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American Elephants: Learning a Bit about CO² and Mass Hysteria

William Happer is one of our most renowned and esteemed physicists, a professor emeritus from Princeton University. He decidedly does not agree with the current panic about the horrors of “climate change.”He says, and explains why CO², carbon dioxide, doesn’t have much of anything to do with warming, and we really need more of it […]

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American Elephants: It’s Hard to Believe That Anyone Could Believe in Socialism Today!

There is so much history, so many horrible examples. How could anyone be so ill-informed? It probably starts with Republican tax cuts. The Democrats always sneer “tax cuts for the rich!” and the rich do get tax cuts, and so does everyone else. The cuts for the poorer people are indeed smaller because they pay […]

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American Elephants: The Mueller Report: No Collusion, No Obstruction.

The Mueller Report states clearly that they found no evidence of Collusion or Obstruction. No Russians. And we should be reminded that the Mueller team included mostly prominent Democrat lawyers, something that worried Republicans who feared that they might be too partisan to be fair. Democrats are, of course, outraged! They know, beyond all shadow […]

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American Elephants: All the Democrats Have to Do Is Not Be Crazy

And they simply cannot manage it. I am quite sure that none of this bunch have ever read anything about climate change, nor questioned what they have apparently been told. There is Democrat approved knowledge, and there are the “deniers”– which is the rest of us. Because we have been labelled “deniers”, nothing we say […]

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American Elephants: Have You Heard About “The Equality Act”?

“While Europeans are accustomed to being ruled by presumed betters whom they distrust, the American people’s realization of being ruled in the same way shocked this country into well-nigh revolutionary attitudes. But only the realization was new. The Ruling Class had sunk deep roots in America decades before 2008. America’s disease is all the more […]

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American Elephants: What Progressives Should Know About Trump Voters

Victor Davis Hanson has a particularly interesting column today at CNN, of all places. It is titled “What progressives should know about Trump Voters.” CNN may just be the perfect place for that. 1. Voters appreciate that the economy is currently experiencing near record-low peacetime unemployment, record-low minority unemployment, and virtual 3% annualized GDP growth. […]

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American Elephants: Mt. Popocatepetl Erupted Monday Night about 9:30

Mt. Popocatépetl is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and only 43 miles away from Mexico City. Approximately 25 million people live within a 60 mile radius of the crater. So when the mountain does something, everyone sits up and takes notice. On Monday night at 9:38 PM a massive explosion sent […]

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American Elephants: Big Government, And Why It Doesn’t Work.

There is a mindset in politics, everywhere, that if we just had more encompassing governments, not so many small jurisdictions wanting to quarrel with each other, with more enlightened, well educated people in charge, then there would be more peace, fewer wars. Everybody would get along. World Peace. The enlightened folks in charge would work […]

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American Elephants: The “Green New Deal” Is a Pack of Lies

Well, the Justice Democrats cooked up quite a conflagration over a weekend with their “Green New Deal”. It got more attention than it deserved, simply because some people belie-e-e-ved, and it frightened the sensible folks. It would, if imposed, destroy the country. Nothing about it would work, but it was cleverly devised so that those […]

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American Elephants: California’s Coming Collapse

From American Greatness: From Victor Davis Hanson’s post there. Dr. Hanson is committed to California where his forbears settled early, and built the house where he still lives. He commutes to Stanford each week as a member of the Hoover Institution. The contrast is notable, and gives him something of a broader view of the […]

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American Elephants: Socialism Is a Bait-and-Switch Scheme

The Federalist has an excellent column: “Socialism’s Bloody History Shows Millennials Should Think Twice Before Supporting It” by Stella Morabito. It’s a political system that puts the reins of Power in the hands of just a few strongmen who end up calling all the shots. It’s a system in which suspicion nd the smell of […]

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American Elephants: Everything Seems to Be Slipping Away

It seems that all is not quite as it seemed to be. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was chosen to be a front for an organization called Justice Democrats. Do a quick search for that group. Now that they have been exposed, they have removed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff from the board of the Justice […]

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American Elephants: Tucker Carlson Takes On the Ruling Class

I don’t know about you, but I am getting terminally fed up with Racism, sexism, white privilege, nationalism and all the other ‘isms and insults that are passing for news and facts in the media and in our nation’s capitol. We have supposed candidates for the highest office in the land who are apologizing for […]

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American Elephants: More Open Jobs Than People to Fill Them

American employers posted nearly 7.6 million job openings in January — one million more job openings than there were unemployed people looking for a job. Granted, that doesn’t mean that the unemployed had the right skills for the jobs where they live, nor that the open jobs were where the unemployed live, but as a […]

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American Elephants: The Last Children’s Crusade Was in 1212. Didn’t Turn Out Well.

According to the people who actually measure the temperature of the planet with satellite and weather balloon for NASA, over the last 40 years the earth has warmed approximately 0.25° Celsius or 2.2° Fahrenheit. According to Anthony Watts, a 2° F. warming is roughly equivalent to the warming seen most spring days between 10 a.m. […]

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American Elephants: Food For Thought


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American Elephants: Is the Situation at the Border a National Emergency or Not?

Another day and another vicious murder by an illegal immigrant in California, a sanctuary state. 300 illegals were apprehended at the Texas border, In Arizona, another bunch was caught with 160 pounds of meth and fentanyl. In Texas, there are 200 cases of mumps in detention. In February, the Border Patrol dealt with 600,000 illegals, […]

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American Elephants: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Behind the Scenes Story

Daniel Henninger at the Wall Street Journal’s column today had a picture of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the South by Southwest event in Austin.Texas on the 9th of March. His first sentence was brilliant: Something called “socialism” is in the air. Should we worry? The answer is yes, if you can stop laughing. That pretty much […]

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American Elephants: Playing Games With Language, Nasty Political Games.

Are you familiar with the term “Intersectionality“? It is defined as “the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, gender, as applied to an individual or a group. In other words it is modern or post-modern (whatever post-modern is) gobbledygook. “Diversity” has become the byword in our colleges and universities, our schools and […]

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American Elephants: Have The Democrats Finally Gone Too Far? Yes.

I have a bad habit of jotting down brief notes as I read my way round the internet on a little grocery list kind of pad, and then not being able to read them because I scribbled. Most get scrapped. but I keep a few, like these: Sept. 18, 2014 – New York Times reported […]

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American Elephants: The Real Russian Collusion

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, Democrats have been sure that he was elected because somehow the Russians interfered with the election and colluded with Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton who was destined to win the election and be a feather in the Democrat caps as the first woman president in America. They had […]

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American Elephants: Congressman Darrell Issa’s Exit Interview with Sharyl Attkisson

California businessman Darrell Issa came to Washington DC in 2001. Now he joins a growing list of key Republicans in Congress calling it quits. He’s led many high profile investigations into corruption and fraud. Along the way, he says he’s seen many changes – not for the better. For one, he says party politics and […]

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American Elephants: A Cheerful Song About BREXIT : Shall We Stay or Shall We Go??

If you re offended by a little vulgarity (the F-word) nevermind. If not, this is great fun. Pure English Music Hall, think though I’ve never been in one. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Not Intentionally anti-Semitic ?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi carefully announced today that Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn) recent claim that her pro-Israel colleagues are motivated by “dual loyalty” to the U.S . and Israel was not “intentionally anti-Semitic.” Well, of course it was. Ilhan Omar is an observant Muslim. Her customary head covering is an indication, and the religion is […]

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American Elephants: Poisonous Partisan Politics and Propaganda and the Border Crisis

Illegal arrivals at our southern border are at a ten-year high, with no signs of abatement. U.S. authorities say the situation is completely unprecedented and nearing a full-blown crisis. Democrats clearly want open borders: the Sanctuary cities, refusal to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), issuance of voter registration with drivers’ license applications, and […]

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American Elephants: The “Green New Deal” is, Unfortunately, Quite Impossible

One might think that before you attempt to Re-Organize the Whole Country on wisps and idle thoughts in your first weeks in Congress, you might have consulted someone, (anyone?) who knows something about energy, in order to keep from embarrassing yourself and all the other newbies who have decided to run for president, and just […]

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American Elephants: A Fishing We Will Go, A Fishing We Will Go, Heigh Ho The Derry-O, A Fishing We Will Go.

Some wag remarked that Congressman Jerry Nadler decided to impeach President Trump on the day he won the election. According to the Constitution, “the President, Vice President And all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery,or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Since no […]

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American Elephants: Newly Confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr Wastes No Time!

Newly-confirmed Attorney General Bill Barr spoke today to the National Association of Attorneys General. He laid out in no uncertain terms the negative effects of a porous border. Barr preceded his warning by noting the rising number of opioid deaths in the United States, particularly the effects of Chinese fentanyl, which is used by Mexican […]

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American Elephants: The Planet Has Been Warming and Cooling for Millions and Millions of Years

RECENT EARTH CLIMATE HISTORY 600 TO 200 B.C.:Unnamed cold period that preceded the Roman Warming. 200 about A.D.600:Roman Warming. 600 to 900:Dark Ages cold period. 900 to 1300:Medieval Warming or Little Climate Optimum. 1300 to 1850:Little Ice Age (two-stage) MODERN CLIMATE HISTORY 1850 to 1940:Warming, especially between 1920 and 1940. 1940 to 1975:Cooling […]

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American Elephants: This Is Our Moment! (didn’t someone else say that?)

Our very own Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has finally finished his big announcement video and published it, so he can now hopefully get the attention to the fact that he is running, that he didn’t get when he just said he was running, and nobody paid any attention at all while they slobbered all […]

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