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American Elephants: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

Dan Senor, interviews the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference. The former governor of South Carolina has only been in her new job for two months, but she is making a real difference. This is a very impressive lady. Do watch. Another

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American Elephants: Equality and Justice versus Freedom

The ongoing war between the right and the left, words and their meanings play one of the most important roles. There is one kind of justice which is represented by the Constitution, our body of laws and the courts. There is no such thing as “social justice.” “Equality” is another. No matter how you try

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American Elephants: Empathy Has No Place In Jurisprudence

Kamala Harris is the new junior California U.S. Senator, replacing Barbara Boxer. She recently published an op-ed explaining why she would not vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. She had previously held office as California’s Attorney General, so her failure to understand the Law is  truly shocking. In a tweet she

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American Elephants: Meet Professor Jordan Peterson: The Remedy For All of It

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a psychology professor at the University of Toronto. He is cranky, disagreeable, and pokes holes in all the silliness we are being deluged with on a daily basis. He is straightforward, clear, and completely delightful. Enjoy.

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American Elephants: The Miraculous Explosion of Human Progress in the Past Two Centuries

Reposted from May, 2016: In case we need reminding “Two centuries ago, the average world income per  human (in present day prices) was about $3 a day It had been so since we lived in caves. Now it is $33 a day—which is Brazil’s current level and the level of the U.S. in 1940. Over

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American Elephants: Assigned Reading: Sunday, March 26, 2017

I hardly know where to start. Let’s begin with “Left 3.0″ by Tod Lindberg at the Hoover Institution ( Feb.1, 2013). The Left’s passion for equality begins with the pursuit of greater economic equality, but it doesn’t end there. The Left has also long been in pursuit of equality in the matter of identity. “Identity”

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American Elephants: Here’s What Happened Last Fall at Yale University

I don’t know how closely you have been following the general insanity on campus in this country, the violence, intolerance and suppression of free speech. At Yale this all began with, of all things, Halloween costumes. Do watch the whole 12 minutes of this We the Internet documentary, it’s an important part of understanding what

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American Elephants: Islamophobia, Freedom of Religion, Free Speech And Hate Speech

The Canadian  House of Commons has passed a motion that singles out the criticism of Islam as a form of “Islamophobia.” Critics condemn it as an attack on free speech. There’s a lot of that going around these days, especially on college campuses. But also in governments, at all levels. The Left has raised any

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American Elephants: Sunday Humor

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American Elephants: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Do a Better Job Next Time!

The Republican bill to take a tiny poke at fixing ObamaCare went nowhere. They didn’t have the votes—largely because the bill didn’t do much of anything. Everything you need to know about ObamaCare can be summed up in one quotation from Thomas Sowell. It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay

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American Elephants: Just an Ordinary Wednesday, Like All Wednesdays

Wednesday, an ordinary middle of the week day. Not Spring yet, though there are a few lonely daffodils peeking out here and there. A terrorist attack in London at the Houses of Parliament, Three killed, many injured, terrorist killed. ISIS celebrates. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes reports that Trumps’ personal communications may have been collected

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American Elephants: The Best and Worst States for Business, and What They Have in Common

The newly-created McGee Report from Fayetteville State University is an annual report on the Best and Worst States for Business. “The fifty states are ranked based on the extent to which they facilitate business creation and expansion. This study incorporated the data collected from five other studies, which included the examination of hundreds of variables.

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American Elephants: Today was the First Day of the Hearings For The Appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

If you missed Neil Gorsuch’s opening statement in the Congressional Hearings for his appointment to the Supreme Court yesterday, here’s your chance to hear the whole thing. It was a remarkable statement, and any Democrat attempting to challenge Judge Gorsuch is going to look pretty foolish. It was that impressive. Good Man.

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American Elephants: The Federal Government Is Not Your Friend, And They Have Interests of Their Own

Most Americans believe that the federal government does a poor job and wastes most of the taxpayers’ hard earned money. Waste, fraud and abuse are rampant. We hear stories of employees spending their days watching porn. Agencies spend millions on beautifying their offices, and rush to spend every last cent of their budget so they

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American Elephants: Happy 100th Birthday to British Songstress Dame Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn was the voice of home to British Soldiers wherever they served, and a great voice it was. Today she turns 100 years old, celebrated as a Dame of the British Empire.  When she was 78, she sang on the fiftieth anniversary of VE Day, the songs of the times: The White Cliffs of

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American Elephants: Consequences. There Are Always Consequences.

James P. Rubin, a former assistant secretary of state in the Clinton administration wrote a piece in Politico Thursday that called German Chancellor Angela Merkel the “leader of the free world,” largely for her role in taking in Middle Eastern ‘migrants.’ Rubin worked in Hillary’s failed 2008 campaign and was an advisor to Clinton. “Angela

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American Elephants: We Have Separate Conversations Going On Here, And We Don’t Seem to Speak the Same Language

Early today I watched a video of the first press briefing for the State Department under new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for the Trump administration. It was over an hour long, conducted by Mark Toner who has been in the job for a number of years, is very competent, and knows most of the

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American Elephants: How Intelligence Works

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. He is a recipient of the U.S .National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the author of several books, including Real-World Intelligence and Hard Thinking, and many of his speeches are

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American Elephants: Overturning a Regulation Here and a Regulation There and Eventually You Are Free Again

Within just 24 hours, the Senate successfully overturned two sets of regulations finalized by the Department of Education in the final weeks of the Obama administration. As the Daily Signal reported: Using the oversight authority granted to it by the Congressional Review Act, the Senate passed resolutions of disapproval for accountability regulations under the Every Student

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American Elephants: It Is Surpassingly Important that Lefties Feel Good About Themselves!

A new report from the Ohio Jobs and Justice Political Action Committee says that sanctuary cities are growing and 36 new locales have been added to the list of nearly 500 sanctuary cities. The group has been tracking sanctuary cities for over 10 years. This doesn’t seem  to be anything  that appears on a ballot,

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American Elephants: Desperate Democrats Search Fruitlessly for a Real Issue

It’s the Border Wall. That will fix those Despicable Republicans! Senate Democratic leaders say there’s no plan for construction or getting Mexico to pay for it. Showdown! Shutdown! The Senate Democratic leadership team wrote a letter: We believe it would be inappropriate to insist on the inclusion of such funding in a must-pass appropriations bill

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American Elephants: Democrat Scandal-Mongering Amounts to Nothing at All

Preet Bharara has been the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He was fired on Saturday, since he chose not to tender his resignation as the other U.S. Attorneys did. It is customary for U.S. Attorneys to resign when a new administration begins, as they serve at the pleasure of the president.

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American Elephants: Another Outstanding Appointment by President Trump

President Trump has selected a physician who is a policy expert to run the Food and Drug Administration—which may be one of the toughest jobs in Washington. Dr. Gottleib served as a deputy commissioner at the FDA during the G.W. Bush Administration, and has worked at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He is

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American Elephants: The Teacher, The School System, The City Council, the Legislature. the Governor and Maybe Even the Courts Will Tell You the Schools Need More Money! It’s All Lies!

What about America’s public education? There are a lot of complaints about K-12 as well. Many hope that Betsy DeVos, the newly confirmed Secretary of Education, can make a big difference in the schools that are failing our most-at-risk children in poor neighborhoods. She is a big proponent of school choice, which allows parents to

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American Elephants: The Decline and Fall of America’s Educational Excellence

While the nation’s budget watchers pour, with horror,  over the numbers involved in student loans, it seems that students are spending their student loan money to have a really good spring break fun-in-the-sun trip. Perhaps that is an outgrowth of the Obama administration’s insistence that every young person should go to college. Or on the

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American Elephants: Why the Left Gets It So Completely Wrong

Kevin Williamson is a roving correspondent for National Review, and his recent piece titled “Fake Hate Crimes” is particularly worthy of your attention. I copied a paragraph from the post which particularly impressed me, but neglected to say where I got it or who wrote it, and I promptly forgot. So, testing Google’s algorithms, I

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American Elephants: The Naughty Secrets of your Neighborhood Swimming Pool

If your look to your favorite search engine, asking for recent articles on just how much pee is in the average pool, you will find numerous articles. I do not list amounts nor other details in the supposition that perhaps you would rather not know. But I thought this caption was really funny.

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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson Goes Right to the Heart of the Matter

—Victor Davis Hanson has a number of recent columns that get right to the heart of the matter. “The Democrat Patient” on January 17. is one such:”Ignoring the symptoms, misdiagnosing the malady, skipping the treatment.” If progressives were to become empiricists, they would look at the symptoms of the last election and come up with

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American Elephants: The Middlebury College Disgrace: Leftism, Ignorance and Hate

Last Thursday. March 2, the distinguished Professor Charles Murray was invited to speak at Middlebury College in Vermont on his most recent book Coming Apart and how it related to the recent election. Plans for protests began to emerge, encouraged by several faculty members. The logic, Dr. Murray says, that “since I am a racist,

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American Elephants: Yes, Minister. Takes It’s Usual Comedic view of Governmental Bureaucracy and its Eternal Life.

Sometimes comedy explains an issue even better than the facts do. We can laugh at the absurdity, but it makes us look at the real world with a slightly clearer eye.

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