@No Tricks Zone: RSS Suspected Of “Serious Data Doping”, German Scien­tists Say…”V­alues Fudged To Fit Models”!

Serious Climate Doping Suspicion Against RSS: Satellite Temper­atures Raised One And Half Tenths Of A Degree By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahre­nholt (Translat­ed/edited by P Gosselin) Temper­atures can be measured from the ground and from satell­ites. Satellite data have two versions, UAH and RSS. The version of UAH (Unive­rsity of Alabama, Huntsv­ille) makes a […]

2018-08-19 16:03

@Real Science: Party Is Over In The Arctic

Ice condi­tions are not looking good for Reggie, James and Al. Index of /DATASETS­/NOAA/G02­135/north­/daily/im­ages/2018­/08_Aug/ Summer is over at the North Pole. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteoro­logiske Institut And nothing but cold in the forecast. 10-​Day Temper­ature Outlook

2018-08-18 13:13

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: A Brexc­hange of viewpoints

The debate is still lively. Fresh news below the break. I have a new assig­nment as regional director for leave Means Leave, one of the organis­ations campai­gning to have the 2016 refer­endum vote respected by our politi­cians. Chairmen Richard Tice and John Longworth are calling on all Leave voters to stand up for Democracy and […]

Today: 02:03

@Paul Homewood: Bob Ward Complains To IPSO–And Loses!

By Paul Homewood Readers will probably recall the following Booker piece from last January: One of Shakesp­eare’s persi­stent themes in Hamlet is that when people set out to fool others, it will event­ually catch up with them. Repea­tedly he empha­sises that “purposes mistook fall on their inven­tors’ heads”, that such people end up […]

2018-08-15 09:58

@American Elephants: Going Wild — The Knepp Wildland

Do watch this short video. It will enrich your day. Eighteen years ago, Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell turned their 3,500-​acre farm in West Sussex, England, into a massive outdoor labora­tory. They decided to cede control of their land to nature and watched it slowly grow wild again. Now, at what they call Knepp Wildland, […]

2018-08-20 05:52

@Jo Nova: Climate Wars back in Austr­alia: Both parties pander to zealots, ideol­ogues and renew­ables industry

The climate circus is back in Australia

Election 2019 is coming and Turnbull just lit a fire under the conser­vative base. The Deplor­ables are angry. Phones are running hot today. The DefCons awaken. In the last election defiant non-​left voters were the “most influe­ntial group” — the swingers who ultim­ately decide the winner. This was the same group the journa­lists compl­etely missed, like…

2018-08-15 19:18

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Venezuela – End Game Yet? CITGO Siezure Approved

A judge has approved the seizure of Citgo from Venez­uela. As that was essent­ially their only earner of cash, they are toast.

2018-08-17 07:15

@Tamino's Open Mind: God Bless the Queen

May she rest in peace. Adverti­sements

2018-08-17 13:06

@No Tricks Zone: Climate Ambulance Chasers AWOL In Tropical Atlantic As “Shear” And Cooler SSTs Put Lid On Hurricanes

To keep informed on how the Atlantic hurricane season is develo­ping, I find that hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach of the Colorado State Unive­rsity does a good job at that at Twitter. A warmer planet does not mean more hurri­canes As the peak of the hurricane season appro­aches (Septe­mber) he recently tweeted below average activity was […]

2018-08-18 14:34

@Paul Homewood: Kerala Floods

By Paul Homewood The BBC has news of the terrible floods in India: At least 324 people have been killed in flooding in the southern Indian state of Kerala in what local officials say is the worst flooding in 100 years. India’s monsoon season started in June, but the death toll in Kerala […]

2018-08-18 18:50

@Real Science: Califo­rnia’s Fake Temper­ature Record

Using my new tool set, I am homing in on what is wrong with the Calif­ornia temper­ature record. NOAA Data The first problem is just their usual data tampe­ring, which doubles the slope. This is what the raw data looks …

2018-08-19 15:32

@Paul Homewood: The Holocene Climate Optimum

By Paul Homewood Booker commented the other day how one scientist claimed last week that we now have “the highest temper­atures on Earth since the last ice age”. The BBC failed to even challenge this state­ment. This certainly is not the first time I have heard claims (pres­ented as fact) to this effect. […]

2018-08-19 22:02

@Paul Homewood: The Shape of British Summers To Come?

By Paul Homewood A reminder from Paul Matthews about how our expert climate scien­tists used to predict cool, wet summers, (because of Arctic warming, natura­lly!): Following this summer’s long heat wave, with weeks of hot sunny weather and hardly a drop of rain, there’s been a lot of talk about whether this is […]

2018-08-20 20:39

@Climate Depot: Group that used children as litigious climate pawns gets shot down by judge

Group that used children as litigious climate pawns gets shot down by judge https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2018/08/­16/group-​that-​used-​children-​as-​climate-​pawns-​in-​court-​gets-​shot-​down-​by-​judge/ Washi­ngton judge throws out child­ren’s climate change lawsuit by John Siciliano A judge in Washi­ngton state on Tuesday dismissed a climate change lawsuit filed against the state by a group of child…

2018-08-20 20:12

@Master Resource: “The Backlash Against Climate Scient­ists” (2010 Newsweek piece relevant today)

“Very few scien­tists dispute a link between man-​made CO2 and global warming. Where it gets fuzzy is the extent and time frame of the effect. One crucial point of conte­ntion is climate “sensitiv­ity”—the mathem­atical formula that trans­lates changes in CO2 produ­ction to changes in temper­ature. In addition, scien­tists are not sure how to explain a slowdown in the rise of global temper­atures that…

Today: 07:00

@Climate Depot: Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer rips NYT claim of hottest ‘years on record’: ‘Alleged record warmings are tenths of a degree or less, compa­rable to the statis­tical error’

http://ww­w.cfact.o­rg/2018/0­8/13/new-​york-​times-​hyste­rical-​over-​global-​greening/ The article ends with the silly claim that the “six warmest years on record occurred after 2010.” The alleged record warmings are tenths of a degree or less, compa­rable to the statis­tical error. Thermo­meters have only existed for a few centuries and there are still no reliable networks of thermo­meters to measure…

2018-08-14 20:37

@Climate Depot: Morano’s skeptical Facebook climate video goes viral with 7.4 million views – Prompts warmists try to ban all ‘climate deniers’ attack Zuckerberg

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano has become the poster child of climate activists seeking to ban “climate deniers” from Facebook and YouTube and other social media platforms like Twitter. Morano’s Facebook video for his new book debunking climate change claims for the Heritage Founda­tion’s Daily Signal has gone viral on Facebook, garnering 7.4 million views and

2018-08-14 22:48

@Climate Depot: Suppo­sedly ‘sinking’ Tuvalu is getting bigger

Suppo­sedly ‘sinking’ Tuvalu is getting bigger https://ww­w.iceageno­w.info/sup­posedly-​sinking-​tuvalu-​is-​getting-​bigger/ The Pacific nation of Tuvalu­—which we’ve been told will disappear beneath rising seas caused by to global warmi­ng—is actually growing in size, new research shows. Using aerial photog­raphs and satellite imagery, a Unive­rsity of Auckland study examined changes in the geography…

2018-08-14 20:18

@Climate Depot: Climato­logist Dr. John Christy rebuts wildfire and heatwave claims: ‘Our most serious heatwaves were in the 1930’s. We have not matched those at all’

https://ye­llowhammer­news.com/a­labamas-​state-​climato­logist-​john-​christy-​rebuts-​claims-​of-​recent-​fires-​heat-​waves-​being-​caused-​by-​human-​activity-​in-​in-​depth-​inter­view/ By Jeremy Beaman Alabama’s state climato­logist John Christy rebuts claims of recent fires, heat waves being caused by human activity in in-​depth interview (UAH) There is one parti­cular word that Dr. John Christy turns to…

2018-08-15 02:33

@Climate Depot: Benefits Of Global Warming: Record Harvests Reported In Numerous Countries

The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) Benefits Of Global Warming: Record Harvests Reported In Numerous Countries by bennyp­eiser / Aug 11, 2018 Following recent reports of record coffee harvests comes news that Ukraine, Argentina and the U.S. are expecting record corn and soyabean crops. It would appear that record warm years have been excepti­onally good

2018-08-14 20:24

@No Tricks Zone: 90% Of Japan’s Rural Stations Show Cooling Or No Trend Over Past 2 Decades!

Guest post by Kirye in Tokyo An analysis of the rural-​sited Japanese weather stations used by the Japanese Meteoro­logical Agency (JMA) shows there’s been no warming at all over the the past 2 decades or more. Strangely many of these stations, which are practi­cally unimp­acted by data-​corru­ptive urban sprawl, are no longer used by NASA. For […]

2018-08-15 10:11

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Diving robots find Antarctic winter seas exhale surpr­ising amounts of carbon dioxide

Resear­chers describe this as ‘a major challenge to our current understa­nding’. The global carbon cycle model may have to be revis­ited. More than 100 oceanic floats are now diving and drifting in the Southern Ocean around Antar­ctica during the peak of winter, reports Phys.org. These instru­ments are gathering data from a place and season that […]

2018-08-15 10:28

@Watts Up With That?: The L. A Times ignores climate science to push “Califo­rnia’s hellish summer” alarmist propaganda

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The latest L. A. Times climate alarmist propa­ganda article tries to blame Califo­rnia’s recent tragic wildfires on global warming as addressed in its flawed articles on this subject that were previ­ously debunked here and here at WUWT. The latest article also uses anecdotal stories by the writer and a few…

2018-08-15 09:00

@Paul Homewood: Brace Yourself For More Heatwaves Says Young Joe Pinkstone

By Paul Homewood Isn’t it time the Mail found young Joe Pinkstone a job he knew something about? Maybe reporting on Justin Bieber’s latest concert? The next four years will be ‘anoma­lously warm’ world­wide, scien­tists have warned. New research suggests unusual heat will become common­place until 2022 – leading to more wildf­ires, drought, and […]

2018-08-15 18:19

@Watts Up With That?: Strange events: Earth’s upper atmos­phere creating glowing clouds

Via NASA: extra water vapor in the mesos­phere is creating more glowing nighttime clouds This summer, something strange has been happening in the mesosp­here. The mesos­phere is a layer of the atmos­phere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air 83 km above Earth’s surface, summe­rtime wisps of water vapor wrap themse­lves…

2018-08-16 01:05

@Watts Up With That?: Quote of the Week: ‘Climate Barbie’ claims sewage leaks will increase due to climate change

From the “McKenna in, sewage out” depar­tment comes this just unbeli­evably stupid claim from Canadian Enviro­nment Minister Catherine McKenna via CBC. At issue is old infrastr­ucture, not climate change. h/t to WUWT reader “Cam_S”. The issue as reported by CBC: Data provided to The Canadian Press recently showed over one trillion litres of raw sewage…

2018-08-15 20:58

@Watts Up With That?: Climato­logy’s startling error of physics: answers to comments

Answers to comments from the original essay on WUWT, here. By Christ­opher Monckton of Brenchley I make no apology for returning to the topic of the striking error of physics unearthed by my team of profes­sors, doctors and practit­ioners of climat­ology, control theory and statis­tics. Our discovery the climat­ology forgot the Sun is shining brings…

2018-08-15 18:59

@The Next Grand Minimum: A Mystery In The Mesosphere

This summer, something strange has been happening in the mesosp­here. The mesos­phere is a layer of the atmos­phere so high that it almost touches space. In the rarefied air 83 km above Earth’s surface, summe­rtime wisps of water vapor wrap thems­elves around specks of meteor smoke. The resulting swarms of ice crystals form noctil­ucent clouds …

2018-08-16 04:39

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Nir Shaviv: The missing link between exploding stars, clouds and climate on Earth

Nir Shaviv is co-​author along with Henrik Svensmark and others of a major new paper in Nature Communi­cations titled Increased ioniz­ation supports growth of aerosols into cloud conden­sation nuclei. He has a write up at his Scienc­ebits blog. Here’s the introdu­ction: Our new results published today in nature communi­cations provide the last piece of a long studied puzzle. […]

2018-08-16 09:50

@Paul Homewood: Michael Howard Loses The Plot

By Paul Homewood It appears that the Mail have given up any pretence of balance as far as climate change is conce­rned. David Rose regularly published sceptical articles in the past, but I am led to under­stand that he has now been banned from this. Instead we are fed with a succe­ssion of infantile pieces […]

2018-08-16 16:08