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Bart Verheggen: Climate change as a matter of risk management requires different choices in communication

Rowan Sutton just published a very short article (an “idea”) in ESDD entitled “a simple proposal to improve the contribution of IPCC WG1 to the assessment and communication of climate change risks”. From a risk management point of view a focus solely on the most likely outcome is not recommended, especially when the impacts increase

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Bart Verheggen: Wait a Second…. You’re Telling Me That Global WARMING May Be Making our Winters COLDER? Please Explain.

Originally posted on Energy, Climate & Sustainability: Introduction While I have been educated in English for most of my life, and even my iPhone settings are completely in English, I have always preferred reading the news in Dutch. As I was scrolling through on a particularly cold Saturday morning, an interesting article named “Freezing…

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Bart Verheggen: How blogs convey and distort scientific information about polar bears and Arctic sea ice

Our article on sea ice and polar bears proved to be a hot-button issue in the blogosphere. This was not entirely unexpected, of course. What is striking though, is that amidst all the criticism nobody has challenged our core finding: blogs on which man-made climate change and its impacts are downplayed are far removed from

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Bart Verheggen: There once was a polar bear – science vs the blogosphere

Blogs on which man-made climate change and its impacts are downplayed are far removed from the scientific literature. That is the conclusion of a new article in Bioscience in which a variety of blogs was compared with the scientific literature regarding the shrinking Arctic sea ice and the impact on polar bears. Although there is

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Bart Verheggen: A critical look at “The uncertainty has settled” documentary by Marijn Poels

(Zie de Nederlandse versie door Jos Hagelaars op ons Klimaatverandering blog) The documentary “The uncertainty has settled” from Dutch filmmaker Marijn Poels follows him on his journey in rural Austria and Germany to witness how energy policies impact traditional agriculture. That is the stepping stone to also look into different ideas about how and why

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Bart Verheggen: I’ll march for science, because the truth and the pursuit of truth matters. A lot.

This saturday 22 April a global March for Science will take place in around 500 hundred cities worldwide. I’ll take part in the Amsterdam March for Science, taking place between 12:00 and 16:00 on Museumplein. You can find me in the “discovery” tent with some posters about climate change and sustainable energy. Science and rational

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Bart Verheggen: Earth’s temperature over the past two million years

A new reconstruction of global average temperature over the past two million years has recently appeared in Nature (Snyder, 2016). That is quite a feat and a first for this duration. The figure below, made by Jos Hagelaars, shows Snyder’s temperature reconstruction, combined with the observed warming since 1880 and projected warming until the year

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Bart Verheggen: Climate inertia

Imagine you’re on a supertanker that needs to change its direction in order to avoid a collision. What would you do? Would you continue going full steam ahead until you can see the collision object right in front of you? Or would you try to change course early, knowing that changing a supertanker’s course takes

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Bart Verheggen: New survey of climate scientists by Bray and von Storch confirms broad consensus on human causation

Bray and von Storch just published the results of their latest survey of climate scientists. It contains lots of interesting and very detailed information, though some questions are a little biased in my opinion. Still, they find a strong consensus on human causation of climate change: 87.4% of respondents are to some extent convinced that

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Bart Verheggen: Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming

Most scientists agree that current climate change is mainly caused by human activity. That has been repeatedly demonstrated on the basis of surveys of the scientific opinion as well as surveys of the scientific literature. In an article published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters (ERL) we provide a review of these different studies,

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Bart Verheggen: Antarctica: ice gain or loss?

Guest post by Dr. Jan Wuite, Enveo, Innsbruck A new study released by NASA scientist Jay Zwally and colleagues in the Journal of Glaciology, receiving wide coverage in the media last month, reports an 82 Gigatons per year increase of land ice in Antarctica during the period 2003-2008. The study received much skepticism from other

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