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American Elephants: How Will Trump Deal With The Migrant Caravans?

With three or more “caravans” of migrants from Central America heading up the west coast of Mexico towards our southern border, there are lots of questions about immigration. President Trump wants to eliminate birthright citizenship for those who are not born to citizens. A few years back, more than five but I can’t remember how […]

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American Elephants: Wildfire? Homes Burned, People Killed? Must be Global Warming.

California Governor Jerry Brown has said that “hundreds of billions” of dollars could be needed to adapt to man-made global warming in “the span of a few years” The Democrat added that “And it’s not millions, it’s billions and tens and probably hundreds of billions even in the span of a few years. We’ve got […]

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American Elephants: Here’s A Very Special Video for Veterans’s Day

Thanks to Maggie’s Farm and Bruce Kessler for finding this video. It’s memorable and very special. Advertisements

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American Elephants: There’s a Lot Of Humor in Here Somewhere

James Acosta is Indignant, enraged! How does the President of the United States dare to remove his press pass! Why he is a certified journalist, and is thus entitled to run the president’s press conferences, keep other reporters from speaking, push away a White House Intern trying to do her job. No fair. James Acosta […]

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American Elephants: Thomas Sowell Has Some Explaining for Us:

This is an oldie, but worth reviewing for its appropriateness for today. A fascinating interview with Thomas Sowell about “intellectuals”. Do make time to watch the whole thing, It throws a lot of light upon what is happening in our present day, how to consider what’s going on. Whats the matter with intellectuals anyway? Aren’t […]

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American Elephants: Another View of Immigration and Becoming a Citizen

There’s a splendid essay on “Citizenship and Choice” by Angelo Codevilla at American Greatness (Excellent website) Angelo M.Codevilla is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, professor emeritus of international relations at Boston University and the author of To Make And Keep Peace (Hoover Institution Press. 2014) on immigration and citizenship. Here’s an excerpt from […]

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American Elephants: “Enemy of the People” Or Just Failing to Do Their Assigned Job.

The removal of Jim Acosta’s Press Credential has become a very big deal for the Democrats, they have turned it into a “talking point” which they hope to use to denigrate President Trump, of course. That CNN’s Acosta behaved very badly indeed in trying to hijack a Presidential Press Conference was a disgrace. Still chafing […]

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American Elephants: They’re Not “Invaders” Quite Yet, But It’s What They Intend

Jim Acosta tried to tell the President of the United States that he was wrong – to call the three massive caravans moving towards our Southwest Border aiming to take it by force – “Invaders” instead of the softer term “Caravans.” About those Caravans and just what they are. On June 24, 2016, in the […]

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American Elephants: The Florida Election Count

Florida Governor Rick Scott has taken legal action against the irregular vote counting operation in two of the most liberal counties in the state. A Florida judge has ruled that Broward County has violated election laws. The elections supervisor in Broward County illegally destroyed ballots in 2016, and has remained in the same office. She […]

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American Elephants: Found In An Old Stack of Papers

Going through a stack of papers, and I found this brief summary of the Obama presidency, dated May 20, 2009: “A well-put summary of Obama’s presidency from Heritage:” By cloaking his domestic agenda in terms of economic recovery, President Obama and his team of liberals have been able to pass the largest spending bill in […]

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American Elephants: Election Results Continue to Trickle In.

Digesting the election results. Some excellent results, some really dreadful. Here in Washington State, we apparently defeated the “green” carbon tax proposal which was an attempt to start a nationwide bid for a national carbon tax. Our governor tried to get it through the legislature and failed, but I guess nationally they thought this was […]

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American Elephants: Public Opinion Isn’t What Its Cracked-Up to Be

Thomas Jefferson said that our democracy rests on a “decent respect to the opinions of mankind” In a long essay Democracy and its Discontents: Reflections on Everyday America, (1971), Daniel Boorstin, the late Librarian of Congress suggests that “we suffer from a disease different from that which any society before us has suffered. I call […]

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American Elephants: Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Invented America

A little history for the day before the mid-term election. Here’s a Praeger University short history of one of our founding fathers: Alexander Hamilton. You might want to follow this up with Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt by John Steele Gordon. As Hamilton said: “A national debt, if it […]

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American Elephants: Why Do Democrats Pretend Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist?

Investors Business Daily asks an interesting question: “Why do Democrats Pretend Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist?” People count on the system working properly. That means only those eligible to vote will actually do so. Unfortunately that is not always the case. In August, the Justice Department announced the prosecution of 19 foreign nationals for illegally voting […]

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American Elephants: An Arkansas Wedding, and a Speech by the Father of the Bride


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American Elephants: Oddly, This Is What The Democrats Oppose! Keep That in Mind

The one identity we’re not encouraged to trumpet is the one that enables us to trumpet all the others, our identity as citizens of a very particular kind of society, built on the rule of law, property rights, freedom of expression, and the universal franchise.…………………………….. Mark Steyn: “The Silver Virus: The West’s Anti-Westernism:”.The New Criterion: […]

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American Elephants: How Do You Introduce Someone to America For the Very First Time?

For all those people like Alexandria Ocasia Cortez and Bernie Sanders who are just sure that a Socialist form of government would be much superior to this very unfair thing called Democracy and Capitalism, here’s a story of a Ukrainian woman’s introduction to America. Nolan Peterson brought his new Ukrainian wife to America for their […]

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American Elephants: The Democrats Insist This Election Is About Trump

Everything in the “news” today seems to be speculation about the mid-term elections. Nobody knows anything, including the polls. (recall last election) The most interesting comment I have seen came from Mark Levin, who asked: “Aren’t you getting tired of being called Nazis?” Yes I am. See the previous post on the degradation and politicization […]

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American Elephants: VOTE NO on Initiative 1631. Here’s Why.

Here in Washington State, we have two initiatives on the ballot. They get identified by number because there is no short snappy name for rather complicated issues. Initiative 1631, as the voters pamphlet describes it “is a measure that would charge pollution fees on sources of greenhouse gas pollutants and use the revenue to reduce […]

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American Elephants: Weaponized Words: Language is Today’s Disruptive Technology

Charles Hill explains that language is arguably the most fundamental human tool. In history, at certain times, when language has undergone major changes, it has disrupted the world order. This is such a time. “A language revolution is under way, propelled by an eruption of electronic communication technologies that, while enhancing productivity, are also creating […]

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American Elephants: Europe Has an Important Lesson For Us. We Must Pay Attention.

(This is mostly a post from around this time last year, but it bears repeating. Informed by Charles Hill who is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. He was a career minister in the US Foreign Service, received every award available to career ministers, and was executive aide to former Secretary of State George […]

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American Elephants: Some Facts About Immigration, Legal and Illegal, and The Numbers

Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies ( discusses the “caravan” with Neil Cavuto, and tries to get across some of the immense problems involved. CIS identifies themselves as being pro-legal immigrants, and anti-illegals. It’s a good site for learning about what’s going on with immigration and what the problems we face are. Careful […]

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American Elephants: Caravan , March, Bands of Migrants, Invaders, Whatever

Democrats are trying to romanticize the massive marches of Central Americans heading for our Southern Border, with the appellate “Caravans,” which does have a romantic sound. If Trump is going to declare war on these bands of migrants, then the Democrats are going to be for them. They had a great success with the “ripped […]

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American Elephants: They Just HATE Being Laughed At, So Try to Contain Yourselves


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American Elephants: Nancy Pelosi Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Nancy Pelosi is a gift to the Republican Party. After she explained about how the “wrap-up smear” that they applied to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, works, she has now explained how the Democrats will calm the political rhetoric that is traumatizing the nation. When Democrats win the House, it will all calm down. Just like your […]

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American Elephants: Illegal Immigration Is All About Power for the Left

This seems to be Tucker Carlson Day at American Elephants, (I have two others on Free Speech waiting in the shadows). Of course illegal immigration is about power. But how did they come to the conclusion that everything is about their power? They were thrilled with Obama as president, yet he did a miserable job. […]

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American Elephants: Tucker Carlson on Free Speech and How the Left Uses Tragedy For Their Own Ends

Tucker Carlson tackles today’s free speech problem. The problem is that the Left wants to decide what is and is not free speech, and eliminate the speech they don’t like. Which throws the whole idea of real free speech out the window. They are using tragedy to fuel their own ends. There was a mass […]

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American Elephants: Democrats Don’t Understand Basic Economics

I’m sure that you have heard Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats claiming that President Trump’s tax cuts only go to the rich, and the common people get shafted. Uh huh. Of course they know better, but Democrats want high taxes so they can give stuff (benefits) to the deplorables out there to get their votes. […]

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American Elephants: About the Constitution and The First Amendment

We talk a lot about Free Speech in America because we believe deeply in the First Amendment. I’m not sure that all of us are aware that it is solely directed at the government, not at us. You can say whatever you want, but it may get you expelled or censored or punched in the […]

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American Elephants: Democrats Have Gone Far Round the Bend and They are Becoming Laughable.

Kevin Williamson hits a home run again today with his column at National Review titled “Rage Makes You Stupid.” “People have the strongest feelings about the things they know the least about.” That covers the indignant celebrities who sound off from Hollywood whenever there is an event in the news. Do they assume that it […]

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