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Appinsys: Climate Central Fails at Its Stated Mission

Climate Central thinks winters are warming. But they ignore the fact of cooling over the past 30 years.

2019-03-16 18:01   Click to comment

Appinsys: >MSM Fake News on California Wildfires

The mainstream media are using the California wildfires to promote the big scare ("the new normal"). The scientists and actual data show that the fires burned more acreage in the mid-1900s. Short-term views give a bogus impression.

2018-08-14 20:29   Click to comment

Appinsys: >NYT Says PANIC - But Winters are Getting Colder

The NYT claims that it is time to panic over global warming. A look at the most recent 20 years of climate data show that winters have been getting colder, while winter snow has been increasing and droughts decreasing. NYT wrong again.

2018-08-07 20:31   Click to comment

Appinsys: >MSM Fake News on Florida Sea Level Rise

The Guardian says that Florida is about to be wiped off the map due to rising sea level. The actual data show there has been no significant sea level rise. Meanwhile the temperature data has had more fake adjustments.

2018-07-11 21:02   Click to comment

Appinsys: >MSM Fake News on Easter Island Sea Level Rise

The New York Times and CNN say that Easter Island is losing its famed Moai statues due to rising sea level. The actual data show there has been no sea level rise at Easter Island over the last 50 years.

2018-04-25 22:02   Click to comment

Appinsys: >MSM Fake News on 100th Meridian Movement

USA Today says the USA arid/humid dividing line at the 100th meridian has shifted 140 miles to the east due to global warming. The underlying model-based research says this will happen in the next 80 years. The actual data show that it is not happening.

2018-04-19 20:06   Click to comment

Appinsys: >MSM Fake News on Hurricanes Promotes Belief

Even though hurricane scientists deny a Harvey/Irma - global warming connection, the main stream media have doubled down on fake news to sucker their green followers. Hurricane lies promoted by the MSM are examined, along with contradictions from actual hurricane scientists.

2017-10-04 23:12   Click to comment

Appinsys: Hurricanes Bring Out Extremists Like Jay Inslee

Harvey and Irma have brought out the extremists with their fearmongering. Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee (who thinks politicians should be disqualified from running for office if they are not green believers) is one who is very confused by the science.

2017-09-13 01:05   Click to comment

Appinsys: Alarmists Say Warmer Winter Temperatures are Increasing the Rat Population

A New Republic article says that urban rats are increasing in the US due to warmer winter temperatures. An examination of the actual rat and temperature data shows this alarmist assumption is wrong.

2017-09-01 23:55   Click to comment

Appinsys: Washington State Governor Admits Using the Billionaires Club to Buy Elections

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee plans to buy elections in the state using funding from groups identified in the Senate report on the Billionaires Club. His alarm is ocean acidification and dying oysters.

2014-08-05 22:50   Click to comment

Appinsys: Obama Declares that Denying AGW is Saying the Moon is Made of Cheese

In a speech to graduates at UC Irvine, Obama declared that denying AGW is like saying the moon is made of cheese. But many astronauts say AGW is a government ploy.

2014-06-16 19:14   Click to comment

Appinsys: NOAA Declared 2012 the Hottest Year in the US, While Global Warming has Stopped

NOAA declared 2012 the hottest year in the US, Globally not. But UK Met Office declares global warming has stopped. Without the extensive data adjustments 2012 is the same as 1934 in the US.

2013-01-12 20:51   Click to comment

Appinsys: IPCC AR5 Report Admits No Warming, Predicts Extreme Sea Level Rise

The leaked IPCC AR5 report shows the failure of climate models in terms of temperature projections and sea level projections.

2012-12-22 22:11   Click to comment

Appinsys: President Obama - Mission Accomplished

President Obama promised that his election would be the turning point in stopping climate problems. The data show that he has accomplished the mission and stopped global warming in its tracks. The problem is, he hasn't noticed.

2012-09-11 02:00   Click to comment

Appinsys: New Scafetta Paper Confirms 60-Year Cycle

Nicola Scafetta has published a new report confirming the 60-year climate cycle. He also provides temperature projections using an astronomical harmonic model developed from the cycles. The model is compared to the GCM models used by the IPCC.

2012-01-09 23:00   Click to comment

Appinsys: IPCC 1995 Predictions - Complete Failure

The IPCC published the Second Assessment Report in 1996. New York Times reported predictions of widespread climate disruption based on the IPCC report. An examination of the IPCC predictions over the past 15 years indicates that the IPCC has complete failure in predicting climate.

2011-06-25 19:00   Click to comment

Appinsys: Cascades Snowpack Related to PDO / ENSO not CO2

Alarmists (and Democratic politicians) claim that the Cascades Mountain snowpack has declined by 50% since 1950 due to global warming. The actual data show that it has been increasing since 1978. The annual fluctuations in snowpack are related to the PDO and ENSO.

2011-05-24 21:26   Click to comment

Appinsys: Arctic Warming Related to AMO not CO2

Global warming is actually an Arctic phenomenon. The temperature data show a clear cyclical trend - the pattern of the 1930s-40s matches the 1990s-2000s warming. James Hansen claims that the 1930s warming was natural but the recent warming is due to CO2. The Arctic trend matches the AMO.

2011-05-21 19:56   Click to comment

Appinsys: Alarmists Erroneously Blame Tornadoes on Global Warming

A record number of tornadoes hit the southeast US in April 2011. Although this region has had no warming, alarmists try to blame the tornadoes on global warming. A look at actual data shows a declining trend in the number of strong tornadoes. These correlate with La Nina.

2011-04-30 18:51   Click to comment

Appinsys: Satellite Sea Level Data - No Change in Rate

Satellite sea level data exist for almost 20 years now. During that time the rate of sea level rise has essentially been constant. Although the rate gives 10 inches of rise to the end of the century, alarmists continue to exaggerate.

2011-04-18 16:14   Click to comment

Appinsys: UN Climate Refugee Claims Debunked

The United Nations claimed there would be 50 million climate refugees by 2010. The Red Cross says the number of climate refugees is bigger than due to war and persecution. As usual - examination of the details of the claims exposes the lies of the alarmists.

2011-04-16 21:36   Click to comment

Appinsys: The US Has No Significant Warming

With US alarmists crying fire, one would think the US has been warming. The actual data shows otherwise. In 1989 NASA said there had been no significant warming, which Hansen said was a statistical fluke. With only abut 15% of the world exhibiting warming, the US is the statistical norm.

2011-03-27 15:05   Click to comment

Appinsys: Bill McKibben - Alarmist Supreme, Gets His Facts Wrong

Bill McKibben has major outlets at the major left-wing publications and promotes the anthropogenic global warming agenda. He neglects to check the actual data or facts when making his alarmist claims. His recent Guardian article is shown here to be full of, well, Al-Gore-isms (lies).

2011-03-22 15:44   Click to comment

Appinsys: Alarmists Blame Earthquakes on Global Warming

The major Japan earthquake has re-kindled alarmist claims that global warming causes earthquakes (as usual, contrary to the data). They apparently don't understand continental isostatic rebound or the fact that historical data exist. Greenland ice sheet mass balance is not what they claim.

2011-03-18 13:41   Click to comment

Appinsys: Alarmists Blame Arctic Ozone Decline on Global Warming

With a record decline in Arctic ozone, apparently now it is global warming causing it - not CFCs. Alarmists say Arctic winters are cooling (contrary to the data) and neglect the data showing connections to ENSO or other factors. The Arctic winter temperatures exhibit the 60-year climate cycle.

2011-03-16 15:16   Click to comment

Appinsys: Congress Tries to Rein in EPA

The EPA claims to be protecting health while admitting to causing increased mortality. Congress would like to rein in the EPA by limiting its regulation of CO2. Waxman ignores the fact that his state has had no warming over the last 80 years and Obama thinks CO2 pollutes drinking water.

2011-03-05 21:49   Click to comment

Appinsys: Kiribati - Forget the Data, NPR Says They're Sinking

NPR says Kiribati is sinking - which contradicts the data and studies that show the islands are growing. NPR says the islanders' faith prevents them from accepting the science of global warming. But it is NPR's faith in global warming that prevents them from reporting the data.

2011-02-17 20:13   Click to comment

Appinsys: US Snow and Cold - Al Gore Misleads Again

Although many media outlets correctly attributed the January 2011 cold and snow in the Eastern US to the Arctic Oscillation (AO), Al Gore says it's global warming. The AO index decreased through 2010 resulting in a weakened polar vortex and blocking pattern.

2011-02-09 20:02   Click to comment

Appinsys: FAO Smarter than the IPCC - Recognize Cycles

The UN IPCC misrepresents the climate data and create artificial acceleration by calculating short term linear trends within cyclical data. The UN FAO recognized the cyclical nature and developed fishery prediction models based on the 55-60-year cycle.

2011-01-02 20:22   Click to comment

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