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American Elephants: Gov. Inslee Wants to Save Us From Global Warming With a New Carbon Tax!

While everyone’s attention was consumed with the Parkland, Florida shooting, we apparently had a visit from former Secretary of State John Kerry to advocate for our Washington governor Jay Inslee’s bright idea of a carbon tax.  Stupid tax, and extremely bad timing. The vote on the school levy here in King County was on Tuesday,

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American Elephants: If Banning Guns Won’t Work, What Should We Do?

To reach a point where people can begin to talk sensibly about the problem of violence in our schools, you have to wait a while. Probably longer than this. All the people who have never held a gun, nor fired one, have time to insist that banning all guns is the answer. Unfortunately, it’s often

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American Elephants: I Goofed.

I see that I have once again been mistaken. President’s Day is this coming Monday, and I thought it was connected to Lincoln’s birthday rather than Washington’s. My tradition has been to recall the birthdays of the two rather than to celebrate the federal day off.  I apologize. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Some Premature Remarks on A Dreadful Tragedy

Since it is way too early for any solid or real commentary on the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, naturally all the Lefties are running off at the mouth. Guns must be banned, of course, and the NRA banished forever. I finally realized why they are so frantic about the National Rifle Association. The NRA

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American Elephants: The Grassley-Graham Memo Is Thoroughly Shocking. Press Snoozes.

The source many of us have turned to for information on the ongoing scandal supposed to involve alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is National Review’s Andrew McCarthy. (McCarthy, you will recall, was the U.S. Attorney who tried the Blind Sheik for the first World Trade Center bombing.) Andy knows what he is talking

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American Elephants: Today is Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Today is  “President’s Day.” As a long time crank, I disapprove of moving days of remembrance to Mondays to make a  3-day weekend. I would prefer that we stuck with Lincoln’s Birthday, and when we get there, to Washington’s Birthday on the 22nd. Both men deserve special honor. In elementary school, kids used to make

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American Elephants: Planning for A Self-Driving Future?

Our local throwaway newspaper arrived today with an article about our city and autonomous vehicles. Traffic is a major problem in most cities, and governments have no idea how to solve it. So of course they are planning. Experts in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology say the path forward requires city and state leaders to be

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American Elephants: Why Is Infrastructure Always “Crumbling?”

President Donald Trump announced a $1 trillion infrastructure plan at the State of the Union speech on  January 30. But he had earlier revealed a price tag of $1.7 trillion at a meeting with about a hundred mayors of major American cities. The mayors were excited. Mr. Trump said he wanted all of the projects

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American Elephants: The Usual Suspects Are Back Again, Trying to “Save the Planet”

Four Democrat senators are demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt recuse himself from repealing a 2015 Obama-era regulation that places significant burdens on fossil fuel energy providers, according to the Washington Post. Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), an add-on to the Clean Air Act, was meant to curb carbon emissions from

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American Elephants: When Congress Sang Happy Birthday to President Reagan

A brief trip back in history: when Congress sang Happy Birthday to President Ronald Reagan. It’s interesting to think about how our politics and national life have changed by the constant presence of cameras. The lives of miscreants have become far more risky since there are almost always people present with phones in their pockets

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American Elephants: Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?

No they can’t. Here’s why. Please listen carefully to Dr. William Happer. There is way too much nonsense floating around out there, largely from politicians who are quite sure that declaring themselves as ‘caring about the environment’ is the way to electoral success. Maybe, but it won’t do much for the climate. You might also

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American Elephants: Are You Missing the Elephant in the Room?

  The left-wing media is frantically busy fact-checking every word of the State of the Union Speech, defiantly positive that it was all a pack of lies. Yet the American people not only approved of the speech, they really liked it. Trump’s approval rating is up significantly, and that will not do. Interest in the

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American Elephants: Jordan Peterson: A Speech for Every College Student

Here’s a speech every college student should hear. I wish someone had made that speech when I was in college. It seems like much of the world has slipped a cog. Minds are in disarray. Obvious signs are ignored. The unimportant and minor takes center stage and important things rouse no interest. I think Jordan

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American Elephants: Delusions of Leftist Activism: Jordan Peterson

The delusions of leftist activism, and trying to explain it to one of the deluded. Global warming, and the poor soul is sure that New York City will be under water all too soon, and he wants to go out and protest and make somebody do something. And he does not grasp that is just

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American Elephants: Visit Steven Hayward’s Week in Pictures. You Deserve a Good Laugh!

Every week at Powerline, Steven Hayward does a roundup of “The Week In Pictures.” This week we seem to have been even funnier than usual.  It has indeed been an interesting week, and American cartoonists had a rousing good time. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Tucker Carlson Interviews Adam Schiff’s Sidekick, Eric Swalwell

We expected the Democrats to push back on the release of the memos, because the memos basically look very bad for the Democrats. This, is something much larger and more insidious. Tucker Carlson interviews Eric Swalwell who is Adam Schiff’s sidekick. They are terrified, and losing control.  Attack, attack, attack. No matter that it makes

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American Elephants: Alienating Young Men: Jordan Peterson

This one is important, and short. All this gender nonsense has been growing and is purely evil. It’s all trying to tear our society apart in the name of politics: feminism, white supremacy, race, diversity, and so on. I don’t understand what they are trying to do. We’ve had a celebration of gender dysphoria, which

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American Elephants: The Memo, The Memo, The Memo, And What it All Means.

Here is the article on the publication and the White House approval: —”Memo Released: FBI Officials Knew Political Origins of Dossier, but Used it Anyway.” — Here is the article from Yahoo the FBI used to corroborate the Dossier, even though it’s just a repeat of the information in the Dossier. —The Spectator: “Media propaganda

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American Elephants: Here is the Memo, as Published

There are six pages, in Scribed, and you can enlarge or print it out.  It begins with the Presidential permission to post what were classified records for Congress. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has voted on party lines to make it public. Advertisements

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American Elephants: Who Owns These Memos? It’s Not Who You Have Been Told.

I’ll try to get into the Intelligence Committee’s memo released today, but  I thought I’d start with this post from The Hill, by Sharyl Attkison, to put you in the correct frame of mind. There’s an important but little-noticed subtext in the revelations about alleged FBI misconduct in the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email practices

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American Elephants: A Panicky Pelosi Claims Conspiracy and Distortion.

We await the release of the Memo from the House Intelligence Committee. It is a four page document supposedly referring to the use of the Fusion GPS misinformation to obtain FISA Court permission to surveil and/or wiretap the Trump Campaign, and/or to unmask names. In other words nobody really seems to have a clue.  But—Democrats

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American Elephants: Once California Was an Island, Off The Coast of Nova Mexico

I thought you might be interested in these historic  maps showing California as an island, off the coast of Nova Mexico. I don’t know the year, but they are writing in Spanish, rather than Aztec symbols, You can see notations for Apaches, Zunis, and Navajos so some exploration had been done. I don’t see any

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American Elephants: The Trials and Tribulations of Technology Gone Haywire

People who run big companies are only human, like the rest of us. Some are not as bright as they think they are, they are subject to fashion and fads, and very much influenced by what other companies are doing—because they might know something that their own company does not. It’s not easy running a

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American Elephants: The State of the Union 2018

Terrific speech. Uniting, caring, forward looking. Of course the Democrats are not interested in uniting. I cannot remember a year when the opposing party behaved so badly. They went to great lengths to make clear their hatred for our country and this president. Progressives’ plain rudeness was on national display. Leftist comments on the speech

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American Elephants: Improper Conduct and Abuse of Power?

The Washington Examiner reports that: “The House Intelligence Committee has voted to release the four page memo that allegedly details that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sought the renewal of a federal court-authorized surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.” Also named in the memo, were outgoing FBI Deputy Director Andrew

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American Elephants: That Was Then, and This is Now. So Is It Different?

Senator Charles Schumer, Minority Leader of the United States Senate has absolutely clear ideas about the problems of immigration. The only problem is that he’s not exactly consistent. “Trust is built with consistency.” ……………………………………………………………….Lincoln Chafee “Clarity and Consistency are not enough, the quest for truth requires humility and effort.” ………………………………………………………………..Tariq Ramadan “On…

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American Elephants: The Left, Davos, Taxes, Energy, Global Warming and Schmoozing.

Seeing through a glass darkly. (1 Corinthians/13-12, KJV, the Apostle Paul) At Davos, energy ministers and financial advisors were asked to comment on the Trump announcement that America is open for business. Here at home, Democrats are outraged at the tax cuts, which they do not understand. In Leftist economics, the government needs more taxes,

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American Elephants: Bet You Didn’t Hear About This One!

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Rwandan President Paul Kagame praised President Donald Trump. From SAAGAR ENJETI, White House Correspondent for the Daily Caller: “I wanted to thank you for the support we have received from you, personal, and your administration. And we’re looking forward to also working with the United States at the

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American Elephants: Trump Goes to Davos Along With the Significant and Beautiful

Davos, where the politically significant and beautiful go to meet and greet. It is the World Economic Forum, a Swiss nonprofit foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. … The Forum strives in all its efforts to demonstrate

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American Elephants: How Do We Know And What Don’t We Know?

How do we know stuff? We were told by our parents or another relative. We learned it in school. We read it in a book. Then it gets even more iffy. We read it in the newspaper. We read it online. Someone sent it to us in an email. A friend who seems smart said

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