@Watts Up With That?: BREAKING: Tim Ball’s free-​speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed!

I got word tonight from David Ball, son of Dr. Tim Ball via Facebook messe­nger: This morning the judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Tim by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech. At the moment, I have no other details, but will update as…

2018-02-14 05:40

@Paul Homewood: Britain’s Energy Security Is At Risk–But It’s Not From Putin

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward From GWPF: Britain’s electr­icity market is increa­singly slanted in favour of importing more electr­icity from Europe and against securing inves­tment in new power plants at home. Billions of pounds of domestic energy plant inves­tment have conseq­uently been put at risk, which will undermine the future security of supply

2018-02-13 10:48

@Watts Up With That?: How a Descent into Climate Fanat­icism Wrecked a Family

Guest essay by Eric Worrall How does climate change obsession affect families? A long NYT post about the Valve Turners provides an unexp­ected insight into the tragic conseq­uences of what happens when someone truly believes in climate doomsday. ‘I’m Just More Afraid of Climate Change Than I Am of Prison’ How a group of five…

2018-02-14 09:51

@Real Science: Another Global Warming Canary Flies The Coop …

One year ago, climate experts predicted Venice would drown due to global warming.  Water levels at Venice have since sunk to a record low, and the canals are dry. Where’s the water GON-​DOLA? Venice’s iconic canals run DRY after weeks …

2018-02-15 07:26

@Paul Homewood: GHCN Are Even Inflating Current Temper­atures In New York

By Paul Homewood   There is a footnote to yester­day’s story about the huge adjust­ments made by NOAA to the temper­ature record in NY State. Recall the Jan 2018 temper­atures for the three stations we looked at, as derived from the actual station data:   Auburn – 20.5F Geneva – 21.0F Ithaca – 19.6F  

2018-02-17 16:37

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: The Mueller Indictment

The Mueller Indic­tment of Russians. What does it mean? Different things to different folks as they argue from different premises.

2018-02-17 18:53

@Paul Homewood: Global Temper­ature Datasets “are not a valid represe­ntation of reality”.

By Paul Homewood      https://­thsresear­ch.files.­wordpress­.com/2017­/05/ef-​gast-​data-​research-​report-​06271­7.pdf   I missed this report at the time, but it is a compreh­ensive account of how large scale adjust­ments of temper­atures have made global temper­ature datasets virtually worth­less. ABSTRACT The objective of this research was to test the hypot­hesis that Global Average Surface Temper­ature…

2018-02-18 11:13

@Watts Up With That?: Overh­eated claims on global temper­ature records

Foreword by Paul Dreissen Over and over, we are confr­onted with claims that last month or last year was “the warmest on record.” Each claim is accomp­anied by dire warnings that the alleged new records portend “unprece­dented” chaos for wildlife, humans and planet. Virtually never do these scary press releases mention that the supposed change…

2018-02-18 10:06

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Winds of change blow through German parliament

Reblogged from Pierre Gosse­lin’s No-​Tricks-​Zone As Germany’s establish­ed CDU an­d SPD “ma­instream” parties find themsel­ves imp­loding, the smaller parties who oppose Germany’s out-​of-​control ­Energiew­ende(tra­nsition to green energies) are rapidly becoming a formi­dable force and making their presence felt in Germany’s national parli­ament like never before. For example Germany’s…

2018-02-14 10:44


We first reported on this possib­ility a few days ago. On Feb. 12th, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2699 explod­ed–for more than 6 hours. The slow-​motion blast p­roduced a C1-​class ­solar flare and hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) almost directly toward Earth. This movie from the Solar and Helios­pheric Obser­vtory (SOHO) shows the CME leaving the sun: The…

2018-02-14 18:32

@Watts Up With That?: Tim Ball’s Victory in the First Climate Lawsuit Judgment – The Backstory

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball I am extremely grateful for the judgment of a complete dismissal in the lawsuit brought against me by Andrew Weaver. It is a victory for free speech and a blow against the use of the law to silence people. As with all events, there is so much more that rarely…

2018-02-14 22:31

@DeSmogBlog: Judge Dismisses Libel Claim, Climate “Sceptic” Tim Ball Not Credible Enough To Take Seriously

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has dismissed a libel action against “climate change sceptic” Dr. Tim Ball on the basis that Ball’s writing is not suffic­iently credible to inflict damage on the reput­ation of a profes­sional climate s­cientist.

The libel suit was launched in 2011 by Canadian climate scientist (and now leader of the British Columbia Green Party) Andrew Weaver in protest against…

2018-02-14 21:54

@Paul Homewood: Shock News – Icebr­eaker Sails Through Ice!

By Paul Homewood     h/t Joe Public   The Guardian is up to its tricks again! An LNG tanker designed for icy condi­tions has become the first comme­rcial ship to travel the Arctic’s northern sea route in winter. It marks a milestone in the opening up of Russia’s northern coast­line, as thawing polar ice

2018-02-15 18:49

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Japanese Superv­olcano Has 2000 feet of Dome Lift

A superv­olcano under the sea just south of the Japanese main island has lifted the sea bed 2000 or so feet. It is venting gas. This is "not good".

2018-02-16 02:07

@Real Science: The “Myste­rious Global Warming Hole”

Scien­tists are baffled by the fact that their data tampering doesn’t match reality. Climate change warm hole does not point to global warming hoax, scien­tists say | McClatchy Washi­ngton Bureau If they would stop tampering with data, they would under­stand …

2018-02-16 12:06

@Watts Up With That?: Surpri­sing: World’s First Floating Wind Farm Outper­forms

The 30MW Hywind Scotland, the world’s first comme­rcial-​scale floating wind farm, pe­rformed better than expected in its first three full months in produc­tion, Statoil, the operator of the wind farm said. Despite one hurri­cane, one winter storm and wave heights of up to 8,2 meters, Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating wind farm, performed better than…

2018-02-16 18:59

@No Tricks Zone: Europe Facing Coldest March In Years, Global Surface Temper­atures Cool…”Bad Times” For Warming Alarmists

Here at NTZ we are glad to see that German weather and climate blogger S­chneefan is back from his hiatus and this week he presents a couple of intere­sting posts, here and here. Cold to grip Europe for rest of month First he writes that the latest ­weather models and patterns are now pointing to an extended winter

2018-02-16 17:00

@Watts Up With That?: Encour­aging: An environme­ntalist’s slow-​motion moment of clarity

From the “there’s hope yet”dep­artment comes this remar­kable personal story of how one environm­entalist in Colorado came to embrace the very thing she had been progr­ammed to hate: oil and natural gas extrac­tion. I was tipped off to this essay by Dr. Roger Piekle Jr. on Twitter: If you read one thing today, read this.Fan­tastic,…

2018-02-16 21:56

@Warwick Hughes: “Huge” Sydney storm misses rain gauges

This ABC report on an AFL match at Drummoyne Fri evening 9 Feb mentions it was interr­upted by a “huge” storm with heavy rain. Odd that a storm such as reported slips through the Sydney rain gauge network. If anybody has other rain data or observ­ations please pass on. Imagine what rain must be missed …

2018-02-16 21:22

@Watts Up With That?: “Kill Climate Deniers” 2018 Season

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The award winning play “Kill Climate Deniers” is back. How a climate change play got Bolt and Breitbart News hot under the collar FEBRUARY 17 2018 – 11:45PM Helen Pitt Playw­right David Finnigan has a slew of conser­vative commen­tators to thank for reshaping his new play Kill Climate Deniers. ……

2018-02-17 21:59

@Watts Up With That?: NASA: ‘Unus­ually cold winter’ causes Lake Erie to ice over  – nearly 60% of all lakes covered with ice

The unu­sually cold winter in the Upper Midwest has led to a notable buildup of ice on the Great Lakes.­ Lake Erie is usually the first to freeze over because it is shallower than the other Great Lakes. downloa­d large image (19 MB, JPEG, 5200×­3467) On February 14, 2018, the Mo­derate Resol­ution Imaging Spectrora­diometer ­(MODIS) on NASA’s­ Aqua satellite acquired data for…

2018-02-18 19:03

@Watts Up With That?: Claim: Educating Girls, Birth Control will Halt Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Willie Soon; The climate popul­ation contro­llers are back. TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE, EDUCATE GIRLS AND GIVE THEM BIRTH CONTROL Robin George Andrews CLIMATE CHANGE IS a ubiqu­itous hydra, a many-​headed beast that affects everyone and every­thing in some form. Solutions to climate change range from the effective and the…

2018-02-18 22:30

@Jo Nova: It’s not cold, it’s a “warming hole”

Brought to you by the Theory That Can Never Be Wrong — what’s the opposite of hot? A hole!

Next time you are feeling cold you will know you are in a hole instead. Stop digging.

h/t Climate Depot

Snow-​covered beaches? Chilly iguanas? They are part of a myste­rious ‘hole’ in global warming

BY STUART LEAVEN­WORTH, February 15, 2018 05:00 AM

… “acco­rding to a scien­tific study published this…

Today: 07:05

@The Next Grand Minimum: Forecast for Solar Cycle 25

James A. Marusek has a long, long quest post at Watts Up With That on the future of solar cycle 25 HERE. I found some of the comments on the post most intere­sting and deserve your attent­ion.  Not everyone agrees with the author. I predict that the intensity of Solar Cycle 25 will be fairly similar …

2018-02-11 22:50

@Paul Homewood: More Fake News From Jillian Ambrose

By Paul Homewood   Jillian Ambrose has written yet another biased and inacc­urate piece in today’s Teleg­raph. As usual, it is behind a paywall, and I am banned from recopying it. For those who can see it, it is here.   The basis of the story is actually relevant. Appar­ently Tory backbe­nchers are getting worked

2018-02-11 22:38

@Watts Up With That?: Arctic chill at 85F below zero – So cold, Eskimos advised to stay inside!

‘Some of the coldest temper­atures that people have ever experi­enced’ From Churchill polar bears: Arctic Weather Brrrrr­eaking Records Rankin Inlet, Nunavut gets cold in the winter. Located on the nort­hwestern shore of the Hudson Bay at 62 degrees north and between Cheste­rfield Inlet and Arviat, the town is defin­itely in a remote yet exposed region. Weather is…

2018-02-12 18:39

@Watts Up With That?: More evidence that the Medieval Warming Period was global, not regional

From the “we have to get rid of the Medieval Warming Period” depart­ment. Even though this paper was published in late 2017, it was recently highli­ghted in EoS, as shown below. Michael Mann, and others, in their zeal to cover up warming periods of the past, to make it look like his hockey stick is…

2018-02-12 18:30

@Watts Up With That?: EU Trade Threat: Paris Climate Ratifi­cation in All Future Trade Deals

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The EU has directly threa­tened the USA and all other countries which don’t embrace the “volun­tary” Paris Agree­ment, by insisting ratifi­cation of the Paris Agreement be a mandatory clause in all future EU trade deals. But history suggests this is an empty threat. EU to refuse to sign trade deals…

2018-02-13 00:08

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Discovery vs Enter­prise vs Real Trek (TM)

A critique of Some Things Trek with emphasis on Enterprise and Discovery .

2018-02-12 23:41

@Climatism: OUR Planet Has Enjoyed 10 Warm Periods During The Past 10,000 Years

“As far as I’m conce­rned, all this talk about human-​caused global warming is sheer nonsense, if not downright fraud. The record shows that both periods of warmth – and periods of cold – hit our planet with almost consi­stent regula­rity.” – Robert W. Felix Warming fears are the “worst scien­tific scandal in the histor­y…When people come

2018-02-12 21:08