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Maribo - Simon Donner: Coming soon!

I am transitioning away from my former blog, maribo, and will soon be writing content on this website. Old posts can still be read here.

2017-09-30 03:24   Click to comment

Maribo - Simon Donner: Addressing the geographic bias in environmental monitoring: example of a coral bleaching database

When I first studied ecology, I was struck that so many of the influential research findings came from the same few locations. Often this is because the geographic characteristics or the history of the particular country, island, coastline, or lake …

2017-05-15 14:30   Click to comment

Maribo - Simon Donner: The Great Barrier Reef and the voice of scientists in the Trump era

The incredible warmth of the past two years laid waste to corals on the Great Barrier Reef. A new study, led by Terry Hughes and a large team of top Australian scientists, finds a strong correlation between the warm ocean …

2017-03-17 00:02   Click to comment

Maribo - Simon Donner: Trump administration weakening global resolve on climate change funding

According to Bloomberg News, finance ministers of the G20 countries are pushing for a focus on private rather than public funds to meet the climate change financing pledges set in the Paris Climate Agreement. This report points to the most …

2017-03-12 22:10   Click to comment

Maribo - Simon Donner: We can learn something about democracy from the UN climate negotiations

The UN climate negotiations work by consensus. In the negotiating sessions, diplomats review the text of proposed policies in excruciating detail. It is normal to spend an hour discussing the suitability of the word “encourage” vs. “ask” in a particular …

2016-11-17 10:58   Click to comment

Maribo - Simon Donner: Six random observations from the UN climate negotiations

1. Trump-ing Trump. After more than a week here at the negotiations, I can say with confidence that, yes, the President-elect may loathe the Paris Climate Agreement but not nearly as much as the people who negotiated the Paris Climate …

2016-11-15 12:20   Click to comment

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