@Tallbloke's Talkshop: EU steps in to halt UK energy security measures

The Daily Telegraph reports A European Court ruling has thrown the UK’s energy security into disarray by ordering the immediate halt to a £1bn scheme designed to keep Britain’s lights on. The corner­stone energy security scheme has come to an abrupt stand­still after the European Union’s Court of Justice ruled that the UK should not […]

2018-11-17 17:35

@Real Science: Arctic Melting Scam Reaching A Tipping Point

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteoro­logiske Institut Ten years after the screaming ice-​free Arctic reached a tipping point, sea ice extent is “normal.” North Pole could be ice free in 2008 | New Scientist Scient­ists: ‘Arctic Is Scream­ing,’ Global …

2018-11-20 12:33

@Junkscience: The Never-​ending Case of Michael Mann v. Free Speech: Good News, Bad News

A new ruling from the DC Court of Appeals in today. What you need to know. To cut to the chase, two points the Court decided: The bogus Climat­egate investi­gations by Penn State et al. are enough to get Mann to a jury trial on whether he was defamed by National Review et al. Mann …

2018-12-13 21:08

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Anti-​Carbon-​Tax revolt escalates as French lorry drivers join protests 

Mayhem in France. An attempt to escalate an unpopular tax, suppo­sedly climate-​related, is going badly. Other national leaders may want to take note of the public reaction. The revolt against President Macron’s environ­mental taxes escalated today as prote­sters tried to block fuel depots around France, reports The GWPF. The move came after a second night […]

2018-11-19 19:46

@Real Science: “I found the intelle­ctuals, the profe­ssors in the colleges and univers­ities, suppo­rting Hitler”

So much of left-​wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot. George Orwell Hitler was very open about his plans for genocide against the Jews, and he had the …

2018-11-21 15:37

@Real Science: End Of The Arctic Ice Scam

North Pole May Be Ice-​Free for First Time This Summer Ten years ago, I wrote my first article exposing the melting Arctic scam. The scam is on its last legs. Very cold, northerly winds east of Greenland are driving sea …

2018-11-23 11:04

@Paul Homewood: Arctic Sea Ice’s Rapid Growth In November

By Paul Homewood http://oce­an.dmi.dk/­arctic/ice­cover_30y.­uk.php Arctic sea ice extent in November was the highest since 2008, and higher than even 2006, according to DMI. As Arctic alarm­ists, DMI like to impose a linear trend since the start of the record in 1979. Gullible people are thus persuaded that “Arctic ice is conti­nuing to […]

2018-12-05 11:56

@No Tricks Zone: Global Warming Activists Speec­hless In Katowice As Yellow Vest Protests Spread Europe-​Wide With Unexp­ected Intensity

The Swiss online Basel BAZ news site reported yesterday how the Yellow Vest fossil fuel tax protests have spread across Belgium and into the Nether­lands, and so threaten to become a European phenom­enon. Previ­ously it was thought that a move away from fossil fuels and higher taxes on them were the will of the people […]

2018-12-09 13:47

@Climate Scepticism: My Year As A Believer, Part 3

WHEREIN your author am seduced by the Light Side It started eighteen months and four days ago, the night I picked an argument with my wife’s Dean. He was one of those low-​inform­ation, high-​adamancy climate alarmists who are in such overs­upply at our tertiary institu­tions, they’re giving them away with any $30 purchase at the …

2018-11-17 06:51

@Watts Up With That?: The Picasso Problem

Guest Post by Willis Esche­nbach Let me start expla­ining the link from Picasso to climate science by looking at what Dr. Nir Shaviv called “the most boring graph I have ever plotted in my life”. This is the graph of the changes in the best estimate of the range of what is called “climate sensiti­vity”…

2018-11-18 07:50

@Real Science: The People We Are Dealing With …

You really can’t make this stuff up …. Susan Lowy on Twitter:

2018-11-21 04:23

@Paul Homewood: The threat to the enviro­nment that the green lobby tries to ignore

By Paul Homewood h/t stewgreen Andrew Montford writes in the Spect­ator: It’s not like the green blob to keep quiet when there’s a threat to the enviro­nment in the offing. Even the smallest hint of a problem is usually enough to work a tree-​hugger into a frenzy. So it’s worth taking a […]

2018-11-21 11:42

@Watts Up With That?: Since Science and Economics Have Failed, It’s Up To the Arts to Win the Gorebal War on the Weather

Guest AEUHHH??? by David Middleton Opinion, Arts Council England The arts have a leading role to play in tackling climate change Nicholas Serota Cultural organis­ations are in a unique position to chall­enge, inform and engage audiences in convers­ations about the enviro­nment If we are to avoid irreve­rsible global warming that will have devast­ating economic and social…

2018-11-22 15:12

@Real Science: Another Global Warming “Canary In The Coal Mine” Freezes To Death

Hudson Bay sea ice extent is highest for the date in 25 years, ninth highest on record, and nearly double 1981. It has been above normal for three out of the last four years. Ice Products – Product – Product …

2018-11-23 15:52

@Judith Curry: Special Report on Sea Level Rise

by Judith Curry I have now completed my asses­sment of sea level rise and climate change. The complete report can be downl­oaded here [Special Report Sea Level Rise]. My prelim­inary compil­ation of inform­ation was provided in the 7 part Climate …

2018-11-27 14:07

@Paul Homewood: BBC’s Latest Climate Indoctr­ination

By Paul Homewood h/t Philip Bratby The BBC have now stopped even trying to camou­flage their bias on climate change, with this latest piece of propag­anda: Represen­tatives from nearly 200 countries are gathering in Poland for talks on climate change – aimed at breathing new life into the Paris Agree­ment. The UN […]

2018-12-02 13:22

@Paul Homewood: BBC’s Latest Heatwave Lies

By Paul Homewood h/t Philip Bratby The BBC are happy to trumpet the latest misle­ading propa­ganda from the Met Office: Climate change has signifi­cantly boosted the chances of having summer heatwaves in the UK. A Met Office study says that the record-​breaking heat seen in 2018 was made about 30 times […]

2018-12-07 20:10

@Watts Up With That?: Another Mannt­astic law footnote: the process is the punishment

Mark Steyn recently wrote: In a couple of months, Michael E Mann’s defam­ation suit against me will enter its sixth year in the consti­pated bowels of DC justice. Given the procedu­ralist swamp in which the case is now mired, it is not unreas­onable to assume that its ultimate dispos­ition will consume most of my remaining time on…

2018-12-13 21:49

@Watts Up With That?: China Demands USA Give Money to China Because Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall China is demanding that the USA and other developed countries give China large sums of cash, because the USA owes China and other devel­oping countries for histo­rical US green­house gas contrib­utions. China is also demanding lenient “devel­oping country” accou­nting oversight over how those climate cash transfers from the USA to…

2018-12-14 18:00

@Climate Depot: UN Bans Journ­alist From Climate Summit at Request of Canada’s Trudeau Regime

KATOWI­CE–The United Nations banned journ­alist Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel Media from the UN COP24 “Climate Change” Confe­rence in response to a request from the gover­nment of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In this interview with The New American magazine from outside the UN confab, the journ­alist gives us the backg­round on how it

2018-12-15 15:19

@Scottish Sceptic: Please sign petition: Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

The latest ploy of the anti-​democracy politi­cians EU is simple: to insist we must have a deal and then reject any deal. Thus claiming that leaving is imposs­ible. They are scum. Please sign the petition: Leave the EU without …

2018-12-15 22:49

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Scien­tific error upends major ocean warming study

Appar­ently you’re a ‘climate contra­rian’ if you dare to check the claimed results of climate-​related studies. The resear­chers ‘calcu­lated heat based on the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide rising off the ocean, filling round glass flasks with air collected at research stations around the globe’. But now they admit this ‘novel method’ didn’t work […]

2018-11-18 10:04

@American Elephants: There Are Real Problems With “True Believers”

Back in early August, Katy Grimes wrote in the Sacra­mento Citizen “Last year, as all Hell was breaking loose in Calif­ornia as residents were burned out of their homes, neighbo­rhoods and busine­sses, Gov. Jerry Brown was jetting around the world spouting climate change propag­anda. He’s been calling this Califo­rnia’s ‘new normal.’ Gov. Brown was in […]

2018-11-20 06:26

@No Tricks Zone: Wow! Profound If True: Russian Expert Believes Supply Of Hydroc­arbon Fossil Fuels Virtually “Infinite”

Recently I presented here an article on filmmaker Marijn Poels’s new docume­ntary that featured former Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson, who stated that the theories of climate science are “very confused” and that “the models are wrong”. But perhaps the most fascin­ating point the film brings up was presented at the very end: A Russian scientist […]

2018-11-20 10:50

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: ‘True polar wander’ may have caused ice age

The latest research comes up with a new addition to the list of possible ice age mechan­isms. Earth’s latest ice age may have been caused by changes deep inside the planet, reports Science­Daily. Based on evidence from the Pacific Ocean, including the position of the Hawaiian Islands, Rice Unive­rsity geophys­icists have deter­mined Earth shifted relative […]

2018-11-20 14:24

@Real Science: Democrats Find A Solution To Global Warming

The latest Democ­ratic strategy to solve global warming, is to elect Tom Steyer and start a nuclear war. POLITICO on Twitter: Steyer: Maybe We Can Have a ‘Nuclear War’ to Provide a ‘Real Course Correc­tion’ to Trump

2018-11-20 14:20

@Climate Scepticism: Head of UN Enviro­nment Program resigns

Erik Solheim, Director of the United Nations Enviro­nment Programme (UNEP), has resigned. See reports from the Guardian and the BBC. Despite standing on a platform calling for a pollution-​free planet (see image above), climate hypocrite Solheim led a jet-​setting lifes­tyle, spending almost half a million dollars on air travel and hotels in just two years. Full …

2018-11-21 09:31

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Batteries Not Included In Renewable Fantasy Plans

Origi­nally posted on PA Pundits Interna­tional : By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ The political fantasy of 100% renewable electr­icity is sweeping the nation. Governors and mayors, towns and cities, and whole States are vying for who can get there first. Califo­rnia’s 2045 target date was recently topped by Color­ado’s incoming Gover­nor’s announced target of 2040,…

2018-11-21 14:32

@Climate Scepticism: THAT IS ALL

What was Willard thinking? He and I had spent the last couple of days spar-​o-​matically hyperfine sparring over evidence vs testimony vs opinion vs science vs What Is Science and other wurdz that if you’re already bored by, you needn’t bother reading on. This after­noon, for no patent reason, Willard decided to retweet what may …

2018-11-22 08:08

@Paul Homewood: UN enviro­nment chief quits after he is accused of ‘obscene CO2 hypoc­risy’ for spending £390,000 flying around the world in 22 months while lecturing on climate change

By Paul Homewood h/t Patsy Lacey From the Mail: The United Nation’s enviro­nment chief has resigned after being accused of ‘obscene CO2 hypoc­risy’ for the expenses he claimed while flying around the world to give lectures on climate change. Erik Solheim has stepped down from his role after an internal audit revealed that […]

2018-11-22 11:07