@No Tricks Zone: Now It’s “Global Stilling” …Resea­rchers Amazed: Global Wind Speeds Have SLOWED DOWN Since 1960s!

German public radio DLF here  reports an astoni­shing finding by scient­ists: Global wind speeds globally are slowing down! A number of European scientist groups and a European science magazine of the EU Commi­ssion just reported on this. Global wind speeds are slowing down, European resear­chers believe. Image: anemom­eter, NOAA public domain photo. According to the

2017-10-07 11:55

@Real Science: Latest Fraud From Heidi Cullen

Nobody is more consi­stent and cynical with their climate fraud than Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central. Now they are claiming that summer is lasting longer in Minnea­polis, based on a trend started during the ice age scare in 1970. A look …

2017-09-26 10:59

@Paul Homewood: Rise In Atlantic SSTs Linked To Reduced Air Pollution

By Paul Homewood I mentioned this piece of research a week or so ago. Although it is from 2013, it is still highly relevant.   New research from the Met Office has raised the possib­ility that man-​made aerosols, indus­trial pollu­tion, may have had an impact on the number of Atlantic hurric­anes. The paper, published in

2017-10-01 14:53

@Jo Nova: Matt Ridley: Never experi­enced anything like this — the climate debate “black­ening”

Matt Ridley is about as gentle­manly, polite and sane a man as you’ve ever likely to meet — which is exactly why the mob are so afraid of letting him speak. Ridley even agrees that humans have caused most of the warming in the last fifty years (I shall have to talk to him about that). But this middle position is a potent threat. He’s walking the very ground that threatens the Green Blob — there…

2017-10-04 05:10

@American Elephants: It’s Come to This: It’s Time to Ban Trucks!

Gun Control seems to remain as a feature of the convers­ation. Conserv­atives keep expla­ining (and expla­ining ) that guns are inanimate objects, and it is the shooter who is the problem, but they will have none of that. It’s the guns they want to control. (Since they seem to think Conserv­atives live in the backwoods

2017-10-07 14:17

@Paul Homewood: “Affor­dable Offshore Wind”­?–The Real Facts Green­peace Don’t Want You To Know!

By Paul Homewood     https://n­otalotofp­eopleknow­that.word­press.com­/2017/10/­06/gwpf-​lodges-​asa-​complaint-​over-​false-​claims-​in-​offshore-​wind-​campaign/     As I noted last week, the GWPF has compl­ained to the Advert­ising Standards Authority about a highly misle­ading advert about offshore wind power, placed by a group of wind farm interests and left wing green outfits. The posters, placed at some…

2017-10-09 12:19

@Real Science: Mosher Busted By Gavin Schmidt And Nick Stokes

Mosher is afraid to come over here, and is posting more nonsense on WUWT. Dirty bird carcasses tell the story of how air pollution has improved in the last 100 years | Watts Up With That? Mosher’s stupidity and disho­nesty …

2017-10-13 12:22

@Real Science: “Worse Than Michael Mann”

Three years ago, Anthony Watts announced that I was worse than Michael Mann – because I said 40% of USHCN stations were missing. Anthony also conflated the frost point with the freezing point, as did many other comme­nters on his …

2017-10-14 09:59

@Paul Homewood: Deling­pole: Michael Mann Crowd­funds Worst Child­ren’s Book Ever

By Paul Homewood   Dellers takes a look at Mickey Mann’s new book:   Michael Mann is writing a child­ren’s book about climate change. Don’t all rush to donate at once – you might break the internet – but he wants you to pay for it through crowdfu­nding. The book is called The Tantrum That

2017-10-14 14:57

@Watts Up With That?: Inconve­nient: NASA shows global sea level…p­ausing, instead of rising

This is intere­sting. It appears that a “pause” has developed in global sea levels. For two years, since July 2015, there has been no sustained increase in global sea level, in fact, it appears to have actually fallen a bit. This graph, provided by NASA’s Global Climate Change website, tells the story: A zoom of…

2017-10-16 16:35

@Junkscience: Priceless video of Trump on EPA Clean Power Plan

“Did you see what I did to that? Boom. Gone.” (From Sep. 22, 2017 rally in Alabama for Luther Strange).

2017-09-23 03:59

@No Tricks Zone: Rapid ENSO Predi­ction Reversal: ´Now Global-​Cooling La Niña Is Forecast Ahead!

Making forecasts conce­rning weather and climate is not an easy task. There is really much we do not unders­tand, though some like to make you think every­thing is all under­stood and settled. This is why I get a kick out of people who claim they are able to predict decades into the future, yet have

2017-09-23 15:38

@Real Science: My Arctic Forecast Vs. Gover­nment Climate Experts

Three weeks ago I made this forecast of fraud and deception by the science commu­nity. Instead of reporting the huge gain in ice and massive failure of their forec­asts, climate alarmists will report that extent was “8th lowest on record.” …

2017-09-24 11:31

@No Tricks Zone: Germany Shifts To The Right – May Mean Signif­icant Slowdown For Country’s “Green Energies”

The German election results are coming in, and one thing is clear: Angela Merkel’s coalition gover­nment lost big. The prelim­inary figures show: CDU/CSU­ center right – 33.0% SPD socialist – 20.8 Left – 8.7 FDP free democrats – 10.5 Greens – 9.1 AfD hard right – 13.3 Other – 4.6 Here we see that the German center-​leftist parties

2017-09-24 19:23

@Climatism: 100% Of Climate Models Prove that 97% of Climate Scien­tists Were Wrong!

IN February 2016, climate scientist Dr. John Christy presented ­testimony to Congress­ demonst­rating that the UN IPCC’s CMIP5 climate models grossly exagg­erate and over estimate the impact of atmosp­heric CO2 levels on global tempera­tures. Dr. Christy noted in his testimony that “models over-​warm the tropical atmos­phere by a factor of approxi­mately three″.   SEPTEMBER 2017 Dr. Christy…

2017-09-26 01:28

@Real Science: Nick Stokes : Busted

Nick Stokes, like all climate alarm­ists, spews mindless gibberish without doing any fact checking. The NCAR graph is not from Newsweek, 1975. It was widely published in 1974. Here are a few examples. There are lots more out there. Click …

2017-09-27 02:24

@No Tricks Zone: 140-​Year Data Show Correl­ation Between CO2 Emissions And Cyclone Energy “Essen­tially Near Zero”!

At Twitter physical scientist Ned Nikolov informs us of a 2015 paper that “finds NO trend in global Tropical Cyclone Activity between the decade 1965-​1974 and the present. Hence, warming has NOT affected hurricane activity for the past 45 yrs! ” The paper’s abstract: The ACE index is used to compare tropical cyclone activity worldwide

2017-09-27 13:18

@Real Science: The Two Year Old Party

Democrats are like two year olds. They can’t get through a day without prote­sting somet­hing. Here they are in Denver prote­sting the overh­eated atmosp­here. ,

2017-09-28 19:54

@Watts Up With That?: Quote of the Week: The cost of daring to write about climate

Matt R­idley: “I’ve written about many controv­ersial issues during my career,” Ridley said. “Never, have I ever experi­enced anything like what happens when you write about climate, which is a syste­matic and organized attempt to blacken your name rather than your argum­ents, and to try to pressure any outlet that publishes me into not publi­shing me…

2017-09-28 23:30

@No Tricks Zone: Solar Activity Plays Key Role In North American Blizzard Frequ­ency, Study Finds

Yet another study has been published showing that regional climate cycles are related to solar activity. The most recent suggest that blizzards in North America are related to solar activity cycles. Blizzard in Kansas. Photo: NOAA – public domain. =========­=========­=========­=========­====== More Blizzards in North America During Solar Weak Phases By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof.

2017-09-30 14:55

@Real Science: Underst­anding The Diffe­rence Between Climate And Cherry Picking

A low ice day in March is climate, but a huge increase in September ice over the past five years is cherry-​picking. In 2012, experts told us that the winter maximum is meanin­gless, all that mattered was the summer minimum. …

2017-10-01 01:59

@No Tricks Zone: Coolest Central European September In Years…­Heavy Snowfall Forecast For The Alps This Week!

Germany’s DWD national weather service has the prelim­inary September 2017 report out. According to the result of the data measured by the country’s 2000 weather stations, last month was cooler than normal. September 2017 in Germany saw a mean temper­ature of 12.7°C, which was 4.2°C cooler than last year’s record warm September (16.9°C). This means

2017-10-01 15:22

@Polar Bear Science: Fat healthy polar bear update: hundreds of not-​starving bears attracted to dead whale

Are the hundreds of polar bears spending the summer on Wr­angel Island in the Chukchi Sea starving and desperate for any scrap of food? Hardly! Photos taken by Russian tourists on a cruise ship (19 September 2017) show a huge number …

2017-10-02 05:49

@Watts Up With That?: Cooler Global Temper­atures Ahead: Indica­tions are that La Niña is returning

Paul at Vencore Weather notes the ENSO forecast models and the data seem to be in alignment Overview Earlier this year, there were signs that a weak El Nino in the tropical Pacific Ocean could continue through the fall and even into the upcoming winter season, but there is now substa­ntial agreement amongst numerous computer…

2017-10-04 16:54

@Watts Up With That?: Arctic Ice Natural Variab­ility

By Javier A year ago I wrote an article at WUWT analyzing the recent upward trend in summer Arctic sea ice extent. Despite chall­enges of statis­tical irrele­vancy, the trend has continued another year. Arctic ice experts, that have repea­tedly predicted the demise of summer ice, don’t have an explan­ation for a 10-​year trend that contra­dicts…

2017-10-05 14:02

@Watts Up With That?: SEA LEVEL: Rise and Fall Part 2 – Tide Gauges

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen Why do we even talk about sea level and sea level rise? There are two important points which readers must be aware of from the first mention of Sea Level Rise (SLR): SLR is a real concern to coastal cities, low-​lying islands and coastal and near-​coastal densely-​populated areas. It can…

2017-10-07 23:25

@Real Science: No Change In Land Temper­atures Since 1990

Satellite data shows that there has been no change in temper­atures over land since 1990, before the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo – which cooled earth for several years. Wood for Trees: Intera­ctive Graphs This is in direct contrad­iction to the …

2017-10-14 06:50

@Paul Homewood: The true cost of wind power

By Paul Homewood   Booker has a short piece in his newly shrunken column about offshore wind costs:   MPs arriving at Westmi­nster Tube station have lately been presented with a huge adverti­sement claiming that the cost of electr­icity from offshore wind farms has been cut by “50 per cent over the past five years”.

2017-10-15 12:38

@No Tricks Zone: Agung Volcano On The Verge Of Blowing­…Major Eruption Would Have Impact On Earth’s Climate

Volcano Agung in Bali is showing worrisome signs of a major er­uption, writes German climate blogger Schneefan here. The highest level of activity with multiple tremor episodes were just recorded. You can monitor Agung via live cam and live seismo­gram. The 3000-​mter tall Agung has been at the highest warning level 4 since September 21. Schneefan

2017-10-15 17:04

@Watts Up With That?: Post-​Tropical storm Ophelia hits Ireland

As I mentioned a couple days ago, what used to be Hurricane Ophelia would likely hit Ireland as an post-​tropical system. That happened today, with the storm at tropical storm strength. There’s the usual caterw­auling among climate alarmists that this storm has set “unprece­dented” records, mainly because it was the 10th named Atlantic Hurricane this…

2017-10-17 02:13