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Dr. Norman Page: The CO2 Derangement Syndrome - the Millennial Turning Point and the Coming Cooling'

A very large majority of establishment academic climate scientists have succumbed to a virulent infectious disease - the CO2 Derangement Syndrome. Those afflicted by this syndrome present with a spectrum of symptoms .The first is an almost total inability to recognize the most obvious Millennial and 60 year emergent patterns which are trivially obvious in solar activity and global temperature…

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Dr. Norman Page: The Millennial Turning Point - Solar Activity and the Coming Cooling

E-Mails to GWPF and PROFESSOR ZHARKOVADr Norman Page Houston Benny Peiser/ Dr Zharkova Zharkova et al 2015 DOI:10.10381/srep15683 says " Dynamo waves are found generated with close frequencies whose interaction leads to beating effects responsible for the grand cycles (350-400 years) superimposed on a standard 22 year cycle. This approach opens a new era in investigation and confident…

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Dr. Norman Page: Exchange with Professor Happer Princeton

Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 9:43 AMTo: William Happer \Subject: Climate ForecastingDr Norman Page Houston 713 467 8709 Professor Happer. Climate models surely are unable to make useful forecasts. A different forecasting paradigm is required.The hadsst3 data shows global SST temperatures are now below the pre El Nino trend. Reality is finally beginning to intrude upon the…

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Dr. Norman Page: Global SST data confirms cooling is on the way.

THE COMING COOLING.The latest hadsst3 data shows global sst temperatures are now below the pre El Nino trend. I see that reality is beginning to intrude upon the dangerous global warming team. They say ” it is plausible, if not likely, that the next 10 years of global temperature change will leave an impression of a ‘global warming hiatus’.”Climate is controlled by natural cycles.…

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NATURAL CYCLES DRIVE CLIMATE CHANGE. A recent paper emphasizes the importance of the Millennial Cycle and supports my earlier forecasts of a coming long term cooling .Harmonic Analysis of Worldwide Temperature Proxies for 2000 Years Horst-Joachim Lüdecke1, *, Carl-Otto Weiss2The Open Atmospheric Science Journal ISSN: 1874-2823 ― Volume 11, 2017Year: 2017Volume: 11First Page: 44Last Page:…

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Climate is controlled by natural cycles. Earth is just past the 2003+/- peak of a millennial cycle and the current cooling trend will likely continue until the next Little Ice Age minimum at about 2650.See the Energy and Environment paper at an earlier accessible blog version at

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Dr. Norman Page: The coming cooling: Usefully accurate climate forecasting for policy makers

The coming cooling: usefully accurate climate forecasting for policy makers.Norman J. PageHouston, TexasDr. Norman J. Page Email: norpag@att.netDOI: 10.1177/0958305X16686488 Energy & Environment 0(0) 1–18(C )The Author(s) 2017Reprints and 10.1177/ ABSTRACTThis paper argues that the methods used…

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Dr. Norman Page: The Imminent Collapse of the CAGW Delusion.

1.The Problems with the IPCC - GCM Climate Forecasting methods. Harrison and Stainforth say in:"Reductionism argues that deterministic approaches to science and positivist views of causation are the appropriate methodologies for exploring complex, multivariate systems ... where the behavior of a complex system can be deduced from the…

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Dr. Norman Page: The Epistemology of Climate Forecasting for 8 Year Olds and the Coming Cooling.

1. IntroductionLeif Isvalgaard said in a comment on a WUWT post: August 17, 2015 at 2:27 pm "If you cannot explain your finding to an [attentive] eight-year old, you don’t understand it yourself."I agree entirely.Miriam - Webster defines Epistemology as " the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity "2. Granddaughter -…

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Dr. Norman Page: Climate and CO2- Exchange with Freeman Dyson

E-mail 4/7/15Dr Norman Page Houston Professor Dyson Saw your Vancouver Sun interview.I agree that CO2 is beneficial. This will be even more so in future because it is more likely than not that the earth has already entered a long term cooling trend following the recent temperature peak in the quasi-millennial solar driven periodicity .The climate models on which the entire Catastrophic Global…

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Dr. Norman Page: Desperate Times for the CAGW believers as Earth begins to Cool.

There is a new Science Magazine paper by Steinmann Mann and Miller:Atlantic and Pacific multidecadal oscillations and Northern Hemisphere temperatures paper recognizes that there are serious differences between the NH, N Pacific and N Atlantic SST model runs and the observed temperatures. The authors are particularly concerned to explain the…

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Dr. Norman Page: Comment on Mcleans Paper " Late Twentieth-Century Warming and Variations in Cloud Cover"

This comment was posted on WUWT on10/30/14The post and cooling forecast at this to say about the sun and climate."NOTE!! The connection between solar "activity" and climate is poorly understood and highly controversial. Solar "activity" encompasses changes in solar magnetic field strength, IMF, CRF,…

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Dr. Norman Page: Climate Forecasting Methods and Cooling Forecasts - 4 Year Update.

1.The Problems with the IPCC - GCM Forecasting method.1.1 The Inherent Inutility of the Modeling Approach when Dealing with Complex SystemsThe CAGW meme and by extension the climate and energy policies of most Western Governments are built on the outputs of climate models. In spite of the inability of weather models to forecast more than about 10 days ahead, the climate modelers have deluded…

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Dr. Norman Page: Prince Charles -Holdren - Obama and the EPA Power Grab

Here is a comment I posted on the WUWT site on Monckton's Prince Charles Guest Post"Dr Norman Page says: May 31, 2014 at 7:18 am Monkton says“The increasing brazenness and frequency of the lies being told about the climate, from Prince Charles’ more than usually ridiculous speech to the daftly…

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Dr. Norman Page: Climate Forecasting for the 21st Century

1. The AR5 Reports and Responses.Following the publication in early August of the final drafts of the AR5 WG1 and Summary for Policymakers I posted an initial response at opening sentences of the post summarized the main failure of the AR5 report and indeed the whole IPCC process."In the AR5 Summary for…

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Dr. Norman Page: Commonsense Climate Science and Forecasting after AR5 and the Coming Cooling.

1.The Demise of the IPCC and the CAGW Delusion.a) Overview.In the AR5 Summary for Policymakers the IPCC glossed over the developing cooling trend in global temperatures and so lost the last vestige of its scientific credibility and any claim to be a source of useful guidance on future climate trends for policymakers.The IPCC's remit was never to study climate objectively but to support the…

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Dr. Norman Page: Skillful ( so far ) Thirty year Climate Forecast - 3 year Update and Latest Cooling Estimate.

1. Original Forecast v Reality.In the last few months there have been numerous discussions on the WUWT site and amongst establishment scientists questioning the validity of climate models as a source of useful predictions about future temperature trends.Notably, the UK Met Office has reported on "The Recent Pause in Global Warming" for which they have no good explanation.The fact is that,as…

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Dr. Norman Page: The State of the Climate Wars June 2013. The Science and The Politics.

THE SCIENCE1.Modelling - How Not To Do Climate Science"This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! .......... ... THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!….."This Monte Python quote (TOH Jimbo) accurately describes the current state of the CAGW paradigm based on the IPCC- Met Office climate models. It also describes the status of the modelling approach in general as a means of investigating climate…

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Dr. Norman Page: E-Mail to Stephen Belcher re Climate Change - Global Cooling

From Dr Norman PageHouston Blog Professor BelcherThere has been no net warming since 1997 with CO2 up over 8%, The warming trend peaked in about 2003 and the earth has been cooling slightly for the last 10 years . This cooling will last for at least 20 years and perhaps for hundreds of years beyond that.. The Met office and IPCC climate models and…

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Dr. Norman Page: Oklahoma Tornadoes and Sandy type Hurricanes reflect Global Cooling not Warming.

Most climate warming alarmists have recently realised that it is now counterproductive to attribute every and all extreme weather events ( even cold snowy winters) to global warming and try to project a judicious objectivity by applying the cliche "weather isn't climate" to both sides of the climate wars. In fact weather is an almost instantaneous slice through the climate space- time phase…

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Dr. Norman Page: Comment on WUWT re Sass Baker Institute Article In Chronicle

Here is a copy of an E-mail I sent to Dr Sass yesterday – so far no reply.From Dr Norman PageHouston RonaldI saw your piece in the Chronicle this morning.I find myself genuinely puzzled when scientists with your outstanding qualifications continue to support the CAGW meme.There has been no net warming since 1997 with CO2 up over 8%. The SSTs show a cooling trend since 2003.The problem with…

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Dr. Norman Page: Open Letter to Benny Peiser re Meeting with Royal Society and Climate Sensitivity.

Dr Peiser.The meeting between GWPF representatives and Royal Society nominated Scientists has been eagerly anticipated by those interested in the "Climate Wars"You state that the propsed agenda is as follows:1. The science of global warming, with special reference to (a) the climate sensitivity to carbon dioxide and (b) the extent of natural variability;2. The conduct and professional…

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Dr. Norman Page: Climate Forecasting Basics for Britain's Seven Warmist Scientists and for UK Politicians.

1.INTRODUCTIONThere are seven prominent establishment scientists who have played an important role in promoting the flawed scientific basis for Britains truly irrational and economically disastrous climate and energy policies.Their views on Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming have been trumpeted by the Ecoleft press,the BBC and Britains chattering classes and largely unthinkingly,…

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Dr. Norman Page: Open Request for Simple Predictions from James Hansen and Kevin Trenberth

Over the last several years it has become increasingly clear that the earth is not warming according to the IPCC model predictions (projections ) . Both Hansen and Trenberth recognise the problem.Hansen suggests that Chinese pollution is counter balancing the expected surface warming and that this surface warming pause might continue for several decades to come.By contrast Trenberth suggests…

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Dr. Norman Page: Global Cooling - Methods and Testable Decadal Predictions

1. Methods and PremisesMy approach to climate science is based on Baconian empirical principles as presented in a series of earlier posts on this site ( notably:6/18/10 Thirty Year Climate Forecast7/19/12 30 Year Climate Forecast -2 year Update10/30/12. Hurricane Sandy-Extreme Events and Global Cooling11/18/12 Global Cooling Climate and Weather…

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Dr. Norman Page: Post in response to Economist Article- A Sensitive Matter

There has been no net warming since 1997 with CO2 up 8+%. The earth entered a cooling trend in about 2003 which is likely to last 30 years and maybe for hundreds of years beyond that.The IPCC climate models on which the entire CO2 phobia depends were and are so badly structured as to be inherently useless for temperature prediction. Successive science advisors to the UK Government lacked the…

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Dr. Norman Page: Its the Sun stupid - The minor significance of CO2

1 The IPCC's Core ProblemThe IPCC - Al Gore based Anthropogenic Global Warming scare has driven global Governments' Climate and Energy Policies since the turn of the century. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been wasted on uneconomic renewable energy and CO2 emission control schemes based on the notions that it is both necessary and possible to control global temperatures by reducing CO2…

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