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Clive Best: Calculating global temperature anomalies using three new methods.

Abstract Deriving global temperatures anomalies involves the surface averaging of normalized ocean and station temperature data that are inhomogeneously distributed in both space and time. Different groups have adopted different averaging schemes to deal with this problem. For example GISS …

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Clive Best: Global absolute temperature

Is there such a thing as a global absolute temperature of the earth’s surface? The temperature at any point on the earth’s surface is forever changing, hour to hour, night to day and with the seasons.  A  global average temperature …

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Clive Best: “Unprecedented” Rainfall ?

A recent Met Office press release , which was taken up by the BBC and most national newspapers, claimed the following: “New innovative research has found that for England and Wales there is a 1 in 3 chance of a new monthly …

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Clive Best: How to normalise temperature anomalies

Update 2/7/17: I used the wrong GISS data (land only) in the comparison as pointed out by @cce! Agreement now is reasonably good for all temperature series. This is my crib sheet for comparing temperature anomalies across ground and satellite …

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Clive Best: Updated monitors of UK Power Generation

I have updated my monitoring of UK Power production to include Solar Energy. These are calculated by the University of Sheffield on behalf of the National Grid. Solar Energy and embedded wind farms are not metered centrally but appear as …

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Clive Best: Central England Temperatures – Spring Record

The Met Office announced that this Spring saw record temperatures in  Wales and Northern Ireland. England was 2nd warmest behind 2011, while Scotland was  fifth warmest. However it was the Central England Temperature (CET) record which seems to have hit …

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Clive Best: Mid Pliocene Warm Period

Is the warm period in the Mid Pliocene analogous to today’s warming climate? If so can we use it to infer future temperature rise? This is what Wikipedia says: The mid Pliocene warm period is considered a potential analog of …

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Clive Best: Blog exchange with ATTP

The academic blogger who goes by the slightly pretentious name of … andthentheresPhysics is a dogged character who never concedes any point. When you think you have him pinned down, he wriggles out and insists on having the last word. …

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Clive Best: April H4.5-ST = 0.80C

The average anomaly for April 2017 of HADCRUT4.5  using Spherical Triangulation (ST) is 0.80C. This is 0.06C higher than the standard 5 degree gridded result (0.74C). It is the years which have high Arctic anomalies which differ the most. Here …

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Clive Best: Spherical triangulation of Hadcrut4.5 = Cowtan & Way

The spatial integration of irregular temperature data (CRUTEM4) using spherical triangulation removes any coverage bias.  I have made a spherical triangulation of the CRUTEM4 station data combined with HSST3 ocean temperature data. This is essentially Hadcrut4.5, but instead of using a (lat,lon) …

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Clive Best: The Ed Hawkins zonal animation

There is a new animation by Ed Hawkins which shows a comparison of zonal mean temperatures with latitude, between observations and models. It is a very nice animation but it all looked a little bit too good to me, so …

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