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Mike Hulme: ‘Gaps’ in knowledge: do they exist? Can they be filled?…

This essay on ‘gaps in knowledge’ is now published in the journal Environmental Humanities.  I analyse calls for knowledge gap-filling around climate change by asking and answering three specific questions: What sorts of knowledge are we dealing with? How are gaps in knowledge framed? Why do we think more knowledge matters anyway?

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Mike Hulme: Latest articles in WIREs Climate Change, Vol 9(4), 2018

The latest issue of WIREs Climate Change, Volume 9(4) 2018, is now available on-line.   The 9 review articles in this issue include Matt Nisbet on US philanthropic giving to climate and energy research, Oliver Geden and colleagues on embedding negative emissions technologies into EU climate policy, Gabi Hegerl and colleagues on early twentieth century

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Mike Hulme: London’s weather and the everyday: two centuries of newspaper reports

This new research article has been accepted for publication in the Royal Meteorological Society’s journal Weather.  Written with one of my graduating geography students from King’s College London, Nick Burgess, the study surveys 200 years of London’s weather and its public reporting in newspapers.  This reveals some of the recurring modes of reporting and linguistic

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Mike Hulme: Framing the Challenge of Climate Change in Nature and Science Editorials

This research paper is now published in Nature Climate Change, co-authored with Noam Obermeister, Samuel Randalls and Maud Borie.  Brigitte Nerlich has an associated Commentary on the paper’s significance.  For those without access to Nature Climate Change, a view-only version though SharedIt is available. Abstract. Through their editorialising practices, leading international science…

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Mike Hulme: Geoengineering at ‘the edge of the world’

This new paper, co-authored with Kate Gannon from LSE and based on her PhD completed under my supervision, is now on-line in the journal GEO: Geography and Environment.  Drawing upon ethnography amongst the Haida peoples of British Columbia, it describes the first ever place-based exploration of public perceptions of a real-world geoengineering project. “Exploring perceptions

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Mike Hulme: Companion to Environmental Studies

This new student reference book has just been published by Routledge, ‘A companion to environmental studies‘, edited by Noel Castree, Jim Proctor and myself.  The book presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary overview of around 150 key issues, debates, concepts, approaches and questions that together define environmental studies today. The volume covers approaches from the environmental…

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Mike Hulme: ‘The climate fetish’

Listen to this recent programme from Australian Broadcast Corporation’s weekly radio show ‘Science Friction’ in which I discuss some of the ideas behind my book Weathered and also reflect on the wider framing of the public climate change debate.  (First broadcast Sunday 29 April 2018).  

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Mike Hulme: Latest articles in WIREs Climate Change, Vol 9(2)

The latest issue of WIREs Climate Change, Volume 9(2) 2018, is now available on-line.   The 9 review articles in this issue include Narasimha Rao and Jihoon Min on the relationship between tackling global inequality and climate change, Adolf Ng and colleagues on the implications of Arctic change for global sea routes, Martin Mahony and

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Mike Hulme: ‘Disagreement is always good’ – an interview with Mike Hulme

Following my talk to the K3 Congress on Climate Change Communication in Salzburg last October, I was interviewed by the Deutsches Klima Konsortium (K3) website: “After the conference, author and professor Mike Hulme sat down with us to talk about his interests and views on climate change communication. We spoke about climate change as a catalyst

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Mike Hulme: Cultures of Climate – Sydney, 23 April

As part of the Australian Museum’s HumanNature series of public talks, I shall be speaking on Monday 23 April, at 6pm in the Museum, on the topic ‘Cultures of Climate’.  In this talk, based on my book Weathered: Cultures of Climate, I examine how different cultures give shape and meaning to the idea of climate. 

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Mike Hulme: ‘We Always Get the Weather We Deserve’: The Tenacious Grip of Moral Accountability

[This essay is forthcoming in Gnosis, The Italian Journal of Intelligence.] Abstract: Different cosmologies, religious thought, political ideologies, social practices and scientific paradigms of knowledge all contribute to the rich cultural matrix in which theories of climatic change and causation have emerged, flourished and declined. It is exceptional for humans to think that climates change

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Mike Hulme: Weather-Worlds in the Anthropocene and the End of Climate

This new essay has been written as a contribution to a collaborative double issue of the journal Weber with the Rachel Carson Center, on the theme ‘Transformations of the Anthropocene’.  It is scheduled to appear in autumn 2018 (Issue 34.1).  The essay asks, and develops a possible answer to, the question: ‘What is the future

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