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EcoEquity: Building Just Climate Futures Together – an online conference

A while ago, John Foran from UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Humanities Initiative  invited me to participate in an online conference called  ACTIVISTS, ARTISTS, AND ACADEMICS: BUILDING JUST CLIMATE FUTURES TOGETHER.

I did so with a contribution called “Climate Justice as …

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EcoEquity: “The best way to reduce your personal carbon emissions: don’t be rich”

Great post by Dave Roberts on VOX, here.  It’s nominally a response to “not having a kid is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint” nonsense, which Roberts debunks by reminding his (many) readers that carbon emissions are …

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EcoEquity: Great Transitions roundtable on Global Capitalism

The Great Transition Initiative, of which I am a member, just held a roundtable debate of an interesting new paper by William I. Robinson called Global Capitalism: Reflections on a Brave New World.

It’s an interesting paper, by …

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EcoEquity: Oxfam’s Extreme Carbon Inequality report

I’ve recently heard a few references to this crucial report, which was published back in the happy days (late 2015) when the big climate news wasn’t Don Trump but rather the Paris Agreement.  It’s so important (and I’m so embarrassed …

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EcoEquity: Equity is the Missing Key for Climate Roadmaps

In March of 2017, Johan Rockström, the author of Big World, Small Planet: Abundance within Planetary Boundaries, along with a extremely high-tone list of co-authors, published A roadmap for rapid decarbonization in Science.  In it they propose …

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EcoEquity: Drawdown is a real step forward, though another is needed

My review  of Drawdown was published in The Nation on April 28, 2017, under the title A New Book on the Climate Crisis Makes the Persuasive Case That We’re Not Doomed,  Not for technological reasons, anyway.”   It richly praises …

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EcoEquity: Tom Athanasiou interviewed on “After the Catastrophe”

If you liked After the Catastrophe, or even if you didn’t, you might want to check out my (long) interview with Sasha Lilly on Against the Grain on KPFA-FM. It’s called Trumping Global Warming, it was recorded on …

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EcoEquity: After the Catastrophe

Climate justice as the post-trump slingshot


These are early thoughts. Comments are more than welcome. (Version of Jan 14)

Tom Athanasiou (

Download as PDF here.


Trump’s election was a catastrophe. Coming on top of everything …

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EcoEquity: Drain the Swamp

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EcoEquity: Managed Decline

Why the new Oil Change report is even better than you thought

The new report from Oil Change International (Greg Muttitt was the principle author) is a major event. It’s called The Sky’s Limit: Why the Paris climate goals require

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EcoEquity: Implications for Australia of a 1.5°C future

Slowly but surely, the “fair shares” issue is taking the stage. I has to if we’re going to get anywhere near the Paris temperature targets, which I will conservatively characterize as “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.” Which brings me …

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EcoEquity: In Memoriam: Paul Baer (1962 – 2016)

This morning, while preparing for a meeting, I learned that Paul Baer, my friend and EcoEquity’s co-founder, had just committed suicide.  If you’re also a friend of his, you may know part of the story, which was long and often …

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EcoEquity: Unfinished Business: Adaptation Finance

Paris was a breakthrough, no question. At the same time, it left us with a whole hell of a lot to do. The problem is that much of it has to do with offshore suffering.  And, well, this doesn’t exactly …

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EcoEquity: Finally, something on Brexit that makes sense

I refer to George Monbiot’s Roots of the Rubble.  And lest you think that I have strayed, and that there is nothing here about the climate crisis, just search for the word “emissions,” which appears (appropriately) in the phrase …

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EcoEquity: Lost in translation in a bottom-up world?

I’ve just read an interesting paper by one Jonathan Pickering (University of Canberra). It’s called Top-down proposals for sharing the global climate policy effort fairly: lost in translation in a bottom-up world? and is well worth reading, not least because …

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EcoEquity: Paris COP 21 – Success or Failure?

Just dying to know my views on global climate justice and the Paris Agreements. Here’s an interview I recently did with Bing Gong (Jun 13, 2016) on KWMR Post Carbon Radio in Point Reyes Station. I hate listening to myself

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EcoEquity: Making (Equity) Reviews (of the national pledges) Relevant

As the lay of the post-Paris land starts to become clear, it’s also becoming clear that few people outside the climate negotiations really understand the details of the equity debate, as it is unfolding on the inside.

Thus it may …

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EcoEquity: Stories of the Future

Here’s the TEDx San Francisco talk I gave on October 29th. I call it “Stories of the Future,” though the TEDx shows it as “Make it Bigger,” by which I meant our conception of the problem. I’m afraid it …

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EcoEquity: Farmer suicides soar in India as deadly heatwave hits 51 degrees Celsius

There’s really nothing to add this article in The Independent.  But it’s a good reminder that the most important of all equity issues is climate stabilization itself.  To the extent that we fail, the poor will suffer.…

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EcoEquity: The best graph of the warming, as it approaches 1.5C

The steady rise of Earth’s temperature as greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and trap more and more heat is sending the planet spiraling closer to the point where warming’s catastrophic consequences may be all but assured.

You can see …

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EcoEquity: EcoEquity statement on Paris

A collection of internationally-oriented US-based groups has released statements on the Paris Agreements.  It’s an interesting collection, neither optimist nor pessimistic, and the statement itself is short and focused.  We agree on the fundamentals.

Here’s EcoEquity’s blurb:

Tom Athanasiou,

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EcoEquity: Global Renewables Build-out far too Slow to hit Paris Targets

SciDev Net has an interesting, and extremely bracing, view of the new Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future report from the International Renewable Energy Agency. In a nutshell, it says that developing countries that already have a high share …

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EcoEquity: Terrible Numbers

Oxfam argued, back in January of 2015, that sometime in 2016 the top 1% of the world’s population would have more than everyone else. Here’s the study, if you want to follow the math. According to the folks over …

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EcoEquity: Bill McKibben’s “Terrifying New Chemistry”

For years now, the gas-as-a-bridge-fuel optimism squad has worked hard to reassure us. We could muddle through after all, and stop dreaming about, say, a crash program to reach global “net zero emissions” by 2050. There is, you see, a …

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EcoEquity: Paris: The End of the Beginning

Will Paris be a success or a failure? It will be both. The real question is whether it opens the way to a new future of justice and ambition.

This essay was first published in the Earth Island Journal. …

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EcoEquity: Fair Shares: A Civil Society Equity Review of INDCs


An unprecedentedly broad and diverse coalition of global civil society organizations and social movements (see the list here) has just released a joint assessment of the national pledges of action (called “INDCs” in UN lingo) that are being submitted …

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EcoEquity: Thomas Piketty on Climate Equity

Remember Thomas Piketty, recently famous for a book named Capital in the Twenty-First Century? Well the very same Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics), together with Lucas Chancel (IDDRI, Paris School of Economics, has just published a …

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EcoEquity: Stories of the Future

This is the text of a TEDx San Francisco talk I gave on October 29th.   It’s called “Stories of the Future,” though of course TED talks don’t have titles.  The video hasn’t been posted yet, and when it is …

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EcoEquity: Katrina, and the truth about adaptation

David Roberts, formerly of, did not lose his chops when he moved to Vox.

A recent essay, entitled Hurricane Katrina showed what “adapting to climate change” looks like is proof of this, and given that we’re still on …

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EcoEquity: The People’s Climate Test

Late in June, a coalition of global civil society organizations launched The People’s Test on Climate 2015, a set of high-level considerations that they suggest we keep in mind when we judge the outcome of the Paris COP. As we inevitably will. It aims to …

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