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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: ONLY 0.8% Of Coastal Tide Gauges Show Sea Level Rise On Track To Reach IPCC Year 2100 Projection!

Accurately measuring the sea level with a satellite is highly complex and fraught with uncertainty. Even the slightest equipment miscalibrations can produce inaccurate results. Huge discrepancy exists between satellite measurements and observed coastal tide gauge readings. Source: CSIRO. For sea level rise, the figures that are often cited come from namely two sources: satellite measurement,…

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No Tricks Zone: Germany’s “Ticking Time Bombs”…Technical Experts Say Wind Turbines Posing “Significant Danger” To Environment!

As much of Germany’s nearly 30,000 strong fleet of wind turbines approach 20 or more years in age, the list of catastrophic collapses is growing more rapidly. The turbines are now being viewed by technical experts as “ticking time bombs”. According to a commentary by Daniel Wetzel of online German Daily ‘Die Welt’, the aging rickety

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No Tricks Zone: New Study: Sea Level Was 11-12.5 Meters Higher Than Now During The Mid-Holocene

In a new paper, data from 57 sites along 17 km of coastal Denmark reveal that sea levels were 11 to 12.5 meters higher than they are today between 7,600 and 4,600 years ago. Image Source: Clemmensen et al., 2018 Most Holocene reconstructions do not indicate that sea levels were more than about 5 meters above

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No Tricks Zone: German National Daily ‘Die Welt’ On CO2 Reduction: “Why Has It Been 5 To Midnight 30 Years Long?”

Sustainable alarm, unending hoax. Commentary at Germany’s ‘Die Welt’: Why has the climate-last-chance alarm been blaring 30 years long now? And why has the planet today “suddenly” just been given yet another 20 years by experts? Remember how in 2007 Al Gore warned we had only 10 more years to act? Well, those 10 years

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No Tricks Zone: Paris Accord Humiliation: 23 Of 28 EU States Graded “Poor” Or “Very Poor” On Achieving Climate Targets!

It’s schadenfreude time for the skeptics of so-called “green energies”, and humiliation time for green energy cheerleaders.  Not a single EU state is meeting its climate targets, a new analysis by CAN Europe finds. It’s been close to three years since countries worldwide signed the Paris Agreement, which obligates nations pledge to commit themselves to intending

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No Tricks Zone: Observational Evidence Reveals Regional Arctic Sea Ice Was Thinner In 1955 Than In 2015-’17!

According to a new paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, the observed mean thickness of the sea ice in the region north of (Arctic) Svalbard was substantially thinner (0.94 m) in 1955 than it has been in recent years (~1.6 m, 2015/2017). Graph Source: Rösel et al., 2018 In 1955, the atmospheric CO2 concentration

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No Tricks Zone: Claimed Antarctic Ice Loss An Artefact of Statistical Waterboarding…Fraught With Huge Uncertainty…

On June 13 Chris Mooney of the Washington Post wrote how Antarctica’s ice sheet was “melting at a rapidly increasing rate” and “pouring more than 200 billion tons of ice into the ocean annually” — all this according to “a team of 80 scientists”. The doomsday media response was immediate. Mooney of course blamed CO2 for the

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No Tricks Zone: Weather Info Today “80- 90% Nonsense”, Veteran Meteorologist Bemoans Media Hype/Nonsense

Top Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann blasts the quality of modern weather information in Germany, warning that 80-90% of weather stories found in the online media are “false information” or even “made-up nonsense”, and feels his field has become “a hoard of anarchy.” Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann. Photo source: Yesterday here I reported how veteran Swiss…

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No Tricks Zone: Prominent Swiss Meteorologist Says Blaming Weather Events On Climate Change “Unscientific Idiocy”

No one understands the causes of weather better than highly experienced meteorologists. And so when it comes to questions about extreme weather events, there is no one better to ask than prominent Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann (or Joe Bastardi in the US). Yesterday at Twitter the veteran, high-profile Swiss meteorologist Kachelmann tweeted about an interview

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No Tricks Zone: Another Warming ‘Hole’? Observations Show The North Atlantic COOLED By -0.8°C/Century Since 1800s

In a new paper, scientists document another long-term cooling trend, this time in the North Atlantic’s sea surface temperatures.  Characterized as yet another stubborn “warming hole” in the anthropogenic “global” warming (AGW) narrative, the cooling trend amounts to “0.8 K century-1” and does not follow expectations outlined in models of  global-scale warming. The portrayal of a…

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No Tricks Zone: Swedish Researchers Confirm 20th Century Warming “Does Not Stand Out” Over Past 2500 Years!

A very recent study by Swedish scientists appearing in the journal Climate of the Past examining bottom water temperature (BWT) off the coast of Western Sweden (Gullmar Fjord) going back 2500 years found that “the most recent warming of the 20th century does not stand out.” Team of researchers led by Irina Polovodova Asteman , University of

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No Tricks Zone: Coal Use To Explode By 43% Worldwide! …German Energy Expert: “Foundation Of The Paris Accord Has Collapsed”

Yesterday German energy expert and scientist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt commented at his monthly column at Die kalte Sonne site here on solar activity, CO2 and coal power in Germany. Photo: Fritz Vahrenholt, source: Die kalte Sonne Sun factor grossly underestimated Lately the sun’s activity has been very quiet as the star at the center of our

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists: Solar Forcing Will ‘Dampen’ Global Temperatures In 2030-2040 – ‘Only 1.1 K’ Warming By 2100

In two new papers, scientists affirm a strong connection between solar activity and the Earth’s climate, as temperatures are said to be 3 times more sensitive to solar forcing than CO2 forcing.  With the advent of  a grand minimum in the coming decades, a consequent “dampening” of temperatures (and slowing of sea level rise) is

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No Tricks Zone: New Hell Climate Change Gets Certified …Schellnhuber Prophesizes “End Of Civilization”

There’s capital to be derived from climate change, and now spiritual leaders and organized religion are getting in the act. And they offer a real Hell you can believe in – even certified by science! Religion comes up with an all new, improved Hell As enlightenment over the past decades and centuries have led the masses

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No Tricks Zone: 100-Year Russian Arctic Temperature Reconstruction Shows 1930s Just As Warm As Today!

Russian Arctic in 1920-1940 was warmer than today By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) The topic today is the temperature trend in the Arctic. Of special interest are the hard facts. At Climate4You we find the satellite measured temperature development (UAH) of the Arctic:  Figure 1: Temperature

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No Tricks Zone: The Heat Is Gone! Hurricane Expert: “Tropical Atlantic 2nd Coldest”…”Could Suppress Hurricane Activity”

Unusually cold tropical Atlantic could suppress hurricane activity this year, says Colorado State University hurricane expert Phillip Klotzbach. However cold tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures don’t necessarily mean reduced hurricane risk. Colorado State University (CSU) hurricane expert Phillip Klotzback at Twitter commented that the tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures are the…

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists Find Sun-Driven Temperature Changes Led CO2 Changes By 1300-6500 Years In The Ancient Past

It has long been established in the scientific literature (and affirmed by the IPCC) that CO2 concentration changes followed Antarctic temperature changes by about 600 to 1000 years during glacial-interglacial transitions throughout the last ~800,000 years (Fischer et al., 1999; Monnin et al., 2001; Caillon et al., 2003; Stott et al., 2007; Kawamura et al., 2007). In contrast, two new papers…

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No Tricks Zone: Climate Scientists “Gone Astray”…”Climate Alarm Bubble Gradually Rupturing”, German Scientists Say

At the Wall Street Journal, Steven F. Hayward penned a great summary on the current state of the climate movement, telling us the CO2 climate change issue is quickly running out of oxygen. Comparing the movement to earlier environmental movements, Hayward tells us that such movements can be broken down into 5 phases: Bring attention to the problem

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No Tricks Zone: Doomsday Climate Models Wrong Again! Hurricanes Declining…Flooding Over Europe Not More Frequent

Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue pointed out here at Twitter that hurricane activity has not lived up to the climate model projections and that major hurricanes in the 1970s and 80s were “likely underestimated” The hurricane expert tweeted: Over the past 4-decades, number of global HURRICANE strength tropical cyclones (about 48/year) have actually DECREASED, while MAJOR

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No Tricks Zone: Atomic Physicist: Human CO2 Emissions Have An Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity Of A ‘Not Important’ 0.02 K

Dr. Boris M. Smirnov, a prominent atomic physicist, has authored 20 physics textbooks during the last two decades.  His latest scientific paper suggests that the traditional “absorption band” model for calculating the effect of atmospheric CO2 during the radiative transfer process is flawed.  New calculations reveal that the climate’s sensitivity to a doubling of the CO2

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No Tricks Zone: Shocking Twitter Display Of Contempt And Hubris By Stefan Rahmstorf, NASA’s Gavin Schmidt

In a shocking display of contempt and hubris, NASA GISS director Gavin Schmidt and Potsdam Institute climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf lashed out in response to questioning… and insist “leading climate scientists” don’t need policing by “policy folk” and that the questioning is “tiresome” and “silly”. Two days ago, German green-energy proponent Dr. Oliver Geden commented at Twitter…

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No Tricks Zone: Sixt Car Rental CEO Sees No Future For Electric Cars…”Politically Serious Mistake”…”Devours Money”

As the pressure mounts in Europe to ditch diesel-engine-powered cars and switch over to electric vehicles, a number of experts advise some sobriety before taking the great big green leap. “Serious mistake” According to the online German business weekly Wirthschaftswoche (WIWO) here, the CEO of Sixt car rental company, one of the largest in Europe, recently

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No Tricks Zone: Japanese Meteorological Agency Corrects Antarctic’s Long-Term Sea Ice Growth Trend Upwards

The Global Environment and Marine Department of the Japanese Meteorological Agency recently corrected the long term trend in the annual mean sea ice extent in the Antarctic area: from 0.015 x 106 km2 per year to 0.019 x 106 km2 per year on 11 May 2018. That’s more than a 25% adjustment (15,000 sq. km

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No Tricks Zone: New Scientific Evidence Robustly Affirms Scandinavian Temperatures Were 3-4°C Warmer 9000 Years Ago

Because trees may only grow within narrowly-defined temperature ranges and elevations above sea level, perhaps the most reliable means of assessing the air temperatures of past climates is to collect ancient treeline evidence.  In a new paper, Kullman (2018) found tree remnants at mountain sites 600 to 700 meters higher than where the modern treeline

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