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American Elephants: Europe is Finished. Nothing can save it now.

Child abuse. Sponsored by the government in the name of being nice. There are two genders, and gender dysphoria is a mental problem, as is bodily dysphoria. It’s not science, but ideology. How could any society get so weirdly and senselessly ideological? If it is this far advanced in Europe, it is undoubtedly underway here,

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American Elephants: Raqqa Has Fallen, The Last ISIS Holdout

Raqqa, the city that was the headquarters and self-proclaimed capital of their “Caliphate” has fallen. Clearing up operations remain. The city is full of land mines, but the Syrian Democratic Forces are firmly in control. Earlier in the day, the Kurdish-led SDF forces captured the city hospital, the last remaining ISIS holdout in Raqqa. The

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American Elephants: For Newly Naturalized Citizens

Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader, spoke at a September 21, naturalization ceremony in Bakersfield, California. The Wall Street Journal noted it in their column “Notable &Quotable:” Every one of you has a story—an American story now. You come from many countries—but today the Pilgrims are your ancestors. You’ve known many leaders—but today George Washington

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American Elephants: Obama’s Presidential Library Will Be In Chicago

Former President Barack Obama has unveiled the design and vision for his Presidential Center. It’s to be on the South Side of Chicago and do some neighborhood revitalization as well as a park, and a hub for artists like Springsteen, Chance the Rapper and Spike Lee. A lagoon will have paddle boats and skating in

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American Elephants: Trump Made an Excellent Call on UNESCO

President Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). This is a good thing. UNESCO’s corruption is legendary, they are anti Israel, susceptible to Soviet influence and granted the Palestinian Authority full membership. National Review documented their anti-Israel bias. In 2012, UNESCO declared the Church of

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American Elephants: Fixing ObamaCare, One Small Step At A Time

The Republican Congress’s had long promised to repeal ObamaCare, but when push came to shove, it didn’t happen. The Trump administration is working to overhaul the American health care system without the help of Congress. Naturally the media is screaming about the poor and dead children, but ObamaCare was always a deeply ill-advised scheme intended

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American Elephants: Margaret Thatcher: No Such Thing as Public Money

Here’s Margaret Thatcher to reiterate the simple fact that there is no such thing as public money, or as I keep saying: The government has no money of its own. Every time someone wants the government to do something for them, that amount comes proportionately out of your pocket. We’ve just had a series of

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American Elephants: Of Course They Are Fighting Climate Change

Here in Washington State, our Governor, Jay Inslee, released a statement today on the EPA’s proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan: By repealing the Clean Power Plan, President Trump and his EPA administrator are recklessly removing any meaningful, science-based federal restraint on the carbon pollution that power plants are allowed to pump into our

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American Elephants: Reforming The Courts, One Outstanding Justice At a Time

Most Republicans are extremely pleased with President Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. And most of us are unaware that the President is filling the federal judiciary with a whole class of “brilliant young textualists” who bear little resemblance even to prior appointments by the Reagan or Bush administrations. Mr. Trump has

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American Elephants: The Final Bill For the Standing Rock Protests is About $43 Million

The protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline ended back at the end of February, with 240 rollout dumpsters to carry away the mess the protesters left behind. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned on spending more than $1 million just to clean up. At the end of September North Dakota’s Department of Emergency Services

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American Elephants: A Little Inspiration for a Chilly October Day

Admiral William R. Raven, 2014 Commencement address  University of Texas at Austin. It’s not Commencement season, but this excerpt from Admiral Raven’s address to University of Texas grads, is a particularly memorable one. And inspirational. Commencement addresses always strive to be memorable, to give new graduates encouragement for their first steps into the real world.

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American Elephants: Kevin Ellerbe on Hate Speech

What is “Hate Speech” anyway? According to the snowflakes in college, it’s any speech that disagrees with you, or makes you feel uncomfortable. What earthy good does it do a person to be protected from ever hearing a discouraging word. Sooner or later, everyone is going to be insulted, offended, hurt, disappointed, not to mention

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American Elephants: Hungry and Demoralized, ISIS Surrenders in Hawija

Yesterday, off in corners of the internet which was all a-flame with the latest accusers of Harvey Weinstein, there was brief mention of the defeat of of ISIS in the northern Iraqi town of Hawija — one of its last strongholds in Iraq. Around 1,000 militants surrendered among signs that the terrorist group is falling

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American Elephants: Obama’s Presidency Destroyed the Democratic Party

This is an excerpt from a longer speech given at the Reagan Ranch. The full speech is about an hour long, and worth your time, but you probably don’t have a spare hour now. A hard look at the facts.

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American Elephants: Why Are We In These Strange Times?

This is a fairly long video, but very worth your while. Dr. Hansen explains the Obama Administration, the election, and why we seem to have entered such a surreal period. Democrats have lost elections before, but never so completely or thoroughly. They have never before reacted so badly, nor hated so viciously, nor demonstrated their

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American Elephants: Did FDR End the Great Depression? Nope!

It has long been accepted knowledge that Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved America from the Great Depression, which lasted and lasted and lasted. But is that true? A few years previously, Calvin Coolidge faced another depression. He essentially did nothing, and the economy recovered quickly. FDR embarked on a series of endless experimentation to see just

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American Elephants: In Case you Need Reminding, or Never Knew

The Seven Deadly Sins Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice and Sloth. The Seven Virtues Faith, Hope Charity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance. (the first three are the Holy Virtues) The three little planes left on Malta during the German assault on Malta in were named ‘Faith,’ ‘Hope’, and ‘Charity’

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American Elephants: Charter Schools Work. Improve Student Outcomes.

Last Thursday night, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was invited to speak to students, faculty and others who were gathered at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. “Shouts. Interruptions, Orchestrated chanting.” as AEI notes, were “the predictable convulsions of this contemporary university when a conservative comes to town.” Ms. DeVos spoke thoughtfully about “how…

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American Elephants: A Small Step Forward on Campus Disruptions

It has come to this. The University of Wisconsin administration is “taking steps to crack down on protesters who push their right to free speech and protest to the point where they shout down or entirely shut out speakers with whom they disagree.” University of Wisconsin System leaders approved a policy Friday that calls for

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American Elephants: A Quick History of the American Revolution

I like timelines or chronologies that tell you just where and when the events of history took place. It gives you a sense of history as it happened and what was happening at the same time elsewhere in the world. So you will see one here now and then, and I hope you find them

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American Elephants: Democrats Are So Predictable

Leftists are so predictable. President Trump announced that he wanted to cut the corporate income tax, and the sky immediately started to fall. “Tax cuts for the Rich” Charles Schumer cried. And so the battle was formed. Republicans insisted that the tax cut would more than pay for itself by increased economic activity. Democrats countered

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American Elephants: It’s Come to This: It’s Time to Ban Trucks!

Gun Control seems to remain as a feature of the conversation. Conservatives keep explaining (and explaining ) that guns are inanimate objects, and it is the shooter who is the problem, but they will have none of that. It’s the guns they want to control. (Since they seem to think Conservatives live in the backwoods

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American Elephants: Natural Selection and the Character of the American People

Never was there a more outrageous or more unscrupulous or ill informed advertising campaign than that by which the promoters for the American colonies brought settlers here. Brochures published in England in the seventeenth century, some even earlier, were full of hopeful over-statements, half-truths and downright lies. Gold and silver, fountains of youth, plenty of

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American Elephants: “The School Lunch Song” by anonymous school kids

Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts Little dirty birdies feet Mutilated monkey meat Pale pink piles of petrified pelican poo That’s what we’re going to eat

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American Elephants: Gun Laws Clearly Do Not Work, But That Fact Seems Not to Matter

Are Democrats really sure than banning guns would mean no more killing? Or are they just told to respond to a mass killing with a push for a gun ban. We, of course, have come to expect that. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but a very high murder rate,

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American Elephants: The Radical Left, Exposed

Whenever there is a tragic shooting, the Left is ready with their talking points because they have hauled out the gun control theme so often that it is well developed. Gun control has enormous appeal to the Left as its message, because they believe deeply in the efficacy of control. Much of the Left’s basic

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American Elephants: Good Speech

Henry V  by William Shakespeare This day is called the feast of Crispian: He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tip-toe when the day is named, And rouse him at the name of Crispian. He that shall live this day, and see old age, Will yearly on the vigil feast

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American Elephants: There has Been a Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Two confirmed dead, many seriously wounded by a shooter on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel, where there was a country music concert across the street from the hotel. The shooter had a fully automatic weapon with which he sprayed the crowd. You can’t buy those at your neighborhood gun store. The shooter is

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American Elephants: Where Did These Violent Protests Come From?

How did we get here? Democrats have lost elections before, and engaged in some mild excess, but now they seem completely deranged. We had a brief hiatus from the dramatic evidence of the failure of our schools and universities to acquaint our students with the Constitution and the meaning of free speech, let alone manners

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American Elephants: Turning to My Favorite Author for Guidance

I frequently say that Leftists don’t understand the free market — that’s why they are Leftists. Kathy Shaidle remarked a while back: “None of this should surprise anyone. Contrary to what they tell you (and tell you and tell you) Progressives don’t have principles. Rather they have faddish opinions that are highly unstable and often

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