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And then there's physics: The CO2 World Cup

Glen Peters found a nifty way to plug in CO2 emissions per person during the World Cup: Who has the lowest CO₂ emissions per person? France – Croatia (#FRACRO)#FRA – #CRO#WorldCup #CO2WorldCup — Glen Peters (@Peters_Glen) July 15, …

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And then there's physics: zero emissions

There’s a recent paper on carbon cycle uncertainties and the Paris agreement (Holden et al. 2018). It considers two mitigation pathways, one that keeps end of century warming to below ~2oC, and the other that keeps end of century warming …

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And then there's physics: Rethinking climate policy

Roger Pielke Jr has been promoting his new paper in Issues in Science and Technology. The paper is called opening up the climate policy envelope and Roger has been suggesting that people should read it. I’ve read it a couple …

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And then there's physics: Climate misinformers

There’s been a rather lengthy debate on Twitter about Skeptical Science’s Climate Misinformers page. The discussion involved, amongst others, Richard Betts, Peter Jacobs, Steven Mosher, Gavin Cawley, and – briefly – myself. Before I start, I should acknowledge an association …

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And then there's physics: S S Sagaing

I’m on the train back from a meeting in Leicester, so have a bit of free time to write a post. I thought I might write about something a bit different to my normal posts. My father contacted me a …

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And then there's physics: No, Hansen wasn’t wrong!

It’s 30 years since James Hansen testified before the US Congress about climate change. In the same year, he published a paper that produced some forecasts. I wasn’t going to write about this as there are a number of articles …

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And then there's physics: Planetary thinking

I was wanting to write a brief post about a recent Adam Frank article in the New York times called Earth Will Survive. We May Not. I also have a post about an earlier Adam Frank article, and I also …

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And then there's physics: low-probability, high-impact outcomes

There’s an interesting Earth System Dynamics Discussion paper presenting a a simple proposal to improve the contribution of IPCC WG1 to the assessment and communication of climate change risks. Essentially, one can estimate the risk of some outcome by considering …

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And then there's physics: Airtime for policy experts

As I discussed in this post, there’s been a lengthy discussion on Twitter about climate scientists publicly discussing policy/solutions. In response to this, David Roberts tweeted the following: I think a) the over-reliance on climate scientists to do all the …

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And then there's physics: Science and Skepticism

oarobin posted a comment highlighting a video of a talk about Science and Skepticism by Steven Goodman. It essentially disusses the issue of reproducibility in science, and mentions some issues that I have myself. Ultimately, science is about unconvering “truth”. …

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And then there's physics: The #scicomm merry-go-round

Katharine Hayhoe has an article in Science about facts not being enough. It’s basically about how to effectively communicate to an audience that might have a tendency to reject the need to do something about climate change. As a result, …

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And then there's physics: Something about Tropical Cyclones

There’s an interesting Realclimate post discussing whether or not global warming makes tropical cyclones stronger. The basic answers is that we might expect the number of tropical cyclones (TCs) to decrease overall, but see an increase in the frequency and …

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And then there's physics: Initial value problem vs boundary value problem

I haven’t actually looked at Judith Curry’s blog for a while, but popped across there and noticed a guest post about energy budgets, climate system domains, and internal variability. One reason why we think that we can actually do long-term …

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And then there's physics: The adults in the room

I was having another discussion on Twitter with Jean Goodwin, who posted the following quote. It’s attributed to Mark Largent and may have been delivered at a AAAS meeting. I’m interested in what other people think of this. I don’t …

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And then there's physics: Sea level rise

There’s a bizarre article in the Wall Street Journal by Fred Singer called, The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change. It’s actually so bonkers that it’s quite hard to know where to start. I’ll give it go, …

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And then there's physics: Carbon budgets and the impacts of climate change

I’m somewhat stealing this from Stoat, but it’s an interesting topic, and it really originates from a tweet by Gavin Schmidt anyway ???? I think this is correct. There's no connection to speak of between the impacts of carbon emissions …

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And then there's physics: Dark webs

I’ve been trying to think of what to say about this New York Times articles discussing an alliance of heretics, and I’ve been struggling. I think it’s important to have people who challenge the orthodoxy, and who express views that …

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And then there's physics: RCP8.5

There’s been a lengthy discussion on Twitter about RCP8.5. I think it was initiated by Roger Pielke Jr, who continues in his campaign to police the scientific community: RCP 8.5 is by far the favorite in climate impact studies (graph).I …

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