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American Elephants: Meet Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines Heroine

You may have heard the tragic news of the death of a passenger on Southwest Airlines when an engine caught fire and disintegrated at more than 30,000 feet spraying shrapnel through the fuselage. Metal pieces ruptured a window behind a wing, fatally injuring a passenger in the first airline fatality since 2009, and the first

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American Elephants: Time for Our Annual Salute to Paul Revere

[A little Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for the eighteenth of April] Listen, my children, and  you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five; Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year. He said to his friend,”If the British march By land or

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American Elephants: Life’s Little Surprises Always Await Us.

In the Wall Street Journal today, James Freeman brought up the historic tax reform that Trump signed in December may be his finest hour, ‘trumping’ even  the firing of James Comey. So many companies have reported positive news from the tax law, even though it’s barely four months old.  The Journal calculated that the four

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American Elephants: We Aren’t Recognizing the Anger and Despair!

Former FBI  Director James Comey’s new book is being released today, and he will be on a long book tour trying to push the book. He hates President Trump, whines like a 9-year-old, and reflects badly on the organization that he formerly headed. He expected Hillary to win, his wife was really excited about having

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American Elephants: Do You have the Feeling That There Is Something Wrong Out There?

Do any of you have the sort of unsettled feeling that things are not quite as they are being portrayed? News made of too little information, asking the wrong people, not exactly President Trump’s “fake news”— but just an instinctive feeling that something is wrong out there. Here’s a post from Real Clear Investigations: Broward

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American Elephants: Blogging Will Return! Sorry About That.

Sorry about the light blogging. Taxes! Thought I was all done, and oops! Discovered a major mistake and had to do it all over. Done, proofread twice and once again just to be sure, mailed. It will be nice to get back to commenting on the insanity going on. Apparently the American schooling system ranks

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American Elephants: Can Anyone Explain the Loony Left?

Billionaire Leftist activist Tom Steyer is working in Wisconsin to try to topple Republican Governor Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan. He apparently told the Milwaukee journal Sentinel on Tuesday that Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin “are nervous about the fact that they’ve done such a bad job.” Mr. Steyer is a resident of

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American Elephants: Sunny Southern California And Smog

Scott Pruitt has been doing a great job of eliminating useless regulations at the EPA, so naturally the Left is going bonkers. Under the Obama administration, the EPA became a heavy handed armed bully, attacking innocent landowners, attempting to control all the waters of the United States, including the water draining from your downspouts. It

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American Elephants: Catching Up With Climate Science:

A 2008 paper by James Hansen, former director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies showed the true gravity of the situation. In it, Hansen set out to determine what level of atmospheric CO2 society should aim for if humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which

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American Elephants: Tom Sowell on Immigration

“What should American immigration policy be? It doesn’t matter what any of us think that policy should be if the borders are not secure, because whoever wants to come across that border will come across anyway in defiance of whatever the policy might be. If legal benefits are conferred on illegal immigrants before the border

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American Elephants: The Wheels of Justice Grind Slowly, Very Slowly.

As I understand it, the customary and legal reason for a special investigation and a special prosecutor is the discovery of a crime that requires investigation, finding the evidence and charging those who committed the crime. In this occasion, somehow we got it all backward. A special prosecutor was appointed to find a crime, and

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American Elephants: Business is Demanding to be Regulated. Bad Idea.

We seem to have entered an age where business executives assume that it is acceptable to do politics with their business. Businesses have, of course, long favored policies that help them to do business, and supported whatever politicians established the policy. That’s perfectly natural. But suddenly we have private-sector businesses entering the political fray, using

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American Elephants: Dr. Jordan Peterson Went to Australia

Dr. Jordan Peterson went to Australia in Mid March to give a series of lectures. Here he meets with  John Anderson, who was a Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the rural-based National Party of Australia from July 1999 to July 2005. John Anderson has a marvelous voice. The conversation is passionate, deep, and powerful,

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American Elephants: Jordan Peterson Takes on a Leftist Host

This discussion could be directed at young David Hogg, though it wasn’t. Media Matters and CNN are doing a lot of damage to that young man. Advertisements

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American Elephants: There Are Always Consequences. That’s How Life Works.

  In his speech, Dennis Prager mentions the bad ideas of the Left, and rates the Self-Esteem Movement as possibly their worst idea ever. Back in 1945 Dr. Spock published his “Baby and Child Care” for the generation of the mothers of the Baby Boom when the fathers of the baby boom came home from

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American Elephants: The Left: Explained!

Here is a speech by Dennis Prager, given a few years ago, in which he summarizes, or explains the Left. Do you find yourself wondering a lot— why are they doing this? Why are they saying this? What is the matter with these people? Not much has changed in the past seven years. The Left

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American Elephants: He is Risen! Happy Easter!

Matthew 28:1-10 After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. His

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American Elephants: How To Catch the Easter Bunny

You need some preparations first. The Easter bunny comes in the early morning hours, right at dawn, when the sun is just coming up and the dew is still shining on the grass. You have to find a likely spot which seems as if it might be a bunny path. You will require a standard

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American Elephants: A Timelapse of the Entire Universe

  h/t Maggie’s Farm Spectacular special effects. Could it have been like this?

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American Elephants: Devin Nunes Reacts to the Inspector General’s Inquiry

Pulling information out of the FBI and the CIA has been an interesting exercise. You can tell how frustrated Chairman Nunes is. They were absolutely sure that Hillary would win, and none of it would have to be covered up. The best laid plans …and all that. Advertisements

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American Elephants: The March for Our Lives Was Not What It Was Cracked Up to Be

The Left is very fond of “marches”— it feels really good, I guess, to be out being an activist for a cause your really believe in, as much as you believe in much of anything. That’s what the few studies that have been done seem to indicate—that they promote activism, but don’t have much of

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American Elephants: Diversity Is Not Important. Merit Is.

Heather MacDonald visits the “Diversity Debate” in her column today. The problem is apparently Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who “is being hammered for reportedly having rejected identity politics in favor of meritocracy. (Do read the whole thing, it’s short) In the workplace we are supposed to ignore the knowledge and ability one brings to the

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American Elephants: And About That Fake News…

If you forced every website that presents the news to remove any pieces that are simply what some celebrity said, would there be anything left? How many “journalists” would lose their jobs? In the age of Twitter and Facebook, it can hardly be called ‘work”— you just follow them and whenever they say something, er,

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American Elephants: Oscar Wilde Knew What He Was Talking About

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American Elephants: Victor Davis Hanson Explains the Hypocrisy of the University and the Left

Just a short 12 minutes, but Dr. Hanson thoroughly eviscerates the university in particular, and the Left as well. Great fun. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Science and Health and Science Scaredy-Cats

Oh dear, O dear! I believe this was the evening when we were, all across the world, at precisely Eight o’clock — supposed to turn off all our lights and sit in the dark for an hour to save the earth, or show our empathy for those who are deeply concerned about the climate and

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American Elephants: The Children of Parkland, Used Again

The children of Parkland have been out demonstrating today for gun control. Not that they have any idea what that means or what if anything it would do for school safety. The people who are paying for the demonstrations and the transportation and the microphones have chosen to remain anonymous and invisible behind protective regulations.

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American Elephants: California: A Failing Utopian Vision

California is becoming the most watched state in the union. The worst-managed state. threatening secession, or division, insisting on whatever the rest of the country is doing, they will go in another direction. And Washington State is trying to follow in their wake, Here’s Victor Davis Hanson trying to explain what’s gone wrong and why.

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American Elephants: I Thought This Was Brilliant!

I don’t know who came up with this, but I thought it was an absolutely brilliant comment on media excess.

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American Elephants: Corruption is Legal in America

You knew this! Painful to see it proved. You might try calling your representatives, or writing. They are a somewhat sensitive to what their constituents have to say, and when lots call or write, they pay attention. Advertisements

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