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A US citizen, P Gosselin received an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering at Vermont Technical College and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He now lives in Europe and helps his wife, the owner, run a small business that provides services for industry. He has always been a skeptic of the AGW hypothesis, and views himself as a mere spectator in the climate change debate and arena.

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No Tricks Zone: Driving Electric Vehicles In China Increases CO2 Emissions…Driving Gasoline Vehicles In China Reduces CO2 Emissions

Electric Vehicle Emissions 27-50% Greater Than Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles Image: Qiao et al., 2017 Sales of electric vehicles (EV) in China have exploded in recent years. According to the New York Times (October, 2017), between 2014 and 2017, annual EV purchases by China’s citizens more than doubled, from 145,000 in 2014 to 295,000 (projected) for

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No Tricks Zone: “Giving Global Warming The Cold Shoulder”…Central European Winters Have Cooled Last 30 Years!

We’re always hearing from the European media how winters supposedly have been getting warmer. Yet when we look out the window and look at the hard data, the claim crumbles. Atlanta ice box, 8-15 cm of snow! Today snow is forecast across much of Europe. In the US Dr. Ryan Maue tweets if there is

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No Tricks Zone: Trump: Paris Climate Accord “One Of The Great Catastrophes” …But Leaves Door Open For New Deal

President Donald Trump once again rejected “global governance” and rigid multi-nation trade deals before a packed and highly enthusiastic rally in Pensacola, Florida, yesterday. Donald Trump leaves door wide open to a fair climate deal. Photo credit: Shealah Craighead, public domain photo. The US President re-emphasized the importance of American national sovereignty and independence from…

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No Tricks Zone: Time Running Out For Global Warming Hoaxsters… 7 New Studies Show Large Parts Of Globe Cooling!

Recently I wrote about 7 signs showing that the earth has been cooling and likely will continue to cool. To back this up, Kenneth Richards commented in a reply that this year has seen 7 new peer-reviewed papers that show us that the earth’s surface temperature at the poles and elsewhere has been cooling since

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No Tricks Zone: 2 New Papers: 92% Of Polar Bear Subpopulations Stable, Increasing…Inuit Observe ‘Too Many Polar Bears Now’

Inuit: Bears ‘Catch Seals Even If The Ice Is Really Thin’ Scientists: ‘Unlikely Polar Bears Are At Risk From AGW’ Image source: York et al, 2016, Journal of Ecology and Evolution. Most of the world’s polar bears live in Canada.  Hunters and elders from northern Canada’s native communities have been immersed in studying polar bear ecology

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No Tricks Zone: Energiewende “Fundamentally A Disaster” …Germany To Miss CO2 Reduction Targets By A Mile

The latest forecast shows snow and cold moving across much Germany this weekend, again. Despite Germany ‘s ruddy CO2 emissions, winter keeps coming. German public broadcasting, here for example, reports today that despite all the green, climate-preaching, Germany will miss its 2020 CO2 reductions by a mile. More embarrassingly, the country has not reduced its CO2 equivalent

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No Tricks Zone: Media Climate Alarmism Has Become “Primitive”… “Intellectually Subterranean”, German Scientists Say

Recent SRF German public broadcasting commentary on climate change have reached a new low in quality and new high in activism, two respected German scientists say. ============================================= By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Text translated/edited by P Gosselin) “Climate-alarm propaganda day” November 29, 2017, was once again a climate alarm propaganda day…

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No Tricks Zone: Whistleblower Scientists: PSMSL Data-Adjusters Are Manufacturing Sea Level Rise Where None Exists

‘Adjustments’ To Create Spurious Sea Level Rise Have Now Infected The PSMSL Tide Gauge Data In a new paper published in Earth Systems and Environment this month, Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier uncover evidence that overseers of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) appear to have been engaging in

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No Tricks Zone: 7 Major Signs The Globe’s Surface Has Been Cooling, And Will Continue To Cool

By now, after some 30 years of dire warnings, you’d think that the warming of the globe and ice mass reduction would be much further along than it actually is. Yet there are a number of major signs that show the opposite (cooling and freezing) are happening: 1. Arctic ice has stabilized over the past

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No Tricks Zone: Germany’s National Power Grid Mess…Country Seeing Whopping 172,000 Power Outages Annually!

Germany’s Energiewende threatens to follow a similar path as the Berlin-Brandenburg airport debacle, but on a far greater scale. When bureaucrats take over project engineering... Berlin-Brandenburg BER airport: Construction began in 2006 with operation scheduled to begin in 2011. And now as 2017 nears the end, BER is not even close to opening. Currently it

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No Tricks Zone: 2 More New Papers Affirm There Is More Arctic Ice Coverage Today Than During The 1400s

 A Shrinking Anthropogenic Signal  Continues To Emerge In The Arctic Earlier this year, Stein et al., 2017 published a reconstruction of Arctic sea ice variations throughout the Holocene that appeared to establish that there is more Arctic sea ice now than for nearly all of the last 10,000 years. The study region, the Chukchi Sea,

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No Tricks Zone: German Public Media Finally Acknowledge Country’s Power Grid Now More Unstable Than Ever

It seems that the woes besetting the German Energiewende (transition the green energies) and the country’s power grids are finally beginning to hit home at the mainstream German media. For example German HR public radio here writes “increasingly large problems have besieged power grid operator Tennet” and that the company often “has to act at

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No Tricks Zone: Swiss “Climate Ethicist” Prof: Flying Okay “If Mother On Deathbed…Or For Going To Climate Conferences”!

Today we bring you the climate wackiness of the week. At Swiss SRF public broadcasting, Yves Bossart recently interviewed philosopher and ethicist Dominic Roser of the Institute for Ethics and Human Rights of the University of Fribourg. Roser is also the author of the book “Ethics of Climate Change“. Photo right: Dominic Roser, University of Fribourg In the interview Roser tells

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No Tricks Zone: Before 1960s-’70s Global Cooling Was Erased, It Caused Droughts, Crop Failures, Glacier Advance, Ice Age Threats

Changing Scientific Consensus 1970s: Global Cooling A Serious Threat Today: Global Cooling Never Happened Until the mid-1980s, it was widely accepted in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that there was an abrupt global cooling trend between the 1940s and 1970s. The amplitude of the climate change amounted to more than -0.5°C of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere, as

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No Tricks Zone: 2017 Global Cyclone Energy Almost 20% Below Normal …Southern Hemisphere Near Record Low!

A look at Dr. Ryan Maue’s site here tells us a lot about how 2017 cyclone activity is doing as the Atlantic hurricane season winds down. In September the Atlantic indeed saw some powerful hurricanes, such as Harvey, Irma and Maria, which led the media into a fit of Armageddon hysteria and calls to do

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No Tricks Zone: Spiegel Interviews Hansen: “Exit From Nuclear Power Huge Mistake For The World”

Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski here interviewed James Hansen, the former director of NASA GISS and one of the most prominent warners of CO2 induced global warming. Former NASA GISS director James Hansen calls exit from nuclear energy “a huge mistake”. Photo: NASA –, (archived) In the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan

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No Tricks Zone: Warming Defied…Greenland Glacier Growth Over Past 5 Years… Polar Bears Leaving Early For Ice!

The Arctic is defying the alarmist melting predictions made by global warming activists and scientists. An Embarrassment! First, Vencore Weather here writes that Greenland Summit Station “will experience high temperatures around -40°F which continues the very cold and well-below normal trend for the month of November“. Moreover Vencore presents 2 NASA/MODIS satellite photos of Greenland’s…

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No Tricks Zone: 2 New Papers: Temperatures, Sea Levels, Climate Dynamics ‘Have No Apparent Relationship To Atmospheric CO2’

More Scientific Evidence For CO2’s Dubious Climate Impact Emerges Image Source: Robertson and Chilingar, 2017 According to the most basic precepts of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), variations in CO2 concentrations exert significant control on sea surface temperatures, glaciers, sea levels, and generalized climate dynamics (i.e., precipitation patterns). In particular, high CO2…

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No Tricks Zone: Signs Show Planet Entering A New Dalton Minimum…Solar Cycle 24 Continues To Be Weakest In 200 Years!

Global surface temperatures have been falling steadily since the last El Nino, glacier melt has been decelerating rapidly and Arctic sea ice has been making a surprising recovery this year. Moreover, the equatorial Pacific has just entered a global cooling La Nina phase. But there is another far more ominous, long-term sign that the planet

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No Tricks Zone: High Profile Swiss Meteorologist Slams Stefan Rahmstorf: “The Holy Wrath Of The Righteous”

Some weeks ago I reported here on how Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the alarmist director of the Potsdam Institute, appeared on a leading German talk show together with Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann and others to discuss climate change and the rash of storms that had hit the Atlantic and North Sea. In the talk round Kachelmann (a

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No Tricks Zone: New Paper: Rapid Glacier Melt DECELERATION For High Mountain Asia…Now Nearly IN BALANCE

Glacier Retreat Has Been Slowing During 2000-2016 A new satellite-based estimate of glacier mass change for High Mountain Asia (HMA), the world’s third largest glacier conglomeration after Antarctica and Greenland, reveals a relatively modest retreat rate for the first 17 years of the 21st century. The results from Brun et al. (2017) indicate that HMA glaciers are nearly

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No Tricks Zone: Wall Street Journal Calls Merkel’s Energiewende “A Meltdown” Involving “Astronomical Costs”

The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal here put out an accurate, concise assessment of how Germany’s “Energiewende” (transition away from fossil and nuclear energies over to green energies) has been faring so far. It’s grade? I’d interpret it as an F for failure. Quickly turning into a huge embarrassment Once seen as “a paragon

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No Tricks Zone: German Conventional Turbine Producer Siemens To Slash 6900 Workers Worldwide Due To “Energiewende”

The Swiss online SRF public television site here reports that German power engineering giant Siemens plans to eliminate some 6900 employees, half of them in Germany. Hit will be the conventional power plant and electric drive systems branch. German energy sector in turmoil The SRF writes that the power plant branch “is suffering due to the

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No Tricks Zone: Germany CO2 Reduction Fails Again For 9th Year Running! …Merkel Exposed As Fake Climate Warrior

Sometimes you have to wonder which are the biggest fraud: Germany’s clean auto exhaust claim, or its climate protection claim. Both, it turns out, are very fake. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German activists like going around and scolding Donald Trump for his “irresponsible” stance on “greenhouse” gas emissions, it is coming to light that

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No Tricks Zone: Scientists Affirm: ‘No, The Arctic Is Not Melting’ …’Nothing Has Changed Since 1900′

Global Warming Theory ‘Completely Disconnected From the Observations’ Extensive analysis of temperature trends in the Arctic reveals that there has been no detectable long-term change since the beginning of the 20th century, and thus predictions of a sea ice-free Arctic in the coming decades due to dramatically rising temperatures are not rooted in observation. Butina,

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No Tricks Zone: German Scientists Call Recent Sea Level Rise Claims “Fijigate”, …Hyped Up To Generate Money

Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt show that sea level rise at the Fiji Islands is being hyped up in order to generate money. ==================================================== Fijigate Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P. Gosselin) The COP23 climate conference in Bonn had originally been planned to take place in the Fiji Islands.

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No Tricks Zone: Renowned Sea Level Expert: “NO TRACES OF A PRESENT RISE IN SEA LEVEL; On The Contrary: Full Stability”

A new paper by renowned Swedish sea level expert Prof. Axel Mörmer published in the International Journal of Earth & Environmental Sciences dumps lots of cold water on the premise that today’s sea level rise is caused by man and is unusual. Mörner’s paper looks back at the last 500 years of sea level rise

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No Tricks Zone: New AGU Presentation: ‘No Increase In Earth’s Surface Temperature From Increase In CO2’

Source: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting At next month’s American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in New Orleans (US), an independent researcher named Trevor Underwood will be presenting an equation-rich analysis that thoughtfully undermines the perspective that increases in CO2 concentrations are a fundamental variable affecting climate. Instead, Underwood argues that the…

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No Tricks Zone: While Record Cold Grips North America, Meteorologists Forecasting Severe 2017/18 Winter For US / Europe

Over the recent days we’ve been hearing about record snowfall in Montana, record low temperatures in Minnesota and Ontario, New York City “blowing away” a 103-year old record, vicious cold gripping Lebanon, PA. Moreover, Arctic sea ice and Greenland ice have surprised climatologists with a comeback over the past year. What is more, the NOAA has just

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No Tricks Zone: German Media Report: Power Grids In Distress…Highly Unstable Due To Wind And Sun Power!

Recently German SAT1 television broadcast a documentary on the state of the European and German increasingly green power grid: “How secure are our power grids?” Due to the volatile and unpredictable supply of wind and solar energy, the grid has become far more unstable, the documentary warns. The news is not good: Chances of German

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