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Bernie Lewin: Canadian Enthusiasm: Remembering Toronto ‘88

Before Paris there was Kyoto, but before Kyoto there was Toronto. Most climate activists today would be too young to recall where it all began thirty years ago this month. It was at the 'Changing Atmosphere' conference, Toronto, 27-30 June 1988, that ‘greenhouse’ warming exploded onto the global stage, with demands for an immediate policy response. So successful was this event that the…

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Bernie Lewin: Remembering Hansen’s Congressional Testimony

The media and public response to the Hansen testimony is widely known, but not so the response of the research community. The overwhelming reaction was outrage and condemnation of the 'detection' claim.

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Bernie Lewin: The 1970s Global Cooling Scare (and how the warming scare could not have happened without it)

This is the second post drawing on themes raised in Searching for the Catastrophe Signal. Forty-five years ago today, two geologists penned a letter to the president of the United States warning that the rocky descent into the next ice age might have already begun. The year 1972 remains infamous in the annals of meteorology

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Bernie Lewin: Why the IPCC never writes its own reports

(And why that matters) Here begins a number of posts drawing on themes raised in Searching for the Catastrophe Signal. Have you ever wondered: Exactly who are the panelists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Is the IPCC the author of its own reports? Is it made up of scientists? The answers to the

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Bernie Lewin: Remembering Madrid ’95: A Meeting that Changed the World

Commemorating the WMO-UNEP Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Working Group I (Science), Fifth Session, Madrid 27-29, November 1995 In Madrid in 1995, the IPCC scientific assessment process, based on the findings of the latest research, was sorely tested. Had the science not come through unscathed, the integrity of the panel would have been seriously questioned,

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Bernie Lewin: Tom Wigley: The skepticism and loyalty of CRU’s second director

Following my GWPF report on Hubert Lamb, there was some criticism (in comments and by email) that I was too soft on Lamb’s successor at CRU, Tom Wigley. These critiques fit the common portrayal of Wigley as an eminence gris, a shadowy figure scheming in the background, putting forward the more reckless younger scientists, while

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Bernie Lewin: Lamb wrap-up: Richard Scorer

My report for the GWPF, Hubert Lamb and the transformation of climate science, has generated some public comment serving to enrich the historical discussion. See at Jo Nova, Bishop Hill, WattsUpWithThat, Breitbart and Quadrant. Others have corresponded privately by email. In the following few posts I pull out for comment a few topics that caught

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Bernie Lewin: The scientists and the apocalypse

The meeting of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Sundsvall, Sweden, August 1990, witnessed a Third World revolt that was premeditated and forewarned. It had already begun in the previous working group meetings set to develop international policy responses to the climate crisis. But only in Sundsvall, under the leadership of

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Bernie Lewin: The Scepticism of Hubert Horace Lamb Part II

_________________________ Lamb’s Skepticism: Cleansing the Memory—Before the Warming Boom SourceBook—Discussion on Bishop Hill _________________________ Doing Climatology before the Warming Boom Hubert Lamb was never formally trained as a meteorologist. Nor did he train as a climatologist. His entry into that field was something of a trick of fate. Joining the Meteorological Office as a…

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Bernie Lewin: The Skepticism of Hubert Horace Lamb

_________________________ Lamb’s Skepticism: Cleansing the Memory—Before the Warming Boom SourceBook—Discussion on Bishop Hill _________________________ Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret. — Horace Even during his life, the research findings and opinions of Hubert Lamb had a strangely distorted and selective influence on the climate change debate. Previously we saw how his…

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Bernie Lewin: Code Blue in the Greenhouse:

Darwall tells how it was conservative governments who were the first to raise the alarm. In Australia and the USA today the politics of global warming falls fairly predictably across the right/left spectrum. Upon ascending to power in September, Tony Abbott could hardly wait to start abolishing a bunch of climate change qangos set up

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Bernie Lewin: Hubert Lamb and the assimilation of legendary ancient Russian winters

Millennuium Idols Part II (Go to Part I) This essay primarily addresses the misconception that prior to the IPCC First Assessment there prevailed in paleoclimatology the picture of a generalized warming that reach an outstanding peak in the high Middle Ages. We have not found this. Indeed, we have not found much interest at all

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