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American Elephants: Here’s Mark Levin With a Bit of Media History

Mark Levin has a keen eye for disinformation and the mind to explain all. We’re in uncharted territory here, and need all the help we can get. When you find something that reveals a lot, share it as widely as you can. Perhaps you have noticed that the Media is not apt to help out

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American Elephants: Can Someone Please Produce Some Straightforward Facts?

The problem is Russian Collusion, we are told. The Russians interfered in the 2016 election. They hacked into the DNC computers, and into John Podesta’s computer because John Podesta stupidly chose “password” as his password. Then they supposedly read everything on Hillary’s servers because she had no security at all. But then her servers were

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American Elephants: A Timely Book For Today: Published in 1841.

There is a book out there, first published in 1841, entitled “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”It was an early study of crowd psychology by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay. It was published in three volumes: “National Delusions,” “Peculiar Follies,: and “Philosophical Delusions.” Mackay was an accomplished storyteller, though he wrote in a journalistic…

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American Elephants: Exploring the Depths of Democrat Depravity

Everything relates back to this map. Democrats were complacent about the 2016 election. Hillary had it in the bag, it was time for the first woman president, and even Obama claimed that she was the most qualified presidential nominee ever. When the Republicans nominated Donald Trump, it became even more of a sure thing. Control

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American Elephants: The Meeting in Helsinki, Finland and the Consequences

A day of confusion and consternation, centered around trying to find out just what has transpired. When I got up, admittedly late, the American media was in hysterics trying to find out exactly to what extent President Trump had sold his country down the proverbial river, to the Russians. Shameless, Traitorous, etc. etc. etc. Apparently

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American Elephants: “Democratic Socialism” Indeed. No, It’s Venezuela

The United States of America is a big messy country, full of wildly diverse opinionated people. The country itself is hugely diverse ranging from desert to mountain splendor. We are a nation built on an idea brought from the religious wars of Europe to form a new nation based on the simple idea of individual

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American Elephants: An American Ally Assesses Our President

The Wall Street Journal had a most interesting article titled “An Ally Sizes Up Donald Trump: When he says something consistently, it will happen. And his message is that America will remain a reliable partner, but don’t expect too much.” It’s by Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia, 2013-2015.  (subscription barrier) The truth is

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American Elephants: Carbon Taxes Are Sheer Bunk!

Governors and Legislatures are always tempted by the potential of new taxes. Having more money to do stuff that the people might like is usually a good way to get re-elected.  Of course sometimes people notice that their taxes have gone up sharply and governors and legislators get thrown out of office. It obviously helps

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American Elephants: Does Europe Get Its Due On the World Stage?

The media are full of President Trump’s visit to Europe and to England. They were delighted with the offensive and disrespectful balloon in London, sure that the terrible Trump was going to permanently spoil our relations with the leaders across the pond. America is a big open country, we hang all our linen out on

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American Elephants: Democrats Hark Back to William Shakespeare for Inspiration

Three Representatives in the House (Mark Pocan (D-WI), Pramilla Jayapal (D-WA) and Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) introduced legislation to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) confirmed earlier Thursday that he planned to schedule a vote on the bill. The three Dems said if a vote comes to the

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American Elephants: President Trump Goes to Brussels. Gets Promises. We’ll See.

President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, and the Democrats immediately fell apart. Terry McAuliffe claimed “the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come”. DNC Chairman Tom Perez said “[Y]ou better believe that with Brett Kavanaugh on the bench, Roe v. Wade,

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American Elephants: The Belief System of the Anointed Explained

Well, all is explained. Daniel Greenfield, real investigative reporter, explains why Trump Derangement Syndrome: “More Democrats Believe in UFOs Than America” 58% of Democrats believe in UFOs, but only 32% are proud to be American. Only 37% of Republicans believe in flying saucers, but a full 80% are proud of their country. Almost twice as

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American Elephants: Scott Adams Takes on the #Walk Away Movement With a Truth Bomb

Scott Adams is the creator of the cartoon series “Dilbert” with his personal take on office life. His recognition of the reality of what most of us who spent much of our lives working in offices experienced, made him a person who offered more interesting opinions than the usual ones out there. He has developed

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American Elephants: President Trump Once Again Fulfills his Promise

President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Judge Kavanaugh has served for 12 years on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and has written more than 300 opinions that involve every significant constitutional issue including separation of powers and federalism. The Supreme Court has adopted

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American Elephants: Here’s What Real Fact-Checking Looks Like

It has become clear that a goodly percentage of the  news sources that Americans rely on have abandoned all pretense of non-partisanship. Many outlets have become so emphatically partisan that they cannot be relied on at all. For major networks and newspapers, that is a scandal, and a deep disservice to the American people. That,

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American Elephants: “The New Dark Age Mind” Victor Davis Hanson

This is a podcast or telephone interview in which Dr. Hanson explains his view of the current mindset, pathology, derangement syndrome, through which we are all living. He makes more sense than most anyone else on the subject. This took place in mid January, 2018.  Sightly over 5 months ago, and if anything, it has only

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American Elephants: We Knew That, But The Picture is Still Funny


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American Elephants: Jordan Peterson Asks A Serious Question, Stumps Maher’s Panel

Jordan Peterson appeared on a panel on Bill Maher’s show. The panel did not distinguish themselves, unable to respond, even at a childish level, to a serious question. Maher is supposedly a comedian, but comedians are supposed to be funny. Dr. Peterson is absolutely correct. Democrats’ obnoxious behavior is driving the country apart. Maher’s characterizations

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American Elephants: Another Great Jobs Report, Leaving Democrats in Despair

The big news from the Labor Department was that 600,000 workers re-entered the work force. Manufacturing jobs increased by 36,000, The 4 week average of continuing  unemployment claims was the lowest in 45 years. 1.03 million workers have returned to the work force.  The June economy added 213.000 new jobs, 22,000 more than economists had

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American Elephants: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Resignation Is Not What It Seems to Be

Scott Pruitt has resigned as Administrator of the EPA, and President Trump has accepted his resignation while praising his accomplishments. Pruitt has cut back or rescinded 22 unnecessary regulations at a savings of $1 billion. But the scandals, the scandals? What about all the scandals? The EPA was an agency turned by the Obama administration

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American Elephants: Here is the Naturalization Oath to Become an American Citizen

Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution

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American Elephants: Sometimes You Have To Deal With Hard Questions

America, we have a problem. It is mostly a problem of definitions. Defining words and what they mean. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has gone to Britain to badmouth the United States of America. She slammed U.S. efforts to secure the border and told the BBC that the immigration policies of President Donald J.

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American Elephants: The Difficulties With Declaring Independence

All you need to know about Silicon Valley can be summed up by the simple information that they have chosen the Southern Poverty Law Center as their guide to identifying Hate Speech! Bwa ha ha ha ha-ha ha! File this under “It takes one to know one!” Then add this bit:  ” Facebook removed an

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American Elephants: A Little History for the 4th of July

Life doesn’t always turn out as you expected it too.The world keeps moving on and changing inexorably, and we need to move and change with it. Pause and think about the big shifts in history when one of the parties said in essence —this will not stand. I just read a brief history of the

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American Elephants: More Bad Publicity for Seattle and Portland, Well Deserved.

The beautiful and quiet forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest won’t protect us anymore. We’re getting national publicity, all of it bad. In this case, it is the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal ‘s “Left Coast Lawlessness: Progressivism is wrecking cities in the Pacific Northwest.” Unfortunately, it’s true. (Do read the whole thing) The anarchy

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American Elephants: Our Broken Immigration System

Papers. As a native born American, I have to show my driver’s license or other picture ID when I go to the doctor, cash a check, enter the courthouse, or board a bus or a plane, and  and maybe even go through a metal detector. When Americans arrive back in this country from abroad, they

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American Elephants: Lopez Obrador Will be The New President of Mexico

AMLO, Lopéz Obrador, the far left candidate, has apparently won the presidency of Mexico in today’s election. According to Telesur, the 2018 election season has been one of the country’s deadliest. Since the campaign season started in September, 133 politicians have been killed. There are 80 million registered voters and millions of ballots have been

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American Elephants: What Are the Messages We Send to Our Kids?

For years, the federal government had made an effort to make sure that black children have equal educational opportunities to students of other races. Well meant, but federal regulations are usually not really the best way to accomplish something. We have desegregated the schools, but federal regulation has re-segregated them in terms of racial diversity.

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American Elephants: Diversity & Discrimination In The Ivy League

In early May of 2015  a complaint was filed against Harvard College alleging that the school sets too high a bar for Asian-American applicants by setting a higher bar for admissions than that faced by other groups. A complaint Friday alleged that Harvard College discriminates against Asian-American applicants by setting a higher bar for admissions than

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American Elephants: The American Amateur Spirit

From Daniel Boorstin’s Hidden History: Daniel Boorstin is a former Librarian of Congress and author of many important books about American history. The Amateur Spirit and its Enemies Aristocracies are governed by people born to govern, totalitarian societies by people who make ruling their profession. But our representative government must be led by people never

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