will of the people […]

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No Tricks Zone: Surprise: CO2 Warming Signal Absent in Japan …Number of “Cold Days” Rising Over Past 30 Years

By Kirye Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere is supposed to be trapping heat and thus warming the global temperature. But when we look at the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) statistics from my home country of Japan, one does not find any such warming over the recent decades. I looked at the number of so-called cold […]

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No Tricks Zone: Coming Bloodbath – Electrification Of Automotive Power-Trains To Wipe Out 114,000 German Jobs, New Analysis Shows

German business daily Handelsblatt here reports on a new study that suggests up to 114,000 German automotive related jobs could disappear should the switchover to electric mobility take place as planned. According to research by the German Labor Market and Occupational Research Institute (IAB) and its publication titled “Electric Mobility 2035“, the study focuses on […]

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists: ‘Falsified’ Climate Models ‘Do Not Employ Known Physics Fully’…‘Don’t Agree With Reality’

Many new scientific papers affirm climate model results conflict with one another, diverge from observations, and aren’t fully rooted in established physics. Image Source: Essex and Tsonis, 2018 Climate models are predicated on the assumption that greenhouse gases exert fundamental control on the Earth’s climate system. That’s why for decades it’s been predicted that disaster will […]

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No Tricks Zone: France 2.0? Police Brutally Beat Protesters As German Environment Minister Aims To Boost Fossil Energy Prices

Is Germany blindly following President Emmanuel Macron in agitating its citizens with plans to impose higher fuel and heating oil taxes? Pay the carbon tax. Pay it. We will keep beating you until you agree to pay it. Pay. The. Carbon. Tax. — Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) December 5, 2018 Video in tweet above: French […]

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No Tricks Zone: Japan Says ‘Sayōnara’ To Warming… Unadjusted Data Show No Signs Of Any Significant Warming At All

By Kirye Data have been showing that Japan has been seeing a warming hiatus going back 20 years, and at many locations, even 30 years. This is the case when using the unadjusted data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) The meteorological autumn has ended and we can plot a sampling of the latest mean […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Research: Methane Emissions From Livestock Have No Detectable Effect On The Climate

Agrobiologist and scientific researcher Dr. Albrecht Glatzle, author of over 100 scientific papers and two textbooks, has published research that shows “there is no scientific evidence, whatsoever, that domestic livestock could represent a risk for the Earth’s climate” and that the “warming potential of anthropogenic GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions has been exaggerated”. Image Source: Glatzle,…

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No Tricks Zone: German Wind Turbines Go Up In Flames, Or Simply Collapse, …Federal Government Refuses To Investigate

German wind turbines are mysteriously collapsing, catching fire, but authorities refuse technical monitoring and mandatory inspections. North German NDR public television here reports how days ago 50 fire fighters were called to the scene of a wind turbine fire. All they could do was extinguish the debris once it had fell to the ground. The […]

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No Tricks Zone: New University Of Exeter Study Finds Climate Models Skewed, Overhype CO2 …”Uncertainties Rigorously Concealed”!

University of Exeter: Role of natural climate factors is underestimated By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) One of the main criticisms of the IPCC climate assessment is the marginalization of natural climate drivers. Indrani Roy of the University of Exeter published a paper in Frontiers, promoting greater consideration […]

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No Tricks Zone: Snow Forecast To Reach Florida, Mexico… This Decade’s November Snow Cover Highest On Record

Observations surprise global warming alarmists as snow forecast to fall in Florida, this decade’s November snow cover hits record high, Arctic ice volume stabilizes, models having hard time with forecasts… Yesterday Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell’s Daily Update showed that December in the US and Canada will be starting on the unusually snowy side. As the […]

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No Tricks Zone: A ‘Growing Number Of Scientists’ Indicate Earth’s Oil & Gas Supply Is Abiogenic, Unlimited…Renewable

“Peak Oil is dead. The era of hydrocarbon civilization will never end!” — Prof. N.P. Zapivalov, Russian Geologist “If substantiated, the study of abiotic petroleum origin theory could provide practically unlimited hydrocarbon fuels recharge from below the existing sedimentary petroleum basins in the Earth’s crusts from its mantle.” — Dr. Magdi Ragheb, Nuclear Engineer “[T]here is a growing…

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No Tricks Zone: “Environmental Crime”… Rare, Endangered Birds Being Killed To Clear Way For Wind Park Project Approvals

The online German BR24 of Bavaria here writes how many endangered birds are being shot or poisoned in what appears to be in some cases attempts to clear the way for controversial projects such as wind parks. Already there are strong protests across Germany concerning wind parks ruining the landscape, damaging the local biotope, disrupting the […]

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No Tricks Zone: 40-Year Meteorologist Says Recent Global Warming Due To Natural, Ocean-Cycle-Related Water Vapor, Not CO2

At Weatherbell’s most recent Saturday Summary, veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi presents the main reason why he believes the globe has been warming over the past decades: more water vapor in the atmosphere due to natural ocean cycles. Panic time for Arctic sea ice doomsayers? The former Accuweather meteorologist explains why there’s a good chance Arctic […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Treeline, Permafrost Evidence Strongly Affirms The Mid-Holocene Was 3°C Warmer Than Today

Newly published macrofossil discoveries from 4 papers strongly suggest that modern warmth may still be about 3°C colder than nearly all of the last 10,000 years. Image Source: Leunda et al. (2018) 1. Permafrost is still present today in a region that was permafrost-free throughout the Holocene (until the onset of the Little Ice Age) According […]

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No Tricks Zone: Spiegel Science Reporter: Journalists “Rather Spread Disaster Scenarios”, Ignore Climate Science Uncertainties

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski, a geology major, believes some journalistic changes are sorely needed when it comes the mainstream media reporting on climate science and its uncertainties. Spiegel’s critical science journalist Axel Bojanowski. Image cropped from Twitter here. The online NDR German public television reports here on an annual meeting of science journalists which…

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No Tricks Zone: Record Cold Hits North America, Arctic Sea Ice Stable As Solar Activity Reaches Near 200-Year Low

Winter has arrived much earlier than normal this year, particularly across North America, where cold records have been shattered. This Thanksgiving is in fact going down as one of the coldest ever on record across the Northeast. The Washington Post here, for example, reports that Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 will be remembered for a […]

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No Tricks Zone: Europe’s Energy Uprising …Hundreds Injured, “Warlike Conditions” As Protests Against High Fuel Prices Rage

Fuel price uprisings spread across Belgium, France… hundreds injured, one dead, major highways blocked, property and windows smashed by “yellow vest” fuel price protesters. The fact that fuel prices in Europe are sky-high is no accident. They have been willed that way by cash and regulation-hungry governments. Moreover, the threatened actions aimed at curbing the […]

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No Tricks Zone: 2 More New Sea Surface Reconstructions Indicate Rapid COOLING In The Last 100+ Years

The evidence that “global” warming has not been global in scale continues to accumulate. Two more new reconstructions from the Western Pacific (He et al., 2018) and subpolar North Atlantic (Orme et al., 2018) indicate that modern temperatures have continued to decline since the onset of the Little Ice Age. These add to the nearly […]

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No Tricks Zone: New Swiss Ice Core Study Shows MAN NOT RESPONSIBLE For End Of Little Ice Age!

Ice core study: Industrialization not the cause of the end of the Little Ice Age By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) A few days ago here at our blog we presented a study criticizing climate models and false soot data: These data clearly show that industrial soot could hardly […]

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No Tricks Zone: Wow! Profound If True: Russian Expert Believes Supply Of Hydrocarbon Fossil Fuels Virtually “Infinite”

Recently I presented here an article on filmmaker Marijn Poels’s new documentary that featured former Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson, who stated that the theories of climate science are “very confused” and that “the models are wrong”. But perhaps the most fascinating point the film brings up was presented at the very end: A Russian scientist […]

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No Tricks Zone: Winds Of Change? 10 New Papers Document The Evident Harm Wind Turbines Afflict On Humanity

In the scientific literature, wind energy’s effects on human populations has increasingly garnered an ignominious reputation in recent years. For example, wind energy is claimed to (1) lead to “genocide” and “green grabbing”, (2) harm human health and well-being, and (3) lower home property values. Image Source: Tonin, 2017 Wind energy “green-grabbing” leading to “genocide”, […]

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