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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: 1,407 Contiguous U.S. Temperature Stations Reveal NO WARMING TREND During 1901-2015

The Warming ‘Hole’ Myth Non-Warming Regions Are More Rule Than Exception  Earlier this month, the authors of a new paper (Partridge et al., 2018) published in Geophysical Research Letters promulgated the term “warming hole” to describe the cooling temperatures gripping most of the Eastern half of the United States from the late 1950s through 2015. “We

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No Tricks Zone: Greenland, Antarctica And Dozens Of Areas Worldwide Have Not Seen Any Warming In 60 Years And More!

Guest writer Kenneth Richard provided in a comment an abbreviated list of locations across the globe that have not seen any warming over the past 60 years and more. Yet many authorities at these locations are rushing blindly to curb rapid warming they falsely believe is taking place. Maybe they ought to look at the data

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No Tricks Zone: Spiegel Online Slams Profiteering From Climate Alarmism… Munich Re Admits: “No Climate Signal”!

Spiegel Online published two days ago a report by science journalist Axel Bojanowski on the widespread “disinformation surrounding climate change” and the profit made from the hyping and exaggeration of weather extremes. Examples cited are the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Railway), the reinsurance industry, foremost Munich Re, and alarmist climate scientists such as Potsdam Institute’s Stefan…

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No Tricks Zone: Europe Facing Coldest March In Years, Global Surface Temperatures Cool…”Bad Times” For Warming Alarmists

Here at NTZ we are glad to see that German weather and climate blogger Schneefan is back from his hiatus and this week he presents a couple of interesting posts, here and here. Cold to grip Europe for rest of month First he writes that the latest weather models and patterns are now pointing to an extended winter

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No Tricks Zone: Another AGW Epic Fail: New Paper Finds Appalachians Have Been Dramatically COOLING Since 1910

A new scientific study says surface temperatures in the Northeastern U.S. (Appalachian Mountains) have undergone a significant long-term cooling trend since the early 20th century, complicating the detection of a clear anthropogenic global warming (AGW) signal for the region. According to Eck (2018), the two coldest Appalachian winters since 1910 were recorded in recent years

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No Tricks Zone: Greed Energy…Endangered Black Stork Nest Blocking Wind Park Construction Gets Criminally Destroyed

Conservationist/wind-energy protest group Rettet den Odenwald (Save the Forest of Odes) here writes that yet another endangered stork nest was recently destroyed at the forested location near a proposed JuWi wind park. Controversy swirls over German wind park builder JuWi Normally the clearing of forest land to make way for industry is required to undergo

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No Tricks Zone: Powerful Opposition To ‘Energiewende’ Storms Into German Parliament… “Eco-Populist Voodoo”

Green energy opposition becoming formidable force in Germany As Germany’s established CDU and SPD “mainstream” parties find themselves imploding, the smaller parties who oppose Germany’s out-of-control Energiewende (transition to green energies) are rapidly becoming a formidable force and making their presence felt in Germany’s national parliament like never before. For example Germany’s FDP…

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No Tricks Zone: The Epic Failure Of Glacier-Melt, Sea Level Rise Alarmism Continues To Bespoil Climate Science

 A Disgraceful Chasm Between Real-World Observations & Climate Science Reporting Injecting frightening scenarios into climate science reporting  has seemingly become a requisite for publication. In a new Nature Geoscience editorial, a common scare tactic is utilized by the (unidentified) author so as to grab readers’ attention. Nature Geoscience, 2018 The East Antarctic ice sheet is

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No Tricks Zone: Land Of The Rising Cold …Japan Sees One Of Its Worst Winters In Decades …Heavy Snow And Bitter Cold

A few days ago I posted on how brutal cold and snow were gripping the northern hemisphere from every direction. Prominently featured was the western Pacific country of Japan. “Amazingly cold” Not only had it been cold and brutal in January, but the story was the same already back in mid December as well, as

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No Tricks Zone: New Paleoclimate Findings Show Medieval Warm Period Across Africa And Arabia…Natural Climate Drivers

Paleoclimate data still spotty and incomplete, leaving climate models vague, uncalibrated and filled with uncertainty Paleo-climatological data, used for the reconstruction of past climate from proxy records such as ice cores, tree rings, sediment cores etc., have not had adequate geographical coverage. Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, where a sediment core was extracted. Credit: Andreas31, CC…

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No Tricks Zone: Europe Cooling…Weather Service Data Show Falling January Mean Temperatures Over Past 30 Years

Josef Kowatsch and Stefan Kämpfe at the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here have been looking at temperatures in Central Europe, foremost Germany, over the past 30 years. Heavy snow blankets Germany in January, 2018. Photo: Stefan Kämpfe The German media like to say that Germany has been warming rapidly due to global

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No Tricks Zone: 20 New Papers Crush Claims Of A Man-Made Link To Arctic Climate Change, Glacier Retreat, Sea Ice

Anthropogenic Influence On Arctic Climate ‘Too Small To Be Detected’ Source: Haine, 2016 The evidence compiled in scientific papers continues to rapidly accumulate. An anthropogenic signal in the regional Arctic climate is still too small to be detected. Temperature, glacier melt, and sea ice changes are all well within the range of natural variation for the

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No Tricks Zone: PIK Potsdam Climate Institute Emerges As A Non-Credible Outlier When It Comes To Hurricanes

Hurricane activity trend declines significantly over the past 65 years Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt posted here yesterday results showing that  hurricane activity has decreased over the past decades, despite all the hysteria we’ve been hearing from the usual suspects. Data and studies show that Potsdam Institute thinly veiled claims that hurricanes are connected

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No Tricks Zone: Bitter Cold In Every Direction…Harsh Winter Conditions Grip Northern Hemisphere As Globe Cools

Never mind the severe cold hitting the Super Bowl this year, or scientists lecturing us on global warming while their host resort Davos got buried in snow. There’s been a lot of cold gripping all over the northern hemisphere this winter – much more than many of us expected. Europe has also joined in on

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No Tricks Zone: Shock Paper Cites Formula That Precisely Calculates Planetary Temps WITHOUT Greenhouse Effect, CO2

CO2 Climate Sensitivity So Low It’s ‘Impossible To Detect Or Measure In The Real Atmosphere’ “In particular, formula 5 (and 6) as presented here, totally rules out any possibility that a 33°C greenhouse effect of the type proposed by the IPCC in their reports can exist in the real atmosphere.” – Holmes, 2017 In a new

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No Tricks Zone: World Leading Authority: Sea Level “Absolutely Stable”… Poor Quality Data From “Office Perps”…IPCC “False”

German-speaking readers will surely want to save the text of an interview conducted by the online Baseler Zeitung (BAZ) of Switzerland with world leading sea level expert Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner. Photo right: Nils-Axel Mörner Few scientists have scientifically published as much on sea level as Mörner has. Yet because he rejects the alarmist scenarios touted by

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No Tricks Zone: Bewildered Scientists…A Global Warming Crisis Fails To Appear: Sea Level Rise Grinds To A Crawl

Over the past months a spate of scientific papers published show sea level rise has not accelerated like many climate warming scientists warned earlier. In fact the rise is far slower than expected, read here and here. Alarmist bedwetting by scientists over sea level rise proving to have been needless. Source: Potsdam Institute for Climate

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No Tricks Zone: New Scare Science: Global Sea Levels Rose A Staggering 3.1 Inches (1.42 mm/yr) During 1958-2014

Antarctica & Greenland Combined Added 0.59 Of An Inch To Sea Levels Since 1958 Graph Source: Grinsted et al., 2009 In a newly published paper, oceanographers estimate that global sea levels rose at a rate of ~1.42 mm per year−1 (1.32 to 1.52 mm/yr−1) between 1958 and 2014, a 56-year span that directly coincides with an unprecedented

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No Tricks Zone: Latest Data Show NO SEA LEVEL RISE ACCELERATION Since 1993…Coasts: Less Than 2 Millimeters Rise Annually!

Satellite Data Show No Acceleration In Sea Level Rise Over Past 25 Years Image: NASA Earth Observatory  (public domain) Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt today here are asking how sea level rise is doing because as have not heard much about it lately. A good place to start is at Climate4You. Strangely the data

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No Tricks Zone: Germany’s Latest Media-Feigned “Nitrogen Oxide” Hysteria Is Just Another “Dihydrogen-Monoxide” Moment

Now that it has been revealed German carmakers BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler had an organization test the effects of diesel fumes on monkeys, and in a separate test nitrogen oxide on humans, Germany’s politicians and media are all falling over themselves feigning outrage and moral indignation. Such fools. Of course the media did not hesitate to make the

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: Caribou Herds Currently Declining Due To A COOLING Arctic Climate

 Scientists: A Warm Arctic Benefits Its Inhabitants  Contrary to the claims of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) advocates, the Arctic climate naturally warms and cools in a decadal-scale oscillatory fashion and in response to broad changes in the North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation.  The climate does not just warm in a long-term linear pattern that

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No Tricks Zone: 40-Year Meteorologist Rejects Warming The Cause Of Brutal Cold Snaps! And: La Nina Conditions Over Entire 2018

At his latest Weatherbell Analytics Saturday Summary, 40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi lays out what’s behind the next brutal blast of cold and snow that’s coming to North America over the next weeks: Temperature anomaly forecast for February 7 – 12, 2018, for North America. Chart: NCEP. It’s due to naturally occurring cycles, he says. Yet,

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No Tricks Zone: Adjusted Upwards…German CO2 Equivalent Emissions Rise (Again) In 2016…No Reduction Since 2009!

Germany’s CO2 equivalent emissions revised upward for 2016. The country has barely seen any reduction in greenhouse gas emissions so far this decade but has seen its power prices skyrocket and power grid become far more unstable. According to Germany’s Ministry of Environment here (UBA), emissions of “climate gases” rose again in 2016, from 906

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No Tricks Zone: Unstable Green Power Grids: German ARD Television Tells Citizens To Start Getting Used To Blackouts!

Flagship ARD public television here broadcast a report on the state of the German power grid, which until about some 15 years ago was by far among the world’s most stable. But those days are now gone, thanks to volatile green energies. The ARD report basically tells German citizens and industry that they need to prepare

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No Tricks Zone: Veteran Hurricane Forecasting Guru Predicts 2018 Season Could Even Be Worse Than Last Year’s Destructive Season

Former NOAA, veteran meteorologist David Dilley of Global Weather Oscillations predicts the coming 2018 hurricane season could be even worse than 2017’s already harsh season. The reason: natural cycles have the Atlantic in an active phase. Image: NASA, public domain. Last year Dilley predicted already in February that the southern tip of Florida would be hit

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No Tricks Zone: Groundbreaking AGW-Undermining Study: Greenland’s Warming, Ice Loss Due To Geothermal Heat

‘Several Thousand’ Hot (60°C) Springs ‘All Over’ Greenland Melt The Ice Sheet From Bottom Up A few years ago, 10 glaciologists publishing in the journal Nature Geoscience asserted that “large parts of the north-central Greenland ice sheet are melting from below” due to high geothermal heat flux forcing (Rogozhina et al., 2016). In a new paper published

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No Tricks Zone: Predictions Of Snowless Winters Go Down In Flames As No. Hemisphere Gets Buried Under Ice

We all remember how some scientists (David Viner and Mojib Latif, for example) boldly announced some 18 years ago that snow and ice at latitudes 40 – 55°N would become rare. Yet looking at the latest data, we see that ironically it’s bare ground that has become “a thing of the past”. Spiegel science journalist

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No Tricks Zone: 3 New (2018) Papers Link Modern Warming And Past Cooling Periods To High, Low Solar Activity

Graph Source: Herrera et al., 2015 Graph Source: Russell et al., 2010 1.  Oliva et al., 2018 Cold period during 1645–1706 (Maunder solar minimum).  Cold period during 1810–1838 (Dalton solar minimum).  Warm period during the mid-20th and 21st centuries (modern solar maximum).   LIA  [Little Ice Age] was characterized by a cold phase having lower annual

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No Tricks Zone: German Public Television Carries Out Textbook Propaganda Hit On German Climate “Deniers”…”Used Every Trick”

Another winter North Sea storm struck Germany last Thursday, and naturally the alarmists and climate-downfall conspiracy nuts – among them flagship German public television – immediately mobilized to point the blame on manmade CO2 emissions. Linking skepticism to the right wing AfD party. Image cropped from rbb Kontraste. And because the right wing newcomers, the AfD

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: German Agreed 2050 CO2 Reductions Could Cost Astronomical $2.8 TRILLION By 2050!

It has long been dawning on most people that the costs of Germany’s Energiewende (transition to green energies) have been spectacularly underestimated. As Germany rushes into its foray with renewable energies, principally wind and sun, we are finding out that many of the costs involved have not been taken into account. According to Die Welt: In

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