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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson “The Second World Wars”, Part 2

Here’s the second interview with Victor Davis Hanson on his new history of “The Second World Wars.” The first is here.   That “S” on Wars is quite deliberate. The men fighting on Guadalcanal had little in common with the tankers at el- Alamein or those in Burma or in the hedgerows of Normandy. A great gift

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American Elephants: The Trump Jobs Boom is Real

There were 228,000 jobs created in November. Joblessness is at a 17 year low of 4.1% and wages are going up. President Trump’s focus on tax cuts and deregulation is very good for the job market. It’s the strongest it’s been since 2000. The number of people employed is up by 1.87 million. Up for

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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson Explains the Left’s Hypocrisy about Equality

Well, professors at our universities have long seethed with not just envy but anger at CEOs in American industry. After all, you can read what their salaries are in the financial pages or in annual reports. Professors prefer to pretend that their concern is at the diversity of the salaries of the ordinary working stiff

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American Elephants: President Trump Has Announced that the United States Recognizes that Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel.

The nation of Israel designated Jerusalem as its capitol city in 1950. When President Trump announced that the U.S. government recognizes Jerusalem  as the capitol city of Israel and would begin preparations for moving our embassy there, the international community instantly had the vapors. And this is 2017. Roundly condemned as injurious to prospects for

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American Elephants: Sometimes a Headline…

Holman Jenkins column in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday was titled: “The Long War on Donald Trump: The president is guilty of something. It’s Robert Mueller’s job to figure it out. “ That captures the whole thing so precisely that it made me laugh. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Are You in Favor of Tax Cuts? Why or Why Not?

Democrats are fully organized to defeat their opposition: us. They recognize that most of their voters are busy with their plebeian lives, and don’t pay much attention to the news. They just don’t have time. That’s why they are out there crying “racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, etc” whenever the wind shifts slightly. Added on to

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American Elephants: Mark Steyn on Problematic Speech and Free Speech.

Mark Steyn had a long legal battle with the Canadian Human Rights Commission nearly ten years ago about free speech, for the Canadian Human Rights Commission believes that free speech does not include words with which they disagree. They had the force of law behind them, and the descent into totalitarianism is not far behind.

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American Elephants: Pearl Harbor and the Legacy of Carl Vinson

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Seventy-six years ago, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and suddenly we were full participants in the war that had been raging in Europe and China. Those who were old enough to experience the war are dying off, and soon there will be no one who remembers. From the current state

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American Elephants: Simon’s Cat

This was a post from 2010 that I ran across in the archives, and laughed so much I thought I’d post it once again. Enjoy Simon Tofield is a British animator who obviously has a cat. Or perhaps cats, plural. In any case, he appreciates the idiosyncrasies of the species. We, at American Elephants, have

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American Elephants: Democrats Are So Predictable

Senator Charles Schumer’s response (Tax cuts for the Rich! Tax cuts for the rich!) to any threat of a tax cut from the Republicans will loudly drown out any attempt by Republicans to explain what it is they believe they have accomplished. Obama left office with a gift of a $20 trillion deficit, which makes

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American Elephants: The Mueller Probe Is Not What You Think It Is!

Apparently the Mueller probe has never been about Russian collusion at all, and is entirely focused on trying desperately to find something for which to impeach President Trump. General Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to “lying” to the FBI in order to stop the harassment of his family, the depletion of his savings in attorney

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American Elephants: The Supreme Court Stays Enforcement of Travel Ban Orders

The Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a major victory today. They stayed the orders of two lower courts that blocked enforcement of the president’s revised travel ban. This means that travel from the affected countries can be banned or limited, while the courts continue to process appeals in the two cases. When a court

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American Elephants: Great Good News, So Of Course the Left Is Out Protesting

The Obama administration wanted business to boom, or at least improve, so instead of getting out of the way and making it easier for businesses to do what they knew how to do, they loaded on the regulations—do it this way.  In the interest of the health of older folks, the feds decided that a

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American Elephants: A Fascinating Conversation With a Real Journalist

The state of journalism today seems dire. Too many would-be journalists chasing too little real news. If you are scanning through the days news, there’s way too much ‘he said’, ‘she said’. It’s as if reporters are sitting at home scanning Twitter and trying to find something provacative that someone said. That is neither news,

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American Elephants: Another Criminal Illegal Immigrant, 20 Times Deported, This Time He’s Going to Prison Instead.

A 31 year-old Mexican man convicted of kidnapping and sexually abusing two Oregon women was just sentenced to 35 years in prison in a Portland, Oregon courthouse. The first attack occurred early on the morning of July 24, when Sergio Jose Martinez entered the home through a window left open to cool the house. He

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American Elephants: The City of San Francisco Should Have Been On Trial

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was on trial in San Francisco, for the murder on  of Kate Steinle in 2015 , who was walking with her father on the docks when she was shot be Mr. Zarate, an illegal alien who had previously been deported five times. He was back in San Francisco because San Francisco

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American Elephants: Class? I’ll Take Working Class Whites Over “Elites” Any Day

Sociologists like Charles Murray try to understand the people by dividing them up into groups, sometimes by race or ethnic origin, sometimes by class, sometimes by educational attainment, sometimes by income brackets, sometimes by political party. It’s done so that they can get some general ideas by comparing people who have similarities, to see how

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American Elephants: Understanding the Tax Battle

Here’s a graph with information from the IRS, explained by AEI economist Mark J. Perry that explains some of the confusing parts of the tax questions. Read it carefully until it sinks in.   I asked Bing how many U.S. taxpayers there are, and the best I could come up with was 243 million as

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American Elephants: Here’s A Sample of What They Are Working On,

Here, from Guy Benson and the Nonpartisan Tax Foundation analysis of the Senate Tax bill. They say “Our results indicate a reduction in tax liability for every scenario we modeled, with some of the largest cuts accruing to moderate-income families with children.” Lower taxes & higher post-tax income across the board…  ( click on the

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American Elephants: “We Came, We Saw, He Died” She Joked.

Hillary. Could not vote for her. She is a compulsive liar, and not a very good one. She keeps getting caught out. But I also knew that Mommar Gadhafi was a brutal dictator, and not a very nice one. But he kept his troublesome country in line. He had had nuclear ambitions, and when he

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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson’s “The Second World Wars”

Enlarge this one, and watch the whole thing. Victor Davis Hanson explains World War Two in ways that you have never heard before, that makes the whole thing more understandable, and more real. The mistakes, the misunderstandings, the abilities of some and the lack of ability of other. A masterful approach. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Foreign Policy At Work, Improving the World

Russia has ample supplies of natural gas and oil, and has used that abundance as a political weapon. Poland wants to reduce its reliance on Russian energy and last week the Polish state-owned oil and gas company PGNIG, signed its first five-year deal to buy American liquefied natural gas. Our energy boom from the fracking

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American Elephants: Are You Offended by Free Speech?

Free Speech zones, small spots set aside where one can speak freely? Parents and alumni should let their colleges know that restricting freedom of speech is a non-starter. Universities are very aware of what has happened at Mizzou and Middlebury, Claremont and Evergreen to name a few, and they deeply, sincerely don’t want any big

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American Elephants: Even The Democrats Should Be A Little Grateful

Democrats were quite sure that by now we would be mired in a global recession, with the end of the world just around the corner. Tom Steyer is still pursing his attempts to impeach Donald Trump, sure that he has committed some high crime, but nobody has found one just yet. Americans have a lot

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American Elephants: A Brave Dash for Freedom by a North Korean Soldier.

In a desperate bid for freedom, a North Korean soldier makes it across the DMZ in a hail of bullets. Shot fie times, he is rescued by South Korean Marines who drag him to safety. He’s in hospital recovering. The doctors say he will recover fro his wounds, but he is riddled with parasites, worms,

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American Elephants: One More Mission From NASA Physicists and Engineers

Unvalidated climate models that don’t correspond with physical data and the requirements of the scientific method contribute to unfounded climate alarmism, a retired NASA physicist said at the Heartland Institute’s recent America First Energy Conference. Since America’s national security depends in part on energy security, unsubstantiated claims about global warming that prevent…

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American Elephants: Defense Secretary James Mattis: 95% of ISIS Eradicated Under Trump.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced this last week that 95% of ISIS bases and hideouts have been eradicated. Good News indeed. Deciding that you actually do intend to defeat them makes a difference. Obama seemed concerned that he might be blamed for something. ISIS fighters have been surrendering saying they haven’t been paid and

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American Elephants: “Energiewinde” Was A Flop That Has Driven Germans Into Energy Poverty

Climate activists in this country looked to Europe, especially Germany, as a model of proper green virtue. Chancellor Merkel’s Energiewinde or energy revolution was supposed to solve the problem of carbon emissions. That’s solar panels and wind turbines. People really familiar with solar panels and wind turbines, if they are not in the business of

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American Elephants: If Trump Didn’t Tweet It, It Isn’t News for Today’s Media

Salena Zito has become one of the more interesting reporters on matters Trump, because she actually goes out and talks to the Trump supporters who voted for him. In her column at the New York Post on Saturday, she wrote from Glen Dale, West Virginia, that “Bad news travels fast, Good news, meanwhile, doesn’t seem

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American Elephants: Explaining Capitalism Once Again.

John Mackey, co-founder of Whole Foods, explains to Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie just why Intellectuals hate Capitalism. “Intellectuals have always disdained commerce” he says. “They have always sided…with the aristocrats to maintain a society were the business people were kind of kept down.” (This is a 2015 conversation, but good on capitalism) I’ll just add…

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