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ClimateSight: I am an Almost-Doctor!

Pending examiner approval…soon I will be Dr Kaitlin! Advertisements

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ClimateSight: Interview at Forecast

I’ve just given an interview at the Forecast podcast, hosted by Nature’s climate change editor, Michael White. Head over to the Forecast website to check it out. What I love about Forecast is that it interviews climate scientists as fully-rounded human beings, rather than fact-generating robots. The humanisation of scientists is so important for science

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ClimateSight: At the library

The DOI system is great and all, and I love being able to access nearly the entire scientific literature without having to leave my desk. But there’s something wonderful about looking up a textbook with no full-text access online, and instead walking down to the uni library with a Dewey decimal number scrawled on a

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ClimateSight: On model development, and sanity

When I was a brand-new PhD student, full of innocence and optimism, I loved solving bugs. I loved the challenge of it and the rush I felt when I succeeded. I knew that if I threw all of my energy at a bug, I could solve it in two days, three days tops. I was

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ClimateSight: Apparently climate science can stop now

For many years politicians said, “We’re not even sure climate change is real, so why should we waste money studying it?” And seemingly overnight, the message has become, “Now that we know climate change is real, we can stop studying it.” Don’t believe me? This is what Larry Marshall, the chief executive of Australia’s federal

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ClimateSight: Cracking the mystery of the corrosive ocean

Around 55 million years ago, an abrupt global warming event triggered a highly corrosive deep-water current to flow through the North Atlantic Ocean. This process, suggested by new climate model simulations, resolves a long-standing mystery regarding ocean acidification in the deep past. The rise of CO2 that led to this dramatic acidification occurred during the

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ClimateSight: The Best of Denial101x – Week 1

The latest brainchild of John Cook is the free online edX course Denial 101x. This course, tackling basic climate science as well as the science of climate change denial, had amassed 15,000 students as of May 12. You can access the video lectures and interviews on their YouTube channel without even signing up for the

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ClimateSight: We just published in Nature Geoscience

It turns out that when you submit a paper to a journal like Nature Geoscience “just in case, we have nothing to lose, they’ll probably reject it straight away”…sometimes you are unexpectedly successful. Read it here! Assorted media coverage: Commentary piece also published in Nature Geoscience, written by Morgan Schaller (who studies the PETM but

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ClimateSight: My Research with Steve

Almost four years ago I took a job as a summer student of Dr. Steve Easterbrook, in the software engineering lab of the University of Toronto. This was my first time taking part in research, but also my first time living away from home and my first time using a Unix terminal (both of which

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ClimateSight: The Most Terrifying Papers I Read Last Year

An ice sheet forms when snow falls on land, compacts into ice, and forms a system of interconnected glaciers which gradually flow downhill like play-dough. In Antarctica, it is so cold that the ice flows right into the ocean before it melts, sometimes hundreds of kilometres from the coast. These giant slabs of ice, floating

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ClimateSight: With a Little Help from the Elephant Seals

A problem which has plagued oceanography since the very beginning is a lack of observations. We envy atmospheric scientists with their surface stations and satellite data that monitor virtually the entire atmosphere in real time. Until very recently, all that oceanographers had to work with were measurements taken by ships. This data was very sparse

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ClimateSight: Rewinding the Clock

I don’t really care about the panda bears. But that’s not saying this problem [climate change] isn’t serious. This is a people problem, this is a billion dead people problem. This is a national security problem. This is rewinding the clock 300 years to a time we don’t want to go back to. – Nick

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ClimateSight: My Cartoon Supervisors

My supervisors are so distinguished that they now exist in cartoon form! If that’s not the mark of a successful science communicator, I’m not sure what is. Here is Katrin: And here is Matt: A former supervisor of mine also got a cartoon: There are 97 cartoons like this over at Skeptical Science, a site

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ClimateSight: A New Chapter

It has been a very busy few months. Here are some of the things I have done since I last wrote: Moved out of our apartment in Canada Spent three weeks in Ireland with my partner’s family – this was great fun and featured lots of music, tide pools, castles, and sheep Went back to

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