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WattsUpWithThat is run by Anthony Watts, a former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio, just for fun. Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is his specialty. He also provides weather stations and custom weather monitoring solutions via (if you like his work, please consider buying a weather gadget there, StormPredator for example) and, and turn key weather channels with advertising at While he's not a degreed climate scientist, he'll point out that neither is Al Gore, and his speciality is presentation also. And that's part of what this blog is about: presentation of weather and climate data in a form the public can understand and discuss.

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Watts Up With That?: High-level climate conference in Porto, 7-8 September 2018: a special invitation to WUWT readers

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Following the successful London climate conference of 2016, Professor Nils-Axel Mörner and Pamela Matlack-Klein are organizing a high-level conference on The basic science of a changing climate at the Facultate de Letras (Humanities Faculty) in the University of Porto, Portugal, for two action-packed days – Friday 7 September and Saturday…

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Watts Up With That?: Commuting to work: car, train or bus?

By Andy May The United States Department of Transportation tells us in their online report “Public Transportation’s Role in responding to Climate Change” that we should use public transportation to reduce our greenhouse emissions. This claim is also made inTime’s “Global Warming Survival Guide.” Even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended public…

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Watts Up With That?: Quote of the week from Curry: global warming hiatus for ~2 more decades?

In response to a study from the University of Washington posted on WUWT (and elsewhere) today about a shift in the AMOC and a very clear statement about it not collapsing (as posited for collapse by many, including Michael Mann, Dr. Judith Curry gave this response to the Daily Caller’s Mike Bastasch: Replying to @MikeBastasch We…

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Watts Up With That?: No. Doggerland is not a relevant climate change lesson from a “real Atlantis.”

Guest ridicule by David Middleton More nonsense about sea level rise…ppaleo FRONTIER RESEARCH SOCIAL SCIENCES Lessons from a real Atlantis 17 July 2018 by Jude Gonzalez Traces of long-forgotten human settlements claimed by the sea thousands of years ago are being uncovered by researchers along the coastlines of Europe. The discoveries, both on land and…

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Watts Up With That?: Study: Atlantic Ocean circulation is not collapsing – but the press release adds climate porn

From the University of Washington – Hannah Hickey where the original headline in the press release says “Atlantic Ocean circulation is not collapsing – but as it shifts gears, global warming will reaccelerate“. Problem is, the researcher doesn’t know and says: “We have about one cycle of observations at depth, so we do not know…

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Watts Up With That?: Astronomers witness a star devouring a planet

From MIT: New data may explain star’s mysterious dimming. For nearly a century, astronomers have puzzled over the curious variability of young stars residing in the Taurus-Auriga constellation some 450 light years from Earth. One star in particular has drawn astronomers’ attention. Every few decades, the star’s light has faded briefly before brightening again. In…

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Watts Up With That?: Increasing aerosols may have induced cooling in China

David L. Hagen writes about a new study: Increasing aerosols, decreasing insolation, decreasing temperature, and decreasing precipitable water over 18 years in China.  “Evaluation of Atmospheric Precipitable Water Characteristics and Trends in Mainland China from 1995 to 2012″ Wang 2017 . . .”Moreover, the increasing aerosol loading because of frequent human activities has resulted…

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Watts Up With That?: Honolulu Mayor Issues Directive to Prevent Sea Level Rise… Because Ignorance

Guest ridicule by David Middleton From “The Stupid, It Burns” files… Mayor issues directive on climate change The Commission says the city should plan for 3-feet of sea level rise by the mid (mid-what?) By: Nikki Schenfeld Posted: Jul 16, 2018 HONOLULU (KHON2) – The City of Honolulu’s Climate Change Commission presented the “Sea Level…

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Watts Up With That?: Remember when we were told that Capetown SA’s water crisis was due to climate change? Never mind.

Back on March 1st, 2018 we were told this: Cape Town’s water crisis shows the reality for cities on the front line of climate change Today, a scant few months later, thanks to NASA’s Earth Observatory, we hear: Cape Town’s Reservoirs Rebound After nearly running dry six months ago, Cape Town’s reservoirs have risen dramatically. Rain has poured down on southern…

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Watts Up With That?: Oddly quiet sun: 3 weeks without sunspots

The sun has been blank for 21 straight days–a remarkable 3 weeks without sunspots. This is an almost decade-class event. The last time the sun lost its spots for 21 consecutive days was in the year 2009 coming on the heels of an historic solar minimum. With the current stretch of blank suns, solar minimum…

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Watts Up With That?: Google Steps in to Fund United Nations Climate Programmes

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Move evidence that taxpayer funds are not required for climate research. UN Environment and Google announce ground-breaking partnership to protect our planet New York, 16 July 2018 – UN Environment and Google announced today a global partnership that promises to change the way we see our planet. Combining environmental science,…

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Watts Up With That?: What psychological science can offer to reducing climate change

From the University of Amsterdam and the answer is nothing department comes this Lewandowsky style premise with an irrational idea: “climate change, at least in part, is rooted in human behavior”. What psychological science can offer to reducing climate change For some years, there is a good deal of consensus among scientific experts that climate…

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Watts Up With That?: Why we’re winning: WUWT gets more page views than the last two remaining government websites on climate

NBC News: Two government websites on climate change survive in the Trump era Reports of climate science being scrubbed from U.S. government websites arrived early in President Donald Trump’s tenure. And the hits keep coming. From the Environmental Protection Agency, to the Energy Department, to the State Department and beyond, references to climate change, greenhouse…

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Watts Up With That?: The cost of offshore wind power: worse than we thought

By Andrew Montford A few days ago, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin mentioned a new suggestion that instead of cutting up redundant oil rigs, we should simply sink them to the bottom of the sea, where they would become artificial reefs that would encourage a flourishing of marine flora and fauna. Observant readers of his Twitter feed…

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Watts Up With That?: The La Nina Pump

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Sometimes a chance comment sets off a whole chain of investigation. Somewhere recently, in passing I noted the idea of the slope of the temperature gradient across the Pacific along the Equator. So I decided to take a look at it. Here is the area that I examined. Figure 1.…

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Watts Up With That?: AEMO Climate Heresy: Ageing Coal Plants Necessary to Keep Costs Down

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, a government body charged with managing the Australian electricity grid, Coal plants are vital to contain end user electricity costs. Coal needed for decades to keep Australian power prices down: AEMO report AAP, Claire Bickers, News Corp Australia Network 21 minutes ago COAL-FIRED…

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Watts Up With That?: How you can help WUWT today (and it costs nothing extra)

Hello, It’s been awhile since I’ve made a pitch for WUWT, mainly because I’ve been busy with several projects, including the move of WUWT to a new more um, “robust” (climate science loves that word, so I figure I can use it too) web server. One of the reasons for the move to a new…

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Watts Up With That?: Sound waves reveal huge cache of diamonds inside the Earth

Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth’s interior Study finds 1–2 percent of Earth’s oldest mantle rocks are made from diamond. From MIT: There may be more than a quadrillion tons of diamond hidden in the Earth’s interior, according to a new study from MIT and other universities. But the new results are unlikely…

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Watts Up With That?: Bastardi: Dropping ocean temperatures may increase East Coast hurricane risk

40-year veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi at WeatherBell’s Saturday Summary shows how the Earth’s surface has cooled dramatically over the past three years and that Arctic sea ice is piling up. Hurricane threat to East Coast due to natural factors First at his most recent Saturday Summary, the 40-year meteorologist first warns that in-close developing hurricanes…

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Watts Up With That?: UK Protests President Trump the “Climate Vandal” – But a Big Pro-Trump Rally was Banned

Guest essay by Eric Worrall British mainstream media paint a picture of almost universal support for climate action and overwhelming public hostility towards President Trump. But this is not the complete story. Trump UK protests: Why environmental groups are protesting ‘climate vandal’ US president ‘Those who are already vulnerable and powerless are suffering the most…

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Watts Up With That?: Chart of the week: The US is the leader in CO2 emissions reduction

From the American Enterprise Institute via Twitter. h/t to WUWT reader “Latitude” Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century. From the June 2018 BP Statistical Review of Global Energy (67th edition) here are some details on C02 emissions in 2017: 1. Global…

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Watts Up With That?: Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #321

Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, President Sea Level Hockey-Sticks? Last week’s TWTW discussed the lawsuit by Rhode Island against oil companies, and the claims that dire increases in sea level rise will occur this century. These claims are like those made by Oakland, San Francisco,…

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Watts Up With That?: Claim: Climate Change will Cause a Global Corn Crop Failure

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Another global warming food security study based on unrealistic assumptions. The global corn crop is vulnerable to the effects of climate change By ADAM WERNICK Corn, also known as maize, is the world’s most-produced food crop. But it could be headed for trouble as the Earth warms. A new study published in…

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Watts Up With That?: Global Warming Today is Now Haunted by an Almost Unbelievable Deceptive Beginning.

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball Bureaucracies are ideal environments for groupthink because it is critical for them to eliminate any notion that they are unnecessary or that the problems might have a resolution. You control the story by any means necessary. Those involved in fighting the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) deception from the start, are…

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Watts Up With That?: Important new study from AWI: Cooling discovered in Antarctica, enabled by Carbon Dioxide

I’m sure our alarmist friends will be ready to dismiss this…but, it looks pretty solid. Tommy Tyrberg sends in this tip. He writes: Here is a very interesting paper from the  Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) which seems to have very largely escaped notice. In short the author shows convincingly that…

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Watts Up With That?: Climate change and dinner parties: a guide

A somewhat humorous guide to conducting discussions on climate change in a social setting Guest essay by Tilak K. Doshi It was not long ago when the rule for polite conversation at dinner parties was to avoid religion or politics. If one could not find a neutral topic, then the suggestion was to “talk about the…

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Watts Up With That?: Rejecting carbon colonialism

African Development Bank breaks with anti-fossil fuel banks to fund coal power, prosperity Paul Driessen and David Wojick We recently explained how Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) use manmade climate change alarmism to justify lending policies that reject funding for fossil fuel electricity generation, promote expensive and unreliable renewable sources, and thereby help keep impoverished…

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Watts Up With That?: Lawyer in Chevron Ecuadorian climate case loses license due to ‘coercion, fraud and bribery’

WUWT reader “Neo” writes in with this tip: An attorney who won an $8.6 billion award in an Ecuadoran court against Chevron Corp. over pollution of the Amazon rain forest later found to be obtained by coercion, fraud and bribery has lost his law license. Steven Donziger is suspended from practicing law in New York…

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Watts Up With That?: Climate Win: UK Now Only Needs Coal Sometimes

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Climate advocates are celebrating that Britain nowadays only switches on coal sometimes, like during severe weather. What is less funny is that someone has to pay for the upkeep of those coal plants when they are sitting idle. UK passes 1,000 hours without coal as energy shift accelerates Revival of…

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Watts Up With That?: Open Thread Saturday

I have a bit of a computer crisis at my business today, so I’m not going to be able to add much in the way of new content today. Guest authors are welcome to publish. Feel free to discuss anything within the usual purview of this website. Anthony

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