@Paul Homewood: BBC’s Climate Lies Becoming A Habit

By Paul Homewood They say once is an accident, twice is a conspi­racy. I wonder what eight times is? As I revealed yeste­rday, the BBC has formally upheld my complaint about their African penguin story. I am pleased to see then that The Times has now picked it up. This complaint […]

2019-03-15 22:16

@Climate Depot: Climate skeptic scientist chall­enges job dismissal in court

https://w­ww.themer­cury.com.­au/news/n­ational/c­limate-​skeptic-​scientist-​chall­enges-​job-​dismissal-​in-​court/vid­eo/638e2a­c27980b70­ded7eb6c0­7f37d0aa?­nk=6ad8e2­1fa03003c­48500f02a­e5a4f353-​15530­91203 In 2018 Marine Scientist Professor Peter Ridd told Sky News he was charged with serious misco­nduct allega­tions by James Cook Unive­rsity after breaking a gag order over his claim that global warming is…

2019-03-20 19:21

@Watts Up With That?: An open letter to #Climat­eStrike partic­ipants

By Brian Dingwall, New Zealand Hi Kids, Many of you will be marching today, demonst­rating for an issue you believe to be very impor­tant. Many years ago, I was young, well informed, and absol­utely convinced I knew enough to make good decisions for the future of the world, and couldn’t under­stand just how obtuse all…

2019-03-15 08:00

@Warwick Hughes: Young ladies thoughts re child­ren’s climate strike

On a bad news weekend – a rare better news story. Larger image. I am surprised the curri­culum mentions our resources industry at all.

2019-03-17 00:49

@Paul Homewood: Gummer’s firm is paid £500,000 from energy companies set to profit from fossil fuel boiler ban HE helped push through

By Paul Homewood David Rose uncovers yet more of John Gummer’s dodgy dealings: As head of the Govern­ment’s climate change commi­ttee, Tory peer John Selwyn Gummer was a key figure behind last week’s controv­ersial decision to ban fossil fuel central heating in new homes. But in pushing for the radical change, he failed […]

2019-03-17 12:06

@Paul Homewood: Are Heat Pumps Cheaper To Run Than Conven­tional Gas Boilers?

By Paul Homewood The Mail has a useful suppl­ement about altern­atives to gas heating, which is relevant following the govern­ment’s decision to ban gas boilers in new build houses from 2025: Wonde­rfuel gas, crooned the 1980s British Gas advert. How times change. As we approach the 2020s, British house­holds are now facing […]

2019-03-17 18:06

@Paul Homewood: Dumb and Dumber – Rebecca Long-​Bailey and Claire Perry

By Paul Homewood If you thought Claire Perry was bad enough, step forward Jeremy Corbyn’s hopeless Shadow Business Energy Secre­tary, Rebecca Long-​Bailey. From The Mirror: Britain will struggle to keep the lights on and could face power cuts after the gover­nment has cancelled crucial energy projects, Labour have warned. Labour’s Shadow […]

2019-03-18 16:49

@Jo Nova: Brexit: last week in the UK the elites rose up and overthrew the masses

How not to negotiate

Mark Steyn on Brexit the day after the last vote:

Last night, sixteen days before Britain suppo­sedly leaves the European Union in accord with the people’s vote of three years ago, their elected represen­tatives voted by 312 to 308 to rule out a “no-​deal” Brexit – ie, a straight­forward walkaway ever.

So the EU now has no incentive ever to reach a deal with Britain. The…

2019-03-18 17:01


https://w­ww.wnd.co­m/2019/03­/google-​makes-​green­peace-​co-​founder-​vanish/ During his Great Purge, Stalin infam­ously had Avel Enukidze, a onetime member of Communist Party’s governing body, erased from a 1934 photo after being executed as an enemy of the state. Google has elimi­nated Patrick Moore from a search result listing co-​founders of the environ­mental group Greenp­eace. The move came after…

2019-03-19 20:48

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Geolo­gists may have traced the source of last year’s unexpl­ained massive Earth shake

Epic. Why are ‘schools of dead fish appearing in the water?’ Last November, a huge seismic event that shook the planet left experts wondering about its possible source, says Science­Alert. Resear­chers now think they know what might have caused it: an offshore volcanic event unlike any other in recorded history. If the hypot­hesis is right, […]

2019-03-21 10:20

@Jo Nova: Climate skeptics, anti EU party surges from nowhere to power in Dutch Elections

The Forum for Democracy (FDV) Party only launched in 2016, but has rocketed to 12 seats in the Dutch provi­ncial elections which determine the make up of the Senate. The FDV campa­igned against “climate change hysteria” and against immigr­ation and for more direct democ­racy. The Financial Times calls them Eurosce­ptics.

Like Trump, and like Brexit, journa­lists did not see this coming.


2019-03-21 16:39

@Watts Up With That?: Lewand­owsky on the Right Way to Cry Wolf

Good ol’ Stephan has attached himself to another propa­ganda piece masque­rading as science. Statis­tical Language Backs Conser­vatism in Climate-​Change Assess­ments Salvador Herrando-​Pérez Corey J A Bradshaw Stephan Lewand­owsky David R Vieites BioSci­ence, Volume 69, Issue 3, 1 March 2019, Pages 209–219, https://do­i.org/10.1­093/biosci­/biz004 Publi­shed: 18 March 2019 Here is the Abstract. The…

2019-03-21 18:00

@Watts Up With That?: Huge new sunspot may hurl flares towards Earth

Sunspot AR2736, which hurled a Coronal Mass Ejection toward Earth yeste­rday, is growing larger and crackling with C-​class solar flares. The active region now sprawls across more than 100,000 km of the solar disk and contains multiple dark cores as large as Earth, making it one of the biggest sunspots in recent years. Two days…

2019-03-21 22:08

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Tectonics in the tropics trigger Earth’s ice ages, says study

The latest Ice Ages theory rolls off the produ­ction line. This one relies on ‘pulling enough carbon dioxide out of the atmosp­here’, so we can see how they’re thinking. A possible problem there is that histo­rical data from ice cores usually show carbon dioxide changes following temper­ature changes by a few hundred years, which seems […]

2019-03-15 10:09

@Tamino's Open Mind: Why you need to support Jay Inslee, even though you’d rather choose another candidate

Hey there, all you Bernie fans! I love him too. Kamala Harris looks good? I agree. You think Elizabeth Warren could do great things? Me too. Does Beto O’Rourke look like he could beat Trump? Yes. There are lots of …

2019-03-15 11:12

@Climate Depot: Kids climate protest on a mission to save the Earth from — from Donald Trump

President Donald Trump appears to be the target of many of the kids skipping school today to protest gover­nment inaction on “global warming.” In Canter­bury, England, the prote­sting climate kids held a sign that read: “Climate Change kills our planet profit” with a stick figure of President Trump. Kids Climate Protest in Canter­bury… on a […]

2019-03-15 13:43

@Watts Up With That?: Did Trump Appoint Jack the Ripper as Guardian of a Girls’ School?

Guest opinion by E. Calvin Beisner You’d think so, if you observed the reactions by the climate-​change establi­shment to President Donald Trump’s appoin­tment, back in Septe­mber, of Will Happer as Senior Director for Emerging Techno­logies on the National Security Council, and the prospect of Trump’s forming a Presid­ential Committee on Climate Security, headed by Happer,…

2019-03-15 17:00


https://d­ailycalle­r.com/201­9/03/15/d­emocrats-​encourage-​kids-​to-​ditch-​school-​and-​join-​the-​climate-​strike/ BY MICHAEL BASTASCH Prominent Democ­rats, including Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, are encour­aging kids to ditch school to protest climate change. Climate strikes are inspired by 16-​year-​old Swedish girl Greta Thunberg who warned of civiliz­ational collapse at the U.N. in 2018. Strikers are…

2019-03-15 19:04

@Watts Up With That?: Energy Giants Force West Austr­alian Carbon Tax Retreat

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A surprise effort by the resource rich West Austr­alian Gover­nment to force energy giants to compl­etely offset all their CO2 emissions has been withd­rawn. EPA scraps new carbon emissions guide­lines for resources companies amid industry pressure By Nicolas Perpitch­Updated yesterday at 7:35pm The Environ­mental Prote­ction Authority (EPA) has withdrawn its conten­tious…

2019-03-15 20:00

@Climate Scepticism: Tales of the Unexpected

Gather round boys and girls, because I want to tell you a story. It is a tale of two fearsome warriors engaged in a battle for your ecolo­gical soul. The first was an esteemed expert in all matters climato­logical and psychol­ogical. For the purposes of the tale, I will call him Stephan Lewand­owsky. The second …

2019-03-15 18:30

@Watts Up With That?: Heat “waves” detected moving through pencil lead

At relat­ively balmy tempera­tures, heat behaves like sound when moving through graphite, study reports From MIT: Exotic ‘second sound’ pheno­menon observed in pencil lead The next time you set a kettle to boil, consider this scenario: After turning the burner off, instead of staying hot and slowly warming the surrou­nding kitchen and stove, the kettle…

2019-03-15 23:00

@Climate Depot: ‘This is a fascist tactic’ – Green­peace co-​founder Dr. Patrick Moore on kids school climate strike: ‘This is child abuse of a psychol­ogical natur­e…Mao would be proud’

Green­peace co-​founder Dr. Patrick Moore condemned the climate school striking kids. “This is a fascist tactic. You are using innocent children for your own ends, and this is child abuse of a psychol­ogical nature,” Moore wrote on March 15. “It’s normally called brainwa­shing, and you are guilty of partici­pating in it. Mao would be proud,” […]

2019-03-15 22:21

@Watts Up With That?: Monbiot: Capit­alism / Climate Change is Destr­oying the Earth

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to Guardian Columnist George Monbiot, if we treat future genera­tions not yet born as having equal rights to the living, property rights will have to be radically adjusted; we’re all effect­ively tenants, holding land in trust which will be passed to future genera­tions who enjoy the same rights as…

2019-03-16 03:00

@Watts Up With That?: Make America Greater: Approve the PCCS!

America absol­utely needs outside expert review of climate claims used to oppose fossil fuels John Droz Should the United States conduct a full, indepe­ndent, expert scien­tific investi­gation into models and studies that say we face serious risks of manmade climate change and extreme weather disas­ters? As incre­dible as it may seem, US gover­nment climate science…

2019-03-16 13:00

@DeSmogBlog: Who’s Behind Trump’s Claim the Green New Deal Will Cost $100 Trillion?

Read time: 8 mins

By Dave Anderson , Energy and Policy Insti­tute. Origi­nally posted on Energy and Policy Institute .

President Trump’s claim that the Green New Deal would cost $100 trillion can be traced back to the Manhattan Insti­tute, a think tank backed by fossil fuel investor Paul Singer and companies like ExxonM­obil.

Represe­ntative Alexa­ndria Ocasio-​Cortez and Senator Edward Markey made…

2019-03-16 11:29

@Paul Homewood: Star-​studded smart meter adverts are raising YOUR energy bills by £50mi­llion a year as power firms pass on cost of campaigns featuring Twiggy and Maxine Peake to their customers

By Paul Homewood Not only are we all paying for the roll out of smart meters, we’ve even got to pay for TV stars to advertise them! A smart meter campaign that uses TV stars, actors and models to promote the gadget is adding about £50mi­llion a year to energy bills. Celebr­ities […]

2019-03-16 12:56

@Polar Bear Science: My Interna­tional Polar Bear Op-​Ed at the Financial Post on 27 February 2019

In case you missed it back on 27 Februrary 2019. See the original here (with photo­s).** February 27th is Interna­tional Polar Bear Day, and what intere­sting timing it happens to be this year. In recent weeks the media have been …

2019-03-15 19:30

@Paul Homewood: Deling­pole: 1.5 Trillion Reasons Why the Kids’ Climate Strike Is Disho­nest, Stupid, Pointless

By Paul Homewood Dellers’ take on the kiddies strike: Around the world, thousands of children have skipped school for the day on the feeble pretext that they are somehow doing something to help save the planet. This is, of course, nonsense. LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 15: Students take part in a student […]

2019-03-16 17:07

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: A Warning to Inves­tors: Fossil Fuels Nearing Peak

Excerpt from long piece that’s worth a read. Bill McKibben in New York Review of Books: “King­smill Bond” certainly sounds like a proper name for a City of London financial analyst. He looks the part, too: gray hair expertly trimmed, well-​cut suit. He’s lived in Moscow and Hong Kong and worked for Deutsche Bank, the […]

2019-03-16 14:13

@Watts Up With That?: Dr. Roy Spencer: “The science of climate change is anything but settled”

Guest post by David Middleton From The Washi­ngton Times… The science of climate change is anything but settled By Roy W. Spencer – – Wedne­sday, March 13, 2019 ANALYSIS/­OPINION: On March 5, 58 senior military and national security leaders sent a letter to President Trump denou­ncing his plan to form a National Security Council panel…

2019-03-16 22:00