@Real Science: Mosher Raging Against USHCN

The United States Histo­rical Climat­ology Notwork (USHCN) is by far the best temper­ature data set in the world, and it wrecks the global warming scam. Climate scien­tists massively tamper with it, and Mosher is raging against it on twitter today. …

2018-10-09 12:52

@American Elephants: Christine Blasey Ford’s Interview Explained

A body language expert considers Christine Blasey Ford’s testi­mony. I noticed some of these oddities. I know nothing about the body language expert. This is a woman who teaches at the graduate level in a unive­rsity and at the Stanford Unive­rsity medical school — and she sounds like a little girl. She reads her testi­mony, […]

2018-09-30 07:47

@Paul Homewood: Wadhams Wrong Again

By Paul Homewood https://ww­w.independ­ent.co.uk/­environmen­t/climate-​change/­arctic-​could-​become-​ice-​free-​for-​first-​time-​in-​more-​than-​100000-​years-​claims-​leading-​scientist-​a706578­1.html Provis­ional data from NSIDC shows that Arctic sea ice extent this year is the sixth highest since 2007. By any interpre­tation, the much predicted death spiral has simply not occurred.…

2018-09-22 12:11

@Paul Homewood: Tempera­tures, Sunshine The Clean Air Acts

By Paul Homewood h/t Kelvin Vaughan https://w­ww.metoff­ice.gov.u­k/climate­/uk/summa­ries/actu­almonthly We are all doubtless familiar with the Met Office’s UK temper­ature chart, showing a clear rise during the 1990s and early 2000s, but one that has levelled off since. You may be less aware, however, of a very similar increase in sunshine hours, which began at […]

2018-09-24 11:17

@Climate Depot: Climate Scientist Karl Zeller Sums Up The ‘Disco­very’ That Pressure, Not CO2, Deter­mines Planets’ Temps

Climate Scientist Karl Zeller Sums Up The ‘Disco­very’ That Pressure, Not CO2, Deter­mines Planets’ Temps http://no­trickszon­e.com/201­8/09/24/c­limate-​scientist-​karl-​zeller-​sums-​up-​the-​discovery-​that-​pressure-​not-​co2-​deter­mines-​planets-​temps/ In an interview at the Porto Climate Confe­rence earlier this month, Dr. Karl Zeller provided a brief overview of the theory he and Dr. Ned Nikolov have…

2018-09-24 20:14

@No Tricks Zone: Western Europe 2018/19 Winter Projected To Be Cooler Than Normal, Some Early Forecasts Suggest

As the end of September closes in and the first signs of winter begin to appear, some people are wondering what to expect for the coming winter. Cold and snowy or mild and rainy? Meteoro­logists are busy looking for signs of the coming winter using different methods. This season a variety of results have been […]

2018-09-25 13:56

@Paul Homewood: BBC to launch weekly climate propa­ganda slot

By Paul Homewood The shameless BBC has finally given up all pretence of object­ivity where climate change is conce­rned, promising a weekly dose of propag­anda, as they are worried the public is not giving it the attention they think it deserves. From the BBC blog: If Europe’s ports are underw­ater, Brexit may seem […]

2018-10-06 13:13

@Paul Homewood: The Evidence For AGW

By Paul Homewood An intere­sting question posed by one if our readers, David Murdoch, which I thought I would throw open for comments: Neither my father in law, who was a geography lecturer nor I, are convinced in the arguments around man made climate change and we both read some of Chris Booker’s […]

2018-10-09 12:24

@Watts Up With That?: UPDATE – BOMBS­HELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors

I’m bringing this back to the top for discus­sion, mainly because Steven Mosher was being a cad in comments, wailing about “not check­ing”, claiming McLean’s PhD thesis was “toast”, while at the same time not bothering to check himself. See the update below. – Anthony Just ahead of a new report from the IPCC, dubbed SR#15…

2018-10-11 18:00

@Paul Homewood: BBC Finds Lord Deben Guilty Of Misle­ading The Public On Wind Farms

Hot off the press from GWPF: Press Release 12/10/18 BBC Finds Lord Deben Guilty Of Misle­ading The Public On Wind Farms London, 12 October: Lord Deben, Chairman of the influe­ntial Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has been found guilty by the BBC Executive Compl­aints Unit of misle­ading listeners of the Today progr­amme. The incident […]

2018-10-12 16:09

@Watts Up With That?: A Very Quick Introd­uction to NOAA’s New “Pause-​Buster 2” Sea Surface Temper­ature Dataset ERSST.v5

I will soon be publi­shing again my Monthly Global Surface (Land+­Ocean) and Lower Tropos­phere Temper­ature Anomaly posts at my blog ClimateObs­ervations and at WattsUpW­ithThat . Since my last update back in December 2015, NOAA has once again revised their Extended Reconst­ructed Sea Surface Temper­ature dataset, from the “PAUSE-​BUSTER” ERSST.v4 version to ERSST.v5, the latter of…

2018-10-14 11:41

@Watts Up With That?: The New RSS TLT Data is Unbelie­vable! (Or Would That Be Better Said, Not Believ­able?) A quick Introd­uction

In advance of my September 2018 global surface and lower tropos­phere temper­ature anomaly update, this is a very quick introd­uction to the new (over a year old) lower tropos­phere temper­ature anomaly data from RSS (Remote Sensing Systems­)…just three graphs. As you likely know, I haven’t published a monthly global temper­ature update in almost 2 years.…

2018-10-16 10:10

@Real Science: Peter Wadhams Grants The Arctic Another Reprieve!

“World renowned climate expert” Peter Wadhams predicted Arctic ice would be gone ten years ago, and then in 2015, but has graci­ously granted the ice yet another decade. He also believes skeptics are murdering climate scient­ists. How Feedback Loops Are …

2018-10-19 12:28

@Paul Homewood: Hurricane Floren­ce–The Myths and The Facts

By Paul Homewood https://a­bcnews.go­.com/US/m­illion-​people-​evacuated-​coast-​hurricane-​florence-​bears/st­ory?id=5­7740845 https://w­ww.reuter­s.com/art­icle/us-​storm-​florenc­e/mass-​evacua­tions-​ordered-​as-​hurricane-​florence-​heads-​toward-​carolinas-​idUSKCN­1LR0J6 https://­www.bbc.­co.uk/ne­ws/world-​us-​canada-​45517260 http://t­ime.com/­5397241/­florence-​breaks-​rainfall-​records-​in-​north-​carolina/…

2018-09-20 18:45

@Watts Up With That?: Evidence the Sun may have turned “blue” during 1450s-​1460s

A lecture by Dr. Willie Soon suggests that something odd was occurring with the view of the sun in the decades around 1450-​1460, which he dubs the “Global Blue Sun” due to histo­rical anecdotal evidence that has been recorded. The sugge­stion is that there was a massive volcanic eruption somewhere on Earth that put haze and…

2018-09-22 17:18

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Cambridge Unive­rsity scien­tists create ancient tree ring diary

Did the BBC just say in this report: ‘if the recent warming is unusual’? Whether tree ring analysis can improve predic­tions, as sugge­sted, is an intere­sting question but open to debate. The “longest, conti­nuous tree ring-​based diary” is being created by scien­tists at the Unive­rsity of Cambridge to help map climate change, reports BBC News. […]

2018-09-24 08:59

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Corbyn: I’ll create 400,000 green jobs (and destroy a million real ones)

In Spain, every ‘green job’ created led to the loss of 2.2 others in the real economy. Meanwhile one of Jeremy Corbyn’s MPs, Laura Smith, the Labour MP for Crewe and Nantwich, has called for a general strike to help bring down the Conser­vative gover­nment – if there isn’t a general election. She spoke at […]

2018-09-26 07:22

@No Tricks Zone: PhD Physicist Says Evidence Of Major Human Role In Climate “Is Lacking” …Sees “Abuses Of Science”

PhD physicist Ralph B. Alexander has authored a new book: Science Under Attack: The Age of Unreason. What follows is a taste of what readers can expect from the book. Ideal present for the upcoming Christmas season. =========­=========­=========­=========­======= Evidence Lacking for Major Human Role in Climate Change By Ralph B. Alexander Conven­tional scien­tific wisdom holds […]

2018-09-26 13:20

@No Frakking Consensus: BBC Ignores Widely Publi­cized IPCC Problems

The Intergove­rnmental Panel on Climate Change is essent­ially a law unto itself, an entre­nched culture with no meani­ngful oversight mechan­isms.

2018-09-26 12:01

@Paul Homewood: Hotter, Colder­–It’s Still Your Fault!

By Paul Homewood h/t Dave Ward Emerging from the ice for a brief growing season every Antarctic summer, the lush green mosses of East Antar­ctica are finally succu­mbing to climate change. That is according to a study of the small, ancient and hardy plants – carried out over more than a decade. This […]

2018-09-26 19:29

@Paul Homewood: China Coal Power Building Boom Shocks BBC’s Matt McGrath!

By Paul Homewood Once again I am stunned by the obtus­eness of Matt McGrath, who appears genuinely surprised by the fact that China is conti­nuing to massively expand its coal power sector: Building work has restarted at hundreds of Chinese coal-​fired power stations, according to an analysis of satellite imagery. The research, carried […]

2018-09-27 10:16

@Jo Nova: We Are Living Nineteen Eighty-​Four

Some points here that the national media may not have shared. Supreme Court Justices in the most powerful Democracy on Earth may be at the point of being selected by character assassi­nation. Evidence is so old fashioned…

As Donald Trump says “ it’s a ‘very big cultural moment‘ for the United States.” In terms of civiliz­ations, some things matter.

We Are Living Nineteen Eighty-​Four


2018-09-27 16:33

@American Elephants: Democrats Are a Disgrace to the United States Senate

What a day! What explains the spect­acle, the scandals and the melodr­amas? Victor Davis Hanson takes on the question, and deals with it quite success­fully. Do read the whole thing, it’s not long. Francis Menton, the Manhattan Contr­arian asks: “What Is This About Not Accepting the Results of Electi­ons?” (last Monday). The fundam­ental thing that […]

2018-09-28 05:03

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: The Chill of Solar Minimum

Resear­chers have found that the last time the thermo­sphere was rated ‘hot’ was around 2003 (see chart below). Now with a deep solar minimum upon us, the obvious question is: what effect might this have on our planet as a whole? Sept. 27, 2018: The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of […]

2018-09-28 10:27

@Paul Homewood: Corbyn’s Green Manifesto

By Paul Homewood In amongst his Marxist agenda, Jeremy Corbyn has doubled down on the current govern­ment’s crazy climate agenda, as the Telegraph report: A Labour gover­nment would carpet Britain with wind turbines as a central part of its green energy policy, Jeremy Corbyn will announce on Wedne­sday. In his keynote speech to […]

2018-09-28 18:33

@Paul Homewood: Holidays

I’m away for the next couple of weeks, so as usual things will be quiet. Paul Adverti­sements

2018-09-29 10:45

@Paul Homewood: Arctic sea ice update

DMI confirm that the average Arctic sea ice extent during September was the fourth highest since 2006, and the greatest since 2014. http://oce­an.dmi.dk/­arctic/ice­cover_30y.­uk.php It is of course far too short a period to pretend to identify any real trends, but it is clear that the short period of decline before […]

2018-10-02 22:15

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: It Would Seem I’ve Been Red-​Pilled

A video about what it means to be Red-​Pilled. Seems there's a movement, I'm in it, and didn't even know it, or that it had a name.

2018-10-03 10:29

@Scottish Sceptic: @Holysmoke

There is so much wrong with this video. I found it searching for Dumbarton which is near Glasgow. Why were they bouncing marbles was the obvious question. A question that never gets answered. Why is the teacher near Glasgow speaking …

2018-10-05 13:09

@American Elephants: Susan Collins Explains Her Vote For Judge Kavanaugh

An end to the Democ­rats’ war against a fine man and highly qualified Judge, (although now they’re threat­ening to Impeach him). Can’t have conserv­atives on the Supreme Court who might rule against Democrats attempts to turn the United States of America into something more contro­lled, more Socia­list, for that’s what the impulse to control means. […]

2018-10-05 23:34