@Paul Homewood: Booker Responds To Bob Ward’s Letter

By Paul Homewood   Last week, Bob Ward, in a self serving letter to the Teleg­raph, tried to persuade us that several recent extremely cold US winters did not actually happen, in response to an article by Booker about the latest freeze up in New England. Unfortu­nately, this line of argument had already been chall­enged

2018-01-20 22:51

@Climate Scepticism: Green Blob Gravy Train at Pidcock Corner

At last! The Climate Outreach Communi­cations Handbook for IPCC Scien­tists (lead author Dr Adam Corner) is out, packed full of inform­ation for tongue-​tied scien­tists who’ve never mentioned climate change to a non-​scientist before and don’t know how to. It was commis­sioned by the IPCC Working Group 1 Technical Support Unit and has an introd­uction by …

2018-01-31 14:59

@Paul Homewood: Open venues at risk of disappe­aring, says Climate Coalition report

By Paul Homewood   Unsurpr­isingly the BBC has jumped on the latest climate bandw­agon:   Open Champi­onship venues such as St Andrews and Royal Troon could be under water by the end of the century if sea levels rise even slightly as a result of climate change, according to a new report. The Climate Coalition

2018-02-07 18:36

@Watts Up With That?: Study: Climate Skeptics Arguments are Demons­trably False

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A lecturer in critical thinking has demons­trated his technique for defeating climate skepti­cism. How to use critical thinking to spot false climate claims February 7, 2018 3.46pm AEDT Peter Ellerton Lecturer in Critical Thinking, Director of the UQ Critical Thinking Project, The Unive­rsity of Queen­sland Much of the public discus­sion…

2018-02-09 06:50

@Paul Homewood: Maunder Minimum The CET

By Paul Homewood     https://ea­rthobserva­tory.nasa.­gov/IOTD/v­iew.php?id­=7122     Back to that Grand Minimum.     As mentioned yeste­rday, scien­tists now believe we could be heading into a 50 year period of reduced solar activity similar to what happened in the mid-​17th century, which could lead to a drop in global temper­atures of “several tenths of

2018-02-10 11:37

@Watts Up With That?: BREAKING: Tim Ball’s free-​speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed!

I got word tonight from David Ball, son of Dr. Tim Ball via Facebook messe­nger: This morning the judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Tim by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech. At the moment, I have no other details, but will update as…

2018-02-14 05:40

@No Tricks Zone: New Study: German Agreed 2050 CO2 Reduc­tions Could Cost Astron­omical $2.8 TRILLION By 2050!

It has long been dawning on most people that the costs of Germany’s Energi­ewende (trans­ition to green energies) have been spectac­ularly underest­imated. As Germany rushes into its foray with renewable energies, princi­pally wind and sun, we are finding out that many of the costs involved have not been taken into account. According to Die Welt: In

2018-01-20 14:50

@Climate Depot: Nobel Prize-​winning scientist declares global warming ‘fake news’: ‘I agree with Pres. Trump, absolu­tely’

Via: http­s://daily­gazette.c­om/articl­e/2017/08­/13/ge-​s-​ivar-​giaever-​i-​never-​knew-​you-​could-​get-​paid-​for-​doing-​research Excerp­t: Dr. Ivar Giaever won the 1973 Noble Prize in Physics while at GE and went on to teach at Renss­elaer Polyte­chnic Institute and to launch his own company, Applied BioPhy­sics. … Giaever has drawn some criticism in the scien­tific community over the past decade because of…

2018-01-20 18:41

@American Elephants: Common Sense Trumps Environ­mental Overreach

The good news just keeps flowing out of the Trump administ­ration. Today it is the case of a tiny Aleutian villag­e—King Cove, Alaska.  It is a remote fishing village with around 1,000 inhabi­tants. The town has a clinic, but no doctor and no hospital. Their tiny airport is often locked in by gale-​force winds and

2018-01-21 02:29

@Real Science: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Drops 30% Overnight

Global warming is worse than it seems! Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteoro­logiske Institut

2018-01-22 12:08

@Polar Bear Science: Blog uses my polar bear info but no link to PBS means they are ‘science-​based’

According to Harvey and colle­agues (2017), any internet posting that discusses polar bears without a link to PolarBea­rScience or a mention of my name can be consi­dered a ‘science-​based’ blog. But they missed an obvious catch: bloggers who use my …

2018-01-22 11:47

@Climate Depot: Analysis: THE COMING COOLING – Sea Surface Temp data confirms cooling is on the way

By Norman Page THE COMING COOLING. The latest hadsst3 data shows global sst temper­atures are now below the pre El Nino trend. I see that reality is beginning to intrude upon the dangerous global warming team. They say ” it is plaus­ible, if not likely, that the next 10 years of global temper­ature change will

2018-01-26 18:07

@Watts Up With That?: Amid a warming planet, snow falls in Southern Morocco – first time in 50 years

After several decades of extremely dry weather, residents in southern regions of Morocco finally woke up this morning to an unusual snowfall that currently impacted Ouarza­zate, Taroudant and even Zagora, which has not experi­enced snowfall for fifty years. Several photos and videos have been posted on social media depicting the cities covered with a huge…

2018-02-01 03:08

@Climate Conversation - NZ: Reprehe­nsible display by Renwick

Just two weeks ago Dr James Renwick published an article in The Spinoff provoca­tively titled Slaying the zombie memes in …

2018-02-01 08:58

@Scottish Sceptic: On the nature of scepti­cism: Sceptic versus science

How many times have we heard various people procla­iming that we sceptics are “anti-​science”. For those of us taught science at a time when we were taught to be sceptics: to doubt every­thing until it is proven by experi­ment, this …

2018-02-02 11:52

@Real Science: Another Climate Hockey Stick!

My YouTube video daily view count over the past 28 days.

2018-02-05 23:57

@Watts Up With That?: The City of Paris goes full stupid – considers climate lawsuit over flooding

From The stupid, it burns! depart­ment, comes this FUBAR press release from Bill McKib­ben’s 350.org. Of course, these idiots don’t think to check history for flooding there, because, well, that would be inconve­nient. Paris explores climate lawsuit against fossil fuel companies Paris, France — The City of Paris decided today to explore possibi­lities to sue…

2018-02-06 19:57

@Watts Up With That?: Ideal Gases

Guest Post by Willis Esche­nbach Over at the Notrick­szone, there’s much buzz over a new paper entitled Molar Mass Version of the Ideal Gas Law Points to a Very Low Climate Sensit­ivity, by Robert Holmes­. The Notric­kszone article is headlined with the following quotation from the paper: “In partic­ular, formula 5 (and 6) as presented here,…

2018-02-06 21:02

@Real Science: Finally – Proof Of Russian Collusion

The ranking Repub­lican on the House Intell­igence committee (Adam Schiff) was caught colluding with Russians to obtain dirt on the President of the United States. According to Adam Schiff, this is treason. Adam Schiff spoofed with Russian claim of nude …

2018-02-06 22:45

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Reduced energy from the sun might occur by mid-​centur­y—now, scien­tists know by how much

Well, they may think they do. But once they accept that the Sun can vary its output they have to accept it can vary ‘up or down’. If there’s a ‘grand minimum’ then there should be a ‘grand maximum’ (which may have just happe­ned), and all points in between. Claims of ‘human-​induced climate change’ have

2018-02-07 13:44

@Paul Homewood: Environme­ntalists Push Global Wealth Redistr­ibution

By Paul Homewood   The National Review exposes how environme­ntalists are pushing global wealth redistri­bution:   The environ­mental movement wants to make the rich West much poorer so that the destitute can become richer. Rather than improve the plight of the devel­oping world through such crucial projects as constr­ucting an Africa-​wide elect­rical grid, environme­ntalists say

2018-02-08 11:29

@Watts Up With That?: If it looks like a slowdown, and walks like a slowdown, and quacks like a slowdown, is it a slowdown?

Guest essay by Sheldon Walker At the moment, I am working on a statis­tical proof which will clearly show that the recent slowdown was real, and that it is statist­ically signif­icant. Dark forces have been trying to prevent me from finishing this proof. “He who must not be named” (othewise known as Tamino, aka Grant…

2018-02-09 09:00

@Real Science: Greenland Meltdown Update

Experts tell us Greenland is melting down, and it is a calamity. Appar­ently they believe ice melts at-​54 degrees. summit:­status:­webcam Temper­atures have been averaging colder than-​30C at the center of the ice sheet this year. summit:­status:­weather There is …

2018-02-09 11:27

@Climatism: Blackout Nation: Insane ‘Reli­ance’ on Wind Power Delivers Pure Power Chaos

Origi­nally posted on STOP THESE THINGS : Alcoh­olics call it a ‘moment of clarity’. In wind powered South Australia and Victoria, hitherto fans of renew­ables call it a ‘mass black­out’. In 1919, after Engineer/­Soldier, Sir John Monash returned to his home town of Melbourne from the Western Front, to a hero’s welcome, he set about establi­shing…

2018-02-12 09:08

@Paul Homewood: Britain’s Energy Security Is At Risk–But It’s Not From Putin

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward From GWPF: Britain’s electr­icity market is increa­singly slanted in favour of importing more electr­icity from Europe and against securing inves­tment in new power plants at home. Billions of pounds of domestic energy plant inves­tment have conseq­uently been put at risk, which will undermine the future security of supply

2018-02-13 10:48

@Watts Up With That?: How a Descent into Climate Fanat­icism Wrecked a Family

Guest essay by Eric Worrall How does climate change obsession affect families? A long NYT post about the Valve Turners provides an unexp­ected insight into the tragic conseq­uences of what happens when someone truly believes in climate doomsday. ‘I’m Just More Afraid of Climate Change Than I Am of Prison’ How a group of five…

2018-02-14 09:51

@Real Science: Another Global Warming Canary Flies The Coop …

One year ago, climate experts predicted Venice would drown due to global warming.  Water levels at Venice have since sunk to a record low, and the canals are dry. Where’s the water GON-​DOLA? Venice’s iconic canals run DRY after weeks …

2018-02-15 07:26

@Paul Homewood: How The US Temper­ature Record Has Changed

By Paul Homewood   The topic of how the US temper­ature record has been massively altered in recent years has been well covered by Tony Heller, myself and others in the past. Nevert­heless it is worth summar­ising again.   In 1999, James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato of GISS published a paper,

2018-01-18 22:16

@Clive Best: 2017 is 3rd warmest year

The December 2017 data for ocean temper­atures (HADSST3) and station data (CRUTEM4) were released today. I calculate that December (0.66C) was slightly cooler than November (0.67C) and that the final  2017 annual temper­ature anomaly was 0.73C. This makes 2017 the …

2018-01-18 21:41

@Watts Up With That?: ‘Flaws in Applying Green­house Warming to Climate Variabi­lity’, a post-​mortem paper by Dr. Bill Gray

Personal Note: Dr. Gray was in the process of writing up the results discussed below when he passed away in 2016. Before he died, he asked us to compile his figures and prelim­inary text into a paper to be posted online. We have attempted to maintain his writing style and the tone that we think he would have…

2018-01-18 20:33