@Watts Up With That?: UAH Global Temper­ature Report: February 2019

Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.13 C per decade February Temper­atures (prelim­inary) Global composite temp.: +0.36 C (+0.65 °F) above seasonal average Northern Hemisp­here.: +0.46 C (+0.83 °F) above seasonal average Southern Hemisp­here.: +0.26 C (+0.47 °F) above seasonal average Tropics.: +0.43 C (+0.77 °F) above seasonal average January Temper­atures (final) Global composite…

2019-03-07 19:00

@Judith Curry: Hurri­canes climate change: 21st century projec­tions

by Judith Curry Final instal­lment in my series on hurri­canes and climate change. 7. 21st century projec­tions The effect of climate change on hurri­canes has been a controv­ersial scien­tific issue for the past several decades. Improv­ements in the capabi­lities of …

2019-03-11 18:24

@Paul Homewood: Greenl­and’s Glaciers Expanding Again

By Paul Homewood Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance 2017/18 http://ww­w.dmi.dk/­en/groenl­and/maali­nger/gree­nland-​ice-​sheet-​surface-​mass-​budget/# As I reported last Septe­mber, Greenl­and’s ice sheet mass balance had grown at close to record levels for the second year running. To clarify again, the mass balance calcul­ation accounts for: 1) Snowfall 2) Ice melt 3) Ablation In other […]

2019-03-11 22:01

@Paul Homewood: BBC’s Climate Lies Becoming A Habit

By Paul Homewood They say once is an accident, twice is a conspi­racy. I wonder what eight times is? As I revealed yeste­rday, the BBC has formally upheld my complaint about their African penguin story. I am pleased to see then that The Times has now picked it up. This complaint […]

2019-03-15 22:16

@Climate Depot: Climate skeptic scientist chall­enges job dismissal in court

https://w­ww.themer­cury.com.­au/news/n­ational/c­limate-​skeptic-​scientist-​chall­enges-​job-​dismissal-​in-​court/vid­eo/638e2a­c27980b70­ded7eb6c0­7f37d0aa?­nk=6ad8e2­1fa03003c­48500f02a­e5a4f353-​15530­91203 In 2018 Marine Scientist Professor Peter Ridd told Sky News he was charged with serious misco­nduct allega­tions by James Cook Unive­rsity after breaking a gag order over his claim that global warming is…

2019-03-20 19:21

@Watts Up With That?: Peter Ridd case has been set for 26-​28 March with Judge Vasta but yet to have a courtroom assigned.

Inform­ation may be found here. For Backg­round https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2018/12/­02/update-​on-​peter-​ridd-​legal-​action/ https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2018/11/­05/no-​judge-​available-​to-​hear-​peter-​ridd-​in-​federal-​court/ https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2018/06/­19/an-​update-​from-​peter-​ridd-​on-​his-​legal-​case-​against-​jcu/…

2019-03-06 14:00

@Watts Up With That?: Declining Solar Activity

BOB HOYE In the 1990s, solar physic­ists, Penn and Living­ston, called for a long decline in solar activity. This is the case and it is nice to see such work confirmed by events. Solar Cycles # 23 and 24 are the weakest since the early 1900s. The current run of consec­utive Spotless Days is out…

2019-03-07 17:00

@Watts Up With That?: Auroral Evidence of Upcoming Mini or Little Ice Age?

Guest Opinion; Dr. Tim Ball A recent article in the British newspaper The Express titled, “Northern Lights in the UK: Can you watch Aurora Borealis from UK? Where can you see it?” raises intere­sting questions and compar­isons with histo­rical events. It also appears to reinforce the climate forecasts for the next few decades. Source: Daily…

2019-03-10 06:00

@Climate Depot: Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding

Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding http://www­.thegwpf.c­om/trump-​seeks-​deep-​cuts-​in-​renewable-​energy-​funding/ The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) Trump Seeks Deep Cuts in Renewable Energy Funding by bennyp­eiser / Mar 9, 2019 The Trump adminis­tration is again seeking severe cuts to the U.S. Energy Depar­tment division charged with renewable energy and energy effici­ency…

2019-03-11 17:33

@Watts Up With That?: Climate Change Student Strikes: An Aspergers Kid Believed Climate Change Claims

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The following is in no way intended to disre­spect people with Aspergers or Autism, but to provide insight. I know Aspergers people in my personal life. There is no denying the intell­ectual gifts of people with High Functi­oning Autism and Asper­gers; many great scien­tific breakth­roughs have been made by people…

2019-03-12 05:00

@Watts Up With That?: Trump calls climate change crisis ‘fake science’, Green­peace goes beserk

This really might end up being “quote of the year” rather than “quote of the week”. This morning Pres. Donald Trump tweeted about Dr. Patrick Moore the co-​founder of Greenp­eace. What he said is creating a firestorm amongst some green organiz­ations. Too many those are fighting words, and Green­peace has already fired back obviously very…

2019-03-12 15:58

@No Tricks Zone: Climate Regul­atory Madness Ratchets Up: “German Greens Aiming To Limit Citizens To 2 Flights A Year

Recently we reported here how the German Greens are the biggest frequent fliers, and thus climate hypocr­ites. So it’s only ironic that they are now calling for flight restri­ctions to be imposed on all citizens. Of course, important people who do really “impo­rtant things” — like flying to world-​rescuing climate confer­ences — would be exempt […]

2019-03-12 18:10

@Real Science: Party Over For Arctic Alarmists

Arctic sea ice extent is normal or above normal every­where except for the Bering Sea, where southerly winds pushed the edge back a few weeks ago. N_201903­12_extn_­v3.0.png There has been no trend in Arctic sea ice for 13 years. Spread­sheet …

2019-03-13 13:44

@No Tricks Zone: Despite Mild Winter, Central Europe’s 30-​Year Winter Temper­ature Trend Still Cooling

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here presents two charts which I’m featuring today. They show that the winter temper­ature trend for Germany over the past 32 years is not cooper­ating with “expe­rts'” forecasts of rapid warming and snow and ice becoming a thing of the past. The first chart, using the data […]

2019-03-13 13:43

@Jo Nova: Hands up who wants to be a serf?

Good people could use classes to stand up to absurdly hypocr­itical accusa­tions

It doesn’t matter what narcis­sistic hypoc­rites say, good team-​player-​type folk seem to apologize so fast, it’s like a reflex.

Australia needs a Fox. When SkyNews was tested with Ross Cameron’s four word breach of “permi­tted” lines, they failed. How big would their ratings be if they stood for something that…

2019-03-14 06:49

@Paul Homewood: BBC Uphold My African Penguin Complaint

By Paul Homewood Following my complaint to the BBC on its news report claiming that African penguin popula­tions were declining because of climate change, the BBC has now formally upheld the compl­aint, and logged it on the Compl­aints website: http://ww­w.bbc.co.­uk/compla­ints/comp-​reports/e­cu/newsne­wschannel­151018 Adverti­sements

2019-03-14 10:59

@Paul Homewood: Market failures could see Britain suffering five-​day power cuts

By Paul Homewood A worrying analysis from David Watson, a chartered elect­rical engineer: Today’s electr­icity infrastr­ucture, driven by comme­rcial forces, will find it hard to cope when things go seriously wrong Even in industr­ialised nations in the 21st century, the sort of electr­icity-​grid system failure that’s been seen in parts of Australia […]

2019-03-14 16:16

@Watts Up With That?: How sensitive is the climate to green­house gases?

Nicholas Lewis gave a keynote lecture with the Title “How sensitive is the climate to green­house gases?” – Is it really necessary to reach zero emissions in 2050? At our “Ontgroen­ingsdag” event on 7 March 2019 in Amste­rdam. Video follows.

2019-03-14 15:44

@Watts Up With That?: An open letter to #Climat­eStrike partic­ipants

By Brian Dingwall, New Zealand Hi Kids, Many of you will be marching today, demonst­rating for an issue you believe to be very impor­tant. Many years ago, I was young, well informed, and absol­utely convinced I knew enough to make good decisions for the future of the world, and couldn’t under­stand just how obtuse all…

2019-03-15 08:00

@Warwick Hughes: Young ladies thoughts re child­ren’s climate strike

On a bad news weekend – a rare better news story. Larger image. I am surprised the curri­culum mentions our resources industry at all.

2019-03-17 00:49

@Paul Homewood: Gummer’s firm is paid £500,000 from energy companies set to profit from fossil fuel boiler ban HE helped push through

By Paul Homewood David Rose uncovers yet more of John Gummer’s dodgy dealings: As head of the Govern­ment’s climate change commi­ttee, Tory peer John Selwyn Gummer was a key figure behind last week’s controv­ersial decision to ban fossil fuel central heating in new homes. But in pushing for the radical change, he failed […]

2019-03-17 12:06

@Paul Homewood: Are Heat Pumps Cheaper To Run Than Conven­tional Gas Boilers?

By Paul Homewood The Mail has a useful suppl­ement about altern­atives to gas heating, which is relevant following the govern­ment’s decision to ban gas boilers in new build houses from 2025: Wonde­rfuel gas, crooned the 1980s British Gas advert. How times change. As we approach the 2020s, British house­holds are now facing […]

2019-03-17 18:06

@Paul Homewood: Dumb and Dumber – Rebecca Long-​Bailey and Claire Perry

By Paul Homewood If you thought Claire Perry was bad enough, step forward Jeremy Corbyn’s hopeless Shadow Business Energy Secre­tary, Rebecca Long-​Bailey. From The Mirror: Britain will struggle to keep the lights on and could face power cuts after the gover­nment has cancelled crucial energy projects, Labour have warned. Labour’s Shadow […]

2019-03-18 16:49

@Jo Nova: Brexit: last week in the UK the elites rose up and overthrew the masses

How not to negotiate

Mark Steyn on Brexit the day after the last vote:

Last night, sixteen days before Britain suppo­sedly leaves the European Union in accord with the people’s vote of three years ago, their elected represen­tatives voted by 312 to 308 to rule out a “no-​deal” Brexit – ie, a straight­forward walkaway ever.

So the EU now has no incentive ever to reach a deal with Britain. The…

2019-03-18 17:01


https://w­ww.wnd.co­m/2019/03­/google-​makes-​green­peace-​co-​founder-​vanish/ During his Great Purge, Stalin infam­ously had Avel Enukidze, a onetime member of Communist Party’s governing body, erased from a 1934 photo after being executed as an enemy of the state. Google has elimi­nated Patrick Moore from a search result listing co-​founders of the environ­mental group Greenp­eace. The move came after…

2019-03-19 20:48

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Geolo­gists may have traced the source of last year’s unexpl­ained massive Earth shake

Epic. Why are ‘schools of dead fish appearing in the water?’ Last November, a huge seismic event that shook the planet left experts wondering about its possible source, says Science­Alert. Resear­chers now think they know what might have caused it: an offshore volcanic event unlike any other in recorded history. If the hypot­hesis is right, […]

2019-03-21 10:20

@Jo Nova: Climate skeptics, anti EU party surges from nowhere to power in Dutch Elections

The Forum for Democracy (FDV) Party only launched in 2016, but has rocketed to 12 seats in the Dutch provi­ncial elections which determine the make up of the Senate. The FDV campa­igned against “climate change hysteria” and against immigr­ation and for more direct democ­racy. The Financial Times calls them Eurosce­ptics.

Like Trump, and like Brexit, journa­lists did not see this coming.


2019-03-21 16:39

@Watts Up With That?: Lewand­owsky on the Right Way to Cry Wolf

Good ol’ Stephan has attached himself to another propa­ganda piece masque­rading as science. Statis­tical Language Backs Conser­vatism in Climate-​Change Assess­ments Salvador Herrando-​Pérez Corey J A Bradshaw Stephan Lewand­owsky David R Vieites BioSci­ence, Volume 69, Issue 3, 1 March 2019, Pages 209–219, https://do­i.org/10.1­093/biosci­/biz004 Publi­shed: 18 March 2019 Here is the Abstract. The…

2019-03-21 18:00

@Watts Up With That?: Huge new sunspot may hurl flares towards Earth

Sunspot AR2736, which hurled a Coronal Mass Ejection toward Earth yeste­rday, is growing larger and crackling with C-​class solar flares. The active region now sprawls across more than 100,000 km of the solar disk and contains multiple dark cores as large as Earth, making it one of the biggest sunspots in recent years. Two days…

2019-03-21 22:08

@Watts Up With That?: Andrew Dessler: The Certain Climate Alarmist

Guest essay by Robert Bradley Jr. “This warming [of 5 to 9 degrees Fahre­nheit this century] is as certain as death and taxes.” (Prof­essor Andrew Dessler, below) Andrew Dessler is one of the leading climate scienti­sts/ala­rmists of his genera­tion. And he is a master at prese­nting his case, not unlike a highly skilled lawyer. He knows…

2019-02-28 18:05